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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Gehanna Part 6 (Anal, Ff, Oral, Spank, Toys)
by MTL ([email protected]) and LL ([email protected])

To say Buffy Summers was cross was a bit like saying that the Atlantic was a bit wet. The Slayer was livid, burning with an anger so white hot it was like it was searing her very being. She gripped Dawn's wrist pulling the younger teen along the corridor, ignoring her squeals of 'Get off' and 'Buffy, you're hurting me.'

Buffy didn't notice how the corridor cleared as she approached, tops, bitches and sluts all flattening them against the wall so as to not impede the Slayer's progress. Dawn noticed it, she'd seen it before, the way a powerful top could stride along the walkways without having to pause or push aside an obstruction. If Buffy hadn't been almost pulling her shoulder out of her socket Dawn would have felt a surge of pride that her older sister was so feared in this shit hole. However, as Buffy was gripping her so hard that her wrist was red all Dawn said was, "Let go you butthole."

Buffy ignored her. Not so one of the tops they were passing who turned to her friend and said, "If my bitch even thought of speaking to me like that I'd whip her ass so hard she wouldn't be sitting down until this time next year."

Buffy didn't seem to hear the comment, or if she did she made no sign of it. Dawn did and blushed; did everyone think she was Buffy's bitch. Dawn wasn't totally sure, but she had a feeling that's where she wanted to be. Unfortunately she thought, as she painfully stubbed her toe on a step, at the moment she had all the downsides of being her sister's bitch, without any of the perks.

They stopped at their cell. Buffy pushed the door open with one hand and thrust Dawn in. She stepped in after her sister and slammed the cell-door closed with a clang that reverberated throughout the room. Dawn sat meekly on her bed, as Buffy stood there, the older blonde breathing heavily as she tried to regain her temper. Eventually Buffy managed to control her anger long enough to speak, "What do you think you were doing? Wandering off like that? They don't call this place Prison Butt-fuck for nothing. There's dozens of psycho's here who are just looking for a stupid bimbo to wander the halls and into their clutches."

"I'm not a little girl. I'm all grown up," shot back Dawn with more defiance in her voice than she thought she'd have been able to manage.

If she hadn't already been red with anger Buffy would have flushed in agreement. She hadn't noticed before they'd ended up here, but Dawn was no longer a scrawny child, but a slender, sensual teen. The brunettes entire body screamed sex; and nasty, sweating fucking not sweet, tender loving. Buffy tried to push the thoughts to the back of her head, if she hadn't been so worried about who Dawn would get as a cellmates Buffy would have been going down on Lilah Morgan to persuade the governess to allow her to swap cells. As it was she was stuck with Dawn and she just need to suppress the thoughts of sexually dominating her younger sister. They sometimes might creep into her mind, like predators, but she was a Slayer she would vanquish them. Shaking her head violently she replied, "You're not grown up until I decide you are."

Dawn stamped her foot on the floor, petulantly, like a little child, "I'm an adult. I can see who I want. If I want to get fucked you can't stop me?"

"I can," shouted back Buffy, aware that she was sounding as childish as her little sister, but unable to stop herself, "You'll do what I say."

Leaping to her feet Dawn put her hands on her hips and yelled back, "Or what? You'll stop my allowance. You're not my Mom, you're the stupid bitch who got us in this shithole."

Dawn's head turned to the side as Buffy slapped her. For a second the two sister's stared at each other. Buffy's face looked pale and wan, her sister's was equally white apart from a red palm print on her cheek. Slowly Dawn raised her hand to touch her stinging face. Buffy closed her eyes, "I'm going for a walk."

Without another word she turned and left.

* * *

"Did you ask permission before you fucked Alex?" Willow looked up from the book she was reading as Faith entered their cell. Faith looked for a trace of a smile, to show that the redhead was having a joke. There was none.

The Slayer decided it was best to play it back straight, no puns, no threats and certainly no pleading; "She's a slut now. I didn't need to ask anyone if they minded me ploughing her ass."

For a second Willow smiled, before quickly rearranging her expression in mock shocked surprise, "But Faith you're my bitch. You need to ask my permission."

The brunette cursed inwardly, she had assumed Will had thought it was Alex's owner she had been asking about, not herself. Willow expression had changed again, into a lustful smile, as if she had been simply waiting for an excuse to dominate the dark Slayer. Faith shook her head, trying to put some spirit into it, "I didn't ask, because I'm not your bitch."

There was no falsity in Willow's surprise this time. Her eyebrows raised and she looked quizzically at the Slayer. Faith felt herself quiver nervously, if Willow wanted Faith to be her bitch all she had to do was cast the spell and there wasn't a damned thing Faith could do about it. As she had sauntered back to her cell Faith had radiated confidence, turning Alex into a slut and then fucking her, had reminded the Slayer that she was a top, and dominant even for them. But with Willow sitting there smiling, all Faith's nerves started to collapse again and she shivered. Willow folded the page off her book over and put it on her sideboard; she did it so slowly and deliberately it seemed to take an age. The redhead stood up and walked over to the cell-door, closing it so that no-one could hear or see in. That done she turned to Faith again, "I'm sorry I didn't hear you properly. I think you said something about not being my bitch."

The smile on Willow's face looked innocent, but the look behind it was dominant. Earlier Faith had been both amused and astonished how quickly Alex could shift from confident dominance to quivering obedience; looking at Willow's face she now understood. Her legs went to jelly and her stomach felt like a Sopwith Camel with the Red Baron on it's tail. Faith wanted to turn the tables and to have Willow screaming underneath her, but she couldn't do it. Not yet. Cowed, Faith looked at her feet, unwilling to meet Willow's eyes and she spoke, "I said I'm your bitch."

Willow reached under Faith's chin and lifted the Slayer's head so that they were looking at each other. The redhead smiled prettily, "I must have misheard."

"Yes," agreed Faith, glad that Willow was going along with the lie. She knew the redhead planned to punish her for fucking Alex without asking, but at least she wasn't going to have extra punishment for denying her bitch status on top of it.

"Am I going to have to spell you?" asked Willow, "Or are you going to get naked on your own?"

"On my own," said Faith. She knew she was going to end up nude either way, but at least that way she retained some modicum of control if she stripped herself. And perhaps it would fool Willow into thinking that Faith was broken, instead of just waiting and planning.

Willow sat on her bed watching as the Slayer disrobed. Whatever Faith's faults, and they were many, no-one could say she didn't have an attractive body. The redhead wasn't sure whether Faith was teasing or whether it was just that without the spell she was nervous and unsure, but the Slayer seemed to be playing with her clothes. She gave Willow short peeks, before she either covered herself up or turned to hide the offending bit of pussy, ass or tit. Willow didn't mind, it was appealing to see Faith without her normal bitchy cockiness, as if the Slayer might not have a heart of granite after all.

Finally Faith pulled down her panties and stood away from Willow, her hands over her large tits. Willow was happy for a bit of teasing, but not too much, it was important that Faith knew who the boss was; "Sit on the bed and spread your pink," ordered the redhead.

There was a brief pause from Faith before she did as she was told, confirming Willow's suspicions that despite her acting Faith wasn't fully broken in. Willow didn't mind, she was content for Faith to think, for the moment, that she might escape her bitch status. Eventually Faith would realise she was Willow's bitch, but for the moment Willow was enjoying the chase. She picked up her hairbrush and swung it through the air. Faith's smile hardly faltered, but her eyes followed the sweep of the brush. Willow ran her hair through the Dark Slayer's hair before returning to her bed opposite Faith. For a few moments she sat there, looking at Faith's smooth slit and watching the Slayer squirm with nerves, finally the Wicca spoke, "Over here Faith and over my knee."

There was almost a sigh of relief from Faith. She was lying across Willow's knee in seconds. The redhead stroked the Slayer's butt tenderly, "Do you know why I'm going to spank you?"

"Because I fucked Alex without your permission," replied Faith.

"No, that's not the reason," Willow shook her head and lightly ran a finger down the crack of the butt; "I'm going to spank you because I can and I can because you're my bitch."

Faith bit her lip and didn't say anything, she knew if she tried to resist that Will would use her magic and then she'd be just a mannequin. Willow seemed surprised at the lack of response from the Slayer and there was a pause as she waited for Faith to say something. Satisfied that Faith was going to remain silent Willow lifted the brush, "Bristles?" she slapped down the bristles onto Faith's ass, there was a gasp of pain from the brunette. Willow shrugged and twisted the brush in her hand, before bringing the plastic side down on the Slayer's rear "or back?"

"Bristles," said Faith after a brief pause. It was much more painful to be hit by the sharp needles, but she wanted to try and convince Willow that she was her bitch; agreeing to the most painful punishment was the way to do it.

Willow laughed and brought the plastic back onto Faith's ass in a series of quick slaps, "Faith, you're trying to trick me that I've broken you. It won't work, a real bitch wouldn't have made any suggestion, but told her top to choose what worked best for them."

Inwardly Faith cursed herself for making such a stupid error; she'd taken enough sluts and bitches to have realised. She could only think that as she was hanging over Willow thighs the blood must be rushing to her brain and swamping her brain. Steeling herself she waited for the rain of blows.

They didn't come. Instead the door opened.

Faith looked up horrified, if any one came in and saw she was over Willow's knee all she would ever be was a bitch or a slut for all time. Even if she overcame Willow another top would take her, no slut or bitch would spread there cheeks for someone who's own cheeks had been walloped by another.

Buffy was as embarrassed as Faith was horror struck, "Sorry," she mumbled, "I'll come back later."

"No, no, Buffy, don't go," said Will. She pushed Faith to her feet. The dark slayer frowned and stood up. At least Buffy wouldn't talk, the blonde Slayer seemed as embarrassed as Faith that Willow was a top and the Slayer was a submissive, probably scared the same thing could happen to her. At the same time Faith realised that there was a tiny sliver of excitement at the thought of what Willow had planned and that excitement was morphing into disappointment. The Slayer forced herself to ignore it, it was obviously some hold over from the Wicca's magics.

"If you're sure," Buffy looked at Faith's naked body and blushed red, "I don't want to interrupt."

Willow looked at Faith, "Sit on your bed, you can wrap a towel round yourself."

It didn't surprise Willow that Buffy's eyes followed the other Slayer as she bent over her chest of drawers and pulled out her towel. The blonde continued to watch as Faith wrapped the towel round herself and sat on the bed. Willow couldn't blame her, Faith had a great body and whether accidentally or not, moved with the skill of a natural seductress. And Gehanna did strange things, before they'd ended up here Willow was sure that Buffy didn't fancy other girls, now she was sure she did. She looked at her friend, "What's the matter?"

"How do you know anything's the matter?" asked Buffy, a little too defensively.

"I know," grinned Willow, "You have that 'woe is me' look."

"It's Dawn," replied Buffy.

Willow knew exactly what Buffy meant. The younger Summers was a right little sexpot, almost begging to be fucked. But Buffy being Buffy there was no way the Slayer could bring herself to admit that she wanted to take Dawn and take her hard. So every night she cuddled up to the teen, trying to pretend the reason she was doing it was to be protective and not because she wanted to slam her ass. Willow didn't say that of course, Buffy would have denied it, instead she said, "Yeah, she's a hand full. It must be making you pretty tense..."

Miserably Buffy nodded, "I slapped her."

Now that did surprise Willow; she gasped, "You spanked her?"

"Slapped her, " corrected Buffy and so there could be no misunderstanding added, "across her cheek, her face."

"Oh," replied Willow. She smiled, "Your welcome to stay here tonight. Dawn will be safe in the cell and it'll allow you both a chance to cool off."

"Thanks," replied Buffy. She looked at the towel clad Faith, "What about her?"

Faith had been sitting dutifully listening to the exchange. Like the rest of Gehanna she had noticed that Buffy and Dawn had the hots for each other and like most of it she was surprised that the blonde Slayer hadn't yet declared Dawn her bitch, well perhaps less surprised than most as she knew what a goodie-goodie Buffy was. Suddenly Faith smiled as tiny plot of wickedness formed in her brain, it would freak Buffy, which was always enjoyable. Faith put on her most innocent face, "You could share me, pretend I was Dawn, couldn't she Willow?"

Buffy looked like a brick had been thumped into her stomach and Willow glared at the dark Slayer in annoyance, before turning to her rapidly retreating friend, "Buffy..." she pleaded.

"I'll see you later Will," replied Buffy and shut the door behind her.

Willow picked up her brush, her beautiful features ruined by her scowl, "Where were we?" she said brusquely as Faith dropped the towel and dropped onto the Witch's lap. Willow turned over the brush so that the bristles facing down and brought it down.

Faith smiled.

* * *

"Anya, I need to talk to you about..." Buffy began, her words failing her as she found her ex-demon friend on her knees and tightening a strap on around some girl's waist.

"What?" Anya said, clearly upset at being interrupted, although remembering what Xander had said about being nice to people she tried again, "I mean what did you want to talk about?

"I'll... I'll wait outside." Buffy stammered before leaving.

Frowning Julie Mayer asked the shopkeeper, "What was that about?"

"I don't know, she's always been a little weird." Anya said with a shrug, "Now, where were we?"

"Erm, I was saying how this new model was great and all, but the harness just doesn't feel quite right to me. Do you maybe have a smaller harness... maybe something that comes with a bigger dildo?" Julie asked.

"I'll see what I can do." Anya said, dollar signs almost literally in her eyes. Oh how she loved to make a sale.

* * *

Since she had arrived Buffy Summers had been something of a mystery to the other prisoners. They figured she would have either become Faith's bitch or started her own collection of bitches by now, but she seemed to spend most of her time stomping round Gehanna, often with her little sister in tow as if she thought if she covered enough ground she'd eventually find a way out. Still, any prisoner approaching her would surely be asking for trouble, especially the tops, even the most badass of whom were not exactly lining up to get in her way or ask her why she was looking agitated outside the prison's shop. There was one however, "Your Buffy right? The slayer?"

Awoken from her thoughts Buffy eyed the newcomer suspiciously and said, "Yes."

"Erm, Danielle. My friend is in their with your friend... the shopkeeper... or at least I've heard she's your friend." Danielle Van de Kamp said nervously.

Blushing slightly Buffy simply replied, "Oh."

"So... I met your sister and..." Danielle began, immediately wishing she had kept her mouth shut as the slayer suddenly glared at her.

"If you did anything to her." Buffy began.

"I didn't I swear... I was just... I was just wondering if you'd fucked her yet?" Danielle stuttered.

A lot of people had called Danielle a lot of names over the years, but while she couldn't argue with the names about her sexual promiscuity as her mother had called it Danielle never really thought the claims that she was stupid had any foundation in truth until the last sentence tumbled out of her mouth, the poor girl nearly dying in terror as she tried to avoid the slayer's eyes.

"What?" Buffy growled menacingly.

"Well it's just she came across as a kind of a bottom, and most people around here think your a top, and you're always together so, well, incest isn't exactly uncommon around here so people are talking..." Danielle blathered.

"I'm not fucking my sister!" Buffy said firmly.

"You haven't fucked Dawnie yet?" Anya asked, stepping out of her store.

"I'm... I'm not..." Buffy stuttered in embarrassment, before turning and practically running down the corridor.

Did everyone really think she was fucking Dawn? Buffy would never do that. She didn't care how soft and supple Dawn had become, curvy in all the right places... her tits so round and firm... and her ass become so fuck-able...

Catching her mind wandering again Buffy mentally slapped herself, and headed for the gym, hoping that maybe some exercise would clear her head of any unwelcome thoughts.

* * *

Many hours later an annoyed and exhausted slayer found herself standing outside Cordelia's and Harmony's cell. She had used every piece of gym equipment available, done several laps around the court yard and even tried to use a technique Giles had been trying to teach her. None had any success, forbidden images of her little sister continued to circulate inside her head. Buffy needed some serious help, and she needed it now.

She knew Willow would probably be... done with Faith by now but she couldn't be sure and she couldn't bear the thought of catching them again, the thought of facing Anya again was even worse, and she of course couldn't talk to Dawnie so she felt like this was her only option.

After knocking on the door Buffy waited, wondering whether the fact Gehanna's cell had doors rather than see through bars was a good thing or a bad thing at that moment as she had no idea what her fellow Sunnydale high school classmates might be doing, but at least by knocking she wouldn't have a repeat of what happened with Faith and Willow.

"Just a minute." Cordelia's voice called from inside before then adding a short time later, "Come in."

Cautiously Buffy entered the dark, the only light a small lamp by the bedstead that gave Cordelia bed reading a magazine, enough light to read. Buffy was relieved that Cordelia was alone although apparently not as relieved as Cordelia, "Oh, it's only you."

"Gee, thanks." Buffy scoffed.

"I oooooh, I didn't mean it like that. Come in, close the door, oh, make yourself at home." Cordelia offered, tossing the magazine away as Buffy slowly took her up on her invitation, while looking at her somewhat suspiciously, "So... why are you here?"

Buffy frowned, partly at the abrupt response, although she shouldn't really be phased by that at this point given how long she had known the brunette, but also because Cordy's face seemed to be a mask of concentration, occasionally a moan or a groan escaping her lips. Choosing to ignore that for now Buffy took a deep breath, realising she had no idea how to even begin but knowing she had to get this off her chest so she just went for it, "Well... I... I kind of just need to talk and everyone else is... erm, busy, so... so here's the thing... this morning Dawn wondered off without me and she could have gotten herself gang banged or she could have been turned into somebody's bitch or something, and... and I just got so mad at her that I slapped her. Across the face. I slapped her across the face, and... and I feel bad about it, but she just doesn't get it. She has to do everything I say. How else can I protect her? But she doesn't get that and... I don't even know what the right thing to do about it is any more."

There was a long silence and then, taking a risk, Cordelia smiled and said, "You should give her a spanking. That's what all us tops do when a bitch misbehaves."

"Oh God!" Buffy groaned, slumping down onto the bed opposite Cordy and burying her face in her hands, "Does everyone think I'm fucking my sister?"

"Pretty much." Cordelia shrugged, the movement barely visible in the gloom, "But that's what you want, right?"

The sudden silence was deafening, Buffy wanting to immediately deny it but unable to do so would cause Cordelia to grin, that grin finally making Buffy respond, "No, it's not what I want. Not really. It's this place. It's messing with my mind, it's messing with everyone's mind. You should know more than anyone. So it's not my fault. It's not my fault I keep thinking about being with other women, about fucking them... about fucking my sister... oh God!"

A little uncomfortable at the idea of comforting the clearly frustrated slayer Cordelia awkwardly said, "There, there... it'll be ok."

"NO! It won't be ok!" Buffy snapped angrily, "I keep thinking of fucking my sister. I've been pushing these urges aside ever since Amy cast her spell over Sunnydale. That's over a week of resisting and I don't think I can do it any more. I feel like I'm going to snap at any moment and jump her, my own baby sister. How am I supposed to protect her when I'm becoming just as much of a threat to her as all the other psychopaths running around here?"

"Well... you could find a slut to take out those urges on. Or if you don't think you can go through with that you could always try getting off on watching two or more girls going at it. Maybe that would take care of your urges." Cordelia suggested.

Buffy blushed and opened her mouth to immediately turn down Cordy's offer, but then hesitated. After all what else was she going to do?

"And if you're looking for a show... you could always watch us." Cordelia said, grinning on the inside as she saw the look of confusion on Buffy's face before she pulled the covers from off her body. To Buffy's horror revealing not only was the former queen bee of Sunnydale high school completely naked underneath but Harmony was in between her legs gently lapping away at her twat. Deeply engrossed in what she was doing Harmony didn't even look up to acknowledge she had been exposed, instead continuing to slide her tongue over the juicy pussy lips in front of her. Cordelia grateful she no longer had to try and fail to keep moans from falling from her mouth, "It looks good, doesn't it? A girl going down on another? And, ooooohhhhhh, it feels even better than it looks."

Cordelia let out a long moan, reached down and gently slid her fingers through Harmony's long locks, gripping them gently as she pushed the blonde deeper into her pussy, "Mmmmmm, Harmony always was a good pussy licker. So eager to please. When we got here I was this close to making her my bitch, but it's easier to keep both our asses safe if we stay together as tops. Not that we're together together, just really, ooooooohhhhh, really good friends."

The dumbfounded look on Buffy's face alone was worth this reveal, even if she ran off and started telling everyone she could find Cordelia Chase had been making Harmony Kendall go down on her. Of course Cordelia would rather not have to defend Harmony's credentials as a top, again, so she quickly added "Just don't tell anyone ok? Tops eating each other out isn't unheard of but it's kind of taboo, so if you could keep your mouth shut... I mean if you wouldn't mind keeping this between us, that would be great."

Again Cordelia moaned as Harmony's tongue slid across her clit, lingering there for a little while and in doing so lengthening the moan, Cordy almost feeling like she was going to cum just from the simple act. It was a pity Buffy hadn't come sooner as the former most popular girl in Sunnydale wasn't sure how much longer she could last.

One of Cordelia's favourite pastimes in Gehanna was to lay back and let Harmony worship her pussy. The blonde was always eager to do so and she often spent hours in between Cordy's thighs, often muff munching the day away without even asking Cordy to return the favour. Today had been one of those days, Cordelia already enjoying Harmony's talented mouth and tongue for hours before Buffy had shown up. Cordelia hadn't even cum yet, and the one that was building up was going to be a big one, she was sure of it, which was why she had risked being discovered in bed with her supposed fellow top. As it turns out Cordelia had made the right decision as it turned out better than she could have possibly imagined.

One of her orders from Lilah, supposedly coming from Amy herself, had been to encourage Buffy and her friends to give into the prison's magic. The thinking being if they were spending their days either fucking or being fucked they would have a lot less time to try and escape; ideally they would eventually give up on doing so as they began to enjoy their new life confined within the walls of Gehanna. She was also supposed to encourage Buffy into a submissive role, the thinking being that that would diminish her confidence as a Slayer, but Cordelia was almost 100% sure that Buffy wasn't a submissive. Trying to encourage her into that role would not only be a waste of time but would threaten to blow her cover, and more importantly in danger of her role as a top by potentially pissing a Slayer off. Besides, Cordelia was still hoping Buffy would take Faith down, although vice versa would work just as well for her.

Of course Cordelia didn't know what Buffy knew and while Cordy's mind was rather enjoying the idea of one Slayer breaking another resulting in either a submissive Buffy or a submissive Faith. The blonde, however, had already been witness to a submissive Faith, her mind drifting back to earlier in the day when she had caught Willow spanking her bitch.

As a completely heterosexual woman Buffy had always thought Faith was subjectively hot... to the point where Faith might have sort of crept into her fantasies once or twice before the blonde found herself under Amy's spell. She had reasoned that completely heterosexual women could have occasional thoughts about other women without it having to mean anything. A magazine had told Buffy that and she refused to believe differently. However this place, this evil, evil place was making her feel things she wouldn't feel otherwise and, as a result of the evil magic, Buffy hadn't been able to stop staring at Faith's naked ass as her fellow Slayer had tried to dress herself.

Thoughts of Faith's naked body and... the offer the other Slayer had given her had been creeping into Buffy's mind during the day almost as much as thoughts of her own sister, and they continue to do so now more than ever, sinful images playing out while at the same time she looked on completely fascinated by what was happening before her. It was if she had two TV screens in front of her, one showing her what she had been thinking about all day, the other showing her... this.

While Buffy was torn in between two things Harmony was very much focused on one thing, that one thing being the most important thing in the world to her, and that was to make Cordelia happy. That had always been the most important thing in the world to her.

Harmony was pretty sure that no one knew because she was like a master at keeping secrets, but ever since she could remember she had been in love with Cordelia Chase. There was just something about Cordelia that drew people to her, that made them revolve around her like they were little planets and she was a big shiny sun. At least that was always how Harmony had felt, so when one thing had led to another so many years ago she had felt honoured at the chance to bring the centre of her world happiness, each time only making Harmony fall harder for her friend.

Cordelia always liked having a long pussy licking, but as much as Harmony tried to keep her friend on the edge there was always a point where she could no longer keep Cordy happy, at least not in that way. Now was that time and Harmony just had to hope that Cordelia would appreciate she tried and this was the only way she could make her happy now. Of course, Cordelia had never complained before, and from the brunette's screams Harmony doubted this time would be any different.

The whole time she had been enjoying Harmony's mouth and tongue in front of the Slayer Cordelia had managed to keep her moans of enjoyment dignified and mostly controlled. But when Harmony suddenly slammed her tongue inside her and began jack-hammering it in and out of her Cordy honestly didn't even spare a minute thinking about the watching blonde. Instead pushing the blonde tonguing her as deep in between her legs as she could possibly go as she came all over her face and into her mouth. The brunette's eyes rolled in the back of her head as she experienced that powerful climax she had been so looking forward too for at least the last hour.

Meanwhile Harmony completely forgot about her disappointment at the fact that this pussy licking session was now probably over meaning she wouldn't be able to keep making Cordy happy any more. Those thoughts came back quickly, but not until after she had happily swallowed the cum that flowed into her mouth and down her throat, the blonde eagerly seeking out every last drop as Cordelia's climax came to an end.

"Did you enjoy the show?" Cordelia asked the blonde sitting across from her who hadn't slipped her hand into her panties but hadn't run out the door either.

"I... I..." Buffy said weakly.

"Oh... I get it, you'd probably rather watch a brunette going down on a blonde. We can do that." Cordelia said with a grin before turning to her cell mate, "Harmony lay down where I was and spread your legs."

Less than a second after Cordelia had got off her bed Harmony was jumping quickly into place and spreading her legs as wide as they would go. Cordelia unable to stop herself from grinning first at her friend and then at the Slayer said, "Feel free to... get a little more comfortable so you can really enjoy the show this time."

"I think she means finger yourself." Harmony added helpfully, before letting out a long moan as Cordelia bent her head downwards and slid her tongue over her slit, completely unaware that this was Cordelia's way of punishing her and making her shut up.

Because of this blissful ignorance Harmony spent some time debating whether she should be talking dirty or not. It was something she very much love to do, something Cordelia loved just as much, something they had done while fucking each other and fucking bitches and sluts together, and it was also something that was greatly encouraged within Gehanna, practically to the point where it was expected of tops. However while Harmony might have not been the smartest needle in the draw... wait, that wasn't right... anyway, she knew enough to know you didn't scare off a newbie with too many bad words.

Still a few 'fucks' and 'ohs' along with other words slipped out but Harmony chose to mostly keep herself quiet. By the time Buffy finally slid her hand into her bottoms Harmony was incapable of speech, the only sounds coming out of her mouth being guttural moans and groans as Cordelia's mouth and tongue worked her over.

It was extremely rare Cordy would go down on her, but when she did it was better than the best pieces of bitch or slut ass Gehanna had to offer, at least in Harmony's opinion. Then again she knew she was the only one privileged enough to feel Cordelia's tongue inside her pussy and mouth on her twat as Harmony knew that like just about every other top in the prison Cordelia never went down on a bitch or a slut. The knowledge that she was the only one who got to experiences pleasure was almost better than the pleasure itself... almost.

The moans of pleasure coming from Harmony's mouth were what pushed Buffy over the edge the Slayer just having to touch herself as those moans rang in her ears like the sweetest of music. Buffy couldn't help but wish it was her making those sounds as she continued to watch the show in front of her.

As that thought crossed her mind the image in front of her suddenly changed, Harmony replaced by herself and Cordelia replaced by Dawn, Buffy's little sister gently lapping away at the Slayer's cunt as Buffy writhed in pleasure on the bed. This image only lasted a few seconds at first, Buffy quickly pushing it away, but time and time again it came back, each time Buffy finding it harder to push it away. Finally Buffy tried something different and instead of pushing it away, the Slayer concentrated real hard to make sure the image changed to something else, namely Cordelia turning into Faith instead of Dawn and Harmony turning into Willow instead of herself.

Buffy moaned loudly at this development, unable to stop herself from sliding her fingers down to her entrance. Rather than tease it and then go back to rubbing her pussy lips like she had been doing she found herself plunging her fingers inside herself, immediately pounding them in and out of her horny honey hole as she imagined her rival Slayer tongue fucking her best friend. Eventually guilt at partly masturbating over her friend Buffy switched Willow for herself at which point this became the greatest self pleasuring session she had ever had, Buffy too horny to feel ashamed as she came all over her fingers at the thought of Faith submissively serving her.

As she began to come down from her high memories flooded back of how the Dark Slayer used to be, especially when Buffy and her friends had arrived at Gehanna, these memories causing Buffy to power through her climax and start working her way to another.

Cordelia briefly turned her head to make sure she wasn't hearing things, a grin widely crossing her face as she watched stuck up good girl Buffy Summers cumming on her fingers from watching two girls having sex, Cordy's grin only getting wider when she heard Harmony whimpering for her. Deciding to be nice and not keep her friend waiting Cordelia quickly turned her attention back to the best friend she'd ever had, gave her a big smile, and then dived head downwards, plunging her tongue as deep into Harmony's dripping core as it would go.

Cordy's plan had been more than slightly risky. After all, there was a reason Cordelia rarely returned the pussy licking favour. Ok, so she totally got off on the power she felt of making another girl tongue her twat without returning the favour, and this was even before they found themselves imprisoned. However, now they were there was a much bigger issue at hand, because risking Harmony's reputation as a top was one thing, but risking her own? And sure, that might seem selfish, but Cordelia's credentials as a top had never been in question and it was only really their association which kept Harmony safe, so technically it was for Harmony's long-term benefit. Still, Cordelia didn't mind taking a risk now and again, especially considering how tasty Harmony's cunt was, and this time she had more than just that as an incentive.

A blind woman could see Buffy was still apprehensive at the idea of watching two girls together, but by keeping it long, slow and drawn out there was a much better chance of the stuck up prude not running away in terror. It had taken a long, long time but eventually Buffy had not only began to fuck herself but was pounding her pussy while watching Cordelia lapping away at Harmony's cunt, the supposedly totally straight goody two shoes even cumming violently as she watched the pussy licking show.

Happy that her plan to entice Buffy into surrendering to Gehanna's magic had succeeded, if only to the point where the Slayer was now openly masturbating to the sight of other girls fucking, Cordelia thrust two fingers inside Harmony's pussy. She pounded them in and out of her friend as hard as she could as her mouth clamped down on to her clit and began roughly sucking on it, stopping only to jab it with her tongue.

Her eyes rolling in the back of her head and her hips thrusting upwards in a shameless attempt to make those fingers fuck her even harder Harmony came and came hard. It was the type of climax she could only receive when being pleasured by Cordelia, dominating another girl often coming just as close but never quite as much as this toe curling ecstasy she was currently enjoying. Harmony feeling as if she was melting away entirely as her cream poured onto Cordy's fingers.

As she continued pounding Harmony's pussy Cordelia listened very carefully, past the incredibly loud sounds of her cell mate cumming to the slightly softer sounds of pleasure the Slayer was making, Cordy grinning around Harmony's clit as she heard Buffy cumming again. Her plan had definitely worked, and really, if she was being honest Cordelia was actually surprised how well it had worked. Then again, perhaps Buffy was giving into certain images in her head.

Ironically Cordelia was right as at that exact moment Buffy was going over the edge for a second time. Only this time she was unable to stop the brunette in her head from changing and in her head she came directly onto Dawnie's face, her little sister bending her head down so she could swallow her big sister's cum.

As if suddenly realising what she was doing Buffy pulled her hand from her panties and stood up, cursing as she almost fell over thanks to the aftershocks of her last orgasm which had been even stronger than her first. That and the fact that she was still feeling unbelievably horny made it obvious that masturbation alone wasn't going to cut it, Buffy needed to do something to satisfy these urges before she did anything to Dawnie, and she needed to do it now.

Since Harmony was now gently cooing instead of screaming Cordelia was able to hear Buffy get up and head for the door, at which point her mind raced. Buffy had been in her cell, with out her friends, and Cordelia hadn't got any new information. She couldn't try and pass off the fact that Buffy was struggling to keep her lustful feelings, especially towards her sister, at bay as that was obvious to just about everyone, and while Lilah might be pleased with the news Buffy had taken a step towards giving into the prison's magic the warden would probably brush it off and simply say Cordelia and Harmony should have manipulated her into taking a bigger step.

Quickly Cordelia tried to think of something she could ask Buffy before she left, something which she could tell Lilah about but wasn't so big Buffy got suspicious or anything.

As Buffy's hand reached for the door handle Cordelia yelled out the first half decent question she could think of, "Buffy, you wouldn't happen to know if Faith has fucked Willow yet would you?"

Buffy could feel the heat roll of herself like lava dripping from a volcano. Her entire body seemed to be aflame. She shut the door to Cordelia and Harmony's cell, ignoring the cheerleader's last shouted question. Her hand wiped her brow, it was damp with perspiration. Buffy blew cold air up her face in an effort to cool the sweat; if this was what watching two girls was doing to her, actual sex would probably melt her like a snowman in the Nevada.

Another trickle of sweat slid down Buffy's forehead and at the same time she shivered. She grinned wryly as she wondered whether she could pass the symptoms of as flu and find a sympathetic guard to put her in sickbay until she no longer wanted to fuck some cutie's brains out. It might be a long stay, the Slayer concluded and given what Gehanna did to your sex drive she didn't think she'd be able to stare at nurses without having an adverse reaction, either.

'You could share me, pretend I was Dawn,' Buffy blushed as she remembered Faith's words. The reddening made worse by the knowledge that she had been so close to saying 'yes'. Not that Faith looked anything like her adorable, sweet, succulent little sister. Apart from the fact they were both brunettes with long wavy hair, firm but large tits and the sexy, swaying asses they had nothing in common. Buffy told herself that if she had said 'yes' it wouldn't have been because she wanted to fuck Dawn, it would be because this hellhole played with your mind. It made ordinary, normal women into sex-crazed lesbian nymphomaniacs; Xander would have loved it.

She continued to drift, not yet ready to face Dawn again. She regretted loosing her temper and slapping her sister; she might have been provoked, but that was no excuse. If she was going to slap Dawn it needed to be controlled; for a few seconds a vision of Dawn over Buffy's knee, her panties round her ankles, swam into the Slayer's mind. With a mixture of disgust and regret the Slayer pushed it away. That was the other reason why she didn't dare face Dawn, she was terrified that something would happen they'd both regret.

"Five minutes to lockdown," the voice on the tannoy was as robotic and emotionless as a Dalek; impossible to say whether there was a real human on the end or it was computer generated. Buffy cursed inwardly; she had lost track of the time. The Gehanna guards were pretty relaxed during the day and as long as it didn't look like they were going to riot allowed them freedom to come and go as they will. But even in her short time here Buffy had realised it was different after lock-up; as long as you were in a cell, any cell, you were fine, but tasers and rubber truncheons awaited those who decided they were going to roam the corridors. For a second Buffy considered giving herself a work-out, perhaps giving the guards a beating would make her less frisky. She shook her head, it would possibly also mean a couple of broken bones and a trip to the prison dentist, where knowing her luck the dental nurse would be wearing a blouse undone and skirt too short.

"C'mon Summers," said Guard Strauss, "Get pretty ass into gear. Lockdown's in four."

"Yes, Guard Strauss," replied Buffy and gave the woman an attractive smile. Strauss ignored her and turned instead to berate a couple of sluts who were giggling in the corridor. Buffy took a look, they weren't bad looking, if a bit chubby. She sighed and turned; there was no way she could risk spending the night with Dawn. She just hoped that Dawn would be suitably worried when she didn't come back that night.

It wasn't far to Willow's cell and Buffy was there knocking on the door as the tannoy announced 'Three minutes to lockdown.'

"Come in," Willow said.

Buffy opened the door. Willow was sitting on her bed reading; on the other bed Faith sat glowering. The Dark Slayer gave a sniff of annoyance as Buffy entered, both her fellow Slayer and the redhead ignored her.

"Hi Buff; how's it hanging," said Willow cheerily.

Buffy nodded and sat down at her friend's feet. As the booming tannoy outside was making clear that there wasn't much time to the cell doors shut it was obvious that anyone who sat down for a conversation was here for the night. Faith sniffed again; "This isn't a hotel," she said darkly.

Willow closed her book slowly and deliberately. She placed it on the nightstand beside her and reached over for her hairbrush. She lifted it with the slowness of a weightlifter attempting a new world record. On the bed opposite Faith suddenly looked nervous, her tongue licking her lips to try and counteract their sudden dryness. Willow smiled and slid the brush through her hair, before looking at Buffy, "Ignore her. She's in a grumpy mood. I don't know why..."

As Buffy had seen Faith over the Witches knee earlier and had listened several times to Willow's graphic descriptions of what they had got up to on earlier nights Buffy had a fair idea of why Faith wasn't happy. She also knew that the Dark Slayer couldn't do anything about it; yet. Buffy paused for a second, not sure what to say, "Can I stay here tonight? I'm not sure about going back to Dawnie's."

"Why? Scared her tight ass would bite you as you stuffed your fist up it?" Faith grinned cockily. Her cockiness evaporated as Willow pulled back her bedding and started to get up.

Buffy put her hand on her friend's wrist, "Ignore her Will. She didn't put it very delicately, but she's right. I'm all over the place, everywhere I go I'm start to fantasise about Dawn, about having sex with her. I just can't stay there tonight, I wouldn't be able to control myself."

Willow smiled and sat down. She reached over to pat her friend's shoulder compassionately, "I'm sure you'd be able to keep control. You're Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Evil runs shrieking from you, quaking in fear."

"So was Faith," Buffy cast a look over at the Dark Slayer who gave her a quick smirk, before rearranging her features as Willow's gaze followed that off her friend.

Willow shrugged, "She's damaged. She always was. This place didn't do anything to her. It just allowed her to be what she was without any restraints."

Faith scowled, but didn't say anything. Buffy looked at her for a moment, wondering if what Willow said was true.

Slowly she turned back to face her friend, "Will, you don't understand," the Slayer paused suddenly aware of the magnitude of what she was going to say and shocked at what she was admitting to herself, "I want to fuck Dawn. I want to take her as you take Faith. I want her underneath me as I pound her ass. I want her to be between my legs lapping at my pussy. Fuck, Willow, I want to hear her scream my name as she orgasms. I don't care whether its Gehanna or not; I just want her."

Willow patted her friend's shoulder again, her smile and eyes full of compassion for her friend. She knew how hard it had been to admit her own feelings for girls, how much harder it must be for Buffy to admit that these feelings were for her own younger sister. Buffy looked lost and scared, which made Willow herself feel nervous. She knew she needed to be strong, to make sure Buffy didn't fall into herself, otherwise they'd be stuck forever in Gehanna and Amy would win. Willow gave a comforting smile, "That's good Buffy. I think Dawn's a lucky girl, she'd be a fool to turn you down," Willow paused before hurriedly adding, "Not that she will. Turn you down I mean."

There was a snort of laughter from Faith. The Dark Slayer had been torn between a fear of making Willow angry and the enjoyment of kicking Buffy when she was down. The thrill of giving Buffy a metaphorical slap had proved to strong, "Yeah Buffy, Dawnie's a slut - she'll be up for it." Buffy blushed angrily at Faith's words and Willow gave her bitch in training a hard stare, but the brunette just gave a smile and continued, "But what I like is that sweet, good little Buffy, the perfect Slayer, wants to get down and dirty with her sister. Won't this wreck your halo?"

Willow stood up, "Faith do I have to put a gag in your mouth?"

Faith slowly shook her head, a not-quiet rebellious smirk on her face, "No, Willow. Sorry I spoke out of turn."

Buffy had slumped again, her pose that of a minor boxer who's realised that their next bout is against Muhammad Ali. Willow gave another glare at Faith before sitting next to her friend and putting a comforting arm round her shoulder.

The blonde still looked woebegone. Willow said, "Ignore Faith. Wanting to have sex with Dawn - it's..." she had been about to say natural, but only in Gehanna would stuffing your sister's ass be seen as that. Instead she finished with, "...understandable."

There was a forced smile from Buffy, "I know Will. I've given up trying to fight it. It doesn't matter whether its right or wrong, I want her so much that I'm going to do something about it. That's not the problem..."

"What is?" asked Willow.

There was a long pause from Buffy before she spoke, "I'm not experienced. I've never... been with a girl before. What if I... what if I suck?"

"You won't be," replied Willow. Her eyes cast over to Faith. The Dark Slayer was sitting cross-legged on the bed, trying (and failing) not to show her enjoyment as Buffy's discomfort. Well, thought Willow, we'll see how much she's smiling when it's Buffy slamming her ass. The Witch gave a grin and turned back to Buffy, "How about I let you practice with Faith?"

"Hey," the Dark Slayer called out sharply. Buffy and Willow ignored her, they both knew that Faith would do as she was told no matter how much she pouted or complained. The Dark Slayer knew this as well.

"So what do you think?" asked Willow again. It would deal with several problems, firstly Faith needed a lesson not to be so uppity, secondly, Buffy needed a confidence booster. But just as importantly the thought of her best friend banging her bitch turned Willow on immensely.

It took so long for Buffy to reply that Willow thought she was going to decline. Slowly a smile crossed Buffy's face and she gave a nod, "Yeah, that's a good idea."

"I won't do it," Faith crossed her arms defiantly and sat solidly still like a statue of some long forgotten town worthy.

"Yes you will," smiled Willow unconcernedly, "One way or another."

Faith pouted for a second, but she uncrossed her arms and started to unbutton her boiler suit. Whatever her other flaws Faith's Mama hadn't raised her daughter to be as dumb as chicken suit. Faith knew she could resist, but she also knew that Willow's magical power would mean that she was going to end up taking it up the ass, so she might as well retain a modicum of control. But as she dropped her orange suit to the ground and sulkily kicked it across the room, her mind struggled to acknowledge another truth; that she was looking forward to being fucked by Buffy. It horrified Faith to realise that she wanted to see how Buffy's dildo felt in her ass as the blonde slammed down on her. But when Willow had taken her it had released feelings Faith had never felt, how much more intense they would be if she was being fucked by a Slayer.

But even below this there was a deeper truth that Faith wasn't yet prepared to face. The gut-wrenching turmoil that the truth would cause was not something that Faith was yet willing to face. She pushed back the little voice, which was telling her that it wasn't Buffy's fucking that she was wanting, but her total submission to her top, Willow. Faith shook her head, it wasn't true, the voice was a liar, some quirk of Gehanna mixed with Willow's magic. She scowled at the Witch as the redhead helped a naked Buffy into her strap-on, "Where do you want me?"

Buffy looked at Willow, seeking her advice. The redhead smiled, "Just lie on your back on the bed a minute, Faith, I'll come join you;" she turned back to Buffy, "Don't worry Buff. Just enjoy it. Faith's a pussycat really; she'll never tell you she enjoys it, but she'll keep coming back for her tummy to be tickled... metaphorically speaking."

Faith blushed. Had Willow worked out her secret love of being ass-fucked or was she just trying to encourage Buffy? She didn't want either Buffy or Will to think she was a roll-over bitch, so as she lay on the bed she snarled, "At the moment I may be lying at the fire, but soon Red, you'll be stroking me and I'll lash out and claw out your eyes."

Faith had been expecting at the very least a cross word or look, more likely a few strokes from the brush. But instead Willow just laughed and said, "Yes, Faith. I know you're a big bad and you're going to fuck my ass until I'm screaming for you to give me mercy. I'll wait for it to happen..."

Faith scowled, it was bad enough that she was turning into Willow's bitch, but there was no need for Willow to tease her for it. She pulled her legs back, exposing her tight ass and pussy to Buffy's lascivious gaze. The blonde licked her lips, but didn't move as Willow slipped out of her boilersuit and clambered on the bed. She sat on her knees and lifted Faith's head so that the brunette's skull was resting in the crease between Willow's thighs. Looking up Faith could get an excellent view of Willow's lovely firm titties, the sight made her stomach convulse.

"Wait a second," said Willow to Buffy as the Slayer climbed on the bed. Leaning forward Willow gripped the bottom of Faith's thighs and pushed them down further, so that Faith's ass shot outwards like a bullet and her back strained with the pressure. Willow smiled at Buffy, "That should give you easier access. Sometimes it's worth making your bitch suck your toy before you slam it up her ass, it gives it some lube. But Faith should be able to take eight inches and anyway with your Slayer strength you should bat away any resistance."

Buffy nodded as Willow continued, "Okay take the dildo. Lower yourself down, as it hits Faith's back hole, put a little strength into it."

Doing as she was told Buffy was surprised by how easily the toy went down Faith's ass. She had expected the Dark Slayer to make some sort of fight back, but perhaps because she was being held in place by Willow she was allowing the cock to go down her. Buffy pushed harder, burrowing the dildo deeper into the other Slayer. There was a whimpering moan from Faith as the toy slid into her. A slight seepage of juice began to form on her slit. It expanded as Buffy raised herself and went in again.

"Good Buffy, that's it," grinned Willow, "Don't hold back. It'll go all the way in."

Buffy pushed harder. The cock went deeper into Faith and the Dark Slayer let out another satisfied groan. Buffy pushed herself up, before going down. The dildo pushed down into Faith's ass, further than before. A trickle of sweat slid down Buffy's naked back as she levered herself up. This time when she went down the toy went in all the way, only stopping as Buffy's thighs crashed into Faith's naked flesh. The Dark Slayer let out a cry of excitement. Again and again Buffy hammered the cock home as hard and deep as she could.

"Go, Buffy, go," Willow was calling in excitement as her friend slammed deep.

"Aaaaarrghhh, yessssss, aaaaaargghhh," Faith was squealing, any pretence that she wasn't enjoying it forgotten. Her head moved up and down Willow's thighs as Buffy hit her harder and harder. Willow opened her legs and let's Faith's head fall between them. Buffy still continued to slam hard, ramming the cock deep into the brunette. Faith flew up the bed, her head bouncing into Willow's pussy.

Willow gave a gasp of pleasure and smiled at Buffy, "Fuck her ass harder, Buffy, I want to feel it."

"Sure thing Will," grinned Buffy and increased her Slayer strength enhanced hammering.

Faith squealed in excitement as the cock rammed deep into her, She slammed backwards into Will's cunt. The redhead groaned as again and again Faith's head rapped against her stimulated pussy. It began to leak, the girl cum sliding into Faith's hair. But compared to the amount coming from Faith's cunt, Willow was a puddle comparing itself to a Pacific. Faith had become so excited her slit was literally awash with juice. It was spilling out, over her slit lips and down her skin, glistening under the artificial light above them. The Dark Slayer gripped the bedding, "Ohhhh.... I....I.... cuuuummmminnnngg...."

Buffy ignored her and continued to drive the toy home. But Willow let go off Faith's legs and let the ankles drop onto Buffy's shoulders. She waited a second to make sure that the slight change in position wasn't having an impact on Buffy's technique. Satisfied it wasn't Willow changed position. Whilst having Faith's skull hammer her cunt had been fun, it was only hitting the outside, Willow wanted something in and playing with her clit; Faith's tongue fitted the bill. She spread her legs and lowered her pussy on Faith's face. The Slayer had briefly time to cry, "Ooommpfff" before she was smothered.

"Lick me, you bitch," cried Willow. She needn't have bothered. Like a well trained bitch Faith knew what her top wanted without being told and as soon as Willow's pussy had hit Faith's mouth, the brunette was opening it with her tongue and sliding in. She hit the clit, as the cum slid down her tongue and into her mouth. The flavour of pussy juice tickled at her taste buds and she licked harder, trying to slam it as hard as Buffy was banging her ass.

"Aaaarrrghhh," screamed Willow. She gripped her tits and squeezed them passionately together as Faith's tongue sent her clit buzzing with orgasmic waves. She screamed again as the orgasm exploded through her body. Juice gushed from her twat, soaking her bitch like the biblical flood. She ground her body down to keep Faith lapping away, the Dark Slayer did so, her tongue hitting the bud like it was an ice-cream about to melt.

Buffy continued to hammer home. Watching Willow cum all over Faith was a huge turn on, almost a big a turn on as the slamming of the Slayer's ass was turning out to be. All Buffy's concerns were forgotten, this was the most enjoyment she'd ever had with her clothes off. Faith ankles were bouncing up and down on Buffy's shoulders like gymnasts on a trampoline. The harder Buffy slammed into her the faster the ankles banged against her shoulder blades; Buffy was hammering home hard so they were bouncing so hard against her Faith's ass wasn't the only thing which was going to be sore.

The Dark Slayer shook; as her mouth was fill of Willow's pussy it was the only sign that she had cum again. Or perhaps not, her tongue went rabid in Willow and the redhead gave an extra loud squeal of pleasure, before sending out another wave of soaking cum over the brunette. Buffy continued to slam down, her skin sliding over Faith's made slippery by the soaking combination of sweat and sex juice. Harder and harder Buffy slammed, her body controlled by the rhythm. The dildo was playing hard against her own clit, each thrust pushing its haft back against the blonde Slayer's own sweet spot. Harder and harder she shoved, ignoring the quakes from Faith and the squeals from Willow, only able to concentrate on her own lust.

"Yessssss," screamed Buffy as for the first time she came from fucking another girl. The dildo sprang against her clit one last time, as she fell back. Sweat dripped from her body, soaking the bedding like a wet rag. Willow squealed with excitement one final time and sent another splash of liquid over her bitch. She clambered off Faith's face and scrambled over to sit next to her exhausted friend.

"Is she alright?" Buffy pointed at Faith's open asshole, it was red rimmed, the thighs and butt cheeks black and blue from their bruising encounter with Buffy.

The redhead nodded, "She'll be fine. How did you find it?"

"Great," admitted Buffy blushing. She took another look at the naked Dark Slayer in front of her and grinned, "But some more practice won't do any harm..."


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