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Guest Stars
Desperate Housewives - Julie Mayer, Danielle Van de Kamp
Gilmore Girls - Rory Gilmore
Nikita - Nikita

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Gehanna Part 14 (Anal, Ff, Inc, Oral, Rim, Spank, Toys)
by MTL ([email protected]) and LL ([email protected])

Rory Gilmore found her walk from her cell to the courtyard a little awkward. Usually no one paid any attention to her but currently she had a large strap-on dildo sticking out of her fly, a look normally sported by only the biggest butt busters in Gehanna. Tops like Rory who weren't super strong or had any magical power or anything like that didn't normally like to do things like this; it attracted attention from the tougher inmates who could either find the look amusing or insulting.

Luckily Rory found she mostly got the former response, one top even noting that Gilmore looked adorable trying to be butch.

Of course that reaction was exactly why Rory was going along with this plan to hopefully raise her stock in Gehanna. Even if it failed it would be fun and she would have a Slayer to hide behind.

Entering the court yard Rory's heart sank. Approaching the agreed upon bench she checked her watch a few times and then said, "I... I thought we agreed on ten?"

"We did, oooohhhh. You're early." Buffy said, pressing her little sister's face into her cunt.

Rory frowned, "Then why..."

"This was the only way I could resist fucking her tight little ass." Buffy said, loud enough so the other prisoners could hear, although she wondered whether it should bother her a little that it was actually the truth.

"Oh." Rory said, pausing a little awkwardly before asking, "So... do you mind if I... you know?"

"Are you sure I can't interest you in her mouth first? It really is amazing. Mmmmmm, so's her tongue." Buffy moaned, grinding her pussy into Dawn's face.

"After. Maybe. For now I just want her ass." Rory said, her eyes locking onto Dawn's rear.

"Sure, her butt hole is all yours." Buffy relented.

If Rory had taken the bait Willow would have got what she needed sooner, but it wasn't like there was any rush. Besides, Rory would probably cum from pounding Dawn's tight little ass anyway.

Relaxing back into her chair Buffy watched as Rory knelt down behind Dawn and pulled the bitch's prison bottoms down slowly, revealing that, following Buffy's instructions, Dawnie wasn't wearing any underwear so her bare butt was immediately exposed.

Rory stared lustfully at Dawn's ass for a few moments, not that Buffy could blame her, before pulling apart those firm little butt cheeks and exposing the submissive brunette's fuck holes. Again Rory stared lustfully. Again Buffy couldn't blame her.

"You finally starting to share Summers?" A familiar voice asked.

"Actually I've come to an arrangement with Rory here." Buffy said, looking up with a smile, "And even if I was sharing you'd have to be offering a pretty sweet trade, and I really can't think of anything you've got that I want. I mean, even your ass isn't that hot."

Nikita's usual calmness flickered for the briefest of moments and then she smiled, "Well, I hope that the arrangement isn't that she'd help you escape. Gilmore has been trying that trick for years and she's always failed."

"Oh I would never want to escape. I love having my little sister as my bitch too much for that." Buffy said, wishing all of what she had said was a lie instead of just the first part, "As for what arrangement I have with Rory, you'll just have too wait and see. In the meantime you can watch us having our way with my kid sister. Maybe you'll learn something."

"I highly doubt it." Nikita sniffed in derision.

Following the direction Nikita was looking at Buffy avoided the temptation to roll her eyes as she spotted Rory with her face buried in between Dawn's ass cheeks, presumably eating out her ass.

"Rory, Dawnie's ass doesn't need that much prep work." Buffy said firmly, "I ass fuck her all the time and she loves it rough."

"Sorry, her ass just look so yummy." Rory apologised, although she wasn't that sorry.

A top like Nikita or Faith could rim as many sluts as they wanted and no one batted an eye lash, but the second a top like her started licking a little ass she was mocked for it. Just another example of the unfair hierarchy in Gehanna.

Still while Buffy and Nikita had been having their little squabble Rory had been able to slide her tongue all over Dawn's puckered entrance, even pushing inside a little so the Slayer's bitch should be at least a little prepared for the butt fucking Rory intended to give her.

Getting into position Rory was quick to thrust her cock into Dawn's rectum so the other tops didn't get a chance to notice she had lubricated the head of her dildo in a clear muscle relaxant. It worked like a charm, Rory sliding every inch into Dawn's butt with reasonable ease as the other girl just moaned happily. Well, either it worked or Dawn was just an anal whore and Buffy was lying about being able to keep her hands off her this morning.

Rory didn't agree with the often brutal treatment of bitches and sluts in Gehanna but she had her ways of getting around them in public without attracting too much attention, at least for the most part. Of course at the same time just like her fellow tops Rory felt the same overwhelming desire to pound deep and hard into the ass holes of other girls, leaving their butt holes gaping in submission to her after she was done with them. That was why once she had loosened a bitch or a slut up she had no problems in giving their butts deep, hard fuckings.

The other tops were stronger than Rory, and a lot more intimidating, but Rory had something that most of the most feared rectum wreckers lacked. Rory had patience. She didn't pound an ass the first chance she got. She slowly built up the pace, ignoring the yelling crowd around her and concentrated on what she did best.

"Come on Rory, you can do it. Ass fuck that bitch hard!" Julie called out encouragingly.

"Yead, fuck it good. Fuck that piece of ass." Harmony also encouraged.

"Harder Gilmore, harder! Fuck that bitch's butt! Show us what you can do... you can do it, right?" Danielle questioned, in her own way also trying to encourage.

"Even you can pound ass better than that... you can pound ass better than that, can't you?" Cordelia said mockingly.

"Do you need someone to show you how it's done Gilmore?" Nikita asked.

"Shut your holes or I'll shut them for you!" Buffy snapped at the surrounding crowd who stared at her silently, "I'm trying to enjoy my bitch's tongue and you're distracting me."

To Rory's amazement the crowd did as it was told. The Slayer looked proud but Rory seriously doubted she had any idea just how big this was.

Traditionally observers were allowed to say whatever they wanted, although it was almost exclusively the tops and guards who did so. One of the focuses of attention requesting silence was very rare, and it was even rarer that these requests were ever granted. The only known cases featured tops the other tops feared, which meant Buffy the Vampire Slayer was officially at the very top of the food chain. A top who other tops feared.

Not all that surprising, in fact this was perhaps an inevitability, but as the crowd exchanged glances with each other they all knew they were thinking the same thing. Buffy Summers was a top not to be messed with, and neither was anyone she was associated with.

While Buffy didn't know just what a big deal that was she still revelled in being able to silence a group mostly filled with butt busting tops with just her words. It made her feel powerful, a rush of emotion flowing through her body which only added to the joy of feeling her little sister's tongue pumping in and out of her pussy, the Slayer grinding her cunt into her younger sibling's face as she went back to offering words of encouragement, "That's it, eat my pussy you little dyke. Get that dyke tongue of yours deep into your top's cunt! Mmmmmmm, fuck yeah, eat me bitch. Eat out my fucking twat. Make me cum in your bitch mouth again!"

Moments ago Buffy's voice had been a faint squeak in an ocean of deafening noise. Now it seemed deafening, the Slayer's words echoing throughout the yard as more and more prisoners silently approached.

"Eat it! Eat me! Dirty fucking cunt lapper! Mmmmmmm yeeeeessssss, suck my pussy. Swallow my fucking juices. You like that Dawnie? You like your big sister's pussy juice? Yes you do, mmmmmmm, yes, mmmmmmm, you love my fucking cunt you dirty little dyke." Buffy moaned as Dawn's soft little mouth and tongue brought her closer and closer to orgasm. And as much as that mouth and tongue was the main thing getting her off, and as much as a powerful feeling of making their audience be quite was still racing through her, there was something else Buffy was very much enjoying, namely watch Rory butt fucking her sister.

If Buffy was honest with herself she felt a little bit jealous but she chose to concentrate on how cute Rory looked pounding into Dawn's rectum, her tits bouncing up and down and her face a mask of concentration as she drilled deeply into the submissive brunette's bowels.

The speed Rory used was pretty slow, especially at first, but Buffy didn't necessarily see this as a sign of weakness. The other top was simply going at her own pace, and stretching the hell out of Dawn's ass hole while doing it. Then, very slowly, Rory began increasing her pace. It went so slow most of the crowd didn't notice until Rory was slamming into Dawn's butt hole. For some it was a sudden occurrence as they realised just how roughly ass fucking had become. For Buffy it was simply a natural progression.

It was impressive nevertheless, even to the point that the Slayer turned her words in the direction of Rory for a few moments, "That's it Rory, fuck my bitch's butt. Fuck it just like that. Pound the bitch. Ruin her rectum. Leave her ass hole gaping. Make sure it's open and loose, because I'm going to fuck it right after your done with it. The moment you pull out of my little sister's shit hole I'm going to shove my strap-on as deep inside her bowels as it will go, and then I'm going to butt fuck my baby sister until lockdown. So keep loosening my sister's ass just like you are and, mmmmmmm, you'll be doing her a favour. As for you Dawnie, mmmmmm, just keep eating my pussy like the good little cunt lapping bitch you are. Oooooohhhhhhh fuck, yes, good little pussy slut, make your top cum. Yes, make me cum, mmmmmm fuuucccckkkk yeeeessssss, make me cum, make me cuuuummmmmm!"

Even though she had spent most of the morning in between Buffy's legs Dawn still just couldn't get enough of her sister's delicious cum and pussy juices. She never could.

So when Buffy came in her mouth for what felt like the dozenth time Dawn greedily swallowed every single drop of her big sister's cum she could get in past her lips. Unfortunately Buffy was grinding Dawn's face in her cunt which resulted in a lot of Slayer cum coating the younger sibling's pretty face. On the bright side Dawn loved walking around with her sister's cum and pussy juice covering her face. Each time it happened Dawn felt like her big sister was marking her territory, letting every other top know that the Slayer's sister's mouth, tongue and even face were the property of Buffy Summers.

Dawn had become used to walking around with her older sister's cum and pussy juice covering her face, but today she was absolutely drenched in the heavenly liquid, her whole face smelling like the Slayer's cunt. Sadly the price of this was that her bottom had gone unfucked for hours.

Ever since she had become her big sister's bitch Dawn had receive at least one brutal butt fucking before breakfast and often more several before they were halfway to lunch, but this morning her butt had been neglected. Dawn had known why, and she had been eagerly awaiting Rory's dildo all morning. When it first violated her ass hole Dawn had been very excited. The rimming had been very enjoyable and had made her feel even more ready for a hard ass pounding. Instead Rory sodomised Dawn so slowly that the anal loving bitch thought she was going to go crazy. And then Rory had built up the speed, Dawn moaning happily with every little increase until she was squealing happily into her sister's cunt, a fact which no doubt helped Buffy cum.

When Buffy finally pulled away from her sister Rory was slamming into Dawn's ass hole with every ounce of strength. With her mouth suddenly free Dawn squealed happily, "Oh fuck, ooooohhhhh, fuck, oh, oh fuck me! Mmmmmmm, fuck my bitch ass hard! Ooooohhhhh, yeeeesssss fuuuuucccckkkkk meeeeeee! Fuck me, fuck me, Fuuuuccccckkkk meeeeeee! Destroy my shit hole! Ooooohhhhh fuck!"

Dawn's words quickly dissolved into gibberish as she came for the first time that morning, all the anticipation and all the time spent in between her sister's thighs, not to mention the butt fucking itself resulting in one of the hardest orgasms Dawn could ever remember having. The ones that followed it were almost as good, but the first hit her the hardest, Dawn becoming a babbling mess as her cum squirted from her pussy and she violently shook.

Rory felt more exhausted than she could ever remember being before in her life. She wasn't much one for exercise so by the time she made Dawn cum she was almost deliriously tired. It was all worth it though when she finally pulled out of Dawn's rectum and looked around to see everyone staring at her in stunned silence.

That Buffy had ordered them silent still had an effect on the crowd, but eventually the silence was broken when Nikita finally said, "That... that was actually a pretty good ass fucking."

There was a pause and then Julie added, "Did you see how hard Dawn came? That was something."

"How hard she came? Forget that, just look at how wide little Dawnie's ass hole is gaping." Danielle exclaimed, "I bet she won't be able to sit down today."

"Or shit right." Harmony grinned.

"I bet she never does considering Buffy's her top." Cordelia said, not meaning to praise Buffy that much so adding, "But Gilmore gave her one hell of a rectum wrecking. I bet the Slayer won't have much trouble sliding into her sister's butt for the rest of the day."

"The question is, will the Slayer remains selfish and keep that sweet little gaping butt hole to herself and her friends, or will she finally share her sister's ass with the rest of us." Nikita said, looking at Buffy expectantly.

Buffy looked around at the hopeful tops, looked thoughtful and then said, "Maybe tomorrow, if you can bring something worth trading, I'll give one of you the chance to fuck my bitch's ass."

There was a murmuring of approval amongst the tops as Buffy reached for her strap-on, quickly pulling it up to her waist and securing it in place, "But for right now, that ass is all mine. You guys think my sister's ass is gaping now? Just wait until I'm done with it."

Turning her attention back to Dawn as the crowd cheered her last words Buffy saw Rory sitting in the position the Slayer herself had been in moments before. The difference was instead of a rug munching Rory was getting her strap-on cleaned, Dawn's head bobbing up and down on the first few inches of the dildo, her mouth going lower and lower as she happily sucked the taste of her own ass off the toy.

Realising she was being watched Rory turned her attention away from Dawn sucking on her cock to Buffy and said, "I hope you don't mind. Your bitch/sister made my cock covered in her icky butt juices. I figured a cleaning was in order."

"No problem." Buffy said, studying the look on Rory's face, "Did you cum?"

"Yes." Rory lied.

Most tops came as they fucked ass. To not do so made it seem like the top didn't like their current position, which normally resulted in them not keeping it for long. Rory could cum incredibly hard from fucking ass but she normally collapsed from exhaustion afterwards which wouldn't have done wonders for the reputation she was trying to get as a result of all this.

Unfortunately it didn't look like Buffy, or many of the other tops, were buying it.

Usually such things wouldn't bother Buffy either way but she needed Rory to cum. Luckily there was a pretty simple way of achieving that...

"I see... well I have no problems with you sampling her mouth, but if you're going to let her suck your cock I insist you let her lick your pussy. After all as much fun as it is watching a bitch sucking on a strap-on it doesn't quite compare to feeling a pair of soft lips on your pussy, or a tongue inside you." Buffy pointed out.

"Sounds good." Rory said, trying to sound nonchalant, although the truth while she was eager to cum and Dawn's mouth and tongue had seemingly done wonders for the Slayer so Rory was eager to try it out for herself. However she didn't want to cum too quickly right after supposedly already getting off from fucking Dawn's ass. So after a little pause Rory added, "But can we leave it for a few minutes? I'm enjoying watching your bitch sucking on my cock, and besides, she isn't done cleaning it yet. Not that you have to wait if you feel like fucking her ass."

"I wasn't going too." Buffy interrupted her fellow top as she changed her focus from Rory, and Dawn bobbing her head up and down on Rory's strap-on dildo, to Dawn's gaping ass hole.

Buffy licked her lips as she concentrated on her little sister's stretched out shit hole more thoroughly than a straight A student study's their notes before a test. Then with no warning whatsoever Buffy pounced on her prey, the Slayer slamming her dildo through her little sister's gaping butt hole and deep into Dawn's rectum with one merciless thrust.

Such a brutal anal invasion would have had a lot of girls begging for mercy. But Dawn had got so used to rough butt sex she actually craved the painful stretching of her back passage, and after the pooper pounding she had just received every inch of Dawn's shit pipe was loosened and stimulated to the point where the feeling of her sister's cock entering her ass caused feelings of pleasure to overwhelm any feelings of pain. As such even the most gentle of thrusts drove Dawn wild, and it wasn't long before she got way better than that.

At first Buffy slowly butt fucked her baby sister, each of her thrusts into Dawn's ass almost feeling like torture they were so gentle. However it became clear pretty quickly that Buffy was just establishing a rhythm, the blonde quickly increasing the pace until she was fucking her kid sister's ass hard and deep, Dawn squealing with delight around the strap-on in her mouth as her top ass fucked her to orgasm.

Just as Dawn felt as if she was about to go over the edge of another monster climax Buffy slowed down, the Slayer skilfully keeping her little sister on the edge of orgasm but not allowing her to experience it.

Dawn whimpered pitifully as it became clear she would not be allowed to cum, at least not yet. She then cried out as her ass was struck with what felt like full Slayer strength. It wasn't, but it still got Dawn weeping, especially after it was followed by a couple of equally hard blows in a row.

"Make Rory cum, and then you can cum bitch!" Buffy said sternly, delivering a few more hard slaps to Dawn's behind.

Rory noticed the grin on Buffy's face as Dawn went into cock sucking overdrive, the other brunette quickly demanding Rory's full attention as she pushed her lips further and further down on the dildo until her mouth reached the base meaning Dawn was now deep throating the entire length of the dick. Seconds later Dawn began slamming her lips up and down on the shaft, brutally fucking her own throat and yet still finding the time to greedily suck on it, making sure to get every drop of her own ass juices off the dildo.

After a few minutes of this frantic cock sucking Dawn lifted her head up, gasped for breath, and then asked, "Can I please lick your pussy?"

There was a moment's pause as Rory was distracted by the burning look of lust she saw in the other girl's eyes. She then quickly got up, removed the strap-on, put it to one side and then sat back down in the same spot she had been moments before. Rory then cried out joyfully as Dawn slammed her tongue directly into her extremely wet and eager to cum love hole.

Usually the would-be escape artist liked a little foreplay, but she was so wound up Rory knew she probably wouldn't even be able to take a little foreplay before she came. As it was at least she had the excuse that Dawn wasn't at all gentle with her cunt, and she had just enjoyed watching the other brunette sucking on a strap-on fresh from her ass for several minutes. It also helped she had been watching another, admittedly more dominant top pounding into Dawn's pooper, widening the butt hole Rory had been using only moments ago. Considering all this Rory didn't think it was that bad she came shortly after Dawn began tongue fucking her.

In all fairness Rory had tried to hold back, tried to make it last, but Dawn's tongue had just been so soft, knowing and eager. It curled up against her G-spot over and over again until fireworks exploded behind her eyes and she began screaming almost hysterically.

To get back a little bit of the reputation she might have lost because of cumming so quickly Rory thrust her cunt into Dawn's face, not hard enough to actually hurt the other girl, but still using enough to get around of cheers from the watching crowd, even if they were more interested in the vicious rectum wrecking the Slayer was giving her sister.

"You go Rory." Julie exclaimed encouragingly.

"Yeah, fuck that bitch's face with your cunt as hard as the Slayer is ass fucking her kid sister!" Danielle added.

"Give it to the bitch in both ends!" Nikita said loudly.

"Tear that ass hole open Buffy!" Cordelia encouraged.

"Oh fuck yeah, make sure your little sister doesn't sit or shit right for days!" Harmony yelled.

"She never does!" Buffy grinned as she smacked Dawn's ass.

Even though the smack was loud enough to be heard over the cheering crowd Dawn barely felt it. She was too overwhelmed by the feeling of pleasure caused by her sister's strap-on slamming in and out of her butt at full Slayer speed, or at least as close to full as Buffy was ever willing to give her.

Dawn was pretty sure Buffy had never fucked her ass harder than this. She wasn't even sure it was possible to fuck harder than this as Buffy's hips were crashing into Dawn's butt cheeks so hard it felt like she was getting spanked, and her ass hole felt like there was an automatic drill inside it.

Of course as her mind turned to mush under the force of the pooper pounding Dawn did briefly think to herself it was possible in those moments when she was cumming so hard she couldn't tell what was going on around her that Buffy would butt fuck her harder than this. It didn't really matter because as long as Dawn was too overwhelmed by pleasure to feel the pain she could fulfil her main purpose in life of being her sister's personal fuck hole, a orifice Buffy could use for her pleasure.

In the moments before her latest powerful climax Dawn tried to clean Rory's pussy of any remnants of the delicious girl cum she had just followed, her tongue routing deep in the other brunette's cunt, maybe even hoping to bring her off a second time. The second Dawn's orgasm that hit became clear that such a task would be impossible, but Dawnie still tried her best.

Luckily Rory took pity on Dawn, moving backwards so the other girl didn't have to worry about licking her pussy any more, Rory just watching like everybody else as Dawn squealed, "Yes, yes, yeeeeeessssss! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuuuuccckkk meeeeee! Fuck my ass! Oooooohhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssss! Yes, yes, yes! I'm your bitch! My big sister's bitch! Oh, mmmmmmm, Buffy, use me! Use my ass! Mmmmmmm, use it for your pleasure! Please Buffy, use my butt hole for your pleasure!"

"That's right, you're my bitch!" Buffy growled as she mercilessly pounded Dawn's pooper, "I own your butt hole! I own you! I own my little sister and I'll use any part of her body I want for my pleasure, especially her ass which is my favourite part of her to fuck! I love fucking my little sister's ass!"

Buffy grinned triumphantly as the crowd cheered her, her bitch/sister begging for more through several powerful climaxes. Then she just screamed in ecstasy as Buffy used her Slayer strength and stamina to ensure that the bowel wrecking she gave Dawn would be far more impressive than the little fucking Rory had given Dawn's butt, and more impressive than any other ass fucking one of the other tops could dish out.

It wasn't that Buffy was out to embarrass her new ally. Far from it. Rory had done a decent job of opening Dawn's butt, fucking it hard and making them both cum. However Buffy had decided she wanted to be the biggest butt busting top in Gehanna. That way almost everyone would be too afraid to mess with her so it would be easier to keep Dawn and her friend safe. There was just one problem...

"Wow... she's just like Faith." Nikita observed.

The others quickly agreed with her.

"Oh yeah, she's a total butt buster." Danielle said quickly.

"Her technique is flawless. And look at how hard, fast and deep she's drilling into her sister's bottom. She's a perfect top." Julie observed.

"Buffy and Faith have always been like that. Strong and dominant." Cordelia said, before shrugging, "It must be a Slayer thing."

"Yeah, the Slayers are a pair of real ass wreckers." Harmony said.

No they weren't Buffy felt like screaming out.

Buffy was a strong, dominant ass wrecker. A total butt buster. The perfect top.

Faith was a bitch, her friend Willow's bitch.

The Dark Slayer might not be as broken as she acted, but if only Willow would drag her out of the closet kicking and screaming the public humiliation of submitting to the redhead would probably give Faith the final push she needed into becoming a totally broken bitch.

Why Willow was so reluctant Buffy didn't understand. After all it should be the both of them who the other tops talked about in hushed whispers while Faith should be the laughing stock. But Buffy respected her friend's wishes, which was why she tried to just concentrate on her little sister's sweet ass.

Buffy try to concentrate on how much she loved Dawn's ass cheeks jiggling under the savage force of the sodomy, how that even after fucking her baby sister's butt long and hard for what seemed like an eternity Dawnie's back passage was still a wonderful little fit for her cock, and the powerful orgasms racing through her as she ass fucked her little sister, Dawn squealing her way through countless climaxes as she played the role of her big sister anal fuck toy with relish.

For a while this work like a charm, Buffy becoming completely lost in sodomising her sister, her whole world revolving around Dawn's butt hole. Well, Dawn's butt hole and the dildo strapped around her own waist... the only thing in existence that mattered being able to slam the strap-on in and out of Dawn's back door with every ounce of her Slayer strength.

Buffy had no idea how long she fucked Dawn up the ass, but when she finally pulled out of her little sister's butt Dawnie collapsed down onto the bench in exhaustion, her ass hole gaping ridiculously wide.

Instead of feeling even a hint of remorse Buffy just feel proud that she had completely ruined her baby sister's rectum, the Slayer hoping it would be a long time before Gehanna's magic healed the gaping crater in between Dawnie's cheeks as she intended to make Dawn walk around without any prison bottoms on so everyone could see just how hard she had fucked her little sister's butt.

There was a moment of silence as everyone just stared at Dawn's gaping ass hole, and then, because she knew it would annoy Buffy, Nikita turned to her fellow top and said, "Wow... you really are just like Faith aren't you?"

Buffy scowled, and then smirked, "I'm better."

"I don't know." said Harmony without thinking, and then when the other tops, Buffy and Nikita in particular, gave her a look she clarified, "Well, it's just she's really mean. And she's got an insatiable lust for ass fucking. I mean, who knows how many asses she's fucked today already, or who's butt hole she's stretching out right now."

* * *

Willow struggled not to laugh at Harmony's words. Then she retreated from Rory's mind and struggled to contain her cry of pain as she was hit with the worst migraine yet.

The headaches had been getting worse, and spending so much time in Rory's mind hadn't helped, but Willow had got what she wanted and that was all that mattered.

Luckily Willow's cry of pain had been drowned out by Faith's moans. Better yet only moments after her nose started to bleed Willow found herself wiping the blood away, her pain completely forgotten as she focused on the same beautiful sight she had been staring at for what felt like hours. That sight, Faith's stretched out butt hole slowly sliding up and down on her strap-on cock.

Willow bit her lip. She wasn't sure how much magical energy she had left after keeping that spell going for so long. She shouldn't use another. What she should do is just concentrate on the beautiful sight before her.

Unfortunately Willow couldn't resist the temptation of using the same spell she had been using on Rory to enter Buffy's mind, pushing her next thought into her best friend's head so that the two of them could hear it, "Well, I've kind of lost count how many times today I've fucked her ass, but she's definitely the one stretching out her own butt hole right now."

Buffy quietly laughed and then thought, "Hey Will, you get it?"

"Piece of cake." Willow told her friend through her magic, "It slid through Rory's head when she came, just like Lilah said it would. I don't think Rory was even aware of it. It's in Latin which I'm a little rusty on, but I could probably find a translation somewhere."

"Take your time. We still have the other lines to find." Buffy thought, before she smiled, "Hey, are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

"Yeah." Willow thought.

Buffy grinned, "Well watch this..."

Willow watch through Buffy's eyes as the Slayer walked around so she was standing before Dawn.

"Suck it bitch." Buffy ordered, the rest of the crowd cheering as Dawn slowly leant forwards and took the head of her sister's strap-on which had just been deeply embedded inside her ass into her mouth.

"Nice." Willow commented as she watched Dawnie beginning to suck the taste of her own ass off Buffy's cock, "Very top-like."

"Thanks Will." Buffy beamed, those around her mistaking her happiness for the thorough job her bitch was doing at cleaning her toy, "I'm sure you're doing something very top-like yourself right now."

"Maybe." Willow grinned, once again finding herself with the dilemma of focusing on what was going on in the courtyard, in this case Dawn beginning to take a dildo flavoured with her own butt juices down her throat, and what was going on in her own cell, namely Faith anally riding her strap-on.

"Let me guess..." Buffy thought, "From your earlier comment about butt hole stretching you've probably got Faith riding a strap-on. Probably reverse cowgirl so you can stare at her ass. Or so you can stare at her ass hole as it's taking your dick. Or both."

"Oh, definitely both." Willow grinned as she gave Faith's bouncing butt a little slap, making those round but firm cheeks jiggle even more than they were before just from the constant bouncing.

"Ha, well just do me a favour? Now you don't have to keep an eye on what's going on in Rory's mind make sure you give your bitch an extra hard butt fucking. Really make sure she knows who's boss." Buffy thought.

"I think I can do that." Willow thought, taking a moment's pause to focus on Dawn's lips lowering down on the last few inches of Buffy's dick, the head of the mammoth bitch tamer lodged deep down her throat, "Have fun with Dawnie."

"Oh, I will." Buffy thought, placing her hand on the top of Dawn's head so she could enjoy the sight of her little sister choking on her cock.

Deciding there was no better image to end their communication on Willow removed herself from Buffy's mind with the intention of giving Faith, and particularly Faith's ass hole, her full attention. After, of course, she spent a few minutes getting over her latest headache, thankfully not as bad as the first, but still not particularly pleasant. Willow quickly managed to get over it though, however that was only because she fell into another trancelike state just from watching her bitch's stretched out butt hole sliding up and down on her cock.

Ironically Willow hadn't intended to fuck Faith's ass this morning, at least not until Rory had cum. The redhead had been planning on following Buffy's example and just making her bitch eat her pussy all morning. That was how things started out, but after Faith had licked Willow's pussy to her first cum of the day the Dark Slayer had turned around, stuck her ass in the air and spread her cheeks.

What was Willow supposed to do? Not immediately strap on her biggest dildo and slam it as deep as it would go into Faith's butt hole? After Faith had willingly bent over and spread her ass cheeks without being asked? She was only human... or more accurately only a girl under the effects of a powerful lesbian anal lust spell. There was no way she could have passed up the chance for some butt pounding when the butt in question was offered up so submissively by the formerly dominant Faith Lehane.

So Willow had spent most of her morning fucking Faith's ass. This had become a pretty common occurrence, but the difference was this particular morning she had spend every couple of seconds checking that things with Buffy, Dawn and Rory hadn't started yet. When it did Willow had made sure to order Faith to anally ride her cock while facing away from her, partly so she wouldn't see that Willow wasn't totally focused on her and thus giving her the opportunity to try something, and partly because as Buffy had rightfully guessed Willow loved staring at Faith's ass. The Witch loved staring at Faith's ass even when her cock wasn't inside it, but when her strap-on was sliding in and out of her bitch's butt... oh, it was the most beautiful sight in the world to Willow Rosenberg.

Willow could have happily watched Faith bouncing on her cock for hours, but as the Dark Slayer had been a good bitch this morning there was only fair that the Witch rewarded her. Besides, Willow had promised to Buffy to show Faith who's boss, and she had an idea just how to do that.

Slapping Faith's ass as hard as she could so she got the Slayer's attention Willow barked, "What are you?"

"Your bitch. I'm your bitch." Faith answered weakly without thinking about it.

"And what am I?" Willow asked.

Faith could think of a lot of answers to that, but she wisely went with, "My top. You're my top."

"That's right. You are my bitch and I am your top." Willow beamed, pausing to briefly grope Faith's ass, something she had done quite a few times already during this position, and then added, "And since you've been such a good bitch for me this morning I'm willing to reward you. So, as long as you don't touch your pussy... and you keep repeating what you just told me... you can make yourself cum."

In an instant Faith was jack-hammering her ass hole up and down on Willow's cock as hard as she possibly could. However her joints ached from being in the same position for so long to the point where she just couldn't achieve full speed. So Faith leaned back so that she was almost lying on top of Willow, her hands and feet supporting her weight and thus allowing her to drill her own butt hole on Willow's dick with every ounce of her Slayer strength.

As she violently rode the dildo, violating her own ass on it time and again, Faith thought it would have been nice if she had hesitated, even for a moment, before obeying the redhead. She could have at least threatened the Witch, made it clear she would have her revenge, but Faith just couldn't. She was too horny, too desperate to cum. And worst of all it just felt natural to obey the redhead.

Faith was truly becoming Willow's bitch. She felt a yearning to do what ever the Witch said, to please her. Oh how Faith wanted to please her top. Faith wanted... no, she was a top. Faith was still a top. She might be anally riding a strap-on and loving every moment of it, while repeatedly saying, "I'm your bitch and you're my top. I'm your bitch and you're my top. I'm your bitch and you're my top."

But... but Faith forgot what ever it was she had been thinking about as her first orgasm hit, the Dark Slayer screaming out loudly as she was rocked with heavenly sensations which only left her with one thought, more.

So the Slayer continued hammering her ass on the Witch's strap-on as orgasm after orgasm powered through her body, some climaxes being so strong it caused her to squirt, her cum shooting out onto the floor like a fountain, the whole time Faith screaming hysterically, "I'm your bitch and you're my top I'm your bitch and you're my top I'm your bitch and you're my top I'm your bitch and you're my top I'm your bitch and you're my top!"

Willow just watched in amusement as Faith shamelessly rode her dildo, the brunette using her Slayer stamina to push through climax after climax until after what had to be at least an hour later that supernatural stamina finally ran out. When it did Faith's hands and feet gave way and she collapsed down onto her top, Willow allowing her bitch to lay on top of her for a little while and gasped for breath before she rolled over in a spooning position.

The two cell mates laid like that for quite a while, Faith still in heaven as aftershocks flowed through her body, the dildo still buried in her ass a reminder of the intense ecstasy she had just received.

After giving Faith a chance to recover Willow began nuzzling the Slayer's neck like they were lovers or something, the way her hands began gently caressing Faith's body adding to this illusion. The illusion was quickly broken when Willow slowly began pulling her strap-on out of Faith's ass only to push back in again and repeat the process, the Witch gently butt fucking her bitch as Faith wimpered softly, "Please Will, no more. My ass just can't take it."

"Shhhhh, just relax." Willow cooed.

Faith wimpered again but did as she was told, the Slayer knowing resistance was futile. If she had been in the Witch's position Faith wouldn't have stopped. A bitch's butt was a tool to please a top. It didn't matter if her ass was sore, she was Willow's bitch, if her top was still horny for anal sex all Faith could do was hope that Willow would finish with her soon, or at least get hungry and leave so that Faith's ass would have a chance to heal.

However to Faith's surprise her rectum muscles were able to relax to the point where it became pleasurable again, although this was less because Faith was able to relax, and she was barely able to do that at all, but more because Willow gave her a type of gentle ass stretching which would have made any top proud, because it left a previously exhausted bitch whimpering in pleasure, practically begging for more, and then literally begging for more, "Ooooohhhhh yes, fuck me. Fuck my bitch ass Will. Fuck your bitch's ass hole."

Faith then cried out as Willow gave her sore ass a hard slap before growling in her ear, "That's not what I told you to say."

"I'm sorry Red." Faith blushed, before she began repeating, "I'm your bitch and your my top, I'm your bitch and your my top, I'm your bitch and your my top."

Willow grinned against Faith's neck in between kisses to it as the brunette continued to repeat herself and the redhead kept up a slow but steady butt fucking. These actions rekindled Faith's recently uncovered desire to get her ass fucked while just intensifying Willow's recently uncovered desire to fuck ass. Of course the Dark Slayer had cum hard multiple times very recently while the Witch had only a few unsatisfying climaxes as her bitch had rode her dildo. However despite this Willow was still in a patient mood.

"Do you wanna know why I'm making you say that?" Willow asked.

"I, I guess." Faith said, unsure whether she wanted to know, and unsure whether she should keep saying the words she had been repeating what felt like an eternity.

"Because no matter how many times you, me or even Buffy has said them you just can't seem to get it through that thick head of yours that you're my bitch and I'm your top." Willow snapped before letting out a long sigh, "Every time I think you've finally got it I see you fucking some slut's ass, and it breaks my heart because you're not just defying me, you're trying to be something you're not."

Unable to stop herself Faith protested, "That's not true..."

"Look at me!" Willow interrupted, using her arm to push her upper body up slightly while still allowing her to gently fuck Faith's ass. There was a brief pause, and then Faith turned her head so she was looking at Willow, at which point the redhead continued, "Have you ever cum like you did riding my big dick?"

There was a long pause, and then Faith quietly murmured, "Yes."

"Don't lie to me." Willow growled.

"I'm not." Faith said weakly.

Willow was about to threaten her bitch, then she thought about it, "When was the last time you came that hard?"

There was another long pause and then Faith whispered, "The last time you ass fucked me."

Willow smiled softly, "Then why are you continuing to resist me?"

Faith thought about pleading ignorance but it was clear Willow knew she wasn't completely broken, so she said, "Because I'm nobody's bitch. I'm Faith Lehane. Butt buster extraordinaire. Toughest top Gehanna's ever seen. I can't be some geeky redhead's bitch. No one can make me their bitch..."

"But I did. I made you my bitch, and you love it. You love being my bitch." Willow interrupted, thrusting extra hard into Faith's ass to prove her point, and doing just that if the brunette's moan was anything to go by. When Faith didn't even try for a witty comeback Willow added, "And you know, I could take that reputation away from you."

"Please don't Will, I'll... I'll stop resisting. I'll be the perfect bitch, I swear." Faith promised desperately, "I'll bend over for you, and B, and whoever you want. I'll beg to get my ass fucked and mean it. Fuck, I'll help you break out. I'll even ass fuck Amy into submission for you, just... just let me go back to Gehanna afterwards as a top."

Willow looked thoughtful for a moment and said, "No."

"No?" Faith parroted in disbelief.

"No." Willow said, before explaining, "You can come with us or I can leave you here and come back for you, but when this whole thing is over I'm still going to be a top, and you're still going to be a bottom. It's not fair to you. The real you. So you can admit what you really are in Gehanna or you can leave with your reputation intact, but when we leave there's going to be no more bull shit. You're going to be my bitch and you're going to act like it."

There was a moment of silence as Faith just stared at the redhead before she quietly asked, "Why?"

"Because sooner or later you've got to stop acting like a spoilt brat and start being the submissive bitch you really are." Willow said.

"I mean why me?" Faith said in a mix of despair and anger, "A stud like you could have any bitch, slut or top she wanted. You can even get any guard, or even Governor Morgan. Fuck, you could probably get Amy. Or B."

"I don't want anyone else. I want you." Willow said.

"Why?" Faith asked.

"Because I can't stop thinking about you." Willow admitted, blushing a little even as she continued shamelessly pumping Faith's pooper, "I... I think about you more than anyone else. Ever. More than I ever thought about Oz and Tara. And yeah, ninety percent of the time I'm thinking about your ass, which I'm obsessed with. I... I think I'm in love with it. Seriously. I'm constantly thinking about the round, juicy but firm cheeks of your perfect bubble butt and the heavenly puckered hole in between them. And you have no idea how many times a day I think about you reaching back and spreading your ass cheeks, offering me your ass hole as a sign of your submission to me. But I think about you too. I think about how beautiful you are when you're not trying to be something you're not... what a natural submissive you are, how much of a turn on it is to remember how I took such a foul mouth butt buster and turned her into my anal whore. In short, I think I'm falling for you Faith. And I know I'm in love with your ass hole. That's why I can't ever let you go. I can't bear the thought of losing you. I can barely bear the thought of going a few hours without being inside your butt. So... I'm sorry Faith, but you're who I want... you're the one I wanted, the one I took and now, have you. The only question left is, how long are you going to keep pretending to be a top?"

Faith blinked in disbelief. The pure want she saw in Willow's eyes... it was like nothing she had ever seen before, and she was... she was flattered! She'd fucked countless guys, girls, bitches, sluts and even tops, but none of them, or the countless others she had passed by, had ever wanted her as much as Willow Rosenberg. And she was flattered, and terrified, and a million other things, but mostly she was confused.

Was she still a top or was she Willow's bitch? Which did she want to be? At that moment she had no idea, but Faith knew if she didn't give Willow and answer soon her chance to stay a top would be gone forever.

So sounding as sincere as she possibly could Faith said, "When we leave... I'll be your bitch. Completely out of the closet, no bullshit."

"And?" Willow questioned expectantly.

"And no more bullshit before we leave either." Faith said, before quickly clarifying, "When we're alone I'm your bitch. No back talk, no whining, no plotting against you or any of that shit. Just me spreading my ass cheeks for you willingly, and doing whatever else you want, not just because that's what you want, but because deep down it's what I want too. I'll be your bitch Will, and you'll be my top."

"Prove it." Willow said, pulling out of Faith's ass and leaning back.

There was a moment's pause, and then Faith flipped over onto her knees, buried her face in the duvet covers, reached back and slowly spread her ass cheeks, presenting her gaping butt hole to her top.

After giving her top a few moments to stare at her open ass hole Faith turned her head so that she was lying on the side of her face and then as clearly as possible said, "Please Red, fuck my ass. Your bitch wants you to fuck her ass. Your bitch wants her top to fuck her ass. I want my top to fuck my ass."

Willow licked her lips wantonly at the sight before her, and then again moments later once she had slammed the entire length of her strap-on through Faith's loosened back passage, Faith's ass so well fucked that the Slayer barely felt any pain as her rectum was violently refilled.

"Keep proving yourself." Willow ordered, "Bounce back against me in your current position and tell me how much you love my big dick."

Faith half moaned, half wimpered as she began moving her ass back and forth on Willow's dildo, the awkward position only allowing her to move slowly which allowed her to focus on what she was telling her top, "I, I love your big dick Will. I love big dick in my ass. I love, ah, I love your big dick in my ass. Ahhhhh fuck, your big dick feels so good in my ass. Mmmmmm, I can't get enough. I love it. Ah, mmmmmm, you, oh, you said you're in love with my ass, well I'm in love with your big dick. I... I think about it all the time. Mmmmmmm, whenever I'm out fucking slut ass, oh, I'm thinking about you fucking my bitch ass. Oh, everytime I see their shit holes stretching for my cock I wish it was my fucking poop shoot wrapped around your big dick. Mmmmmmm, your big dick sliding in and out of my shitter, my ass hole clenching on your big strap-on dick as you pump it in and out of my pooper, mmmmmmmmmm, there's no better feeling in the world."

Willow let Faith continue talking for quite a while as she watched her bitch's butt bouncing up and down on her toy cock, this time the Dark Slayer spreading her cheeks so the Witch could have a better view of her strap-on sliding in and out of the other girl's back door.

Inevitably watching wasn't enough and Willow couldn't resist beginning to lazily thrust her hips back and forth, fucking Faith's ass at a teasingly slow pace.

"Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh yes Will, fuck me. Fuck my ass." Faith moaned, "Fuck it hard stud!"

"Stud huh?" Willow grinned.

"Yeah, stud. Mmmmmm, you're a total stud Will." Faith groaned.

"Well, why don't you tell me how much of a stud I am. And take your hands off your butt cheeks so you can really start bouncing on my big dick while you're doing it." Willow said.

Quick as a flash Faith's hands were on the bed, pushing herself first up and then backwards and forwards as fast as she could, drilling her own ass hole on Willow's strap-on while moaning like a whore.

In between her moans Faith shamelessly told Willow, "You're a stud Red, a total ass wrecking stud. The biggest stud I've ever known. Ooooooohhhhh fuuuuccckkkk! Mmmmmm, you're such a stud you made the biggest, baddest stud in Gehanna your bitch. You got the big bad Faith Lehane bending over for you whenever you fucking want. Fuck, I'm even spreading my fucking cheeks for you! Fuck you're such a stud! Mmmmmmm, fuck, you got me Will. Slamming my fucking shitter on your big fucking dick. Mmmmmm, fuck you slam shit hole goooooooddddd! You fuck my shit pipe sooooo fuuuucccckkkkiiiinnnngggggg goooodddddd! Oh fuck! Fuck you're such a stud Will! I fucking wish you'd shown what a stud you are back in Sunnydale. Aaaaahhhhh ooooooohhhhhhh, fuck, if you had just bent me over and ass fucked me right from the start I'd still be with you and B as your submissive little bitch!"

"Am I as big a stud as Buffy?" Willow asked, having a feeling she knew the answer Faith would give her regardless whether it was true, but deciding she wanted to believe it anyway as she was enjoying getting her ego stroked.

"B? Fuck, B ain't got shit on you Red." Faith moaned as Willow began to ass fuck her a little harder, "She's just another wannabe like all the other tops around here. You and me, we're the real deal. Mmmmmmm, we can wreck asses in ways B can't even dream of. Her technique is sloppy and she doesn't even know how to use her own strength and speed right. We can, but the differences I'm taking it in the ass right now, so I think it's pretty fucking safe to say you're the only real top left in this shit hole Will. Mmmmmmmm, the way you fuck my shit hole shows that! Mmmmmmmm, fuck, your such a stud, yoooouuuuurrrr suuuucccchhhhhhh aaaaaa fuuuuuccccckkkkkkiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggg sttttttuuuuuuudddddddd!"

Faith expected to be punished for badmouthing B, but instead Willow seemed to be turned on by the idea she was the better top and rewarded Faith with a harder butt fucking, the Witch slowly increasing the speed of her thrusts into the Dark Slayer's ass until she was fucking Faith's butt as hard as she could.

Then it was like suddenly a power switch had been turned on, Willow's thrusts immediately turning vicious until almost literally bowel wrecking. Her dildo pounded in and out of Faith's ass with inhuman speed and strength, the strap-on ripping apart the Slayer's back passage like never before. It was harder than anything Faith had ever even seen before, her rectum literally feeling like it was being torn apart by the force of the sodomy. The pain would have been beyond unbearable if it hadn't been for the ecstasy overwhelming the Dark Slayer, Faith squealing happily as she was sent hurtling over the edge of an orgasm.

"That's it, cum for me bitch! Cum for me my bitch! Cum for your top!" Willow yelled, momentarily taking her hand off Faith's hip to smack her bitch's ass as she continued to fuck it.

The force of the blow made Faith feel like a huge truck had just crashed full speed into her butt, something even more heavy and strong constantly slamming against her aching ass cheeks as her rectum was ram raided. All these things left no doubt in Faith's mind Willow had used some type of spell to make herself stronger, which meant the brunette really was figuratively and literally fucked.

Even though the sensations of her orgasm were racking her body Faith tried to pull away, push herself far enough forwards so that the strap-on got removed from her ass, giving her at least a second of rest. But Willow effortlessly pulled her back, the redhead now moving Faith back and forth while pounding in and out of her pooper to ensure there was no way the butt fucking could be any harder or faster than what it was. Faith tried a few more times, but it quickly became clear her Slayer strength was no match for the Witch's strength. The Slayer was no match for the Witch.

All Faith could do was screamed joyfully as she was brutally sodomised to climax after climax until she no longer cared whether Gehanna's magic could heal her ass or whether she would ever truly regain status as a top or anything else that wasn't the wonderful feeling of that big strap-on dick pounding in and out of her butt hole.

Faith was right, Willow had used a spell to make herself stronger, and she was loving every minute of it. The redhead wasn't sure it would work as it was the most powerful spell she had tried using since coming to Gehanna, and it was so soon after she had used other pretty powerful spells, but it had worked. The fact it did meant either her powers were becoming stronger or they were becoming more resistant to being drained. Either way Willow was loving the results.

Why had she been so worried before? Who cares that it resulted in a little headache or two? All Willow needed to do was to take a little aspirin and she'd be fine. And anyway, a few headaches was worth feeling this powerful.

In battle Willow preferred to use spells to keep her distance and she would of course never have tried anything like this on her beloved Tara, but this kind of spell seemed tailor made for bitch fucking.

Willow was even regretting not trying it sooner. If she had Faith would have probably been completely broken after the first couple of ass fuckings considering how much the Dark Slayer was squealing in delight, Willow's bitch having so many multiple orgasms it became hard for the redhead to tell exactly when Faith was cumming.

The bad ass Slayer was a total mess, her body shaking and her hair sticking to her body because she was sweating so much, and she looked like she was about to collapse at any second, and yet Willow had barely broken a sweat. That fact, more than any of Faith's words made Willow feel like a stud. That she was using magic to achieve this meant nothing, it was after all her power, her power which was completely owning the Dark Slayer.

Wanting to continue owning the Dark Slayer more than she'd ever wanted anything else in her life Willow pounded as deep and hard into Faith's ass hole as her newly conjured up strength would allow her for what seemed like hours. As she did this Faith came countless times until she could no longer hold herself upright, the upper part of her body crashing back down onto the bed while her ass only remained in the air because of Willow's vice-like grip on her hips.

Willow became completely obsessed with fucking Faith's ass as hard as she could, the Witch refusing to end the brutal butt pounding until the formerly mighty Slayer passed out from all her anally induced orgasms. Even then Willow wanted to continue, to just use Faith's ass for as long as it took for her to be truly satisfied. Considering Faith was her bitch it almost seemed like the natural thing to do, but Willow quickly realised that was Gehanna's magic talking. And possibly the spell. However that didn't mean she was about to go soft.

So, after a few more hard thrusts to get another orgasm for herself, Willow suddenly stopped, her strap-on completely buried within Faith's ass. Looking down at her hips pressed against Faith's butt cheeks and knowing there was a massive dildo deeply entrenched in Faith's rectum brought a smile to the Witch's face. This was followed by a wicked grin after Willow had cautiously let go of the right side of Faith's hip, the brunette's body slumping a little but not falling thanks to the strong grip the redhead still had on the left side of her hip, the Slayer held in place as the Witch raised her right hand and began bringing it down hard on her bitch's right butt cheek, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!

Faith stirred and whimpered, but that wasn't enough for Willow who quickly switched over, holding the Dark Slayer in place with her right hand as she used her left to smack Faith's ass, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!

Willow's original goal of waking Faith was soon a complete success, as evidenced by her increasingly loud crying, but the redhead was having so much fun she found she couldn't help but continue. Besides Faith's ass was turning red so quickly, and her cheeks were jiggling so beautifully, and the sound of the blows and the Slayer's cries were so sweet Willow decided just to continue spanking Faith for as long as she felt like it, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!

Before her ass cheeks even turned red the Dark Slayer was bawling like crazy, crying harder and louder than ever before in her life, even more than the first time the Witch had spanked her. While the humiliation of the first time and all the times that followed remained the spanking seemed particularly vicious, far more so than the others, and was obviously more forceful and therefore painful. To make matters worse Willow's strap-on dick was still completely buried inside Faith's butt and every time the redhead smacked her ass Faith's rectum muscles would clench down painfully on the anal intruder.

However Faith was in such a submissive mood even if she had been a match for Willow's strength, which she currently wasn't, she wouldn't have done anything to stop the Witch. As it was Faith acted the perfect submissive bitch, not uttering one word of complaint even as her butt was brutalised.

Faith even somehow found the strength to keep her ass in the air when Willow cautiously let go of her completely, thus allowing the Witch to spank her more easily, even delivering vicious double slaps to her already dark red behind.


"Now Faith, are you sorry for losing consciousness?" Willow grinned, finally pausing the spanking before delivering another double hit, SMACK SMACK.

"OWWWWWW, yes, I'm sorry Will." Faith whimpered.

"As you should be." Willow said, delivering another double butt slap, SMACK SMACK, "A bitch should remain conscious as long as her top is using her and not become so overwhelmed with her own selfish pleasure. I butt fuck you for my pleasure, not yours."

"I know, I'm sorry Will. It won't happen again. I know my ass is for your pleasure... AHHHHHH" Faith grovelled, meaning to continue before another double blow to her butt had her crying out, SMACK SMACK!

"Well here's you're chance to make it up to me." Willow interrupted, quickly pulling out and then watching with glee as Faith remained in place and then slowly reached back to spread her ass cheeks, presenting her gaping ass hole to her top. Licking her lips at the sight of that loosely stretched back hole Willow asked, "What are you?"

"Your bitch." Faith answered without hesitation, "I'm your bitch Will. I'm Willow Rosenberg's bitch, and she's my top."

"And you're sorry for what?" Willow asked.

"Losing consciousness." Faith quickly replied.

"And?" Willow pushed.

"And..." Faith repeated, having to think about it for a moment, "I'm sorry for all the shit I've given you since you got here. I'm... I'm sorry I tried to make you my bitch. I'm sorry for what I did back in Sunnydale. I'm sorry Will, I'm just, I'm so sorry."

Faith sounded genuine, and for her sake Willow hoped she was, "Prove it."

For a few moments Faith remained in place, at first awaiting further instructions, and then wondering exactly how she could prove she was sorry.

When she finally acted Faith moved slowly, first letting go of her butt cheeks and turning around before dropping to her knees in front of Willow who was now standing a few inches from the bed. After looking up the redhead for a few long seconds Faith lowered her head down and kissed her top's feet.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry..." Faith repeated over and over in between each kiss as she slid her lips all over both of Willow's feet and then up her legs to the dildo strapped firmly around her waist.

Faith briefly glanced up at Willow again before swallowing the head of the strap-on, tasting the deepest part of her rectum on the toy cock. Slowly Faith sucked every bit of her ass juice off the tip of the dildo, then lowered her mouth halfway down the shaft and began bobbing her head up and down. As she did this Faith sucked unnecessarily loudly, the whole time glancing up at her top in the hopes of seeing some approval. Instead Willow looked almost indifferent.

This was just Willow playing the top role. In reality she was giddy with happiness at how eagerly Faith cleaned her cock of ass juice, Willow's expression seeming to make the Dark Slayer only work harder to please her top.

Lower and lower Faith's mouth went down until it reached the base, the brunette choking as she kept the head of the fake dick deeply lodged inside her throat for several long seconds, tears even forming in her eyes. Then she began bobbing her head up and down again, this time giving the entire length of Willow's strap-on and incredibly thorough blow job.

Once Faith was sure the cock was completely cleaned of butt juice she kissed her way up the rest of Willow's body, gently saying sorry in between each kiss.

Then, after struggling to look the dominant stud standing before her in the eye for a few moments, Faith finally managed it and said, "I'm sorry. No more shit. I'm your bitch, and your my total stud of a top."

For a few seconds the two girls just stared at each other for what felt like an eternity. Then Willow smiled, leant forward and gently kissed Faith.

This took Faith completely off guard and she had no idea how to react. Her body made up its mind for her though and she melted into her top who gently and firmly held her as her tongue entered her mouth.

Before Gehanna Faith always took control even with something like a kiss. Now for the first time she was completely subservient during a make out session, welcoming Willow's tongue into her mouth and gently worshipping it whenever the redhead's tongue wasn't bullying her own. It... it was nice. Soft. Intimate even.

It was like nothing Faith had ever experienced before, not with any guy or girl before Gehanna, and certainly not within the prison. Hell, she hadn't even kissed anyone in the prison. Kissing was for sluts in love, or for weak tops who actually cared about their bitches. Kissing was a sign of weakness and Faith hadn't missed it. Then again kissing had never been this good.

When the kiss was finally broken both Willow and Faith were left breathless, the two of them panting heavily for a few moments before Willow's stomach growled.

"Excuse me." Willow said automatically, before quickly adding, "I mean, it looks like I worked up an appetite fucking your bitch ass. So, go get your top some food."

Faith let out a little girlish squeal as Willow roughly smacked her beaten red tushie, "Yes Will. Right away Will."

"Good girl." Willow grinned, laying back down on her bed and watching as her Slayer bitch gathered up her clothes. Faith was quick to put on her shirt and even slid on her shoes right after she put her pants back around her ankles, intending to quickly pull them up and get out of the cell. Then she heard Willow happily giggle, "Good bitch, wiggle your freshly fucked ass at me. That's so hot."

Realising her positioning Faith paused and then slowly pulled up her pants, wiggling her gaping ass hole and badly beaten butt pretty much directly in Willow's face. She even put a little extra effort into it just before her pants reached her ass cheeks, inspiring Willow to reach forward and deliver another rough smack to Faith's butt which had the bad ass Slayer squealing girlishly and pulling up her pants the rest of the way.

"Now, get the food."

"Yes Will." Faith said, quickly leaving.

Willow waited several minutes after Faith left and then undid the spell. She had prepared for pain but nothing as bad as what she got, Willow's scream echoing throughout the room as she writhed around on the bed. It was so bad Willow swore she blacked out as for a moment or two there seemed to be just blackness, then she slowly became more aware again and the pain began to fade.

The redhead sighed. She was lucky that Gehanna obviously healed more than just stretched butt holes. If it didn't she would probably still be unconscious by the time Faith returned and that would have probably made to much of a tempting target no matter how broken the Dark Slayer was.

Thinking about Faith caused Willow to sigh again, although this time for a very different reason.

It was beyond perverted all things considering but Willow really was becoming attached to Faith, to the point where the idea of life without her seemed... unacceptable.

Willow just hope Faith felt the same way and they were done with the rebellious Faith shit.

* * *

At that moment Faith was also reflecting on their relationship, although she was doing it crying in a toilet.

She had personally thrown out everybody using it and jammed the door shut so only she or someone else with impressive strength could open it, but that was of little comfort at that point.

Her ass hurt so bad she couldn't even bear the thought of sitting down so she was just staring at herself in one of the mirrors of one of the sinks.

After a few moments Faith turned around, pull down her pants and looked over her shoulder. Faith forced herself to look at her red and swollen ass cheeks and the once tiny hole in between which was now spread open wide, allowing her to see deep into her own bowels.

She was a Slayer for fuck sakes. The biggest, baddest top Gehanna had ever known. A legendary bitch/slut maker who fucked any ass she wanted. Why the fuck did she keep letting this shit happen? Why the fuck did she loving every fucking second of being ass fucked by Willow Rosenberg? And why the fucking fuck fuck did she want to walk into the middle of the canteen with the redheaded geek, pull down her pants, bend over and spread her ass cheeks so everyone could see her gaping shit hole and proudly proclaim Willow Rosenberg was her top?

Of course Faith knew why. Gehanna was messing with her mind, making her think she wanted to be a bitch. Making her love being in between Willow's legs worshipping the redhead's cunt. Making her love being put over Willow's knee or sticking her ass in the air for a spanking. And making her addicted to getting her ass fucked. Every ass fucking making her more addicted to the feeling of a nice big dildo slamming in and out of her ass hole until the hole she shit from was a gaping, well fucked mess. Even then Faith craved more, the once confident top pathetically begging Willow to continuously fuck her up the ass.

FUCK. Fucking fuck fuck fuck. This shit needed to end. She was going crazy. She couldn't be a bitch. It was killing her. She needed to make Willow her bitch, and she needed to do it soon otherwise there wouldn't be a speck of dominance left in her. She needed to make Willow pay. She needed to bend over and, NO. FUCK. She needed to get her head straight, and then something needed to change. She couldn't go on like this.


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