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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Gehanna Part 15 (Anal, Ff, Inc, Oral, Rim, Spank, Toys)
by MTL ([email protected]) and LL ([email protected])

Joan awoke with a loud gasp as her nipples were roughly pinched, the horror of yesterday flooding back to her in an instant as she looked up into the eyes of her new top.

"Quiet bitch." Paige growled as she began to fondle her new bitch's big tits, "My new little friend over there's still sleeping, so you're going to be very quiet while I'm playing with you, or else."

Not bothering to elaborate any further Paige ducked her head down, took one of Joan's nipples into her mouth and began roughly sucking on it.

After all Paige felt she had made it clear yesterday what would happen if Joan tried to fuck with her. Of course she would only be too happy to make it clear again if Joan hadn't got it through her head first time round, but for right now Paige wanted to concentrate on satisfying her newly acquired need for lesbian sex, starting with Joan's big tits.

Most of these new desires flowing through Paige's body were telling her to fuck Joan's big round ass or make the redheaded bitch worship her body with her mouth and tongue, but Paige just couldn't ignore those wonderfully huge tits.

It was like all of a sudden she totally understood guys fascination with boobs, especially big ones, Paige feeling like she could suck on these massive titties all day long.

As Paige began to slide her tongue around and over Joan's nipples in between long rough sucks Joan found it increasingly difficult to stay quiet. In fact she found it impossible and could only hope her new top wouldn't punish her for softly moaning in pleasure.

In all fairness it wasn't really her fault. Paige's mouth and tongue were working over Joan's nipples ten times better than any man Joan had ever been with... and the way her hands were cupping her breasts... fingers playing with the free nipple... it was almost too much to bear.

Things only seemed to grow in intensity when one of those knowing hands slid downwards in between Joan's legs, Joan suddenly very happy she had been too tired to try and put anything on last night as there was no barrier for Paige to get at her pussy.

Paige took full advantage of this, shoving two fingers inside of Joan's cunt the second her hand reached the other woman's sex.

Joan gasped just as she had done when she had woken up, only this gasp was one of total pleasure. She then blushed as her top smiled around her left nipple, Paige clearly discovering just how wet Joan was. Not that she could possibly miss it.

After the oh so brief pause that was Paige gloating at how wet Joan was the brunette began to fuck her redheaded bitch, Paige's fingers pounding in and out of Joan's welcoming pussy as Joan struggled not to scream out in pleasure.

Thanks to how ready for a fucking Joan was, the speed and roughness of the fucking, and the way Paige curled her fingers to hit her bitch's G-spot meant that Joan was ready to cum in only a few pleasure filled minutes. However just as Joan felt herself reaching the point of no return Paige abruptly pulled her finger out of the redhead, staring her menacingly in the eye while doing it.

It seemed like Paige was challenging Joan to complain, but Joan was too smart for that. Instead she remained quiet and obediently sucked Paige's fingers clean when the brunette shoved them in her mouth.

"You wanna cum bitch?" Paige asked challengingly, Joan just silently but quickly nodding her head in reply, "Then make me cum. You wanna cum, make me cum."

Before Joan could ask how exactly Paige wanted her to do that the brunette got up and positioned her body so that her pussy was hovering over Joan's face. Paige slowly lowered herself down until her womanhood was pressed against Joan's lips and then said, "You know what to do, bitch."

Even if this hadn't happened multiple times last night Joan would have known what Paige was expecting. The difference was unlike the first time this happened last night Joan didn't hesitate. She had learned her lesson about hesitating.

So Joan quickly stuck out her tongue and began sliding it all over Paige's pussy lips, finding a sense of pride as Paige moaned softly, "Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssss, that's it, lick me you fucking cunt! Lick my pussy like the good little dyke bitch you are."

Paige's words were something of a turn off as they reminded Joan of her now submissive status towards the other woman, which filled her with shame, annoyance and even anger. However to make this dominant woman moan like a whore was exhilarating.

In the world Joan lived men ruled the world and she had used her beauty and intelligence to make life as comfortable for herself as possible under the circumstances. In her new world women ruled and it was unfortunate her chances of ruling with them had been taken away from her. However it was possible she could manipulate the system as she had done before and use her feminine wiles to get ahead.

Besides there was something so appealing about having someone supposedly dominant moaning from her touch. Right now for instance, Paige might have made Joan her bitch, but now despite the position Joan felt like she was in charge. She had Paige writhing against her mouth, and that had to count for something.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yeeeeeeessssssss! Lick me you big titted bitch! Lick my fucking twat just like that!" Paige moaned as quietly as she could as she grinded her pussy on Joan's face, "Mmmmmmmm, get that tongue inside me. Oh yes, I wanna feel it deep inside my fucking pussy, ooooooooh, mmmmmmmm, yeeeeeeessssssss, I wanna feel your dyke tongue fucking me. I wanna ooooooooohhhhhhhhh!"

Paige couldn't stop a loud cry from escaping her lips as Joan's tongue entered her twat. The entire thing buried itself deep inside her love hole and began steadily thrusting in and out, Joan fucking her just like Paige wanted.

The sensation of getting fucked like she wanted to be made it difficult for Paige to keep quiet, and although she tried it seemed only a matter of time before Kaitlin was awoken by the sound. The younger girl was stirring already, and while Paige felt her new friend had earned some rest it was becoming increasingly clear she couldn't stay quiet for much longer.

For a brief moment Paige considered ordering Joan to slow down, let this cunt lapping session last a little longer than previous sessions. That would no doubt be pleasant, but before Paige had a chance to decide one way or another Joan's tongue picked up its speed, fucking Paige to the edge of climax.

Having no intention of waiting for her first climax of the day Paige, figuring there was no way she could keep quiet through orgasm, decided now was the time to wake Kaitlin up.


After blinking her eyes open Kaitlin smiled as she watched Paige cumming hard all over Joan's face, Kaitlin just about able to hear the sound of the redheaded bitch gulping down as much of the girl cream as she could while the rest no doubt covered her face.

Waiting until Paige's body had stopped lightly shaking Kaitlin called out, "Do you mind if I have a go?"

Slowly opening her eyes Paige smiled, "With her mouth."

"Yeah." Kaitlin grinned, and then anticipating Paige's next question added, "Have her crawl over here and get in between my legs. I don't want to get up."

"Sure... you heard her bitch-tits, go lick my friend's pussy." Paige ordered her bitch, smacking Joan's tits for emphasis.

Joan cried out in pain but didn't hesitate to do what she was told, getting off the floor she had been forced to sleep on and crawling up onto the bed where Kaitlin was lying. Wasting no time Joan extended her tongue and immediately began licking Kaitlin's pussy, sliding it first just up and down the soft lips, and then all sorts of directions, making Kaitlin moan, "Yes, that's it, mmmmmmmm, oh lick me. Lick my little teen pussy just like that. Ooooooooh, fuck yeah, lick my little pussy just like a dyke bitch should."

As Kaitlin continued to 'verbally encourage' Joan the teen top imagined the same thing she had done all through last night, namely that the redhead in between her thighs was her mother.

It was a very familiar fantasy for Kaitlin, the idea that was her Mom's tongue first sliding all over her pussy lips, and then pushing deep into her love hole making the sensations she was feeling even hotter.

Reaching down Kaitlin grabbed hold of Joan's hair and shoved the older woman's face deeper into her cunt. Joan got the message and tongue fucked her harder, pushing Kaitlin closer and closer to that orgasm she was craving.

In a further attempt to encourage the redheaded bitch Kaitlin cried out, "Yeeeeesssssss, mmmmmmmm, oooooooohhhhhh, fuck me. Fuck me with your dyke tongue. Oh yes, that feels so good. Mmmmmmmmm,you're getting so good at this. You're getting so good at eating pussy. Aaaaahhhhh, ooooooohhhhhhh, mmmmmmmm, yeah, eat that pussy! Make me cum! Fuck, mmmmmmmm, fuck my teen twat with your little dyke tongue and I'll feed you my cum you nasty little lezzie bitch!"

Paige just watched the show for a little while, partly to get her strength back, partly because it was one of the hottest things she'd ever seen. However it wasn't long before watching wasn't enough and Paige had to rejoin the fun.

So after grabbing one of the discarded strap-on dildos off the floor and strapping around her waist Paige got into position behind Joan. Then, after exchanging a brief smile with Kaitlin, Paige reached forward and spread Joan's big, meaty butt cheeks, exposing her bitch's ass hole which despite many hours of rough anal sex had returned to its previous virgin tightness.

As a top Paige knew she was well within her rights if she just shoved every inch of the dry cock into Joan's unlubricated ass, but without a crowd Paige was willing to show some compassion. Besides, Joan's butt hole looked yummy. So after licking her lips Paige lent forward and spat onto Joan's puckered back door, and then stuck out her tongue and began sliding all over the supposed to be exit only hole Paige was moments away from violently fucking.

Joan moaned softly into Kaitlin's pussy, surprised just how pleasurable something so perverted as getting her ass hole licked could be. This wasn't something either of the tops had done to her last night, and it certainly wasn't something she'd ever allowed to happen in her previous existence. Even the thought of it had never crossed Joan's mind. However as Paige's tongue caressed her butt hole with increasing force and passion Joan couldn't deny how good it felt. It wasn't quite as shamefully pleasurable as getting her ass fucked, but Joan knew it was only a short matter of time before a dildo entered her back there again so she should enjoy the reasonably gentle treatment while it lasted.

The reasonably gentle treatment didn't last that long as when Paige was sure her bitch's butt hole was nice and wet she spat on her hand and rubbed her saliva all over her strap-on. After a few moments of that Paige pressed her dildo to Joan's ass hole and thrust forwards with all her might, that tiny puckered ring spreading widely to allow the head of the fake cock to pass through it and deep into the redhead's bowels.

Paige grinned wickedly as she heard her bitch squealing into Kaitlin's cunt as she roughly entered the redhead's back passage. That grin only got wider as Paige forced every inch of her strap-on deep into Joan's shitty depths and began roughly butt fucking her bitch, Paige taking great delight in making Joan squeal for her as she sodomised the other woman.

Deep down Paige knew she shouldn't be enjoying this so much. She was under a powerful lesbian anal lust spell which she should be fighting and finding a way to break, not giving in and indulging in her newly acquired desire of fucking women up the ass. However the lust Paige was feeling was so great... it felt like she needed to fuck girl butt. And the feeling of another woman's mouth and tongue worshipping her cunt was almost just as addictive as the feeling of strapping on a nice big dildo and using it to pound some chick's ass.

If she was going to even think about getting out of her current predicament Paige was going to need a bitch constantly at her beck and call just to keep the lust at bay, and there was no better candidate than the snooty redhead. After all, not only had Joan pissed her off but the voluptuous vixen had turned out to be quite a catch what with those huge tits of hers, and her mouth and tongue, and that big round juicy ass which was jiggling right now so hypnotically as Paige pounded into it... it all just seemed to make Joan the perfect bitch.

Feeling the need to emphasise this Paige slapped Joan's big ass roughly and yelled, "Mmmmm yeah, take it bitch! Take my big fat cock up your big fat ass! Mmmmmm, fuck yeahhhhh, take it! Oh fuck, I love this big ass of yours. I love fucking this big ass of yours. Mmmmmmm, these big fat butt cheeks feel so good against my thighs. I love watching these big fat butt cheeks jiggling while I'm fucking your tight little ass hole. I love it so fucking much. Combined with your huge tits you're the perfect bitch, and you're all mine. I own your big fat fucking ass, and don't you forget it bitch!"

Paige continued the verbal and anal assault, humiliating Joan as her traitorous body rushed towards climax. Joan hated that she loved this treatment, hated that she shoved herself backwards against the rectum wrecking thrusts, hated that she could feel another monster orgasm approaching, but there was nothing she could do to stop the brutal butt fucking so she might as well enjoy it.

Unfortunately Paige was making it very difficult for Joan to do that, "Oh fuck yeahhhh, take it you dirty skank! Take it all! Take every single inch of my cock up your stupid fat ass! Mmmmmm, get used to this bitch, because this is your life now. Bending over and taking it up the ass is now the purpose of your existence. That, mmmmm, oh, and eating pussy. Oh fuck, mmmmmmmm, and my bitch eats pussy good, doesn't she Kaitlin?"

"Fuuuuccccckkkkkkkk yeeeeeeessssssss! Oooooooohhhhhhhh, oh fuck, she eats pussy soooooooooo fuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg gooooooooodddddddd!" Kaitlin screamed as she grinded her cunt into Joan's face, "Mmmmmmmm, fuck, her tongue was sooooooo fucking made for this. Ohhhhhhh, I'm so close, oh, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, fuck I'm going to, I'm going to cuuuuuummmmmmmmm!"

With two handfuls of Joan's hair Kaitlin forced the older woman's head as deep into her pussy as it would go, the teen's body shaking as she rode out her orgasm. It was just as wonderful as all the other orgasms Joan's tongue had given her last night, or at least by the end of last night when Joan had really got the hang of pleasing another woman with her tongue. And just like all those other times it was the thought of a different redhead which really sent Kaitlin into the stratosphere.

Meanwhile Joan was just glad of the warning as it had allowed her to close her eyes tight as the latest flood of cum washed over her face. Joan did her best to swallow the young girl's liquid of course, partly because she would be punished if she didn't at least try, but to Joan's shame mostly because she loved the taste. However it was very difficult for Joan to swallow the teen's yummy cream when moments, groans and screams of pleasure were being forced out of her mouth as the sodomy became almost ridiculously violent.

Paige's thighs were smacking into the redhead's big round butt cheeks so hard Joan felt like she was getting brutally spanked. Any woman with a shred of dignity would have been put off by such a thing, but it seemed Joan had been left with no dignity at all so the feeling of Paige's flesh smacking against her own only added to the perverted pleasure Joan was feeling. And the feeling of that big dildo savagely slamming in and out of that supposed to be never touched hole sent more pleasurable thrills through Joan than should have been possible.

To add to Joan's feeling of shame when Kaitlin finally pushed her head away, and moved backwards to seemingly just to watch the show, Joan was happy. Not because she would no longer be pleasuring another woman with her mouth and tongue like she should have been, and if anything there was sadly part of her that missed it. What made Joan happy was now she could concentrate on her own sick pleasure. The rest of the world quickly fell away so that the only things in Joan's world where Paige's thighs smacking into her meaty ass cheeks hard enough to make them jiggle and the massive dildo violently pounding in and out of her stretched ass hole.

Joan was so lost in the perverted pleasure that at first she didn't notice her top was trying to get her attention, although it could have been because Paige continued to pound her pooper so hard it was easy for her mistake the brunette's hand smacking her ass for the dominant woman's thighs smacking into her big butt cheeks.

Frustrated that the rough spanking didn't get Joan's attention Paige reached down, grabbed a handful of red hair and pulled it upwards, treating them like reigns as she continued slamming Joan's shitter. When Joan cried out, a clear sign to Paige she had finally got her attention, Paige screamed, "I SAID WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WHORE?"

"I'M YOUR BITCH! I'M YOUR BIG TITTED FAT ASSED BITCH!" Joan screamed back, before she whimpered and moaned like a whore, "I'm your bitch. Oh, your ass slut. Uhhh, your anal whore. Mmmmmmm, your pussy loving dyke. Ooooooohhhhhh, I'll be anything you want me to be, please just fuck me and make me cum."

Joan couldn't see the big smile on Paige's face but she could sense it was there as the other woman effortlessly ass fucked her to climax, Joan continuing to moan like a whore as she went hurtling towards the edge, and then over it. Then, as pure ecstasy rocked her body, Joan made sounds a whore would have too much dignity to ever make, the redhead becoming nothing but a fuck hole, a mare mounted and used by a stallion.

Paige became just as lost in the ass fucking as Joan, relentlessly pounding into her bitch's butt as the stimulator on her clit and the feeling of power she got sent Paige over the edge of climax after climax. Paige powered through every orgasm, determine to get as much pleasure as she could out of fucking her bitch in the ass, not really caring Joan was also cumming hard as a result of the rectum ramming. After all, that was just a by-product.

What did get Paige's attention was Kaitlin attempting to get dressed, Paige giving one final thrust so that her strap-on was completely embedded in Joan's butt before she called out to her friend, "Where are you going? Don't you want another piece of this bitch ass?"

"I'd love too. But I don't want to get so carried away butt fucking her that I neglected my poor Mom who's just waiting for me to fuck her up the ass and make her my bitch." Kaitlin said, looking longingly at Joan.

The look didn't go unnoticed by Paige who pulled out of Joan's back passage, moved round to the side and spread her bitch's butt cheeks, exposing the redhead's gaping butt hole. "Oh come on, can you really tell me you're not going to give this sweet little shit hole another fucking?"

"Well..." Kaitlin said, licking her lips thoughtfully as she stared lustfully at the already well fucked back hole, "I guess one quick butt fucking wouldn't hurt."

"Att'a girl." Paige said, continuing to spread Joan's ass cheeks as Kaitlin strapped on a dildo, got into position behind the older woman and slammed her cock into the gaping open ass hole. Then Paige laughed, "Fuck yeah, pound the bitch! Pound my bitch's pooper. Drill that little hole hard and deep!"

"Oh yeah, gonna fuck her ass real hard... real deep..." Kaitlin moaned, mostly to herself, right before she began thrusting in and out of Joan's ass, quickly increasing the pace until she was ass fucking the older woman hard and deep just like she said she would.

"Yes that's it, fuck her ass just like that. Mmmmmm, that so fucking hot." Paige moaned, continuing to encourage Kaitlin and spread Joan's ass cheeks for a few minutes, thoroughly enjoying the sight of Kaitlin's big dildo pumping in and out of Joan's stretched out shit hole.

As oddly beautiful as Paige found watching Joan's back door stretched to allow Kaitlin's strap-on to slam in and out of it the impact of Kaitlin's hips against Paige's hands were not as oddly pleasant so the brunette did eventually remove them. When she did it wasn't as easy to see Kaitlin's cock pounding Joan's ass hole, although watching the redhead's butt cheeks jiggle from the impact of the fucking was a nice consolation.

Nevertheless Paige felt compelled to join the fun in another way. And it didn't take her long to figure out another way.

So, moving so she was kneeling in front of her bitch Paige aimed her dildo at Joan's mouth, waited for it to open in its latest long moan, and then shove her strap-on deep into the older woman's gullet, happily crying out, "Suck it bitch! Suck the cock which was up your fat ass a couple of seconds ago while you're still taking my friend's cock up your big bubble butt. Mmmmmm, fuck yeahhhhh, take it in both ends bitch! Take it in both ends like the whore you are!"

"Oh yeah, oh fuck, you heard your owner you fucking bitch! Suck it! Mmmmm, suck that big ass flavoured cock while you take it in your big skanky ass from me!" Kaitlin yelled as she continue to butt fuck Joan hard, "Fuck, mmmmmmmmm, take it in the ass! Take it up the butt and in your mouth you dirty skanky whore! Oooooooooh, take it in both ends like a good little slutty ho!"

If Joan's mind had been functioning normally she would have been deeply offended by all the continuous insults. However in her heightened state of arousal every insult sent a surge of pleasure rushing through her body which either pushed her closer to a climax or pushed her over the edge of her latest one.

Either way it was incredibly shameful but Joan was beyond the point she could truly care. All that mattered to her at this point was the ecstasy she was feeling as a result of that big dick pounding in and out of her ass hole. Well, that and giving Paige the best blow job she could possibly give her, Joan sucking on that strap-on more passionately than any real cock she had ever had in her mouth.

Eventually the other two girls switched places, Kaitlin shoving her cock down Joan's throat as Paige shoved her cock up the redhead's ass, Joan joyfully taking both like the shameless whore she had once again been turned into.

The rumbling in Kaitlin's stomach told her it was a mistake to miss breakfast, and she really shouldn't miss lunch. Her mind told her that while spending a little time practising for her Mom had been a good idea she was now confident enough in her butt fucking skills to make her Mom her bitch, and it was way beyond the time that she should do so. However fucking the redheaded bitch was really, really addictive.

Kaitlin just couldn't get enough of taking her cock fresh from Joan's ass and shoving it into the bitch's mouth, watching her gag and grimace in disgust before submissively beginning to suck on the toy with increasing enthusiasm, eventually either taking it down her throat by choice or because Kaitlin began fucking her mouth. That mouth was pretty good at eating pussy too, Kaitlin unable to resist briefly removing her strap-on now and then so Joan could wrap those lips around her cunt and tongue fuck her to climax. And then there was that butt... that big, heavenly butt which jiggled as Kaitlin pounded into it... and that once tiny shit hole which was oh so welcoming, allowing Kaitlin's big strap-on inside it easily and yet holding the dick so wonderfully tightly as Kaitlin used it.

Ironically through it all Kaitlin found herself imagining a different redhead in Joan's position. The redhead who gave birth to her, and then did an incredibly bad job of raising her. And yet, while Kaitlin could have probably been fucking that redhead right now, the anticipation was almost just as good. Almost.

* * *

"This is the stuff - it'll paralyse a horse," the slut beamed, looking immensely pleased with herself.

"You sure?" Faith leant against a wall and chewed on the matchstick in her mouth, "I want it to paralyse her... not kill her or send her into convulsions. It'll be no fun if she's frothing at the mouth or stone dead."

"I'm sure," the slut said, still smiling. She had reason to; she was talking to Faith Lehane - the toughest, sassiest, sexiest top in all Gehanna. Tops like Faith could, and did, take the pick of the sluts - slim teens who they could ride like broncos. If you weren't a perfect ten, and this slut would only have been a seven or eight, the only tops who bothered with you were the top equivalents of lame, dumb or pig-ugly - or sometimes all three. The slut grinned so broadly that her mouth almost split, "I filched it from the Doc's bag when she wasn't looking. I've seen her use it before, when someone needed being held in place. They're like statues, barely able to breath."

"And they can still feel?" Faith took the syringe and held it beneath the light. Not that this made any difference, she still wouldn't have a clue what the liquid was called or whether it would work - she was having to take the slut's word for that. But at least it made her seem competent and intelligent, and in Gehanna looks were more important that reality. She slid the syringe into her pocket and looked back at the slut, a bit chubby, not Faith's normal type, but then none of Faith's normal type helped out in the sickbay. Faith grinned back at the slut, "I really want her to feel everything."

The slut nodded enthusiastically, "It just freezes the muscles, nothing else. It's not a pain killer."

"Good she's going to feel it," purred Faith. She spat the match onto the floor and smiled again at the slut, though it lacked warmth or charm, "This is just between us right - no-one else knows; got it?"

The slut gulped and her own smile faltered, "Sure, Faith. It's our secret, I won't tell a living soul... or a dead one."

This time Faith's smile was warm, the Dark Slayer knew when to turn on the menace and when to turn on the charm. Now she'd done the scaring, it was time to remind the slut of her reward, "I was thinking the showers..."

"The showers sounds great," replied the slut, nodding. She would have agreed with Faith whatever the brunette top said, sluts always did.

"Tomorrow around four. I'll get there first and you can arrive a few minutes later. Don't arrive before me, I ain't going to step in if Rosie's there and decides she wants your plump ass."

"I won't," the slut nodded again, "I'll get there at five past."

"Okay," said Faith, "I'll take you. I'll bang that ass until you're gaping like the New York subway. After I've finished I'll casually mention that you're one of the choicest sluts I've fucked in a while. After that it'll be up to you, I've given you a reputation so some of the top-tops will be wanting a taste, but it's up to you to keep it."

"I will Faith," the slut sounded so nervous that Faith had to hold back a compelling urge to reach out, ruffle the girl's hair and say 'It'll be fine champ'. Instead the Dark Slayer just shrugged and walked away down the corridor.

As normal everyone flattened themselves against the wall as she walked down it. Whether they were other tops, bitches or sluts, no-one wanted to impede Faith's progress. But, and it might have been her imagination, they seemed to move slower than before as if they knew that Faith was a top in name only. The Dark Slayer blushed and scowled at the thought. The scowl caused by the realisation that the redheaded witch, who wouldn't have scared a timid five-year old had got one over on Faith and had secretly made the brunette her bitch. The blush was caused by the worry that she was enjoying it too much; but that was obviously a holdover off the magic Willow was using.

The cell the two of them shared was empty; the library book Willow had almost finished was gone. The girl was a fast reader, she only got it out yesterday and she'd finished it already. The prison library must be becoming like Willow's second home; well after tonight when Faith fucked her ass, she'd learn to prefer it to her cell. Faith smiled, perhaps she'd still let Willow get some reading material, in between the butt-bangings she would receive - the witch thought Faith was a cold-hearted bitch, it might be nice to surprise her.

Faith shook her head; nice, nice, Jesus Christ on a fucking bike, she really was getting soft. No way would she show any mercy to that bitch, she'd pound her ass until it was gaping and once it was a opened as much as fuckin' Macy's on sale day she'd parade the redhead round Gehanna on a leash. All the other tops would point and ask to fuck her, but there wasn't any way Faith was sharing out the redhead, the bitch was all hers. And perhaps once she was broken in Faith would allow her a book or two a week; why not? She'd still be a bitch, sobbing in the corner and begging her mistress for scraps of her old life, so why not throw her some?

That thought made Faith feel better. She closed the cell door, so no-one could see in and began to whistle. It had taken a lot of favours to set up the trap, scented candles and sexy nightwear didn't come cheap, nor did the stereo crooning out a series of love-songs (all of which made Faith feel queasy rather romantic, give her the Ramones over Englebert Humperdinck any day). The large strap-on dildo she'd been able to acquire from Anya's Emporium, as had the nightie - they hadn't been cheap either, though at least they hadn't needed to be smuggled in by a corrupt guard.

She slid the syringe under the pillow and changed into the silk nightie. It was definitely bitchwear, too exposed and revealing for any self-respecting top to don - as soon as she'd slammed the needle into Willow's arm she'd change. The Dark Slayer smiled and reclined against pillow.

Willow would be choosing a book now and hurrying from the library. Faith could imagine the cute redhead scurrying down the corridor, holding some book by an unpronounceable French or Russian author in her hand. Faith licked her lips so they glistened in the candlelight and adjusted her hair so that it rolled down the side of her cheek to tickle at her neck in a seductive fashion. She stretched one leg out and brought the other up close to her chest, and turned her body just enough to tantalise anyone who saw her. Willow would be back soon.

The door opened.

In stepped Willow, a book clutched to her chest.

"There's never anything good to read," the redhead said and saw Faith... "Oh... what?"

Willow looked at the semi-naked Slayer lying on the bed. After a few moments the redhead regained the power of speech, "Er, hi, who are you and what have you done with Faith?"

"Like what you see?" smiled Faith, she remembered to keep the smile up to her eyes, she was so close that she didn't want Willow to get suspicious. Faith had been gradually leading up to this, making it seem like she accepted her new position.

It was important to get the little things right, like not answering the witch back and not dripping her comments in sarcastic bile. It had been hard, but worth it. She'd even held out from fucking a couple of choice sluts, so that Will would think she was sweetening. And the redhead had almost swooned with pleasure when Faith had 'accidentally' mentioned that the she looked good with her hair slightly shorter - Faith was proud she'd even noticed the witch had it cut. It was all to get Willow's guard down, so that it would be the redheaded witch bent over with the strap-on up her ass. Faith just needed to get her closer.

The brunette slid down her leg from her chest, opening them as she moved so that Will could get a glimpse of her shaven snatch. Seductively Faith licked her lips and moved her finger to touch a hard nipple through the thin silk of the nightie. Willow looked as if all her birthdays had come at once as Faith sensually purred, "I've been waiting for you to get back."

"You have?" asked Willow, for a woman who could cast puppeting spells and force herself into others minds to make them do her bidding, she seemed to lack self-confidence. All the better thought Faith, it meant when she was broken she would quickly come to realise her position was lying on her front with her ass wiggling in the air, there would be none of this rebellious shit.

"I have, I've been getting lonely," Faith slid her hand down to her slit to briefly run her finger over her warm, wet hole. She licked her lips again and slowly sat upwards, pushing her chest further forward than the rest of her body, "Let me give you a massage and then I'll show you how lonely... If you'd take off your top."

"Okay," smiled Willow. The redhead had been taken in, that much was obvious. She really thought a few butt-bangs and Faith was going to roll-over like a good little pup. Faith smiled inwardly as Willow turned away from her and sat on the edge of the bed. She unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall to the floor, her black bra followed it, "So let's have it."

"One massage for my baby," Faith moved behind Willow and murmured in her ear. It was a long time since she'd given anyone a massage, way before she ended in Gehanna, but she was pleased as her fingers kneaded into Willow's shoulder muscles that she hadn't lost the touch. Which was good, as for someone who had banged what was in Faith's not so humble opinion, the sexiest top in this joint Willow was extremely tense, "If you take off your pants and lie on the bed, facing the door, I'll massage your butt. Christ knows you feel like you need it."

"Sure," replied Willow. The redhead was damned gullible. As the witch undid her pants and pulled down her thong Faith was reminded she also had a damned nice butt. Faith felt her heart beat a little faster as Willow lay down on the bed facing the door; she was naked apart from her socks - the tiny white cotton garments seemed sweet, a girl next door touch and for a second Faith hesitated.

Not for long though. Willow gave a sigh of contentment just seconds before Faith hammered the syringe into her butt. The effect was immediate, Will started to mouth the words to the puppetteering spell - too late. She got out the first syllable and froze, her mouth half-way opened. Faith stepped back and looked at the redhead, naked and vulnerable on the bed. Reaching up Faith wiped her forehead, she realised she was sweating.

She looked at Willow, the slut had lied, the witch wasn't totally frozen, her stomach was still moving as she breathed and just as importantly her eyes were able to move. They flicked around in terror, following Faith as she got up and moved to her own bed. She turned away from Willow, the witch wasn't going to get a glimpse of her pussy - that would be too much of a treat. The Dark Slayer pulled off the sexy nightwear and dropped it with contempt onto the ground. The large dildo was lying on her bed, Will had probably salivated when she saw it, thinking it was going to go into Faith's ass, not her own. Faith bent down and touched it, running her hands over the rubber, like an artisan admiring an intricate piece of craftmanship; it was certainly large. She frowned, and wondered if it might be too large - she didn't want to split Willow.

"Fuck," Faith cursed herself loudly, "I don't care." Gehanna would heal the witch, make her as good as new. And why should she care? She had been waiting for this opportunity for weeks, and now she finally had the witch right where she wanted her nothing was going to stop her.

So with that in mind Faith strapped on her dildo and turned to the witch. Willow was still there, lying face down; from this angle Faith couldn't see her face, but she imagined that the redhead's eyes were still moving - terrified. It made Faith feel bad. And feeling bad at making Willow her bitch made her feel even worse.

Faith tried to shake the feeling and concentrate on Willow's shapely ass and how much she wanted to fuck it. But... she didn't. She wanted to kiss it, to lick Willow's pussy and ass hole submissively... too...

"Fuck." Faith grumbled through gritted teeth, desperately trying to clear her head but she just couldn't do it.

Cursing again Faith walked over to the metal wardrobe and pulled out a clean uniform, making a mental note tomorrow was laundry day. She pulled on her dungarees after removing the strap-on and turned back to the witch. She had originally planned to freeze Will and then fuck her. And after the witch was banged to insensibility she'd bang her some more until Willow knew exactly who was the top and who was the bitch; she wouldn't dare try any of this magic malarkey again. But now Faith felt she needed a break to clear her head and mentally prepare for the joyous occasion when she made Willow her bitch.

She walked over to Willow and tenderly ruffled the witch's hair, "I'll be back shortly. You won't go anywhere."

Willow was frozen so tightly she couldn't even grunt.

* * *

"Hey... do you remember me?"

Elle looked the girl who had just stepped out in front of her path, "Yeah, I remember. Where have you been? Fucking that redhead?"

"Pretty much." Kaitlin grinned, thinking back to the fun she'd had with Joan, before asking sweetly as she could, "Do you think you could open my cell for me? It's got, now what did you call it here... oh yeah, the Holy Grail of Ass waiting for me inside it."

Tracey had given the guards instructions to open Kaitlin's cell, and the one next to it containing her sister and her sister's friend, whenever she requested it. However, Kaitlin didn't know that.

"Depends..." Elle said, "Are you going to make it worth my while?"

Kaitlin looked thoughtful for a minute, and then smiled, "Well, if you're willing to do me a little favour, I think we could work something out."

Elle raised an eyebrow, "What did you have in mind?"

* * *

Julie Cooper hadn't eaten or slept in the last twenty-four hours. Food had been brought into her cell by a few of the guards, but she hadn't touched it. She was too busy scheming, her mind desperately searching for a way out of her current situation.

It was a ridiculous, absurd situation she shouldn't be in. She had barely been over the speed limit, and she'd only had one glass of wine. Not that any of that mattered, as it wasn't a real cop who had stopped her. If it was Julie would've never ended up in this place, especially not with her passengers, all of whom had done nothing.

Of course how she ended up here was almost irrelevant now. Julie could do nothing about that, and she was far more concerned with saving her own ass, literally.

On the journey to this godforsaken place Julie had found out all the information she could, and quietly arranged with her daughters and her eldest daughter's best friend Summer that she would pretend to be their top to keep them all safe. However moments later her youngest was fucking some slut and before Julie knew it she was being locked in a cell so her daughter could fuck her later. Julie wasn't going to let that happen of course, however she would feel more comfortable with the whole perverted scenario if she could get out of the cell and fuck a slut or two before putting her daughter in her place.

Julie's heart skipped a beat as she heard the door unlock, a shiver of fear briefly going through her body as she thought that it might finally be Kaitlin before she pushed such fears aside and prepared to face whoever it was with a confident smile. Nevertheless Julie couldn't deny she was relieved to see it was just one of the guards again.

"Stand-up, turn around and put your hands behind your back." Elle ordered, pulling out a pair of handcuffs.

"Why?" Julie asked calmly.

"You'll know soon enough, for now do what I say or else." Elle lightly threatened.

Julie paused. That older blonde guard had made it clear Julie was not to be touched, although clearly that was just in a sexual way. This guard was young, and armed, and probably wouldn't object to roughing her up. So Julie would need to play along, for now.

Getting off the bed Julie turned around, placed her hands behind her back, waited until Elle was behind her and attaching the cuffs before she whispered, "Listen to me very carefully, I am very, very rich. I can get anything you want. Money, clothes, jewellery... women. Just name your price."

Elle chuckled as she finished securing the cuffs and then said softly, "And just how would you get your money from here?"

"I couldn't, but you could." Julie said softly, turning around so she could look the blonde in the eye, "The last guard wasn't willing to risk helping me escape, but I got a decent amount of information from her. She told me you guards could vacation in other dimensions if you wanted too. So, if you'd be willing too..."

"Nice try." Elle interrupted, "But I'm not so desperate for money that I'd risk getting thrown in here with you."

"How about a little pussy licking then." Julie offered, looking the beautiful blonde guard up and down, "I went through a brief lesbian phase and as the last guard will tell you I make a very good rug muncher. I'll even let you fuck my pussy if you want, as long as you promised to leave my ass alone."

"Mmmm, tempting..." Elle said, giving the redhead the same look over Julie had just given her, then adding, "But what if your daughters were my price? Would you let me fuck both their tight little asses to save yours?"

"Yes." Julie said.

"Huh." Elle frowned, "I was at least expecting you to hesitate."

"Oh no. Marissa has always been a brat, and Kaitlin has become even worse. You can have them both." Julie said.

Elle smirked, and then stepped aside, revealing Kaitlin had been standing behind the blonde wearing nothing but a strap-on.

Julie went pale and stammered, "Kaitlin... honey... I..."

"Save it Mom." Kaitlin snapped, stepping forward menacingly, "There's nothing you could say which could possibly stop me from ass fucking you. There wasn't before, but now your ass is in for a serious spanking before I fuck it. But, loving daughter I am, I'm going to give you the chance to make it easier on yourself. Get on your knees and suck my cock. Get it nice and wet so it slides into your ass hole nice and easy, and maybe I'll go a little easy on your first of many spankings from me, your new top."

There was a moment's pause as Julie's mind raced with what she could possibly say, eventually trying, "Sweetie..."

That was as far as Julie got before she received a quick and stinging bitch slap from her own daughter. The force of the blown knocked Julie off-balance so that she, unfortunately, fell face down on the bed, something which Kaitlin immediately capitalised on.

Julie screamed in pain as her daughter smacked her ass, the sound of the blow and the ones that followed echoing throughout the room.

The mother desperately tried to get up, but Kaitlin had one arm pressed down hard on her lower back with what felt like all her strength on it. That combined with the leveraged Kaitlin had meant that Julie could only struggle helplessly as her youngest daughter began spanking her mercilessly.

As the blows became harder Julie struggled more, making it at least difficult for Kaitlin to connect with every blow. That was until a laughing Elle hopped on Julie's back, the petite blonde holding the redhead Milf in place as Kaitlin really started going to town on her mother's poor behind.

With Elle sitting on Julie's back Kaitlin was able to use both hands to spank her Mom, using frustrations she'd had pent-up for years, along with an unhealthy dose of forbidden desires, to fuel her brutal assault on her mother's butt. It pushed Kaitlin on as her hands stung from all the abuse, not that was anything compared to what her Mom was suffering through.

To Kaitlin's delight she was able to watch her Mom's ass turn a bright pink, then a light red, and then a dark red as she beat her butt over and over again, the sight of those cheeks jiggling from the impact of each blow making Kaitlin horny. Considering Kaitlin was moments away from something she wanted more than anything else in the world it wasn't surprising she was horny, or that she couldn't wait much longer to slam every inch of her strap-on dick up her Mom's ass. However, first Kaitlin was going to have a little fun.

With that in mind Kaitlin spanked her mother until she wasn't struggling anymore and was just crying and whimpering pathetically. Then, after spending another ten minutes or so roughly beating her Mom's butt, Kaitlin finally stopped, pulled apart her mother's ass cheeks and stared lustfully at the little ass hole she was moments away from violating.

Kaitlin licked her lips at the sight, and her eyes were drawn downwards to another sight which she found equally arousing and yet also incredibly encouraging for her future as her Mom's top.

"Mom, your pussy is fucking soaking." Kaitlin laughed, tracing her mother's pussy lips up and down and then pushing inside the wet, welcoming hole with a finger and begin to gently fuck her mother, each of these actions causing Julie to moan loudly, "I think someone likes getting spanked, and getting fucked, by their daughter."

For a moment Elle and Kaitlin exchanged a giggle while Julie moaned and whimpered helplessly. Then Elle got off Julie, pulled the older woman's head up by her hair and growled, "Well, do you? Do you like getting spanked and fucked by your daughter?"

"Yes." Julie croaked, and then when that didn't seem to please Elle added, "I like getting spanked and fucked by my daughter. I, oh, I like my daughter fucking me. Oh Kaitlin... honey... fuck Mommy. Oooooooh, mmmmmmm, fuck Mommy's pussy with your finger just like that. Oh that feels soooooooo good."

"You like this huh Mom?" Kaitlin taunted, adding a second finger into her Mom's cunt and beginning to fuck her harder with each thrust, "You like getting your slutty little pussy fucked by your baby girl?"

"Yes honey, oooooooh I like getting my slutty little pussy fucked by my baby girl." Julie moaned, her cheeks burning with shame as she temporarily gave in to her treacherous body, "I, oh, I love you fucking me. Oh fuck me Kaitlin, fuck me just like that."

"Really... you wouldn't prefer me to fuck this hole instead?" Kaitlin asked, removing her fingers from her mother's pussy and shoving them into her Mom's virgin ass.

"AAAAAHHHHHH! NO, please honey, not that. Anything but that." Julie begged as her daughter gently finger fucked her ass hole, "Fuck my pussy. Lick me. Or I could lick you, whatever you want sweetie, just please don't..."

"But Mom, you're going to be my bitch. That means you're going to be taking it up the ass a lot." Kaitlin pointed out as she removed her fingers and pressed her strap-on against her Mom's virgin butt hole, "So the sooner I take your anal cherry the sooner you can start loving getting ass fucked by your daughter."

Julie whimpered as she felt pressure against her back door, that tight ring of flesh slowly beginning to open as she practically wept, "Kaitlin please, don't do this to me... I'm... I'm your mother!"

"That's why this turns me on so fucking much. Oh, I want you to know, I'm not doing this because I'm just trying to save my own ass or I'm suddenly so horny to butt fuck girls that I can barely think straight. I mean yeah, that's part of it, but the truth is I've wanted to make you my bitch since puberty. Before even. And now..." Kaitlin said, violently thrusting her strap-on forwards, violating her mother's virgin ass and officially taking her Mom's anal cherry, "YOU ARE MY BITCH!"

Julie let out a guttural cry as her anal virginity was taken by her daughter. Kaitlin immediately beginning to pump her hips back and forth, the younger Cooper shamelessly fucking her mother's pooper.

With every thrust Kaitlin went deeper and deeper into her Mom's ass, the big dildo strapped around her waist slowly making its way through Julie's virgin back passage, the head of the toy travelling into the deepest depths of the older woman's bowels.

Kaitlin was relentless, completely unwilling to accept anything but full anal penetration, Kaitlin shoving her strap-on as deep into her Mom's shitter as it would go. With such determination it was unsurprising that it didn't take long for Kaitlin to achieve her goal, the teen grinning happily as her hips crashed into her mother's butt cheeks. However this was far from Kaitlin's only goal. Hell, it wasn't even her main goal. But before she could really achieve that she had to focus on her next goal, which was to butt fuck her Mom to near climax.

Just as determined to achieve this goal as her last Kaitlin continued pumping her Mom's pooper, her hips gently smacking off her mother's ass cheeks as she slid her strap-on in and out of her Mom's shit hole.

"Yeahhhh, that's it, fuck that ass!" Elle encouraged as she watched the daughter on mother action, "Fuck your Mom's ass nice and deep. Make sure your new bitch really feels it."

"Oh don't worry, she'll feel it." Kaitlin said as she continued butt fucking her mother who just lay there whimpering in defeat, "In fact when I'm done her ass hole will be so gaping and sore she'll be feeling it for weeks."

"Oh yeah butt fuck your Mom until her ass hole is gaping and sore. Make your Mom's ass hole gaping and sore for weeks!" Elle laughed, happily clapping her hands together.

Looking down to where their bodies met Kaitlin found herself becoming completely captivated by the sight of her Mom's butt hole stretching around her dick. It was so... hot. Kaitlin didn't think she'd ever seen anything as hot and soon found herself spreading her Mom's butt cheeks so she could get a better look at her cock sliding in and out of her mother's back door.

Not long after this Kaitlin murmured, "Wow Mom, your butt hole looks so hot getting stretched out by my cock. Doesn't it Elle?"

"Yeah. It's soooo fucking hot." Elle grinned, turning to Julie, "And I bet your daughter is just going to love watching her Mommy's butt hole stretching for her cock a lot from now on."

"Oh, she will be." Kaitlin said proudly, "My Mommy's butt hole is going to be stretching wide open for me all the time."

Julie blushed furiously and whimpered but offered up no other form of resistance, if that indeed could be considered resistance at all, as her youngest daughter continued to sodomise her.

It was all so embarrassing and humiliating. Julie could barely stand it. And for the life of her Julie didn't know why she was allowing it to happen. She should have scolded Kaitlin into compliance before that dildo came anywhere near her ass, but now the monstrosity of a strap-on dildo was moving through her rectum the humiliated mother of two didn't seem to bring herself to even try and stop her youngest from buggering her.

What made the humiliation even worse was Kaitlin's words, the evil little girl mumbling degrading little sentences over and over again like, "Your ass is so tight Mom. Your ass looks so good filled with my dick Mom. I love butt fucking my Mom. I love fucking my Mommy up the butt. Oh, if only you're stuck up rich Newport friends could see you now Mommy, bent over, getting fucked in the ass like a whore by your daughter, your daughter turning you into her bitch, oh what would they think of you?"

It was the last phrase which really had Julie whimpering with shame. She from a modest at best background and had married rich so the other wealthy women of the OC had always looked down on her. If they saw her now, bent over and getting butt fucked by her own daughter, they would all laugh hysterically at her and say far worse things than Kaitlin was saying.

However as shameful as that thought was the truly worst humiliation of it all was that it felt good. That dildo felt good in her ass. Julie was enjoying getting fucked up the ass by her own daughter, a credibly embarrassing fact which had Julie Cooper practically weeping in between pleasure filled moans.

Kaitlin grinned increasingly widely at her mother's moans until she turned to Elle and said, "Ok, you can uncuff her now."

"Are you sure?" Elle asked, "I mean, I know you've already got her moaning like a whore, but you haven't quite got her housebroken yet."

"Oh don't worry, it's only a matter of time." Kaitlin said confidently, before adding, "And besides, Mom's no fool. As long as you're here she won't try anything stupid."

Kaitlin was right, Julie didn't stand a chance against both of them, and was unlikely to even bother trying now Kaitlin's cock was firmly embedded in her ass. So Elle undid the cuffs and stepped back, leaving Julie at the mercy of her daughter, "She's all yours."

Kaitlin grinned, and then turned her attention to the woman she was butt fucking.

"So Mom?" Kaitlin called out loudly, smacking her mother's ass as hard as she could to make sure she got her attention, "This is what you would have done to me, right? If I'd have followed your original plan and someone had asked you to prove you were the top of me, Marissa and Summer you would have ass fucked us to save your own ass hole, wouldn't you? Or maybe you were going to just do it anyway, make sure no one tried to butt fuck you by butt fucking your daughters when everyone was watching. That's what you were going to do, isn't it?"

Julie whimpered and pretended not to hear which earned her a series of brutal spanks which only ended when she cried out, "Just Summer. I would never do that to my own daughters. Please honey, you've got to believe me, I didn't mean what I said before AAAAAAHHHHHH."

"Liar." Kaitlin growled before continuing to brutally spank her Mom.

Every time her daughter smacked Julie's ass her back passage would clamp down painfully on the strap-on inside it which was even more painful than the sharp blows to her meaty cheeks. Still Julie tried to take it, tried not to admit the truth, but eventually she literally wept, "I'm sorry Kaitlin, I'm so sorry."

"What are you sorry for?" Kaitlin pushed, delivering another hard spank.

"For everything." Julie cried, tears streaming down her cheeks, "For getting us arrested and thrown in here, sending you away to boarding school, not being the mother you deserve, just... everything. But especially... I'm sorry that I would have ass fucked you and Marissa myself in a heartbeat if it meant saving my own ass hole. That I would have ass fucked my own daughters if a top so much as looked at me wrong."

"Shhhhh, shhhhhhh, it's ok Mom." Kaitlin comforted softly, gently beginning to fuck her Mom's ass harder, "I know you can't help it. It's who you are. You were always a lousy mother... but you're going to make a great bitch.

"Oh, you, oh, you can't be serious." Julie half cried, half moaned as the embarrassing pleasure from her ass increased.

"How could I not be?" Kaitlin questioned, continuing to pick up the pooper pounding pace, "You've got such a great butt, and you're clearly a natural bottom while I'm clearly a natural top. Besides, someone seriously needs to give you some lessons on being a Mom, and I'm just the girl to train you. Oh yeah, I'm going to teach you how to be a good Mom. How to put your daughters needs before your own. How to do what ever necessary to keep them safe, even if that means bending over and taking it up the fucking ass for them!"

Julie whimpered and wept, and continued to do so for a few more minutes, but she soon became so overwhelmed by pleasure all she could do was moan like a whore. She didn't even worry about how humiliating the situation was. Kaitlin was just butt fucking her so good.

And her daughter was right. She was a terrible mother. She had tried her best, but for every attempt to scheme or manipulate her daughters or the situations around them to what Julie thought they should be the more things seem to get worse, Julie's daughters increasingly resenting and even hating her along the way.

If anything seemed a natural progression as even though Julie had never imagined one of her daughters would turn her into their bitch she had imagined them seeking revenge on her in some way... and this just felt so good... so right. Yes, this way she could finally be a good mother, protecting and serving her daughters, especially her wonderful top, Kaitlin.

As increasingly submissive thoughts flooded Julie's mind increasingly dominant thoughts flooded Kaitlin's mind.

The youngest member of the Cooper family had never felt so powerful or dominant than she did right now slamming deep and hard into her mother's ass, Kaitlin absolutely loving every moment of it.

There was no doubt in her mind this was what she was born to do. Fuck her Mom's ass. And not just fuck her Mom's ass, but fuck the hot asses of bitches and sluts all over Gehanna. Maybe fuck Summer's ass too. And maybe even fuck Marissa's ass. But before all that Kaitlin was determined to completely break her mother and turn the woman who gave her life into her bitch.

With that in mind Kaitlin drilled as hard and as deep into her Mom's butt as she possibly could, ass fucking her own mother with every ounce of her strength.

Julie was so captivated by the powerful pooper pounding she was receiving she almost didn't notice the orgasm approaching her until she was crashing over the edge of it. Just before she did Julie whimpered, "Oh Kaitlin, oh honey, oh yes, oh make Mommy your bitch! Mommy wants to be your bitch! Butt fuck Mommy and make her your bitch! Fuck Mommy in the butt! Oooohhhhhhhh fuuuuccckkkk!"

After that she could think no more, Julie Cooper becoming nothing but a writhing mess as her daughter sodomised her to climax after climax.

Kaitlin was surprised by her mother's submissive outburst. She had thought breaking her Mom would be the hardest thing she'd ever do, but it was way easier than she thought. Sure, her mother might rebel later, but for now her Mom was her bitch, a fact Kaitlin was only too happy to rub in, "Yeah, you're my bitch! I'm making my Mom my bitch!"

Shortly after this Kaitlin came herself but powered herself through it and the climaxes that followed, Kaitlin relentlessly butt fucking her mother until she literally thought she was going to collapse, at which point she pulled out of her Mom's ass without any warning and stood back.

Licking her lips Kaitlin enjoyed the sight of her mother's gaping ass hole for a few moments before she slapped her Mom hard on the butt, sat down next to where the older woman was lying and ordered, "Suck my cock."

Julie whimpered, awkwardly lifted herself up and moved on her knees until her face was hovered over the dildo her own daughter had used to take her anal cherry. She nearly puked at the thought of what she had to do, but closing her eyes Julie forced herself to open her mouth, lower her lips and swallowed the head of the fake dick.

Grimacing at the bitter taste Julie began to hesitantly suck on the cock, bobbing her lips up and down the first few inches of dildo, tasting the deepest part of her rectum as she reluctantly obeyed her daughter's order.

Just as things couldn't seem to get any worse Julie heard Elle asked, "So, you mind if I take my payment now?"

"Don't you want to wait until my bitch's butt hole is properly healed?" Kaitlin asked as she began pumping her hips so she was fucking her Mom's mouth.

"Na, most new bitches get constantly ass fucked by their tops, and I think it's a safe guess that your Mom's butt hole won't be fully closed for a very long time." Elle said.

"Well, I could try leaving her ass hole alone for a few hours." Kaitlin said, immediately hating the idea of spending so long without shoving a strap-on up her Mom's ass, "But I'd much rather you'd ass fuck her now if you don't mind."

"Oh, I don't mind." Elle said, kneeling down behind Julie and grabbing two handfuls of the bitch's butt cheeks, "And I couldn't possibly ask you to go so long without ass fucking your Mom. Especially when she has such a fuck-able ass."

Kaitlin grinned as she watched Elle greedily grope her Mom's butt, "Why don't you find out just how fuck-able it is?"

"I'd love too." Elle said before spitting into Julie's gaping ass hole and slamming her strap-on as deep inside the other woman's bowels as it would go.

Julie squealed around the cock in her mouth as her ass was once again violated, her eyelids fluttering as the initial soreness was drowned out by amazing pleasure. Her back passage seem to be still incredibly sensitive after all those orgasms Kaitlin had forced out of her so after only a few brutal thrusts Julie found that her butt welcomed it's second ever fucking. A few more thrusts and Julie felt herself nearing another orgasm. Then she felt a violent slap around her head, her daughter screaming, "Keep sucking my cock Mom! Suck every drop of your ass juice off my cock, and then I'll stick it in your slutty little cunt!"

The idea that her daughter intended to fuck her pussy while she was getting fucked in the ass should have horrified Julie but the Milf was too caught up in her lust to worry about what she should or shouldn't do. All Julie Cooper wanted to do now was embraced the role of mindless whore, shameless slut, and even her daughter's bitch.

So Julie sucked her daughter's strap-on more passionately than any real cock she'd ever had in her mouth, forcing herself to take every inch of it down her throat so she could suck all of her ass cream off of it. The whole time Kaitlin fucked her face, gradually picking up speed until she was slamming Julie's mouth at the same savage pace Elle was pounding her ass, the whole time her daughter taunting her, "Yeah, that's it, suck that cock Mom! Oh yeah, I always thought you were a great cock sucker, and I was right. And now you're mine. My cock sucker. My pussy eater. My anal whore. My bitch. Mmmmm, yeah Mommy, suck that cock real good so that your daughter can fuck your slutty little pussy. Yeah, I'm going to pound my Mommy's pussy hard and deep, as Elle fucks my bitch Mom's ass. Mmmmm, suck it so we can double fuck you good."

Rather than distract her or disgust her like they should have done Kaitlin's words only seem to make Julie more desperate to please her daughter, Julie bobbing her head up and down every inch of the big dildo and sucking it as hard as she could. Eventually all of Julie's hard work paid off as without warning Kaitlin pulled out of her mouth, slid down underneath her body and effortlessly shoved the dildo deep into Julie's cunt.

Elle had already made Julie cum a couple of times from the hard anal pounding and the moment Julie felt a second cock entering her for the first time she came again in the most powerful climax of her life. Mind blowing climaxes followed as Kaitlin began fucking Julie's pussy while Elle still pounded the bitch's ass, making Julie squeal, "Yes, yes, yeeeeessssss fuck meeeeee! Fuck me Kaitlin! Oh fuck, oh fuck your Mommy! Oooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssss! Oooooooohhhhhhh myyyyyyyy Gooooooodddddddd! FUCK ME! FUCK MY PUSSY! FUCK MY ASS! OH KAITLIN! OH KAITLIN, MY BABY! MY BABY GIRL! FUCK ME! FUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH KAAAAAAIIIIIIITTTTTLLLLLLIIIIIINNNN!"

From a while Elle and Kaitlin laughed at Julie's wanton behaviour, but soon the older woman's words dissolved into incoherent gibberish as she obviously became consumed by the pleasure of the multiple orgasms rocketing through her body.

This gave Elle the chance to also become lost in the anal sex, the whole world quickly dissolving into just Julie's round butt cheeks and the tight hole in between them. Elle zoned in on those two things, and then finally just Julie's ass hole, the blonde slamming her strap-on in and out of that little hole as hard and as fast as she could for what felt like an eternity.

Thanks to the stimulator on her Elle came multiple times which was energy draining enough, but add in all the energy she was using to pound Julie's pooper and the guard was becoming in serious danger of losing consciousness. So, after what felt like several hours of vicious butt pounding, Elle pulled out and stared lustfully at Julie's gaping butt hole, feeling proud she had made the formally virgin hole look even more stretched out and ruined.

Elle didn't have long to stare at Julie's gaping ass hole and shortly after she pulled out Kaitlin flipped her Mom onto her back and began pounding her pussy with all her might. As she did this Julie wrapped her legs around her daughter's waist and cried out joyfully as Kaitlin sent her over the edge of yet another climax. This new sight easily made up for the one Elle had lost, the guard just backing off and staying silent just as she had done as the earlier butt fucking had become serious, allowing the mother and daughter their intimate moment.

Kaitlin marvelled at how her Mom was now looking at her. There was just so much submission in her mother's eyes, such devotion towards her. And the words her Mom were speaking to her were so intoxicating, "Oh yes honey, fuck Mommy's pussy! Fuck it hard ooooooohhhhhhhh, yes, fuck, oh Kaitlin, you fuck me sooooooo goooooooddddddd! My top fucks me so good! Oh, mmmmmmmm, fuck my pussy sweetie! Pound Mommy's cunt! Oh fuck your bitch Kaitlin, fuck her hard!"

"And who's my bitch Mom?" Kaitlin asked.

"I am sweetie. I'm your bitch. I'm my daughter's bitch." Julie said, truly meaning it.

"Oh Mom." Kaitlin said, overwhelmed at the submission she saw in her mother's eyes.

There was a brief pause and then Kaitlin leaned forward and kissed her mother gently. At least it started out gentle, but soon the mother and daughter were kissing franticly, Kaitlin's tongue invading the soft mouth in front of her while Julie massaged the invading tongue with her own.

As this passionate kissing continued for what seemed like an eternity Kaitlin fucked her mother to half a dozen more orgasms, Kaitlin swallowing every deafening scream her Mom let out as the dominant daughter pounded the conquered mother's cunt. Then all of a sudden she pulled out of her Mom's pussy, pull the older woman's legs from around her waist and placed them over her shoulders, and then Kaitlin shoved every inch of her strap-on cock up her Mom's still gaping wide butt hole.

This delighted Julie, "Mmmmmmmm, oooooohhhhhhhh yes Kaitlin. Show your bitch who's boss. Oh fuck, mmmmmmm, put me in my place with another hard ass fucking. Oh Kaitlin!"

"Don't worry Mom, I'm going to make sure you never forget who's boss around here." Kaitlin said as she pounded hard and deep into her Mom's butt in this new position, "Gonna make sure you know your new place as my bitch, make sure you recognise me as the new head of our family."

"Oh yes honey, mmmmmmmmmmm, you're the new head of our family. It's your rightful place. I failed you so badly, but I know you're going to do soooooo much better than I did." Julie moaned as she felt yet another orgasm approaching.

"Well, it seems you've already got your Mom well-trained." Elle laughed.

"Yeah I do... watch this." Kaitlin said, suddenly pulling out of her mother's ass, "Mom, present your ass hole to me, and tell me what you are."

For a few seconds Julie stared at her top, more out of wonder than hesitation. Then Julie flipped over on to all fours, pressed her face down against the bed-sheets, reached back, spread her ass cheeks as wide apart as she could and then proudly said, "I'm your bitch Kaitlin. I'm my daughter's bitch."

Briefly the top and the guard stared lustfully at Julie's gaping ass hole which was just begging to be fucked again, then Elle asked, "Do you mind if your bitch gives my cock a quick cleaning before I leave?"

Not bothering to tear her gaze away from her mother's well stretched shit hole, which she was moments away from continuing to stretch, Kaitlin smiled and said, "Actually, I have a better idea."

* * *

Marissa Cooper and Summer Roberts looked up as they heard the door to their cell being slowly opened, their hearts racing in anticipation of who could be. Like every other time before they relax somewhat as it was another guard, although their hearts began racing again as they couldn't help notice that this guard wasn't carrying food and appeared to be wearing a strap-on.

Smiling down at the two prisoners Elle said, "Hey there cuties, how would you like to get out of here?"

"That depends, what would you want in return?" Marissa asked cautiously.

"Oh, nothing much. Just a blow job from you." Elle said, pointing at Marissa to make sure there was no confusion.

"Why me?" Marissa asked, and then realising she might be putting her best friend in harm's way added, "I mean... never mind. I just, erm... how can we leave without getting... erm..."

"Your asses fucked? Simple. The tops are generally careful to keep track of who's what around here, so if I was to let you out all you have to do is confess to being your little sister's bitch and most of them would leave you alone. I'd still be cautious if I was you, but most tops don't touch other tops' bitches out of respect." Elle explained, "Now, how about that blow job?"

There was a brief pause and then Marissa reluctantly got on her knees in front of the guard and swallowed the head of the cock. She grimaced at the foul flavour, Marissa guessing that she was tasting ass for the first time.

Back in her world Marissa had a brief lesbian fling so she knew it wasn't the sweet taste of pussy that was coating the guard's strap-on cock, but as gross and humiliating as this was it was better than some of the alternatives. Like giving up her anal cherry to one of the guards, or her best friend having to do it, or both of them becoming her sister's bitches.

So Marissa closed her eyes and did her best to ignore the taste as she bobbed her head on the dick, lowering her mouth each time until the dildo began sliding down her throat. At that point Marissa really began to struggle, gagging and choking violently as she tried to please the guard with her mouth.

The guard had no sympathy for her, "Yeah, that's it suck my cock. Suck it good. Get every single inch down your throat. I don't care if you fucking puke, every single inch of this dick is going down your fucking throat!"

To 'help' Marissa achieve this goal Elle grabbed two handfuls of the other girl's hair and began pumping in and out of her mouth. She started gently at first, but quickly increase the speed and the force until she was fucking Marissa's throat almost violently. With this 'help' Marissa's lips reach the base of the dildo, the whole thing buried deep within her gullet.

"Oh fuck yeahhhh, all the way down your throat bitch. Mmmmm, your sister said you'd make a great cock sucker, and she was so right." Elle grinned in triumph as Marissa continued sucking the dildo best she could as she gasped for air.

Elle gave Marissa a few moments to breathe now and then by pulling her mouth completely off the cock, but she then quickly forced her back down onto it, Elle loving how Marissa submissively seemed to get into the blow job as the minutes ticked by. Also Elle loved how Summer watched the show completely transfixed, not complaining about the abuse her friend was taking and even seemed to get off on it. Elle was getting off on it to, but she didn't want to get carried away and deny Kaitlin the chance to pop one of these girls' anal cherries.

So deciding it was time to move on before that happened Elle held Marissa down on the cock for a couple of seconds, the entire shaft buried in Marissa's mouth and throat, and then Elle asked, "So tell me bitch, how does your Mom's ass taste?"

Elle grinned wickedly as she watched Marissa's eyes bulge and then the girl struggled desperately to get away from the cock. Elle held the position for a few moments, giggling evilly, and then she let go and watched as Marissa threw up all over the floor. Her giggling turning to laughter Elle walked away, leaving Marissa to her misery.

* * *

Faith wasn't sure how long she had been walking around, thinking. It had been a long while, all afternoon and into the evening. Certainly it had been long enough that those sluts who wanted a fucking had been following her like little ducklings; she hadn't given them one - she had other things to worry about and having a slut squealing beneath her was not, for once, a distraction Faith wanted.

It was only as the tannoy barked into life, demanding all the prisoners, tops, bitches and sluts headed back to their cells that Faith knew that she wasn't a top any longer. At any time she could have taken a slut, or fuck it, even a bitch - who was going to stop her? But she hadn't and it wasn't because she wasn't in the mood, but because Will wouldn't like it.

Willow was her top.

God, how she loved her.

Faith opened the door to the cell. Willow was still there unmoving, but with her face facing the door. Her eyes had been closed, they opened with the door - hope in them, that it was not Faith, to be repaced by fear when she saw it was. Faith didn't want to look at them; it was a reminder that she had hurt her top, her love. Quickly she moved out of Willow's eyeline and headed to the bag under her bed; inside it was a second syringe - this one with the antidote. She took it out and hoverred over Willow, pausing before she stuck it in. The pause got longer, the wicca would probably spell her as soon as she was out. Faith drew back the syringe, she needed to say what she had to say before the witch had her under her control, only then would Willow believe her.

The Dark Slayer moved away and sat on her bed. She could see Willow's eyes, and the guilt flooded into her making her almost physically ill. But she had to see Willow as she spoke, the guilt would be part of her punishment, though Faith imagined that when Willow was free it might be the least painful part of it. She sat silently for a moment, as she worked out some words.

"Willow. I'm sorry. I've got the antidote here and I'll unfreeze you in a minute. But first I've got to say some things. Look, I'm not going to pretend I'm a nice person or anything. I am a fucked up tramp, who's partied with the big bads and tried to be bigger and badder than any of them. I'd have killed you in Sunnydale, Red, or B as well... and here I'm going to say I wanted you to be mine, humiliated and in pain; sobbing like a beaten nun."

"If you hadn't spelled me, I'd have gaped you and thrown you out. I'm not proud of what I am... what I was; but you need to know I know what I'm like. I'm under no delusions; I know when I go it'll be to the place with pitchforks and fires - I don't kid myself that it won't be me barbecuing on the skewers for eternity. I'm not looking for redemption or for people to tell me I'm a good girl deep down, cos I don't think I am."

"But... jeez Will, this is hard... really hard. Something happened since you came, I didn't want it to happen, I've been resisting like a bitch... a proper bitch, not a Gehanna bitch... I'm not making any sense am I? Fuck Willow I'll just say..."

She paused, her mouth suddenly felt dry, "I want to be your bitch." She went quiet. There was no response from Willow and it took Faith a second to remember the redhead was still frozen. The Slayer blushed and picked up the syringe with the antidote, "That's all I wanted to say."

She slid the antidote into Willow and waited. It didn't take long for it to take effect, no doubt helped by Gehanna's magical properties. Faith watched as Willow moved and stretched, coming back to life like a statue in a fairy tale. The Slayer quivered knowing that as soon as Willow was up she would be punished. She didn't know how - perhaps she'd be made to eat the redhead's pussy before being ass fucked, or she might be spanked hard with a hairbrush or made to worship her top's feet or take a fist as far as Willow could shove it. Whatever it was Faith would take it, she would be a good bitch for her top.

Willow stretched and slowly moved into a sitting position. She gave a grimace, too long in one position had cramped her. Faith started to move towards her to give her a massage, but Will held up a hand to stop her, "Who says I want you as a bitch?"

Faith had been prepared for all answers, but this one. Her mouth opened, but no words came out as her dream crumbled in front of her. Willow looked at her and raised one eyebrow quizzically waiting for an answer. Faith almost cried, "Well... after what you said this morning... I..."

"What?" said Willow, "You thought I meant it?"

Faith did cry, it was just one tear and she quickly wiped it away. But her voice was breaking as she said, "You... you sound like you meant it."

"Maybe I did," smiled Willow, "Or perhaps I was just making sure you were broken and no longer a threat to me or my friends. Now you're properly broken why shouldn't I just throw you out? Huh? Leave you to become a slut? It's what you were going to do to me. There's lots of cute girls in this prison - why would I want a fucked up tramp as my bitch, especially one who's.... let's face it, a little psycho."

"I don't know?" Faith shook her head, "I can change. I can really change. You want me to do anything, anything at all..."

"But I can't trust you Faith can I? A top has to trust their bitch and how can I ever be sure you won't turn and spike me, like a rabid dog."

"I won't," Faith was desperate, "I won't. Willow I'm yours, I adore you, all my mistakes, all my fuck-ups they led me hear to you."

Suddenly Willow smiled, it was bright and warm "Perhaps they did, perhaps there is a fate. I wanted to kill you as well... in Sunnydale and when I first found you here. Say it again, tell me what you want."

"I want to be your bitch."

Willow smiled, "Come here, Faith..."

The brunette stood up and walked over. Willow smiled as Faith got to her knees in front of her, in the begging position; it was the way a bitch who wanted a favour from her top approached her. Willow stroked a hand through Faith's hair, "Say it once more."

"I want to be your bitch. And I'll prove it." Faith said eagerly, "Just tell me where you want me to bend over for you, and I'll do it. Let everyone see who the real bitch in this relationship is."

"Mmmm..." Willow hummed, "That sounds like fun, but I think my bitch deserves something extra special..."


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