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Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Buffy/Glory

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Spoilers: Season Five. Episode - No Place Like Home, Checkpoint, etc.

Summary: Glory makes a deal with Buffy in exchange for Dawn's life.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Glory's Deal Part 2 - The Hell God's New Sex Toy
by Faithful Chickie ([email protected])

The deal was made. Not too difficult of a decision either. Considering Buffy
had been willing to die for her sister, playing some bitch god's sex toy
twice a week couldn't be that bad. *Could it?* At least she hoped not.

Buffy stood tugging at the outfit the minions had dressed her in. What was
the point?! It showed more than it covered. The leather straps criss-crossed
her chest, but left both breasts exposed. And then the garter belt and no
panty thing was just... well, down-right tacky as far as Buffy was concerned.

The little slayer checked herself over one last time as she waited for Glory
to arrive. *I can do this... can't be that bad... just have to do this for

The minions who had ushered her in not only bathed and dressed her, but had
shaved her too. Buffy blushed as she glanced down at her now bald pussy; she
ran her fingers lightly over the silky lips. *Feels nice... mmmm..*

"Hey! I believe that's for me to touch."

Buffy's head snapped up, her cheeks burned as she discovered Glory had been
watching her.

"It's okay, Princess. Come here."

The little slayer hesitantly approached the hell god.

"That's right, Sugar... a little closer... closer."

Buffy now stood directly in front of Glory.

"Good girl." Glory whispered reaching down and touching where Buffy's fingers
had just been. "Mmmm... so soft, isn't it?"

The blonde gasped and closed her eyes as Glory's fingers slid over her

"So my little super hero, are you hungry?"

"HUH?!" Buffy jerked away from Glory's hand. "I... I..." Her stuttering
caused the god to laugh.

"No, not that... not yet anyway." Glory chuckled as she reached down and
picked Buffy up. She carried the small slayer up several flights of stairs
and out onto beautiful balcony where an elaborately set table awaited.
Buffy raised an eyebrow. "I thought you might need some nourishment, my
tiny snapdragon. After all you were out tonight doing that cute monster
fighting thing you do, weren't you?" Glory tapped Buffy on the nose

The little slayer immediately became indignant. "It's not cute! It's
serious business!"

"Sure it is, Butterfly. Sure it is." Glory grinned as she brought her lips
close to Buffy's. "Now give Glory a kiss, and we'll get you something to

Buffy gingerly leaned forward and gave the hell god a chaste kiss.

The taller girl frowned slightly. "Hmm... I can see were going to have to
work on some things. But I'll save that for later. Let's eat."

She held onto to Buffy as a minion rushed over and pulled out her chair.

The slayer glanced around. "Where's my chair?"

"You're sitting in it, Princess." Glory adjusted the smaller girl in her
lap before reaching for her wine glass.

"Oh." Buffy was suddenly very aware of her nudity as the fabric of Glory's
dress rubbed against her bare bottom.

"Here cutie. Drink."

The tiny blonde obediently drank the wine. *Tastes funny... but good funny...
mmm... hehehe... yum... * The slayer drained the glass. "More! More please!"

"That's it, Precious. Drink up."

A minion rushed over and refilled Buffy's glass. Glory used that opportunity
to bend her head and lick Buffy's nipples.

*Geezzzzz!* The tiny blonde shuddered, spilling wine on Glory's dress.

"DAMN IT! MY DRESS! YOU'VE RUINED IT!" The hell god stood up quickly letting
Buffy fall to the floor.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." Buffy got up embarrassed and nervously wiped
at Glory's dress. "Really, it was an accident. I...I wasn't expecting... you
know... that... uh... on my... um..." The slayer floundered.

Glory took several deep breaths and held up her hand. "Hush, Butterfly! It's
okay. Just be quiet for a second."

The hell god beckoned her minions over. "Princess spilled. Someone has to
be punished. You!" She pointed at one of them. "Come here!"

When the unlucky minion came close enough, Glory snapped his neck. Then she
shook out her hair and calmly turned back toward Buffy. "Okay now come sit
back on my lap, baby."

Buffy approached her slowly eyeing her with uncertainty. The hell god quickly
reached out and grabbed her. "Awww... my little girl is trembling." Glory
pulled her tight and kissed her full on the lips.

"Here Sassy, open up." The hell god smiled as Buffy accepted the forkful
of food. "That's my girl." She fed her carefully, occasionally caressing her.

Between the gourmet food and Glory's gentles touches, Buffy felt quite
pampered. *Mmmm...* She closed her eyes and leaned up against the hell god.
A shiver traveled through her body as Glory nibbled her earlobe. *Jeepers...
ayyyyy...ummm...* Buffy sucked in her breath as the hell god slipped a hand
between her legs and delicately stroked her. "Ohhhh... uhhh... tha... that...
mmmm... that feels good." She whimpered as Glory's fingers slid along the wet

"That's the idea, my tiny snapdragon." She turned Buffy in arms and kissed
her deeply. Sliding her tongue around Buffy's and sucking until the throb
between the little slayer's legs was unbearable.

*Oh god... ahhhhhh....* Buffy arched against the hell god. "Please...

"Please what? Ask for it, Princess. Beg me." Glory smiled and dipped her head
down to suck on Buffy's now very hard nipples.

The small blonde groaned and clutched at her. "Please... oh please... Glory

"Please what?" The hell god gave Buffy's clit a light pinch. "Ask for it,

Buffy squeezed her eyes shut, whimpering. A dark blush settling across her
beautiful features as she quietly whispered. "Please... please fuck me."

"Louder Sweetie. Louder."

"Please fuck me!" The little slayer moaned as Glory plunged two fingers in.
"Oh yes... oh god yes..." Buffy moved against her hand, riding the hell god's
fingers. "Oh fuck me... yes... please... harder... mmmm... sooo goood... it
feels soooo good..."

"That's it, Peaches. Cum for Glory. Cum for your god."

Buffy screamed as she came all over the hell god's hand. "Oh yes.. yes.. so
good." She breathed weakly, going limp in Glory's arms.

"Awwww... aren't you just the cutest." Glory kissed her tenderly before
roughly shoving Buffy off her lap and onto the floor. "NOW GET ON YOUR KNEES



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