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PAIRING: Buffy/Mutated Sunnydale Swim Team

WARNING: Non-consensual sex

TIMELINE: Go Fish, Season 2

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Go Fish
by Jimmy Orthanc

The Coach drew a gun and directed her to the opening in the locker room
floor, "Get in the hole. In. Now." Buffy stared at him in disbelief, but
really, what choice did she have? Guns were not something being a Slayer
was much good for stopping. She sat down on the edge and looked pointedly
at him.

"This isn't over."

"In!" She glared at him then hopped down. Her body was shocked by the cold
of the water below, the areole of her nipples shriveling up instantly and
the tips becoming hard and erect. She emerged from the water, the Coach
looking down on her, and down her abundant cleavage.

"You think I don't care about my boys, but I do. They count on me." The dead
body of the school nurse floated by and she squealed.

"So what? Now you're just gonna feed me to 'em?"

"Oh they've already had their dinner. But boys have other needs." With that
he leered at her and shut the trap door.

"Great, this is just what my reputation needs, that I did it with the entire
swim team," Buffy snarked, looking around for some way of escaping out of the
underground water reserve she'd been forced into by the Coach. One by one the
heads of the once members of the Sunnydale swim team, now transformed into
monstrous amphibious creatures, emerged from the water.

"Oh God..." Buffy breathed out. The creatures had formed a circle around her,
then suddenly they lunged. Buffy fought hard and fast, deflecting one and
tossing another over into a wall. But she was abruptly pulled under water by
several others. Cut off from oxygen she flailed and thrashed about trying to
breach the surface. Meanwhile she felt her clothing being torn from her body,
including her shoes. Her tan stretch pants were no match to their claws, not
to mention her black sweater. Her bra and panties too were shredded, leaving
her naked and exposed. She came above water and gasped for air. Regaining her
senses, the Slayer realized she was in serious trouble. The swim team had
stood up to their full height, each at least two heads taller than the tiny
Slayer. They advanced on her until all she could see was their scaly bodies.
To her even greater despair she had seven enormous and semi-erect cocks about
the level of her pert breasts, all bobbing at the surface of the water. "Oh" Suddenly she was hoisted out of the water and above their heads,
claws and fingers digging into the soft flesh of her young body. They brought
her down on to a cold, hard, wet slab of rock, her taut buttocks pressed
flat, as her back was. All but one of the beasts was holding her down, the
last was climbing on to the stone slab with her.

The leader grunted a command to the others and Buffy found her ankles being
pulled away from each other, spreading her thighs and exposing her vulnerable
center - a pretty, tiny, nearly hairless pussy. She fought them, fought them
well, struggling with all her might, but it was hopeless, combined they were
too strong for her. Buffy's body shook uncontrollably and terrified whimpers
escaped her throat as she clawed at the rocks. She became petrified when the
sea creature leaned over her, water and some sort of viscous slime dripping
on her nude skin. His face hovered above her's, examining her angelic face
contorted by fear. His breath and body repulsed her with its fishy aroma and
she turned her head away. The beast's meaty hand came to rest one one of her
abundant breasts, gently squeezing the tender flesh making her wince, then
his other hand gave her other breast the same attention. Her nipples ached
from the cold and the bruising grip on her tits. The assault on her breasts
ended when a fat sticky, clawed finger began to probe and worm around her
labia. Hot tears sprang from the Slayer's eyes when she felt him push one
inside. She was as dry as a bone, virgin tight and it hurt like hell. He
withdrew the finger and barked out another order. Buffy was raised up again
and turned over on to her stomach.

The monster took hold of her petite waist and raised her up on to her knees
then unceremoniously forced himself into her in one long, 13-inch thrust.
In those seconds Buffy's whole world was destroyed. The pain was incredible
and she responded to it by filling the cave with a piercing scream. Buffy
screamed long, hard and loud until her lungs were empty and aching. Her
sensitive inner passage could feel every rigid bump, every throbbing vein
as he stretched her possibly as much as 3-4 inches wide. When the scream
died she drew in her breath in a ragged gasp that coincided with the slow
withdrawl of the cock from her cunt. Feeling this new pain, the scraping on
her ragged, unlubricated insides, Buffy screamed again. Then there was a
vicious thrust back into her small body. The fist sized head of the monster's
cock punched at the end of her channel, ramming her cervix. She cried for
mercy and relief but none came.

The amphibian began to pick up his pace, creating himself a steady rhythm for
fucking her. Relishing the phenomenal pubescent female tightness and dryness
of the hole he was occupying he began a series of long, deep strokes into the
soft body beneath him. Having lost her virginity to Angel only a week before,
her genitals were still inexperienced, the memory of the breaking of her
hymen a heavenly dream compared to the reaming she was getting now. She
wondered what Angelus would think of this. Thoughts of her torn, stretched
vagina began to creep in as well and made her crying more pitiful. She could
feel every inch of the thickly veined member as it ploughed its way into and
out of her stretched cunt. She could feel the heavy, cold testicles slap
noisily against her thighs when, at the deepest limit of his thrust, the
creature grunted and jerked his hips forward for extra penetration. When he
did this her cervix was forced to open a little, causing a deep inner
bruising. Buffy panted and cried into the stone beneath her, her nipples
scraping on the granite as her body rocked back and forth with the pummeling
of the obscene phallus penetrating her.

She was aware of the coolness against her cheek and the roaring pain from her
battered cunt, little else permeated her mind. The sea monster was ramming
himself into her with a steady, fast, deep repetitiveness. His constant
slamming against Buffy's backside caused her to grunt in time with his
strokes, his weighty cum filled balls swinging down between her legs and up
to slap on her stomach. The cock was larger than anything any human man would
ever possess and it stretched Buffy to the limits of her Slayer's physique,
its girth still tore her cunt lips and its tip still beat mercilessly against
the opening to her cervix. The fucking continued for another twenty minutes.

"Uhhhh..." she moaned, now that her voice hadn't the power to scream,"Uh,
unh, unh, stop..please, unh...UNHH!!" He was steadily building up his speed
of penetration. He was getting faster and faster and Buffy could guess what
was about to happen. She was about to have her torn and bleeding insides
inundated with this monster's cum."No..NO! NO! Please NO! Nnngaahh! Oh! OH!"
There was a tight cramping pain in her guts caused by his cock being pushed
in deeper. The creature stopped its pumping and pushed in just a ways past
his root, forcing open the slight hole of her cervix and passing the cock
head through to nestle at her little womb. The former member of the Sunnydale
swim team felt a swell of sadistic pride know he was about to empty a deluge
of his seed into this small girl's rich sweetness. Clutching her hips he
worked himself more securely inside the little pocket, corkscrewing her until
he felt it pop through."AAARGGHH!!! No...take it out! TAKE IT OUT!!!!" He
hugged her waist and bent over her, his cock jerked and twitched and then he
roared as thick stringy wads of ice cold cum filled her."
no....oh god please not this, not this too....UUGGGHHH!!!! UGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

The velvety walls of her uterus felt flash frozen as the amphibian's cool
liquid was spurted madly into her. Her precious womb was made to expand in
order to accommodate all the spunk. Her tummy rounded and stuck out a little
as the mutant continued to unleash his horrible filth. Meanwhile Buffy sobbed
and wailed, tears streaming down her face, wishing she could die or at least
pass out. Unfortunately for Buffy it was her incredible Slayer stamina that
prevented her from fainting. Her physical strength kept her awake throughout
her torture.

Her first rapist had taken his pleasure of her and the others were becoming
impatient, voicing their protest with snaps and snarls. Reluctantly the
leader drew the cock out of her slurping hole. The reservoir of cum pooled
in her womb flowed out as the cock head popped out of her, it ran down her
thighs and all over the stone slab. Buffy nearly wretched when the scent of
the yellow, curdled cum hit her nostrils. Before she knew was what to happen
next she felt at huge sticky tip of a cock's knob butt against her asshole.
Her eyes grew wide as saucers as she realized what was about to happen. The
pressure increased and so did the pain. Almost instantly the throbbing from
her bleeding, cum drenched vagina was forgotten. With a buck of his hips the
next swim team member buried six inches of his gigantic slick erection in her
ass. This penis was no smaller than the one she'd just endured. It forced her
anus wide and the pain was sharp as he drove himself all the way up into her.
She felt his testicles pressing against her buttocks and he ground his hips
into her. His cock moved around inside her rectum as he brought his hands
around her and cupped both breasts, squeezing them hard. He slowly began to
pump his cock, using short strokes at first. His right hand slid down her
bare belly and in between her thighs, rubbing at her slit, his finger
searching for her clitoris. He rubbed her nubbin as he did a slow motion
grind into her anus, his cock pumping slowly, now moving from side to side.
This was just a warm up, the beast had plans for this pretty little one.

Buffy's mind felt numb and yet it managed to scream its fear and hurt at the
same time. Buffy felt her head spinning. She was saved from this feeling by
the sudden and rapid fucking that her splitting asshole proceeded to receive.
With each thrust Buffy's anal ring was forced deep into her colon. With each
withdrawal it was pulled at least two inches out of her. Its rubbery grip
leaving a trail of fresh blood on the cockmeat that was violating her. Specks
of blood flew about painting her taut buttocks. At the same time her breasts
were swayed violently, flaring with heat as his fingers moved into and around
them, her clitoris was twitching with unwanted lust as his fingers continued
to rub, stroke and squeeze the little bud. She didn't want this, to be forced
into pleasure, to rise slowly to an impending orgasm. The mix of pain in her
ass with pleasure in her pussy made her cry harder and harder.

The pleasure grew, drawing her back into herself, to the awareness of the raw
sensations gripping her loins. Her eyes blinked in wonder as she felthe felt
her belly heaving and churning, a blistering sexual heat tearing through her
abdomen. "No," she whimpered. Then her head jerked back as a sudden spasm of
fiery ecstasy burned through her. She gasped for breath, the wind all but
knocked out of her. Her forehead fell against the rocks, then her head jerked
back again, even further, her back arching as muscle spasms wracked her body
and her mind reeled under frantic sensations of ecstatic release. She
climaxed with furious shrieking, her body jerking and shuddering as though
undergoing a violent seizure. Her pussy contracted and released continuously
despite being empty. Somewhere in the midst of it she felt a flood of liquid
ice blasting up into her rectum, felt it coating her bloodied insides with
cooling relief. She couldn't think straight, could hardly think at all, knew
nothing, but glorious pleasure that ripped the air from her lungs and the
thoughts from her mind, leaving quivering flesh behind.

The moment passed as quickly as it had come and then once again all she knew
was pain. The latest rapist's member was pulled from her and she flinched
from the audible *pop* when it exited the still tight ring of muscles. The
little aperture closed up, trapping the semen inside her. She was then rolled
back onto her back. She tried unsuccessfully to prevent her legs from being
pried apart, but the others held her ankles again. Buffy stared up at the
next *thing* she would take between her legs. He looked down at her. Buffy
was shaking with fear. She couldn't speak and felt a dreadful inevitability
about her situation - this torment was only just beginning. Breathing deeply
she managed to whisper, "Please don't do this to me. Please don't hurt me
anymore. Please. Please. Please. Please. "

The mutant's yellow eyes travelled down her body taking all this in. Slowly
the incredibly proportioned cock began to lengthen and thicken and raise its
bulbous, angry black head. The beast squatted between her thighs and reached
out with one hand, extending his forefinger. Slowly he drew the claw of his
extended finger across Buffy's left breast. She tensed at the touch knowing
she could do nothing. Placing his other hand fully on top of Buffy's right
breast he kneaded the soft flesh while with his other hand. Buffy began
crying freely and shaking her head. He bent over her and she felt his rough
tongue lapping at her nipples. The noise coming from Buffy was a pitiful
whine. The sensation on her breasts had quickly turned from a caress to an
incredibly painful abrasive rubbing as tiny little spikes appeared on his
tongue. When the assault on her full bosom ceased she knew that worse was to
come. Her fears were confirmed when she felt the cla ws move between her
legs. The scales on the monster's hands brushed her inner thighs making Buffy
squeeze her eyes tightly shut. The claws moved to her center and briefly
touched her sore lips. Shuffling forward the third amphibian paused when the
head of his engorged cock butted against Buffy's bruised, swollen cunt lips.
Buffy's mouth was making soundless pleadings, waiting for the inevitable. It

He launched himself into Buffy. Grunting, he forced the enormous head his
cock head passed Buffy's outer lips and into her abused pussy. Buffy's mind
seemed to explode. She found her voice and screamed. Her entire being was
concentrated around the soft, vulnerable flesh at her center that surrounded
the twelve inches of the steel hard, alien meat that was invading her
insides. Placing his hands either side of Buffy's head the creature began to
fuck her in earnest. His strokes were deep and measured in their rhythm.
Buffy was being punched through her vagina and if her ankles had not been
held by the others, her body would have been punched inch by inch across the
stone slab. When Buffy could draw sufficient breath, she screamed. When she
couldn't, she groaned her protest. When her rapist bent his head and bit
into one of her quivering breasts, she fell silent.

The fucking that Buffy's cunt received over the next half an hour was nothing
less than a sustained beating. The pace did not vary. The depth of stroke did
not vary. The panting into her face from the rider bent over her did not
vary. Buffy looked down the length of her body at the tensing muscles of her
rapist's abdomen and the awful length of the cock that continued to disappear
into her straining cunt. Buffy barely reacted, her head lolled to the side as
the panting attacker arched into her womb and shoved his cock head past her
cervix as the first one had, waiting for his climax. His hand moved down
between them and began to furiously polish her engorged distended clit. The
Slayer's situation was brought sharply back into focus for her when her quim
began to hiccup and flutter around the grotesquely massive trunk that had
penetrated her beyond capacity. "Please stop that...don't make me have an
orgasm...please!!! oh, oh, oh..." She felt her womb tightening, forming
itself around the mushroom shaped head, he only rubbed faster and harder,
"oh, oh, oh, oh, unh! oh, oh, oh, oh, OOOOOOOOHHH!!!!" She exploded again,
"NNNGAAHHH!!! OOOOHHH!!!" Her entire body experiencing the ugly pleasure of
another ferocious, beautiful orgasm. Her entire passage coiled tight around
his prick, squeezing it, strangling it until it brought about his own
release. She milked him of his cum, the pulsing of her entire sexual area
begging for it, greedily taking it and wanting more. After ten minutes of
obscene pleasure from multiple orgasms she went limp. Her third lover of the
day bent down and licked her lips, kissed her and withdrew. Giving way to
the forth to have his ride.

She lay before him naked, bruised and bleeding. His eyes took in her naked
beauty. She was still stunning and he let his gaze rest on her leaking cunt
and felt his cock leap. Her large, firm breasts heaved with the effort of
Buffy's deep breathing and they shook with fear when she heard him move to
stand between her gleaming legs. Her still parted cunt lips looked pulpy and
thick streams of cum oozed between them. Kneeling down between Buffy's spread
legs he wondered how much more this princess could take, not that he cared.
One thing he was sure of was that he was going to fuck her for all she was
worth. Buffy whimpered as she felt the cock nudge into her sore, slick pussy.
The forth amphibian luxuriated in the hot, now generously lubricated hole
that offered no resistance to his entrance. As he began to thrust into the
defenseless beauty he took hold of her swollen supple breasts and used them
as handles to aid in the keeping of a rapid and violently brutal fucking.

Unexpectedly a fifth creature came into Buffy's view, it's face masking
anything else. A slick, long tongue slid out its mouth an into her's,
slithering around her own tongue and down her throat. She groaned in protest,
but then he closed his sticky lips over her's, she had no choice by to be
subjected to the oral assault. He frenched her hard, even when she gagged he
didn't relent. Helpless, Buffy felt herself being sat up and the forth cock
she'd taken inside her this day cease it's pumping. She grunted when she sank
down on it, her labia stretched impossibly tight around the base as she sat
astride it. She was floating in a daze, unable to resist them, merely accept
her sexual punishment as they liberally dolled it out into her soft, supple
body. Her back passage was nudged open as the monster kissing her tilted her
head back and moved in behind, pulling apart her butt cheeks with his clawed
hands and positioning his length at her asshole, then beginning to inch
inside. Buffy screamed into his kiss as she took a second penetration, the
two cocks separated by only a thin membrane. She shook violently, trying to
expel the double penetration from her petite body, but it was no use. Moving
in synch with each other, the mutant swim team members entered and exited her
at the same time, giving her feelings of complete relief and emptiness and
then destroying it with filling her twice as much. She cried anew, lamentful
tears for her used, abused, tortured body. Her womb was was super heavy and
bulging with too much cum still sloshing around inside, her rectum was
throbbing and bleeding, her breasts were bruised and puffy and because she
was the Slayer she felt ALL OF IT. She still had two more creatures after
these ones to pleasure and she revolted at wondering what else could be done
to her, but little did she know that the creatures had no intention of ever
ending her relations with them. They planned not to kill her in the end, but
instead to keep her with them always, not just as a simple toy to fuck and
abuse, but as their mate, their property, their lover, and if lucky, mother
to their spawn.

Bouncing up and down on two enormous amphibious cocks Buffy resigned herself
to the fact that she probably wasn't going to get out of here alive. The
others had stopped restraining her, so her hand was free to sneak in between
her and her lover to pinch and roll her clit between her fingers. The little
bud hurt something awful, but she was accustomed to the pain now and had
decided it was better to die cumming afterall.



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