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PAIRING: Buffy/Demon, Shadowmen

WARNING: Non-consensual sex

TIMELINE: Get It Done, Season 7

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Got It Done
by Jimmy Orthanc

Buffy pulled against the chains as the three Shadowmen thumped their staffs
on the ground, the sound of tribal drums rising around them. One man went
away, but came back with a wooden box, placing it on the ground and sliding
off the lid.

"Herein lies your truest strength," he said.

"The energy of the demon, its spirit," a second added.

"The heart," the third concluded.

"This is how you..." Buffy said, astonished.

"Created the slayer? Yes," the first Shadowman explained. And then it
happened, a black, shining mist rose from the box, curling around the cave,
growing in size.

"It must become one with you," the third spoke.

"No!" Buffy protested, struggling harder, trying to break the chains that
held her in place.

This felt nothing like morning fog or mist across the cemetery grounds on
a late night patrol The blackness seemed pregnant with a million stinging
needles, all prickling her tender young flesh. There was a coldness to it,
a black liquid enveloping her and numbing her senses. All expect one part
of her body. The demon spirit was already choking her, filling up her nose
and mouth and ears, creeping it's way inside her, but down below there was
something horribly sinister going on. The black mist was curling up her
legs, up her skirt and over her naked skin. The panties she wore were
useless as the mist permeated them and began to enter her tight vagina.

"Aaahhh!!!" Buffy cried out as her soft labia were spread apart and the
mist pushed inside her snug, dry channel. It was truly horrible, the walls
of her pussy being saturated with the demon's essence, her vulnerable flesh
absorbing it as it slipped up inside. The sensation was not unlike being
shocked with electric volts, it was a strange and very painful.
"Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!" She screamed long and loud, trying to expel the
intruder from her body, but it only came on stronger. Further it penetrated
her, moving all the way inside her, oozing through the tiny opening of her
cervix and finally reaching her small, soft womb. She grunted and moaned as
she felt her uterus forced to grow and expand as the demon spirit filled her
more and more. Her tender young belly was cramping and twisting in horror as
her womb became drunk and heavy with the black spirit's presence inside
her. "Make this stop, please!! This isn't what I came for!! This isn't the
way. Arrrrgghh!! Oooh!!"

"Do not fight this."

"Please, I'm begging you!! Pleeeeeasse!!! NGGAAAAGGGHH!!!!" Suddenly the pain
became too great for Buffy and she passed out.

When the slayer came back to herself she found that her situation hadn't much
improved. She was still chained, only now she was on her back on the ground
with her legs spread as wide as they could manage with her ankles shackled to
the floor. The Shadowmen had also seen fit to remove all of her clothing,
leaving her naked on the dirt. Buffy pulled on her bonds, but obviously the
chains were made of a material more than strong enough to subdue a slayer.

To her horror, when Buffy looked around, all she saw was her large swollen
belly. Inside her womb she could feel something moving around, churning
inside her. At this Buffy burst into tears, sobbing and wailing at the
hopelessness of her predicament.

"You would not accept the power we had to give you," a Shadowman spoke as he
and the others came into view, "But there is another way."

"What, knocking me up with some demon spawn?! How dare you! Undo this!!!"

"A new ritual will begin soon, now that he is ready."

"He who? Oh god, what are you saying?!" One man went around and knelt down
between her legs, prying open her violated cunt lips and easing his fingers
inside. Buffy began to struggle again as he forced his hand up inside her,
"NOOOooo! NO!! Please, ugh, don't!!" Buffy was helpless as the old man slowly
inserted his entire hand up inside her tight pussy, stretching it wide,
despite the resistance of her dry tissues. He was in past his wrist, almost
to his elbow, his fingers searching around for something. He got hold of it
and with a sharp tug, he dislodged the wooden plug inserted through her
cervix that kept the demon swill inside her. The Shadowman withdrew his hand,
dragging her cunt lips out away from her body until he popped free with the
plug in hand. "OOOOOOOH!"

Buffy was still crying, panicking and thrashing about until there was a
sudden rush of liquid pouring out of her womb and cunt. Her vagina was
drenched with a thick black liquid streaming out of her, pooling in front of
her violated pussy. Mercifully she felt the tension released upon her womb,
her tummy slowly shrinking back down to the way it was. The liquid soon was
all out of her and her stomach was tight and flat once more. Buffy let out
a sigh of relief.

This peace did not last long as the liquid began to coagulate and morph. A
towering mass of black oozed formed above her, over ten feet tall, writhing
and moving as it slowly formed itself into an actual demon. "NO!!" Buffy
gasped as the beast took final shape. He was twelve feet tall, heavily
muscled with a build similar to a mountain gorilla's. His clawed hands and
arms hung low past his waist, his legs bent and thick. His black skin looked
like old discarded junkyard rubber tires. Her head snapped up to look at his
face, black and shadowed, with a piggish snout, long gleaming white fangs
and hypnotic, lava red eyes. There were curled, ram like horns protruding
from the back of his skull. Down between his haunches stood a fully erect
penis the likes of which Buffy had never imagined in all her worst nightmare.

The trunk of meat was a phenomenon of girth, length and texture. Not yet
fully erect, the cock curved out to 18 inches, it's girth a colossal six
inches in diameter and even though it was black as pitch she could discern
the many protruding lumps and ridges. This thing wouldn't just hurt like
hell, it would kill her!

"NO!!" Buffy shouted, hot tears streaming down her cheeks, "NO!! NO! NO! NO!

"You must become one with the demon," the Shadowman explained with sadistic
candor. The demon took a step forward, it's cloven foot making the earth
shake as it slammed down. He dropped to his knees and the cave shook. Buffy
was struggling with all her might, trying desperately to pull out the chains.
The demon leaned over her and growled and Buffy realized then that she
couldn't escape from a truly horrible violation.

Buffy wasn't about to give up however, even though it was hopeless. Even as
the demon shifted his attention to the soft spot between her legs, Buffy
fought not to let it happen. The huge, clawed hand pinched her pussy lips,
pulling them open to reveal the little opening to her most sacred place. The
demon nudged up to her vagina, it's fist sized cock head pressing upon her
dry, but hot flesh. The demon's face scrunched up and he looked like he was
in deep concentration, "OH! OH!!!" Buffy yelped when a hot liquid burst from
the demon's cock tip, just enough to lubricate her pussy lips. He let go of
her labia and they fit around the huge knob. Buffy shrieked and thrashed,
trying desperate to back away, but the two of them stayed glued together.

The demon got himself into prime position for penetration, wrapping his
massive hands around her entire waist and pulling her on to his cock as he
pushed it forwards into her resisting young body. "OooooooOooooooooHHhhH!!"
she cried when only the first inch inside her tore her. Fresh blood coated
the demon prick as he carried on a bit at a time, tearing her slowly and
methodically as he raped her. The demon gave a buck of his hips and sunk
in another few inches, "AAARRRRRGGHH!!!" Her screams became continuous,
shrilling declarations of pain as her body was forced to take in this
obscene penis.

Inch by agonizing inch the demon took possession of the young slayer,
stuffing his full manhood inside while she was stretched wider than if she
was giving birth. Her labia had turned to a shocking white from the stress
of being pulled so far apart. Her cunt was a raging inferno of mind blowing
agony. The demon grunted and bucked his hips while pulling on her waist -
her hot, tight pussy the greatest conquest any minion of hell had ever known.
The Shadowmen watched dispassionately as the slayer was violated.

The more Buffy fought to keep the penis out, the more he managed to get in,
her twisting helping him to seat himself deeper between her thighs. After an
hour of struggling, the demon's cockhead finally reached her cervix. This was
when the real suffering began for Buffy. The demon knew he needed to get
inside her womb for the first part of her ritual to be complete. The little
barrier was clenched tight and the only way through was by shear force. The
demon reared up and let out a mighty roar and gave the most powerful thrust

in pure unadulterated agony as her cervix was breached, forced to dilate to
its fullest and the demon cock punched the back of her womb, filling the tiny
space up completely. The demon gave a fierce grind with his hips, smearing
foul precum all around inside her womb. Buffy shook uncontrollably and
sobbed. The demon was fully embedded inside the slayer, snarling and drooling
over her breasts. He shifted his angle of penetration just a little and it
caused a new, horrible feeling in Buffy.

The bumps on his penis rubbed upon her g-spot, though it felt very intimate
and somewhat arousing, Buffy could garnish no pleasure form it due to the
stressful pain her pussy was enduring. He continued to undulate his cock
against the spot, trying to get her to produce natural lubrication so they
could continue on with the second part of the ritual. Buffy cringed and
squealed as she was forced to be pleasured at the same time as destroyed
from the inside by a monster cock. The demon bent over her a little and let
the base of his cock rub against where her clitoris hid timidly under it's
protective hood.

The demon kept up the dual stimulation, making her g-spot swell and get
greater friction from the penis ridges, while at the same time he tried to
coax her little clitty out from under its hood. Buffy meanwhile was caught
in a tug of war with her body. Yes, she was in terrible pain and her vagina
had been torn all over inside, her womb was full of hard cock too, but the
slight twinges of ecstatic pleasure were tormenting her because she couldn't
stop herself from enjoying it and wanting more. Slowly but surely, her
blood-filled clit peaked out from under it's little hiding spot, and sought
out the good rubs.

Buffy let out a little sigh of pleasure when her fully exposed clitoris got
a full on grind from the demon's coarse pubic hair. At this point the demon
bent its head down and took her entire right breast into his mouth. The
demon's orifice was hotter than lava and Buffy was certain her tit would
melt off. After a few minutes of vigorous sucking, the demon let her breast
slip out of his mouth and he went to do the same to the other one. When he
was done, both of Buffy's breasts were engorged and swollen to twice their
normal side, glistening and huge from the demon's saliva.

Suddenly a meaty, clawed hand grasped on to each tit, sinking the claws in
and making her bleed. Buffy shrieked at this new pain, her nipples seizing
into sharp hard points against the demon's palms. The second phase could

The Fucking.

The demon growled down at her, looking deep into her eyes and seeing her
despair and anguish. Little did she know that it had only just begun.
Pulling back till the cockhead exited her her womb, the demon launched
himself back into Buffy, "AAAAAHHHH!!" She screamed, feeling new parts
inside her bruising. After that first thrust, Buffy lost all control and
screamed continuously as she was truly raped.

"UGH!!! UGH!!! UGH!! UGH! UGH!!!" she grunted as he pistoned in and out of
her, "UGH!! UGHHHH!! UUUUUggggghh!! UGH! UGH! UGH!!" He squeezed her tits,
and twisted his hips, making sure it ruined her pussy more. Her vagina was
tearing apart, the fucking got harder. Buffy screamed and screamed and
begged for mercy, he fucked harder. Buffy was thrashing madly, her chains
rattling, her body vibrating from the intense fucking, fucking, fucking. The
pain went deep into her soul, her womb and vagina swollen tight around the
awful cock raping her. He just fucked harder. Buffy couldn't stop screaming.

He raped her for hours and hours.

Buffy hoped that after all this time, she'd have passed out, but she soon
became aware that the Shadowmen were working magic on her that forced her
to remain alert and in full possession of all her senses. She was drenched
in sweat and blood, her pussy's juices flowing freely now after so much
stimulation. She wished for death, but all she got was a giant demon cock
pounding between her legs. The demon would have happily continued for
another century, just fucking away this sweet girl's cunt, but there was
one final step to the ritual. Buffy must be made to cum.

Reaching down between them, the demon's clawed hand reaching under her
clitoral hood and pulled the skin back, fully exposing her red, raw nubbin.
Buffy whimpered when he started to forcefully rub it in between pinching it
and twisting it. Furthermore he curved the angle of his thrusting, hitting
her g-spot ever three seconds. The magic of stimulating both spots was
slowly overcoming the small woman he was having sex with.

Buffy's breathing got harder and faster, and so did the demon's fucking of
her cunt and rubbing of her clit. Her womb was clenching around the cock's
head each time it punched her, creams of lust gushing out around the cock,
letting it easily slide in and out after all this time. Her labia were
vibrating with sexual tension, her vaginal channel giving little hiccups
around the penis.

"OH! O-OH!! OOoooooooh!!" Buffy moaned, her pleasure steadily climbing. The
demon's fucking became a mad blur, as did his clit rubbing, "Oh! OH-OH!!!
OOH! Ooh!!! oooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOH!!!" She felt her climax coming upon her,
her whole sex tightening, tightening. There was cramping as she contracted
tighter, more pussy juice was flowing, churning. It was coming...

cried out her orgasm, the sound of ecstasy echoing through the caves and out
into the desert. The demon had to stop thrusting, her pussy clamping down
and pulsing making it too hard to move. He settled in and let her do all the

The slayer bucked her hips up to concentrate on drawing out her pleasure as
long as possible. She cried mournfully that such a vicious rape could have
brought about the greatest orgasm of her young life. Her pleasure was
unending and glorious and she cried the whole time.

During this the demon reached under himself to squeeze his heavy, cum filled
balls, his own climax coming soon, just as long as she kept on fucking him
back. Her womb formed itself around his cockhead and massaged it gently. With
a roar, he unloaded his full gallons of scalding hot, fertile sperm. Buffy
squealed and arched into him when the fiery blast of cum filled her uterus.
Once again the tiny pocket was forced to expand as jet after jet of demon
semen hosed her insides. Rivers of it overflowed out of her pussy, so much so
that the floor of the cave was totally covered in it. Yet the demon's balls
were far from empty. Buffy was screaming again, the pressure from both her
continuing orgasm and the loads of cum filling her up tormenting her

Hours later, far into the next night, Buffy lay motionless and exhausted on
the sticky ground, but still fully awake. The demon's no longer erect cock
was still inside her, plugging his cum inside her heavy womb while it rolled
and churned inside her as if it were alive. For all she knew, she'd come out
of this pregnant with her rapist's demonic spawn. He demon was looking down
on her and smiling, gently patting her swollen tummy.

On the other side of the cave the Shadowmen were arguing and Buffy couldn't
understand any of it. She didn't care, she just wanted to go home to her
friends and family.

"What do you mean it was the wrong spell?!" the first Shadowman asked his

"Listen, Larry, it's been 10,000 years since I've done the freaking spell!
So I made a little error and grabbed the wrong box!" the second argued back.
The third one rolled his eyes.

"So instead of infusing the slayer with power, you infused her with that big
nasty guy's spunk?"

"Looks like."

"Damn, so now what?"

"I dunno!"

"Well we can't send her back after all that. Just look at her!"

"I'm fresh out of ideas, Gary." The three men looked between them, then the
third got an idea.

"There's still that other Slayer, right? Let her take care of the Hellmouth.
Once we get Fluffy over there outta her, we can clean her out, do some
healing spells and well, let's face it guys, we're old, smelly and gross,
we'll never get chicks. Let's keep her chained up, fuck her for fun until
we've had enough then sell her to some demons. That cool by you?"

"Wow, great idea Bob!"

The End


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