Disclaimer: I don not own either the Buffy or Heroes property neither am I making money off of this piece of fan fiction.

Note: Takes place at the beginning of season 3 of Heroes and beginning of season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In this world, Willow and Buffy are not roommates.

Characters: Claire Bennett (Heroes) and Buffy Summers (BtVS)

Codes: MF, MMF, Anal, Oral

Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Heroes: Claire Bennett In Sunnydale Part 1
by The Chemist

Sylar had awoken something in me that I didn't know had ever existed. I mean I've had urges, sexual urges, in the past but they came and went fairly quickly. The urges were different before; I'd get horny from some stimulus, whether it be something I saw or felt or thought about, and then I would do something about. Well either I would take care of it or West, my ex-boyfriend who had a hobby of flying, would fix my condition. But once I had achieved the ultimate goal, the urges stopped bubbling up and I wouldn't feel it for a few days, sometimes weeks. That made sense since I hadn't reached sexual mature, and wouldn't until I was 35 or so. However, the events of that day will now live in infamy with me, a scar that even I can't heal.

The day started normal enough with me wakening up from a dream-filled sleep and wandering into the bathroom for my routine morning shower. It was a Sunday so there was no school and I had to find ways to kill time. I started by blow-drying my hair, which was sure to take some time since it was fairly long and thick. I got dressed afterwards, throwing on a pair of tight blue jeans, tank-top and white zip-up sweater; a safe attire for whatever the day brought. I was home alone today again, my mom was out with Lyle at some event and my dad was who-knows-where doing who-knows-what to people like me, my people.

I settled by preoccupying my morning by curling up and watching a movie. I wasn't in the mood for a romance, given that my romantic life sucked hard lately. I also wasn't in a very light-hearted mood so there went comedies. I chose an all-out action film, lots of death and mayhem and explosions; something that would numb my brain for a couple hours. Just as I was headed into the kitchen to make up a bowl of my favorite cereal, the door knocked behind me so I turned on my heals and went to the front door. What I saw when I opened the door shocked me to the very core; Sylar!

"Hello Claire," Sylar, the epitome of evil in this world, said casually to me as he leaned against the doorframe. He had a smug face with his stupid sly smile and eyes that bore into my soul, frightening me beyond belief.

"Sylar," I gasped. A plethora of emotions were flooding my mind at the instance, the strongest one being fear. Channeling it, I took off running back inside my house straight to the kitchen where I grabbed the biggest butcher knife from the knife rack. Knowing that I couldn't just run up and stab him, given his telekinetic powers, I ran to the closet and hid inside so I could wait for the most opportune time to deliver my killing blow. I could hear that maniac's feet on the hard tile floor of my kitchen, then saw his shadow through the small wooden slits of the closet door. He was stalking me in my own house. I could barely avoid him last year when I was his prey in Texas then New York, what chance did I have now in a 50 x 50ft house. I couldn't think like that, I had to push those thoughts from my scared little brain and focus on the element of surprise.

"I know you're scared Claire, its only natural when you're stuck in the same house as a person like me. But Claire I don't want to fight you. I just want what you have."

Through the slits in the door I watched as he turned his back to me and looked through my dad's files and heard him rambling on about it being a whole shopping list of powers. I couldn't quite make out what he said exactly as I slowly, quietly opened the closet before plunging the knife into his chest, just as he turned around. Leaving the knife buried deep in him, I ran faster than I thought possible towards my front door and freedom, but I didn't even make it half way there on my own accord. I felt a strong pressure on my back before being lifted into the air and slammed face first into the wall, landing with a thud. I was scared now more than ever, grasping for breath frantically. The worse was still to come though once he turned me over and pointed his finger at me. I remember way back in Odessa when I watched as he posed this position before he sliced the top of Jackie's head clean off to expose her brain, killing her. Sure enough, he slowly started moving his finger and pain erupted on my forehead, my only reaction being that of a blood-curling scream.

I thought I was dead, but the next thing I knew I woke up, admittedly drowsy, with the weirdest sensation going on in my head. Looking around I saw the ceiling above me and the TV on one side and my living room couch on the other. I didn't need to be an Ivy-Leaguer to deduce that I was lying on my coffee table. Without knowing I had said or asked anything, the throaty, menacing voice of my swarn enemy answered from behind me.

"I'm looking for answers before I bleed to death," Sylar answered as I realized the odd feeling in my head was being caused by Sylar thumbing around my brain!

"Why don't I feel anything?"

"No nerve endings, an amazing advancement. Imagine what the things we could do if we used more than the 20% of the brain we currently use now," Sylar asked.

"If we only used 20% than we would have lost the other 80% during natural selection, as it would be something we don't need so deemed expendable. Simple Darwinism," I said not knowing why exactly.

"There's more to Claire Bennett than invincibility and a cheerleading outfit, both of which I adore immensely. Finally, there it is."

I felt Sylar grow quiet as the focused on one area for what seemed like hours, but in reality was probably on a few moments. He must have found it, as he stood up, removed the knife from his chest and headed towards the door, Level 5 files in tow. Wondering what was going to happen to me, I was surprised when the serial killer walked back over to me with my scalp in his hand and took up his old position. The first thought that passed through my mind was if he was going to kill me.

"Claire, you and I are the only ones with this extraordinary power and we'll survive from now until eternity. I don't know if you'll forgive my past sins to you, but maybe I can give you a lasting gift. It will serve you, and just about anyone you encounter, extremely well and when it's time for you and I to be together then it'll be the best bit of forethought I'd ever come up with."

Sylar poked around my brain for a little while longer until he finally attached the top of my head back to the rest of the body and headed to the front door again.

"Claire you were never like the others and you still aren't like the others. You're different, you're special. You'll never die and now you'll never quite by the same again. You'll find that out all in good time. I wish I could stay and watch the transformation but I have abilities to gather and even though I'm mortal like you now, I don't like wasting time."

What he said was very cryptic. What did he do to me? Why won't I be the same again? Did he remove my power from me? He couldn't have because my head reattached to itself. Whatever he did it seems like it will reveal itself to me shortly. Not knowing where to go from here, I curled up on the couch and had a good cry. It was one of those times when I wish they made a 'How to react after surviving an encounter with a homicidal maniac' book.

By the time my mom and Lyle arrived home I was still curled up in a ball, crying on the couch with the dried blood still caked on my forehead. I explained the events from earlier in the day and my mom immediately called my dad to tell him about Sylar's visit. She reported back to me that dad was on his home now, leaving his business trip early in order to come home and help me through whatever effects were lingering from the attack.

Mom was great through the rest of night, making me soothing tea and comforting me the best she could. I decided to turn in early that night so that could put an end to this frightful day as soon as possible.

I woke up the next morning well before my alarm went off and didn't feel rested; my sleep was interrupted by dream after dream, some being nightmares but some being rather sexual. As I stood and stretched, I caught a glimpse of myself in my full-length mirror and was quite impressed with what I say. I'm not normally a cocky person but I couldn't believe how hot I looked this morning. Sporting my long blonde hair with bed-head and a silk nightie that really made my modest B-cup tits and athletic legs look fantastic. Slipping it over my head, I got even more hornier seeing myself completely naked, so much so that I felt wetness oozing from my pussy. That shocked me out of my trance and briskly got dressed, but wasn't ready for my body's response when I slipped on my thong. The constriction that the satin material had on both my twat and, more surprisingly, my asshole sent ripples of pleasure streaming up my spine and made me shiver until I pulled them back down my legs.

After trying every different type of underwear I owned, I was forced to go without any under my mid-thigh-length pink skirt. I had no idea what was happening to me. I enjoyed sex when I was with West, but I wasn't a hormone-crazed teenager that needed sex everyday to function normally. Besides the fact that my juices were running down my inner thigh non-stop, I also had the biggest craving for something like milk. Running down the stairs into the kitchen, I poured a glass of milk and drink it in one shot but it didn't quench my craving; it wasn't thick enough. Looking in the fridge I found the carton of cream my dad uses for his coffee. Checking over my shoulder to make sure no one had walked in, I sipped the cream without pouring a cup, but it too didn't hit the spot; it wasn't bitter enough. It was driving me insane not knowing what I wanted, all I know is that I was craving something I've had before but couldn't place what it was.

Giving up, I walked into the sitting room and found my mom talking on the phone visibly upset as Mr Muggles sat by her feet. Shortly after I entered she hung the phone up and stared into space, obviously not knowing I was in the room with her.

"What's up Mom?"

"Oh Claire you startled me. I didn't think you'd be up for another hour. Anyway that was your father. His plane was delayed and he can't make it back for another day or so. How you feeling today sweetie?"

"That's okay mom, and I'm feeling much better today anyway. Actually, if you don't mind, I was thinking of going to school. It'll help getting back into a routine and being able to be with my friends would be great too."

"That's fine Claire. Oh but you should probably wash your leg first, you must have spilt some honey," Mom said just as I felt Mr Muggles rough tongue lapping at the inside of my calf, obviously licking up my pussy juice that was still gushing out of me. "Stop that Mr Muggles."

"Shit," I cursed as I rushed out of the room and into the bathroom to clean up. "Control yourself Claire, what the hell is wrong with you," I asked myself as I attempted to gain composure.

After settling for being as good as I was going to get, I emerged from the bathroom, grabbed my bookbag and left my house. I knew I would get to school really early but I figured I would do some reading for today's lessons or hopefully dump into Jackie, my best friend. She'd be at school for cheerleading practice and would be finishing up around the time I got there.

I arrived at school and like expected no one was there so I decided to head inside to my locker and grab my first period books and start reading ahead. As I was putting in my combo, Zeke emerged at the end of the hall. He would have been hard to miss given that he was easily 6'3, 200 pounds and the center of the basketball team.

"Hey shortie. You're here early," Zeke said as he approached me and gave me a colossal sized hug. I loved the feel of his arms engulfing me, how his flat stomach felt against my nipples. It made me so...horny again.

"Zeke listen. You need to follow me right now," I said as I practically started dragging the monstrous human behind me as I headed for what was sure to be a vacant girl's washroom.

"Claire, what's going on. Why did you bring me into the girl's washroom?" Zeke asked as I shoved him inside a stall and swiftly locked it behind me.

"Well because if I fucked you in the hall for everyone to see then we'd probably get detention so I opted for the more subtle location," I explained as I dropped to my knees after pulling his pants down around his ankles and forcing him back to recline on the toilet.

"I didn't even know you liked me...oh shit," Zeke moaned as I took his hardening cock into my mouth, sucking the very tip for a short while before letting my skillful tongue go to work licking the sides of his massive 9-inch black cock and sweaty balls.

"Listen big boy. Why don't you just sit back and enjoy getting blown," I said in my naughtiest voice as I took in as much of his member into my mouth as I could while maintaining eye contact the whole time. I wasn't an expert at blowjobs having only given West a dozen or so, but for whatever inexperience I had was more than made up for by my enthusiasm.

As I used my hand to match the movement of mouth, I could see Zeke throw his head back in pure delight. It felt as though some sex monger inhibited my body, but it felt really good to have a rock hard cock between my lips and sucking as if my life depended on it.

"Let me fuck that sweet pussy of yours," Zeke said as he kicked his shoes and pants off while I was currently attacking his balls with my nimble tongue.

"Thought you never asked," I replied in my husky, sexy voice again. I didn't even know I had a sexy voice, but then again, until today I didn't know I had such an overactive sex drive. Zeke shot to his feet and helped me to mine before putting a long wet kiss on me as he slowly rotated me so that we were still joined at the lips but my back was pressed to his chest as I craned my neck over my shoulder. We broke contact so I could dramatically bend completely over so I could rest my hands flat on the floor.

"Wow, no panties. My kind of girl Claire." Zeke said after flipping my skirt up and onto my back. "I'll take it slow with you to start with so you get use to my size"

"Fuck that Zeke, just slam it in there and give it to me hard," I screamed, shocking myself at how I was verbally expressing how my body felt. A second later I realized that my boy toy had done what I had asked as I felt my pussy get sliced open by his fat cock, the force of which crashing me forward so I hit my head on the stall's metal wall.

"Oh shit Claire, my bad. You okay," Zeke asked me as he stood with his manhood completely buried in my folds.

"Zeke I told you to give it to me hard and I don't feel like you're doing that. Do I have to go track down someone else to do it for me?" I asked. It was really bitchy of me but I didn't care because I needed to get fucked badly. To be honest, if it wasn't for the load noise my head made when I hit the wall I never would have known anything. Sylar had made me aware that I had no nerve endings, which eliminated the sensation of pain, much like patients suffering from Riley Day Syndrome.

I could only imagine how stunned Zeke was through this whole idea. Before today he had only known me as Claire Bennett, Jackie's friend who did cheerleading, was quiet and kept to herself. Now this same girl had dragged him into the bathroom, sucked him off and was demanding him to fuck her. Happily, I felt his strong hands on my hips as I pushed my body backwards in quick successions as my obedient partner was pumping my twat. I couldn't remember a time in my past sexual history that felt more fulfilling or made me more aroused than right now. Zeke was so strong that resting my hands on the floor wasn't possible so I used them to brace myself against the stall, which also allowed me to push back against him to get more force.

"You're a real freak, you know that right Claire?" Zeke commented with a smile as a watched him break a sweat fucking me as I alternated between rubbing my clit and massaging his nuts.

"Thanks," I replied with a wink. "Cum for me Zekey boy. I'm so close."

I could tell that Zeke was excited to hear that he got me so close to an orgasm this fast, that or he was thankful I didn't need him to hold out any longer as it looked like he was getting ready to orgasm himself. I rubbed my folds a little harder and that was enough to send me over the edge and into a fantastic orgasm that felt like it lasted for hours.

"Where do you want it Claire," Zeke asked as he bit down hard on his lower lip.

"My mouth," I answered reflexively.

I moved with lightning quickness to get down on my knees in front of the muscular basketball player just in time. I had just opened my mouth and inched towards his member when his first burst of cum rocketed to the back of my throat. I locked my lips around his crown as the rest of his hot load oozed out onto my tongue, which I gladly swallowed down with a grateful smile.

"Thanks buddy. You have no idea how much I needed that," I said as I straightened out my outfit and walked out of the bathroom, leaving the big fellow stunned on the seat of the toilet.

I was hoping that this latest escapade would quench my new thirst but I could feel the itch from deep in my loins still bubbling. I only had to find a way to make it through the day until my dad got home and could help me with my new problem.

* * *

"You have to what?" I asked, hearing the words coming from my dad's mouth.

"Hiro is going to go back in time and move you to a different time so that Sylar can't get you," he restated.

"I'm deaf. I didn't need you to repeat it," I yelled. "So what'll happen?"

"Hiro will go back to tomorrow and than he'll take you to a time where Sylar wasn't Sylar yet. You'll live there until we can get rid of him once and for all. Once Sylar's died, Hiro comes and gets you then everything is good," he informed.

"What if something happens to Hiro and he can't come get me afterwards," I demanded.

"We've thought of that and have found other people who can manipulate time and space. Plus we'll put Hiro in maximum security protection to ensure nothing happens to him," he said, obviously having thought this through.

"For how long? And where will I go," I asked, yielding somewhat.

"That's my girl. We already have much information on Sylar so should be able to pull the trigger within a few days. As for where, it's more like when. 1999. Staying in Southern California in a small town named Sunnidale. Befriend a girl named Buffy Summers who'll be a freshman at Sunnidale University, just as you will be. She has powers so she can help you out," he said to me.

"Okay fine," I agreed.

Hiro was nearby and waiting for my dad's call and was at my house in 10 minutes. I packed light, was given some cash and a bank card to an account that they had already set up for me. Just like they had done with getting me enrolled at Sunnidale University. Hiro warned me about the feeling of traveling through time and space but an instant later I was standing in the quad of the college in darkness.

"Okay Miss Bennett, I'll grab your luggage and put it in your room. Your roommate isn't in there so no one will know what I'm doing," Hiro Nakamura said.

I thanked him before watching him vanish into thin air. My dad had left me a map with my residence building circled and a room number so I headed in that direction. True to his word, my stuff was waiting in the room and my roommate, Buffy Summers, was not. I wasn't up for doing anything since the sight of a boy, or girl for that matter, would have had me jumping their bones, so I drifted off to sleep.

* * *

Claire had decided to leave her room early that morning, after being well rested from going to bed early last night. Since Mr. Bennett couldn't figure out a way to fix what Sylar did to her, she had go another few days living with her new-found hormones.

Claire had decided on a sexy outfit consisting of a small white blouse where her red bra was peeking out and a blue kilt with knee-high stockings. The fact she had a fit body with sun-kissed Californian skin allowed her the freedom to look great in just about anything and her horniness gave her the initiative to wear it.

She checked her class schedule once more to confirm she was in the right class before taking a seat at the back. The room could fit about 200 kids and it was half filled.

"I guess genetics isn't a big draw here," Claire mused to herself.

"Is this seat taken?"

Claire looked up and realized that the tall, brown haired boy was talking to her. He was handsome in the classic sense with sweet eyes and a nice body to boot. "By all means."

"Thanks. I figured it would be rude to just kick you out of my seat so I'll have to settle for the next best thing," he replied with a confident smile.

"My bad. I'm new here. My name is Claire," she said.

"Parker Abrams and it is a pleasure to meet you Claire," he replied smoothly. "So you're into genealogy?"

"Fascinated by it actually. The way we can evolve and differentiate from our ancestors is cool stuff," Claire answered.

The pair talked throughout class, lowering their voices during the actual lecture but never stopping. Claire loved how sensitive and such a good listener he was while Parker loved how extremely hot the freshman was.

"So Miss Bennett, what are you doing later today," Parker asked his next conquest.

"I have a few more classes than am going to explore campus a bit then I'm totally free," she replied. "Why do you ask?"

"I would love to take you to a movie tonight. The on-campus theatre is pretty cozy but they are only showing an action movie this afternoon."

"That I can do," Claire answered with a big smile. "I think it said 3pm today so we'll meet there around that time?"

"Beautiful and observant. I'm there," Parker replied as they walked out of class and headed their different directions.

Parker loved how easy it was talking up freshman girls and getting them to do all kinds of nasty things. Only last night he had a marathon sex session with the energetic and surprisingly flexible Buffy Summers. Now he had already managed to snag a date with another gorgeous blonde co-ed who dressed like she needed a good fuck.

"Parker, how are you," Buffy asked as he had just taken a seat on a bench in the quad.

"Buffy, I'm good how are you," Parker replied awkwardly.

Despite how good of a lay Buffy was, Parker was in no mood to settle down to just one girl. Especially when he took great pleasure in taking an innocent girl and making her a dirty, begging slut.

"I was surprised you bailed this morning," she answered.

"Don't take it personally, I had class," Parker replied quickly.

"Oh. I see. Are you free now? We could go grab some breakfast or coffee or something," the hot blonde asked.

"I'm going to pass. I have to go wash up and meet up with a friend in a bit," Parker asked, knowing that Buffy thought he was ducking her.

"Is something Parker. The past week we've been attached at the hip then we have, um, sex and now you want nothing to do with me? Was I not good," Buffy asked with a hurt face.

All of a sudden a wicked idea hatched in Parker's mind. "I'm not trying to be mean Buffy but you were rough. You could use some practice. I think we could have something real but I just feel you need to gain more experience. Do me a favor, meet these guys today and they'll be able to help you out."

"Seriously," Buffy replied after a long pause.

"I want us to work, do you," Parker asked as he held out the card with a name and number on it.

Buffy didn't speak but simply accepted the card before Parker breezed by her and continued onto his room. Once there he got on his phone, "Hey Jeff. I don't have the money I owe you for the stuff but I can make it up to you in another way. I girl will call you and you just have to invite her over so you and Johnny can do whatever you want to her. Look her up in the freshman handbook under Buffy Summers. You won't be disappointment."

Parker owed money to the college drug dealer and instead of paying with money he decided to pay with pussy, namely Buffy's pussy. The two men were business but above all else they were red-blooded males and there was no way they would pass up a girl as hot as her.

* * *

Buffy couldn't believe what Parker had suggested. Then again, she couldn't believe that she had called the number. Or dressed up in what the men had specified. Or had actually shown up on their doorstep. However, there she was at their door, ringing the bell wearing only black heels and short robe that concealed her matching red bra and thong with black lace.

"You must be Buffy," a large bald man asked her.

"That's me," she replied. "You Jeff or Johnny?"

"I'm Jeff baby and this is my pal Johnny," he said, pointing to the muscular black man in the living room. "Come on in."

Jeff was about 6'1 tall and easily 250 pounds distributed in his rather round body. Johnny on the other hand was 6'3 with a powerful frame and cornrows for hair. Neither of the men was particularly good looking, potentially the reason they gladly let Parker pay them with a girl they couldn't possible hope of getting with on normal circumstances.

"Beer," Johnny offered although he already had opened the can and set it down in front of her.

"Um sure," Buffy said as she took a sip. "So how do you want to do this? You're my teachers, or guides, or instructors you know or something like that anyway."

Parker had filled the guys in about the scenario in which he tricked Buffy into having sex with them so they knew to keep up the rouse. Jeff answered with: "Well first you'll take off you coat and let us see what you're working with."

Helping her to her feet, Buffy stood facing Johnny on the couch while feeling Jeff pressed against her back. One of their hands undid the lace belt holding her robe closed before the black material was peeled from her slim shoulders and fell to the ground.

"Hot damn," Johnny exclaimed.

Johnny quickly snapped off the clasp of her bra and removed it from her body, watching as her perk medium-sized tits with perfect pink nipples hardened in the cool air. Jeff was doing likewise from behind her as he moved her thong down her tanned legs to leave her completely naked.

"Just a perfect body. Why Parker didn't want you all to himself is a mystery to me," Jeff commented as the two men roamed the tiny blonde's body.

"I guess I'm not a good lay or experienced enough," Buffy replied, more to herself than to her partners.

"Don't worry little girl. We'll open you up really wide to a bunch of new things," Johnny said as he removed his belt and slide his pants down to his ankles.

As Johnny played with the blonde's tits with both his hands and mouth, Jeff was planting kisses on her plump ass until he nestled into her ass crack. Putting his hand between her shoulder blades and applying pressure, Buffy was bent over until her butt was up in the air and her face was inches from Johnny's raging boner.

"You got a tasty pussy," Jeff said as he focused in on her folds that had only a thin strip of well-maintained hair above it.

Buffy would have thanked him if she was able to speak. However she had several inches of Johnny's thick cock buried between her luscious lips. If she had any reservations about how fast or deep to go, the large black man was doing that for her with two handfuls of her silky hair.

"Oh that's my asshole," Buffy stated as she used her super strength to push away from Johnny's hold and straighten up.

"So this is why Parker didn't want you as is. You need work baby girl on opening up and really becoming a sex master," Jeff said which clearly had an effect on Buffy as her body went less rigid.

Pushing his luck, Jeff pulled her ass cheeks as far apart as possible before slowly lowering his face until his tongue made penetration into her tight backdoor. Buffy wanted to attack him but he had hit her in an emotionally tender spot and deep down she wanted to satisfy Parker so was game for anything these thugs had in mind.

"Let me try that pussy Jeff," Johnny said to his friend after having Buffy suck him off for another 10 minutes.

"Sure buddy. My jaw is killing me anyway," Jess said having emerged from between Buffy's cheeks. "I think she was into the ass licking."

"It started off as really weird but finished as kinky," Buffy admitted sheepishly. "I guess I just need to be a little more open minded."

"Speaking of more open, let me open up that fine pussy as you ride me girl," Johnny said from his seated position on the couch.

Buffy did just that as she stepped onto the leather sofa on either side of his body before straddling him. Feeling that his member was already sufficient wet from her blowjob, Buffy slide it into her folds then lowered herself down. It hurt at first as his wide cock extended her tiny twat in every direction but after a few minutes it started to feel good so she increased the tempo tremendously.

Meanwhile, Jess had climbed onto the couch so that he could experience the oral skills that the blonde had to offer. He was disappointed initially that she could only engulf half of his 9-inch pole but after coaching her up she was swallowing all he had to offer in no time at all.

"Alright stop keeping her all for yourself," Jeff said to his friend.

"If it was anyone else I would say no but okay," Johnny conceded.

Jeff jumped down off the sofa, a thick trail of saliva coming to rest on Buffy's face in his haste. Once on the ground he went behind their sex slave for the night and pulled her off of Johnny by her hips. Buffy had to make a choice between wiping the drool from her face or putting her hands out to stop her face from smashing the floor. In the end she chose to save her pretty face and ended up on her hands and knees with Jeff behind her and Johnny's cock staring her straight in the face.

"Tell me how you taste baby. Men love watching a girl do some taste testing of themselves," Johnny mused to his blonde sex puppet. "It's so sexy on a degrading level. Remember to make eye contact the whole time too."

With his black cock held in his left hand, he reached out for the back of Buffy's head with his right. She was apprehensive at first but visions of winning Parker back danced in her head so she let him guide her to his glistening member. His glistening member that simmered in the light because it was coated in her vaginal juices.

"What am I doing to myself," Buffy asked herself as she opened her mouth and accepted him in.

He controlled the speed that she was sucking at by holding the sides of her head. He loved the feel of her tongue working over the underbelly of his cock not just because it was like a massage but because it meant that she was forced to savor in her own pussy flavor. What made it even sexier for him was the fact she never looked away from him as he made Buffy take it all the way into her throat and hold it there.

While his buddy was making Buffy give him the most degrading blowjob of her life, Jeff had resumed eating out her ass. Once it was shining with his spit, he slide one finger into her pussy to gather up some of the remaining liquid before sticking it into her bum.

"What the hell are you doing," Buffy demanded as she pulled herself off of Johnny. "Licking is one thing but sticking a finger up there is totally different."

"I guess you don't really want your man then. Parker is an anal fiend. He can't get enough of sticking his cock up some girl's asshole," Jeff replied having left his finger in their despite her squirming. "If you don't want my dick up your ass then leave now. Just know you aren't just walking out on us. You're walking out on Parker and any chance with him ever."

"Fuck my life," Buffy murmured to herself before dropping back down into the doggy-style position.

Acting quickly so she didn't come to her senses and leave, Jeff replaced his pointer finger with the tip of his cock. She didn't argue this time so he pressed forwards until the crown of his member disappeared into her constricted rosebud. Johnny knew his buddy must have slipped it in by the rumbling against his cock from Buffy's throat but she never lost eye contact, only slightly grimaced.

"That's it baby. We'll have you an experienced slut by the time you're back with your boytoy," Johnny said to her as he treated himself to a slow blowjob from the attractive freshman.

After going slow for the first while until he had worked himself in all the way a few times, Jeff was starting to open up on the blonde. He loved watching as her cheeks rippled from the contact when his hips hit, such being the force of his thrusts. He was being a little rough with her but her light body was withstanding the punishment so it encouraged him to slap her ass and pull her hair harder.

"My turn for some of that ass," Johnny announced.

Jeff welcomed the change in position as her asshole was on the verge of milking him of his love seed. He pulled out and loved the view of her once tight ass now left gaping open. She got up to her feet and became aware of the burning sensation coming from her rectum, but she had to admit that during the anal sex it felt pretty good.

"Turn her around so that she can ride your business but suck me off from here," Jess instructed. "I'll introduce her to a little ATM."

"ATM?" Buffy asked as she turned around and bent down so that she rode him reverse cowgirl in her asshole. This time the dick slide easily into her backdoor and she had worked up a fast tempo in no time flat.

"Ass to mouth," Jeff answered as Buffy's lips wrapped around his member. As the realization sunk in as she sucked her ass from his penis. "That's right baby. Don't act like you don't like it. It makes you feel dirty but you like feeling dirty, don't you slut."

Buffy couldn't believe how much the pair was embarrassing her but she had to admit that she did like feeling like a nasty whore. To all her friends and family she was na
"Lean back," Jeff said to her.

Buffy did as she was told this time without compliant or hesitation. She had fully given into her sex instructors no matter what they planned to do to her. She just hoped that an orgasm was on the cards as she felt it growing closer.

She removed her lips from around his shit-flavored cock and moved back until her back was pressed against Johnny's powerful pecs. Her feet had lifted off the ground so she had to rely on the football player to drive his rod up into her asshole from his seated position, which he did with power. With their legs spread wide, Jeff stepped between the two sets and pushed into the Slayer's unoccupied pussy.

"Oh my God! I'm so fucking full right now," Buffy screamed.

Never in her wildest ideas did Buffy think that she would let two people she had just met fuck her at the same time with one in her pink and another in her stink. This was something straight from the Playboy channel but she didn't care what people would think and just reaped the sexual benefits.

"I knew she'd love this shit," Johnny said from beneath her as the two men drilled into her tight holes in rhythm.

"I fucking love it so damn much," Buffy exclaimed. "Love it so much I'm cumming. Yes yes yes. Keep fucking me hard as I cum boys."

And Buffy did just that as she exploded onto Jeff's cock with a built up orgasm. Even though she was so emotionally invested to Parker last night when they made love, that orgasm pailed in comparison to the one she had just experienced from being double penetrated from guys hung like horses.

As her body was being rocked by her massive orgasm, she was barely aware that the sources had withdrawn from her. She felt one of their sex organs fit between her lush lips before emptying its contents into her mouth. Out of reflex she swallowed down the massive load. The second load didn't make it to her mouth on time and exploded all over her face, some even getting into her long golden hair. Buffy was too exhausted and satisfied to care though.

* * *

"So is this movie any good," Claire asked Parker as they approached the small, one screen cinema right on the Sunnidale University campus.

"Think of a mixture of between Die Hard and The Matrix. How could that not be good," Parker replied, flashing his million -dollar smile.

"2 for Rouge Cop," he said to the theatre teller as they got to the box office.

"You didn't have to pay for me," Claire said.

"Well I didn't know if your outfit had any area to put a wallet," Parker replied, giving Claire a compliment without drooling over her sexy look.

"Good point," she conceded.

They walked down the short corridor until the pushed past the set of double doors and entered the cinema. It was rather small with only about 14 rows, but the angle and height of the chairs made it nearly impossible to look backwards. There were only a few other people in the theatre already with a group of 5 guys seating halfway up and a few couples scattered throughout.

"Do you mind the top row? I love the view from there," Parker asked.

Claire didn't mind whatsoever and followed her date up the stairs until the walked about halfway into the row and took a seat dead center of the screen. The previews started only a minute later before the opening credits started the film.

Knowing that Claire liked him from the look she had in her eye, Parker brought his hand over the armrest and took her hand into his. She gladly accepted, as he knew she would, and intertwined their fingers. Now was the time to kick-start his standard cinema-sex plan. Most girls crossed their legs when they took a seat, especially on one as comfy as these but his date had hers pressed together.

Claire was excited when Parker first held her hand but now she was left disappointed as he disengaged. His intentions became clear though when he rested his palm on the bare skin of her upper thigh. Her skirt had pushed up higher on her leg so that it sat only a few inches from her nether region.

She knew what he wanted to do and even if she wanted to stop him her hormones were raging. She separated her legs so that Parker could move his hand further up her leg until it was under her short skirt.

"I hope he doesn't think I'm a slut for not wearing panties," Claire thought to herself as he leaned over and started kissing her.

"What a slut," Parker mused to himself as he made contact with Claire's dripping pussy.

Rubbing her folds for a few passes, Parker swiftly buried two fingers into her hole and started working them in and out. He moved his kisses down to the nape of her neck while he used his right hand to feel up her modest breasts. The choice of a loud action movie was no coincidence as the explosions and shouting easily drowned out Claire's moans.

Claire let him work her over for awhile before pushing his wrist away so that she could get down to her knees. The floors weren't nearly as clean as she had hoped for as popcorn and chewed gum crunched under her kneecaps but she had her mind on sucking cock and nothing was going to stop her.

"Bloody hell. I should have known a girl like you could deep-throat," Parker said as he bundled the girl's hair above her head to keep it out of the way for her.

Claire had wasted little time in getting his full 6-inch length completely into her mouth. Her previous boyfriends were much bigger than Parker so she was used to swallowing more meat than his modest offerings. While buried completely on his rod she stuck out her tongue and licked the upper part of his sack, illicting a deep groan from the brown-haired boy.

Parker pulled up on her hair sharply to give her the message to stop. Claire pulled herself from his cock and got to her feet before the boy spun her around. He wasn't nearly as smooth as he should have been as he pulled the unbreakable girl down onto his lap and shoved all of his member into her tight pussy.

"Oh fuck," Claire groaned in pleasure as she was stretched out.

Leaning forward so she could have her feet on the ground between his legs, Claire squatted up and down on his meat to the pace Parker set by controlling her hips. The choice of a skirt to the movies appeared to have been the right decision.

"I'm going to cum," Claire announced after several minutes of hard fucking while also rubbing her clit.

A wave of pleasure and relief flooded over her as she exploded into her orgasm. Even though she had sex only 24 hours ago, it felt like an entire year to the young co-ed.

As she was in a bit of a stupor, she felt Parker move her near lifeless body so that her upper body and face were pressed against a seat while her rump was left up in the air as she rested on her knees. Parker must have lifted the armrest that separated the two seats she was now sprawled across.

With his cock slathered in her juices and with an easy, nearly unconscious girl at his mercy, Parker moved his dickhead level with her clenched asshole. In one fluid movement so that she would have no time to refuse Parker pushed his entire length into her virgin bum.

Claire was glad that she couldn't feel pain as she felt her backdoor accepted his thick cock with much resistance. She couldn't help but thinking what a jerk he was as he mercilessly hammered into her asshole with little regard to how much it would have hurt her if it weren't for Sylar switching off her pain receptors.

After what she could only guess at being ten minutes of intense anal sex, Parker pulled out of her rump. Claire had thought that he must have dumped his load in her ass until the feeling of his bulbous head pushing into her mouth surprised her. Without having a chance to protest Parker blasted stream after stream of cum down the young girl's throat. He held his cock in her mouth until he saw movement in her throat and smiled as she swallowed his huge load.

Parker wasn't done with her yet as he left his member in her mouth and stepped forward. At first Claire resisted him until it was clear he was not going to stop until she gave him some post-humping head. Thrusting with his hips into her now accepting mouth, Parker fucked her face so that she cleaned the taste from her own bowels from him. The blowjob also gave him the support he needed to stay hard and be ready for another go.

Hayden wasn't thrilled when Parker pulled out from her mouth and rolled her flat on her back with her legs in the air. Part of her wanted to get up and walk right out of the theatre and never look at the boy again, but a much larger part of her knew that she needed to fulfill her new hunger. If she left now then she would be horny again in 6 hours and hump some random guy who might be worse than Parker. So she decided to let him do whatever he wanted to her so that it quenched her for the rest of the day and maybe even tomorrow.

Parker moved her a little closer to the edge of the seat so that he could squat and plunge himself fully back into her pink folds. He had hoisted her legs up onto his shoulders so that it tightened her small pussy even more to increase his pleasure.

For the remaining hour and a half of the movie, Parker and Claire had sweaty sex until the end credits were rolling. Claire didn't know how painful it would have been for her if it wasn't for Sylar but she was thankful that although he gave her a cock craving at least he numbed her pain receptors. Parker had fucked her ruthlessly in her pussy, throat and asshole for the entire time, caring little if she got off while he did so 3 more times, each time making her swallow his pungent offering. Luckily Claire was able to get herself off just as many times through more work on herself than by him.

* * *

Shortly after Buffy got back to her dorm room, she was surprised when another short blonde girl entered.

"I guess you're my new roommate," Buffy asked.

"Guess so. Claire Bennett."

"Buffy Summers. So how do you like school so far," Buffy asked as they each took a seat on their own beds.

"Not too bad. Went on a date to see a matinee movie," Claire answered.

"How was it?"

"Little short and kinda rough," Claire replied.

"That sucks. Hopefully the guy was better than the movie."

"No the movie was good. I was talking about Parker, my date," Claire said with a wink.

"Parker Abrams?"

* * *

Parker was surprised to hear a knock on his door. He wasn't expecting anyone but maybe Claire was ready for round two.

"Claire? What's up," Parker asked. He was surprised to see the slutty young co-ed on his doorstep only an hour or so after he fucked her in the movie theatre.

"Was just thinking about you then I found myself outside your door," Claire said with a big grin. "May I come in or are you entertaining?"

"By all means," Parker said as he stepped aside to allow her to come in.

Parker had barely managed to close the door when there was another rasping of knuckles on the thin wooden door. He waited a second before clasping the doorknob and opening it.


"So you do remember my name. Who's this slut? I saw her strutting down the hall and had a feeling she was here for you. So you banging her too," Buffy shouted as she pushed past Parker. Turning her gaze towards Claire, "He's just going to use you then throw you to the side just like what he did to me."

"Maybe that happened to you but not to me. I'm not sure what your deal is but you seem kinda crazy so no wonder her dumped your ass," Claire responded without missing a beat.

"Excuse me," Buffy said, approaching the equally small girl.

"You heard me," Claire answered, going toe to toe with the Slayer.

Within a split second Buffy was behind Claire with one hand on her chin and the other pressed against the side of her head. Before either Claire or Parker could move an inch, Buffy used her superhuman strength and twisted the blonde's head nearly right around. Claire's eyes went blank as the life left them before her body crumpled to the floor.

"What the fuck?" Parker screamed at her before turning tail and running out of the room.

* * *

"So you are an indestructible time traveler from the future," Giles asked Claire as the Scooby gang had assembled in his townhouse.

"Indestructible yes. From the future yes. But I was delivered here from the future by a time traveler, not by my own power," Claire answered as 6 pairs of eyes were firmly fixed on her.

"Very cool," Oz added.

"So are there flying cars where you are from," Xander asked with giddy excitement.

"Don't be dumb," his girlfriend Anya said as she slapped him on the arm. Claire got the feeling Anya was a bit jealous of Xander's split attention.

"No flying cars but Arnold Schwarzenegger is governor of California and there is a black president," Claire answered brightly.

"Unlikely, however you were told to seek out Buffy for protection?" Giles asked the new girl.

"Yeah. My dad works for a company that track bad people like me, mutants for lack of a better word. Sylar is a dangerous man who steals people's power and if he was to get mine than it's game over. He sent me here to protect me from him and set it up so that Buffy and I were roommates. We bonded earlier over pulling a prank on Parker," Claire added with a wink at Buffy.

"Very true," Buffy replied.

"My dad didn't want to say it but they aren't as close to killing Sylar as he let me believe. Or else why would he have enrolled me in college if I would only be here a few days."

For the next few hours Willow, Oz, Xander, Anya, Giles, Buffy and Claire chatted about herself, the future and her mutation. She kept her secret about what both Parker and Sylar had done to her expect for telling Buffy. Buffy was great about it and told Claire about her time with Parker's friends then even had an idea for the next time she got uber-horny. Claire knew that her and Buffy would be great friends and from that night on she started to miss the future a little less.


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