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Note: This is an alteration to the episode 'Go Fish' (season 2 episode 20).

Codes: Anal, First, Creature/creature/f, Oral

Pairings: Claire/Monster/Monster, Buffy/Monster/Monster

Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Heroes: Lovefish
by The Chemist

"Okay so just to double check, Coach Carl has been putting steroids in the steam room that is making his swimmers turn to sea monsters," Buffy said with a confused look.

"Exactly Buffy. You've been paying attention," Giles answered from the front of their familiar table in the library.

"And it might be reversible?" Cordelia asked.

"Yes. If we can find out what's in the steroid gas than the hospital toxicology lab can develop an antidote," Willow answered before Giles could get his word in.

"And how many are there?"

"Four now that Cordelia and Xander saw Sean turn into one as well. Cameron, Gage and Dodd are the others," Giles said.

"Oh hey Claire," Xander greeted with a bit too much enthusiasm for Cordelia's liking.

Claire was the new girl in town who had just moved from southern California to Sunnidale with her mom, dad and younger brother a few weeks ago. While one night during her walk home after cheerleading practice she was attacked by a vampire who bit her before Buffy could get there and kill the vampire. Both girls were surprised at what they saw; Buffy was shocked when Claire stood after being sucked dry and Claire couldn't believe vampires were real.

That night Claire went to Buffy's house and the attractive blondes told their stories. Claire confessed she was indestructible due to a genetic mutation and that her family moved here to live a quiet life to prevent her from being experimented on by the government. Buffy told her secret of being the vampire slayer, the chosen girl that had to kill demons at the Hellmouth with the help of her Watcher Rupert Giles. The two were nearly inseparable from that point on. Claire went on patrol with Buffy every night, even being used as bait more often than not.

"Hey gang. Sorry I'm late, that Principal Snyder is a real twerp," Claire Bennett said as she took her seat next to the lovely Slayer.

"So than I think I'm going to go have a talk with our coach. He'll know where the boys are so we can keep them safe until the antidote thingy is ready," Buffy said to the group.

"I'll come with. Back-up is always a good thing," Claire added with a smile to her best friend. Claire had a natural flirty attitude, but Buffy couldn't tell if there was something else there.

"Yes good idea Claire. You go with Buffy, Xander and Cordelia go get a sample of the gas and Willow and I will talk with nurse Greenliegh," Giles said before they broke off into pairs.

"We'll head to his office and get him to talk," Buffy said as they walked that direction.

Buffy was wearing a black tanktop, white skirt and knee-high leather boots so she was hoping that there wouldn't be a confrontation as her attire wasn't fighting friendly. Meanwhile, the equally hot Claire was still in her Sunnidale cheerleading uniform of a yellow shirt, short red skirt and white running shoes.

"Some imagination you two have," Coach Carl said as the hot duo caught up with him as he entered into the boiler room.

"Real good imagination actually. Like I can imagine you in an orange jumpsuit breaking rocks into smaller rocks," Buffy retorted with her smug arrogance.

"You have no proof," the couch said as he moved further into the room, the girls hot on his heels.

"Tell us what's in the gas. We can save those boys," Claire demanded.

"Did you know I use to be a scientist in the Soviet Union. I worked on combining fish DNA into human DNA and right around the time the Soviet fell, I nearly cracked it."

"And a few weeks ago I guess you figured it out," Buffy added. "Why?"

"I'm a coach. I'm making those boys the best they can be. We have a chance at the national swimming championship. I'm looking at a massive bonus and probably being recruited to a big college to run their swim program."

"We don't care. It's over. No more swim team," Claire said.

"I would have thought a cheerleader would have had more school spirit. I expected this from that slut, after all whores aren't known for there school support other than letting the entire football team fuck them."

"Slut? Whore? Well at least I have my sanity...and freedom. Two things you are running short on."

"Get in the hole," Coach Carl said as he turned towards the girl, a handgun in each hand pointed at them.

The hole the coach was referring to was an exposed opening in the floor that led down to a sewer beneath the school.

"We can take him," Claire whispered to Buffy.

"Guns can actually kill me Claire," Buffy replied.

"Right. In we go then," Claire said as the two beauties lowered themselves down the hole.

"This isn't over," Buffy added before dropping out of sight along with her friend.

"You think I don't care about my boys, but they need me."

"Holy crap, nurse Greenliegh," Claire shrieked as she saw they dead body of their school nurse with large pieces of her body bitten off.

"You are just going to feed us to them," Buffy asked with a worried look on her face.

"Boys gotta eat now don't they," the coach added with a sly smile before replacing the grid over the hole and leaving the room.

"Great. Sadly this isn't even in the top ten of weirdest things to happen to me," Buffy said as she and Claire started to venture down the enclosed sewer tunnel.

"This water is freezing," Claire said as they two girls walked through the murky water that was at their mid-thigh.

"We have to find a way out. That hole is too high to jump," Buffy said as they moved out of the water and onto a large dry platform.

As they moved into the middle of the ground, all 4 monsters emerged from the water, 2 from behind and 2 in front of them.

"Holy crap. Can we beat them?" Claire asked

"Not unless you have super fighting skills too. I can't take out 4 of them, especially while not being able to kill them. They'll just keep getting up and fighting," Buffy said as the large, blue scaly sea creatures closed in on them.

"Okay I have an idea but you have to just go with it. It'll keep us alive long enough for the others to get the antidote or give us an opening. Just trust me," Claire pleaded.

"Okay I trust you just do something," Buffy said before she felt Claire's dainty hands grab the side of her head and bring her in for a kiss.

Buffy couldn't have been surprised to feel Claire's full lips on her own, much less when the cheerleader's tongue tried making its way into her mouth. The slayer went with it and started mingling her own tongue with Claire's, noticing how good of a kisser the short blonde was during their kiss.

"What are you doing," Buffy demanded in between kisses.

"They've stopping attacking. It's the only way to keep them occupied is to give them a show," Claire added before resuming to kiss her best friend.

Claire was right; the sea monsters had stopped dead. Their scaly jaws were literally hanging open as their blue cocks grew harder and longer. Even though they were half fish, the sex drive and anatomy was still all man.

"Slight problem Claire. One's touching me," Buffy said as she ran her hand through the blonde's hair.

"I know. One's touching me too. Was worried about that," Claire added before moving to Buffy's neck and planting kisses on her smooth skin.

"Any plans?"

"You're not going to like it."

"Tell me quickly. His pointy fingers are lifting my shirt. Bad day not to wear a bra." Buffy said as she squirmed her body to try to disinterest the half fish man.

"We have to go with it and wait for a chance to run. You take those two, I'll manage with these ones," Claire said with a grimace.

"Had a bad feeling you were going to say that. Just what my reputation needs, that I slept with the entire swim team," Buffy added as she rolled her eyes and moved away from the cheerleader.

"You and me both Buff," Claire said as two sets of hands pulled her into the monster's hard, scaly body.

Even though they were monsters, the 10-minute girl-on-girl makeout session had them hot and horny and they couldn't resist the urge to pursue the matter. The people formerly known as Cameron and Dodd had decided on the spunky Slayer while Gage and Sean had their eye, and now their hands, on the flirtatious cheerleader.

"They could at least use hand cream," Buffy said as Cameron was roughly massaging her B-cup sized tits with his crusty hands.

As Cameron was feeling up the feisty blonde, Dodd had torn mini-skirt to shreds and done likewise to her cotton panties revealing her thin blonde landing strip. With two handfuls of her plump ass Dodd started to lay down, bringing the fit blonde with him so she was straddling his face with Cameron standing in front of her with his 12-inch demon cock at face level.

"Eww. His tongue is disgusting," Buffy shouted to her friend as Dodd stuck his snake-like tongue along her pink folds and into her tight snatch.

Cameron took advantage of the blonde's mouth being open from shouting to wrap his clawed hands into her hair and shove his dick into her mouth. Buffy was able to slow him down so he could only get half of himself in her mouth, but his steroid strength was too much for her and he was able to force the rest in.

"I know what you mean Buff," Claire said as she had her own hands full with her fish men.

One monster, Gage, had his head down into Claire's neck where he started planting kisses, making the cheerleader wince in disgust. At the same time Sean had grabbed Claire's wrist and placed one of her dainty little hands around his long 14-inch dick. Claire was stunned as she stroked the size of his manhood, it would definitely be the biggest she'd ever have thus far in her 18 years of life.

As she started stroking it, Gage had starting pushing her head down until she got the hint that he wanted her on her knees. Knowing there was no way out of the situation, Claire found herself moving closer and closer to his rod until she was close enough to wrap her plump lips around the bulbous head. Claire quickly rearranged her body so that she was facing Gage so she could suck and slurp on his thick dick while jerking off Sean at the same time.

Sean was able to get his claws on the cheerleader's top and tear it in half, revealing her black bra that shared the same fate as the uniform, showing off her perky boobs and small pink nipples. Knowing her panties were the next to roughly be pulled from her tight body, Claire reached her free hand under her skirt and pulled down her panties to save her some pain.

Meanwhile, Buffy was now on her hands and knees while Cameron was using his serpent-like tongue to rim the Slayer's asshole while still sucking on cock, this time Dodd as he laid on his back in front of her. Although fairly apt at giving blowjobs since her lust spell with Xander, Buffy was only passively sucking on his rubbery penis because of her disgust.

"Buff, try to enjoy it. It won't seem as bad. They kind of taste like sushi. If you get into it they aren't as rough," Claire shouted as she alternated between slurping on both of the fishmen's meat.

"I do really like sushi and these guys are just raw fish too," Buffy thought to herself as she motivated herself to put in more energy.

Buffy fully committed and worked all of Dodd's cock into her throat as if she was sucking off her boyfriend and also reached her hand back to shove Cameron's face further into her round ass. Even though his horns felt sharp on her supple cheeks, the feeling of his tongue deep into her asshole wasn't as gross as it use to be. She was even a little disappointed when the fish pulled out of her backdoor before being completely surprised when she felt his rubbery head in her folds and entering her pussy.

They may have looked like sea monsters, but they were still 100% teenage guys at the hormonal level as Cameron worked the length of his pole into the fit blonde and grunted with satisfaction. The Slayer's pussy was quickly able to adjust to his massive cock as Xander had more than stretched it out for her a couple of weeks back. Cameron was forcefully pounding Buffy now, her ass rippling on contact with his hips and being shoved further which made her take more Dodd into her mouth.

As Buffy was being fucked doggy-style, Claire was also getting filled with cock as she had her bare back on the slimy ground with the two creatures taking turns in between her legs. Claire was no virgin as she had sex with her old boyfriend West and her uncle Peter, before she knew he was her uncle, but the monsters were quite a bit larger than either of them. The cheerleader tried to make the situation go better by opening her legs as wide as possible for them to fuck her and also rubbing her clit to try to get some enjoyment out of the sticky situation as best she could.

"Try to remember that this is against our will Claire. You seem to be liking this a bit too much," Buffy said as Cameron pushed aside Dodd and pushed his equally fat member into her pink snatch.

"Whatever Buffy. You're just jealous that it's the sea monsters fucking me instead of you," Claire replied with a wink. Despite their dire circumstances the two friends were still able to banter back and forth.

Using his genetically altered strength Cameron was able to shift their positioning so that the Slayer was on top of him riding his cock with his hands moving her hips up and down until she got the hint. Buffy put her hands onto his flaky chest for support and grinded her pussy down on his cock so that he was completely inside of her. Buffy was surprised when she felt a clawed hand push between her shoulder blades, making her press her fantastic tits against Cameron's hard chest.

"Please don't do that Dodd. I'll do anything else," Buffy bargained to the form swim team member as she felt his dickhead poking against her rosebud.

"I guess Dodd is an ass man. Just pretend that it's Xander and good Angel that are about to double penetrate you," Claire said as she tried to confront her friend as the cheerleader was now on all fours getting fucked from behind in her tight twat.

"Not helping Claire. OH FUCK," Buffy screamed as Dodd finally pushed past her sphincter and into her asshole.

Buffy didn't consider herself a prude, but getting double penetrated was something high up on her list of taboos. The sea monsters gave ample evidence why as they took turns driving into her tight young holes to the hilt, causing severe pain to the Slayer's orifices. Surprisingly, once her backdoor adjusted to the size and speed of the creature, Buffy was finding the grinding of their cocks against the thin membrane separating her ass and pussy rather enjoyable.

"I see that smile Buffy. You big ho," Claire said before returning her lips to one of the sea monster's penis. "This is gonna hurt a bit. SHIT! Slow boy."

Seeing Buffy take it up the ass, Claire knew that one of her creatures would try it and sure enough Gage was already half way up her bowel before he slowed down. Claire could only bite down on her lip as the blue fishman stuck his 12-inch cock straight up her ass for the first time in her life. The fact she was sucking a cock and rubbing her clit made the sodomy bearable and once Gage found an easy pace she started to like the feeling. She never would have guessed that she'd be one of those girls to like something up her ass!

With each thrust Gage did he moved an inch into Claire's asshole until he was buried in the cheerleader's forbidden hole. With every stroke Claire got closer and closer to orgasm as her hand worked harder between her thighs, which made her slurp harder on Sean's long dick that was fit snuggly down her throat. Finally Claire reached her target of hitting her orgasm that sent massive spasms of pleasure through her body. Due to the pleasure, Claire started a chain reaction with her asshole clamping tighter around Gage's fat cock making him blow his half-semen, half-egg load into her rectum. At the same time, Claire's throat milked Sean with extra pressure, making him shot his thick egg-filled jizz into the cheerleader's mouth.

Ten feet away Buffy was still getting double penetrated with Cameron fucking up into the Slayer's ass while Dodd was between her tanned thighs with his fish cock pounding her snatch. Buffy was still marveling in the feeling of being so naughty with a stiffy in each of holes, demons fucking her no less.

"So close boys. Keep giving it to me! OHHH MY GOOOOOOOOOOODDD!" Buffy screamed in ecstasy as the hammering she was receiving grew too intense.

She didn't even notice when the sea monsters tossed her to the ground and stood over her face with their cocks mere inches from her. She didn't see the hot cum explode onto her face, but she felt it as the lumpy white gel completely pasted her supermodel-like face.

All of a sudden, each of the sea creatures fell to the ground one by one as Giles, Xander, Willow and Cordelia came walking up to the platform where the orgy was. Each of the Scobey Squad had a rifle in their hand and judging by the darts sticking from the blue monsters' bodies, the guns were tranquilizers.

"Um, yes it looks like we got them all. Well, um, here Buffy take my jacket and Xander you give Claire your sweaters," Giles stuttered as he quickly looked away after noticing the stark-naked Slayer and cheerleader.

Xander couldn't even speak as he and Giles walked a little closer to the naked women and threw them their coats, which the embarrassed pair swiftly draped over their bodies.

"There's enough drug in those darts to keep them out for days so we'll come down tomorrow and administer the antidote then," Giles said again awkwardly.

"We should leave," Cordelia said as everyone looked around nervously.

"Yes good idea. Follow me," Giles said as he walked back towards the hole where he brought a 20-foot ladder with him.

As the 2 blondes walked slowly behind the pack they couldn't help but wonder how long the Watcher and friends were watching their performances. From the awkwardness and looks on their faces, Buffy and Claire guessed that they saw them orgasm at very least.

"So how long were you there," Buffy asked her good friend Willow.

"We don't have to talk about it," Willow replied as she watched the Chosen One's cheek flush with colour.

"What happened to the coach?" Claire asked trying to fill the air.

"When we found the nurse missing we tracked down the coach and we made him confess after Giles roughed him off. We came right after you guys." Willow said, filling them in.

"Can we never talk about this again? We had to do what we had to do to survive," Buffy said.

"Already whipped from my mind," Willow replied with a supportive smile towards her best friend.

What Willow was going to keep secret was that she got extremely wet with the two girls performances and wished that she could have been in on the Buffy sandwich or had a strap-on dildo in Claire's ass and making her scream her name.


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