HypnoTV: Buffy The Vampire Slayer 2
by MAW

Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains
graphic descriptions of sexuality. If this offends you, leave
now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does not work this way. If you
feel like trying this, seek help.
I have to tell you, I'm proud of this one. It just may be my
best story. In fact, I'm almost afraid to post it, since you
might be disappointed reading my other works after this. Oh well,
enjoy. All comments and suggestions/scenarios are welcomed.

"Well, here's another fine mess you've gotten us into,"
Kimberly said, glaring at Sydney.
"Oh, sure, blame me. How was I supposed to know the guy was
a psycho? It's not like this town is crawling with weirdos!"
The two redheads were tied to chairs inside the basement of
an abandoned building. They had arrived in Sunnydale a day
earlier and had spent the evening patrolling the streets, looking
for someone to liven up their evenings. They picked the wrong
"You just had to pick a couple of Olympic athletes, huh?"
Kimberly said. "You couldn't have chosen a nice, quiet pair,
could you?"
"Hey, they didn't look that strong. I didn't even see them
move before they hit us."
"You wouldn't have," a voice suddenly cut through the room.
The two women looked up to see a trio approaching them. All
appeared to be in their early twenties. One was tall, handsome,
with dark hair and wearing a dark jacket and pants. The other was
seated in a wheelchair, with white hair, blue pants and a red
jacket. The third was a woman, with long dark hair and a pretty
face, wearing a long white dress. As they approached, the woman
pushing the wheelchair, their faces shifted. It was amazing. One
moment they looked human, the next their faces were feral and
wrinkled, like an animals. Their eyes glowed with an eerie green
and extended fangs could be seen in their smiles.
"Oh, shit," Sydney whispered.
"I have to thank those two," the man in the wheelchair said
in what sounded like a Cockney accent. "These two will hit the
spot just fine. I haven't had a fresh meal in weeks."
"Poor lover," the woman cooed in an upper-class British
accent. "You can't hunt with us."
"Not yet, pet, not yet. Give me time."
"Can we just get on with it?" the other man said in a hard
If there was one thing Kimberly Shaw and Sydney Andrews had
in common, it was an inexplicable ability to think fast when
faced with a tough situation. That talent came to the forefront
right now. "Um, hi?" Kimberly said. "Who are you?"
The three looked at her in faint amusement. "I'm Spike," the
man in the wheelchair answered. "He's Angelus, she's Drusilla."
"And to answer your unspoken question, yes, we're vampires,"
Angelus said.
"Well, duh, we already had that figured," Sydney said. "So,
what are you going to do, kill us, drink our blood, suck us dry,
then toss our bodies away?"
"That's the general idea, yeah," Spike said.
"Wait a minute, maybe we can cut a deal," Kimberly said.
"With what?" Angelus laughed harshly. "What have you got to
offer us?"
"Well, at the moment, nothing," Sydney said. "But maybe we
can help get you guys something? Money, videos, suntan lotion?"
"We've got everything we need," Angelus said. "And you've
got the one thing we need the most right here."
"Well, there has to be something," Kimberly said. "Someone
you want to capture or kill?"
A twitch came over Angelus' face. "I'll tell you what I
want, lady. I want the Slayer, at my feet, begging to die before
I kill her."
"The who?" Sydney said.
"Buffy," Drusilla answered. "The Vampire Slayer."
Kimberly and Sydney stared at her, then at each other, then
both cracked up laughing. "I'm sorry," Sydney said through
snorts. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer? You're making this up, right?"
"We're vampires," Angelus said. "And like it or not, as long
as there's vampires, there's a Slayer. One girl, chosen to fight
the demons of hell--"
"Right, skip the semantics, mate," Spike said. "We're
vampires. She's a Slayer. She and her friends try to kill us."
"Well, I'd say shame on them, but considering you're
murderers yourselves, it's hard to get my sympathy up," Sydney
"She almost killed me once," Drusilla sniffed. "Buried poor
Spike here under a building."
"What she'd do to you?" Sydney asked Angelus.
"Made me feel human," he answered. "That's not the sort of
thing I just let slide."
Kimberly decided not to press the issue. "Okay, if we give
you the Slayer, will you let us leave town alive?"
"You're in no position--" Angelus began.
"Hold up, mate," Spike said, raising a hand. "Maybe we've
got something here."
Angelus and Drusilla both looked at him in surprise. "We
don't need any help with her!" Angelus said.
"Well, I hate to break this to you, chum, but in case you
haven't noticed, our last dozen or so attempts to get rid of her
have been bloody miserable failures. She expects us, remember?
Maybe a new tactic could win us one for once."
Angelus looked at his friend and then at the two women. He
thought for a moment, then nodded. "All right. Let's talk."
Sydney leaned toward Kimberly. "You realize, of course,
we've just made a deal with the devil?"
"Wouldn't be the first time, Syd."

The library of Sunnydale High School took on a deeper
meaning before and after classes. It became the site of a council
of war. Inside, four teens sat around a table, charged with the
unenviable task of fighting the silent war against the undead.
Buffy, the Slayer, was an athletic young woman with long ash-
blond hair pulled back in a ponytail. She wore a leather outfit
that got more than a little attention from classmates. But she
wasn't ready for a boyfriend. Besides the responsibilities she
had, her heart was still aching over what had happened to Angel--
Angelus, she reminded herself. Any girl's first time was
eventful. Considering Buffy's had driven Angel over to the dark
side, she had a lot on her mind.
Willow was a mousy young girl, quiet and studious, possibly
the smartest girl in school. She was pretty, with long red hair
and she might attract attention if she wore something besides
jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. She was the brains of the team
and Buffy's best friend, the only one who really understood what
she was going through. In part, because she'd lost a love
Xander (no one but his parents called him Alexander) was
handsome, with dark hair and a grunge style to his clothing. When
Buffy had first come to Sunnydale, he'd had a crush on her, while
Willow had a crush on him. It'd become straightened out in the
end, although perhaps not to everyone's satisfaction. Xander's
girlfriend was Cordelia, one of the richest girls in town. She
wore a designer shirt and skirt that cost more than the original
construction of the school. Although she still remained a little
snotty and selfish, she had grown close to the others since
finding out what they did. She sometimes was a help, so the
others could cut her a little leeway.
"Okay, with Niles out of town for that meeting, we're on our
own for a bit," Buffy said. "Not the best circumstances, but I
think we can handle it."
"Why is it always we?" Cordelia asked. "You're the one they
try to kill."
"Sorry, she's still working on the whole teamwork concept,"
Xander said. "She's making progress, though."
"Okay, Willow's been checking the files Niles left us, so we
do have some preparation."
"They were pretty expansive," Willow said. "I still have to
download another file after school, but I think I can handle it."
"All right, if that's it, let's get to class. Willow has the
library, Cordelia and Xander, what have you two got again?"
"Detention," Cordelia said with the same tone one would use
to describe bubonic plaque. "Cleaning up the lunchroom."
"You blow out all the lights in one room, they crucify you,"
Xander said.
"Well, maybe if you two hadn't been making out in the
control room, they might have gone a little easier on you,"
Willow pointed out.
"Come on, let's go," Buffy said. "We'll meet up an hour
after school."
"God, you're worse than my mother," Cordelia said.
"Cord, there's no reason to be insulting."

"How about this?"
"Perfect. I've got this."
"Not bad. Shall we go?"

Willow entered the library with the same feeling of a bird
returning to his nest. She loved it here, among the books, ready
to learn. She didn't really mind her nerd label, in fact she took
it as a point of pride. While girls like Cordelia were slaving at
McDonald's, she was going to be heading up a computer company,
according to her plans.
She was slightly surprised to see she wasn't alone. The
library wasn't a very visited part of the school. Also, the woman
sitting at the table didn't look like a student. She was slightly
taller than Willow, with short red hair wearing a light flannel
shirt and slacks. She seemed to be concentrating on the ticking
metronome before her. Willow came up to her, trying to get her
attention. Without success. Willow walked around the table and
took a seat across from the woman. "Um, what are you doing?"
"Studying the harmonics of this room," Sydney answered.
"All right," Willow said. Even for her, that was unusual.
"Really. It's helps me concentrate on harmonic lines."
Sydney's favorite method of putting people off-course mentally
was pretending to be a New Age ditz. She was very good at it.
"How?" Willow asked.
"Look at the metronome," Sydney said. "Go ahead, look. Just
keep an eye at the top of the needle. Just watch it. Back and
forth, back and forth. It helps me concentrate on the feelings in
the room. All those little lines of force that make the world go
round. You can feel them if you keep watching the metronome.
Watch it go left to right, left to right. You can feel the force
in the room as you watch it swing. It grows the longer you look
at the metronome. The longer you look, the more you can feel the
force inside the room. Just keep looking and you can feel it."
Willow's eyes were fixed on the metronome, watching it tick
back and forth, aptly listening to Sydney's words. The young
girl's defenses were down and Sydney moved in for the kill. "Just
keep watching the needle tick, tick, tick, back and forth, back
and forth. Just keep watching it and you can feel the forces in
the room touch you. You can feel them push against you. They feel
nice and warm. A nice warmth, a soothing warmth. You feel so warm
and comfortable and relaxed now. Very relaxed. You just keep
watching the metronome tick, back and forth, back and forth and
you feel so relaxed and calm and warm. So warm and so relaxed.
You know that you will feel even more warm and relaxed if you
close your eyes. Just close your eyes and you will feel so very
relaxed. So warm. So relaxed. Close your eyes, Willow."
Willow's eyes fluttered shut, her head slumping forward.
Sydney turned the metronome off and leaned towards Willow.
"Willow, how do you feel?"
"Yes, Willow, you feel very good. So very good. It's a nice,
wonderful, soothing feeling. A very wonderful feeling. You feel
so good and so warm and you'd like to do anything to keep this
wonderful feeling, wouldn't you?"
"Good, good. Willow, take off your clothes. As you take off
each item of clothing, you'll feel more and more relaxed and
warm. You will feel so good as you disrobe. So very good. Go
ahead, Willow." Willow slowly responded. She pulled off her
shirt, showing off a light bra. She unclasped the bra and slipped
it off. Her breasts were small, but enough to play with. She
shucked off her pants and then lowered her panties. She had a
nice body, not too flashy, but Sydney wasn't complaining.
"Willow, get up and lie on the table with your feet flat on the
top." As Willow complied, Sydney rushed over to lock the library
She moved back to where the hypnotized student lay. She
moved a hand down Willow's small body and began to massage the
breasts. Not much to push with, but they were developing. Willow
moaned as Sydney pinched at her nipples, sending tingles of
pleasure down her body. Sydney leaned down and kissed Willow
gently on the mouth. She moved a hand down the girl's body,
coming to the small red patch in between Willow's legs. Sydney
pushed two fingers inside the lips and began pushing them in and
out. Willow's kisses became hotter as she felt Sydney finger her.
Sydney continued to work herself into the young woman, tickling
at her clit. Willow tensed as she came, ejaculating onto Sydney's
waiting fingers, her cry filling the usually silent library.

"This is going to be so icky," Cordelia said as she and
Xander walked towards the cafeteria. "I am going to ruin this
"A little hard work never hurt anybody."
"Yeah, well it never helped anybody either."
"I'll make it up to you tonight, I promise."
"Xander, an meal at Big Buggie's is not making it up to me."
"Excuse me?" Cordelia and Xander both stopped and turned as
Kimberly walked up to them, wearing a panama hat, short-sleeved
shirt and jeans. "I was wondering if either of you had dropped
this," she said, holding up a necklace. It was a diamond-shaped
ruby attached to a chain.
"Sorry, not my type," Xander said.
"Wow, that is great," Cordelia said. "Where'd you find it?
It's beautiful."
"That it is," Kimberly said. "I can't understand why anyone
would throw it away. I mean look at it. Look at how it shines."
Kimberly gave a small tug that started the jewel spinning. "Look
at the way light catches it, bounces off of it. The light bounces
off the jewel, into your eyes. It catches your attention
instantly. The light bouncing off all the little red facets. It's
so captivating. You can't look away. You want to keep looking at
it. The way it spins and shines, spins and shines, the light
flashing into your eyes. Flash, flash, flash. It's so captivating
to watch the light flash and watch the jewel spin. It becomes
engrossing, enrapturing. All you can do is watch as it spins and
shines, spins and shines."
Cordelia was almost under already. Xander was a little more
resistant, but Kimberly knew she could bring him down soon. "As
the light flashes into your eyes, flash, flash, flash, you feel
so relaxed. So calm. So sleepy. You become aware of how sleepy
you feel as the jewel spins and shines, spins and shines. You
feel so very, very sleepy as the light keeps flashing into your
eyes. Flash after flash, the red spinning again and again and
again. It's so tiring to keep looking at the ruby, to think about
anything but looking at the ruby, to think of anything at all.
You feel so sleepy and so tired, all you can think about is going
to sleep. Sleep. A nice, wonderful, sleep. Sleep. Sleep."
Xander and Cordelia closed their eyes and drifted off into a
trance. Kimberly lowered the ruby and took each of the students
by the hand. She led them towards the library, unlocking the door
with a skeleton key that had come in handy for her and Sydney
more than once. She opened the library and entered it to see
Sydney lying on the table, Willow's head in between her legs.
Sydney withered as she felt Willow's tongue dive into her. The
young girl had a sexual energy greater than even she knew and she
proved it as her tongue dived in and sent Sydney to climax.
"Having fun?" Kimberly said as she locked the library's
doors behind her.
"Just waiting for you," Sydney gasped out. She kissed Willow
on the mouth, tasting her own cum on the younger woman's lips. As
they kissed, Kimberly, Cordelia and Xander undressed. Kimberly
deepened Xander and Cordelia's trances as they went so by the
time they were nude, they were both in a very suggestible state.
Cordelia's pert breasts were magnificent, as much as her smooth
ass. Xander's body was well-developed, especially in his lower
regions. His cock was already hard and ready.
Kimberly turned to Sydney. "Any requests?"
Sydney shook her head. "I'm sitting this one out. Guess
what, though. It seems our computer nerd here has quite the crush
on pretty boy."
"Really?" Kimberly said. "How serious?"
"Willow, how much do you want Xander?"
"I want him to fuck me over and over," Willow said.
"Xander, why don't you go over and give Willow what she
wants, like a good friend?"
Robotically, Xander walked over to the table and climbed
onto it as Sydney slid off and onto a chair. He embraced Willow,
kissing her hard on the mouth. She responded with a passion, her
dreams finally coming true. Even if she could have broken the
hypnotic spell, she wouldn't have wanted to. She finally had
Xander to herself and nothing could stop her from having him. He
massaged one breast as they kissed and she gripped his cock,
running her hand up and down the shaft. She slowly placed it
inside her and then kissed him harder, urging him to go to work.
Across the room, Kimberly and Cordelia stood, liplocked.
Kimberly had wanted this girl already, so taking her here as part
of the plan worked well for her. She sank herself into a chair
and pulled Cordelia onto her. Kimberly buried her head in between
Cordelia's pointed breasts, loving the taste of the young flesh
in her mouth. She kissed both nipples, then began to push
Cordelia down until the girl was on her knees. Kimberly spread
her legs and Cordelia knew what she wanted. She moved in, slowly
licking the red patch before pushing her face onto the lips. She
made long, slow kissing motions that pleased her mistress.
On the table, Willow withered as she felt Xander push into
her. His cock moved in and out of her pussy as he pulled her
tighter to him. He kissed her long and hard and she nearly bit
his lip as she returned the favor. They orgasmed together,
leaving a small stain on the table as they came. The echoes of
their cries had just died out when Kimberly arched in her seat as
Cordelia's tongue hit home, sending her into ecstasy.
As much as they would have loved playing with their sex toys
more, Kimberly and Sydney had more important work to do. Twenty
minutes later, the five left the school, heading to the parking
lot. They came to Xander's car and the mesmerized teen sat in the
driver's seat, Willow and Cordelia in the back. Xander's eyes
stared forward as Kimberly leaned towards him and gave him an
address. "Drive there. Obey all traffic laws and do not call
attention to yourself. The door will be unlocked. Enter and come
to whoever is inside the basement. You will obey any commands
they give you the same you obeyed ours. Go."
Kimberly stepped towards where Sydney waited on the sidewalk
as the car drove off. "That was fun," Kimberly said.
"You think this is right? Sending them off to get killed."
"It's them or us, isn't it? All we have to do is get Buffy
to them and they'll let us go."
"What if they don't?"
"Trust me, they will. They may be blood-sucking, murderous
fiends, but they're honorable blood-sucking murderous fiends."
"They do rate slightly above Michael, I say that much for
Kimberly's answer was cut off when a pair of hands grabbed
her and Sydney and slammed their heads together. The coconut-like
thud was the last thing the two heard before falling unconscious.

Kimberly and Sydney awoke inside the gym and instantly saw
they were in trouble. They were nicely secured to a pair of round
targets, not unlike those used in archery. To accent the look,
Buffy stood about ten feet away, with a bow and a collection of
arrows on a table next to her. "Hi," she said as she nocked a
bow. "I understand you've been looking for me?"
"How'd you know?" Kimberly said.
"You know, the girl's locker room has a vent that leads
directly to the library," Buffy said. "Great acoustics. Almost as
good as an Imax film."
"You're not going to kill us," Sydney said. "You slay
vampires, not humans."
"Usually," Buffy said. "But that's when I'm in a good mood."
She raised the bow, aimed carefully and let it fly. The arrow
landed an inch away from Sydney's ear, the wind tickling the
"See, you guys are after me. That makes me irritated," Buffy
said. She fired another arrow that landed next to Kimberly's
neck. "You're working with Spike, Drusilla and my former
boyfriend. That makes me nauseous." The next arrow landed right
in between Sydney's legs. "Then you go after my friends. That
makes me mad." She fired a bolt right in between the thumb and
forefinger of Kimberly's right hand. "You degrade them, enslave
them and use them as objects. That makes me downright peeved."
She nocked two arrows onto the bow and fired. One landed under
Syd's right arm, the other over Kimberly's head. "So, right about
now, you two have seriously pissed me off. I don't like that."
She nocked another two arrows onto her bow and aimed them. Syd
and Kimberly could see they were aimed right at their foreheads.
"Get my point?"
Sydney gulped. "Can we talk?"

Xander rammed his cock in and out of Cordelia's ass,
pinching her buttocks as he drove himself into her. Cordelia
barely noticed, she was so engrossed at licking away at Willow's
pussy. Her tongue drove deep into the honors student's pussy,
tickling as she went. She seemed to lick harder as Xander pumped
her more.
"You know, we should be taping this," Spike announced. "We
could make a fortune selling this on the Internet." The three
vampires watched with interest as the three teens fucked and
sucked at each other. Drusilla had a sick little smile on her
face. "Gives you ideas, eh?"
"Later," Angelus and Spike said at once. They stared at one
Just as Xander ejaculated, the door leading to the basement
opened. Kimberly and Sydney walked down, Buffy in between them.
The Slayer was wearing a dark robe and her face was
expressionless. "Well, well, the guest of honor has arrived,"
Angelus said.
"We managed to get her attention and put her under,"
Kimberly explained. "Wasn't easy, but she's yours now."
"Let's kill her," Spike said.
"No," Angelus said. "Let's have a little fun first." He
walked over and undid Buffy's robe, letting it slide off of her.
He took in her glamorous naked form, then leaned in and kissed
her. She responded with surprising passion, her feelings for the
good side of him coming back. He broke off and glanced at Spike.
"She's under, all right."
"So, can we go?" Kimberly said.
"Not just yet," Angelus said. "Buffy, why don't you join
your friends? I'm sure they want to make your acquaintance." He
backed up as Buffy slid down to the floor. She embraced Willow,
kissing her friend gently and letting herself be laid down, her
back on the floor. Willow and Cordelia lay on either side of her.
The three exchanged kisses, Buffy seeming to enjoy Willow more
than Cordelia. Cordelia massaged one of Buffy's breasts as Willow
straddled her. Willow lowered herself so her clit was right above
Buffy's face. Buffy took her friend by the asscheeks and lowered
the wet patch down to her mouth. She began to jab her tongue in
and out of Willow's pussy, diving into her friend's womanhood.
Her tongue lashes became more excitable when she felt Cordelia's
tongue enter her own pussy. Buffy moved her hands up and down
Willow's ass, her fingers pushing into her asshole. Willow moaned
and shifted herself so Buffy could dig in deeper. Cordelia seemed
to get the message and pushed herself deeper into Buffy as well.
The double amounts of pleasure became too much for Buffy and she
came onto Cordelia's waiting tongue. A moment later, Willow
straightened as she spilt her cum onto Buffy's beautiful face.
Willow and Cordelia had just broken off when Xander reached
down and took Buffy. He kissed her as he rolled onto his back.
Buffy pushed herself onto his hard cock and began to slowly shift
in place on top of him. Cordelia stood and managed the nice feat
of standing so her pussy was right in front of Buffy's face, a
few feet above Xander's naked chest. As she leaned forward, Buffy
buried her face inside the dark-haired crevice and licked before
breaking off and shifting back. Not to be left out, Willow moved
in and managed to somehow bury her tongue into the small space
where Xander's cock and Buffy's pussy met. This gave her the
enviable pleasure of tasting the cum of both of her friends as
they met in pleasure.
"Lord, and I thought the Kama Sutra was something," Spike
said, his eyes glued to the scene. There was an explosion of
pleasure and an overwhelming sweet smell as the hypnotized
teenagers let loose. They fell onto the floor, collapsing into a
"That was a treat," Angelus said. "Now that the pre-show's
over, let's have a meal."
"Hulkfine," Kimberly suddenly said.
"Guyden," Sydney responded.
Instantly, Willow, Xander and Cordelia went completely limp,
falling from a trance state to a regular sleep that they would
awaken from soon. Buffy's eyes snapped open, anger on her face.
She leapt to her feet and kicked a surprised Angelus right in the
gut, following it up with a knee strike to the chest. She leveled
him with body blows and punches, smashing him across the face.
"Unbelievable," Spike muttered. "Totally starkers and she's
still kicking his ass." He spun his chair around and began moving
to the exit built into the basement. "Time to go love! Whoever
wins this is going to be in no mood for company!"
"What about Angelus?" Drusilla said as she pushed her lover
"He's a big boy, he can take care of himself! I think."
Buffy did a backflip, catching Angelus in the jaw, sending
him flying through a table. Buffy cartwheeled over to where
Sydney and Kimberly stood. Without a word, she grabbed the bundle
Kimberly handed her. In lightning fast motions, she pulled on a
one-piece fighting outfit and got ready. A stake was in her hand.
She saw Angelus pick himself up and charge toward her. All the
pain this bastard had put her through came loose as Buffy went
wild. She blasted the vampire with kicks and chops, blows that
would have killed an ordinary person. She smashed in his nose and
cracked his elbow. She clawed at his eyes and kicked his ribs.
Hell had no fury like a woman scorned.
"Well, the old ass-kicking on the floor tells us it's time
to leave," Kimberly said as she and Sydney raced up the stairs.
"I've about had it with California, haven't you?"
"Chicago's supposed to be nice."
"Maybe. There's always Florida."
Sydney paused to glance back and shook her head.
"Unbelievable. Her hair still looks good. I wonder what
conditioner she uses?"
"Come on," Kimberly said as she dragged Sydney away.
Buffy had the stake out and ready. She slammed it right into
Angelus' chest. He grunted, then smiled. "That wasn't my heart."
"I know," Buffy answered. "That's for Xander." She slammed
the stake just below the heart. "That's for Willow." She yanked
it out and shoved it to the right. "That's for Niles." She pulled
it out, then slammed it above the heart with special fury.
"That's for Julia Calendar." She grabbed Angelus' hand and
slapped it. "That's for Cordelia." She shoved the stake to the
left of the heart. "That's for my mom." She pulled it out and
then pushed it to the right. "That's for Angel."
Angelus was in agony, the stake hurting him as they closed
on his main vulnerability. "You're--cutting out--my heart."
"You took apart mine, I'm taking yours. Even steven." She
shoved the stake so that the point just entered the center of the
heart. She looked at the eyes of the monster who had once been
her lover and stiffened her jaw. "This is for me." She pushed the
stake all the way through. Angelus gasped and backed away before
turning into a pile of dust. Buffy stood there for a long moment,
amidst the strange scene, trying to ignore the tears coming down
her cheeks.

"Okay, one thing I don't get," Xander said. "Why did you let
them hypnotize you? I mean, you knew what was going to happen."
"That's right, I knew," Buffy said as the foursome walked
down the halls of the school. "I also knew I could never
convincely fake it, so I had to let them put me under. All I
could do was make sure they gave me a code-phrase to wake me up
in time."
"How'd you know you could trust them?" Willow asked.
"I didn't. I took a chance."
"So, what do we do?" Cordelia said. "I mean, we all remember
what happened, what we did. How do we handle that?"
"Put it past us, block it out and never mention it again for
as long as we live," Xander said.
"Works for me."
"Me too."
"I'll go with it." Actually, Xander knew he was going to
keep the memory of that night close. How many other guys could
say they made love to three hot friends in one night?
The four entered the library to see a tall man in a tweed
suit with glasses waiting for them. He wiped at a spot on the
table and sniffed his fingers, frowning in puzzlement. "Giles,
you're back!" Willow said.
"Yes, conference ended early," the Watcher said in his
British accent. "So, did I miss anything?"


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