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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: I, Buffy Part 5 - My Saturday With Mom (Ff,inc,fist)
by LL

With an explosion of sound my alarm went off. I groaned as its shrill tones blasted into my sleep addled brain. With effort I forced open my glued shut eyes and reached over for the off button. Mom was better at waking than me, I felt her naked body slide over mine, heard a bang as she hit her palm on the button followed by a few seconds of merciful silence.

"It's Saturday, Buffy," Mom informed me, "You don't need the alarm."

I struggled into a sitting position, like Mom I was totally nude, "I had other things on my mind last night... or rather in my bottom."

Mom smiled, "I remember."

I smiled back. Mom had been on a buying trip for the last week, leaving me as horny as a sex-starved nun. Luckily when I'd got back from patrolling last night Mom had returned and was waiting for me in my bed. The slight aches that and stiffness that now permeated my body were nothing to do with the two vamps I staked last night.

Mom moved her hand down below the cover and ran her palm over by slit. I giggled at the touch, before giving a sudden squeak as Mom slid a finger in, "You've been a little slut whilst I was away..." she purred, "fucking two girls."

Mom fingering and the memory of my fucking by Cordelia and Harmony were making me juice up nicely. I gave a groan of satisfaction as Mom's finger touched my clit again, "I was a total slut, Mom. I let them both take me in the butt."

Mom had heard this before, I'd rung her as soon as I'd got home, but by the look on her face I could tell that the picture in her mind of me taking it up the ass was turning her on. Which as she moved her finger faster in was alright by me, "You've been a very naughty girl," murmured Buffy.

My only answer was a shriek of pleasure as Mom added two more fingers to the one already in her. I could see her titties wobble next to my face as she energetically moved her wrist back and forth. Eventually seeing she was waiting for me to speak, I gasped out a response, "A very naughty girl."

Mom seemed pleased with me confirming her view of my behaviour as she smiled wantonly, "And do you know what happens to naughty girls?"

From the explosions which were happening in my nether regions the actual answer was they had great orgasms. I thought as a reply that might be too flippant, so I went for, "Do they get the full fist?" I may have also shrieked loudly between full and fist...

Mom withdrew her fingers and grinned, "They do."

She clenched her fingers together and started to push in. Despite opening me up with her fingers it was a tight squeeze. I squirmed and pushed against her as Mom exerted herself. I'd never had anything so big in there before and it felt like my pussy walls were about to split. However, one great thing about being a Slayer in flexibility. It wasn't easy, but Mom managed to push in her full fist. And then keep going. I screamed like an express train as Mom continued to thrust in until she was almost up to her elbow. I gave another high pitched scream; it was both painful and exhilarating.

"You alright Buffy?" Mom asked, a look of concern on her face

I gritted my teeth and nodded, "Fist your little girl," I managed to gasp out.

That was all Mom needed. She began to work the fist in and out my sixteen year old twat. My cunt walls yelled in agony as her knuckles worked along them. It felt like there was molten lava being poured down my hole as Mom slammed in and out. It was hard, it was brutal, it was horrific; and I was loving every second. I might be in pain, but I was also in perpetual state of orgasmic bliss, the waves of pleasure crushing my being were more powerful than anything I had ever felt. My insides were jelly and I thanked whatever God is up there for Slayer healing skills or I'd have had a hole as wide as the Pacific by the time Mom had finished; "Harder, harder," I shrieked.

Mom slammed in so fast she began to sweat, her fist carving its way through the soft flesh of my twat like it was warm butter. I'd would have said that I loved the feelings of Mom's knuckles against my clit, except her fist was way past my clit and it was her wrist that was ramming my G-spot into the walls. Knuckles or wrist the effect was the same and I let out a high pitched scream of pleasure.

"Take it you naughty girl," grunted Mom. She shoved even deeper and faster, a look of admiration on her face as I coped with it all. I was juicing up faster than I've ever managed, but it still wasn't enough to lubricate my pussy, which was scratched and aching from Mom's pounding. As I exploded again, I knew it was worth it. Especially as Mom seemed to be enjoying fisting me as much as I was enjoying being the recipient.

Finally Mom pulled back. I was expecting her to shove back in, but instead there was a wet slurping sound as she pulled out of my twat. Her arm, all the way up the elbow glistened with my juice and she had exerted herself so much her hair was stuck to her scalp, with trickles of perspiration covering her body. She smiled at me, "Buffy, you were amazing. For your first fisting to take so much and for so long..."

I blushed; "It was nothing... all I had to do was spread my legs, you did all the work."

Only in Sunnydale would a daughter be fisted by her Mom. On second thoughts - this was probably weird even for Sunnydale.

* * *

As it was Saturday morning Mom set about doing the household chores. Amazingly when she suggested I might want to clean the outside of the windows I found I had schoolwork to complete. Mom raised her eyes in a 'God give me strength expression' but after a little bit of persuasion finally agreed that unless my career prospects would be much better if I settled down with my English assignment - unless I wanted to be a window cleaner of course. About lunchtime Mom brought me a sandwich, thoughtfully knocking on my door, giving me enough time to thrust the copy of Cosmo I was reading under my desk and to look engrossed in a Geography textbook.

About three I decided it was probably safe to come down. I wandered into the Kitchen. Mom was standing at the work surface stirring a bowl of what looked like drool. I stood beside her, "What are you baking?"

Mom didn't tell me, instead she turned, "Pass me some more flour."

I did so and asked again, "What are you making?"

Mom poured in some flour and whisked it round, some milk followed and then a tiny touch of icing sugar. I looked at what she was making; it didn't look that appetising. Mom gave a final whisk and turned to me; "I did some shopping whilst I was in Europe, they've got some great new inventions" she walked over to a bag on the table and pulled out a strap-on.

I looked at it; it seemed slightly larger than one upstairs and a different colour, but otherwise much the same as normal; "Those zany French," I said dryly, " what will they think off next..."

Mom smiled, I think she had been expecting this reaction, "Oh this is a special one."

"How special?" I was sceptical, "Does it sprout wings and fly?"

Mom laughed, but didn't say anything. Instead she unscrewed the toy from its leather binding and showed it me; it was hollow inside apart from what looked like a spring mechanism. I frowned, okay less rubber meant it was more ecologically friendly, but as great inventions went it was hardly up there with non-smudge lipstick. Mom picked up the bowl and poured the gruel into it. A lightbulb popped into my brain; now I looked again the mixture seemed less like very weak cake icing and more like sperm. I opened my mouth, but Mom got in before me; "It jets out fake cum," she grinned, "Let's try it out."

"Sure," I replied; if Mom wanted to cum blast me, well it wasn't my kink, but I'd go along with it.

I slipped out of my T-shirt and let my bra fall to the floor. Mom meanwhile had kicked off her slippers and pulled down her pants and panties together; she kicked them across the floor and slid them across the floor. She pulled the strap-on up her thighs as I began to undo my own jeans. Mom stopped me, "Get down on your knees, I want you to suck it."

I got down on my knees and made a little begging motion, which I thought Mom might appreciate. I was right, she gave a very sexy purr. I gave her my innocent schoolgirl look, before putting my red lips round the black cock. It tasted rubbery; if we're going to do this regularly I must get Mom to coat her toys with some sort of flavouring. However, this wasn't the time to suggest it as I slowly moved my mouth downwards, pushing the cock into the inside of my cheek.

"That's it Buffy," growled Mom, "suck my cock."

I have to say that's not the normal thing you expect to hear from your Mom on a Saturday afternoon. However I did as Mom asked, energetically bobbing my head and taking the cock into my mouth. Mom gave me cries of encouragement as I sucked; we sometimes have the normal problems a Mom and teenage daughter do, but she's very supportive when it matters. I slurped the toy like it was a lollipop and moved my head back and forth so quickly it was like I was at a Marilyn Manson gig.

"Oh Buffy," cried Mom, "you're a great sucker."

I wish she'd said cock in front of this. No-one likes being called a sucker. Still it was the thought that counted and I pushed my tongue against the toy, pushing it to the side of my face and creating a bulge in my cheek. I looked up. Mom was staring down at me, fascinated by the look of me with her toy in my mouth. She smiled and ruffled my hair, before rolling her eyes with pleasure as I took it extra deep and shoved the leather straps into her slit.

"That's it," cried Mom. She pulled out the cock and put her hand over the wet, slithery rubber and began to pump. I shifted back into my begging position and positioned my head to the side so it hit my cheeks not my eyes. Mom hammered furiously, for half a minute nothing happened, I think we need to get the timing better. But just as I was beginning to think it was typical shoddy French workmanship the 'cum' jetted out. It slapped against my cheek, first one long jet and then a second and a third. If it had been a real cock, the ball sack would have been shrivelled up like a walnut it produced so much 'jizm'. It covered my cheek and slid down in globular strands onto my tits and my flat stomach.

"Oh my God, Buffy," Mom gasped in excitement, "It looks so lifelike. Stay there... I need to take a picture."

She hurried out of the kitchen, returning seconds later with her camera, "Smile," she called.

I grinned as she snapped a couple of shots. Finally she put down the camera and handed me a cloth, "I'm just going to upload these on the PC, wipe yourself down and join me in a minute."

She picked up her pants and the camera, before heading upstairs. A few minutes later I was once again dressed and clean.

I walked upstairs and sat on Mom's bed as she downloaded the pics. She brought one up. If I didn't know better I'd have said I'd just been blowing Sunnydale High's entire football team; I was literally dripping with gooey cum like substance.

"I think I'll use that one as my background," said Mom. Lots of people have pictures of their kids as background on their PC, Dad, for example, has one of me at my fifth birthday party. However, I think Mom must be about the only person who has one of her topless daughter dripping with fake jizm.

"What have you got on there at the moment?" I asked, thinking it would be an nice and innocent pose. That was načve of me. Instead there was one of the pictures Mom had taken last week, me lying on my back in the cemetery with Mr Pointy shoved down my slot.

"You know," said Mom standing up, "I've lots of pictures of you as a little girl, but not many of you as a teen." She smiled wickedly.

"Really?" I grinned.

* * *

We started off with some very tame shots of me lying on the bed. Gradually they got wilder, first with my T-shirt off and my titties straining against my black bra. Then, that went off as well, for a couple of shots I covered them with my hands, slowly moving my fingers to reveal the nipples. Mom also took some of me lying on my front on the bed, so that you could see the top of my tits, but not too much. Next she suggested a couple of artistic shots she could sell in the gallery. They involved me being totally naked, clutching the bedding to my chest so that you couldn't see anything.

Once I was naked Mom wanted some for her personal collection. First of all she took a couple of full frontal as I sat on my knees. After that she laid me on my back and made me spread my legs in a 'V' shape so that my cunt was fully exposed. It didn't stop there. From out of her drawer Mom plucked a dildo, which she gave to me. In the first couple of shots I sucked on it with a wanton look, before gliding it between my titties. Mom was gasping in excitement as I finally moved it into my shaven slit. She shook so much with excitement as I began to jill myself that it was a wonder she didn't drop the camera. I pushed the toy deeply in, groaning with pleasure, but still remembering to smile for the pictures. However, soon I was so deep in pleasure Mom could have brought in half of Sunnydale Photo Club to take pictures and I still wouldn't have noticed. With a shriek I came. Pulling the wet toy out of my juicy slit, I licked it clean; Mom took some more photos.

As we looked at them together I had to admit Mom really is a talented photographer; the pictures were as good as a professional could manage - it's the artistic temperament I guess. If I thought one photoshoot would sate Mom I thought wrong. As she uploaded the pics onto the PC she turned to me, "What about some in your old cheerleader uniform?"

I nodded and quickly went to change. I hadn't worn it since I'd left Hemery High School last year and it was a bit tight. I certainly wouldn't have wanted to do cheerleading in it, not if I didn't want friction burns. But as I didn't think Mom was planning on have me wear it for long the slight chafing round my waist could be lived with. I picked up my pom-poms and called, "Where do you want me?"

"The yard," Mom called back. Now I knew why Mom had wanted a private back one, surrounded by trees.

Whilst waiting I practised a few moves, cheerleading was like riding a bike - once you've learnt you don't forget. Mom joined me and started to take a few snaps of me performing high kicks. Though the skirt was tight I'd forgotten to wear panties so that allowed me both freedom of movement and Mom to be able to take some shots of my snatch. I dropped my pom-poms and the skirt really rode up as I slowly bent over to pick them up. I could hear the click of the camera as Mom snapped away, saying, "Nice Buffy, very nice."

The top was really starting to dig into my tits and making it difficult to flex properly. So for the next few shots of me jumping and dancing I took it off. Without any material to constrain them my pert titties really bounced as I lifted off and I was only sorry Mom hadn't a DVD recorder. Next off came my skirt, so that I was just wearing my pumps and socks, I did a few coy shots using the pom-poms to cover my bits, before encouraged by Mom I moved them away. Various poses followed, bending over backwards so that my hair was scraping the ground and my pussy was on full display, me doing the splits and a few of me from behind peeling apart my butt-cheeks so Mom could get a good close-up of my tight little back hole. And to finish off I sat on the damp grass and pumped two fingers into my pussy, until they were slick with my cum and I was crying out in pleasure.

* * *

I'd arranged to go patrolling with Will and Xan, so it was past ten by the time I'd got back. It'd been a pretty quiet evening, we'd only run into one vampire and he was so dazed at crawling out of his grave I let Will stake him for practice. By the time I got home my pussy was burning and I was looking forward to some kinky fun.

I opened the front door, "Hi Mom, I'm home."

"In the kitchen," Mom shouted back. I quickly stripped off my clothes and walked naked to give her a sexy greeting.

"Hi Buffy," said Mom nonchalantly, "I've invited a couple of your friends round."

I just stared. I mean it's probably normal, if embarrassing, for Mom's to regale your friends with pictures of you. But it's pretty freaky when they pictures are of you lying on her bed with a dildo stuffed half-way up your cunt. And the two teen's sitting on either side of her weren't who I'd call my friends either.

"Hi Buffy," said Cordelia and gave me a wicked leer.

"Hi Buffy," repeated Harmony with a guileless expression, best explained by her total stupidity.

"Hi," I weakly replied.
_ _ _

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