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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: I, Buffy Part 9 - Toilet Duty (Ff, anal, ws)
by LL

"Willow's got cute legs hasn't she?" Mom said, as she pulled the car to a stop outside the school gates. Willow was waving furiously, as if she hadn't seen me for a year, rather than she been patrolling with me last night. Xander on the other hand was giving me puppy dog eyes, I think he's got a thing for me and I haven't worked out how to tell him that he's not my type.

"Er, they're not bad," I agreed. I felt a little tinge of jealousy, I know we're in an open relationship, but I'm not sure I want it that open that my Mom is ogling my best friend. Still, it was easy to nip in the bud, "But Will's not a lesbian, she's as straight as the highway."

Mom gave an enigmatic smile, "I'm sure she is Buffy, this is Sunnydale after all."

I nodded, unsure if Mom had meant anything by that. I was just about to ask when she bent forward to give me a light kiss on the cheek. Any bystanders would wonder that my mouth opened as Mom's lips brushed my cheek, what they couldn't see was at the same time she'd slid her hand under my skirt and squeezed at my pussy. She drew back, "I'm meeting Cordy and the girls at the Mall after school," she said, "I might see if they fancy another sleepover."

I could feel my mouth drying as my cunt went wet, "That would be alright," I tried to appear calm as my stomach did flip-flops of excitement.

"Hmmmn, wouldn't it be," Mom breathed in my ear, "You may want to try and persuade her yourself my little slut."

"I will," I breathed back, at the same time wondering how I could do that

Suddenly Mom's hand was out from under my skirt and back on the steering wheel, "Well, I'll see you later."

I reluctantly got out of the car and walked over to Will and Xan. Will slid her arm through mine and I could see Xander was thinking about it, but managing to resist. Instead he asked, "Good weekend."

'Well we had a sleepover, where I did a striptease before I ate out the cheerleader team, was used as a toilet and took two dildos up my ass,' I thought, but I decided that was too much detail, instead I just shrugged, "Quiet weekend with Mom and you?"

* * *

"Buffy," Cordelia linked her arm through mine. Will's eyes widened in shock, the only time Cordelia ever acknowledged us in public was a put down. She didn't have long to wait, as Cordelia turned to her, "Shouldn't you be on the run from the cops? They're looking for the worst dressed geek in Sunnydale."

Normally I'd have leapt to Will's defence, and I was really tempted to tell Cordelia that the tie she was wearing was so out of date that ever accountants wouldn't be wearing it. But remembering Mom's comment this morning about another sleepover decided for me that I'd be better keeping on Cordelia's good side. I turned to Will, "I'll won't be long, see you later."

Willow looked like I'd kicked her in the shins, tears welling in her eyes as I chose her archenemy over her. It made me feel so guilty I almost pulled away from Cordelia; almost.

"Okay, Buffy, see you later," Will said in a little girl voice and shuffled down the corridor.

"I don't know what you see in her Buffy, she's such a looser she'd come last in a race with one legged hippos," said Cordelia, she paused before adding cattily, "Still I guess a cunt on legs like you has to take friends where she can find them."

I almost answered back, but I knew if I insulted her my chance of another tag-teaming from the cheerleaders would drop, so I nodded and said meekly, "Yes, Cordelia."

There was a snort of derision from Cordelia, "You're whipped bitch aren't you?"

She gripped me tighter and I followed her as she pushed open to the door to the Ladies restroom. The other cheerleaders were standing around, gossiping. Six sets of eyes swung round to look at me and they stopped talking, licking their lips lasciviously. I gave them my innocent, but naughty look, pushing my bosom forward so it strained against my T-shirt, "Oh," I said with fake surprise, "You're not going to fuck me are you?"

"No," said Cordelia. I didn't have to conceal my surprise, they'd all seemed to enjoy it last time and anyway if they didn't want to use me as a dirty slut why had Cordelia brought me here. Explanations didn't have long to wait, "We're about to go and have some diet sodas. That makes us want to pee. And where better to pee than into a piss-whore's mouth."

The thought of all seven using me as a toilet made me quiver with anticipation, "Should I get naked?"

"Of course," snapped Cordelia, "Unless you want to spend the rest of the day in clothes stained in piss or you're better at swallowing than you were on Saturday."

I quickly stripped of my clothes, which Claire picked up and dumped into a cubicle. Cordelia pulled of her tie and pushed me into the cubicle.

"Kneel down, like you're a doggie begging for a bone," she said. I wouldn't have put Cordelia down as Girl Scout, but the way she knotted my hands behind my wrist suggested she must have been with young. Isis and Torrance had pulled of their ties as well, passing them to Cordelia. She tied my ankles together with one of them. Then she tied the tie to my hair and pulled my head back, before looping the tie round the one knotting my ankles. She stepped back and admired her work, "Buffy you are such a skanky slut."

I would have nodded, if I'd been able to move my head, instead I replied, "I'm the skankiest slut in Sunnydale."

Cordelia laughed, "You are," she turned to Harmony, "We don't want anyone coming in and spoiling our fun. You stay here and keep guard."

With that she closed the cubicle door. I heard their footsteps, a brief burst of chatter from the corridor and then silence as the main Ladies door slammed shut. I sat in silence, waited excitedly for my piss humiliation - if this didn't persuade the cheerleaders to come round for another gangbang I might as well give up and become a nun. Every now and then I could hear the door to the Ladies open and each time I jolted in anticipation, only to be deflated as Harmony's imperious tone ordered the newcomers to go down the Hall. Finally after about thirty minutes the door opened, and I waited, hardly daring to breathe, for Harmony to welcome her friends.

It wasn't a voice that I expected, "Harmony, what are you doing here - this isn't the cafeteria."

"Miss Calendar... I'm waiting for Cordelia," squeaked Harmony, she almost got away with it if she hadn't then decided to add, "She's in the cafeteria."

"Well you better go and wait for her there then," said Miss Calendar smartly.

"But, miss..." squeaked Harmony. I could imagine her casting desperate looks at the door.

"Off you go," repeated Miss Calendar in the world wide one of an annoyed teacher. There was the sound of Harmony's footsteps, the opening of the door and then silence. I sat still, there were nine cubicles, the chances that Miss Calendar would open mine were small.

Unfortunately small isn't the same as none. The door opened and framed in it stood Miss Calendar. If she was surprised she didn't say anything. Instead she stepped in and closed and bolted it. I watched in surprise as she undid her belt and pulled her slacks and thong down, before squatting over me. Luckily I recovered and I opened my mouth just in time. The liquid squirted down my throat, hot and spicy, making me guess Miss Calendar likes her Indian meals. I was pleased I swallowed about half of it, with the rest trickling down my front.

"Should I use the toilet roll or do you clean?" Miss Calendar asked.

"I clean, Miss Calendar," I said meekly. She moved herself down so that her pussy was pushed into my mouth. I opened my lips and moved my tongue over her labia and into the hole, licking her quim until the only liquid in it was girl cum.

Miss Calendar straightened up and replaced her slacks, before turning to look at me, "Buffy, you heard me telling Harmony to leave, did you not think that it would apply to you as well? Or are you somehow special?"

That was unfair, "I'm tied up Miss Calendar."

"And naked," said Miss Calendar sternly, "This is a school not a mating ground for randy teens. See me after classes today - you're in detention."

I nodded. Mom was going to kill me. And to top it all, Miss Calendar undid my knots and waited sternly until I was dressed. Cordelia was going to be as happy as Vamp in sunlight, especially if they had tight bladders.

* * *

Another person who wasn't sparkling with good humour was Giles when I told him I'd got detention. The way he lectured me you'd think that every other teenager in the world was sitting at home doing their schoolwork in between bursts of Bible Study and helping old ladies cross the road. Still as there was no apocalypse brewing he eventually sent me off with a warning about how he hoped this would be a lesson. Luckily at no point in his lecture did he think to ask why I was in detention - I'm not sure he'd hold to Slayers being on toilet duty.

I entered the computer labs. Miss Calendar was sitting at the desk at the front, typing into her computer. She looked up as I entered, "I'm just finishing an e-mail."

I stood patiently, well almost patiently, I fidgeted a bit as I waited. Truth to tell I was starting to get horny again and the longer the detention went on the hornier I was likely to be. Hopefully my eruption of energy Mom would experience later would make up for me failing with Cordelia.

Eventually Miss Calendar finished typing and looked up at me, "I don't think I ever seen anything so disgraceful Buffy Summers. You're sixteen and supposed to be an example to younger students. And instead you're whoring yourself in the restrooms," she paused, "You're a dangerous corrupter Buffy, if I hadn't come along the saints alone know who you would have been lapping up, probably some poor young child who doesn't know that such sluttony behaviour is wrong. Anyway I think the thing to do is detentions from now until graduation..."

My mouth opened to protest. Nightly detentions would play havoc with my patrolling which wouldn't make Giles happy, my social life and I think Will is still less than enthused that I went off with Cordelia at lunchtime or my sex life - and without regular poundings I wasn't sure my body would hold itself together or whether it would burst. I gulped like a goldfish trying to think of a way out, but Miss Calendar was continuing, "Or I could tell your Mom about her daughter's disgraceful behaviour."

She had an edge of a smile, little did she know that Mom would be far from unhappy at my behaviour. Indeed, it would be great for a teacher to confirm I'd been there begging to be pissed on, only for circumstances beyond my control to interfere. Before I could nod and suggest that was the punishment for me Miss Calendar continued, "There is a third option..."

"There is?" I asked, wondering what it was.

Miss Calendar changed tack, "You know what the worse thing about being a teacher is?"

She paused and I could see she was waiting for an answer. I didn't have an idea - long vacations and working nine to four seemed perfect to me, plus hour long lunch breaks and a subsidised cafeteria. I decided to give a guess, "The pay?"

"No, Buffy," Miss Calendar smiled, "All day I'm working with teenage girls. Teens with slender bodies and toned legs, short skirts that barely hide the promise beneath, tits straining against your tight T-shirts, painted and perfumed like sex on legs. Teens rubbing against each others bodies, kissing, fondling, holding hands, making out with their hormones on the loose like electrons bouncing in a shot of electricity," she licked her lips and continued, "Sexy, seductive, sweaty teenage girls - like plums ripe for the picking and I'm the farmer who can't squeeze them. You don't know how horny it makes me..."

I did, especially as the way she described it made my pussy quiver and a warm feeling leaked from it spreading through my body. I struggled to control my breathing, "I do Miss Calendar, I understand."

Miss Calendar stepped up and away from her desk. Apart from a pair of pumps she was naked from the waist down. She looked at me and smiled, "Are you a dirty slut, Buffy? Are you a cuntlicking skank? Are you a cheap whore who'd pleasure her teacher to avoid detention?"

I could see a deal was on the table and anyway it was all true, "I am Miss Calendar. I'm a total slut, the sluttiest slut ever."

"Get under the desk," said Miss Calendar.

I did as I was told. It was a tight squeeze, and my ass kept bashing against the thin metal. Miss Calendar sat down and opened her legs, "Eat me you dirty whore," she ordered.

I moved to position myself, pushing my head between her legs. She clamped them shut across my ears, wedging me in position. I slid out my tongue and began to tease her lips, running my tongue over her labia and dabbing at the outside.

Suddenly the door opened, "Rupert - how are you?" said Miss Calendar casually, as if she didn't have me between her legs.

I stopped as Giles gave a cough, "Very well Miss Calendar. I understand you gave Buffy detention - where is she by the way?"

Miss Calendar reached under the table and pushed my head back into position, "We came to an agreement about her behaviour."

Giles coughed again, I guess he's not used to talking to attractive teachers, "Good, good, I just wanted explain that Buffy, well she's a very good student, very studious, keeps up with her work, not at all... why did you put her in detention by the way?"

"Pissing...." there was a pause from Miss Calendar, "...about. Don't worry Rupert I'm sure she'll be a good... girl, now."

There was another cough from Giles, who was beginning to sound like he had pneumonia, "That's very reassuring. Well I won't keep you Miss Calendar. Good night."

"Night, Rupert," replied Miss Calendar. There was the sound of the door closing.

Miss Calendar laughed, "My, my, what would Rupert think to find his star pupil is a pussy licking whore," I lifted my head up to give an answer, but Miss Calendar pushed me back into position, "Did I say you could stop slut? Keep eating."

I resumed my munching. Miss Calendar's slit was juicing up nicely and I transferred my tongue from the outside to the in. Her cunt cum was spicy as well, not as hot as her piss, but definitely curry flavoured. I slowly explored her walls, not wanting to get too quick to her clit. She moaned and gripped my head, "That's it you twat licking whore, eat me."

Her walls were soft and moved at my touch, my dabbing making them quiver and drip cum onto my waiting tongue. Gradually I moved until I hit a piece of harder flesh. I'd have recognised it as a clit, even if Miss Calendar hadn't given a gasp and squeezed me tighter between her thighs, "That's it. Eat me slut, eat me good and I'll wash that slutty face in my dirty cunt juice."

I started to hammer home. Each touch sent Miss Calendar into heaven, rocking her seat, banging her knees upwards and twisting my hair through her fingers. The more she reacted the faster I moved until my tongue was like a hummingbird, slashing into her clit, "Yesssss, aaaarrggghhh, biiiiittttcchhh," screamed Miss Calendar.

She wasn't lying about washing my face. Her juice shot out like a hose with a blockage removed. It flooded down my throat, up my nostrils, into my eyes, I coughed and choked as more rushed out. It thumped into my face and down my T-shirt. Miss Calendar gave a groan and pushed her chair back. I took it as a hint and crawled out. The teacher looked at me, with an edge of appreciation, "I guess I'm not the first to mark my territory. Not from that pussy licking."

"No Miss Calendar," I agreed.

She smiled, "I knew you were a cuntlicking twat diver."

I gave another nod, and added a small smile to show I wasn't taking insult. She gave a laugh and reached into her bag. She came up with a strap-on, which she pulled up her legs. I dropped down beside her to buckle it up, smiling broadly and thinking I must look to get more detentions.

When it was in position she helped me up and smiled at me, "Now are you a pussy girl or do you like your ass stretched by big rubber dicks," I was about to tell her, when she put up her finger to shush me, "Let me guess. Hitch your skirt up."

I did as I was told, exposing my bald snatch for her inspection. Miss Calendar stepped forward and pushed a finger up my slit. I groaned as she swirled it around and pulled it out. She gave an experimental lick of the juiced up finger, from her expression I guess she thought I tasted not bad at all; "Turn round."

I turned, still keeping up my skirt. For the first time I cursed Slayer healing, anyone else who'd taken as many big cocks up there as me would have a nice and open hole. But with my recuperative powers it had healed so much it looked pristine. My only hope was that Miss Calendar wasn't really interested in whether I was a pussy or an ass girl, but would fancy butt-fucking an anal virgin. She surprised me though, "You're an ass girl, aren't you slut? You want my big cock in that tight little hole."

I nodded impressed, by how she had guessed. She must have realised what I was thinking, because she continued, "Want to know how I knew?"

"Yes please, Miss Calendar."

She laughed, "Because you're a dirty cheap whore and all dirty cheap whores like it up their ass. Am I right?"

I grinned, "Yes, Miss Calendar."

She moved closer to me, so that I could feel her warm breath in my ear and feel the cock pressing against my naked buttock, "If you were a good girl you'd want lube. Do you want me to lube it? Or are you a nasty dirty bitch who likes it hard?"

I was struggling to contain my excitement, "I'm a dirty whore. I want it hard and deep. I want to be squealing like a bitch as you fuck my dirty hole."

"And then will you clean it?" she whispered in my ear.

I was almost wetting myself with lust, "Yes, Miss Calendar. I want you to stick it in my mouth and make me clean my shitty stains from it. I'll suck it until you make me gag like a bitch."

There was a growl from Miss Calendar, who was being majorly turned on by my dirty talk, "Okay whore, drop that skirt and lean on the desk."

I slipped the skirt down over my pumps and placed my hands on the desk. Miss Calendar was behind me, I could feel the tip of the toy touching my anal bud and I gave a whinny of anticipation. Miss Calendar's hands gripped my waist, squeezing me. Her body was touching mine, I could feel the hardness of her nipples through both her blouse and my T-shirt. They rubbed against me as she moved closer, pushing her titties into me, "I'm going to fuck that tight little ass until you scream, you dirty fucking slut."

With that she slammed it in. There was no warning, no slow slide in, no gentle opening, just a cock hurtling down my chute until her thighs hit my ass and my thighs hit the desk. I screamed, partly in pain, but only partly. I was experienced enough to know it was often sore at first, but that pleasure quickly followed.

"That's good you whore, you like teacher dildoing your slutty ass," Miss Calendar murmured as she drew back again.

"I'm a dirty anal whore, who wants her ass ruined," I gasped in agreement.

"One ass ruining coming up," grunted Miss Calendar as she thrust again. Harder and faster she slammed, ramming me into the desk so that I was face down over it, my hands slithering over the smooth service. Every thrust hammered me into the rim, bruising the top of my thighs. I screamed, Miss Calendar ignored my cries, just concentrating on her own pleasure. I thought Mom was brutal, but she was nothing compared to Miss Calendar. I could feel my ass being opened like it was a tin can. And as it became easier and slacker Miss Calendar redoubled her effort wrecking my ass so that if I wasn't a Slayer I wouldn't have been able to sit down for a week. I was loving it though.

"Fucking dirty fuck slut," grunted Miss Calendar, "Dirty anal whore. Fucking bitch whore. You're a fucking dirty cunt."

My anal G-spot was aflame with lust, sending waves crashing through me so fast I was in a continual state of orgasmic bliss. My ass might have been burning and my thighs hurt like they'd been walloped by a brick monster, but it didn't matter. All that mattered was screaming in pleasure, letting my body shake uncontrollably as orgasm after orgasm tore through me, "Yesssss, aaaarggghhh, fuuuuuccckkk meeeeee."

There was a pop as Miss Calendar pulled out. There was a note of admiration in her voice as she said, "I've never fucked such a nasty slut. You've no self respect have you?"

"No Miss Calendar," I tried to keep the smirk out of my voice, "I'm an ass on legs who'll do anything."

There was a snort from Miss Calendar. She lifted me up and turned me round. For a second she looked at me, and I thought I saw a hint of admiration beneath a fake look of contempt. It only lasted for a second before she reached for my shoulders and pushed me to my knees, "Because any girl with self-respect wouldn't deep-throat their teacher's dirty cock would they?"

I licked my lips, "No Miss Calendar, only a complete whore would do that."

She replied by a grunt and I opened my mouth. Moving forward I took as much of the dildo as I could manage. It wasn't enough for Miss Calendar. She gripped the back of my head and forced me further down, at the same time moving her pelvis forward. The toy filled my mouth, hit my tonsils and entered my throat. I felt like I was burning and choking at the same time. I tried to breathe through my nose, as spew flooded from my mouth and tears leaked from my eyes. The taste was terrible and thinking of what the flavouring was made me spew more. Miss Calendar was without mercy pushing it in, before pulling out long enough for me to gasp in some oxygen and then slamming it down.

"Dirty whore," she crooned, "Cleaning off your own shit."

It was so degrading I loved it. Indeed if only I had an audience my happiness would be complete. After all if there's one thing I enjoy better than being treated like a cheap whore, it's being treated like one in public. I choked some more and blinked my eyes, the tears were welling up in them so fast my vision was blurring. Miss Calendar pulled out the cock and I quickly sucked in some air, waiting for her to slam it in again. Instead she walked back and took a seat, wiping some sweat of her brow, "Well, Buffy, I'd like to think this detention has taught you not to be a toilet, but I not sure that's true is it. I'll be keeping an eye on you."

"Of course, Miss Calendar," I said, though every word felt like fire, "I'll try to be a good girl, but it's so hard."

Miss Calendar laughed, "You really are a slut."
_ _ _

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