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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: I, Buffy Part 15 - In it to win it (ffff, anal)
by LL

I finished the last of my beer. I've been told you get a taste for it as you get older, if true I've still got some growing to do; it tastes bitter and leaves a foul tang at the back of my throat. Luckily there were three wet pussies on the bed and I was sure the lovely cum they secreted would wash away the beer's flavour. I squeezed the can to show I was finished, it snapped in half - I don't know my own strength.

The three cheerleaders had already drank their beers and were well into a second can. Missy looked at me, "You're not a chugger are you Buff?"

"I like to savour the taste," I lied.

The cheerleaders smiled and nodded, luckily falling for it and not pushing it any further. I saw Torrance was reaching for another can and as she was only half way through the one she was drinking it meant it could only be for me. I quickly got up, interrupting any plans she had for me downing another. Stretching I walked over to the desk, before swinging round sharply and leaning against it. I needed to remind the cheerleaders that we were here to party, not chug beer like we were a bunch of University Jocks after winning the big game. I slid onto the desk so that the tip of my ass was balancing on the edge and slowly, almost by accident, opened my legs. The cheerleaders all stopped drinking, their cans were raised to their lips but the sight of my pussy seemed to have put beer out of their mind. I gave another stretch, raising my arms high above my head and pushing out my titties like a hooker on the sidewalk. Satisfied I'd got their attention again I asked, "So are we partying?"

To drive home the point I ran a couple of fingers over my slit. They came away with some cum, which tasted much better than beer as I licked it off. There was a growling noise from Isis and I could see the tin she was holding crunch beneath her fingers, as she eyed me up and down. She took one further swig, before throwing it to one side and standing up and confirming, "We're partying."

Our mouths met, her tongue flicking inside me as our hands stroked each other's backs and sides. I moved to my feet as her knee slid up and down the inside of my thigh. I gave a groan as she moved to suck at my throat, her teeth running over it and biting down gently like a vamp - well, perhaps not totally like one. I gave a further groan as her hand moved from my back to slide over my soaking pussy. I quivered at her touch and allowed her to guide me over to the bed. The others moved to give us some room on the bed. I'm not sure who landed first, Isis or me, but we found ourselves bouncing down, still touching and fondling. I ran a finger over Isis's quim lips and grinned, "Want me to head down?"

The cute black cheerleader smiled back, "I've a better idea; let's sixty-nine."

Missy and Torrance may have fainted at that point. I didn't care, all I wanted at that moment was Isis's smooth snatch under my tongue. And if she wanted to return the favour, well I wasn't going to whine like I was still at Kindergarten. I nodded, "I'm up for that, let's do it."

I got properly onto the bed and spread my legs apart. Isis clambered on top of me, gently lowering her slit over my face. Even before she bent over to tongue me I had grabbed her butt cheeks and was moving my head so that my mouth was directly in position. I opened wide and started to hammer in, seconds later I could feel the black cheerleader slide her tongue into me. Her tongue went deep into my hole, wiping at my cummy pussy walls and slapping at my G-spot. She was damn good, which meant I had to be on top of my game - there was no way I was going to let a cheerleader out lick me.

I pushed my face upwards, burying myself as far as could into her flesh. I could feel her whole body quiver in excitement, her large, but firm titties rubbing and bouncing against my midriff. I slammed harder, ramming the tongue fast and deep at her. I could feel her speeding up her lapping, like we were in a race. I gripped her buttocks hard and rammed upwards. Her slit was soaking, any beer flavour was getting drowned by a much tastier liquid. My own cunt was also soaking, I could feel my juices rising up over my lips. Beside us I could hear grunts and moans of excitement from Missy and Torrance, with Isis's legs wrapped round my face I couldn't see what they were doing, but it didn't sound like they were in an embroidery competition.

An orgasm rushed through me, ripping at my organs and jumbling them together. Another one followed swiftly. Above me I could tell that Isis was also cumming hard, every few moments she ground her pussy into my mouth and crush my head between her legs. It was a race between who exploded first. I licked harder than I've ever done before, trying to drive Isis to heaven. She was doing the same, my pussy felt like it was gliding to heaven on a white cloud.

I won. Suddenly her head shot up like a wolf howling at the moon and her scream didn't shatter the illusion, "Fuuuuuucccckkkk!!!!!"

I would have let out a yelp myself except her cum was flooding my face. It shot out like I was looking into a hose end just as someone cleared the blockage. It filled my mouth and went down my nostrils, blinding my eyes and rinsing my face. I loved it. As Isis rolled off me I sat up enough to shake the liquid away, smiling as I turned to look at Torrance and Missy.

The brunette cheerleader was sitting back against the headboard as Torrance lay between her legs lapping at her slit. The 'blonde's' cute butt was bouncing up and down as she licked. Looking at them my libido, never down for long, started to knock at my door again. I got up and moved off the bed to kneel behind Torrance. Missy could see what I was planning and she squeaked out, "Go, Buffy, get down girl..."

For a second Torrance paused in confusion, which isn't rare if you're a cheerleader, "Er... I'm not... "In one fluid motion I pulled apart her butt cheeks and slammed my tongue down between them. Torrance confused voice turned into a sensual shriek, "...Buffy!"

"Mmmmmnn," I lifted my face from her ass, but still kept my hands pulling at her cheeks, my fingers pressing into her flesh, "Something the matter?"

"Er, no nothing," replied Torrance. Our heads both dropped down and our tongues shot out.

I licked at the top of the cheerleader's back hole, pushing my tongue as far down the tight hole as I could; which wasn't far. However, I don't think Torrance was complaining, especially as I wiggled my tongue around like a lap-dancer with her favourite client. Certainly Missy was enjoying the party as she rocked and felt at her titties, whilst moaning, "Oh Torr, oh Torr."

And I could hear Isis hammering her pussy with one of the dildos.

There was a shriek from Missy as she came. I continued to lap at Torrance's ass, just because the brunette was sated didn't seem to me to be a reason to stop. At least, I didn't until Torrance turned over. I lifted my head and looked at her. The 'blonde' smiled and pointed to her pussy, "You'll find you can go deeper down there."

"Sure can," I grinned and went down again. She had a different taste from Isis, a little more sugary, which was still a thousand times better than the beer. I pushed my tongue in, swinging it around like an explorer hacking at jungle with his machete. I continued to slurp wildly until I found the magic spot. Torrance squeaked and gave a little jump as my tongue hit her clit. She got louder as I pushed harder at it, stroking it and flicking at it. More cum came from her pussy to coat my tongue, it was sweet and sticky. I loved it so much I lapped some more.

"Oh Buff, you dirty slut, eat my slut cunt," gasped Torrance, muddling her words such was the pleasure I was giving her.

On either side of her Missy and Isis sat, their legs open as they slammed the dildos into their slick and sexy slots. Seeing the two cheerleaders from the corner of my eye made me even hornier and my tongue zoomed like a racing car, rat-a-tatting at Torrance's bud. The cheerleader was screaming in pleasure, her arms wrapped round her two friends, "Go, Buffy, go, go..."

I lapped harder, buckling Torrance like she was a folding piece of paper. Her cries and screams got louder, as her legs quivered like she was Xander asking Cordelia for a date. And the more she squealed and reacted to my licking, the harder Isis and Missy toyed themselves, the dildos thrusting in so quick it was like watching a video on fast forward. Cum soaked onto my tongue and Torrance let out another yell, "Yessssss! Aaaaaarrrrghhhh! Yessssss!"

Her cum shot out all over my face, which was still wet from the earlier squirting. I opened my mouth like it was a water fountain, if I couldn't chug beer I can chug girl cum. At least I got some of it, but even more bounced from my face and flooded, like a waterfall, like my front - it ran down between my cleavage and drenched my stomach. I wiped my eyes and gave a small titter of appreciation, "Now that's a good washing."

"You still need some more," moaned Isis. She stood up and moved beside me, Missy followed her lead. The two of them stood beside me as I knelt hammering their cunts with the dildos. I switched my head expectantly from one to the other waiting for that magic blast of warm and wet girl juice.

I guessed wrong, thinking Missy was about to explode, I turned to her and waited open mouth. But it was Isis who squirted first, swamping my blonde hair with her cum. I quickly swung round, but I'd missed a fair chunk and what remained I was able to easily cope with. Still it was only polite to lick round my mouth and say, "Mmmnnn delicious."

"I'm cumming," gasped Missy, giving me enough warning that I was able to swing round. Her dildo slammed in one last time, before she yanked it out and with her spare hand spread her cunt lips. The juice spurted out, slapping against my face like someone had thrown a bucket over me. I gasped as what seemed like gallons of girl cum splashed over my hair and face.

"Jeez, Buffy, you're soaked," said Torrance, who sounded understandably impressed.

"It's nothing," I grinned, "What's better than a little girl cum? Apart from lots of girl cum."

The three cheerleader's laughed, as I stood up and brushed some of liquid away. Torrance was right I was soaked, but my tingling pussy was also telling me that I wanted to party further. I got on the bed and gave a smile, coy, but seductive, "So anyone want to play with li'le Buffy some more?"

"Sure," replied Missy, looking at the other two and smiling broadly, "You got any games in mind?"

I paused, pretending to think, whilst stretching out and opening my legs to give the cheerleaders another good look at my sweet cunt. After a few moments I touched my pussy and said "What about stick the strap-on in the Buffy?"

"That sounds fun," agreed Torrance, "Anyone got one?"

As a Slayer I'm prepared for all eventualities, including being stuck at an orgy without the right equipment. I pointed at my shoulder bag, "There's one in there. Mind the..."

Isis had already shaken the bag open, dropping all my things on the floor. She stood up holding my stake and mini-battleaxe. I shrugged and gave a weak smile, "Self-defence?"

I could see my reputation as school slut and weirdo wasn't going to be lessened by this evening. Isis still looked at me like I'd sprouted wings, which unfortunately for her meant Missy had got my strap-on and was dragging it up her thighs. The brunette stepped forward, the lustful look on her face telling me she was unconcerned about exactly why Buffy Summers was toting more medieval weaponry than a Knight of the Round Table.

"Me first," the brunette squeaked.

I rolled onto my back and spread my legs, "C'mon sexy, come and make me cum."

Missy didn't need a second invitation. Within seconds she was on the bed and over me. I grabbed her sides to steady her as she took hold over the dildo with one hand, whilst with the other she pushed apart my slit lips. I felt the rubber prong rub against the top of my cunt. I looked up into her eyes and smiled a toothy smile, "That's it sexy, enter your naughty Buffyyyy..."

The end of the sentence turned into a gasp of pleasure as Missy fed the dildo in. My pussy was so wet it just slid down, like a key entering a well-oiled lock. Missy followed it down, so her naked body landed on mine. Her hard nipples scratched against my pert titties, adding another small level of pleasure. Of course, it was nothing to the pumping plastic dildo slamming into me; it wasn't the biggest I've had - at seven inches it fitted in my bag, but was a real tiddler for being banged with. But Missy wasn't a beginner, her thrusts were wild and ruthless; her body smacked into me forcing me into the bed. She lifted herself and rammed down, "Fuck it, take it hard..."

"Oh God, yes, yes," I squealed as her strap-on (or rather mine, lent out) raced across my pussy walls, making them vibrate and shake out my girl cum, "Oh God, yes."

Further squeals were interrupted as Isis moved in closer and started to lower her pussy on my face. I could feel, even if I could no longer see, Missy changing position. She moved into more of a kneeling position, dragging me up so that my ass was balanced on her thighs, as she continued to plough my pussy, "That's it Buffy... good slut."

I couldn't reply as I had my mouth full of Isis's delectable black pussy. Given how much of a tongue battering it had received earlier, followed by a hard dildoing I was amazed how much cum was still there. Not that I was complaining, I savoured the lovely juice sliding onto my tongue and down my throat - girl cum tastes great at all times, but in my opinion there's an extra special loveliness if you're getting your own twat hammered. I stuffed my tongue further up, hitting the clit like a rock star on speed. I could hear muffled cries from Isis, mixed with Missy's garbled shouts so that in my mind they almost became one, "Fuck, fuck... take it... oh that's right...fuck, fuck"

The slamming Missy was giving me soon began to have an impact. The nerve endings in my pussy began to warn me something special was happening down there, sending little tingles flying up my body. The more Missy pounded in the more intense these signals became, until they were like a overhead cable spitting deadly sparks through my entire body. I screamed up into Isis's cunt as I came, making her twat vibrate as much as mine was. She rewarded me with a small explosion of cum down my mouth. I gasped and swallowed it and resumed licking. Isis squeaked as my tongue clipped her clit, "That's it Buffy, lick my cunt, you cuntlicker."

I continued to lap away as I felt Missy pull out. Torrance spoke, "Me next."

My pussy waited in anticipation as the two teen's swapped the strap-on. Then I felt Torrance grab me and hoist me onto her thighs. I wrapped my legs round her waist to help her, but the 'blonde' needed no assistance in ramming the dildo into my open hole. Filled with juice as it was, I felt some splurge out as the dildo shot in. If my mouth hadn't been fill with Isis I would have made a scream, as it was I had to satisfy myself by giving Isis an extra hard lick. I think she appreciated it as she howled like a banshee and shot another jet of cum onto me - she really was a squirter.

"Oh God, Buffy, you could lick puss for the Olympics," Isis moaned and fell off me.

I didn't reply as with my mouth free I could give vent to my opinions, "Fuck me, oh God, fuck me hard, harder, harder..."

Torrance grabbed my waist roughly and banged the dildo deep into my slit. Her hair was matted with sweat and her titties bounced like tennis balls as she gave it her all, "This is it, this is it," she repeated like a mantra.

I wrapped my legs more tightly round her, squeezing at her back and rapping my heels against her, "Go on, I want you to fuck me harder."

Exerting herself so hard I feared she was going to have a heart attack Torrance rammed the dildo into my slot. I gasped and thrust my head back as the beautiful feelings began to take hold of me again. My hands reached out and hammered at the bed, "Yes, yess, yesss, yessss," I screamed.

Sweat dripped down my body as Missy gripped my shoulders and pushed me down, so that I was pinned for the other cheerleader. Torrance was hitting me so hard that I swear that bruises were forming and she was almost ripping up my cunt. I screamed again and again. My stomach turned and lurched, flipping itself over in a series of somersaults so intense I almost lifted myself from the bed and copied it. The orgasm blasted my brain into a million pieces, "Yesssss, aaaaarrrghhh, goooooooodddd, I....."

A panting and sweating Torrance pulled out. She collapsed beside me. I lay recovering beside her as Isis started to pull the strap-on off her friend. The rubber was soaked with cum, so much that it dripped from the prong as Isis slid it up her thighs and adjusted the strap. She looked at me and smiled, "Jeez Buff, that pussy looks a bit battered; if you want me to go for somewhere else..."

Now my slit could have taken a dozen more hammerings without me complaining, but Isis's kind offer reminded me that my butt hadn't had any loving tonight. I turned over and jumped to my hands and knees, waggling my sexy tush at the cheerleader. I looked over my shoulder and smiled, "Now you mention it..."

Isis moved behind me and put her hands on my butt, gently massaging the cheeks as she slowly moved them apart. She slid the cock between them, rubbing it over my back chute, without entering it. I gave a groan of anticipation, as the hard dildo ran over the hole. My body began to quiver, shaking with excitement as the hard rubber scraped between my buttocks. Isis's hands slid up so that they were on my waist, holding me in position. She leant forward, "Do you want it Buffy? Do you want this cock up your slutty shithole?"

I did, I wanted it so much I almost couldn't trust myself to say so. I nodded violently and said, "I'm a whore. I need it... I need it bad."

If I sounded like a junkie Isis kindly didn't mention it. Instead she just gripped the cock and slowly began to feed it in me. I groaned as my ass expanded and pushed back, I didn't want Isis to exhaust herself with all the effort, at least not too quickly. And I am a Slayer with the stamina that a long distance runner would envy. Isis appeared to appreciate my movements, as she squeezed at my waist and said, "There's a good whore Buffy. Let me stuff your ass."

"Oh Isis, fuck me, I want you in me deep," I groaned as the dildo pushed in. My ass was used to big toys and Isis could have moved a lot faster, but there was something decidedly erotic about the slow progress, as if she was storing her energy to give me a real ramming.

"Give it her, Isis."

"Wreck that whore butt, girlfriend."

Missy and Torrance had both recovered their energy; they were sitting against the bed-board their legs drawn up and with a couple of dildos working their slots. With their spare hands they were rubbing each others thighs and when the excitement got too much reaching down to lick and lap at each other's tits. The more that Isis fed into me the more excited they got, but no-where near as I was. I gasped as the dildo went in and in and in, until I felt Isis's body connect with my butt. I let out a moan of satisfaction, "Oh Isis, I'm full. Ram it in again."

She slowly drew it out so that only the tip was still in. Her hands lightly massaged at my skin and I could feel her warmth on me. The other two cheerleaders slammed the dildos deep within themselves as they watched the show in front of them, transfixed as a pair of bunnies in the headlights. I gave another moan, "Slam it, slam me. Slam your slut Buffy."

Despite what I said I was expecting Isis to go in as gently as she had before. Which is the excuse I'm going to give for why my hands gave way and I ended up face down on the bed. The slam was like being hit by the toughest vamp I've ever faced, the dildo rammed down my chute like a bullet racing through a gun barrel. Isis's body crashed into me; our screams of pleasure echoed round the room. Torrance and Missy rammed their dildos in even deeper and began to passionately make out. Their slurps were drowned out by Isis slamming into me again like a thunderclap and my screech, "Aaaaarrrghhh, yessssss."

I struggled back into position, steeling myself as Isis continued to ram me. I tried to help her by shifting my ass back to meet her, but soon gave up; she was too fast and too hard. It was one of the best butt-slammings I've had for days, my ass was exploding with excitement; it so overwhelmed my brain with messages that I swear my eyes started to see everything in black and white and flashes zipped in front of them like lightning. Juice squirted from my slit as the orgasm ripped from my ass down to my cunt. I was dripping; it flooded out some more as Isis ruthlessly battered into me; "Take it, take it hard you skinny blonde bitch."

Sweat dripped from my forehead and I gritted my teeth in an attempt to stop my brain shooting out my mouth. It didn't work and I orgasmed like a firework had been placed in my stomach, "AAAaaaarrrrghhhh."

"Aaaarrrghhh, yessssss," Missy screamed in unison with me, her pussy shooting out cum to further soak the bedding.

I didn't care, all I could feel was my own pleasure. It raced through and round me, like a toy train whizzing round a circular track. The dildo rammed down, going in deep and punching into me so hard that I wouldn't have been surprised if the tip had shot out my mouth. I screamed loudly as yet another orgasm tore through me. The room seemed to shake, though whether it was an earthquake caused by my shrieks or my poor overloaded senses deciding to throw a curveball at me I still can't tell. I screamed again, my yells driving Torrance into a further orgasm; her back was curving almost as much as mine.

It was too good to last. With a final thrust Isis collapsed back. I waited until I was sure she was properly out and it wasn't just a slippage. Then I fell forward, even my Slayer stamina was struggling to cope with the earth shattering orgasms that had just ripped me.

I lay there for a short while, before I looked up at the clock. I gave a small curse, not very loud and in truth not really curse like. It was past twelve, I'd be sneaking in the window tonight. Slowly I picked up my clothes and got dressed, the three exhausted cheerleaders lay slumped across each other. I smiled, I was still up and ready, it had been one hellmouth of a party.

I let myself out and started to walk home.
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