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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: I, Buffy Part 18 - Amy And The Cheerleading Trophy (ff,anal,fist)
by LL

I could see Giles looking out the window with a wistful look on his face, as if he was thinking that an attack by killer zombies would be more fun than being here. Beside me Willow was slowly moving from one foot to another, like a demented rocking horse; from the glazed look on her face I was sure she'd slipped into some sort of weird hypnotic trance. Even Xander was looking pained, and as he's dating that butt-banging tramp Cordelia he's used to brain-stunning monologues. Much of the rest of the school, students and teachers, were in a similar state of pained boredom.

About the only two people in the entire Hall who weren't thinking about ending it all in Heathers' fashion were Amy Madison and Principal Snyder. And as Amy was a witch I wasn't sure she hadn't spelled her soul into a different dimension, leaving just her body to smile and nod at appropriate intervals. Snyder was, however, having as much fun as he does when he gets to expel someone for smoking...

He was waving the cheerleader statue in his hand like he'd just won it. Amy gave a wider smile, and stepped back so as not to be brained as the Principal thrust out his claws in a flight of rhetoric that should have made Giles check his Churchill Gramophone Records to see if Snyder was copying them. He was jumping around so much I could just imagine him in a short skirt shaking his pom-poms; which wasn't a pretty thought. All in all anyone would have thought that giving Amy the cheerleading statue had been his idea.

It hadn't, it had been Will's. And from the look of petrified boredom on her face, boy, was she regretting it. Only a few people knew what had happened to Mrs Madison, and when I say that I stress the word Mad. To most people she'd just upped and disappeared, not unusual in Sunnydale, we're not the Bermuda Triangle of the West Coast without a reason. Moms and Dads would tell their kids it was cos she'd found a new man and didn't want her brat in tow or she was an alcoholic and was even now selling tricks off Sunset Boulevard. Meanwhile they'd lock their doors and not invite strangers in. Happily for us, if not for Mrs Madison, she wasn't a vamp snack, but an evil witch who we'd sent into some weird far-out dimension when she didn't make the cheerleading squad. If only we could do the same with Cordelia and Harmony...

It had been Will who decided that her old friend Amy should have a souvenir of her Mom. I couldn't work out why - if my Mom had been a psycho nut witch I wouldn't want a reminder. But Will had said Mrs Madison hadn't always been as so loon she'd tried to murder half of Sunnydale, anyway as Amy was starting to do some Wicca it would act as a reminder not to go too coco. Will had petitioned, made impassioned speeches, designed lapel badges; everything but offering Snyder a blow-job (and Miss Calendar had suggested she try that), until the Principal had come to realise he either gave the old cheerleading statue to Amy or Will would be bugging him in the afterlife.

But if there's one thing Snyder likes more than expelling kids for being late with homework it's school spirit. Our top swimmers would probably be able to decapitate half the school and only get a mild ticking off from Snyder as long as we were winning. Sadly, our high death rate meant attracting top athletes to Sunnydale High was a little difficult. So if there were no current glories to boast about, well bragging on ones which took place in Middle Ages when people like Mom and Mrs 'Mad' Madison was next best thing.

"... and who can forget the first game of 1973 when Catherine Madison cheered the football team to a well deserved victory over the delinquents of William McKinley High. And a week later she led the cheerleading squad in a memorable dance-off with Beacontown High with all the squad dressed as werewolves. And..." Snyder took a deep breath before getting ready to list all the remaining competitions of 1973.

It was only a second's pause, but Giles was already snapping into action. He leapt to his feet and began to clap furiously. There was a moment of confusion whilst the student body decided between getting on Snyder's wrong side and continuing hours of boredom, before a collective shrug went round the hall - the worst he could do was expel us. I could see the Principal snarling like a very pissed off weasel, but there wasn't much to do, but accept the speech was over.

He thrust the statue at Amy, snarling, "Here it is. And we want it back if your Mom returns."

She was a lot more gracious than him and thankfully a lot shorter, "Thanks all. This means a lot, I'll make sure it goes in pride of place in my room. Stay safe..."

That's a speech.


"So you want to come round to mine? Nobody's in. I've just mail-ordered this new orb - it's supposed to increase your magic power," Amy asked Willow as we packed away our Math books.

"Can't. I've really got to study," Will looked pained. For anyone else who's dating a hottie such as Kendra I'd have said 'study' was a shortened version of 'going to bang my girl like she's a bunny'. But Will being Will and there being a test tomorrow I guessed she might actually be reading over her books.

"Shame," Amy shrugged, "I was hoping we could practice some simple levitation spells or something."

"I could perhaps do the weekend, or perhaps not, I think I promised I'd take Kendra out," Will said, torn between her urge to get into Kendra's panties and her geeky lust for reading old spell books written in Latin or French or some other weird language.

Me, however... I had no such time-table troubles. Mom wouldn't be back from her LA buying trip until past-midnight, I was already satisfied that I'd get a solid B for the test tomorrow and no extra studying would push that up. And Amy's turning into a bit of a sexy witch herself; I was pretty sure I'd seen her checking out my cute butt in Gym - though as I was checking hers at the time it may have been my fevered imagination giving me messages. I secretly checked out Amy's legs as I bent over to put my books into my bag. Yep, she could levitate me - even if I wasn't into spells, but there was other magic Amy could practice on my butt.

"Hey, I could come," I said.

Amy glanced at me, as if she hadn't noticed I was there before. She seemed about to say something about my lack of interest in all things spell-like, but at that moment I straightened up and stretched. Amy's mouth closed again and I could see she was def giving my body a looky. I turned round and bent over my bag again. I was wearing a short skirt so you can imagine that what Amy saw was persuasive. She smiled, "Sure, why not. Dad's always saying I should make more friends..."

"Oh, you'll be good friends I'm sure," smirked Will, who's not as naive as she sometimes appears.


"Is it floating yet?" Amy's voice was almost quivering with excitement.

I eyed the cheerleader statue, crouching down so that my eyes were level with the base and moving so near I could almost taste the fake gold covering. No matter how hard I looked the statue remained stubbornly rooted to Amy's desk. I straightened up and shook my head; "It must be the weight."

"That shouldn't matter," Amy looked down into her spell-book frowning deeply so that it looked like little canyons had been cut in her forehead, "This spell should be able to lift a house from its foundations, never mind a cheerleading trophy."

There was no advice I could give. I leave the spelly stuff to those who know what they're doing and concentrate on the hitting things side. So I did what I normally did in these situations and gave a quirky twist of my head so my hair fell attractively down the side of my face and sat on the bed; 'accidentally' hoisting my short skirt up so a fair amount of thigh was on show. Amy barely seemed to notice, instead she moved closer to the statue, looking at it like it might be alive - though in Sunnydale you can never be too careful. After a few moments she stepped back, "Did you notice the eyes? It's like they're following you..."

I had noticed. It was a bit creepy, like Mrs Madison was alive and watching. I shivered at the thought, though luckily I had another explanation, "Good craftmanship - not the cheap tat Principal Snyder buys on the off-chance we might win something."

"Sure," replied Amy. She picked up the trophy and twisted it round in her hand as she hefted the weight. She pulled a face and put it back down on her desk, "Couldn't Will have just petitioned to get me some Gift Vouchers or something?"

"You don't like it?" I was surprised in that Amy had all the time made out as if she thought it was the greatest gift ever and that the whole school was made up of mini-Santas.

"Er, God no. I mean the woman stole my body, tried to kill my friends and almost got me on the cheerleading squad - it's not like we had a good relationship," she stopped and smiled, "Don't get me wrong. I do appreciate it. I just don't want it."

I smiled back as I said, "Next time I'll suggest Will goes for Gift Vouchers."

"Yep," she grinned, "Now let me try again. I'll get it levitating this time."

I gave an inward sigh. Amy's magic was failing to do anything to the statue, but the way she sat with her legs crossed and chanted a hypnotically sexy chant - well the spell was doing something to me. The witch sat down on the floor in front of me, she closed her eyes and put her fingers together to shape her hands like a roof. She began to hum softly the words of a language forgotten by everyone except those who'd read 'Witchcraft for Beginners'.

As before the statue stubbornly remained on the table. I looked at it and grimaced, I could see why Amy hadn't wanted it. Apart from the eyes it wasn't even very good; the poms-poms it was holding looked like stringy balloons and rather than an expression of triumph the trophy seemed stuck looking like it had just swallowed a frog. But the eyes were freaky... I moved my head, staring at them as I did. They seemed to follow you around round and round, down and up.

Up? I suddenly thought...

I looked down to discover that I was about six inches off the bed and rising rapidly.

"Amy..." I yelled just before my head cracked into her ceiling.

Amy opened her eyes, saw that I wasn't where she thought I'd be and looked up. She gave a shriek, "Buffy!"

The spell broke and I plummeted several feet onto her bed. I briefly thought how bouncy it was before it catapulted me off. I landed on the floor with a crump, which would have had her Dad shooting up if he wasn't out.

"Buffy," Amy was crouched over me, looking concerned. I can't say I blamed her, if I hadn't been a Slayer I could have taken some serious damage. Luckily I take a bigger hammering on an average patrol, the only thing hurt was my pride (and my little finger ached a bit where I'd landed badly on it). Amy helped me sit up, "Are you alright? I don't know what happened... I must have mispronounced..."

"I'm fine," I stood up and rubbed myself down, "but, no more spells for now. I don't think I could face being turned into a rat or something."

Amy pulled a face, "Like that would happen," she snorted, before giving an exasperated sigh, "Okay Buffy, no magic."

I sat back on the bed, opening my legs and sliding back across the quilt, until I was leaning against the wall. From where Amy was sitting she couldn't quite see up my skirt, though she was getting a nice look of my thigh. I stretched, pushing some more of the skirt further up my legs, leaving only the slightest bit uncovered. There was a brief period of silence, I took advantage of it to undo a button on my blouse and lick my lips like a movie vamp, Amy took advantage to move onto the bed so that she could look down at my cleavage without appearing to gaze. I licked my lips wetter and thrust my chest forward so brazenly that a monk would have realised I was a wanton whore. It took a little more effort to get Amy to take the hint; another button popped open leaving my blouse undone to my navel. I leant forward so that my titties strained at my bra with such force they almost popped. From the way Amy was staring, her attempts at pretence a bigger screw-up than my test scores, she was interested.

"So," she suddenly said, smiling and looking up at my face, "I heard a rumour..."

"Which one?" the possibilities were pretty high.

"About Cordelia and Harmony... the rumour is they banged you in the changing room," Amy's eyes flicked down my cleavage as if daring me to deny it.

As a little kid I was terrified after being told by Dad that if lied my nose would shoot out like Pinocchio. I'm older now and know the magic to do a spell like that is majorly big and not to be wasted on just embarrassing tellers of tall-tales. But I saw no reason to deny it, "Yep. That one's true. As is the one about them and some of the other cheerleaders partying in my butt. What can I say? I'm a slut and proud."

"So are you just a slut for cheerleaders?" asked Amy. Cheekily, without waiting for an answer, she put her hand on my thigh, massaging it slightly with her thumb.

Luckily for her I purred, "I'm a slut for anyone."

Amy's hand moved further up my thigh and under my skirt. Suddenly she stopped, her eyes widening as much as her mouth opened. I grinned at her. She swiftly recovered her poise and smiled back, "No panties, Buffy?"

"It's a warm day, I didn't think I need them," I replied. Now she'd found out I hadn't bothered with underwear and that the rumours I'm a total lesbo slut were true there wasn't much more in the way of chatting up needed. I unbuttoned the last couple of buttons on my blouse and let it fall off. I leant forward as I moved my hands round my back to unclip my bra, but before I did, I paused, "You wanna make out?"

"Why not, if you're not allowing me to do magic," Amy replied.

I dropped my bra and cupped my titties in my hands, "I said no spells... once you get my head between your legs you'll know magic."

As I undid my skirt and pulled it down my thighs Amy was whipping off her pullover and undoing her bra. I moved forward and began to run my tongue round her nipples as she started to unzip her jeans. She gasped as I ran over her teat, teasing and tasting it. I could feel the nubs starts to harden into mini-erections as I tongued them. Taking advantage I slid my teeth over the nearest one, grinding them lightly against the skin. Amy groaned, getting louder as, with my hands free, I finished unzipping her jeans for her.

Gripping the jeans I pulled back. Unfortunately that meant I had to stop mouthing Amy's tits. However, looking down at the damp panties, I began to think that I should be feasting on something else. I could feel myself starting to salivate as I continued to pull down Amy's jeans whilst keeping my eyes on the wet cotton. Amy must have known what I was thinking because even as I was pulling her jeans over her ankles she had slipped her fingers under the elastic of her underwear. The witch gave me a teasing pout as she started to pull them down, before quickly pulling them up, "You want to eat some puss, Buff?"

"Hey, I'm a growing girl," I grinned. I dropped the jeans to the floor and moved back up, climbing up Amy's body like I was Spider-Woman.

"So I can see," giggled the tease.

She slid her fingers under the elastic again and gave me a quick flash. I gave a growl, giving her a look that hopefully said 'I want to stuff my face down your juicy slot'.

Amy grinned, "Hold on; ask nicely."

"Please can I eat your pussy, pretty please with sugar on," I smiled and reached up pushing away her hands, "Pretty, pretty please."

"Go on," said Amy as I pulled down her panties over her knees and continued down over her ankles and feet. Amy spread her legs wide as I started to crawl back up them. As I slowly returned I stuck my tongue out and ran it up the inside of Amy's legs, an appetiser for us both. The witch giggled, interspersed with some quick gasps of pleasure as I got nearer to our joint goal. As I got closer I could see the juice on her lips, succulent and tasty-looking. She groaned, "Go on, Buffy."

I opened my mouth and spread my lips over her slit. My tongue went out, pushing aside the cunt flaps to dip down the hole. Her tight twat walls pressed at my tongue, as they battled against it, squashing me like a warm, wet vice. I pushed harder, easing apart the soft flesh and sliding my tongue deeper in. Under me I could feel Amy start to shake with pleasure. Her hands gripped the top my head, holding me in position and encouraging me to go deeper, "Buffy, lick my pussy, lick my pussy you nasty slut."

I hit it.

The clit quivered under my touch. For a few seconds Amy was silent, before she started to whimper and moan. I lapped like a cat that's got the cream, licking the clit like an ice-cream. Amy's body arched and bent, the bed squeaking as she shook on top of it. Her hands pushed heavily at my head, ramming me forward so that my mouth was pressed tightly against her hole. My tongue touched twat, burying deep into her g-spot. Amy was getting louder and louder, "Lick it Buffy, I want you to lick my wet pussy. Eat my cunt juices, drink my cum... oooooohhhhh!"

"Mmmmnnn," I slurped harder. Her hole was soaking, cum washing around like it a spin cycle in a washing machine as my tongue drilled and lapped and licked. I hammered down at her bud, making her juice more - it tasted yummy. I sucked it up as I licked, loving the smooth, tang of cum sliding down my throat, a kinda sex honey.

"Ooooohhh, oooohhhh," Amy was almost bouncing off the bed she was quivering so much. Her mouth was almost continually open as she let out a series of groans. They were gradually get louder as my own lapping got harder. I could feel her on the edge and I moved faster and faster, until she was shrieking in orgasm and her cunt was overflowing with cum, "Aaaaarrrrghhhh, oooooohhhhh, Buuuuffffffyyyyy, aaaaaargggh."

I lifted my head and grinned, "I said there'd be magic."

"You did," agreed Amy giggling. She sat half-way up and putting her hand under her chin lifted my face so that our mouth's were inches apart. For a second I thought she was going to kiss me, but instead she smiled and wiped a spot just under my lip, "You've got cum on you."

"Colour me stunned," I said, "You were dripping it out."

"Well... your tongue did do some exploring," Amy said and gave a dreamy smile.

I rolled off her and twisted onto my back. The licking had made my own pussy start to crave some love and attention. I slid a finger into my hole and started to move it gently against my clit, working away at the itch horny feeling. Amy remained where she was watching me and smiling as I put on a finger show. That just made me feel hotter. There's something about being watched that makes my hornyometer rocket up to the top of the scale, and it's a big scale. I gave her a sexy smile of my own and pushed my finger deeper, before adding a second one, "Oh, oh, oh."

I could see I was making Amy heat up as a bead of sweat slid down from her forehead. She waited until it slid down to her mouth, before licking it away. Her own hand crept to her slit and she began to rub, "You're looking hot, Buffy."

"I'm feeling hot," I giggled back. I pulled out my fingers and licked the cum off them. It tasted almost as nice as Amy's and I needed more. My fingers slid into my cunt again, this time three of them and it was starting to get a little crowded in there - not that my pussy minded. It sweated out cum even as it squeezed at my digits. The warm walls quivered as my fingers pushed them away, waves of excitement sweeping from them and rushing through my body.

The bed squeaked as Amy moved, positioning herself so that she was lying her head on my thigh so she could get an unobstructed view of my fingering. I groaned as I hit my clit; a sliver of cum slipped from my bald twat and trickled down over my pussy lips. Amy almost salivated as she took my wrist and pulled it out, "Let me help..."

"I don't think three fingers will be enough," I said.

"How many you want? Four?" asked Amy. She crossed her thumb over palm and moved to press it in me.

"No," I giggled, "I want the full fist."

The expression on Amy's face was a mixture of admiration and disbelief. She looked at my twat, even after having three fingers in it the hole looked way too tight for a full fist, "You sure it'll fit? I wouldn't like to rip you."

"Trust me, I'm a slut, not a masochist - I want orgasms, not maiming," I grinned, "It might be a bit sore, but I'll cum like that volcano that blew that Roman city."

"Vesuvius," said Amy, who competes with Will on knowing all sorts of totally useless factoids. She paused for a few seconds, before a wide smile split her face, "Okay, if you want it."

"I do," I confirmed, "I want you to fist my cunt until I'm geysering cum."

There's not many benefits to being a Slayer, the hours are lousy, the pay is terrible and the pension-plan non existent. But it does make you supple. There was the no strain in moving my legs back so that they were covering my ears. And I didn't even need to hold them in place. My hands spare I slid them down to my pussy and eased the hole open. I smiled at Amy, "Fist me, pretty please with sugar."

"As you asked so nicely," Amy said. However, she didn't put her fist in straight away. First she slid in a couple of fingers. I groaned as she explored my wet pussy, her fingers prepping me by opening the slit wider and juicing my hole. She touched my clit, sending a little jolt through me. I gave a little whinny and briefly tensed with pleasure. Amy grinned, "You've not seen nothing yet."

"I haven't seen a fist," I countered. Foreplay was fine and I didn't mind her preparing me, but I'm a Slayer - I can take it.

For a moment I thought she took the hint and withdrew her fingers, cum dripped from them onto the bed. Her mouth closed round her ring finger and sucked the cum from it, as her eyes gazed at my body. She took it out, "Yummy."

"I should think..." I grinned back as she replaced the ring finger with index finger and inhaled it like it was a massive Cuban (cigar, not Castro). Just looking at her made me almost squeal with lust, I'm not impatient - much, but I've got needs and my current need was to get my cute cunt slammed by her fist. I pulled my slit a bit further apart, revealing more pink, "Anytime you're ready..."

This time she did take the hint. She clenched her fist and in a sultry voice said, "If it's what you want, Buffy"

I'm not going to lie - it wasn't an easy fit. Even with me pulling apart my hole and opening my legs like I was a ballerina the fist and the hole weren't the going together like a horse and carriage. I squealed as Amy's knuckles pushed past my cunt lips and started to spread my hole. I could see she was biting her lip and wondering if I could take extra exertion. I thrust myself forward as far as I could, helping the fist in a little further, shrieking, "Push, Amy, push!"

The Witch did as she was told. Her fists started to move deeper, the knuckle of her thumb entering me a sign that the fist would make it. I squealed triumphantly, "That's it, get it deeper Amy."

She looked pleased at my reaction and continued deeper. I could feel the opening close round her wrist as the fist disappeared in. I would have been, mainly, content if she'd stopped there, but Amy carried on. I shrieked again as the fist pushed apart my sides and she hit my clit. Now, don't get me wrong, I love fingers and dildos in my puss. But they're nothing compared to a whole fist stretching it out and making my sensitive zones think its Christmas. It was like my cunt was in a heavenly fire; I was almost expecting winged angels to arrive and start to hosanna. However as they didn't come, I opened my mouth instead and screamed, "Yessss, open my cunt like I'm your whore."

Her arm started to jack back and forth like a piston. The fist hammered into my clit so hard it was going to be bruised tomorrow. Not that I cared, tomorrow can wait if you're feeling like a Queen today. The knuckles hit my spot again and again, each blow forcing out an orgasm and making me scream like I was being snacked on by a hungry vampire - though my pussy prob hurt more than any bitten neck. I mean I was aching and sore as my pussy was stretched and it's walls treated like they were a boxer's jaw. However, as an another explosive orgasm tore me like a piece of tissue paper, I reckoned it was worth it.

"My god, Buffy can you take it harder?" Amy gasped in disbelief as I coped with her thumping.

"Yessss, yessss, yesssss," I replied, "Fist me harder. I want to squirt..."

I swear Amy may have been a missed potential Slayer, she sped up and slammed in harder. I made a mental note to not pick a fight with her, I mean, I'd probably win, but judging from what she was doing to my twat she'd swing a mean right hook. Her fist hammered down my hole, beating against my clit and ramming apart my walls. I was cumming like a rocket, shrieking and screaming with even the tiniest movement. And Amy wasn't making tiny moves...

My cunt was cum-filled. The juice acted as lubricant, easing the fist down- though not much. And the harder Amy hammered the more my hole filled, until the girl-juice and the fist were trying to desperately fill the same space. The juice lost. Amy's fist shot down, sending cum splurting out of my cunt. She shrieked in surprise as it sprayed up her arm and onto the bed, "Buffy... your geysering."

I vaguely remembered that I told her I want to be fisted until I geysered. A woman's allowed to change her mind I decided, "Don't stop!" I shrieked in panic, "Don't stop!"

"Take it, Buff," gasped Amy and hammered her fist into me, making me almost swoon with relief and pleasure. My body bent and I screamed again, as another shot of cum left my slit.

Amy was sweating. So was I. The perspiration and the cum soaked together making it look like both of us had just been in the shower. But I could take the exertion, Amy couldn't and I saw she was about to slow down. I gave her an encouraging smile, "Give it one last blast, Amy, make it worth it."

She nodded, paused and then hit me like she was a championship contender. My twat went stratospheric. The Wiccan's fist hammered into my hole, hard, fast and, as it rammed my clit, scarily accurate. I opened my mouth and shrieked as if a dozen hounds of hell had just jumped me. It was a Goddess of an orgasm, blowing my mind into little pieces and rendering me incapable of doing anything but scream and squirt.

"You alright Buffy?" Amy pulled her dripping fist out of my aching cunt.

For a moment I was so insensible that all I could do was wave a limp-wristed hand to show I was still alive. Eventually, I managed a nod and few moments after that I was able to say, "Yay. I'm good."

"So I see," laughed Amy.

I was recovering quickly now - Slayer stamina. At despite the orgasms I'd had I was still feeling that I needed more; my general view on dating is that to really fly I need to have something up my butt. I slid my leg back up to my ears and rocked onto my back, so my tight ass hole was in view. I smiled at Amy as I slid one finger into my pussy, whilst resting one on the other hand on my puckered butt-entrance, "You know what goes well with a stretched pussy? An open ass."

"Hey, wasn't I supposed to guess? You answered your own question," Amy frowned and smiled at the same time; "You sure you can take it?"

"I can take anything," I smiled in challenge "Now dildo me open."

"Have you got one?" asked Amy.

I frowned and shook my head. I hadn't been planning to end up with my ankles touching my ears when I'd left home this morning, so all my toys were with my slaying gear, "Can't we use one of yours?"

"Er, not as such. I don't actually own a dildo..." Amy blushed.

I looked at her in surprise; I mean what seventeen year old girl doesn't have stash of sex-toys. Well, obviously the seventeen year old Amy, but apart from her... Luckily, being a witch meant there was a solution to hand. I pointed at one of the unlit candles lying on her dresser; it might be a bit thin, but it was long enough and anyway when nothing else is around you make do with what you have; "You can use that."

"Hey, yeah," said Amy, smiling at the thought.

I pulled my legs back a little bit more and wiggled my ass cheeks, enticing her, "Stick it in."

"Will it fit?" Amy asked, though as she'd just put a large larger fist up my cunt she should have worked out how flexible a Slayer body is.

Still, I reached down to pull at my ass cheeks, opening the hole just enough that it didn't look closed, "Yes," I giggled, "Trust me..."

Amy paused for a second, then shrugged, as if thinking that I knew best - which I did. She started to push the candle in. It wasn't as tight a fit as some of the toys I'd had up there, but with my butt back at normal virgin tightness it wasn't a slick oiled manoeuvre either. I rocked, easing my ass up the candle.

"Keep a firm hold," I told Amy. It wouldn't do much for my already less than stellar reputation if I needed to go to hospital to have them manage a rectal intrusion gone wrong.

"I will," said Amy. She pushed it in a little deeper, "That's as far as I dare go. Unless you don't mind where it ends up?"

It was nice, very nice. Indeed the little mini-orgasms that spasmed in me were real good. But I'd been too spoilt - I want epic orgasms and this wasn't it; "Why don't you waggle it a bit?"

Again it was fine. But it was like salad when there's burger on offer; the salad might normally be tasty, but it was nothing to that ketchup covered burger. I gave a little moan, just for effect, and as Amy continued to move the candle up and down I looked for my burger solution. I began to salivate, as I saw it.

"Amy?" I said.

"What?" she wiggled the toy up; it made a little impression within my butt and my anal nerve endings gave out a little wave as if they couldn't be bothered to do much more.

"You know the trophy? If you don't like it, what about stuffing her head up my ass? I think the candle's opened it enough..." with it's arms up and outstretched there was no way the trophy would go deep, but looking at the size and weight of the head it would make up in hardness what we didn't get in depth.

Amy pulled out the candle, looked at it, looked at my butt, looked at the statue and finally at my butt again, "Buffy..."

"I know, I'm a kinky slut," I grinned, "But I haven't led you wrong yet. Everything's fitted fine."

I could see Amy was wavering, but wasn't quite with me yet. She was fine with candles, but stuffing a brass trophy up me seemed a little further than she was yet ready for. I threw in my ace, "Y'know it'd be therapeutic, like on Oprah. It'll be just telling your Mom that you're over her and the only use she's being is to have her metal head used as a dildo..."

It did the trick. Amy tossed the candle away and quickly picked up the trophy. She hefted it gingerly and for a few seconds I thought I was going to have to do without an anal orgasm, at least until I got home and Mom returned. But then she nodded, "Buff, if you're sure."

"Slam it in..." I said, before deciding even my Slayer enhanced butt might not be ready for brass statue hammering it... "er, slowly slam it in."

"Okay," said Amy. She rested the head on my open hole for a couple of seconds, "Here it is."

Even if she hadn't said anything I'd have known. The trophy head scraped agonisingly down my hole and I could almost hear the sound of screeching metal. I've sometimes felt that a good-butt fucking starts with it feeling like molten metal is being poured down my back-chute - if this was true this was going to be a doozie. Amy pushed it in, ignoring my screams, wiggling and twisting it as she did. The trophy's hands pushed into my cheeks, the fingers stabbing like needles. But it was only when the head was in and the shoulder's hit my cheeks that it could go no further. I gritted my teeth and forced myself to ignore the absolute pain in my butt, I needed couldn't let it dominate or I'd never get that special orgasm, "Work it Amy," I said, without opening my mouth properly for fear I'd scream, "Work it."

The Wiccan began to push the trophy in and out and round and round. It was total pain at first, but quickly, as I had thought, the pleasure came a knocking. The orgasm tore into me, shooting and pogoing around my butt like an out of control basketball. It didn't get rid of the pain, so much as make it meaningless. I'd have taken real melted metal down my butt if I was going to have this much pleasure. I screeched in joy, "Hammer me Amy, hammer me with your Mom's brass head."

Amy pushed the toy in, levering it around so that my as was gaping like a cavern. It was hard to believe, but she even got some space around the toy and I could feel the warm air waft in at the same time as the trophy was prodding. The touch of it was blowing my mind, each thrust or twist sending an orgasmic thrill hurtling through me. I screamed, my voice becoming raw, as my vocal chords stretched in sympathy with my butt. I could feel Amy hammering home, ramming the metal trophy as deep as she could.

I screamed again, squealing and shrieking in pleasure. My cunt was leaking without even being touched, the juice spraying up and shooting down like a fountain. The orgasms weren't just constant, they were mind-shattering, making my earlier fisting seem like a wet Saturday afternoon. Harder and deeper Amy moved, ramming my ass open until it was all a blur of orgasms...

There was a pop as Amy pulled out the statue. I groaned and relaxed, I could feel my ass was as open as the Bronze on Friday night. And it must have looked pretty gaping as Amy looked worried. She leant forward to look at it, gingerly pushing a finger in - it didn't touch my walls; "Will it be okay?"

I nodded and said brightly, "Oh, it'll be fine... it'll be back to virgin freshness in an hour or so."

Amy still looked nervous, but then I smiled at her to confirm I was fine and she smiled back. I struggled into a sitting position and started to look around for my bra, "I better go, I'll see you in school tomorrow."

"Sure," she nodded, "but let me cast a spell on your butt first, heal it."

I shook my head shuddering at the thought of what Amy might manage with her spells, "I think my butt's already had it's magic for this evening..."


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