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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: I, Buffy Part 19 - Surprised And Seduced (FFf, anal, DP, vamp sex)
by LL

I smacked the vamp's head on the bench's wooden slats, it cracked - the wooden slats not the vamp, though he did look pretty woozy. I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and threw him over one of the gravestones; he landed with a crash. Vampy had kicked out a few moments before, sending my stake spinning somewhere into the cemetery's undergrowth. Will was on her hands and knees looking for it, but in the meantime up got a very hungry, if also very groggy, bloodsucker.

"Any sign of it?" I shouted over my shoulder to Will.

"I think it landed in the bushes," my friend shouted back.

That was good to know - not.

I have a bit of a rep for wrecking things, burning down school gyms and causing more damage to public property than the San Francisco earthquake. I still hold that none of it's really my fault; Giles really should fork out for some insurance cover for me. But sometimes in saving the world, or at least parts of Sunnydale, I have to misuse public property. I slammed my foot down on the wooden bench, finishing what the vampire's head had started and more importantly getting myself a handy stake.

He had vaulted over the tombstone and was coming towards me fast; even though I was armed and he wasn't. Most vamps aren't as bright as half-watt bulb, but this one was dumber than most. I stepped to one side and thrust out, "See ya..."

"Doh," went the vamp in his best Simpsons impression before exploding into dust.

"Found it," said Will and triumphantly held my stake out. She winced when she looked at the broken bench, "I think that was a memorial to Mrs Hartzer; she used to keep cats."

"Mmnn, let's patrol somewhere else for a while and if anyone asks... we weren't here and even if we were we saw nothing. Or else they'll be a memorial bench to Buffy Summers; died from having her allowance cut - again."

"Sure," grinned Will.

We walked through the graveyard; it was quiet - which worried me. The vamp I'd dusted was the only one I'd seen all week. Normally I'd say that was 'yay for me' news, except Giles had mentioned that Darla and Dru were back and clearing up the competition - either you worked for them or you became dead; well... deader. And that was working as a powerful recruitment incentive. I shrugged as we found an unbroken bench and sat down; I'd cope with them when I saw them -I'd dust them like I was Gary Cooper at High Noon. In the meantime a girlie conversation was what I needed...

"How's things with Kendra?" I asked. I hadn't seen my fellow Slayer much recently, mainly because she'd headed over to the Caribbean to be with her watcher and clean up a plague of voodoo zombies. It meant her and Will were having a long distance relationship and from Will's face I was guessing it was going about as well as my Math assignment.

"They're... well... I think it's not. I speak to her and all she wants to do is talk about how she dusted some vamp or decapitated a zombie. I mean I'm not someone who wants to talk clothes or pop, but at least I know that there is a life outside slaying... oh sorry Buffy."

I shrugged, "No biggie. I agree, which is why I like our in-depth discussions on Geometry and the finer points of English grammar on our patrols - there has got to be a life outside slaying."

Will grinned, "We could gossip about clothes, if you want. I have some really well rehearsed barbs about what Cordelia was wearing today."

"Xander?" I quipped.

"That's harsh... but true" my friend had recovered well over Xander and the tramp; I always thought Will had a bit of a crush on Xan, so much so I hadn't twigged her as a girl who likes girls until she bedded Kendra, oh and shared me with Mom. Will hadn't taken Xan getting all kissy-kissy with Cordelia well. Neither had Harm and the Cordettes either, which was probably the first time they'd agreed with Will on something.

She smiled happily as she said "I was thinking more of that purple top, it made her look like the Pope."

"I'm sure I'd get that more if I was Catholic," I said. It didn't matter; Will had a fund of jabs at Cordelia planned and prepared, comparing her to everything and everyone between the man in the moon and those little pet pooches Hollywood starlets always seem to have. It was good to gossip, it reminds me why I bust my ass off on this gig - that I wasn't just a Slayer; Kendra could have done with remembering that or else she was going to let Will slip away like a wisp.

Eventually Will stood up, "You finished? I told Amy that I'd help her with a couple of spells. You wanna come?"

Last time I'd gone to Amy's I'd got my butt pounded, admittedly by a heavyweight trophy and floated off the floor without the aid of anything illegal. It was tempting, but "Nah, I'm good. I'll just do another quick skirt just to make sure there's nothing evilly creeping out of the gravework. What you plannin'?"

Will gave an enthusiastic smile, "It's for you. We found this spell from Ancient Babylon, which they used for their Slayers. It makes your enemies powerless to resist. Imagine..." Will thrust out her arms in a dramatic flourish, "vamps, demons, trampish whores falling in paroxysms as you near, just waiting for you to stake them. None of this karate chops and being thrown around like... like a very light thing."

I grinned back, "That I'd like to see."

* * *

I wasn't expecting much of Will's magicing, perhaps a floaty pencil or two, or if they were doing really well Amy might manage to make her hair change colour or something. Still, it was a nice evening for a walk - often there's vampire or demons jumping out all over the place, which makes Sunnydale as relaxing as New York subway during a taxi strike. But Sunnydale during a peaceful night has a tranquil beauty, a rustic small town America feel, which softens your soul and makes you feel that all is right with the world. Anyway Mom had gone with Miss Calendar to LA for the weekend to soak in art and culture, which I took as code for find some like-minded chicks and bang the fuck out of them, so I was on my own.

At least I was until Darla arrived. She slinked round the corner of a mausoleum wearing a pair of hot pants and a shirt tied round her midriff. She pulled the lolly out of her mouth and smiled; it was a smile Jaws gave before it chomped on a swimmer, "Hey, Buffy. You're out late..."

If Darla was the Great White I was Sheriff Brody. I smiled back as I metaphorically hefted the rifle to aim at the canister, "Hi Darla. I see the hooker look is still in."

Pleasantries concluded we began circling each other like a pair of lions, me pulling out my stake, Darla setting her game face. I knew Darla wasn't alone, I couldn't see Drusilla, but I could sense her. She was planning to ambush me, I just quickly needed to work out where and when. There were some bushes she could be hiding in or behind one of the tomb markers.

Or on top of the mausoleum.

I somersaulted out of the way as she hurtled down from the roof. She landed balancing on her haunches, in the spot I'd been in seconds before. As ever she was wearing a Victorian dress, it was dark red, satanic. But not as twistedly evil as her face, contorted by madness as much as her inner demon, "Naughty Buffy, shouldn't have moved from me. Now we'll have to play."

I looked between the two vampires, they were tough and I knew it wasn't going to be a fun fight, especially for them. I straightened up and gave a cocky smile, show confidence, that's half the battle, "Gee girls, I think you need to work on the mascara; your make-up is all over the place."

There was a hiss from Drusilla, like a spitting cobra, as she moved towards me. Her eyes briefly flicked towards Darla, "Oh Grandmama can we play with her?"

"Look out," snapped Darla.

Just in time, the instant Dru had taken her eyes off me I'd attacked. Without Darla's warning Dru would have been all dust and death. As it was she managed to get out of the way, just - my stake ripping the silk material on her dress. She grabbed at me as I passed, not a proper connection, but enough that I tumbled and rolled, before leaping to my feet. I whirled round, my stake at the ready. Darla was looking at me curiously, a small smile on her face - she loves a challenge. Dru was looking down at her torn dressing frowning. She looked at me, a tear in her eyes, "You've ruined my favourite dress."

"Deedums," I replied with all the maturity I could manage. She had a point though, my stake had ripped it from just under her armpit all the way down, leaving it flapping and exposing her smooth pale skin. It was strange, I thought, I'd always have had Dru as a panties and bra girl - but from the flesh on show she was neither.

I snapped back to looking at Darla, as I heard her moving. She was walking softly, trying to get around behind me. She stopped as she noticed I'd seen her. I glanced quickly at Dru - she was still holding up her torn dress and pouting, her white skin seeming to glow. It gave me a slight twitch in my nether regions, all I needed was to get hot in a slaying - even if Dru looked damn sexy with the moon lighting her silver skin.

Darla must have seen my reaction as she smiled, "Oh Buffy, you've discovered Dru's secret - no underwear - makes her move faster"

I stepped backwards, keeping the two vamps in an arc in front of me. Halting I gave Darla the raised eyebrow, "And what about you? Whorewear go for panties?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Darla's face moved from its demonic to its human form as she smiled cockily.

"I would," I responded with the same arrogance. I dived, rolling forward and catching her with my foot. It wasn't a knockout blow, she was too quick for that, instead it just kicked her in the elbow as she scooted away. I somersaulted back to my feet, the two vampires whirling round again to face me. I hefted my stake and grinned, "You gonna tell me?"

"Thongs," said Darla as she head-butted me. It was a good move, if I hadn't been a Slayer I'd have been screaming with a broken nose, as it was it hurt bad, but not so bad I wasn't able to respond with a quick one-two to her ribs. Then I swung on one foot and clouted Dru as she tried to come at me from behind.

The three of us danced away again to form a triangle. I felt a little trickle of sweat running down my back. I wasn't sure whether it was from the sudden burst of exertion or because in our skirmish Darla's top had become undone and was threatening to uncover her tits. I frowned, this was bad -in a fight to the death I shouldn't be ogling my victim's chest, nice though it was. I took up my fighting stance again, "No bra?"

"No, I don't wear one," responded Darla.

"What about Buffy? Does she wear one?" said Dru as she tried to move around me again, "I bet the Slayer's a no knickers girl."

"Red lace panties - it's nippy tonight," I grinned, "Otherwise... well I like easy access."

"Oh, so do I," purred Drusilla and licked her lips so seductively that if this had been the Bronze and I didn't know she was merciless killer with a sideline in being barking I'd have been dragging her outside for a quickie.

I glanced at Dru again. How had the dress ripped on the other side? I couldn't remember doing that. Not that I was complaining as it exposed more of her slender form.

"Ooommph," I would have said something a lot wittier if Darla's foot in my solar plexus hadn't rendered me temporarily incapable of quipping. Or saying anything at all. The two of us tumbled to the floor, the stake skittering out of my reach. For a few seconds we scrabbled around, but I was still breathless and whatever her failings Darla was strong. I lay on my back my wrists pinned under her knees, unable to move. She looked down at me and smiled. I'd never noticed before how attractive she was, it wasn't much of a compensation I was about to get bitten by one of the world's prettier vamps.

I waited for her demon face to reappear.

It didn't.

It did move nearer, however. Her complexion looked good, her skin was pale but unblemished and her lips redly sexual. I felt myself warming up as Darla's finger touched my mouth, before slowly moving down over my chin and stopping at the top of my blouse; "You didn't say whether you were wearing a bra?"

"I didn't," I moved my head slightly so I could see her tits, only partially covered by her undone shirt, "Why don't you find out?"

Her nails seemed to sharpen as she sliced through my buttons. Luckily she retracted them before moving her hands inside my blouse and pulled it open, "Red lace... someone's a slut."

"Sure, like you can talk," I nodded towards her own ample cleavage, which she wasn't exactly hiding.

"Yeah," drawled Darla. Her nail extended again and she slit the material holding the cups together so carefully that whilst I felt it touch me it was like a knife being run over my skin, not stabbed through it. I breathed again as she pulled away my ruined bra.

"Hey, that costs money, you know," I said.

"Sue me," replied Darla. Her hands moved and squeezed my tits, gripping them so tightly that my nips went as hard as granite. She moaned, as she played with them, rubbing her hot pants up and down my stomach. I gulped, Darla felt good - a lot hotter for someone who's been dead for three hundred years should be. She moved quicker, pushing my top away so that she was running her denim shorts hard against my naked flesh. I felt my diaphragm expanding and retracting at speed as Darla massaged my stomach, I tried to control my breathing as Giles taught me when dealing with vamps. Only problem was that he was talking about them trying to bite my neck, not get themselves off on my tummy.

"Let me play," I'd momentarily forgotten about Dru. I twisted my head. She was standing a few feet away looking at me with a look that was either hunger for my blood or lust for my pussy. As I was pinned to the floor, I was really hoping if she was going to eat, it would be with her tongue not teeth.

"Can Dru join in, Buffy?" Darla moved back so my wrists were free. I reached up and gripped her titties as hard as she was holding mine. The vamp groaned, closing her eyes for a moment before she looked back down at me, "Think you can handle us both, Slayer?"

Hoping she was talking about fucking, I answered, "I've taken on bigger sluts than you, vamp."

"A competition, Grandmama," Dru jumped and clapped her hands in glee, "I do love it."

Darla squashed my titties together, "Is that a challenge Buffy?"

"Can you make me squeal?" I responded, before adding, "No biting."

"No staking. Or Holy Water, but nibbling's allowed," Darla bent over and slid her mouth over my teat. Her teeth bit lightly. As negotiating tactic it had the advantage of making my libido shoot ahead of my brain.

"Ohhh, yes, okay light nibbling is good... no blood," I moaned.

"Deal," said Darla. She stood up and started to undo her shorts.

I didn't get to see them drop. Dru slid down her naked pussy onto my face and her dress covered my face, the only thing I could see was her pink pussy, a small tuft of dark hair above it. And if there hadn't been a bright moon, shining through the rips in the material I wouldn't have been able to even see that. She lowered herself so that her lips were over my open mouth, "Eat me Slayer, eat my vampire cunt."

I had a vague feeling that this wasn't what I was supposed to do when I met vamps at night, but that pussy did look nicely slutty and I'm not a girl who can say no to tasty twat. I pushed my tongue up, carving into Dru's slit. Vamps may not reflect in mirrors, but they do juice I discovered, though this may be research I don't fill Giles and the gang in on. I moved deeper in, feeling the warm wet walls closing in around my tongue. I could hear Dru's moans of joy as I ran round, prodding and exploring her sweet hole. The flesh moved and quivered like I was licking a really thick trifle, though one that tasted like aniseed. Dru lowered herself further - thrusting her cunt into my mouth, "Eat my cunt, Slayer, eat me."

I did, slurping at the sexy pussy eagerly, drinking the vamp cum as it drained from Dru's cunt. It was wonderfully fresh. My enjoyment was to be bettered as a naked Darla rejoined us. I felt her naked slit running up my tum as she positioned herself as she had before and started to masturbate using me as a toy. She gripped my tits; at least I think it was her; Dru's dress was still covering my face. But whichever vamp it was they started to squeeze and grip my tits like they were a pair of stress relievers. I slurped harder, driving my tongue excitedly into Dru so that she squealed in excitement. I could sense, even if I still couldn't see, that she was making out passionately with Darla, the harder I tongued the harder she stuffed her tongue down the blonde vamp's throat. And that made Darla grab my titties and play with them so hard they felt like they were about to pop. The blonde broke from her partner to squeal, "Lick her Buffy, stuff your tongue up Dru's cunt. Lick her hard."

Faster and harder Darla rode my stomach. I could feel her pussy, warm from the friction, wet with lust. The quicker she rode me the more her cunt let loose cum, soaking my belly. I could hear Darla groaning with lustful excitement, groans I'd have been copying if I wasn't enjoying tonguing her friend. More cum slid down my throat as I slammed my tongue up. Dru ground her pussy against my mouth, her gasps a perfect echo of Darla's.

"That's it, you Slayer slut," groaned the blonde as I arched my back to push my stomach into her, "That's it you sexy Slayer slut."

The blonde vamp's cum slid over my toned tummy as she gave another gasp. I felt her stand up, I was disappointed that she wasn't up for playing for longer, but with Dru's slit firmly planted over my face I wasn't down for too long. Especially when I felt Darla take off my pumps, swiftly followed by my jeans; "Look Dru" she said as I felt her fingers hook under the elastic of my sexy underwear, "red as blood."

That kinda put me off them... they're supposed to be sexy to living cuties, not a turn on to the undead. I didn't say anything, I was too busy slamming my tongue vigorously on Dru's clit. The brunette took the hint, shrieking loudly, before adding, "Mmmmn Grandmama, take them off. I want to see the Slayer's kitten."

There was no argument from me as Darla slid down my panties. It had been a bit cool earlier, but wearing Dru as a hat was keeping me warm and I imagined that Darla also had plans to make sure my pussy bits weren't going to get too frozen... I was right, I couldn't help but give Dru a bonus lick as her partner pushed a couple of fingers into my slit. The blonde vamp wiggled them exploringly, before giggling, "Tight, Buffy, but if it's virgin I'm a nun."

The thought of Darla in a wimple and nothing else was almost as lovely a thought as her finger pushing against my clit. The vamp began to work them in me, scraping her nails over my G-spot to make me scream into Dru's cunt. I bucked my back, opening my mouth wider to munch at the soaking wet hole. More Dru juice entered my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed some more. My sucking and lapping became more desperately intense as Darla fingered me with an expertise that suggested that when not stalking the cemeteries that Dru must be having the time of her death. The brunette was certainly enjoying the effort I was putting into her cunt, rocking like a toy horse and squealing, "Oh, Slayer, that is so good. Oh can I keep you?"

Just as I was on the edge of orgasm Darla fingers slid out. I'd have complained if I didn't have my own mouth full. It was lucky I didn't have time too, as seconds later I felt her mouth on my quim lips, followed by her tongue pushing into my slick twat. Not only was Darla a fine hand at fingering she was an artist in pussy licking. I pretty much had my first climax within moments, howling my excitement into Dru's hole so she vibrated like she was in the mains. And it got better; Darla really knew what to do with her tongue - I guess three hundred years had taught her some tricks. And she used them to their full. I exploded in orgasm after orgasm, each one passed onto Dru until she had flooded so much cum over and in me that I was worried that she was becoming dehydrated. However, as I was loosing juice like I was a drink dispenser on school sports day, I really did need Dru's liquid refreshment to keep me going. I orgasmed and drank, slurped and climaxed.

"Aaaaarggghh," squealed Dru, sending another splurge of cum down my throat. She fell back, thankfully sated whilst I still had some feeling left in my tongue.

I struggled to sit half-way up, leaning on my elbows. Darla's head was bobbing between my legs, her tongue doing unspeakable, but enjoyable, things to my cute cunt. I moaned and gasped, "Do it Darla, eat... lick me, lick me so I cum."

I came. Again.

And again.

I squealed one more time as the climax hit me hard. My body arched and relaxed as I waited for Darla to carry on. She didn't. Instead she lifted her head and looked at me, a small smile on her cum covered lips, "So Buffy you like being eaten by vamps?"

I grinned back, "Don't push it Darla, I could break my word."

"Slayer wouldn't do that, the Slayer wouldn't break her promise," Dru moved beside me, her dress so ripped it was barely on her. Her finger reached out and twirled round my nipple, "That would make you a bad Slayer, a very bad, bad Slayer."

I gulped at her touch, not resisting as Dru leant forward and kissed my titty. I managed to murmur "Well I don't want to be that."

"Mmmmnnn, bet you don't Buffy," Darla's tongue shot out and she started to lick at my stomach, licking away he drying cum and replacing it with saliva. She looked at me, with the dangerous attraction of a hungry tiger. I licked my lips, trying to fight the horrible realisation that I wanted more from tonight and that my appetite for her and her acolyte was growing. I don't know if Darla and Dru could tell, but the sensuous way they moved their tongue over my nipples and down my navel suggested that neither of them were wanting a quiet night with some hot choccy and a good book. Darla raised her head, "We still on truce?"

"Yes," I groaned, my tits loving the attention that Dru continued to give them, "yesss, yesssss."

Darla smiled, "Let's head somewhere a bit more private..."

* * *

The mausoleum may have looked from the outside that whoever designed it had a crush on the Ancient Greeks - all columns and statues of nymphs, but inside it was more gothic - a very vamp style of black and red. I guessed that Dru was bigger on the d‚cor than Darla, which was lucky or it would have been all mirrors and flashing neon strippers. Not that I was really paying that much attention, I was too busy making out with the two vamps - firstly kissing Dru passionately, before gasping for breath and switching my attention to Darla.

Luckily their place was only a few minutes from where we'd met, so near that we hadn't bothered to get redressed. We just gathered our clothes up and skipped, giggling like schoolgirls, to the mausoleum. Once down behind the secret door and in their lair I'd just dropped everything on the floor and was locked to Dru.

"Mmmmnn," I moaned as Darla moved her lips from my mouth to suck and lick at my throat. I was kinda aware that if she decided to vamp out that there was little I'd be able to do except knock on my coffin lid until I was let out. But for some reason I didn't care about the risk or even thought myself in danger. All I could think was that she was making my toes tingle. Without warning the blonde's head moved down at her teeth started to tweak at my nipple. I ran my hand through her blonde hair and gave another groan of deep satisfaction.

"Is the Slayer being made happy?" Dru bit lightly on my ear, before twisting my head round to slide her mouth on mine. I was, but it was hard to say it, though as one of my hands was massaging her wet pussy I was hoping she was getting that I was as hot as Hades. It was the great thing about being sandwiched between Drusilla and Darla that I wasn't getting any down time. If one wasn't locked to my lips the other was, my titties were being constantly sucked, licked or otherwise played with and my cunt... Well, my cunt was soaking as they both competed on how far they could stuff a finger or two in.

I fell over and landed on my back on a bed, Dru following me down. Her wet pussy met mine, as my legs opened automatically. Her mouth slid onto my lips and as our tongues grappled Darla appeared leaning over her lover's shoulder and looking lasciviously down on me, "I think that cute little cunt of yours needs some more filling."

I broke from Dru, her mouth sliding down to my throat, so that I could nod and say, "Oh it needs action, it's weeping for rubber."

I moved my hand down, placing it between mine and Dru's soaking slits. I pulled it back up and licked the cum off the front as Dru started to lick the back. But Darla had already headed away again. I could hear her rummaging in the background, but with Dru moving from my hand to suckle my tit I had other things I needed to think about, like giving little squeals of excitement. However, when Darla did reappear in my line my squeals were for the blonde naked vamp attached to twelve inches of ridged rubber strap-on. She gave an arrogant smile, "Think you can take this Buffy?"

I pushed Dru off and sat up. She looked sulky, but I smiled at her before turning back to the blonde, "Don't you know? I'm a Slayer I can anything."

"Is that another challenge? You think you can handle us both?" said Darla, she winked at Dru who clapped her hands and gave a little gasp of excitement.

"That's not a challenge," I grinned back, "Unless you're wondering whether you and Dru can keep up with me?"

"Goodie, goodie!" Dru clapped her hands as she danced, "Grandmama, we're going to do naughty to the Slayer."

"Don't call me Grandmama; not when we've got guests round," said Darla. She turned back to me and licked her lips as she gazed at my naked body like it was a plum ripe for double fucking, "We'll play your game, Buffy; we'll screw your Slayer brains out of your ass."

"It's what's going in my ass that interests me," I laughed. Darla gave a quick smile - it was pretty; I guessed when she was alive she must have been popular with both girls and boys. Dru in the meantime was over by an oaken set of drawers and was pulling out a strap-on. It was as large as Darla's - the pair of vamps obviously weren't strangers to big ones. Neither was I... I could feel the familiar lustful feeling growing in me. My hand touched my pussy; it was ready - damp and quivering with anticipation. I looked at the two vamps, standing beside each other, both stroking their dildos.

"So which one of us do you want first?" said Darla. She stepped forward to hint it should be her.

I laughed and put out my hand to stop her, "Hey, hold on - when I said I'd handle you both I meant both... you know... together."

Dru looked so excited I thought I was going to have a fainting vamp on my hands and even Darla looked faintly impressed. She looked down at her cock and made a gesture with her hands to hint at its length, as I could see it in all its rubbery glory I'd already worked out this could be a tightie. Realising that I wasn't backing down, Darla shrugged "Okay, Buffy. I never thought I'd say this to a Slayer, but I'm up for double fucking if you are..."

I rolled onto my front and turned my head to look at the two big strap-ond vamps, "Always Darla..." I swung back onto my front and ran my finger over my damp cunt, "Always..."

Drusilla squeaked and started to jump up and down clapping her hands, "Darla, let's do a the double naughty..."

She threw herself on the bed, bouncing up and down with excitement. Me and Darla both smiled at her excitement. I lent over and pushed her down, "Calm down, Dru."

"Oh... Buffy!" she squeaked as I moved on top of her. I rubbed my slit on top of her dildo, slowly opening my hole. My juice started to seep out as I lowered myself down. It was a tight fit, pushing apart my walls and stretching my hole, but any soreness was nothing compared to the pure pleasure of the ridges scraping against my warm, wet insides. Dru whimpered in enjoyment as I moved my body nearer to hers, my hands stretch out either side of her as her hand fondled my tits. She moaned again, "Oh, bad, bad, Slayer."

"I thought you wanted me to be bad," I purred as I came closer so that my tits were inches above her body, "I can be so sluttily bad that even pure evil is an angel next to me."

Letting go off my tits Drusilla's hands moved to by butt, she gave me a few light slaps, smiling dirtily as she did so, before gripping my firm cheeks. I squeaked as her nails nipped into my flesh. Her tongue flicked over her lips as she looked at my reaction; slowly she pulled them apart. I could feel my back hole opening, especially when Dru slid a finger from each hand into it to give herself some traction. It stretched like my cunt. I gave a quick moan and turned my face towards Darla. The blonde vamp was looking ready, her lustful gaze mentally devouring my open back door. I gave her a flirty grin, "Come on Grandmama, fuck my butt..."

She gave me a glare, I shrugged and smiled, "Let's hope Dru doesn't sire anyone or they'll be calling you great-Grandmama. On the plus side, you've aged well."

Dru giggled at Darla's expression. I decided not to push it, the truce was holding, but there were other things Darla could do - like pack away her strap-on and leave me unbutt-fucked. I put on an apologetic smile, mixed it with some cute 'fuck-me' eyes, "Come on Darla, I want your big dildo up my ass."

The blonde vampire got on the bed and positioned herself behind me. I turned my head back to look at Dru, whilst at the same time I lifted myself half-way off the brunette's dildo. She took her fingers out of my ass, but before it had time to even start closing I could feel the large rubber of Darla's strap-on entering. I groaned in pleasure as she pushed, the large prick opening me as the ridges played across my anal nerve endings, "That's it," I moaned, "All in. I'm a greedy Slayer."

The weight of Darla pushed on me, driving me back down onto Dru. My pussy walls expanded, dripping cum with pleasure as the dildo drove up. I could feel the tightness in both holes, a splitting sensation, as if the toys were going to meet in the middle. It felt so good, especially as I knew vamps are tough - these two especially would go for it all night. Darla's hands gripped round my chest, pulling me close to her as she fed the last of the toy into my ass. I could feel her slap against me, she continued moving down. I squealed in pleasure as the force drove me hard onto Dru, my clit starting to buzz in excitement as it was squashed by the huge dildo, "Oh," I gasped, "Fuck me, fuck me hard."

Darla raised herself up and then whacked down. The dildo ploughed by ass, sending waves of pleasure crashing through it. The rough ridges rasped down my hole, the feeling of them adding to excitement that the cocks girth was giving me. And if that wasn't enough it hammered me down into Dru so that her dildo stretched me. Quickly Darla levered herself up and came down, her body quickly developing a rhythm of its own; fast and deep. I squealed with every blow, rising my ass as she lifted and then feeling it be rammed down onto Dru as the blonde dropped again. Harder and harder Darla fucked, her breath loud and fast in my ear. I moved with her, screaming encouragement, "Harder, harder, fuck me harder..."

Darla's tits slapped into my back as her thighs crashed into my butt. Dru's hands clawed at my back, neither pushing or pulling me, but leaving little red welts where her nails scratched at skin. Sweat dripped from my forehead, splashing down onto her face. More perspiration trickled down my back, mixing with Darla's as she bounced me harder and faster. I screamed as the first major orgasm ripped me, "Aaaaarrrghhh, aaaaarrggghh, thaaaaattttsss.....aaaaarrrgggghhhh!"

There was no let-up. Darla slammed hard. She grunted in pleasure and in exertion as she opened my ass. The cock drilled down, over my anal G-spot - which seemed to scream in joyful lust. I could see Dru moaning, the weight of me and Dru driving her strap-on down into her soaking twat. My cunt was wet as well, Dru's cock becoming so well lubricated it was sliding into me like a key into a recently oiled lock. She squealed as Darla gave me an extra hard slam, "Oh bad, bad Slayer. Grandmama smack the bad Slayer's bottie."

I'm not sure if Darla replied as I was too busy screaming loudly as I climaxed again. The orgasm tore me, ripping at my body and making me it's slave, "Oh God, oh God, oh God, fuck me, oh God!"

"God can't hear you," said Darla sacrilegiously.

As I was orgasming like I was in heaven I was pretty sure that if he wasn't listening at least one of his powerful angels was. I didn't say that... I just screamed loudly, "Fuuuucckkk meeeee, fuuuuucckkk meeeee!"

Darla did. For what seemed like days, but was probably only hours, she fucked me, thrusting her cock deep into my well-opened ass and driving me into Dru. The room was filled with our orgasmic screams and calls as we came and came again. And again and again. Our bodies were so sweat and cum soaked that we looked like we were melting, which my insides felt like they were. I screamed again.

"Enough," gasped Darla as she fell out of me.

It wasn't. I wanted more. I shook my head and got off Dru, lowering myself on Darla's upright dildo, "You just lie back, let Buffy make it all better."

I began to work myself up and down the dildo that had been in my ass only moments before, cleaning any of my ass stains off with cunt juice. Darla moaned pleasurably as I pushed the haft of the strap-on hard against her pussy as I slowly, but expertedly, rode her. I turned to the other vampire, "Drusilla," I said, "Isn't there a hole that needs to be filled?"

"Oh, Slayer," giggled Dru, "I couldn't..."

"You could..." I laughed back, before more seriously saying, "Fill my back chute, Dru, I want you to stuff it like it's a stocking."

My ass was so opened that the rubber slid down it with no effort, if it had been much smaller I wouldn't have even known it was in there. Luckily there was enough thickness of plastic to feel it. Though I gotta to say that without the ridges whizzing over my anal G-spot and grazing my walls it would have been a lot less fun. At least until Dru really started getting into it...

"Yaaaarrrghhhh," I gasped as Dru pulled at my hair, snapping my head back so far that another tug and I'd have been wandering round with my head sagging off my shoulders.

"Horsey, horsey," squealed Dru in excitement, "Let me ride you Slayer horsey..."

I've been called worse - but not much. However, while she wasn't laying on the compliments she was battering down my ass like a pile driver. The cock was being slammed so far that Dru was almost following it in and I swear that it was hitting Darla's strap-on in my middle. I squealed in pleasure, loving the wondrous feeling of two large dildos being worked in me - especially as Dru wasn't exactly a weakling when it came to butt-fucking. Suddenly she let go off my hair and gripped my tits, squeezing them tight like she was scared if she didn't she'd fall. I could hear her squealing in my ear, again and again "Hush a bye, baby; hush a bye, baby."

She had a point, I was screaming as loud as I could. The climaxes seemed more intense and longer if I let loose a throaty roar as I came. I was screaming a lot; incoherently, high-pitched and deafening. Darla wasn't taking a vow of silence either, she was shouting and snarling, thrusting her dildo up into me as she matched her compadre's thrusts, "Feel it Buffy, feel it Slayer."

My body was coated with sweat and girl cum, mine, Darla's, Dru's - all mixed together in a cocktail. It dripped off me, sliding over my naked skin as I bounced between the two vamps. They were the same, soaked and slippery, little pools and puddles forming in our creases only to be sent splattering in the air as we straightened. Harder, faster, deeper Dru drove down. Stronger, quicker, further Darla thrust up. I orgasmed without stop, my body exploding like Galaxies colliding, "Yesssss, yesssss, yesssss, aaaaaarrrggghhhhh!"

It was one of the best poundings I'd ever had.

I screamed again as yet another orgasm flooded my body...

* * *

I was aching like I'd just gone a dozen rounds with an ogre when I woke up. I was sandwiched between two naked vamps. I closed my eyes again, groaned in the hope that last night had been a dream. Unfortunately when I opened them again Darla and Dru were still there. Darla's eyes were open and she was looking at me, with a frown on her face, "Last night?"

She didn't need to say anymore... I shrugged and frowned, "We never mention this again. I get dressed, I go, next time we see each other I kill you and Dru or you kill me."

"Naughty Slayer," purred Dru. I looked at her, she was still half-asleep and even less in it than she normally was.

I turned back to Darla, "Deal?"

"Sure, yes," blushed Darla, "I don't know what happened... one moment I'm ready to kill you, the next I'm powerless to resist your charms."

I didn't say anything, just pulled on my clothes and left. But next time Will casts a spell I'm gonna make sure I'm well clear of Sunnydale.
_ _ _

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