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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/JAG: Buffy And Faith On Trial (MMMFff,Ff,voy,inter)
by MiaIsDaBomb

Sarah Mackenzie was enjoying some vacation time from the military in
Sunnydale. Her relatives had a nice big home there for her to relax in on her
vacation. It was getting late at night, and Sarah was moving the rest of her
stuff when she encountered two men standing in her way.

"Like to invite us for dinner, sexy lady?" one of them asked.

Sarah noticed something different about these men, as soon as she got a good
look she saw they had fangs. These men were vampires. Sarah had no chance to
move as they jumped her. Soon she had her legs pinned by one and her arms
pinned by the other man. Both of these men were incredibly quick and strong,
she never had a chance. They ripped off her black blouse exposing her smooth
flesh and nice breasts in-cased in a powder blue bra. Her skirt was torn in
two as her white thong became exposed. Seeing her body the two vamps began
caressing it softly causing Sarah to kick and scream.

"Were gonna let you live a little longer since your such a hot bitch, we'll
fuck you first then kill you!" laughed one of the men evilly. Out of no
where a stake went through both of them turning them both to dust. Sarah
looked up and saw two attractive girls one blonde and one with jet black
hair each holding a stake. The two girls took off before Sarah could say a

It was Buffy and Faith who were doing their usual vampire patrols on a
Saturday night. There were more than usual out tonight, and for once the
two felt overwhelmed. They were staking vampires left and right, as vampire
after vampire attacked them. Suddenly Faith stabbed someone and immediately
realized it wasn't a vampire, it was a normal human. He fell back and bled
as opposed to turning to dust.

Faith and Buffy stood there stunned at what had just happened. They were
both speechless.

"Freeze, hands in the air where I can see them!" said a uniformed police
officer. Both girls complied dropping their stakes as the officers handcuffed
both of them. The officer began reading them their rights as they were both
arrested for murder.

* * *

Sarah laid on the couch, her skirt and blouse were both ripped beyond repair
so she slid on some white shorts and a blue v-cut shirt. Since her relatives
didn't have cable TV, she soon grew tired of watching prime time TV. She was
about to flick off the TV when something on the news caught her eye.

"Tonight two young women face murder charges after killing an undercover
officer with a stake. Names are being with held for now, more of this on
tomorrow's news."

It suddenly hit Sarah that it must be the same two girls who staked the
vampires earlier. She certainly wasn't gonna let them stay in jail these
girls weren't killers they had saved her life. Plus being the curious
lawyer type, she wanted to here their side of the story.

Sarah called in a favor from the military, and was able to get both women out
on bail. Buffy and Faith were both shocked to find themselves being let out.
They then came face to face with Sarah Mackenzie for the second time that
night. Sarah made sure to thank them for saving her life and explained that
they would be under house arrest and staying with her.

"Wow, are you that convinced we're innocent?" inquired Faith.

"Well, if you wanted to kill me you'd let the vampires do it," smiled Sarah.

After they got back to Sarah's place, Faith and Buffy explained what happened
and how it was an accident.

"So do you think you can help us Miss Mackenzie?" requested Buffy.

"Please call me Mac, and yes I'm sure I can it seems like an open and shut
case to me."

Buffy couldn't help but notice how sexy Mac was. Her short brown hair looked
so cute, and was in perfect frame with her face. Her legs in her shorts were
very sexy then up higher in the short top, Buffy could see her bellybutton
ring. Faith was also noticing this, and was seeing Buffy check out Mac. Mac
didn't even notice though. She wasn't aware that Buffy was bisexual and Faith
was a lesbian. Mac herself had always been straight so she was naive at the
thought of another woman being attracted to her.

Mac decided to turn herself in for the night, so she went upstairs. Unknown
to her though Buffy and Faith followed, as both of them we're dying to get a
better glimpse of Mac's body. Luckily for them, Mac had left her door open
just enough for them to see in her room. They both watched as Mac slid out
of her shorts leaving her in a sexy thong. Both girls gave a silent sigh of
approval as Mac bent her hot ass over in the sexy thong.

Next thing off was her top revealing her sexy bra. 'God she's so fucking
hot,' thought Buffy. Mac reached back and unhooked her bra tossing it to the
floor, freeing her breasts. They were practically perfect in size and shape,
plus she must have been aroused, since her dark nipples were hard. Faith and
Buffy were dying to see the sexy woman remove her thong, both of them eager
to see her pretty pussy. Unfortunately though she left her thong on as she
slipped into a white babydoll nightie.

After Mac was out of their view the two girls decided to go downstairs and
get ready for bed themselves. Buffy slid out of her top and skirt leaving her
in thigh high white stockings with a garter belt and a white bra and panties.
Faith stripped out of her half shirt leaving her topless since she had gone
without a bra. Her jeans were next and she had black side string bikini
panties that hugged her sexy ass. The two laid back on the couch and in a
short while they were asleep.

Mac looked out her bedroom door, she could swear she heard someone outside
her door, but seeing nobody she decided it was just her imagination. She laid
back in bed, thoughts of helping the two girls in court went though her mind
as she went to sleep.

Mac saw herself in court, defending both of the girls. She saw Buffy and
Faith dressed slutty in mini skirts and short tops. Mac was dressed in her
brown skirt and tan shirt, her military uniform. Mac was having a hard time
persuading the judge to release the charges on Buffy and Faith. The judge
was an older black man, the prosecutors were attractive white men but seemed
like they were a little young to be state prosecutors, neither looking to be
older than 25.

"I'm sorry Miss Mackenzie, but you three ladies are gonna have to service us
if you want these charges released?"

Mac shook her head in disbelief at such a request, then turned to see Faith
and Buffy both bent over the prosecutor's table with there skirts raised and
panties pulled to the floor. Right there in the court room Buffy and Faith
were both getting fucked bent over the table. Mac was speechless as she
looked up at the judge obviously stroking his cock as her eyed her body. Mac
looked down in shock to see that she was now naked except for her tan thigh
high stockings and black high heels.

"Well, Miss Mackenzie what will it be let your clients get put away or bring
your naked ass up here and give me some of that prime-ass white pussy?"

Mac shrugged her shoulders then made her way back to the judge. He had her
climb up to his bench. He lifted Mac onto his lap and started thrusting up
into her while on his judge's chair. Mac felt her pussy expanding to
accommodate his huge black shaft. Mac started to ride him up and down, her
huge tits on her athletic body bouncing as she planted her heels on the
floor and rode him harder. The judge started sucking on her pointed nipples
as the sound of her ass slapping against his balls echoed in the courtroom.

Through her moans she looked around the court room but surprisingly no one
else in the courtroom seemed to even notice them all having sex. Faith was
now taking a cock up her ass and was acting like a slut as she ordered and
begged the prosecutor to fuck her ass hard.

Buffy was riding the other prosecutor on the table, he was slapping her ass
as he slammed upward into her pretty pinkness. Buffy's perky tits bounced up
and down sexily as she took his cock inside her.

Mac jumped as her ass was slapped by the judge. He bite hard on one breast
then the other. Mac was sent to orgasm as his cock became to much for her.
Mac wasn't prepared for what happened next. The judge bent over his bench.
He spread her ass cheeks and began to ram his cock up her ass. Mac screamed
out in pain, she was a virgin at anal sex, and this man's cock was ripping
her apart. He was by no means gently either as her ass was forced open wider
by his black invader.

Mac looked out at the courtroom most of them not even looking her way, a lot
of them with blank expressions on their faces. After a while Mac started to
feel the pain become less and less. She reached back and played with her clit
while the judge sent his rod deep into her ass. Before long Mac was moaning
at the ass fucking she was receiving. She felt her body release yet another
orgasm as the judge was about to do the same! The judge forced Mac to her
knees and shot his load all over her sexy face. She could tell that she must
look good covered in his cum the way he looked at her with lust on his face.

Mac went back to her table to find her clothes, when she was cut off by a
naked Buffy and Faith. Both girls wrapped their arms around her and took
turns in giving Mac a soft kiss on her cheek and on her lips. Mac had never
been with another woman before, but she was deep down excited at the thought
of it happening. Both girls kissed downward until they both had one of Mac's
breasts in their mouth.

Mac moaned softly as both girls tried to swallow her whole tit in their
mouths. Mac lightly stroked the naked backside of both girls as her body was
in erotic pleasure. Her head was spinning at the thought of naughtiness of
giving in to another woman's touch (two women at that). Faith slid lower
until she was between Mac's legs. Once there she spread Mac's legs further
apart and slid two fingers into her tight box. Buffy looked Mac in the eyes,
then leaned in for a kiss. Mac felt a rush go through her body as she
experienced her first lesbian kiss. Buffy's lips were so soft. Soon she was
french kissing the blonde teen like she would a guy. A big difference of
course being that Buffy was a better kisser than any of the guys she had

The two women played tongue war as Faith continued to shove her fingers
inside Mac. Faith started to lick Mac's clit at the same time she fingered
her pussy. Mac started to grind into Faith's fingers as Faith's tongue work
was blowing her mind. Buffy finally broke their wet french kiss and Buffy
offered a perky breast to Mac. Seeing Buffy's breasts with the hard pink
nipples poking out, Mac was eager to taste it. She stuck out her tongue and
flicked it on the hard nipples. Buffy closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure
as she got goosebumps at Mac's tongue work.

Faith was really getting into Mac's pretty pink pussy sucking hard on her
clit and ramming her fingers deep into Mac. Faith even used her free hand to
caress Mac's sexy ass. Buffy squeezed and pinched on Mac's nipples as Mac
sucked on Buffy's tits. Soon the pleasure of Faith's carpet munching and
Buffy's nipple pinching became too much and Mac released her orgasm onto
Faith tongue. Faith being experienced at girl-girl love easily licked it all

Faith continued licking never stopping licking when Mac came. Buffy helped
Mac onto the table and joined Faith between Mac's legs. Mac jumped at the
feeling of two tongues on her sensitive clit. She looked down to see both
girls licking her. They both looked so good between her legs and she spread
her legs as wide as she could opening her pussy up for both of them.

The double assault on her clit quickly sent Mac to another orgasm which Buffy
and Faith fought over who was gonna lick up the most of Mac's sweet juices.
Faith took the initiative and pushed her breasts against Mac's. She kissed
Mac passionately as the two grinded their pussies together in rhythm. The two
moaned loudly at the heat coming from each others crotch's. Buffy decided it
was time for her to cum too. So she positioned her ass over Mac's face and
rubbed her pussy on Mac's face. Mac took the hint and started to lick Buffy's
pussy. Buffy was in fact a natural blonde going by her pubic hair.

Mac may have been a novice at oral sex with another woman but she was making
Buffy wonder if this wasn't her first time as she seemed to hit the spot
quite well. Faith kept humping her pussy against Mac till Faith finally
released her own orgasm this caused Mac to cum yet again. Buffy had to start
grinding her crotch back on Mac's face, as Mac seemed to have forgotten her
after her orgasm. Mac was glad to go back at licking Buffy, she found the
taste of Buffy's pussy sweeter than she ever imagined.

Buffy pinched and pulled on her own nipples as she rode Mac's face faster and
faster. Faith started to rub her nipples against Mac's clit as she tickled
Mac by licking her pierced bellybutton. Buffy released her orgasm all over
Mac, and Mac slurped it all up.

The three woman kissed and hugged each other, before Mac noticed everyone
pointing at them, noticing their nudity. Some of them calling them names and
making comments about Mac's tits. Mac was blushing red with embarrassment.

With that Mac woke up from the dream. "Wow that was a weird dream." She
looked down and realized her thong was soaked with her juices. She slid them
off and slid on a pair of cotton panties. Mac then went back to sleep.

* * *

With the strings that Mac had pulled through her connections she got Buffy
and Faith's hearing to take place quickly. Mac called character witnesses
like Buffy's friends Willow, Giles, and Xander. She even had Cordelia testify
on how many times Buffy had saved her life. In the end Mac got their case

Both girls were quick to thank Mac with a hug and let her know how much they
appreciated all that she had done for them.

She smiled and told them it was the least she could do for them saving her
life. So they went their separate ways, but Mac couldn't help but wonder if
sex with one of these girls would be as good as it was in her dream. Of
course her being in the military maybe it was all the best that she would
likely never find out.

Mac's vacation was ending so she was getting dressed in her military outfit.
Brown skirt and tan button up top. She always had a habit of getting ready
early so after she was dressed she laid back enjoying her last few moments
of relaxation. Just then there was a knock on the door.

Mac got up to answer it and was surprise to see that it was Buffy. On top of
that Buffy was looking really sexy in a short leather mini skirt and a white
blouse that was almost see-through making her bra visible underneath. Buffy
had her hair curled and was wearing black high heels. 'God she's so fucking
hot,' Mac thought. 'What am I saying, I gotta get these thought out of my

"Buffy please come in, is there something else I can do for you."

"Oh you've done plenty already Mac, I just wanted to say thank you again, I
know your leaving today so I wanted to show you my appreciation one last

Mac gave Buffy a hug which Buffy returned. As they broke away Mac looked in
Buffy's eyes and it melted away her resistance. She leaned in ever so slowly
and kissed Buffy on the mouth. Buffy gave her a surprised look both other
then that said nothing. Mac couldn't leave it at that. She leaned in and gave
Buffy another kiss this time sliding her tongue in Buffy's mouth. This kiss
lasted much longer until Buffy away from it.

'Oh my God, she's gonna think I'm a dyke, she's gonna say get away from me
you sicko freak,' thought Mac. Buffy did not do that though instead she
removed Mac's military hat and stroked her hair. Mac closed her eyes at the
feel of Buffy's touch. Then felt the teen girls lips against hers again,
this time Buffy's tongue made its way into Mac's mouth. The two began french
kissing intensely as Buffy started to unbutton Mac's top. A black bra came
into view as Buffy squeezed each bra covered breast and then went lower to
kiss Mac's neck.

Mac seeing that Buffy was OK with what they were doing slid her hand under
Buffy's skirt and began to caress her panty covered ass. Buffy found the
zipper on the back of Mac's skirt and unzipped it. allowing it to fall to
the floor. Buffy smiled at the view of Mac's incredible legs in stockings
with a garter belt, her panties were black and the same design as her bra.

"Your beautiful" Buffy said softly.

Mac kissed Buffy's hand softly, "So are you."

Buffy removed her top follow by her mini skirt. Mac pulled Buffy on top of
her as the two leaned back on the couch kissing. Mac unhooked Buffy's bra and
was quite impressed by the slayer's tits. Much like in the dream they were
close to perfection, with pink nipples hard like little pencil erasers. Mac
took a tender nipple in her mouth and started sucking it. Buffy began to
softly rub Mac's pussy under her black panties.

Mac let out a loud moan as Buffy slid a finger inside her pussy. Buffy's
pussy grinded against Mac's smooth leg as Mac went from one breast to other
on Buffy. After doing that for a while Buffy stood up and pulled down her
panties showing Mac a clean shaven pussy. Mac unhooked her bra in the front
impressing Buffy with her larger rack. The two began kissing again till Buffy
slowly made her way down Mac's body to between her legs.

Mac spread her legs for the sexy blonde, as Buffy's hands spread open Mac's
pussy. Buffy licked up and down Mac's slit getting Mac to squirm underneath
her. Mac bit on her own fingernail as her pussy was licked by another woman
for the first time in real life. Mac felt Buffy's tongue go deeper inside of
her, it was so good unlike anything she ever experienced before. Mac squeezed
and pulled on Buffy's hair as she let out a huge orgasm.

After that Buffy crawled up and sat on top of Mac's face. Mac eagerly licked
on Buffy's box and sucked on her cunt lips. Buffy rode the sexy Major's face
as Mac teasingly rubbed on Buffy's asshole. Buffy finally told her "stick
your finger in my ass Mac, please!"

Mac wet her finger then slid it up Buffy's ass. She continued lapping at her
pussy like a pro. It didn't take much longer until Buffy was coming all over
Mac. Mac savored every drop licking Buffy dry. They hugged and kissed some
more then Mac looked at her watch.

"Oh Shit I gotta go, I'm gonna be late!"

Mac tossed on her clothes then gave Buffy a big wet kiss good-bye leaving
Buffy her number so they could see each other again.

Mac got on her plane and was on her way back. She knew that her friend Rabb
would wanna know all about her vacation. Unfortunately there were some things
about it that she simple should "not ask and not tell."

The End


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