Disclaimer: This is not only fantasy, it's fantasy about people who don't
really exist so if it bothers you you're more screwed up than I am, which is
saying something, now buggeroff.

Notes: This occurs a year after Teen Titans last season, two years after
Buffy's final season and halfway through Joan's 2nd and Veronica's first
seasons. Veronica, Joan and Glynis are all 17, Raven, Robin and Starfire
are all 18, Cyrene and Atrius are in their early 20s.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Joan of Arcadia/Teen Titans/Veronica Mars/Xena:
Chess Game Part 3: Sacrifices

The date for Xena's conception is arbitrary as was everything else
historically related to the show (Julius Ceasar, the Trojan War, Abraham,
King David and Lao Tse (in the guise of a woman, Lao Ma) all around at the
same time? Yeesh!)

Last note, I promise: The cosmologies of all the shows involved are rather at
odds with one another. Have done my best to reconcile them. If you don't like
the result, tough toenails.

Earth One, Titan Tower

Raven woke up screaming. It was a scream not just of the lungs and throat but
of the mind and soul, waking everybody in Titan Tower. It didn't stop until
Cyborg blasted her door down and her teammates entered, ready for battle but
shocked to find their friend curled into a fetal position and looking at them
with tear filled eyes.

"What's wrong?" asked Robin.

"Something's coming for me. Something really really bad."

"Is it your father?" Last year Raven's father, an archdemon named Trigon, had
used her in a briefly successful attempt to conquer and destroy the Earth.

"No, it's not my father." The Titans visibly relaxed. Trigon had been the
worst foe they ever faced.

"It's worse. On every possible level."

"Aww, shit!" said Cyborg as Beast Boy fainted.

* * *

Sussex Academy for Exceptional Girls

Joan sat in the circle of chairs listening. Since being recruited by God a
year ago it was something she'd become rather good at since many of her
missions requiring simply paying attention and then acting on her own
judgement. Most of the time she was able to help, sometimes she wasn't,
occasionally she'd made the wrong decision.

This time it was all she could do to absorb the stories she was hearing,
Vampires? With souls? Demonic cyborgs? "Hell goddesses"? She was especially
confused about the latter. Had this Glory been an actual goddess or just a
jumped up demon? And if the former what did that say about the God that
talked to her?

The nightly bull, or "casual" sessions as they were officially called had
been an idea of Willow and Xander's, an attempt to encourage cooperation and
a feeling of equality among the three disparate groups now making up both
faculty and student body of the Academy, Watchers, Witches and Slayers. There
were always at least one or two "veterans" at each session. What disconcerted
her was how young most of the veterans were. Dawn, a Watcher intern and the
recruiter of her roomate Veronica was only nineteen and had been younger than
Joan when she'd staked her first vampire. Xander who had recruited Glynis and
was trying to recruit Joan as a Watcher and, she sometimes got the feeling
for a more personal involvement, wasn't twenty-five yet, although the
eyepatch he wore made him look much older.

But she'd also noticed that some stories only came out at certain times and
from certain people. Aside from sarcastic references, Xander never talked
about Buffy's vampire lovers, Angel and Spike, nor did Buffy mention them all
that often. The same applied to Willow's lover Tara. Everyone seemed to have
liked her but noone mentioned her when Willow was around. Which she wasn't at
the moment, something that made Joan quite happy. The whole idea of witches,
even good ones, made Joan rather nervous. That Willow was the most powerful
witch on the compound, even including Miss Harkness, head of the local coven
and had at one time been possibly the most powerful magic wielder on the
planet only made it worse. And what she'd done with that power when she had

"She tried to destroy the world?"

"Yep," replied Xander.


"And it's little dog Toto too."

"One person had that much power?

"That she did."

"What stopped her?"

"Xander," said Buffy from the doorway. The Slayer-in-Chief often attended
these meetings but rarely actually sat down at them. Still it was better than
Mr. Giles who never came, saying they were "too American."

"How?" Was he looking at her with particular intensity or was that just the
effect of having one eye? Either way it made her feel pleasantly goosefleshy.
After all, he wasn't *that* much older.

Xander opened his mouth to answer but before he could say anything Buffy,
Dawn and Faith all said, in a sing-song chorus, "With a yellow crayon!"

"Was it a magic crayon?" asked Veronica with a blatantly false naivete that
covered the cheerful cynicism that seemed to be her default reaction to

"No," replied Buffy. "It was a reminder. A reminder that..."

"That she was still human and that human wasn't such a bad thing to be?" said
Joan who then wilted as all eyes turned to her.

Buffy looked at her appraisingly. "Xander might just be right about you," a
comment that made Joan blush and Xander look away.

Afterwards, not yet ready to turn in she went wandering through the herbal
gardens maintained by the coven. Although the coven itself made her nervous
she found the various gardens and orchards they kept up very relaxing
although she was always careful to avoid the sacred oak grove next to the
gardens where they held their rituals. It wasn't exactly forbidden but most
non-witches avoided it anyway.

"Take a look at this bush would you, Joan?" came a voice to one side. It
belonged to a middle aged woman kneeling in front of a bush pruning it. She
was dressed in overall and a t-shirt that said "God(dess) Loves". Who or what
God(dess) loved was hidden below the top of the coveralls.

"Ha Ha," said Joan sarcastically. "Very deliberately confusing. How unlike

Gardener God continued as if Joan hadn't spoken, motioning her to squat down
next to Her. "Each part of this plant has a different name, 'leaf', 'twig',
'stem' and so on. And each has a different function but in the end each is a
part of the whole that is 'bush'.

"Or 'shrub'. Well," said Joan off God's quizzical look, "you can call it a
bush or a shrub but it's still the same plant."

"Different lesson but a good one nonetheless," said God approvingly. "But
that's not why you were looking for me."

"I was looking for you?"

"Yes. And no, I don't talk to Xander. At least not in the same way I do to

"But...he saved the world! Without Slayer powers or magic or anything!"

"Xander saw what needed to be done and did it. People do it all the time,
although he's particularly gifted that way. Not on the same scale but all the
time. No instructions needed."


"Is up to you and him. I'm the Creator of All Things, dear, not a columnist
for the lovelorn."

"Oh. I knew that. Thank You," she said, stood up and started to walk away
only to be stopped by a hand on her shoulder.

"We covered why you were looking for Me, not why I came."

So God had multiple agendas, why wasn't she surprised?

"Look," so saying God directed Joan's gaze to the garden except that it
wasn't the healthy, fragrant garden of a few seconds ago, the plants were all
black and withered. Worse, there were lumps here and there among the plants
that she knew were bodies.

"Look," and she turned Joan around in a circle to see an Academy whose
buildings were smoldering ruins, grounds littered with more bodies, some
human, some...not and somehow she knew that one of those bodies was Glynis,
her throat ripped out, her hand holding a knife wet to the hilt with inhuman

"Look," and across the garden she saw the witches' sacred grove, surrounded
by hundreds of misshapen creatures and knew that Mr. Giles and Faith (because
she also knew somehow that Buffys body was in the ruins of the Academy, that
she'd died in the first wave) had brought the remainder of the faculty and
students here for a last stand that was as doomed as it was brave. Then she
saw the sacred oaks burst into flames.

"Look," and she looked up to see a vast dark birdshape blotting out the sky.
She realized suddenly that it was the cause of all this but also that it was
an unwilling accomplice, it's, no, *her*, will enslaved, her power stolen.

When she came back to reality her face was wet with tears.

"What...what do you want me to do?" she sobbed.

"Watch. Wait. Help." Gardener God was gone but she could still hear Her

"Help how? Help when?"

"That's what the watching and waiting are for," She said as she walked away.

* * *

Between Worlds

"What *is* your problem?" asked the First Evil of Ares, Greek God of War and
the number one tool in It's latest plot. Currently It was wearing the form of
Hera, Queen of the Greek gods for intimidation purposes.

"My problem is *her*!" he shouted as he pointed to an image of his arch enemy
Xena, currently reincarnated as Annie Potter. "My 'problem' is that we're
going to lose! It doesn't matter how clever our plan is, how big an army we
have backing us or how powerful we are. When Xena and her pet blond show up,
that's it, show's over except for the bloodshed, we might as well pack up and
go home."

"Is that what you want to do? Pack up and go home?" purred the First Evil,
now in the form of Xena herself, down to the black leather armor and
bullwhip, It's voice managing to sound sarcastic and seductive at the same

At the sight of his longtime nemesis/love interest Ares mood shifted as if a
switch had been thrown.

"Not really, just venting. After all, I did say 'all over but the bloodshed'.
You know bloodshed is always a draw for me."

"Not only doesn't her prescence mean our failure, it doubles our chance of

"How so?"

"Because Annie Potter is not merely a vessal for Xena's soul but a distant
descendant and shares, however slightly in her divine blood."

"Divine blood? You mean that bullshit she sold the Furies? I was never her
father. Not that it would have stopped me from wanting her you understand,
incest runs in my family. Which come to think of it, explains a lot."

"Not you. I know more about our foe than either you or she do."

* * *

Amphipolis, Greece, 645 BCE

Cyrene looked up surprised as Atrius, her huisband walked through the door of
the tavern that also served as their home.

"What are you doing here?" she asked curiously. Although Atrius wasn't a bad
man he was more devoted to the ways of war than to her. Theirs had not been a
love match but one arranged by her father. She had been his only child and he
knew that without a man to back her up she would have difficulty holding onto
the tavern that would be her inheritance. Atrius for his part wanted someone
and something to come home to when he grew too old for war. Since she had
never fallen in love and Atrius was handsome in a roughhewn way Cyrene had

"A truce has broken out so I thought I'd come see my favorite wife for a
night before heading back."

She raised an eyebrow at him, knowing what he'd want. Sex with Atrius was...
adequate. He'd never been unpleasant about it but she'd never experienced the
passion in bed she'd heard other women talking about.

Tonight was different. *He* was different. For one thing he wasn't in a
rush, of course it could have simply been because he was hungry but even over
dinner he was different. Not tender exactly but considerate and attentive. He
actually seemed to listen to what she had to say.

As she was cleaning up after the meal she felt his hands on her shoulders and
turned around, wondering if he was going to take her right there on the bar.
But again he was different, turning her back around and kneading the muscles
of her shoulder then moving to her neck. She gave a rare moan of passion as
his hands moved to her front, stroking and pinching at her breasts and his
lips kissed her neck. She turned around and this time he didn't stop her but
met her open mouth with his, breaking the kiss only to pull her dress over
her head leaving her delightfully naked. She thought again that he would take
her right there on the bar but instead he scooped her up in his strong arms
and carried her to their bedroom at the back of the tavern. He laid her down
on the straw matress that served them as a bed and she ran her eyes over his
muscular scarred body as he stripped off his own clothes then crawled towards
him. When she reached him she took his dick in her hand and stroked it while
her mouth descended on the head of his cock. Soon her mouth was sliding
smoothly up and down his member and she knew she had him on the verge of
coming when he pulled her head back.

"Let's not waste it," he said. "Tonight we create a child." Her eyes widened.
She wanted a baby but with him hardly ever at home chances had been few. He
pushed her gently onto her back and slid his dick into her moist pussy.

"Ohhhh," she moaned. It had never felt this good before. Her arms and legs
instinctlively tried to pull him deeper into her and she threw her head back
as flashes of pure pleasure swept through her body.

"Oh! Oh! Ohfuuuckkk me Atrius! Yesss ohhhyessss, fucccckkk meeee!" At the
height of her climax a strange image flashed through her head of a majestic
and beautiful woman clad in armor.

She fell asleep against him but was alone when she woke up. She wondered if
it had been a dream. When he came to Amphipolis a few days later, no more
romantic than usual in his lovemaking she assumed that she had and so didn't
mention it. But when she started having morning sickness she recalled the
strange visitation and knew that it had been then, not a few days later that
she had concieved. She also knew that the pregnancy had been a blessing of
the gods, particularly the Goddess that she'd had a vision of during her
orgasm and when, nine months later she gave birth to a strong baby girl she
named it after that goddess.


Or, in the Thracian influenced dialect of the area around Amphipolis, Xena.

* * *

Between Worlds

"Athena! Xena's father was my sister? So much for the 'virgin goddess' bit!"

"Well, technically," said the First Evil, now in the form of the
aforementioned Athena, "since she was male at the time she *was* still a
virgin, as a goddess."

Ares, preferring to change the subject, which was making his head hurt said,
with a nasty grin, "Whatever, I just had a thought that should get us some

* * *

Olympus, The Fortress of Ares

"What do you want, Ares?", asked Alecto, leader of the Furies.

"I want to give you a chance to collect on an old grudge."

All three of the Furies, progenitors of the species known as vengeance
demons gave him a curious look. Unlike their descendants they were limited
to collecting vengeance on followers of the ancient Greek pantheon which
meant that business had been slow for last millenium and a half.

"What grudge?"


"That was decided a long time ago, Ares."

"Except I just got some new information you might be interested in." With
that he showed them the vision that had been granted to him by the First
Evil. Once again the reaction was unanimous, fierce grins all around.

"Xena killed Athena," said Alecto.

"Who was her..." added Tisiphone

"Father?" finished Megaera.

"A technicality," said Tisiphone

"But one we can use." concluded Alecto. "I call for judgement and I cry

"Vengeance!" agreed Megaera.

"Vengeance." confirmed Tisiphone.

"So, you going to drive her crazy again?" asked Ares.

"We never do repeat perfomances," replied Alecto. "This time we're going
physical on her ass." With that the three voluptuous women transformed. Their
hair went from blond tresses to thick black dreadlocks streaked garishly with
vomit green and blood red, their bodies and faces became angular and scaled
and their eyes glowed red and dripped a never ending stream of bloody tears
as bat wings burst out of their shoulders.

After an absence of over fifteen hundred years, the Erinyes, of whom modern
vengeance demons were but a faint echo, were back.

* * *

Earth One, Titan Tower

"Why did you want to speak to me, friend Raven?" asked the tall, golden
skinned alien known on Earth as Starfire. She was at the door, now repaired,
of Raven's room.

Raven opened her mouth but only a strangled sound came out. What she wanted
to say was so at odds with her normal behavior she just couldn't...

"Are you all right? Should I summon help?"

Raven shook her head and finally managed to speak. "I need a favor. A big

"What do you want?" Starfire asked as she came to the foot of the other
girl's bed.

"I Robin."

"Borrow...Robin?" the alien heroine said. "For what do you want to borrow
him? And why would you ask me instead of him?"

"Because...because, oh never mind...wait. I...I've never...I mean...never had

"You want Robin?" Starfire said, her voice filling with hurt and more than a
little bit of anger, "for your boyfriend?"

"Not...boyfriend. Just...," suddenly it all burst out of her in a rush, "I'm
going to die and I don't want to do it as a virgin okay?"

"What is this virgin? And you are not going to die. We will not let you."

Raven blushed. It was one of those times that she hated Starfire's
unfamiliarity with many Earth words and concepts. At the same time the rest
of the alien girl's statement filled her with an unaccustomed warmth. She
explained what a virgin was and Starfire's face fell.

"So you want Robin for the sexing," her lip trembled and she looked on the
verge of tears, "and not me?"

Raven, who was just about to tell her friend to forget about it all stared at
her, her mind blown and her jaw dropped.

"You you...want?" she finally managed to babble out.

"I forgot. You do not have the kishathra on your planet."

" Explain please."

"Kishathra is when a group of friends decide to form a deeper bond and seal
it with sex."

"Uh no, we don't have that," Raven said then thought, 'Although maybe we
should.' Aloud she said, "Sooo, this kishathra, would Cyborg and Beast Boy be

"No," Starfire said sadly. "I asked Cyborg once and he would have but said he
does not have the equipment and Beast Boy...Beast Boy..." Both girls stuck
out their tongues and made a face at the thought of sex with the
shapechanger. Neither had any desire to find themselves fucking a zebra or
giraffe in mid-coitus.

Raven decided to go back to the subject of her and Starfire. "Um, I've never
really thought about sex with another girl."

"Nearly all my people enjoy relations with both sexes. It's why our name for
Earth translates to 'Planet of the Perverts', because you do not."

Putting aside that she actually didn't come from Earth either Raven tried to
wrap her head around this rather odd cultural view. But she didn't want to
hurt the feelings of one of the few friends she'd ever made so decided to
give it a shot.

"Sooo, how does this girl sex thing work?" Starfire's reaction was to throw
her arms around the purple haired girl in a bone cracking grip and plunge her
tongue into her mouth. When she broke off she looked upset at Raven's look of

"You did not like it?

"Let's try again, only slower this time okay? And a little gentler" This time
Raven took the initiative, placing her hands on Starfire's golden shoulders
then pressing her lips on the other girl's. After a second or two she parted
her lips and let her tongue slide across Starfire's which parted and let it
in. After a few seconds of tongue grappling Raven relaxed and her hands went
around Starfire's neck while the alien girls arms wrapped, gently this time,
around her friend's waist.

When they broke off Raven broke into as much of a smile as most people
ever saw and said, "Hmm, I could get used to that," which provoked another
bone-crushing hug from Starfire. 'It's a good thing the Wayne Foundation
provides us with major medical,' Raven thought.

* * *

Robin came instantly awake, aware that he wasn't alone in his room. While
his senses weren't superhuman, years of both training and practical combat
experience had honed all five of his senses to as sharp as a normal human's
could be. He immediately knew there were two others in the room and only a
few seconds later, by their movement patterns and the small unconcious noises
they made, who they were.

"Starfire? Raven? What are you doing here?" Neither of them answered directly
but Starfire turned on the lights. Both were in costume and Raven had her
cloak wrapped tightly around her. Raven started to turn to go but Starfire
went behind her and turned her back to face Robin. In the process she undid
the hasp of Raven's cloak. Because she was holding it to her it didn't fall
all the way but went down enough to show that she didn't have her usual
costume underneath. After a brief hesitation she let it fall revealing her
naked body in all its considerable glory. Despite himself Robin couldn't keep
his eyes from roaming all over her body from her full breasts, topped by
nipples so dark they seemed black down her curvy figure, past her bare slit
and down a pair of legs that were to die for.

"What is this all about?" he said, his impatient tone covering for a
quivering lust.

"We have come to do the kishathra with you," said Starfire. "Do you not like

"Some warning would have been nice." His alien girlfriend had explained about
the custom of her people but he'd never really thought about the implications

"We wanted it to be a surprise."

"Well it was certainly that."

During this brief conversation Starfire was herself disrobing, taking off
her halter top and dropping her skirt to the floor, leaving her clad only in
a green thong. Then she went in back of Raven and started playing with her
breasts from behind while kissing her neck. this aroused Robin to the point
where even the bedcovers couldn't hide the fact that he definitely had an
erection. Raven decided it was time to make a move of her own. The blankets
and sheets turned black and moved down off his body showing his trim body
clad only in a pair of briefs. They in turn were telekinetically slid down
his legs exposing a surprisingly large penis.

"How big is that thing?" asked Raven, both curious and intimidated.

"Seventeen zlarniks," answered Starfire cheerfully. I measured it one night."

"Um, and in inches that's...?"

"About eight and a half," answered Robin, not believing they were having this
conversation. But then he was still having difficulty believing that not only
did Raven, who was both his teammate and his girlfriend's best friend want to
have sex with him but that his girlfriend was pushing the idea. Nonetheless
the sight of their two beautiful naked bodies was having a definite effect.
He reached his hand out to her. She took it and let him pull her down onto
the bed. Starfire watched while they kissed then moved in to join them. The
tongues of all three champions mixed and mingled. During the exchange
someone, Starfire wasn't sure who it was, managed to tear her thong off,
leaving her as wonderfully nude as her two partners.

After the kiss broke up the two girls pushed Robin gently down onto the
bed and slowly kissed and licked their way down his body, Raven following
Starfire's lead since she both knew what Robin liked better and was more
experienced in the whole sex department in general.

When they reached his penis each girl took a side and licked their way from
the root to the tip then Starfire showed Raven how to take it in her mouth
while she went and sucked on his balls. Once she saw that her friend had
the hang of it she slid back up to the top of Robin's body and settled her
crimson-furred snatch down onto his face. As his tongue and teeth ravaged
her clitoris she screamed moaned, swore a blue streak in her native tongue
and clawed at the wall, leaving furrows in the solid metal.

In the meantime Raven had brought Robin to the verge of ejaculation then
pulled off. Following Starfire's instructions she poised herself over his
erect cock, spread her labia with one hand and guided him into her with the
other,slowly sinking down on it and letting gravity do the work for her.

One of the few good things about her nonhuman side was the lack of a hymen
but it was still a tight fit and she took a few seconds to get used to it
before she started moving up and down Robin's dick. As she started moving
up and down his pole she leaned on Starfire's back for support. Feeling
this and having just cum on Robin's tongue the alien girl levitated herself
into the air and rotated to face her friend then came down straddling Robin's
waist allowing the two girls to soul kiss and massage each other's breasts.

"Oh! Oh, I'm...I'm..."

"Yesss," encouraged Starfire. "Do the cumming for us, cum!" Suddenly a wave
of black energy flowed out of Raven as she climaxed, encompassing everything
in the room. When it receded she and Starfire collapsed against each other.
Robin looked up.

"Why has everything in the room moved an inch to the left?"

"Sorry about that," said Raven.

* * *

Sussex Academy for Exceptional Girls

Veronica ducked as Glynis' foot swung at her face then grabbed at it with one
hand while trying a nerve punch to below her knee. The grab succeeded but the
punch didn't as the slender blond twisted out of her grasp and leapt over her
head then set into a defensive stance awaiting the next attack. They were in
one of the Academy's several gyms working out. Veronica in particular was
trying to work out some issues that had arisen in her head since the last
bull session earlier that night and others that had been in her mind since
the plane trip.

* * *

'Okay,' I told myself, 'one Mile-High Club fling does not a dyke make. Just
because the only sex you've ever had outside of being raped was with a woman,
you have no tits, cut your hair short, have a penchant for tomboyish behavior
and are doing spin kicks with another member of the Flat-Chested Elite... who
you've been eying every night across the room as she snuggled in bed with
your other roomate... Okay maybe I should just sign up for the Portia
DeRossi Fan Club right now and get it over with.'

And then there was the mortality rate thing. It seemed that everyone here had
had a loved one bite the dust at some time or another. Some of them before
they'd even heard of Slayers, like me. Or Joan. Ah well, nothing like beating
the crap out of each other for therapy.

* * *

"So," Veronica asked as she aimed a series of karate punches as her sparring
partner, "What's with you and Joan?"

"Oh," said Glynis as she dodged said blows, "She's not...I mean we're not...I
mean she's just blanket."

"So you're not into girls?"

This gave Glynis pause. She'd never really thought about it in relation to
herself but intellectually she thought that most people were bisexual on some
level. Lord knew that her one relationship, with Joan's brother Luke, had
been a disaster. And she'd definitely felt *something* sexual while cuddling
with Joan even if she didn't like admitting it.

Then she realized something else. Combat was not the place for deep thoughts.

Unfortunately this realization came as Veronica dropped to a crouch then
swept her leg across Glynis' knees. The petite blond then sprung and pinned
her sparring partner to the ground.

"So you give?"

Glynis nodded but instead of getting off of her Veronica moved her face
closer until their lips were only about an inch apart.

"Now that we've gotten all hot and sweaty, you want to go to our room and get
all hot and sweaty?"

Glynis nodded.

* * *

Joan was coming back from talking to Xander and thinking about the things
she, he and Veronica had talked about. It felt like the entire enterprise
was an exercise in feeding young girls and women into a meat grinder but
according to Xander it had been even worse before the old Council had been
destroyed and the new had taken it's place. At least there was more than
one Slayer at a time and with Buffy on the actual Council they had a voice.

So wrapped up was she in her thoughts that for a second she didn't register
the sight that greeted her when she entered. Her roomates on Veronica's bunk,
kissing, Glynis on top, her hands underneath the other girl's shirt.

Joan closed the door quickly her head filled with a mixture of shock and
embarassment. And jealousy and arousal? Where were those coming from? Yes she
had let Glynis snuggle with her at night but that was just a security blanket
thing. Wasn't it? Almost against her will she eased the door open hoping she
would see her two roomates sitting up and glaring at her.

Apparently they hadn't heard her. Now Veronica was on top. Glynis' shirt was
off and the smaller girl was alternating between her tiny breasts, taking
delicate sucks off of her nipples. One of Glynis' hands was under Veronica's
shirt, clawing at her back and the other was underneath her sweats, groping
her butt.

Joan, fascinated though she was, prepared to clear her throat and at least
let them know she was there. After that, she didn't know what she'd do.

And then the Academy's air raid siren went off.

* * *

It had last sounded during World War II and had actually been disconnected
after the collapse of the Soviet Union but was magically linked to the
Academy's magical defenses, sounding only if they had been breached, which
they never had before.

But then the Academy had never been attacked by deities before. The
combination of the three Furies winging in from above and Ares teleporting
in on the ground burst them asunder. Still, with nearly a hundred Slayers,
Watchers and witches on the grounds it could have been anyone's fight.

Until the Furies started singing.

Unlike the seductive song of their cousins, the sirens, it was anything but
melodious, half song, half shriek, not unlike Axl Rose on crack. But it's
worst effect was on the mind, not the ears. It reached into the soul and
concsience of all who heard it, dredging up every sin and offense, not
matter how minor and exaggerating it a hundredfold. All through the compound
students and staff collapsed weeping into fetal balls.

All but three.

These three had already been through as much sin and guilt as it was possible
for a human to experience and had come out the other side. The Furies' song
bounced off their souls like BB pellets off of battleship plate.

* * *

Faith went to the office of Buffy Summers. She still had a hard time dealing
with the idea that B even *had* an office. Inside she heard weeping but
figured that whatever was going through B's head was more than she could deal
with, psychoanalysis was not exactly her strong suit. Outside the office was
what she had come for, a large glass case with writing on it that said, "In
Case Of A Really, Really, I mean REALLY Big Emergency, Break Glass". Faith
smashed and grabbed what was inside almost without stopping as she jogged
past, the magical battleaxe known as The Scythe.

Now kicking ass, *that* was her strong suit.

* * *

Ann Potter, formerly Xena, the Warrior Princess was the only one who actually
recognized the Furies song for what it was and tracked it to outside the main
building of the Academy to where Alecto, Megaera and Tisiphone circled. As
soon as they saw her they dove towards her not realizing that the chakram she
wielded was not the ordinary, albeit razor sharp weapon Annie had once had
but Xena's original, magical weapon capable of seemingly impossible movements
and and of, if not killing, at least seriously hurting, even divine
opponents. It was in fact why Ann had come to the Academy which, even after
the destruction of the Old Council still was one of the greatest repositories
of magical items and occult lore in the world.

With a hate-filled shriek Alecto swooped down, followed by her sisters.

* * *

Closing her eyes and seeking for the source of what had her lover Dawn curled
up on the floor weeping Willow's senses encompassed everything and everyone
on the grounds of her home. Though not as powerful as she'd once been she
knew that even Miss Harkness, current leader of the Academy coven was no
match for her and that the defense of the grounds now rested on her
shoulders. She sensed the Furies as blazing red streaks across the usually
serene greens and greys of the psychic landscape but did nothing both because
Ann seemed to have them in hand at the moment and because an even darker and
far more powerful presence was inside the Academy itself. This she would have
to confront but first she had to help Dawn.

She came out of her trance and went to the closet where she kept magical
suppies, took out eight pieces of hematite and sent them to the eight
corners, upper and lower, of the room. She put her hands together palm to
palm, muttered a short spell and a wave of silver power flowed from her to

"What...what was that?" Dawn asked as she uncurled from the floor and wiped
the tears from her eyes.

"I'll explain later honey. Right now you have to stay here, okay?" Dawn
nodded uncertainly as her girlfriend left, wondering exactly what was going
on and why everything had seemed so dark and dreadful just a second ago.

* * *

Ares stalked through the corridors of the Academy using senses most mortals
didn't even know existed to find his way to what he sought, threading his way
through basements, sub-basements and sub-sub basements, half expecting to
find himself in Hades realm any moment. Although he had been able to teleport
through the Academy's defenses through sheer force the archive defenses were
based more on distraction and shunting, making his teleportation unreliable
and unpredictable, thus the slog. Finally he came to the vault he wanted. He
placed his hands on the door. Hermes might have tried to finesse his way
through but war gods just didn't play that game. Instead a massive surge of
energy ripped the vault door off it's hinges.

Inside were drawers filled with scrolls and chests filled with objects. Ares
would have loved to have indulged his instinct for plunder but he was on a
mission and on a schedule. He went to one chest in particular, broke the
padlock and took from it an iron torc, crafted into the shape of chain links.
Sharing space with it was a leash, also of iron. Taking torc and leash he
hooked them onto his belt then looked around.

"Just so this trip isn't totally boring I think a little random destruction
is in order." With that he gestured and the room started going up in flames.

"There, that's better. Now to collect my great-granddaughter for a little
blood sacrifice."

* * *

"Now luv, what 'ave you done that's all that bad?"

Joan looked up into the face of English Janitor God and wondered the same
thing. Okay, so she wasn't perfect but the thoughts of despair and suicide
she'd been having were totally out of proportion.

"Right now, if I were you, I might hide. There's a rather nasty customer on
his way." He handed her a ring of keys, nodded towards a nearby supply closet
and started walking down the corridor away from her.

"And remember, keep yer eyes peeled and try to help where you can."

No sooner had Joan done what God told her then she heard bootsteps coming
down the corridor. Opening the door a crack she saw a tall, handsome and
dangerous looking man clad in black leather wearing a sword on his hip and
radiating power. Her eyes widened when he stopped at her dormroom and went
in then came out a minute later bearing Veronica's weeping form over his
shoulder then went back the way he came.

After he was gone Joan took a long deep breath then left her refuge and
checked to make sure Glynis was all right. She was. Curled up and sobbing but
physically okay. So who was it she was supposed to help. It's not like she
had the training or the power to take on that very dangerous looking man
who'd stolen Veronica. But then who else needed her more? She set after her
friend and her abductor at a trot.

* * *

Alecto's shriek of rage turned into one of pain as the chakram clipped her
wing. Megaera also got hit but Tisiphone managed to dodge.

"All at once from different directions!" ordered the Fury leader, unlimbering
her weapon, a cat-of-nine-tails whose lashes were not whips but hissing
snakes. Annie braced herself, knowing that even she couldn't fend off such an
assault by herself.

She dodged Megaera's claws and blocked Alecto's lash but would have gotten
hit from behind if unexpectedly Faith hadn't rushed in from seemingly
nowhere, severing two of the snakes with the Scythe.

"Let me guess, asps, very dangerous," the Slayer quipped.

"How'd you know? And where did you come from? Not that I'm not grateful."

"I didn't, I've just always wanted to say something like that," Faith said as
she fended off another attack.

"What say we take the offensive to them?"

"Fine with me but how? My wings are at the cleaners."

"Brace yourself for some extra weight." So saying Xena's modern incarnation
did a backflip, bounced off of Faith's shoulders then up into the air where
she landed on Megaera's back. Unbalanced both by the weight and the stragling
grip the warrior woman had on her throat the Erinye spiralled out of control
and towards the ground. She flipped over, dislodging Annie.

The three goddesses circled, glaring at their opponents. They weren't used to
such strong resistance and had had enough.

"Another time, Xena," screeched Alecto as they dissapeared.

* * *

A result of this combat was of course that the Furies song came to an end.
Slowly the Academy's residents started to waken from their doldrums.

One in particular as Ares found out when Veronica slipped out of his grasp,
booting him in the face in the process.

"Now that's no way to treat your great-grandfather," he said and before she
could give him more than a confused look had knocked her out with the flat
of his sword. They were almost at his destination, the sacred grove of the
Wiccan coven. Desecrating a place dedicated to white magic would be the
icing on the cake of his and the First Evil's plan.

Two potential flies were in store for this particular ointment however. The
first was Joan who had followed them, not really knowing what she could do
but unwilling to abandon her friend. One qualification that God had never
told her about when he had chosen her was her ability to slip under people's
radar. Aside from her "openess to possibilities" she was stunningly normal,
bright but hardly a genius, pretty but not what most would call supermodel
material. It had served her well in this case. Ares subconcious might have
registered her on it's periphery but automatically dismissed her as a threat
which it never would have done with a witch, Slayer or even a Watcher,
especially one of those trained in magic like Giles or Dawn and so never
alerted his concious brain, already preoccupied with it's tasks.

The second threat registered immediately when he stepped into the grove in
the form of a green bolt of energy from Willow who had sensed that whatever
had intruded on the Academy grounds was headed towards the grove and gone to
protect it.

Ares, unprepared, was knocked to the ground, dropping Veronica and
immediately being wrapped up in roots that came up out of the ground. Willow
went over to the wooden cocoon and said, "Now I wonder, just who you are?"

"Your worst fucking nightmare, Gaiabitch," Ares sneered and literally
exploded out of the trap. Now it was Willow who was on the ground. A second
blast of energy from her was deflected by Ares' sword.

TO BE SLAUGHTERED!" With that he gestured with his sword and Willow was
hurled against one of the centuries old trees making up the grove circle.

There was an audible snap as Willow hit and something broke.

It wasn't the tree.

"Now to business," Ares said, nonchalantly. He laid Veronica down on the
ground and knelt by her on one knee. He took a dagger out of his belt.

"In the Dark of the Moon and by the blood of this, my descendant, I Ares, son
of Zeus and Hera, open the Portal of Worlds and bid it take me where I will,"
he intoned and then thrust the dagger into Veronica's chest then pulled it
out and drew a circle in the air. The circle burned bright red then was
filled with colors indescribable to humans. He stepped through and was gone.

Joan rushed to Veronica's side from the tree she'd been hiding behind, filled
with fears horror and shame at not having done anything to save her friend or
Willow. But what could she have done?

She lifted Veronica's head up in her arms lifted a tear stained face to the
dark, moonless sky. "Help us," she whispered.

God had never answered her prayers before and she didn't really expect
Him/Her to now. He/She never had before, not when her brother had been
crippled, not when Judith died.

But this time her prayers were answered. Why she knew she'd never know
because God never answered her questions either but she felt...something flow
into and through her. She didn't realize she was glowing with a silvery aura
but Ann Potter and Faith saw it as they reached the grove, drawn from the
other side of the Academy grounds by the sound of battle. The light moved
from her to Veronica's body and when they pulled her off and looked at the
hole in the small blond's blood soaked t-shirt there was no wound, just a
large scar the young Slayer would bear with her for the rest of her life.

* * *

Titan Tower

Raven raised her head suddenly from where it had been resting on Robin's
chest. Spooned behind her was Starfire but none of this registered on her
only the sudden burst of vision and terror that was bursting through her

"It's coming," she said in a dead, quiet voice.

To Be Concluded


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