Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and fantasy. In fact the people it's
about aren't even real and so can't possibly be offended by what's written
below. If you are offended well then don't read it, instead go somewhere and
get the psychiatric counseling you so obviously need.

Codes: Mf, FF, ff, cons, fetish (foot), F-mast, oral, reluc

Note: Joan, Glynis and Veronica are all 17, Dawn 19, Xander and Willow 25

Another Note: All these series have serious differences with each other in
their cosmologies. Have done my best to reconcile them. If you don't like the
results, tough toenails.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Joan Of Arcadia/Teen Titans/Veronica Mars/Xena:
Chess Game Part 4 - End Game
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

Between Worlds

The First Evil watched with glee as Ares and the Furies wreaked havoc on the
Academy. It hadn't expected some to be able to resist the Furies song but
they were only there as a distraction anyway. It's godly pawn's part of the
plan was going perfectly. With noone to witness, It was in It's true form, a
dark smoky cloud from which limbs, some human, some not, and sensory organs,
some human, some not, emerged and sank back in without plan or direction. So
It was, and that was what It sought to reduce the universe to.

When Willow's spine snapped against the oak tree a thrill akin to orgasm ran
through It's being. Sex was all very well and good but the pain of others was
more delicious by far. By comparison the blood sacrifice, the opening of the
portal and the desecration of the grove were all just icing on the cake
because It knew that not only would the witchbitch suffer but all those who
loved her as well. And in that pain lay opportunity.

Then, out of seemingly nowhere, came a girl. The three heads that the First
was manifesting at the moment all pulled back in surprise. Where had *she*
come from and by all the manifest Hells what was she doing by the sacrifice?
Power was flowing from her to Veronica Mars' body but it came from something
other than her. The First sought for the source of the revivifying power with
senses mortals couldn't even concieve of, much less name but found nothing.

"Well fuck Me,"

* * *

Sussex School for Exceptional Girls, The Morning After the Attack

"So," said Buffy, how do we follow this..."

"Come on," said Xander, "someone has to say it and it isn't going to be me so
it might as well be you."

"All right, fine, god," replied Buffy, making a face. She and the Scoobies
one encounter with a goddess, Glory, or "Glorificus Horrificus" as Dawn had
nicknamed her after being forced to take Latin and concluding that the best
revenge lay in awful puns, had resulted in her death. The brief encounter
last night had gone no better. One of the students, Veronica Mars had been
abducted and killed. The only reason she hadn't stayed that way was the
apparently literally miraculous intervention of another student Joan Gerardi.
Willow was in Sussex County Hospital in a coma and even if she came out of it
was not expected to ever walk again due to irrepairable damage to her spine.

Now the New Watchers Council, in the form of Buffy, Faith, Giles, Agatha
Harkness and Xander, with Ann Potts sitting in as consultant because of her
knowledge of Ares, were there to decide what, if anything, to do next after
having debriefed Joan and Veronica.

"Do we even want to?" asked Giles. "Even if we can track him through an
infinity of universes is there any force we can muster that has a chance of
stopping him from doing whatever it is he plans on doing? It might be better
to prepare our defenses for his return."

"We have to, said Agatha grimly. Everyone looked at her. A tall, gaunt woman
whose picture was probably in the dictionary next to the word "spinster" and
who seemed to get all her clothes from Victoria's catalog, the queen that is,
not the lingerie company, seldom spoke in council but when she did people

"Why?" asked Giles in a tone that implied that they were the only two real
adults in the room.

"Think about it Rupert. Ares took the Torc of Minos. Why?"

Buffy thrust a hand in the air. "If I answer right, do I get a cookie?" In
answer Miss Harkness reached into the voluminous purse that Andrew insisted
on calling a Bag of Holding and brought out a stack of chocolate chip cookies
wrapped in plastic. When Buffy reached for it she pulled it back.

"Answer first."

"Our research bunnies say it was originally used to control the Minotaur."
She looked at Ann. "Can you confirm or deny this?"

Ann shook her head. "Not one of mine."

Buffy continued, "Anyway, after the Cretans went the way of the dodo it
passed through various hands, always being used to control seriously powerful
creatures, including once, a True Demon. So boys and girls, what does that
tell us?"

"Something big," said Xander. "And probably ugly. Something he's not powerful
enough to control by himself."

"Something he needs to do what he isn't powerful enough to do on his own,"
added Giles "But what would that be? He's a god."

Ann smiled coldly. "Same thing he always wants, worldwide chaos and world
domination. Only this time I think he means business."

"Very well then," said Giles, "Now that we've settled the why, let us get on
to the how, when and who." All eyes, including Giles, turned once more to
Miss Harkness. While many Watchers, including Giles and Dawn, practiced
magic, it was the coven that was currently the dominant magical force in the
Council, the difference being that to sorcerors magic was just something they
used. To witches it was what they were.

"Especially the when," said Faith. "I mean, doesn't he have at least a days
head start on us? And it's only going to grow."

"Good question," said Agatha. "But no it won't be a problem. When dealing
with interdimensional travel, matters of time become something of an optional

"Oh. Cool."

"The problem," she said, looking even grimmer than usual, "is that the
spilling of innocent blood desecrated our grove, both weakening our power and
turning it into a focus of dark magic.

"But there is a way to fix it in a combined ritual. But it will require the
assistance of Miss Mars."

* * *

"You want to SACRIFICE me AGAIN!?!"

Considering I'd had to be knifed through the heart to get it I'd been rather
enjoying my time off. No classes, no PT, just lying around doing my nails,
reading sleazy romance novels and having Joan and Glynis hold my hand,
figuratively in the first case, literally in the second.

And now I was surrounded by Aztecs.

On the other hand, a nice quick clean stab in the heart might just be
preferable to wrapping my head around the idea that I was apparently the
lineal descendant of a Greco-Roman deity and that my roomate was a ...what?
A saint? While a nice girl, Joan didn't *seem* particularly saintly. I knew
for an absolute verifiable fact that she went to the bathroom and had to
shower just like anybody else. And the way she looked at Mr. Harris was
anything but filled with saintly modesty. Not to mention the way she'd
looked at me and Glynis when we cuddled together last night, like half of
her wanted to slap me and the other half wanted to join us. And if she did
want to join us how did I feel about that? How did I feel about Glynis for
that matter? The more I thought about it the more a nice quick stab, rip and
scoop seemed the easy way out.

And then Mr. Harris had to go spoil my nice self pitying funk by saying, "No
one's going to sacrifice you Veronica."

"Of course not," added Mr. Giles in a testy voice. "Where did you get such a
stupid idea?"

"Maybe because she *died* last night?," Miss Summers said sarcastically.
"Since I've been around that track myself once or twice, I say we cut her a
little slack."

I could see battle lines being drawn just like when I first got here. Hoping
to both head it off and score myself some info I asked, "Miss Harkness, uh,
a question?"

"Yes, child?

Now normally I'd resent being called a child but since I always got the
impression that Miss Harkness had been around when being a witch was a
burning offense I gave her a pass.

"What exactly do you need from me?"

"Only a small amount of blood. If it helps, you will not be the only one. I
and other coven members will be spilling ours as well."

"Okay, thank you. Can I go now?

"Yes, you may."

After Veronica left Buffy asked. "So, is the meeting over?"

"We still have to decide who to send," said Giles.

"Me, Faith, Ann. We're the best available and Ann knows Ares as well as
anyone can."

"I don't know B," Faith said semi-jokingly, "you've been behind a desk for
most of the past year. Sure you're up to it?"

Before anyone could say or do anything Buffy had tumbled across the table and
plunged a dagger towards Faith's throat. The other Slayer's hand came up,
grabbed her wrist and stopped the blade less than an inch from it's target.

"Just checking," said Faith deadpan without even blinking.

"Now if nobody minds," Buffy said, sliding off the table, "I'm going to go
have a short and quiet nervous breakdown over the fact that my best friend
will probably never walk again. If she ever wakes up."

"Right with you," said Xander as he got up and escorted her out.

* * *

Joan felt her heart tear as she saw Xander and Buffy, his arm around her
shoulders, go into his room. She'd been finding excuses recently to walk past
or hang around his door. She knew they were close but she'd never thought...

"It's not what you think Joan," came a soft female voice from behind her.
"They're much too close for them to ever have sex."

"I thought you didn't do Dr. Phil," she said as she turned around, expecting
to see one of God's manifestations. Instead it was a ghost. She could tell by
the slight blurring around the edges and the mild transparency.

"I don't know you," Joan said, her brow wrinkling. The woman in front of her
had medium length brown hair, a figure that was nice in a slightly junoesque
way and large, kind eyes.

"I'm not yours. I'm Willow's," she said with a smile that transformed her
face from mildly pretty to outright beautiful. "Alway Willow's"

"You're Tara," Joan whispered. The other girl nodded.

"I need you to visit the hospital where Dawn and Willow are." Dawn had been
camped out at Sussex County since they'd brought Willow there. "Tell Dawn to
give Willow my love and that I love her too and that I'm glad she's made
Willow so happy."

"How do I get there?" Since most of the students were from outside the United
Kingdom very few of them had private vehicles and she wasn't really close to
any of those who did.

"Xander's going to be going to the hospital shortly," Tara said with a
mischievous smile. "Maybe you can get a ride with him. Good luck with that
by the way. Oh, and Judith said to give you this." With that she bent down,
kissed Joan on the forehead and vanished.

* * *

"So, God, huh?" said Xander as they drove. When he and Buffy had come out of
his room a few minutes after Tara left she'd asked him and he'd aquiesed with
a shrug. Then they'd put a strung out, tear-stained Buffy to bed and left.
"What's that like?"

"Not as glamorous as you might think. He can be a real pain in the ass."



"I'm sorry, I know we're dealing with *a* god, but you deal with *the* God."

In a way Joan was grateful to Ares. She never could have come out about what
she was to normal people. But all of them had dealt with stuff that would
have curled her hair. Then out of nowhere she wondered if Xander would like
her with curly hair and giggled at the inanity of the thought.


"Ummm, nothing."

* * *

Sussex County Hospital

"What's she doing here," Dawn asked in a harsh voice. Her reaction to the
events in the grove had been a cold and unforgiving anger towards Joan for
healing Veronica and not Willow. Protests that she hadn't even expected her
prayer to be answered, much less picked who to help, had fallen on deaf ears.

Xander tilted his head at her. "Why did you come?" The truth was he hadn't
asked previously because he'd found that he liked her company. He had to
admit to a physical attraction as well but doubted that she thought of him
as anything but a "nice old man" and didn't want to spoil things by turning
into a "Dirty Old Man".

"I was asked to deliver a message."

"Well if it's from 'God'", said Dawn making sarcastic air quotes, "I don't
want to hear it. Not until Willow's better."

"It's from Tara." That Tara was probably acting as a messenger from God was,
Joan felt, better left unsaid.

Both Dawn and Xander froze as the same thought occurred to them both. Ghosts
were real but rare in their experience. However there was a being they'd
encountered before that assumed the forms of the dead for the purpose of
deception and corruption. The First Evil, primal source of all things foul.

"Joan," asked Xander carefully, "What exactly did Tara say?"

"She said to give Dawn and Willow her love and to tell Dawn that she was glad
Dawn had made Willow happy." She wasn't about to tell them that Tara had also
wished her luck with Xander.

Both Xander and Dawn relaxed. The First would never have sent a message so
positive and reassuring.

"That was Tara," said Dawn. Xander nodded in agreement.

Anything more they might have said was interrupted by the entrance of a

"Miss Summers?"

"Yes?" Dawn's voice trembled.

"Miss Rosenberg just woke up. You can see her shortly. But no longer than
five minutes." She might as well have saved her breath after the first
sentence because the rest of her statement was drowned out by a whoop from
Xander followed by a group hug which Joan took advantage of to snuggle
against Xander.

The nurse just shook her head and muttered, "Americans."

* * *

Sussex Academy for Exceptional Girls

"I still think we should have made the hospital put me on speed dial,"
groused Dawn as Xander and Joan dropped her off at the room she and Willow
shared. After she had talked to Willow the other two had managed, through a
combination of persuasion and coercion to go back to the Academy with them.

She closed the door, undressed and took one of Willow's nighties from their
closet, pressing it to her naked body and sniffing in the smell of her
lover's body. She lay down, still pressing it against her and started rubbing
her pussy through the fabric. She closed her eyes and bit down on her lip.

"Ohhh, Willloooowwww," she moaned her other hand rubbed her erect nipples
as she slipped a finger under the night gown and into her vagina. Her hips
started rocking back and forth as she came closer and closer to climax.


After cumming she held the nightgown, now soaked with her pussy juices, tight
in her arms and was soon asleep.

* * *

"Well, see you around I guess," Xander said as he and Joan stopped in front
of his room which was conveniently between Willow's and the stairwell leading
down to the student and guest dorms.

There was a brief, uncomfortable silence during which Joan took a deep
internal breath and, figuring that, even if she wasn't named Dorothy, she
still had the kiss and blessing of a Good Witch and that if it wasn't now
then it would probably be never and then she threw her arms around his neck
and planted her lips firmly on his.

For his own part Xander's head was a whirl of surprise, anxiety and lust. He
had been neither unaware nor unapreciative of Joan's body pushing against his
during the earlier group hug but was still nervous about the idea of sex with
a high school girl. Still, being a guy when her tongue pushed against his
lips they opened.

Still, when they broke off, faces flushed and gasping for air, he said,
"Joan, we can't...I mean we shouldn't..."

She leaned against him and whispered in his ear, "I'm not a virgin."
Technically this was true. She and Adam had done "it" once. Predictably,
since they were *both* virgins at the time, the results had been...
unsatisfactory. They hadn't formally broken up but had definitely drifted
apart. In fact the idea that an older man might actually know what he was
doing was a major part of Xander's appeal.

However, despite this new information he still, if reluctantly and gently,
pulled her off him.

"Let's not rush, okay? Let's go back to our respective rooms, take a cold
shower, maybe two in my case, and think it over."

She made a pouty face at him that both melted his heart and hardened his
penis but backed away, folded her arms and walked off.

* * *

When Joan came into our room Glynis and I were snuggled all tight in my bed,
her arms around my waist and her lips nibbling at my neck. I could tell from
her face that Joan had been up to something she shouldn't oughta. I mean
seriously, you never need a lie detector with this girl. When she grabbed her
shower things and a bathrobe I couldn't help but ask, "Where ya goin'?"

"To take a shower," she mumbled. "A cold one." then stomped off.

Interestingly when she got back she looked even more hot and flustered then
when she left.

"You know," I said in that perky tone I know really bugs most people and that
I keep handy for just that reason, "taking a cold shower doesn't work if you
masturbate while you're doing it."

She sat down on Glynis' bunk, giving both of us an unconcious but happy
glimpse of what lay between her legs.

"I know," she said despondently. Then I decided to push her in a direction
that would make her happy, Xander happy and, not coincidentally give me and
Glynis some much desired private time.

"You know what you want, why don't you go for it?"

"I tried. HE'S the one being chicken. Isn't that against the Guy Code or
something? Aren't I pretty?"

"Definitely to both questions. It's up to you to steer him in the right

"What do you think I should wear?"

"What you're wearing now looks perfect."

* * *

So it was that when Xander came out of his shower, erection still intact,
he heard a knock on his door. Putting on a towel he answered it to see Joan
wearing a bright yellow bathrobe that didn't quite reach her dimpled knees.

"Took a shower. Didn't help."

"Me either," he admitted.

She stepped forward, he stepped back. They continued this dance until she was
far enough in to close the door behind her after which she undid the belt of
her robe and let it fall to the floor. As he'd suspected there wasn't
anything underneath it. He ran his eyes over her lush full breasts, topped
with hard, light brown nipples, down the soft curves of her hips and belly
and over the brown thatch between her shapely legs. He found himself licking
his lips and his erection growing to the point of pushing a tent in his
towel. Finally he shrugged and said, "Oh well, I'm probably going to Hell

Joan stepped in close, her breasts pressing against his chest, her arms going
around his neck and pulling him in for a long slow kiss, less frantic but
every bit as passionate as the first had been. When their lips parted she
said, "I don't think either of us is going to Hell. Not for this anyway."

"Is that from..." and he looked upwards.

"No, just common sense," she said as her hands began roaming over his
shoulders and chest. "I'm seventeen, Xander, not seven. Sex with a seven year
old and yeah, eternal torment is pretty much a given. Sex with me, maybe a
mild spanking." Her face went from serious to mischievous. "If you play your
cards right, I might even do the spanking myself." With that her hands undid
his towel and it joined her robe on the floor.

"Oh my," she said, looking down. Xander clearly had the advantage over Adam
by a couple of inches. At least. She reached down and stroked it. He closed
his eyes and grunted in pleasure then took her hand off and guided her to
his bed. There she took the initiative again, sitting him on the edge then
sinking to her knees. Like many teenage girls Joan had learned to use giving
head to put off her boyfriend's demand for sex and had become quite good at
it. Her hand resumed stroking his member while her mouth engulfed his
cockhead. Instead of just clamping down and sucking she surrounded it without
actually touching and blew her soft, warm breath on it, adding quick licks of
her tongue to the stimulation. Xander's hands clamped down on the edge of the
matress and he leaned back and gritted his teeth as he strove to keep from
blowing his wad. It didn't get any better when she removed her mouth because
she the switched her attention to his balls where she proved that she was
every bit as good at sucking as she was blowing.

He knew of course that he was fighting a losing battle so he took her head
between his hands and moved it away from his crotch then pulled her on to
his lap where his lips teeth and tongue worked over every centimeter of her
C-cups while he worked first one, then two finger in and out of her tight
little twat. For her part Joan threw her head back, sighing and moaning in
delight while pressing Xander's face between her tits then gasped as her
clit popped up and his fingers rubbed against it. Her hands clawed at his
shoulders and she buried her face in his neck as she experienced her first
orgasm at the hands of someone other than herself.

He twisted and tilted Joan so that she fell onto the bed, almost but not
quite hitting the pillows. She scooched up, spread her legs, smiled, licking
her lips in anticipation of what she thought was coming next.

It wasn't quite that but it was good nonetheless. First Xander reached out
and opened a drawer in the bureau by his bed, bringing out a condom and
handing it to Joan. But when she started to open it he shook his head.

"Not yet."

"Not yet?" she asked with a moue of dissapointment.

"Don't worry I think you'll likee," he said as he dipped his head and tongue
down between her legs. And she did.

"Oh! OHHH!" she cried as his tongue first lapped then penetrated the folds
of her cunt lips "That's it! THAT'S IIIITTTT!" At that moment she swore off
teenage boys forever. They always wanted oral but almost never returned the
favor. "UNNNNHHH!" she moaned as the second full on orgasm of her life hit.

Xander gently freed himself from the soft, smooth thighs locked around his
head and said, "but wait, there's more!" He moved up her body, hands stroking
and caressing then, straddling her ribs said, "Put it on."

"In a minute." First, she sat up, put her hands on his hips, leaned forward
and, inch by inch swallowed his cock down to the root, then slowly pulled
back, giving one long suck all the way. Then she rolled the rubber down on
his penis.

She may have technically been a non-virgin but Joan's pussy was still the
tightest thing Xander had ever been in.

She evidently had no complaints either. "Yesss!" she hissed, "Do it! Do your
little Joanie! Do her gooood!" as he pounded into her. Her legs slid up his
and locked around his hips as her fingers dug into his back. "SOOOO
FUCCCKKKKINNNNG GOOOOODDDD!" she screamed as she came.

Afterwards, as they lay together, one of Xander's arms around her shoulders
as she lay on her side, one arm under his neck, the other stroking his chest
she asked, "So, do you want me to stay?" This threw him into a panic

"Um...Uhh...I mean I like you Joan, a lot, but you'd have to get a long term
visa and we'd have to talk to your parents, especially your father, the *cop*
and his *gun*." His voice got just a little higher with every word.

"No you dope," Joan said, laughing and slapping him playfully on the chest.
"I meant tonight!"

"Oh," he said, coming back to reality. "I have a brain, really I do, it just
doesn't see much use. Of course I want you to stay. Now about that spanking
you mentioned. I've been a baaaad Xander..."

* * *

At the same time Joan's roomates were exploiting her absence to the fullest.
Since Veronica's return from the infirmary the day before Glynis had waited
on her hand and foot whenever she wasn't in training. Now she was doing so
quite literally as she licked the sole of her lover's right foot then sucked
each toe in turn and kissed her way up the arch to her ankle then switched
and did the same in reverse to her left foot. She was currently wearing one
of Veronica's white t-shirts, which on her looked like a half-shirt, and
yellow and red checked boxers. Veronica was wearing a sky-blue spaghetti
strap top and white bikini panties that were also soaked through with her

"I had no idea you were so kinky, Jeff" the petit blond commented, the
nickname referring to the difference in their size.

"You like, Mutt?" Glynis asked, looking up.

"I don't hate it," Veronica drawled back.

"Then you'll really like this," the lanky blond said, hooking her thumbs in
her partners' panties and pulling them down and off then sliding between her
open legs to lick at her pale, soft inner thighs.

"Wait, this is all wrong," said Veronica in an agrieved voice, banking on the
fact that Glynis couldn't see the smirk on her face.

"What?" her friend said, her hurt tone showing that she'd fallen for the

"You've got too many clothes on."

"Oh well, that can be fixed." She quickly doffed her top and then returned
her head to where it belonged, between her lover's legs. She felt Veronica's
hands go to the top of her head as she started licking the Tiny One's slit
then pressing down harder as her tongue pushed inward. At the same time she
took advantage of both her long arms and Veronica's short torso to reach up
and play with her tiny titties, now exposed as Veronica took her own top off.
Her fingers pinched and rubbed, producing small happy squeals from above then
slid down her ribs to brace her hips against the increasingly aggressive
assault of Glynis' tongue.

"Yeah, oh YEAH, Glyn, fuck me with that beautiful tongue, *fuck* MEEE!!!!"
Her fingers clawed at her partner's long hair and scalp as she came.

As soon as Veronica's muscles relaxed enough for her to move Glynis kissed
her way up "Mutt's" diminutive body.

"You're still wearing too many clothes," Veronica chided smilingly, slipping
a hand inside the other girl's boxers to grope her tight ass.

"Well then, do something about it," Glynis replied, bringing her lover's head
in for a long, slow kiss.

Obediantly Veronica reached down and pulled the other blond's undies down
past her knees then reached between her thighs, inserting her index and
middle fingers into her partner's tight pussy. At the same time her mouth
descended on Glynis' tits, even smaller than her own, licking, sucking and
chewing on them and paying particular attention to the outsized, pale pink
nipples that topped them.

"Oh, FUCK, Ronnie!" Glynis screamed as her clit popped and her lover's
fingers moved to pinch and rub it. "SO FUCCCKKKINNNNG GOOOD!" She pressed
Veronica's face to her chest and let out out a howl of incoherent passion
that noone back in Arcadia would have thought her capable of.

* * *

The First Evil's sense searched through the Academy picking through the
tangled emotions of it's staff and student body for something It could use.
Despair, doubt, anxiety yes but none in sufficient amounts to be useful. A
thread of rivalry and tension flowing between the Buffybitch and her mentor
had definite potential, particularly since it contained an unacknowledged
element of sexual desire, especially on Giles' part but both of them knew
It's ways too well and would be nearly impossible to decieve.

But here was something interesting, the Buffybitch's younger sister, filled
with worry and with the delusion mortals called love. Contrary to popular
belief the First neither hated nor feared love. How could you hate or fear
something that didn't exist? But it found humans *belief* in love highly
useful. More betrayals and atrocities had been comitted in the name of love
than greed or anger combined particularly when mixed with guilt, an emotion
the First found to be the most useful of all even more so than hate. 'Yes,'
It thought while grinning with all of It's mouths that had lips and teeth,
'this stupid little creature could come in very handy.

* * *

What neither Dawn, because she lay in an exhausted sleep, nor the First
because It's vision was blocked by a power whose existance It was
constitutionally incapable of even acknowledging saw was the figure of Tara,
standing over Dawn and Willow's bed, smiling maternally. She reached down
and stroked at the younger woman's hair, ghostly fingers passing through and
Dawn's face which had been fearful and nervous broke out in a serene smile.
Then Tara's form vanished.

* * *

The Next Day, the Sacred Grove

Shortly before high noon Agatha Harkness and Veronica stood at the center of
the sacred grove encircled by the twelve most powerful members of the coven
present preparing for the ceremony which, if it worked would both cleanse the
grove and open the dimensional gate created by Ares. Just outside the grove
were Anne, Buffy and Faith who would be going through the gate. Also present
were Giles, Dawn and five other Watcher sorcerors who would assist the
witches in maintaining and guarding the portal.

* * *

"That's an awwwfully big knife," I said. All right, so the blade was only
four or five inches long. I'd used bigger ones in combat practice. Hell, I'd
used swords in combat practice. But the fact that it would soon be slicing
through my tender pink and white flesh made it look like a fucking claymore
to me.

* * *

Miss Harkness looked at her and smiled coldly. "The first time is always the

"What do you mean?" In answer the elderly witch pushed back one of her
sleeves exposing a lean and surprisingly strong looking forearm with a
pattern of well over a dozen cuts. Veronica knew without asking that her
other arm would be similarly marked.

"How often have you..."

"No more often than I've had to child. Blood magic is not something to be
done without serious cause."

"Well hopefully this'll be the last for me."

Harkness shook her head. "You are a Slayer. This is probably the smallest
wound you will recieve in your life."

* * *

'Swell,' I thought.

* * *
Between WitchPriestess and Sacrifice was a plain stone altar on which stood a
silver bowl marked at the each of the four quarters with the sign of one of
the four magical elements. Harkness took Veronica's hand and held it over the
bowl then slashed her athame across her palm. The diminutive Slayer winced
but said nothing.

* * *

But *inside* I was going 'Owowowowow!'. I let the blood fall into the bowl
and said the words she'd taught me.

"Let blood freely given wash away the stain of blood unfreely taken." Then
she did and said the same to herself. Then she brought the bowl to each of
her coven sisters, lather, rinse, repeat.

Then the second part of the ceremony started and things got wierd, and yes I
mean wierd compared to what had already happened. Miss Harkness went to each
of the grove trees and poured out a small amount of blood and chanted the
already familiar line. But every time she did I felt something pushing at me.
Maybe it was my Slayerness or maybe because I have a bit of god in me or both
but something was reaching out to me and something in me was answering.

About halfway through the ritual I started to kindasorta understand that it
was the grove trees trying to talk to me. I also started to feel tingly, like
my foot had fallen asleep but all over my body. They weren't talking in words
exactly but I understood them anyway. To translate from the Entish: "Find
your Great Grandad and kick his ass for what he did to you and to us. Oh, and
here's a little something to help you do just that."

* * *

What everyone watching saw was that Veronica started to sparkle with
silver-green light and that her eyes were positively glowing. Neither Agatha
Harkness nor any of the coven did more than glance at her. This hadn't been
expected but they knew that any interruption in the ritual would have dire
consequences for all concerned. For the same reason Giles stopped Buffy when
she started to move forward.

As the ritual progressed the gate began to open. It was visible as a twisting
of space like a warped mirror filled with colors that noone watching could
quite define. When the ceremony was complete Agatha stood in front of the
portal to say the final words but never got the chance. Instead Veronica
stepped up beside her and said them instead even though she hadn't been
taught them, her voice reverberating through the grove and not quite sounding
like her own.

"Blood calls to blood. through the portal, through worlds unbounded, Lord and
Lady guide me to the one I seek for your vengeance and mine."

While not the precise wording it nonetheless worked. The portal stabilized
and the coven focused it's will to keep it that way. Buffy, Faith and Ann
stepped forward to enter but were stopped in their tracks, unable to move,
by a gesture from Veronica.

"Plans have changed. Even you three couldn't stop Ares. I can...maybe. This
is my fight now." Suddenly her face looked not at all like a demigoddess'
and very much like that of a frightened seventeen year old. "If I don't come
back, tell Glyn and Joan not to cry." Then the mask of quasideityhood fell
back over her face and she stepped through. As soon as they could move again
the three warrior women moved to follow her only to find Agatha Harkness in
their way.

"She's right. You were our best hope. Now she is."

* * *

Late That Night

"You're home," said Dawn as she wheeled Willow into their room and helped
her into their bed. As soon as Willow was settled Dawn lay on top of her and
kissed her on the lips but pulled back at the wince on her lover's face.

"Did I hurt you?" she asked, voice full of concern.

"'s just...I..." the rest came in a rush as if Willow didn't trust
herself to sy it if she didn't say it fast.


"I mean,,,you're still young...and beautiful. You have a whole life in front
of you. You shouldn't be tied down to a useless criOW!" The last was said as
Dawn slapped her hard across the face.

"Don't EVER call yourself useless and don't ever call yourself a cripple! And
don't ever say we shouldn't be together." Her face turned from angry to a mix
of desperation and tenderness. "I *love* you." With that she kissed her witch
again. This time there was no flinching, no resistance, only an open and
welcoming tongue. Following kisses, each accompanied by an "I love you" were
bestowed on each side of her redheaded lover's neck then down the front of
her chest to the neckline of a blouse quickly unbuttoned and tossed into a
corner followed by a lacy lavender bra. Dawn nuzzled at Willow's tits while
the witch pulled her t-shirt out of her jeans and off her body then started
massaging the younger woman's small tits. A look of doubt crossed Dawn's face
even as she put her hands on top of Willow's.

"Are you sure you're up to this?'

The witch smiled wryly. "You're the one who said not to act like a cripple.
Besides why should you have to do all the work?"

"Because," Dawn said, taking her hands from her tits and putting them around
her back as she started to kiss her way down her love's ribs and stomach,
"I'm just (kiss) so (kiss) happy (kiss) to have you (kiss) back." By now
she'd reached the edge of Willow's red fur carpet and had her wriggling in
anticipation of the tonguing to come. This was increased by the intrusion
into her twat of two of Dawn's fingers. The brunette minx used both fingers
and tongue to wiork her edheaded wench into a frenzy.

"Ohhhhhh! I missed you soooo mucchhhhh Dawnie, sooo muuuchhh! Yes, oh yesss,
fingerfuck me, tonguefuck me, JUST FUUCCK MEEEE!!" Yet as she came there was
a stab of pain as well caused by the realization that just days ago her
thighs would have been clamped around Dawn, her lower legs entangled with her
lover's arms and that now they just lay there, dead.

Dawn raised her head and kissed Willow on her tummy, leaving a pussy juice
imprint of her lips then asked her a question.

"Really?" Willow replied.


Can I think about it?"

Dawn felt hurt but didn't show it. After all, Willow had been through a lot
and it was a big decision to make.

"Of course," she said as she got up and began to dress. Anything you need
before I go to the grove?"

"One more kiss?"

Dawn smiled, gave her a slow lingering kiss and left.

* * *

"Tara?" Dawn stared, stunned at the figure that had apeared in front of her
on the path to the grove. After the deaths of her mother and sister Tara and
Willow had functionally adopted her and Tara had become her surrogate mother.
Her feelings for Willow, even then, had been more complicated.

"Yes, it's me and I have a plan. One that will help Willow walk again."

"What is it?"

"When you go down to the grove, there is a ritual you must perform, drawing
on it's power."

Dawn frowned. "But all it's power is needed to keep the portal open so
Veronica can come back?"

"Who do you love more, Willow or Veronica?" Tara's voice took on a nasty,
insinuating tone. "Of course I can't blame you for straying. After all, she's
always loved me more hasn't she?"

Something clicked into place in Dawn's head at this. This Tara just didn't
jibe with the message Joan had given her. "You're not Tara. She'd never be
this mean."

"Tara's" eyes narrowed. "Huh, you're smarter than I thought." She changed
into Buffy. "But I can still help you heal Willow. So what's your answer."

Before Dawn could answer Willow's voice came from behind her. "The answer is
no." Dawn and the first had been so intent on each other that neither had
heard the witch's electric wheelchair coming up the path.

Turning back into Tara the First said. "Are you so sure that you are willing
to stay a cripple for the rest of your life?"

Willow pretended to ponder the question then said, "Well let me think. Even
if I could trust you, which we all know I can't all I'd have to do would be
to betray my friends, my faith and possibly the entire world into your

"Tara" tilted her head to the side. "Well, yes. What's your point?"

Willow's eyes glowed white with both power and anger. "You have no power
here. Now leave."

"Before somebody drops a house on *you*," chimed in Dawn.

"Stupid pop culture references," growled the First and vanished.

Willow sank back into her chair in relief. "Huh, that was easier than I

Dawn stared at her in admiration. "Wow, I can't believe you did that. What
are you doing here anyway? Did you feel a disturbance in the Force?"

"No, I came to give you your answer. It's yes." Dawn's face lit up with joy.
"Now would you like a ride little girl?"

In answer Dawn sat horizontally across her lover's lap, legs sticking out
over the arms of the wheelchair, her own arms around Willow's neck.

* * *

Earth 1, Titan Tower

Something wanted into Titans tower and it wanted in *bad*! The entire tower
was shaking. That there was a door at all left when the titans reached it
was a miracle, though not enough of one to keep Beast Boy and Cyborg from
noticing that their three teamates weren't entirely in costume. Having rushed
from bed after an exhilarating and exhausting bout of sex Raven, Robin and
Starfire were all in various states of undress. Robin wore only his trunks
and mask, Raven her cloak and Starfire was entirely and gloriously nude.
Beast Boy opened his mouth but before he could comment the door finally gave
way to reveal a tall and sinister man with a sword in one hand and a leash
and collar of black iron in the other.

"Titans go!" Robin yelled and they went on the attack.

At first they were successful. Cyborg's Sonic beam knocked the intruder
ass-over-teakettle while Robin, though not doing any harm kept him too
distracted to mount a counter attack. But when Beast Boy charged in as a
triceratops, the stranger grabbed him by his horns, picked him up and threw
him at Raven and Starfire, knocking them both out of the air. He proceeded
towards Raven, slowed but not stopped by Robin's explosive darts and
Starfire's energy blasts from her fallen position. Fortunately they slowed
him enough for Raven to regain the air before he reached her. From there she
pelted him telekinetically with various objects.

"Enough playing around!" he shouted, slicing Robin's quarterstaff in two
with his sword then blocking a sonic blast from Cyborg, though at the cost
of having his sword knocked out of his hand. It seemed that they had the
mysterious intruder on the run when Beast Boy, in elephant form picked him
up in his trunk, slammed him on the floor a couple of times and then threw
him against a wall. But instead of crumpling he somersaulted in mid-air,
hit the wall feet first and bounced off to collide with Raven, knocking her
out of the air once more. Once down he quickly locked the collar onto her

When they got up Raven was no longer their teammate. Her eyes were a
lifeless, flat grey.

"Destroy! In the name of Ares, kill your friends!"

Cyborg was the first to fall, his mechanical parts ripped away from his
organic ones. There had only been one time that Raven's full power had been
shown and that had been when she had destroyed her father, an archdemon and
reversed his destruction of the planet Earth. Now this power was turned on
her friends. A wave of blackness surged out from her, knocking her teammates
to the floor.

Then a siver-green thread of power and light pierced the darkness, knocking
Ares on his ass.

"Hello grandad," said Veronica, sheathed in a cocoon of light, her eyes
glowing brightly with both power and anger.

"Not dead?" the war god observed dryly. "Well, that's fixed easily enough.
Raven, sic!"

A beam of black power surged from the enslaved heroine only to by met by one
of white light. At first the two powers balanced against each other then
slowly, because her power was borrowed and therefore finite, Veronica's power
was slowly pushed back as her battery ran down.

However it gave Robin and Starfire time to recover. "The leash, Star, break
the leash!" the Titan's leader yelled. The alien heroine's eyes sent a beam
of green energy into the chain stretched between Ares and Raven cracking then
shattering it.

Then everything vanished in an explosion of black.

Then the wave of black hit the tunnel between worlds and for a split second
Raven was the only thing that existed anywhere.

* * *

The Void Between Worlds

I was surrounded by nothing but darkness. No wait, there was also cold. Lots
and lots of cold. Then I felt something pulling me. What the hell, it's got
to be better than a blank eternity of nothingness.

I emerged surrounded by wierd people in wierd clothes, three of whom were
mostly or entirely naked.

* * *

Ares also floated alone in the Void, Before him appeared a cloud that somehow
managed to be darker than the Void itself. Various limbs and organs thrust
themsleves out of it at random points and intervals.

"Hello Ares," It said in Hope's voice

'I actually had sex with that?' the war god thought to himself. Aloud he
said, "So, you going to help me?"

"Do you really expect me to?"

"Not really."

"Too bad. I was hoping to taste your feelings of betrayal. Well, bye then."
and it dissapeared, leaving him to find his own way back amid the billions of

* * *

The Sacred Grove

"What the Hell was *that*? Dawn said to Willow.

"That was our not existing," said Agatha Harkness from behind them, making
Dawn jump. Willow didn't but only because she couldn't. "It was just as
disturbing as the first time." The sorceress and witch looked at each other
but decided this was one of the many things about Miss Harkness they were
better off not knowing. Then they looked at the tunnel entrance they were
supposed to have been guarding. It was gone.

* * *

Later That Day, The Council Room

"Can we get it back open, Agatha?," asked Giles

"Even if we could without Veronica as a link we could never find whatever
dimension she and Ares wound up in."

"So we abandon one of our own," said Buffy.

"Abandonment implies a choice. All we can do is hope that wherever she is
that Miss Mars is alive and well."

* * *

Earth One, Titan Tower

"Where am I?," Veronica asked

"Titan Tower in Bay City," answered the near naked young man in front of
her. "I'm Robin, this is Starfire and Beast Boy. Our other members are in
sickbay." Indeed Cyborg was on life support until they could figure out a
way to put him back together. Thank you for your help...?"

* * *

"Veronica," I said, trying to keep a note of panic from my voice as I tried
to cope with the facts that:

The tunnel back home was gone. From the moment I'd shown up I'd sensed it in
the back of my head. No longer.

I was surrounded by wierdly dressed wierd people.

I was a cartoon.

Nope, forget about it, time to start gibbering.

* * *

Three Days Later, Sussex Academy for Exceptional Girls

"So," said Joan to Xander, "am I ever going to see you again?" At the same
time that she asked this she was keeping an eye out to make sure Glynis
didn't hurt herself or wander off aimlessly. After a brief fling with denial
and then anger, she'd gone straight to depression where she seemed to be
stuck indefinitely. At least she'd progressed to a quieter, more manageble
form. At first she'd done nothing but literally cry on Joan's shoulder and,
as her friend, Joan been given the resposibility of suicide watch. Now they
were getting ready to leave and Xander had volunteered to drive them to the

Xander sighed. Their first sexual encounter had turned into a 20-hour
marathon but subsequent events had kept them from even seeing each other,
much less doing anything.

"I don't know. I travel a lot yes, but I don't get down to the Chicago area

She looked dissapointed but said, "Well, just keep in mind that I become
legal in five months."

"Short of an Apocalypse, I'll be there."

"And we hope you'll be here in six," came Dawn's voice.

"Why?" Joan asked curiously.

"Because Willow and I are getting handfasted and then we're going to apply
for a civil union." Joan lit up and hugs were exchanged, then she and Glynis
got into Xander's car. She of course sat up front with him after Glynis
assured her that she'd be alright.

* * *

Earth 1, Titan Tower A Week After

"So, do I get a costume?"



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