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Note: This story occurs in the 1st season of VM, the 2nd season of JoA and
the "9th season" of BtVS. Veronica, Joan and Glynis are all 17, Dawn is 19

Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Joan Of Arcadia/Veronica Mars/Xena Warrior Princess:
Chess Game Part 2 - Transformations And Adjustments

Chapter 1: Dawn and Veronica

Over the Atlantic Ocean, Present Day

In the end getting my father to let me travel to the headquarters of a cult
of witches, occult scholars and demon hunting amazons called Slayers was
easier than I thought it would be. Of course it helped that I didn't tell him
any of that or that I *was* one of the aforementioned amazons. Considering I
only half believed it myself, keeping that tidbit of information from him
wasn't that much of a strain on my conscience.

Instead, Dawn, once I had passsed the "entrance exam" called amore
experienced and impressively British Watcher who then approached my father,
bropchures in hand, on behalf of what he passed off as an exclusive British
Girls School, emphasizing the capitals all the way.I'm sure the term "girls
school" was a major plus in his eyes. So I was off for a free three week
vacation in merry old England which was actually supposed to be an intense
training course in the ways of Slayerdom.

Of course I had my own doubts. Fortunately Dawn, as a member of the
extended family that ran the Council was a fountain of valuable, if mildly
semicoherent, info. As in now for instance when she was telling me how her
sister and friends wound up running a centuries old secret society

"A couple of years ago there was an Apocalypse, a really nasty one," as
opposed to the cute fuzzy Apocalypses, I'm sure, "and the Watcher's Council,
there were only Watchers on it back then, no witches or Slayers, went...
kablooey! Literally."

While she chattered on, something was nagging at me. It was like seeing
several somethings at the corners of both eyes all at once. I would later
learn that this was something some Slayers had and others didn't and that
Xander, one of the Council, had named it, "the Slayer sense".

"Shh," I hissed at my companion.

"What?" she said in a low voice, the stream of gabble that had me
wondering if she was really two years older than me abruptly cut off. I
guess having "the Uberslayer" for a sister had taught her some serious
compartmentalization skills because she was suddenly all business.

"Something's wrong?"


"Don't know yet."

* * *

The minions of the Great Satan were so stupid, thought Abdullah Ibrahim, born
Tracey Miles. On the one hand his comrade, who actually *had* been born with
the name Mohammed and was Arab had attractted so much attention and suspicion
that all eyes had been focused on him allowing Abdullah to breeze through
with his components of the zip guns and bomb they were planning to assemble
on the plane with help from cliff notes taken from The Anarchists Cookbook.
On the other hand the doctrine of political correctness so hobbled the
American mentality that Mohammed's very vocal protests had insured that his
luggage had been searched only perfuntorily. The security guard, had then
tried to make up for it by giving some middleaged womans baggage a thorough
going over, provoking a smirk from several onlookers, including Abdullah. Not
that they had relied solely on airport security's incompetance, they had
distributed the weapon components so that neither of them had the makings of
anything dagerous. Things would be assembled on the plane itself.

* * *

"Something about those two is wrong."

"You mean the guys at the bathroom?

"Yeah. Not sure what, but..."

"Well for one thing they went one right after the other and the second guy
hasn't even knocked. You always knock, even if you know someone's in there.
It's just what people do."

"Gee, you should have been a detective!" That earned Veronica a sourpuss face
and a stuck out tongue.

"So if they're hijackers or something, what do we do?" asked Dawn.

"Well, the stewards aren't likely to pay attention to a pair cute and fluffy
girls without evidence. But I think I have a plan."

* * *

Of course I didn't tell her it was an insanely dangerous plan. Later I
would learn that she and her friends and family ate insanely dangerous for

As I approached the bathrooms I put on my best Giggling Bimbo Face, going for
maximum irritation.

* * *

Mohammed Jahir glared at the blond American bitch in her tight jeans, thin
t-shirt and denim vest with a mixture of anger and supressed lust as she
entered the bathroom opposite the one where he was pretending to wait while
his comrade in Islam assembled the weapons components they'd smuggled aboard.
She left fart to quicklt then came up to him, smiled and bit her finger in
what he was sure she thought was an endearing manner.

"Ummm, that one isn't working, can I like cut ahead of you? Please? I like
*really* need to go."

"No," he replied curtly.

"Pleeease?" she whined, leaning far too close to him. He longed to strip
her naked and give her the punishment she so richly deserved but instead
just pushed her away saying "Go away!" as he did so. Then things proceeded
to become very strange and very bad very quickly. As she hit the wall, she
actually smiled, then adopted a horrified expression, pointed at him and
screamed "He's got a gun!" Abdullah must have heard her because he came
out of the washroom zip gun in hand. At the same time Mohammed grabbed at
the petite blond for use as a hostage.

But he just couldn't seem to get a grip on her. Instead something hit his
ankle and he was face down on the floor before he knew what was happening.

It was from that position that he saw what happened to his brother in arms.
At first his eyes and mind refused to accept what he saw. Noone could move
that fast while acting that clumsily. Juust as she had tripped him, so the
American bitch stumbled over him and seemingly by accident knocked the gun
out of Abdullah's hand, all the while screaming hysterically. Before either
of them could recover two stewards had run up and secured them while the girl
curled into a ball whimpering. It was only later, in prison that Mohammed
would reach the conclusion that she had not been a normal girl but possessed
by an ifrit.

* * *

"Is my friend all right?" Dawn asked the steward.

"Not sure Miss, she went into the bathroom and won't come out."

Dawn sighed inwardly. She very much wanted to become a Watcher but she had to
admit there were tough parts about the job. Tempermental Slayers-in Training
being one of the worst.

"Can I go in and talk to her?"


Dawn had expected to find her charge suffering from post-traumatic fear. Even
though she had handled the fight with the vampires fairly well, you never
knew when a newbie would crack. Instead she saw Veronica sitting on the
toilet seat, legs spread and hand down her jeans.

"Getoutgetoutgetout!" the petite blond shouted while her face turned cherry
red with embarrasment.

"Are you all right in there?" came the stewards voice.

"We're okay," answered Dawn. But we might be in here for a bit. Could you
make sure we're not bothered?"

The steward thought about it then nodded. "It's a bit unusual but we do owe

Dawn approached Veronica with a smile. Of all the reforms put in by the new
Council this had been the most controversial and fought over. It was well
known that the adrenaline rush of combat produced in many Slayers a strong
sexual urge afterward. The previous Council had adopted the typical British
reaction towards all things sexual: They'd ignored it and hoped it would go
away despite centuries of evidence to the contrary. This had been Giles
preferred response but Buffy and Faith, especially Faith, had insisted in
bringing it up, although her initial motion, that all Watchers henceforth
be hot young guys and be officially designated "Sex Slaves" was shot down.
Finally what was best termed a "don't ask, don't tell" policy between
Slayers and their Watchers, male or female had been passed after much
wrangling. Even though she wasn't officially a Watcher and had an ongoing
relationship, Dawn meant to take advantage of the situation.

Turning around she saw Veronica curled up on the toilet seat ('She really is
a tiny thing, isn't she?' Dawn found herself thinking) sobbing.

"Shhhh, it's okay Dawn soothed as she leaned forward and starting massaging
the new Slayer's shoulders. Then as Veronica looked up she leaned forward
even further and planted her lips onto the petite blond's.

* * *

I'd heard about people "drawing a blank" but this was the first time it had
ever happened to me. As Dawn's lips touched mine I reached for a reaction
and...nothing. Total brain freeze. It was much like being blindsided by a
blow to the head. It's so unexpected you don't even know what to feel, much
less how to react. The I started to register lips. and tongue. Girl lips and
tongue! And then my first coherent thought came and to my surprise it was
"Hey, this feels kind of nice!" my second was "real nice" and, not entirely
aware of what I was doing, I started a counterattack with my own lips and

* * *

At first Dawn thought that she had done something wrong because there was no
response to her kiss whatsoever, not even an attempt to pull back in shock
and disgust. Then, after a few seconds that seemed like forever to the
nervous Watcherwannabe Veronica's lips pressed back and her tongue flicked
out against Dawn's. Encouraged, Dawn's hands slid off Veronica's vest and
then started to rub her small tits through her t-shirt. As Veronica closed
her eyes and suucked her bottom lip the older girl went under the shirt and
pushed it over her partner's head then unhooked the bra underneath. She
transfered her mouth to the small breasts and pink erect nipples, bringing
a soft moan in response. After a minute or so of rapturous suckling she
decided to go to the next stage, hooked her arms underneath the petite blond
and lifted her from the toilet seat to the lid of the tank then unzipped
Veronica's jeans and spread her legs. Far gone in horniness the new Slayer
resisted none of this only lifting her hips to let her friend push her jeans
down below her knees. However her attempts to keep things quiet went down
the proverbial toilet as soon as Dawn's tongue started licking up and down
her slit. A half moan-half shriek came through her pursed lips as her hands
wrapped themselves in Dawn's hair when the teen Watcher apprentice actually
pushed her way between the petite blond's labia and into her vagina.

"UUNNHhhhahhhhhooohhhhhahhherrrrgh!" And it only got noisier from there. Dawn
guessed that this was probably her first full-on orgasm ever. She just hoped
that no attendants rushed in on them. Had she locked the door? She couldn't
remember. As she started teasing with tongue and teeth at her partner's clit
she felt the girl melt above her and slide down off the tank. Feeling her
mission accomplished Dawn pulled back from between her new friend's thighs.

But it didn't stop there. After Veronica pulled her pants up she approached
Dawn with a smile and pushed her against the bathroom's sink.

"I...I have a girlfriend," Dawn stuttered as the younger girl nuzzled her
neck and unbuttoned her already scoopnecked top.

"Didn't stop you a minute ago," purred Veronica as she licked her way down
the other girl's chest, which, by comparison made her look like Jassica

This put Dawn in a quandry. She certainly didn't want to tell the other
girl that it had been "just business", especially since it had gotten her
phenomenally hot and wet. The suck of Veronica's mouth on her nipples pushed
her over the edge. She'd just have to take whatever punishment her SO was
going to dish out. In fact if whe worked it right, she might even enjoy it.
She let the Slayer's fingers push under her miniskirt and pull down her
sopping wet panties. Her back arched as Veronica's fingers moved along the
line of her pussy lips then, as first one then two, then three fingers
started thrusting into her she clutched the cheap plastic of the washstand
so tightly that if she'd been a Slayer chunks of it would have come off in
her hands. When Veronica bit down on her nipple at the same time her fingers
gave her clit a pinch Dawn exploded.

Just after she slid bonelessly to the ground she thought she heard a
'click' of the closing door but wasn't sure. Nor could she be sure if she
was imagining the smirk on the face of the attendant's face after they had
cleaned up (Dawn's lipstick in particular bore a frightening resemblance to
clown makeup) and left the bathroom.

* * *

Mr. Rupert Giles, official Headmaster of the Sussex Academy for Exceptional
Girls and nominal head of the Council (It having been renamed after being
reconstituted from the original Watcher's Council and including Witches and
Slayers from what Dawnie had told me) was *not* amused. He'd already known
about our little adventure (minus the hot lesbian sex...I hoped) and was in
a proper British furor. Which meant of course that he actually had a facial

"Do you have any idea how much string pulling I've had to do to keep your
part in this anonymous?"

"Should they have let themselves and a planeload of people be blown up in
the name of anonimity then?" came a sharp voice from behind us. I looked up
from my pose of faux repentance in order to see who had said what I'd been
thinking. From Dawn's description it had to be her sister, Buffy. Funny, I'd
thought she'd be taller.

It soon became clear that this was just another chapter in an ongoing
struggle with no end in sight so when Dawn motioned her head towards the
door I cheerfully followed her out the door and down the corridors.

When we reached the dorm building she stopped. "I think you find your way to
your room by yourself. Anyway the proctors will help you if you get lost."

I should have taken the hint but put my arms around her neck and leaned in
for a goodbye kiss only to be stopped by her hand against my chest.

"Ummm, remember I said I had a girlfriend. I mean...on the was
great but..."

So this is what being a one-night-stand feels like. I turned without a word
and tried not to stomp too much on my way to my room. Maybe I'd turn out to
be lucky at cards.

* * *

As Dawn walked away from Veronica she felt a little bad and hoped she hadn't
hurt the other girl's feelings too much. At least she had known better than
to tell her that she was just doing her job. Besides, there was more than
just that to it. She liked Veronica and hoped maybe they could be friends.
But what she had with her current partner was too good to give up. She just
hoped she would be understanding. On the other hand maybe a certain amount
of punishment was deserved and might even be fun.

As she reached her SO's room she took a deep breath and then knocked. Her
love smiled brightly when she saw who had come and started to embrace her.
Dawn stopped her.

"Willow," she said, looking down shamefacedly, "I've been a baaad girl."

Chapter 2: Joan and Glynis

Sussex Academy for Exceptional Girls, The Night Before

Joan woke from a nightmare and immediately checked Glynis' bed because it had
been Glynis the nightmare had been about. That it was empty only added to her
anxiety. She put on a robe and went out into the dimly lit corridor of the
dormitory. She passed a janitor in the hallway.

"Just wandering aimlessly Joan or do you actually have a plan?" came a
voice from behind her in a lower class British accent. She sighed and turned

"I should have guessed, shouldn't I? What *is* it with you and janitor

"I like them. They go almost unnoticed but without them everything would fall
apart wouldn't it luv? Not unlike meself."

"I'm looking for Glynis. I don't suppose that for once you'd give me a direct

"She passed me sobbin' just a few minutes ago, the poor thing."

"Where was she going?"

"Where most intelligent, sensitive young things go to cry their eyes out in
a strange place." With that he walked off, pushing the trash can in front of
him. Joan glared at his back.

"Dick van Dyke's accent was much better!" With that parting shot she set
off down the corridor pondering what he said. In a minute she had it. The
bathroom scene from "Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone" She just hoped
there wasn't a big smelly troll in there too.

What she saw when she entered the girls lavatory was worse and scarier than
a troll. Glynis was standing in front of a washroom sink, tears coming down
her face, holding a razor and looking alternately at her image in the mirror
and the blade in her hand.

"Glynis, no!" Joan yelled and grasped the other girl's wrist. Despite the
other girl being a Slayer and thus far stronger than her Joan was easily able
to get the razor out of her hand because Glynis just didn't seem to notice.

"Glynis! What are you doing?"

The other girl just seemed to collapse against her, sobbing. "I...I...she

"Who? Who said?"

"This girl...Chloe...she...she..." Glynis stopped for a second and collected
herself. " you...believe in...ghosts?"

Considering that she had seen one herself, that of the boy Rocky and talked
to her dead friend Judith in dreams, not to mention talking to God on a
regular basis Joan's mind was more than open but how much did she want to
disclose to Glynis? She wasn't even sure why it had been her Glynis had asked
to come to England with as her "allowed companion" as the Sussex Academy's
brochure had called it.

"Ummm, yes? But don't ask why? And who's Chloe? I didn't see anyone coming

"That...that's what I mean. She's...she a girl who used to me...
and...the other girls here."

"A Slayer?" Plainly Glynis was still having difficulty wrapping her head
around the idea.

"Yeah," her trembling lower lip and the tears brimming at her eyes reminded
Joan that for all her brains and all the wierd new abilities she seemed to
have Glynis was just another teenage girl like herself, every bit as
vulnerable and insecure as anyone else their age. "She *died* Joan.
Eventually we *all* die! And it's all for nothing! The evil never stops!"

At this Joan wondered if she should tell her that it wasn't hopeless, that
she *knew* there was meaning and purpose to everything. But would she believe
her? Still if it kept Glynis from trying to kill herself....

"Neither does the good," she answered her friend.

"But how do you know?"

"I know. Look you've seen good in the world right?"

"Y-yes," Glynis replied, almost reluctantly.

"What if," She took a deep breath, "what if I told you I *knew* as an
observable fact that good was an active force in the world."

Glynis calmed as the scientist in her took over. "I'd have to ask how."

As Joan told her story she was surprised to see a look of speculation rather
than incredulity on the other girl's face.

"So, you probably think I'm crazy right?" she asked as she finished.

"I have to admit I probably would have up to a few months ago. Now it looks
like I *live* in Crazyworld. Besides, it actually explains a lot about the
last year and a half."

"So you believe me?"


Joan put her arm around the other girl's shoulders and led her back to their
room. There, Glynis looked down and blushed.

"What?" Joan asked.

"Ummm, could we share a bed? I kind of need some contact tonight and I left
Mr Hypotenuse at home."

"Mr. Hypotenuse?"

"My ummm, stuffed rhino. I thought it would be...embarrassing."

"For a 'modern day Amazon warrior'?" Joan said, quoting the opening day
speech by Buffy Summers. "You think?"

Somewhat reluctantly she let the other girl crawl into the slightly narrow
confines the lower bunk, glad that their roomie hadn't shown up yet. She
hadn't shared a bed since she was eight and then it had been her crawling
into bed with her parents because she was afraid of the closet monster.
Glynis arms going around her waist and her head resting on her shoulder
made her even more uncomfortable but she soon got used to it and drifted
off to sleep.

* * *

In the morning she was even gladder there were no witnesses as she woke up
to find that the slender blonde's arms had moved to gently cup her breasts.
Perhaps more embarrassing was that her nipples were erect and there was a
mild "itch" between her legs, an itch she wasn't about to scratch while
sharing a bed with someone else. She looked behind her and saw that Glynis
was still asleep so at least she didn't have to worry about dealing with
some kind of come on, it had clearly been coincidence. She gently disengaged
the hands and managed to wake the other girl just in time to beat the sound
of reveille coming over the intercom.


A Place Between Worlds

"How did you do that?" asked Ares

"Do what?" replied the First Evil, who as always when it dealt with the Greek
God of War was in the form of Hope, a long dead demigoddess of evil.

"Get through the protections around that place."

"Couldn't you?"

"Yeah, but not quietly. And since when can you shapechange?"

"Can't all gods?"

"Not really. Who are you?" There, it was out. He had suspected that "Hope"
wasn't who she said she was for a couple of decades now.

"Hope" smiled as if he'd passed a test of some kind and...changed. As a god
Ares senses extended into realms that mortals didn't even know existed but he
could tell that parts of this creature existed in dimensions even he couldn't

A voice sounded in his head. "I am the reason you are."

Chapter 3: Dawn and Willow

Sussex Acadmy for Exceptional Girls, The Present

"I've been a baaaad girl."

Willow could tell immediately from her girlcrush's tone and expression
that whatever she'd done she wasn't really all that repentant. She saw an
opportunity to mix punishment and pleasure here.

"Oh really? Well tell me about it." She held up a hand as Dawn opened
her mouth. "To music." She snapped her fingers and a sexy slow tune,
"Unfaithful" by Rihanna, just to hammer home the point, filled the room.
"While stripping."

Dawn slowly started taking off her clothes by the time she'd covered the
attempted hijacking and gotten to what she and veronica had done she was
down to her underwear.

"Now Riverdance!" said her witchly mistress in a commanding voice as the
music chaged to that of the Broadway show. "While still stripping!" The bra
came off easily enough but when she tried to take off her panties while doing
a jig she wound up collapsed in a heap.

"Ow," the nymphet mumbled from the floor. "Am I punished enough yet?"

"Nope," said Willow. "Stand up and assume the spankable position."

"Do I have..."

"Now, Missy!" The naked girl draped herself across Willow's denim-clad thighs
with an aplomb that suggested the prospect of spanking didn't bother her all
that much. It was an odd relationship, the red haired WIccan reflected. It's
seeds had been planted when Buffy had died and she and Tara had become Dawn's
"aunties". Dawn had been both curious and in need of comfort but it had never
gone beyond hugs and some admittedly pretty strong kisses. Well, maybe a
little further, but only because Dawnie had insisted on sleeping between them
and still nothing below the waist. Then Tara had died. Tara had died. It
still hurt three years later. Then she'd found Kennedy who had been
incredible in bed but, in retrospect, something of a bitch. How that would
have worked out she didn't know and never would thanks to the freak meteorite
that had struck her down minutes after leaving Sunnydale.

Then Dawn had returned from Italy a year later all grown up. Grown up real
nice. And legal. And horny.

There had of course been a Buffy problem. Back when Willow had first
discovered her bi tendencies Buffy's initial reaction had been...awkward.
But it was nothing compared to her reaction when she found out her little
sister was gay. And in lust with her best friend. Things still weren't the
same between the three of them and had only recently gotten past the "polite"

Willow's thoughts turned from her past to the firm young ass draped across
her thighs.

SLAP! "Ow!" SLAP! "Ow!" SLAP! "Ow!" With every blow her anger grew instead of
dissapating. How dare she fuck around on her. She wasn't even a real Watcher.
Little bitch! Before she knew what she was doing her hand glowed red with
heat and Dawnie was screaming in agony and struggling to get away from her.
She looked with horror at the terrified look on her lover's face as she
scrambled away and cringed in a corner of the room.

"Dawnie, I'm sorry! I...I didn't mean." She stopped as she caught Dawn
looking intensely at her eyes. She knew what she was looking for and stopped
talking, afraid of the next question she had to ask.

"My...eyes...are they...?"

"No, but they should be," Dawn replied in a bitter mumble.

"Let me heal it. Please?"

"Kiss my ass," was the disgruntled reply.

Willow smiled. "That's exactly what I had in mind." She aproached her lover
who eyed her suspiciously but let her turn her around. The witch winced when
she saw the pattern of blistered flesh in the exact shape of her hand on
Dawn's otherwise exquisite butt. She bent down and pressed her lips to the
injury, letting healing energy flow from her. Wherever her lips touched burnt
skin became smooth and soft. Soon Dawn's ass was as good as new. But Willow
wasn't done. Her lips moved up her lover's spine and slowly Dawn relaxed out
of the semi-fetal position she'd adopted and let the redhead's slender arms
wrap around her and her fingers to stroke and caress her breasts and nipples.

"Forgive me babe?" In answer Dawn turned around and her lips met Willow's and
they were soon engaged in a deep, passionate kiss. The younger woman pressed
her lover down onto the floor, swiveled her body around and soon they were
each licking their way up each other's soft white thighs.

A Place Between Worlds

'I knew it,' the First Evil thought to Itself. The Witch might have cleansed
herself of the evil influence of the Books of Darkness but the seeds of anger
and powerlust that had originated her fall into evil could never be gotten
rid of because she had been born with them as all humans were. Corrupting her
would be the icing on the cake of It's plan.

The FIrst was alone in the interdimansional void that it called home but
still wore the bruised and bloody body of Buffy Summers that Ares had left on
the "floor" before departing for his own home. To It, no pleasure was greater
than having the most vicious and humiliating of abuse inflicted on the form
of It's greatest mortal enemy. It anticipated with pleasure the prospect of
It's pawn doing the same to the real Buffy. But most of all it looked forward
to the culmination of it's ultimate plan, the destruction of not just this,
but all universes. Willow, when she had been immersed in evil had merely
threatened the destruction of one world. But the First new of a dimension
where lived a girl whose potential for both darkness and destruction dwarfed
even that of "Dark Willow's". But to reach and manipulate her special
materials were required, namely the essence of a dark god and for this the
First had plotted for decades until the right vessel, containing just the
right amount of immortality had been born, the girl known as Veronica Mars.


The Next Day, Sussex Academy for Exceptional Girls

Veronica and Glynis stood next to each other as the assembled Slayers in
training stood in orderly ranks, being addressed and welcomed to the Academy
by Mr. Giles. Their third roomate, Joan wasn't present but was off somewhere
being given an introductory speech and sales pitch of her own by whoever the
recruiter was for the Watchers. Glynis was paying rapt attention while
Veronica let most of the words flow over her while she did her best to fit
her head around the concept of being a Slayer. Finally the speech came to a
halt and Veronica focused.

"Finally I would like to introduce your Chief Drill Instructor for the
season, Ms Anne Potter. She and her...companion will be with us this summer
while she works with you and Miss Merrill studies with the Witches Circle."

The new instructor made an immediate impression. SIx feet tall with dark
hair and piercing bue eyes. But it was how she was dressed that raised the
most eyebrows. Form fitting leather with a whip on one hip and a sword on
the other, a strange circle of razor sharp steel in her hand.

"Is that...?" whispered Veronica.

"I thought that was just a TV show," replied Glynis.

Olympus, Ares castle

"Oh shit," said a watching Ares.


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