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Buffy The Vampire Slayer:
Joyce the Vampire Slayer - Season 2 Episode 3:
You Can't Keep A Bad Woman Down
by LL

With a grunt of annoyance at being woken up Joyce reached out for the
phone. The first light of dawn was barely filtering through the curtains
and with it being a weekend there was no need for her to get up early to
make the girls' breakfast. Beside her Buffy briefly stirred long enough to
put a pillow over her ears, before falling back to sleep.

The number on the phone was Willow. Anyone else it would have been ignored,
but Joyce picked it up, "Hi," she croaked, her mind still foggy with sleep.

As Willow answered, Joyce's sleep fuddled state left her and she was a
Slayer again. She got out of bed still listening, as she opened her drawer
to pull out panties, socks and blouse, before heading to the wardrobe for
her jeans.

She put the phone in her bag and took one last look at Buffy lying asleep,
before picking up her carkeys and shutting the bedroom door quietly behind

* * *

It was hard to tell what was the most disturbing. The terrier picked to the
tree, it's bloody insides dripping down to form a pool of gore beneath it.
Or the ripped middle-aged woman lying dead a few feet from her, but with
the ground around her touched only by a few spots of blood.

"You had a dream?" Joyce looked up from examining the body.

Behind her Willow nodded, trying not to gag at the sight of the dead dog.
Dead humans came with the territory, but something about a small animal
spitted to a branch seemed so much more evil. A killing for sadism, rather
than food or a primeval hunting instinct. She turned away so that she could
no longer see the bundle of fur.

"A nightmare. A hooded figure walked towards me. I couldn't see them. But
someone was screaming behind me," Willow paused and then blushed. She
looked at the ground and scuffed her feet amongst some dead leaves, "and I
turned not to help them, but to run. Then as I ran I came into this
clearing. I couldn't see anyone, but could hear laughter and screams, and a
woman talking gibberish. Then I woke and called you."

She walked over and joined Joyce by the body. The woman would have been
pretty once. Her face was untouched, but bloodless and contorted in pain
and fear. Despite herself Willow leant down and touched the skin, hoping
for some miracle of life. The woman remained dead, her skin cold.

It didn't come as a surprise, given the injuries on the rest of her body.
Her sweater was ripped open, a bra lay discarded a few feet away, it's
fastener broken. Willow knew that if she turned the body over and looked at
the back she would see bruising where it had ripped into the skin before
snapping. The woman's breasts were hideously mangled, the nipples ripped
away and the flesh around them gouged and torn. Her throat too was
shredded, through the torn flesh Willow could see the punctured windpipe.

Standing back from the corpse, Joyce pulled her phone from the bag and
speed-dialled Darla.

On the other side of town, Darla reluctantly disengaged herself from an
early morning make out session with Dawn. She rolled over to the other side
of the bed and reached out for her phone. Dawn followed her and lay her
head on Darla's back, her hand lightly rubbing, under the covers, at the
vampire's naked butt.

"Hi Joyce," said Darla, "what's up?"

Darla gave a light giggle as Dawn's hand slipped from her butt to rub at
the bottom of her pussy lips. She lightly smacked the teen's hand away as
Joyce explained Willow's dream.

"From the wounds we think there was three of them," Joyce started to
explain the scene, noticing there was a sharp intake of breath from Darla.

"Three of them?" Darla asked, she swung her legs over the edge of the bed
and pushed away Dawn's hand more roughly than she intended.

"Yes. And they ripped open the woman's dog as well," Joyce paused, "We
don't know if they killed it first if it tried to protect the woman or
after as it tried to stop them feeding on her."

A tear welled up in Darla's eyes, and there was a choking sound to her
voice, "They'd have killed it first. They'd have held her and made her
watch the dog being disembowelled. And as they tortured it to death, they'd
have made the woman know she was next. The dog died so that they could
torment the woman for a few minutes longer."

There was a pause on the other end of the phone, "How do you know?" asked

"I taught them."

* * *

"Now childlywinks, stop squabbling or I will have to box your ears,"
Drusilla stood with her hands on her hips staring at her Angelus and Spike.
The two vampires stopped their goading of each other, though the look of
loathing that passed between them suggested it was a temporary truce.

Drusilla gave them what was meant to be a charming smile, and probably
would have been if you were a Tyrannosaurs Rex looking for a mate. Her lips
were thin, and there was still some blood smudged down them from the meal
she had eaten earlier. One of the problems of being a vampire, Lilah Morgan
thought, was that with no mirrors you had to rely on someone telling you
there was food spilt down your front. And neither Angelus or Spike would
risk Drusilla volcanic wrath, by saying anything that could be taken as a
criticism. Satisfied her boys were sitting good, Drusilla rewarded them
with a quick twirl To their obvious displeasure whilst her titties heaved
against the tight corset they didn't pop out.

Drusilla smiled again, and Lilah automatically fondled the crucifix at her
neck. More than one Wolfram and Hart lawyer had ended their days as a snack
for their clients. Luckily Drusilla didn't seem ready to launch herself at
Lilah's neck. Instead she sat down between Angelus and Spike.

"How are you settling in?" asked Lilah.

"It's like a pumpkin. So warm and squishy and tasty," said Drusilla. Lilah
took that as meaning she was happy with the old factory. It hadn't been
cheap - dry and clean abandoned buildings in Sunnydale were at a premium,
supply struggling to keep check with demand.

"Has Grandmama been a naughty vampire? Will Drusilla need to whip her?"
there was a hungry look in Drusilla's eyes.

Lilah nodded. She reached into her briefcase and pulled out a file. She
didn't give it to the vampires to read. She wasn't sure Angelus could read,
and whilst Spike could her predecessor, before his unfortunate demise, had
continually grumbled that the peroxide Vampire had spent the entire time
trying to add poetic couplets in the margins. It was bloody awful as well,
though as they were all odes to Drusilla, she had encouraged it.

"It seems Darla has fallen into bad company. She's hooked up with the new
Slayer," Lilah paused as the vampires hissed hatred, "And she's got herself
a soul."

It was Angelus who spoke, "A vampire with a soul. I've never heard of
anything so disgusting."

"We'll cut it out and then Grandmama will come home to our little family,"
Drusilla looked at the ceiling as her mind went to another place, whilst
the other two vampires looked away in embarrassment.

"I'm sure there's no need to tell you the entire resources of Wolfram and
Hart are at your disposal," Lilah said, "some things are so unnatural they
need to be stopped."

She paused, "In the meantime, I have got one of our special operatives to
help you take down the Slayer."

The door behind her opened and a young woman strode in.

"Meet Faith," said Lilah.

* * *

"Do you think Mom will like it?" Dawn looked up from the satin underwear
she was looking at as Buffy came out of the changing room. Buffy was
wearing a small lacy-red bra that only just kept her titties in place.

Looking at her sister's exposed cleavage Dawn nodded, "And if she doesn't I

"And I like it as well."

Dawn looked round to see who the newcomer was. It was Amy, the new
cheerleader, in uniform. Dawn fought back a sudden feeling of lust as she
looked at the newcomers tanned, smooth thighs and the firm titties bulging
under the top. She looked back at her sister, Buffy had gone bright red,
but was also licking her lips salaciously as she too stared at Amy.

"It would look better on the floor though," said Amy. Buffy reached up
behind her back and snapped at the fastener. The bra fell to the floor.

Dawn gasped. They were standing in the middle of the shop floor surrounded
by people, "Buffy!" she squeaked.

Amy put her finger to her lips in sshhh her and Dawn went quiet. Buffy had
a marvellous rack, why should she be ashamed of showing them in public. In
fact, Dawn thought, she hadn't a bad pair herself. She pulled off her T-
shirt and then dropped her bra next to Buffy's. She slipped her arm round
her sister's waist and the pair of them stood side by side.

"Like them?" Dawn wiggled her body so her titties bounced.

"Very nice," said Amy. She took one of Dawn's tits in her hand and gave it
a light squeeze, "So what are you like below?"

That was an obvious invitation and Dawn took it. Dropping the rest of her
clothes in a pile she stood open to Amy's gaze. The cheerleader ran her
finger around Dawn's freshly shaven slit. Then Amy stepped back and
reaching under her own skirt she pulled down her panties, before dropping
them in the bag beside her.

"Buffy's a damn fine pussy muncher," she said and Buffy blushed at the
compliment, "What are you like?"

"Even better," said Dawn. She knelt down beside Amy and lifted the skirt
enough to slip her head under it. Her eyes fixed on the cheerleader's
beautiful naked cunt and she felt an intense urge to bury herself within.
Behind her she was dimly aware that a salesgirl was explaining to an older
man the differences in bra-sizes.

Dawn's tongue started to lick at Amy's twat lips. The cheerleader gave a
little moan of enjoyment. The salesgirl and customer briefly stopped to
look at Dawn's head bobbing beneath the skirt and then returned to
discussing cup-sizes. Dawn ignored them and sunk her tongue deeper. She
probed gently until she had found the right spot and then began to
concentrate on it.

Jizz slid onto her tongue. It buzzed against her tongue and she could taste
the sweet flavour of Amy's cum. Dawn savoured it, knowing that with each
lap she was making Amy ooze even more into her open mouth.

There was a series of gasps from Amy. Dawn could feel the cheerleader
shuddering as the orgasm took hold. She was secreting cum at such a rate
that Dawn could feel the excess dribbling onto her lips. She lapped faster.
Above her Amy exploded in a series of orgasmic yells.

Wiping her lips Dawn looked up at Amy, "How was that?"

Amy gave a smile at Buffy, "I think it's a draw," she paused as if
thinking, "tell you what Buffy why don't we get your little sister to eat
you out. I kinda feel guilty that I didn't have time to give you the
pleasure you gave me."

"It's nothing," said Buffy, though it didn't stop her undoing her jeans.

A sales girl walked over and picked up the bundle of clothes lying on the
floor, "I'll just put these here" she said as she put lay them on a shelf;
"We wouldn't want them to crease."

"Could you stay here a moment," asked Amy, "I'll want your help in a

"Of course ma'am."

Buffy spread her legs apart and Dawn went down on her sister's cunt. She
didn't have to explore to know where Buffy's clit was, but she teased her
sister for a few minutes. Buffy lay back and groaned in pleasure as Dawn
played with her cunt lips for a few minutes. Dawn had just squeezed her
tongue into the slot, when she heard Amy speaking, "Could you just pull
apart her cheeks?"

Dawn felt the shopgirl stand over her and pull apart her buttocks. Then
Dawn felt a large toy entering her back passage. It was as large as
anything Darla had used on her before and she had to break from Buffy to
try and wiggle herself into position. Behind her she could Amy's grunts of
exertion as the cheerleader pushed the cock into her. Dawn gave a short
squeak of pain as the dildo forced apart her back passage. Finally she
could feel Amy's thighs against her buttocks, telling her it was all in.
She gave a sigh of contentment as the shop girl let go off her buttocks,
allowing them to snap back to squeeze round the cock.

"Dawn," said Amy, "Buffy's getting frustrated."

Dawn blushed. Buffy had moved her own hand down and was fingering herself
energetically. She pulled her digit out as Dawn lowered herself and started
to lap at her sister's bud. As her sister started to arch her back in
pleasure Dawn could feel Amy's cock rippling in and out of her ass. She
passed the enjoyable sensations to Buffy. The blonde's pussy leaked juice
and Dawn could feel it bubbling against her chin.

She wanted to break and howl in pleasure, but Amy planted a hand on the
back of her head and kept her in place. Dawn licked harder desperate for
Buffy to get to an orgasm, so that she could enjoy her own. She didn't make
it. The intense orgasm welled up within her and she gave a muffled cry into
Buffy's twat, sucking up juice like she was a vacuum cleaner. That was
enough to send her sister over the edge and Buffy's louder shrieks could be
heard all over the shop.

There was a pop as Amy withdrew the toy. Dawn and Buffy sat up, laying
their heads on each other's shoulders. Amy pulled off her strap-on and put
it in her bag.

"I'll see you later," she said and walked off.

"That was weird," a slight frown crinkled Buffy's face.

Dawn reached for her clothing, "It was. I didn't even know Amy fancied me."

* * *

"You really hate her, don't you?" Lilah looked at Faith. The brunette teen
was naked on the bed beside her.

At first Faith didn't answer, but instead suckled on one of Lilah's tits,
before moving a hand down to her pussy. The lawyer slapped it away.

Faith snatched her head back and slammed it hard into the pillow, "Yes. I
should have been the Slayer. Not her. It's not fair."

"We've got people working on turning Darla back. But don't worry if you
have to kill her before then. The Senior Partners aren't that interested in
her anyway. But they want the Slayer dead - we've lost quiet a few clients
due to her. It's bad for business.

"And look out for Drusilla. She may be your ally at the moment, but she's
as mad as a rabid dog and twice as dangerous. Though, we'd rather you
didn't have to kill her. She pays a lot for our services."

Faith nodded, "I wouldn't like to kill a cash-cow," she replied

If Lilah had noticed the ex-slayer's tone she didn't say anything. Instead
she turned onto her front and reached for a file. She began to read it and
then paused, "I assume you have a plan?"

"Yes," replied Faith. She sat up and looked at Lilah's naked ass.

"Good," said Lilah, "I've got a couple of hours until my flight. You can
fuck me if you want."

Faith slid on a strap-on. She got back on the bed and waggled it in front
of Lilah. The lawyer looked up briefly from the report she was reading,
"Oh, just stick it in."

Faith moved over to Lilah's ass. She pulled apart the butt-cheeks and for a
second she hovered over the open hole. There was no reaction from Lilah as
she remained engrossed in her work. Faith shoved the cock in. Lilah paused
in her reading only long enough for the cock to work its way in and out a
few times and then ignored it.

It was like banging a shop dummy, Faith thought. Whatever she did Lilah
showed no sign of noticing. Faith had lots of experience and she was
putting it all to good use, levering herself in and out at speed, her hands
seeking erogenous zones all over Lilah's body. But it had no effect. Faith
sighed, at least the cock was rubbing against her own clit and she enjoyed

For two hours she banged Lilah's ass. Sweat covered her body in a glossy
sheen and the covers beneath her were damp with her own juice, from orgasm
after orgasm. But there was still no reaction from the lawyer. Suddenly
Lilah looked at the alarm clock on the dressing table.

"I've got to go now," she said and started to get up. The strap-on fell
from her butt with a pop.

She got dressed and then picked up her briefcase. She paused at the hotel
door, "I'll be in touch."

* * *

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