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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Kennedy's Search
by Archer

Kennedy walked in the door, sore and tired. She had gone out slaying with
Buffy and the other SITs. Unfortunately as one of the few with any actual
training she had to do quite a bit of the work. She did enjoy what she did
though and killing the one vampire was very exhilarating, albeit with
Buffy's help.

However the Slaying had left her sore and tired; the killing a vampire had
gotten her exhilarated. That combined with putting a lesbian with a bunch of
young teenage girls in excellent shape had left her incredibly horny.

She glanced in the room to see Xander and Dawn watching TV; it looked like
Xander was about to pass out from exhaustion but Dawn was her perky self and
waved to Kennedy as she trudged by. "Where are Buffy and the other girls?"

"They headed out to get something to eat," Kennedy replied. "But I am tired
out and wanted to get to bed."

Dawn smiled at the potential Slayer, "Bed and Willow?"

Kennedy blushed, "Nope, just sleep."

Dawn smiled, she knew otherwise as she listened to Kennedy bolt up the

* * *

Willow was sitting up in her room chanting as she went over a spell. She had
no intention to do any magic at the moment, just practicing and enjoying the
thrill that ran through her. Much like Kennedy's Slaying got her aroused
Willow couldn't help but be turned on by the power flowing through her.

She heard the door open behind her and turned around giving a smile to her
girlfriend "Hey honey."

"Hey sexy," Kennedy replied as she stared at Willow's bare back. "Ummm ...
you have no top on."

"Nope," Willow said smiling. "Had to have minimal clothes for the spell."

"Am I interrupting anything important?" Kennedy asked nervously, she was
hoping she wasn't going to have to get herself off tonight.

"Not at all, just practicing."

"Good, then why don't you turn around, I would love to see how sexy you

Willow stood up and turned around stretching, her breasts thus pointing out
causing Kennedy to gasp, she had seen Willow naked many times before but it
never failed to amaze her how great her body was. "How did the Slaying go?"

"I got one vamp." Kennedy said with a smile; leaving out the part about
Buffy's help.

That also caused Willow to smile; and not just with pride. "I guess that
means my you is in the mood to fuck me."

"Yeah, get over here and get me undressed first," Kennedy stated.

Willow quickly complied. While Willow was only wearing a pair of pajama
bottoms Kennedy had gone out to fight, t-shirt, jeans, and a jean jacket.
Willow first slid the jean jacket off Kennedy's arms as there lips locked
together. Next Willow stripped the sticky t-shirt over Kennedy's head,
revealing her lover's breasts. Willow deftly undid the clasp of the bra in
the back and kissed Kennedy again, this time their tits rubbing together.

Willow then slowly began to slide down, her tongue first sucking on
Kennedy's neck, then slowly she took each breast into her mouth causing
moans of pleasure from her partner. Then she teasingly slid lower;
tracing kisses down Kennedy's stomach and allowing her tongue to even
slide under the band of her lover's jeans. Her hands slowly slid up
Kennedy's legs, this time to unfasten the jeans. She slowly slid the
jeans and panties down to reveal Kennedy's pussy. She was tempted to
dive in but she knew when Kennedy came back from Slaying she was in the
mood for something else.

Willow went over to a dresser and pulled out a strap-on dildo from its
hiding spot. When she had asked if Kennedy was in the mood for fucking
her she had meant it quite literally. Willow fastened the sex toy around
Kennedy's waist.

Kennedy inspected the straps making sure it was straight. Willow started
to get up but Kennedy grabbed her and forced her back to her knees. "Not
yet," she stated firmly "You need to get this all lubed up."

Willow felt her head pulled forward quickly, her mouth engulfing the plastic
cock. Kennedy quickly jacked Willow's head up and down the cock, though she
wasn't getting any pleasure she certainly enjoyed the sight.

Willow tried her best to lube up the dildo, but Kennedy wasn't exactly
giving her the opportunity. She was turned on by Kennedy's forcefulness,
however the potential did not always realize her own strength and her
throat was beginning to hurt (or maybe she did and just didn't care). It
wasn't a quick struggle, Kennedy felt power and wanted to stay in control,
but Willow finally managed to pull her head away "I think it is sufficiently

Willow felt herself yanked to her feet and was then bent over so her hands
rested on the bed. Her pants were almost ripped off and her pussy exposed
to the air. "No panties," Kennedy leered as she ran a finger over the edge
of Willow's center. "And you seem to be more then sufficiently wet."

Willow moaned at Kennedy's teasing, "Please."

"Please what?" Kennedy said as she admired Willow's almost completely shaven
center, a thin red strip of hair was all that was there.

"Please fuck me," Willow begged.

Normally Kennedy would take the opportunity to tease Willow more then that,
however she was too horny to wait. She quickly stood up placing the dildo at
the entrance to Willow's cunt. With one quick push her cock filled up the

"Oh goddess," Willow moaned as she was suddenly filled. "Oh that feels so

"It isn't a goddess you should be moaning too," Kennedy stated as she picked
up the pace. "It's me fucking that horny cunt of yours."

"YES! fuck me Kennedy, make me cum!" Willow screamed, she reached one hand
underneath her and began to stroke her own clit.

"I have so many plans for you tonight; I am going to make sure by the end of
the night you are my own personal bitch. First you are going to cum all over
this cock. Then I am going to get one of the vibrators out and turn it on
high and put it in you while I ride your face. Finally I am going to put
that strap on back on and fuck you up your tight ass!" Kennedy yelled;
accentuating the final part by inserting her finger into Willow's butt.

Willow came hard with scream of pleasure. She had been so close from the
constant pounding Kennedy was giving her that when she felt a finger being
pushed into her ass she was thrown way over the edge. The spell she had been
practicing as well had left both highly aroused and very drained. As a result
as her orgasm came to an end she collapsed on the bed and passed out.

Kennedy gave a few more thrusts to make sure she had gotten Willow to cum as
much as possible and then collapsed behind her. "Oh that was great, I love
you, time to get that tongue of yours to do some work."

When she got no response she tried a different tactic thinking Willow still
wanted to be dominated "Bitch, turn over so I can ride your face with my

When she again didn't hear anything she withdrew the dildo and rolled Willow
over seeing she had passed out. "I don't believe it," Kennedy thought, "I
fucked her senseless, but I still need to get off."

Kennedy debated what to do. She was pissed enough at Willow that she debated
fucking her ass like she had said she would; but she needed to cum badly. And
though masturbating looking at her naked body had some appeal, she had not
wanted to play tonight solo.

A smile came to Kennedy's face as she thought about what to do, her brain
clouded by lust, and she decided to go pay little Dawnie a visit.

* * *

Dawn glanced over at Xander, he had been snoring for almost ten minutes now.
She was so hot sitting next to him; she had always fantasized about Xander.
Of course little did anyone know that she had been taking advantage of these
fantasies recently.

Dawn glanced over at the television; she had switched the channel to Cinemax
for some soft porn when Xander had passed out. Dawn had lightly massaging
her pussy while watching the TV; but she needed something more. She slowly
stripped off her clothing, keeping an eye on Xander to make sure he was
sleeping. Then she got down on her knees and pulled his pants down freeing
his semi-hard cock.

She gripped his cock with one hand slowly stroking it as she stared at his
face looking for signs of wakefulness. As usual he was completely out of it.
As she continued to stroke his cock she began to gently massage his balls
with her other hand bringing him to full hardness.

Dawn brought her face close examining the cock in front of her. Her pussy
was soaking as she got a close look at Xander's dick. She brought her face
close giving the underside of his cock a small lick before rubbing the cock
around her face. She was incredibly aroused by the feel and smell of Xander's
dick and balls as they pushed against her face. She couldn't take the heat
anymore and began to strip off her clothes. Her shirt came first revealing
her braless tits (she always went without a bra when alone with Xander, she
loved to see him looking at her hard nipples poking out through a thin
blouse) then unbuttoned her tight jeans sliding them down her legs. She slid
one hand inside her thong over her bare shaven cunt (the thong she kept
hidden from Buffy even though she knew Buffy kept many thongs herself) and
began to rub her wet pussy while she stared at his cock. She slipped one
finger inside herself as she engulfed his cock with her mouth and fell to her

* * *

Kennedy slowly sneaked down the stairs her slaying training allowing her to
maintain silence wearing a pair of pyjamas she had quickly thrown on. She
was pretty sure she heard moaning though she was not sure what could be the
source. She thought it was Dawn and Xander, the only person she thought that
had sex in the house was Buffy, though the other girls sure masturbated a lot
(given her interest in the female gender Kennedy paid careful attention). She
carefully peaked around the door gasping in surprise. On the screen was the
source of the moaning, late night TV. Much more surprising (and entertaining)
was the sight of Dawn on her knees in front of Xander. The teen was on her
knees in front of Xander, topless showing off her young perky tits, one hand
slid inside a black thong playing with her cunt, while she sucked Xander's
cock. Kennedy quickly followed Dawn's example as she slid a hand down her
pajama bottoms over her pantiless pussy playing with herself.

Dawn was really hoping Xander would cum soon. Dawn herself was rather close
to orgasm and she loved to feel Xander shoot in her mouth as she came, it
made it much more intense. She took her mouth off his cock and raised herself
up so she could wrap her breasts around his cock. She looked up at Xander as
she whispered "Xander I am so close to cuming, my cunt is so hot. Please cum
in my mouth or all over my face. Let me be your little cumslut." Dawn loved
to talk dirty and imagine that Xander could hear her, though she would be
terrified about doing so if he was awake.

Dawn was licking the head of the cock when she suddenly felt her head pushed
down unexpectedly deep throating Xander's large cock. "So you want to be a
little cumslut hmmm," Kennedy whispered into her ear.

Dawn tried to protest but only muffled sounds came out as Kennedy was almost
choking her on the dick. Kennedy had heard what Dawn had said and could no
longer play an outsider. "Sucking off poor Xander while he sleeps; I doubt
your sister would like that."

"Well, don't worry baby, I won't tell anyone. That is if instead of being a
little horny cumslut you are my little horny bitch." Kennedy saw that Dawn
was having trouble breathing and began to guide Dawn's head up and down
Xander's throbbing cock, almost jerking Xander off with Dawn's hot mouth.
"Don't worry, I will get you off if you agree."

Dawn really didn't have a choice and she was very hot as well from what
Kennedy was doing to her so she nodded her head yes. Kennedy let her head go
but Dawn kept up the motion bringing Xander very close to orgasm. Kennedy
pulled Dawn's pants down the rest of the way. She could smell how aroused
Dawn was and knew the this would be very quick. Which is exactly what she
wanted as she needed Dawn's tongue inside her own pussy.

Kennedy slid underneath Dawn and her tongue begin to slide over Dawn's pussy
and clit. Dawn throughly enjoyed her pussy getting it's first female tongue
lashing and she quickly began to ride Kennedy's face trying to get her tongue
deeper inside her and flood the potential's face with her cum. Dawn still
wanted a mouthful of cum so she brought her hand up and gripped Xander
shaft's while her tongue flicked against his cock head.

Xander fulfilled Dawn's wishes as his cock unloaded inside her mouth. As
the horny little teen felt her mouth being filled with cum she came with
Kennedy's tongue buried deep inside her snatch. It was the most intense
orgasm of the young girl's life and she could not keep her mouth fastened
around Xander's cock, leading it to spring free and the rest of his cum
landed on her face and tits. Dawn arched her back as her body shuddered
in multiple orgasm and collapsed backwards onto the floor. Kennedy quickly
crawled after the girl who was covered in Xander's cum. Before she knew
what she was doing she was licking Dawn's tits clean of Xander's cum. She
kissed Dawn hoping to share the surprisingly tasty cum between them but
pulled back when Dawn gave her no response.

She looked down at the girl who was softly snoring. Dawn had also passed
out on Kennedy.

"Fuck!" Kennedy yelled trying to keep her voice down. "Isn't there anyone
who can get me off?"

"I think I can help with that," she heard from behind her.

She quickly turned her head to see Xander sitting there fully awake. He was
stroking his cock getting it hard again as he had watched Kennedy lick his
cum off Dawn. "You were asleep."

Xander laughed "You know how hard it would be to sleep through that? Which
is lucky for you because it looks like you really need to cum."

Kennedy thought for a moment "I'm gay."

Xander smiled at her "I won't tell anyone, and you seemed to be enjoying my
cum a moment ago."

"I love Willow."

Xander got up and walked towards her. Kennedy stood up and backed away
bumping into the table behind them. "And you were fully ready to bury Dawn's
face inside your tight little cunny."

Kennedy paused as she thought about the most important question "Are you

Xander smiled confidently "Anya keeps coming back for more; so will you when
I drill that tight bitchy cunt of yours."

"Xander," she said as she grabbed his hair. "I'm not a bitch and eat my

Xander quickly went down as Kennedy used her grip to mash her pussy against
his tongue trying to drive it as far in as possible. Xander's confidence was
well deserved Kennedy decided as he manged to find all the sensitive spots
of her pussy within moments. Kennedy's body was so hot that she was quickly
experiencing small multiple orgasms, she knew Xander could quickly drive her
into unconsciousness. However she thought if she was with a man she might as
well do it the proper way.

"Oh ... fuck me," Kennedy ordered.

Xander stood up stroking his hardening cock, "Give me a moment."

Kennedy leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "Willow loves it when I
fuck her up the ass."

Xander's cock jumped to full hardness and he quickly rammed it into Kennedy's
twat. Kennedy moaned as she felt herself stretch to accommodate his cock. His
thrusts were quick and rapid and he made sure his cock brushed up against her
G-Spot. Kennedy was very quickly sent over the edge; her pussy tightening on
his cock.

Yet Xander kept right on fucking her bringing her on to another orgasm "Tell
me more about you and Willow."

"OH God," Kennedy moaned as his cock kept pounding inside her. "Willow keeps
her pussy well trimmed" hard thrusts from Xander "I sometimes make her eat
my cunt for hours" long deep thrusts "She is incredibly horny and will
masturbate with a dildo when I am away and then begged to be fuck when I get

Xander's cock took a few deep thrusts as he couldn't take any more "I am
going to cum."

"Wait," Kennedy commanded as she got off his dick. She grabbed him with one
hand and Dawn's hair with another. She stroked Xander's cock with one hand
while pointing it at Dawn's face. "Cum here, you know what she is."

Xander moaned loudly as he shot a very large load of cum over Dawn's face
murmuring "My little cum slut."

Kennedy directed his spewing cock so that it covered Dawn's entire face in
cum. She made sure to get even a few shots in Dawn's mouth. She then took a
long lick of Dawn's face enjoying the taste.

Xander watched her for a few moments "We should get cleaned up and wash off
Dawn's face."

"No," Kennedy said as they got dressed. "I want her to wake up that way."

Xander thought about it for a moment, it didn't look like Kennedy was much
in a mood to debate the point. Besides in her darkened room it wasn't like
anyone would notice. He picked her up and carried her upstairs, wrapping her
body up in the covers, coping feels the entire way.

"Kennedy," Xander said as he looked down at the naked cum covered girl. "I
don't want to ever upset you with what you think of for such people."

Kennedy thought about it, "Speaking of those people, I know one in the other
room who could use similar treatment. What do you say Xander, able to cum one
more time?"

Xander only smiled as they headed for Willow's room.

The End


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