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Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. La Blue Girl Pt. 07
by Muhabba

Two blocks away from Miko Buffy was walking slowly down the back alley behind the local coffee shop. "Just a normal girl, walking all alone and vulnerable-like down a dark alley," she said whimsically to the dark. "Nothing strange here," she continued, trying not to appear obvious about trying to look all around her. She had noticed that the street were less occupied tonight and the usually busy coffee shop was even more deserted than the school so it looked like the best place to start her patrol and hopefully set a trap. And after only a few feet a wet rustling sound behind her proved that her instincts had been right.

From behind a trash dumpster a slimy tentacle shot out and wrapped itself around Buffy's slender waist, lifting her off the ground. A second tentacle wrapped itself around her wrists, pinning them behind her back and caused her chest to push out. Two more tentacles shot out, each one wrapping itself around her ankles and spreading her tone legs wide open. The tentacles turned the nervous Slayer around while their source creeped out from behind the dumpster.

"Oh, you have got to be kidding me," Buffy gasped out in disgust as the demon showed itself. What appeared to be nothing more than a giant mass of wet, wiggling tentacles with a mouth at it's center slowly slithered towards her. "And I'm supposed to fu... dom that?" she muttered to herself. Another tentacle shot out and slipped underneath her top, pushing the material up, baring her bra before ripping it away. The slimy tentacle slid wetly over her firm breasts, her pink nipples hardening in the cold air as she squirmed around. "Oh gross," she gasped as her slime coated tits gleamed in the pale light. "O.k., o.k. You can do this," she told herself. "You're the Slayer and sex it just another weapon." The mouth of the demon opened and it's gray tongue throbbed towards her until it reached her tight pants and slithered down her front.

Buffy panicked as the gray tongue slipped into her pants. "Argh!" she grunted as she used her Slayer strength to move the tentacles holding her wrists so she could reach underneath the back of her shirt and grasp the axe tucked into her pants. The axe's handle had fit snugly in between her taunt ass-cheeks and her new found anal fetish had kept her at a low level of horniness since she had left the Magic Box. That horniness had completely disappeared at the sight of the demon, fucking Wes had been bad enough.

Pulling the handle out from between her silky cheeks Buffy used the axe's sharp blades to free her hands. With her new grip she hacked away the tentacles around her ankles and waist, allowing her to drop to the ground as she held the axe up with one hand and gripped the tongue with the other. Not having a free hand to pull her top down she had no choice but to fight with her firm globes exposed and shiny with the demon's slime. She brought the axe down, slicing the gray tongue in two, causing it to gurgle out what she assumed was a scream of pain. More tentacles shot towards her and her axe swung back and forth as her tits swayed to and fro and the demon tentacles fell wetly to the ground.

The demon gurgled as it turned around and tried to slither out of the ally. "And where do you think you're going?" Buffy screamed as she chased down the demon with her axe held high and her firm tits jiggling on her chest.

* * *

Three blocks away from Buffy, Xander crouched hiding behind a tree in the park. "Not hiding. Most definitely not hiding," he told himself. "Hunting. Creeping along in darkness, waiting to pounce into action." He peered through the bushes into a clearing as a vampire he recognized slowly undressed. "Drucilla," he whispered. "What are you doing?" The evil, insane and beautiful vampire slowly took off her corset, her small B-cup breasts now hidden behind her long, brown hair. She then turned around and slid her long skirt down, baring her pale ass and Xander felt his cock begin to stir. Stepping out of her puddled dress the sexy, naked vampire walked swiftly into the woods causing him to quickly lose track of her. "Dammit. Where'd you go?" he whispered.

"Right behind you, dearie."

"Ah!" Xander cried out as he tried to spin around, losing his balance as he tried to pull his stake out of his back pocket, falling backwards onto the ground. "Dru!" he shouted in alarm at the very pale and very naked vampire now standing a few feet in front of him.

Drucilla looked up at the sky above the tree branches. "I think Miss Elizabeth will be most cross when she hears you've forgotten how swiftly we can move," she giggled.

Xander clumsily climbed to his feet and held his stake up. "Yeah. Vampires can run fast, I know," he said trying not to act embarrassed at his clumsiness in front of the enemy. "So you snuck up on me. We gonna do this?" he said defiantly, holding his stake up higher.

"Tee hee," Dru giggled as she slowly walked towards her victim. "He's forgotten the new rules, too."

Xander looked dumbly at Dru. She giggled and pointed at him. He looked up at the stake in his hand. "Oh yeah. I guess..." suddenly the vampire was right in front of him, knocking the stake from his hand and wrapping her surprisingly strong arm around his neck. And before he could react she thrust her tongue down his throat.

Dru held the human still with one arm as she snaked her other arm down between their bodies and began massaging his groin. It only took moments for her to feel him respond as she released the arm around her neck and let him push him away.

"Agh!" Xander groaned in disgust. "You taste like pennies," he gagged as he stuck his tongue out and tried to wipe the taste away.

"So many pennies," Dru said in her usual sing-song voice. "Such warm, screaming pennies," she moaned in pleasure as she rubbed her stomach. Suddenly she stopped and pointed to the tent in Xander's jeans. "But this penny is still all rolled up. Whatever will we do?"

Xander stared down the length of his body. "What? What's rolled up?"

"Rip the paper," Dru growled. "Tear it all up." She hooked her hands like claws and began pacing towards the human.

"Rip... what?" Xander said as he watched the naked vampire stalk towards him. "Oh, ah!" he exclaimed as realization dawned on him and he began unfastening his jeans. "Wait, wait! Just a sec, hold on," he said shoving his jeans and underwear down, revealing his semi-erect prick.

Dru stopped and relaxed as she stared at Xander's exposed dick. "Hmm, a great deal of pennies," she said, once again using her childish voice. In a flash she crossed the last few feet between them and landed on her knees in front of the impressive prick. She felt the human freeze in fear as she delicately lifted the warm meat and extended her tongue. She licked the underside of the soft dick and drew it into her mouth and began softly sucking on it, teasing him to hardness with her tongue.

"Ohhh mannn," Xander groaned, partly in fear of the insane vampire and partly in pleasure from the insane vampire. Fear and sex was a bizarre mix for him. On one hand, at any moment, she could literally bite his dick off, on the other hand until she did she was doing wonders with her mouth. Despite himself he could feel himself starting to get hard as her head began bobbing back and forth, actually taking more and more of his length into her mouth and throat. He looked around frantically for someone or anything to help but he was to afraid of being turned into a eunuch, he couldn't even scream for help. "Yell. Yell for help," he thought. "Men yell." He rolled his eyes at Dru's talented tongue and mouth, surprised that she was actually on the verge of making him cum in spite of his fear. And then she suddenly stopped.

"I think the pennies are about to spill," Dru said in her bizarrely sweet voice. "And the naughty boy hasn't even prepared for the deposit," she said as she reclined on the ground and spread her pale legs, showing her neatly trimmed pussy to her human victim.

Xander stared down at the naked, spread eagle vampire in confusion. "Um, sure. I can take a hint," he said, climbing down between her pale thighs. He hooked Dru's thighs over his shoulders and bent his head down. "I can't believe I'm doing this," he thought as he licked her wet slit. "Oh ech! Even that tastes pennies," he thought, not sure if he was more disturbed by the taste or the fact that his erection hadn't diminished because of it. He nuzzled the vampire's swollen labia, first one and then the other, causing her to moan out as a plan began to form in his mind. He slid his tongue into her tight, wet hole as he rubbed her clit with his nose causing her to shudder. He reached up her sexy body and began softly caressing her firm tits and toying with her hard nipples, causing her undead passions to rise. His tongue danced inside of her tight hole, pushing her closer and closer to orgasm as he thought, "Thank you, Anya, for your step by step instructions."

Drucilla raised herself up on her elbows. "Mmmm..." she moaned lustfully, grinding her wet groin against Xander's talented mouth. "So good for a mortal. But my curiosity only goes so far."

As fast as he could Xander raised up, pinning Dru's knees to her chest and aiming his hard cock at the entrance to her wet cunt. "Practice makes perfect," he said as he thrust his cock into her tight hole.

"NnnnoooOOO!" Drucilla screamed as she came. Her entire body shook as pure pleasure shot through her. If her heart was capable of beating she would swear that she was having a heart attack as her pussy spasmed around the human's throbbing prick.

Xander grunted and came, Dru's tight cunt gripping his cock as he flooded her spasming pussy with his thick, hot cum. He felt her pale body relax and collapse beneath him as he fought to control his breathing and after a moment, in his post sexual daze, he remembered his plan. "Oh, oh..." he muttered as he quickly pulled his sticky, soft cock out of the vampire's gooey cunt and began frantically searching the ground. "Where is it? Where is it?" he mumbled before finally locating his fallen stake. "Ah ha!" he shouted as he spun around and brought his stake up, pointing it straight at Spike's knees.

Spike slung the dazed Drucilla over his shoulder as he stared down at Xander. "Bloody git," he mumbled as he leapt up into the trees with his trench coat flapping in the breeze.

Xander looked frantically up into the trees but Spike was already gone. "Hey," he whined. "You can't call me names. I won."

* * *

A half a dozen blocks from the Magic Box Angel had his worst fears confirmed. Anytime someone mentioned the words "sex" and "demon" in the same sentence he always thought of her.

"Hello, my sweet boy," Darla said as she stepped naked out of the shadows behind Angel.

Angel turned around slowly, his eyes taking in her pale beauty. She was striking in the moonlight with her pale blonde hair, blue-green eyes, graceful neck, B-cup breasts, slender waist and milk-white skin. "Darla," he responded without tone or inflection. She smirked knowingly at him and in a flash of vampire speed she was gone. He wasn't worried, he knew where she'd go. She had always loved a view.

In a few moments, atop the highest building in Sunnydale, Angel was looking at Darla's up-thrust ass as she bent forward slightly, bracing her arms on the safety fence as she looked out over the town.

"Isn't it beautiful, Angelus?" she asked. "All those stars in the night sky. Like diamonds waiting to be plucked." She turned around and leaned against the fence, her chest pushed out.

Angel was always taken by Darla's confident beauty. "You know I can't let you do this, Darla," he said over the sound of the wind.

"What? Cathix?" Darla asked before laughing. "Do you really think I'd be interested in his petty, perverted fantasy?"

"But you're not going to do anything to stop it," Angel said as he slowly began stepping forward.

"Of course not," Darla said, slowly stepping towards her Angelus. "This is what it's always been about. You and me."

Angel stopped a few inches from his naked maker. "You know I'll have to stop you."

Darla smiled up at Angel. "And there's only one way you can do that," she said as she pushed his coat from his broad shoulders. As his coat slid to the ground she leaned up and kissed him, pressing her naked chest to him, her hard nipples sliding against the material of his shirt. She slid her tongue past his lips and it danced in his mouth as she began unbuttoning his shirt. He remained completely unresponsive to her and she viewed it as a challenge to inspire a response in him as his shirt fluttered down to join his jacket. She kissed down his jaw to his neck, trailing her tongue down his chest as she eagerly got down on her knees in front of him.

Angel absentmindedly stroked Darla's hair from her face as he peered down at her. "Darla, this isn't going to work."

Darla smiled coyly up at Angel as she began unfasting his pants. "We'll see about that," she said confidently. She yanked is pants down, freeing his already semi-hard prick and smiled wide. "It's been to long since I've seen this," she said, nearly giggling as she bent forward and swallowed the hardening prick whole. She sucked hard and used her tongue against the cold cock, lashing it, massaging it, teasing it, stroking it, until it hardened and she felt Angel moan above her. When his prick was fully hard she scrapped her teeth across the sensitive flesh, causing him to shudder and push her away from him. "A vampire afraid of teeth, Angelus?" she giggled from on her back.

Angel growled in anger. Anger at Darla for knowing just what buttons to push and anger at himself for always falling for it. With his cock throbbing he leapt at her, pinning her to the ground as he roughly thrust his tongue into her mouth. He licked his way down her body, nipping at her hard nipples and causing her to moan and giggle before trailing down her naked body. He gripped her slender thighs, spreading her legs wide as he attacked her wet pussy with his mouth. He forcefully licked, nuzzled, nipped and nearly chewed at her gushing cunt and caused her to squeal, gasp, moan, giggle and groan in pleasure. That was the thing with Darla and Angelus, they never made love or had sex, they fucked.

Darla gripped Angel's hair as she rolled her hips up to meet his mouth. "Oh, Angelus," she purred wickedly. "I thought that little schoolgirl had turned you soft."

Of course the word "soft" set Angel off and even though he knew it was a small, petty insult he couldn't stop himself from falling for it. He pulled away from Darla's tasty cunt and loomed over her, pinning her to the ground with his hips and with a arm pressed against her chest. With a sudden lurch he thrust cock into her burning pussy, groaning in pleasure as she screamed out in lust. He worked himself in and out roughly, keeping her screaming as she wrapped her shapely legs around his waist, her firm tits jiggling with each of his rapid-fire thrusts. "I'm... I'm sorry it... it had to be this... this way, Darla," he said, confident that he was about to dom her.

"Hmmm," Darla chuckled. She braced herself with Angels forearms as she beamed up at him, "You may be the best I've ever had but I'm the best you ever had. And I used to do this professionally." She rocked her hips up to meet his thrusts, tightening her legs around him, trapping him inside of her as she worked her lower muscles, gripping his prick with her vaginal walls and making them ripple, caressing his prick.

Grunting and panting as he tried not to cum Angel began bucking and thrashing, trying to pull his dick from Darla's talented pussy but she held him fast with her legs, laughing maniacally. He tried to sit up but she wrapped her arms around his neck and thrust her tongue back into his mouth, never stopping her evil laugh. They began rolling back and forth across the roof, stopping with her on top, rocking frantically against him as he braced his feet on the ground, bucking up just as he started to cum. His thick, white seed shot up into the night air as Darla landed hard on the ground. His strength was nearly gone as he made his way to the safety fence. The last thing he saw before he leaned over and let gravity take him was the look of pride and accomplishment on Darla's beautiful face.

* * *

"Are... are you sure now... now is a good time to look... look for supplies?" Tara asked as she looked nervously around.

Willow continued looking at her list of magical supplies as she held the supplies they had already found to her chest protectively. "The Magic Box didn't have all the supplies we'll need for the warding spell," Willow said, still not bothering to look up from her list, wanting to make sure that she had written everything down. "With this spell The Magic Box will be invisible to the demons. They'll never be able to track us there."

Tara's trembling hand grasped Willow's hand tightly. "But what if the... the d... demons find us before then?"

Willow squeezed Tara's hand affectionately, still reading her list. "We're only a few blocks away from Buffy," she said looking up from her list. "All we'll need to do is..." a few feet behind Tara a demon that resembled a humanoid bat landed silently, "... scream?"

Tara looked behind her just as the bat creature grabbed her, "Willow!" she managed to yell just as the demon threw her to the ground.

A whoosh of air caught Willow's attention just as another demon landed next to the bat demon. The new demon appeared ape like and they both began tearing at Tara's clothes, stripping her naked on the street. "OhmyGodTara!" Willow screamed just as she felt a shove from behind her, causing her to fall to the ground. She looked up and saw a large, hulking demon above her with orange skin, fangs, red eyes and a tail. The demon was completely naked with a large, thick, hard cock pointed straight at her. She opened her mouth to scream for help but her cries were cut off as the demon plugged her mouth and began fucking her face. His thick prick stretched her lips wide and slid back and forth over her wet tongue as she weakly beat her fist against it's hips.

Tara was equally unable to scream for help. The moment she was stripped naked the demons had thrown her to her hands and knees, one demon thrusting into her mouth as the other demon filled her cunt. They began fucking her hard and deep, one cock sliding in and out of her mouth and throat as the other slid balls deep in and out of her pussy. Her large tits swayed back and forth underneath her as she was fucked back and forth and only a few moments passed before she felt her luscious body begin to respond to the unwanted erotic stimulation. Her nipples grew hard and she began working her warm tongue against the shaft fucking her mouth as her tight cunt became wet and gripped the shaft fucking her and her juices slid down the insides of her thighs. She began rocking herself back and forth between the demons fucking her: bobbing her mouth forward to swallow one prick before thrusting herself back onto the other prick and moaning in unwanted pleasure.

The demon fucking Willow's face groaned in pleasure as she worked her tongue along the underside of his orange cock. Her feeble strikes against his muscular body had quickly ceased and she wrapped one delicate hand around his shaft and started tugging on it while her other hand firmly gripped his balls and began massaging them. She pulled his hard shaft out of her sucking mouth and rubbed it around her up-turned face, making sure to rub along every pale inch of skin before thrusting it back into her sucking mouth a few more times before pulling it out again and dropping his balls on her face. Her pink tongue lashed out at his cum filled sack and he reached down, gripping her shirt and ripping it off her body, exposing her pale tits and hard nipples.

Tara's voluptuous body shuddered as she came, taken from both ends by the horny demons. Sweat rolled down her body, underneath her jiggling chest and dripped off of her hard nipples. The ape-like demon slapped her plump ass as he and the other demon pulled their cocks from her body. They flipped her around and the ape demon pushed his cock into her mouth as the bat demon speared her tight cunt. She moaned as she tasted her own cum on the ape demon's cock and the bat demon slid his thumb into her ass. She moaned in bliss as she was fucked hard and deep, enjoying her first time taking a cock, two cocks, at the same time.

The orange demon pushed Willow down flat on her back and ripped her pants off, baring her pussy to him and causing her to groan in anticipation. She spread her slender legs wide and opened up her delicate labia with her fingers just as the demon's head flew off his shoulders. His blood spurted into the night air as his body fell to the side revealing Wes standing over him with a axe.

Wesley was momentarily distracted by Willow's slender, naked body with her legs spread wide and he tripped over the dead demon' as he tried to make his way over to Tara. He fell to his knees in the demon's blood, dropping his axe and drawing the attention of the two demon's fucking the blonde witch's voluptuous body. The two demons looked over him momentarily before grinning wickedly as he tried to reach for his axe. "Bloody Hell," he muttered, fairly certain he was about to die. Instead of attacking the simian demon pulled his massive prick from Tara's eagerly sucking mouth and bounded away while the bat demon reached under the panting girl to grasp her dangling tits, pulling her up to lean back against it's hairy chest as it spread it's wings wide. Without bothering to pull out of her dripping cunt it slid it's arms around her waist and flew off into the night sky, still fucking her in the air.

"I'm fairly certain that's cheating," Wesley said as he watched the demon escape. "Ahhh!" he screamed out as he felt a strange pressure on his groin. He stumbled to his side, still on his knees, and looked behind him seeing the naked Willow crawling towards him as she reached for his penis. "Willow? Why are you grabbing..." he started to say before being interrupted by the naked girl grabbing his crotch again. "Whoa! Miss Rosenberg! I don't think that..."

"Gimme!" Willow demanded as she felt Wes's soft cock in his pants. "Now!"

Startled Wes tried go shove Willow away from him but she was desperately strong and began pinching him. "Ow! Stop that this instant!" he ordered, finally managing to grip her wrists and holding them away from him. With her arms open he had a perfect view of her soft, exposed chest, her nipples pale and pointed. He immediately forgot why he was struggling as his eyes locked on her small, jiggling tits.

Willow managed to free her wrists and nearly tackled Wes as she growled, "Need. Your cock. Now!"

As Willow attacked his pants Wesley began pleading with her. "No, Willow, no. It's a spell. It's only a spell. And besides you're gay noOW!" he howled as the young girl tugged his pants down and began fisting his prick. "Oh dear, Willow. We can't," he pleaded as his dick hardened in her soft hand. "O.k.," he began thinking. "Dominate. I have to dominate her to free her from the..." "...spell!" he shouted as the red headed witch bent down and began forcefully sucking his cock. Steeling his determination he shuffled up onto his knees and gripped the sides of her head and began rocking his hips back and forth, fucking her cute face.

With Wes fucking her face Willow held herself up with one arm and snaked her other arm down her naked body, her free hand sliding between her slender legs to her burning cunt, her fingers quickly sliding into her wet, tight hole. Her juices slid over her hand and dripped onto the dirty ground as she moaned in lust around her mouth full of hard dick.

The memory of Willow on her back from a few minutes ago slid across Wesley's mind. He pulled his spit wet cock from the schoolgirl's talented mouth and tried to sound more confident then he felt as he said, "On... on your back. N... now." The young girl smiled up at him mischievously as she rolled over on the ground and spread her pale legs. He laid down over her, quickly pushing his sensitive cock-head at the entrance to her wet cunt.

"Fuck me, Wes. Fuck meeeEEE!" Willow screeched in lust as Wes thrust his hard prick into her needy pussy. "Yesss..." she hissed in pleasure as he began fucking her hard and fast, her warm juices seeping from her stretched hole and trailing down her compacted ass-cheeks.

"I'm the dominate one, I'm the dominate one," Wesley kept telling himself as he fucked Willow. Her red hair flared around her head as she peered up at him, panting in pleasure with her small, firm tits rubbing against his chest. She wrapped her slender legs around his thighs as she worked herself up against him, rolling her hips up to meet his thrusts. Her pants and moans were speeding up and he guessed that she was about to cum so he buried his hard length balls deep inside of her and ground their pelvis's together, trying to stimulate her clitoris.

Willow bucked and thrashed wildly as she came. "I'm cummmming!" she shouted as her hot cunt clamped down on Wes's cock and she rolled her hips up.

Wesley grunted as he came, his hard prick filling Willow's sexy body with his thick semen. As his cock slowly softened he looked down at Willow as she relaxed underneath him. "Willow? Willow? Are you o.k. now?"

Willow looked up at Wes, slightly confused for a moment before her mind cleared and realization dawned on her. "Um, yeah. Thanks?"

Wes beamed at Willow in innocent pride at having broken the sex spell. "I'm so glad. You were bespelled and I'm afraid the foul fiends have absconded with your friend Tara."

"I... I remember," Willow said. "You think you can pull out of me now?"

* * *

"Well, this is boring," Fubuki said as she kicked a pebble. "Where's all the action at?" She continued pacing down the sidewalk without a human or a demon in sight.

"Hmmm," Ethan moaned in contentment as he set the rifle's sights on the slender Asian girl's tight ass. He adjusted his camouflaged hat as he watched the Sex-ninja slowly walking away from his position. He could spend all night watching that muscular rear-end bunch and flex but he had a better plan in mind for that taunt ass. He slowly squeezed the trigger and fired the rifle.

"Ow!" Fubuki squealed as she slapped her ass. She lifted her hand up expecting to have slapped a bug but instead she found a small needle with trim along the length. "What the hellll..." she started to ask before slumping to the ground unconscious.

Ethan shucked off his hunter's outfit, feeling the knowledge it had given him slip from his mind, and looked up and down the street. No one around. Perfect. He jogged up the sidewalk to the softly snoring girl and took one last look around for witnesses before dragging her lithe body into the nearest alley. He dumped her on the ground and positioned her: head down, legs tucked underneath her, her tight ass pointing high in the air. "Perfect," he said as he knelt behind her.

"Not to bad at all," Ethan practically giggled before licking up one warm, silky ass-cheek of the unconscious ninja and down the other. He ripped the crotch of her suit away and licked his lips at the sight of her little pink pussy and puckered asshole. He gripped her ass-cheeks in his hands and bent forward as he opened his mouth wide and stuck out his tongue. His tongue slid into her tight pussy and he began pushing it roughly in and out, tongue fucking the sexy Asian girl. He halted when she began to sleepily moan and then he grinned maliciously when she stayed blissfully unconscious. He trailed his tongue up and down, softly probing her tight asshole, softening it up and drawing another moan from the slumbering girl. He leaned up and began pawing at the front of his pants as he groaned, "This is gonna be good."

Ethan pushed his pants down his thighs and lined up his hard prick with the entrance to the Sex-craft ninja's juicy cunt. He pushed in slowly, enjoying the feel of her wet pussy stretching around him and gripping his throbbing dick. He pulled his cock out slowly, enjoying the fact that this time he could take the time to enjoy himself, and then pushed his spongy cock-head against the entrance to the girl's puckered ass. He slid in slowly, inch by inch, relishing in the feel of the unconscious girl's tightest hole wrapped around him. He'd had to hurry with Faith and the beauty queen, and then the ex-demon girl in Cathix's cavern had been so demanding and he'd already been under so much pressure to perform that he'd barely been able to maintain a erection, and then the Summers woman had gotten him off so quickly he barely thought it counted, but as he slowly bottomed out inside of the Asian girl's ass he was going to take the time and enjoy himself.

"Oh bloody Hell," Ethan moaned in pleasure as he gripped the slender girl's hips and began slowly fucking her tight ass. He licked his lips and grinned wildly as he pulled his shaft out barely an inch before shoving himself back into her tight body. It required nearly all of his willpower to keep himself from simply pummeling himself in and out of her vulnerable body, the feel of a nice relaxing ass fuck worth the extra control. So enamored by the leisurely pace he barely noticed the new green tint of her skin or the feel of her sudden tail wrapping around the base of his cock. "Wha!" he grunted in realization and he tried to pull out of the girl's slowly shifting body but the grip on his cock strengthened as he muttered, "Oh bloody Hell."

Fubuki released her grip on the human's prick and slowly stood up as he fell to the ground and scuttled away. She turned around to face him and growled from both of her mouths as she unfolded her wings. "Do you really think you could top me, human?" she asked in a hiss.

"Um, ah..." Ethan stammered as he dug around in his pants pockets, "" He finally found what he was looking for and pulled out a old, wooden flute. His suddenly dry mouth was barely able to blow out the whistling notes before the demon girl knocked the flute from his trembling hands with one of her wings.

Fubuki's vagina mouth hungrily licked it's lips as her other mouth grinned evilly. "Now let's see what you have to offer a out-of-towner," she growled before being tackled to the ground from behind.

A large, oily black demon held Fubuki's arms behind her back as it lined up it's hard, thick prick to the already slick entrance to her green ass and it's second cock at the entrance to her lower mouth. A demon with a human body and insect's head leaped in front of her and knocked her across her face, stunning her as it placed the tip of it's cock at her gaping mouth. The oily demon gripped her slender hips as the insect demon held onto her head as they both shoved their hard cocks into her body, causing her to groan out around the cocks stuffed into both mouths. The demons pushed and shoved inside of her, their thick dicks stretching her ass and mouths, filling her in ways she hadn't felt since arriving in Sunnydale. All of her sexual frustrations bubbled up inside of her as her body was rocked back and forth and she moaned in unwanted pleasure. The demon fucking her mouth reached underneath her and began groping her three dangling tits, rolling her nipples between it's fingers, feeling her rock her own body back and forth, fucking back of the cocks inside of her. She sucked hard on it's dick, her tongue lashing at his shaft as he pinched and twisted her nipples and made her cum. She tried to scream out in pleasure around the pricks in both of her mouths as her forced orgasm tore through her, causing her to lose her concentration and revert back to her human form as the both continued fucking her.

Ethan watched in frustration as the slender Asian girl was taken. Her transformation from human to demon had shredded her uniform, leaving her completely naked. The demons moved her to her stand on her feet, the insect demon fucking her pussy now while the oily demon fucked her ass with one cock and jerked off the other cock. Staring at the naked girl sent a throb through his body but he knew better than come between a demon and it's prey. "Oh well, might as well enjoy the show," he thought as he began masturbating.

* * *

Across the street and barely a block away Faith was pinned naked to a alley wall while a demon ruthlessly fucked her. While the other Scoobies had searched for any demon that they could find, or that could find them, she had been more selective. After talking to Fubuki and hearing her stories Faith had decided to spend her patrol searching for just the right one. Fubuki had told her all about the new and exotic demons and what they could do to a girl so Faith had decided to see if the stories were true. She had decided to start with a more vanilla demon than Fubuki was used to and had spent her time going from alley to alley and rooftop to rooftop looking for just the right one. After about an hour she had found the demon for her. The demon was completely hairless with claws and fangs, but no worse than the average vampire, and wearing ill fitting pants, probably taken from a earlier victim. She had sprinted across the rooftops, getting ahead of the demon, and then had leapt into the dark alley that it had been headed for. She had then striped completely naked except for her boots and had hidden her large knife in her pile of clothes and then waited for the demon to spot her.

"Hey, big boy. Wanna show a girl what you can do?" Faith had teased with a smirk as the demon had stared hungrily at her naked, pale body. The demon had leapt at her, quickly closing the distance of the open ground before gripping her shoulders and shoving her against the dirty wall. It held her to the wall with one arm as it ripped away it's pants with the other, exposing it's giant cock as it quickly throbbed to life. Her eyes had gone wide and sparkled with glee as she thought, "Yep. I've always been able to pick a winner." In a flash the demon had pushed it's throbbing tool into her already wet pussy and caused her to scream in pleasure.

Faith locked her toned legs around the demon's waist as it raggedly fucked her. "Fuck yes!" she screamed in lust as she rocked her hips up to meet it's rampaging pace. It slid it's hands beneath her muscular ass, filling it's grip with her cheeks, rocking her up and down it's length as she braced her shoulders against the wall and rode him. It bent it's shiny head down to her chest and began licking and sucking her nipples, nipping and biting her jiggling tits, causing her to moan and hiss in desire. Her sexy body took everything it had to give and demanded more.

Faith grinned wickedly and moaned, "Hey, up here, big boy." The demon lifted it's bald head up from her jiggling chest and she immediately head-butted it, stunning it and causing him to slide out of her as he stumbled backwards. She landed on her feet and turned around, thrusting her ass out, her large tits pressed against the cold, rough wall. The demon quickly leapt at her again, wasting no time in quickly thrusting his cock back into her hot cunt. "Fuuuck yeahhh..." she groaned as the demon gripped her hips and began pummeling her tight hole. Her hot juices slid down the insides of her trembling thighs as she pushed her ass back to meet the demon's rapid thrusts. Her fingers clenched, digging furrows in the brick wall as she growled in pleasure, wet heat flowing through her body.

Reaching up and behind her Faith held the demon's head close to her and kissed him roughly, plunging her tongue into it's gasping mouth. She smirked to herself as she broke the kiss and thought, "Big bad demon having trouble keeping up with the poor, helpless human." She chuckled to herself at the strained look on the demon's face as she worked her naked body against him. "If you wanna feel something special, stick one of those fingers where it'll do the most good," she said as she reached behind her and gripped one of the demon's wrists and brought it's clawed hand up to her face. She stuck out her pink tongue and used it to draw the demon's thumb into her wet mouth, bobbing her head back and forth like she was sucking a dick. She pulled her head back and let the thumb pop out of her mouth. "How 'bout it?" she teased. "Or can't you keep up?"

The demon tried to growl but the females tight ass knocked the breath out of him as she thrust it back against him. Her tight, wet cunt rippled around his throbbing cock as he trust back and placed his hand on her pale ass and slid his thumb over her succulent asshole.

As the demon slid his thumb deep into her ass it triggered Faith's orgasm and she came. "Oh fuck yes!" she screamed out in joy as stars exploded behind her eyes and her entire body shook and twitched in pleasure. Her large tits jiggled and swayed underneath her as her tight pussy clamped down in the demon's thrusting prick. She could feel the demon bury himself inside of her as it came, filling her pussy with it's hot cum as her body squeezed down on it's spasming dick. As the pleasure coursed through her twitching body she grinned wickedly as she tightened her lower muscles, squeezing harder and clamping down on the demon's trapped cock.

The demon gripped the human's slender waist as it tried to pull out of her. "Oh... oh... Argh!" it screamed out in pain as her naked, sexy body clamped down on his prick, trapping him inside of her. He palmed her tight ass and tried to push himself away as her cunt clamped down harder and harder.

"Ha!" Faith giggled as she relaxed her muscles and released the demon's dick from her pussy. The demon fell to the ground as their mixture of cum slid from her body and she bent down to her pile of clothes. Standing back up with her knife she stalked over to the fearful demon, raising the knife high above her head. "Thanks for the quickie," she chuckled as she brought the knife down.

* * *

As dawn slowly approached the group of demon hunters looked around at their smaller numbers in the back of The Magic Box. Buffy held Willow as the witch-in-training cried about Tara being taken and then being forced to fuck Wes while Miko and Yaku talked to Giles about the missing Fubuki.

"Obviously the number of invading Hentai demons is greater than we thought," Giles said, somewhat to the group but mostly to himself. "This patrol should have left us relativity free to procure our supplies. As it is, when Wesley rescued Willow he had no choice but to leave the ingredients behind. When Miss Calender and I returned to that spot we found them destroyed."

Yaku began looking around the supply room. "Surely we can find more supplies," she said hopefully as Miko stepped to the side to use her phone.

Wesley stood up from his seat next to Ms. Calender. "I'm afraid some of the ingredients were fairly rare. It will take days to find more," he said with his head bowed. "If only I had thought..."

"It's o.k., Wes," Jenny interrupted, patting him reassuringly on his shoulder.

"She's right, Wes," Willow agreed. "If it wasn't for you those demons could have taken me too."

"Dammit," Miko muttered to her phone.

"What's the matter?" Buffy asked.

Miko huffed, unable to decide to be worried or not. "It's Kanako. I can't get a hold of her. She's not picking up her phone."

Buffy pulled out her own phone. "I'll call the house," she said as she hit her speed dial. After only two rings the familiar voice of her mother answered. "Mom, are you and the girls o.k.?" she asked.

"We're fine, Buffy. Is something the matter?" Joyce asked.

Buffy took a deep breath as a tension she hadn't realized was there drained from her. "Miko tried to call Kanako and she didn't pick up," she told her mother.

"Mmmm, she's fine. We're fine," Joyce said a little breathlessly.

"Well, if you're sure," Buffy said. "I'll be staying at the Magic Box this morning and then heading to school," she finished somewhat confused by her mother's strange tone. Not really having the time to question her mother she simply said, "I'll leave my phone on, give me a call if you need anything."

"Will do, Buffy. Take care," Joyce purred as she hung up the phone and spread her legs wider. "Good girl, Kanako. Keep up the good work," she said to the young Asian girl as she rolled her hips up to meet Kanako's talented tongue.

Naked on her hands and knees, Kanako slid her tongue deep into the older woman's tight, dripping pussy. She licked harder as Ms. Summers gripped her pink hair and started rolling her hips up, humping her slurping face. Behind Kanako Nin-nin gripped her slender hips and thrust himself in and out of her tight ass, throwing her forward slightly and allowing her to shove her tongue deeper into Ms. Summers' tasty hole.

"Such a good, good girl," Joyce moaned as she held the young girl's head with one hand and squeezed one of her own tits with the other. She pinched her hard nipple and rolled it between her fingertips as she slowly humped Kanako's face and watched Nin-nin spear the Asian girl's tight ass. A panting moan drew her attention behind her and she looked over her shoulder at her daughter tied to the bed.

After the demon had backhanded her Dawn woke up tied spread eagle to her mother's bed naked with her mouth tied shut with one of her mother's stockings. To one side of her on the bed her mother, Nin-nin and Kanako had started having sex, completely unconcerned with her, while on the other side the giant demon had stood staring at her with it's large, hard penis in it's hand. He grinned at her and then had actually introduced himself in a oddly sincere tone of voice before grinning menacingly at her and telling her that he was the demon that was going to take her virginity. Her young, helpless body had shook in fear and her small breasts had trembled on her chest as she tried to fight against the fur covered hand cuffs holding her arms and slender legs wide open.

Eventually Dawn had worn herself out struggling and had slumped into the bed and stared up at Cathix with fear filled eyes. Cathix grinned evilly before he had gotten on his knees and whispered into her ear, " But not yet," and she had relaxed a little before his tongue had slid out and licked the side of her angelic face. Her eyes had shot wide open in fear as he licked down the side of her face and then he had started go nuzzle her neck. His unbelievably long tongue had trailed from her neck to the hollow of her throat and then to her heaving chest. He had covered every inch of her petite tits with his warm saliva, never making contact with her nipples which by then were as hard as pebbles and sizzling to be touched. Against her will she had felt herself beginning to respond, thrusting her chest up to try and press her aching tits harder against his tongue but he had just chuckled and pulled his head away.

As Joyce finished with her phone call with the Slayer, Cathix finished his tongue bath to Dawn's chest and walked to the foot of the bed, kneeling down and staring up at the girl's perfect pink pussy. Her arousal after his tongue bath was obvious as her dewy labia were puffy with desire and drops of her sweet juices trailed down from her slightly parted slit to her compacted ass-cheeks and into the bed's comforter. He leaned forward and ran his thick tongue from her dainty ankle to her inner thigh and felt her shudder in anticipation. He switched to her other leg before reaching her now drooling pussy again before pulling his tongue back and began nibbling at the tops of her thighs as her mother ignored her mewing pleas of helplessness and lust. The small human was humping air as he refused to touch her pussy, desperate for him to make her cum.

As her sister groaned in unwanted and unheard pleasure and her mother hung up the phone Buffy hit the hangup button on her phone and stared at it strangely. "Well that's odd," she mumbled.

"What's that, Buff?" Xander asked.

The sound of Xander's voice brought Buffy out of her questioning thoughts. "Huh? Oh, my mom sounded weird and I thought I heard someone moaning or something," Buffy answered.

Willow came over and put her arm around Buffy's shoulders. "It was probably just the girls. I'm sure they just kept her up all night doing each others' hair and watching TV and talking about boys and stuff."

"Maybe in the 1950's," Buffy joked. "But I guess you're right, Will."

"Now that we know everybody else is o.k.," Giles began, addressing the group. "If we can, lets get back on topic of the demons. We know that the demons have an agenda but now it appears that agenda goes beyond simple conquest. We must find out why the Hentai Demons require such a large number of human hostages and what their end-game is."

* * *

As the morning sun filtered through the library windows the Scoobie gang and their Asian allies found themselves busy. Angel and Faith were busy scowering the sewers and the local haunts of the town's demons while Ms. Calender took attendance of what students and teachers had been able to make it to school that morning. At one table Willow and Xander searched Giles' demon books as well as those brought by the Sexcraft ninjas for any type of magic that required a large number of hostages or victims. At the other table Giles, Yaku and Wesley tried to come up with better ways to train using Sexcraft and it could have perhaps gone better if Wesley wasn't being constantly distracted by Yaku's jiggling cleavage. And in the library's office Buffy and Miko were masturbating.

Buffy and Miko sat next to each other on the small couch, their pants and underwear around their ankles and their knees spread wide open. Both girls had changed clothes before leaving the Magic Box; Miko with a tight T-shirt with no bra, and jeans, Buffy with a tan blouse to match her tan slacks. Miko moaned and groaned with pleasure as her fingers slid quickly back and forth over her clit while Buffy rolled her eyes, feeling exposed and ridiculous. Buffy groaned in frustration, distracted by her bare thigh pressed up against Miko's as she played with herself.

"Grrr... This isn't working," Buffy growled. "Are you seriously telling me this is how you travel to this 'Shikima' realm? They don't have buses there?"

"I know, right?" Miko agreed, never losing her pace between her legs. "I've been having to do this for years."

Buffy slid two of her fingers deep into her pussy, trying to stimulate her G-spot. She just couldn't get over the fact that she was performing such a intimate act while rubbing up against another girl performing the same act. Maybe if the couch was bigger. "Oooh, that's it!" she grumbled, pulling her fingers out of her tight pussy. "I'll never get the hang of this."

Miko tried not to giggle at her new friend. Everybody got like this the first time. "It's o.k. I understand," she reassured Buffy, feeling her American friend relax next to her. "I'll give you a hand," she said quickly sliding her free hand between her friend's golden thighs before she had a chance to object.

"I don't think... Epp!" Buffy chirped as Miko's talented fingers quickly slid into her pussy. "I don't... I don't..." she stammered as the Asian girl's fingers started sliding in and out of her tight hole. "Oh, oh, ohhh..." she groaned as she felt herself beginning to respond, her pussy moistening as the girl's fingers filled her again and again and her nipples suddenly began to ache with need.

Both young girls moaned in pleasure as their orgasms began to rise and they began panting in pleasure. They spread their thighs wider for easier access as Miko's fingers made slurping noises in their hot, wet cunts. Buffy looked over at her friend as she masturbated both of them and felt slightly embarrassed at making her friend do all the work. She licked her lips and slid one of her hands between Miko's spread legs, her fingers sliding below Miko's and sliding two of them into the Asian girl's tight, wet hole. She'd never felt another girl before and was feeling strange with how turned on she was suddenly becoming as she fingered her friend.

Both teenagers groaned and panted in pleasure as they masturbated each other. Miko closed her eyes and enjoyed herself as she fingered Buffy with one hand and stimulated her own clit with the other. Buffy licked her lips and squinted in concentration on her mounting pleasure while she fingered Miko with one hand and started to stimulate her own clit with the other. "Oh, oh, oh..." they both panted as their orgasms overtook them and they came with a flash of light. Buffy felt like she was traveling through a long corridor and was more than a little surprised at the sensation but neither girl stopped fingering the other, their cum trailing behind them as they flew through the dimensions.

Suddenly as Buffy was flying through the air when all the air left her lungs. "Uumph!" she grunted as she fell on her bare ass. "Ow..." she grumbled as she rubbed the sore spot on her tight rump. "Where are we?" she asked Miko as the Asian girl landed gracefully on her feet.

"We're here," Miko said somewhat solemnly. "The home of my parents. The castle of the Shikima King."

Buffy looked up at Miko. "Hey, you're in your uniform and I'm... Eep!" she finished with a chirp as she tried to cover her naked lap. "Where's my pants!?"

"Yeah, that happens sometimes," Miko said, trying to sound reassuring. "Except to Nin-nin oddly enough."

"But, but, but..." Buffy stammered as she continued trying to use her hands and toned legs to cover herself. "But you have your clothes! In fact, you're wearing new clothes. You're, like, a clothes magnet or something. You're attracting outfits and I'm losing mine and that's not fair."

Miko shrugged her shoulders. "Yeah, that happens sometimes too. I can't explain it."

"So, what?" Buffy asked, still frantically looking around for her pants. "I have to meet your parents pants-less?"

Once again Miko helplessly shrugged her shoulders. "My father's the Shikima King and I've already explained the whole attitude about casual nudity so it wouldn't be a big deal. As for my mother...? Well, you've never seen the outfit she usually wears." Miko squinted her eyes and looked around. "You better do whatever you're gonna do before my father's demons show up. Just because I'm the King's daughter doesn't mean they can't give us a hard time. Emphasis on 'hard'."

"Grrr..." Buffy growled as she slapped the ground in frustration and quickly unbuttoned her blouse, sliding it off to reveal her bra. With all of the naked flesh around lately she had been feeling a bit inadequate due to her squeamishness at nudity so she had chosen her sexiest bra and panties when packing her extra clothes. Her bra was a black, shear push-up bra that did wonderful things for her cleavage and was transparent enough to see her nipples. She quickly stood up and tied her blouse around her waist to hide her vagina but left her tight, round ass completely exposed. She slapped the dirt from her taunt cheeks and if she knew how many people would prefer to see her back rather than her front she might have turned the blouse around. "Lead the way I guess," she said to Miko, gesturing to the castle.

Miko began walking up towards the castle. "Follow me and watch our rear," she said to Buffy with a smirk that the Slayer couldn't see but could definitely hear.

"Hardy har, har," Buffy grumbled as she peered up at the giant entrance way to the castle. "Is it me or does that look like a vagina?" she wondered.

After ten minutes of walking Buffy and Miko approached the throne of the demon Shikima King and his wife and Buffy was somewhat taken aback by what she saw. On the throne sat the King: At least 7 feet tall and powerfully built, thick muscles covered by gray skin, steel blur hair on his head and around his waist, with red pupil-less eyes and fangs. And next to him stood the most beautiful woman Buffy had ever seen. Maria, Miko's mom, stood about 6 feet tall with pale, almost milky white skin and was wearing a white, gauzy type of... gown? If Buffy had to describe it she would have called it a silk sheet with two parts that came over her shoulders and down, barely covering her obviously double D-cup breasts, and met at her waist, tying into a knot that wrapped high above her hips and left the material hanging down her front to just above her ankles and left the outside of her long, long legs completely exposed. "If she's wearing underwear I'm a Chinese jet pilot," Buffy thought matter of factly.

Miko bowed deep at the waist. "Father, Mother," she began reverently before straightening back up.

"Um, your King and, uh, Queenships," Buffy stammered before bowing awkwardly at the waist, her golden ass thrust high in the air, her pink pussy lips just visible beneath her cheeks momentarily before she straightened back up.

"Daughter, What Brings You Here This Day?" the Shikima King asked as he gestured towards Miko.

Buffy thought she could see a slight glint of affection in the King's eyes. Maybe? Who could tell without pupils. "Could this be me and Angel one day?" she wondered as she stood wide eyed at the King and Queen.

Miko took a deep breath, her breasts straining against her top before releasing the whole story from Japan to her and Buffy arriving in the throne room. By the time she had finished her hands were on her knees while she wheezed.

Buffy could swear that she caught a glimpse of a slight smirk from Maria. "They're both so impassive. They're made for each other," Buffy thought as she tried not to giggle.

The Shikima King stared at the two young girls, (at least Buffy thought he was staring at them,). "This must be what it's like to talk to Daredevil," Buffy smirked to herself, thinking how proud Xander would be with her comic book reference.

The King's voice echoed through the throne room, "That Does Not Tell Me What Brings You Here."

"Help," Buffy said simply and then immediately regretted it as the King glared at her, possibly. A little more meekly she added, "We need your help. Please?" "O.k., that was definitely a smirk," she thought as Maria stepped down from her place by the throne and approached her. "Hopefully a good smirk."

Because of their height difference when Maria stood in front of Buffy the much smaller girl was exactly even with the Queen's large, o.k., giant breasts and the American girl stared in open mouthed awe of the giant orbs. Now Maria did smirk and crooked her finger under Buffy's chin to raise her head up. "A Slayer," Maria said in a husky breathless voice that sent erotic shivers through Buffy. "We haven't seen a Slayer since that awful rebellion in China," Maria continued, her voice bringing Buffy's nipples to obvious hardness through her transparent bra. Maria trialed her finger from Buffy's graceful neck to her push-up bra enhanced cleavage. "She was killed by that ruffian vampire with the ironic name," the Queen said as her finger slid across the top of the American girl's breasts where they were held by her bra.

Buffy tried to fight the erotic urges throbbing through her body. "Spi... Spike? I... ironic?" she panted as Maria slinked behind her, the Queen's finger still tracing along her exposed flesh.

Maria walked a complete circle around the Slayer, her fingertips dancing across Buffy's exposed ass. "If you knew from where his name come from, yes, ironic."

Miko hid her face in the palm of her hand in embarrassment. "Mooommm," she whined. "This is why I don't have friends over."

Maria smirked and ruffled Miko's hair as she walked back up to the throne. "And maybe if had more friends over I wouldn't be so 'Excited' when you finally did."

Buffy wiped the sweat from her brow and the tops of her breasts as she tried to get her breathing under control. "So, uh... that help?" Buffy asked, trying to bring the topic back on... topic.

The King stood with his muscular arms crossed across his broad chest. "I Know Of This Cathix Of Old. Should He Open A Portal To The Shikima Realm He Has Not The Power To Oust My Rule."

"And if he had access to a Hellmouth?" Buffy asked, her sudden seriousness replacing her rampant libido.

The Shikima King's eyes flared for a moment before he answered. "The Power Released During The Portals Opening Would Be Doubled And Then Redoubled Again And Then Again," he growled. "Both This Realm And Most Of Your Western Seaboard, Millions, Would Perish And He Would Have The Power To Rule The Ruins And Spread His Influence To The Whole Of Your World And The Ashes Of This One."

* * *

"It is a pleasure to meet you all," Maria said as she entered the library from the office, Miko back in her casual clothes and Buffy still pant-less following her. "There is no doubt that with our combined skill we shall be victorious."

The room was completely silent. Nobody moved except for Yaku who waved hi to Maria.

Maria looked out at everybody and cocked a inquisitive eyebrow and every ones blank looks. "Yaku, is everyone bespelled?"

Buffy held her face in her hand in embarrassment.

Miko walked up behind her mother and whispered in her ear, "I think it's more that two people walked into the office and three people walked out. Also Buffy is nearly topless and not wearing pants."

"Buffy's pant-less!" Xander blurted out as he pointed at Buffy's golden ass.

Willow licked her lips. "Y... yeah." Her eyes were drawn to Buffy's tight ass and jiggling cleavage. "I could easily start getting into this 'Casual Nudity' stuff," she thought as her pussy throbbed. She had always thought Buffy was attractive but every since her afternoon with Tara she had started noticing females more. Then her eyes fell on their new arrival and her panties felt suddenly tight.

Miko cleared her throat to try and everybody's attention. She did it again when she noticed Xander, Wes, and Willow were still gawking at Maria and Buffy. "Everyone, this is my mother, Maria, the Shikima Queen."

Giles grabbed a robe and shuffled down and gave it to Buffy. "A pleasure to meet you, your Majesty," he said as he stood in front of Buffy to block everyone's view of her.

Maria noted the older man's attempts to block Buffy's nakedness. "A pleasure to meet you, Watcher." Miko made introductions and she inclined her heat at everyone Miko introduced. "A pleasure to meet my daughter's allies. I'm sure that, though the way may be difficult, with perseverance we shall prevail." A mummer went through he room, Xander, Willow, and Wes still gawking at her as she nodded towards Yaku. "Yaku, I'm sure you've been helping our American allies with preparations. How goes their training?"

Yaku looked around the room and then shrugged her shoulders. "Eh, they're American."

"I think what Yaku means," Giles quickly added, "is that even with our cultural differences we are progressing very well."

Maria smirked and shrugged her shoulder causing the top of her wrap to slide off her shoulders, exposing her giant, creamy breasts and drawing strained chocking sounds from Xander, Willow, and Wes. Even Giles' attention was stolen by her wobbling tits. She looked around the stunned room, assured at having everyone's attention. "Yes, I'm sure. Buffy and Miko have told me about the difficulties you've had in training."

Giles leaned over and whispered into Buffy's ear, trying to look away from the Maria's perfect, swaying tits, "Buffy, what exactly have you told our guest?"

Buffy stared up at Giles indignantly. "What? You're always telling me that honesty is the best policy."

Maria continued to smirk as she pulled her wrap back up, covering her breasts and drawing moans of disappointment from Xander, Willow, and Wes. "Cultural differences aside," she said, addressing the room. "You should not hide or be ashamed of your sexualities. Rather think of your sexuality as a weapon, as dangerous as any stake, axe, or sword." She turned around and addressed Buffy and Miko, "My daughter, Buffy, if Mr. Giles has no immediate plans fro you would you please accompany me?"

Giles nodded to Buffy and both girls walked over to Maria and Maria placed her arms reassuringly around Buffy shoulders. "I can understand your hesitance. Remove your robe and follow me."

Buffy nodded quickly before she could change her mind to reveal... "Hey! My clothes are back."

"Merely a illusion," Maria said as her own appearance changed. Her hair was up in a loose bun and her beautiful face wore a pair of square rimmed glasses, her large breasts held by a red push-up bra under a gauzy blouse, flesh covered stockings covered her legs several inches below a tweed mini skirt that barely covered her ass. The three of them walked towards the door of the library before Maria bent down to whisper into Miko's ear, "I don't suppose this is really the usual attire of an American teacher?

Miko and Buffy looked at each and tried not to giggle. "No, mother," Miko whispered back.

Maria sighed and the illusion changed to more conservative clothes. "That's what I get for choosing an outfit from the mind of a teenage boy I suppose."

As they left the library Buffy couldn't help but notice that even the more conservative clothing did nothing to hide Maria's spectacular figure.

"Buffy," Miko whispered. "Your blouse is flapping around outside of your illusion."

Buffy looked down and saw that Miko was right, her top looking like a photoshop mistake. "Well, shoot. Let's head to the locker room. I have some sweats in my locker."

"No time," Maria said sternly. "You're covered by my illusion. Simply remove it."

"But, but... Then I'll just be wearing my bra and sneakers," Buffy whined.

"And you'll be covered by my illusion," Maria said as she held out her hand. "Take the blouse off."

Buffy sighed as she untied her blouse and handed it to Maria. "How come my mom is always wanting me to put on more clothes and your mom wants me to wear less?" she asked Miko.

Miko just shrugged her shoulders.

The school bell ran and the hallway filled with scurrying children as Maria looked around. "I will need credentials while in the human realm. Some sort that allows me access to the school."

"Principal's Office," Buffy said as she started walking down the hall. "Follow me."

As they reached the Principal's Office Buffy turned to Maria. "I should probably warn you about Principal Snyder. He's a bit of a..."

"Troll," Miko muttered.

"Oh good. You've met," Buffy chirped.

"We will have no problems," Maria said and entered the lobby of the office. Without even looking at the secretary, she walked into the Principal's Office and closed and locked the door behind Buffy and Miko.

Snyder quickly stood up from behind his chair. "And what's the meaning of this?" he fumed. "Do you have an appointment?"

Maria stood in front two girls as she faced Snyder. "I am a foreign exchange substitute teacher and I have just found this naked girl wondering in the halls" She turned to Buffy and said, "Make him believe it."

"Wha? I don't..." Buffy stammered as her eyes shot open and looked down at her naked body. "Oh God!" she screeched as she covered her chest with her arms and tried to cover her bare vagina with her thigh and leaving her standing on one leg.

Miko held the bridge of her nose between her fingertips. "Mooommm... You're embarrassing me," she whined.

"Embarrassing you?!" Buffy said indignantly.

Snyder stared in open mouth shock. "Summers! What is the meaning of this?"

Maria pried Buffy's arms from her chest and pulled her bra off, baring her young tits to the principal and forcing the Slayer to put her other foot on the ground before she lost her balance, exposing her pussy. "Make him believe it before he calls the mortal authorities," Maria said sternly as she snapped her fingers and pointed at Snyder. "It made you to nervous to train with your friends so this is the only alternative."

Buffy's wide eyes went from Maria to Snyder and back again. "But... but..."

"Now," Maria chided the naked teen girl.

Buffy hung her head in surrender and sulked over to Snyder, her firm tits swaying slightly on her chest with each shuffling step. She stood in front of the shocked principal and sighed in despair as she shrugged her shoulder, letting her hands slightly slap the sides before dropping to her knees in front of him.

"Miss Summers!" Snyder said in shock as he pushed the naked teen away, images of her mother flashing through his mind. "What is this?" he shouted. "Some kind of sting?"

Buffy looked around the room in confusion. "Who doesn't want a blow-job from a naked teenage girl?" she wondered.

Miko shrugged her shoulders at Buffy, almost like she could hear Buffy's unspoken question.

Maria sighed in frustration. "Link the desire with the spell. I am a foreign exchange substitute teacher who found a naked student, now make him believe it."

"How can somebody believe that there's a actual job being a foreign exchange substitute teacher?" Buffy thought as she looked up at Snyder as he stared down at her in confusion. She had obviously started the spell or otherwise Snyder would have called for help already so all she had to do was... Help Snyder live out the sexual escapade he would fantasize about. "Dammit," she muttered as she slapped her thighs in frustration again. She stood up and bent over Snyder's desk, bracing her arms on the wood, arching her back and thrusting her golden heart shaped ass at him. "I forgot to dress for school today, Principal Snyder," she said in a little girl's sing-song voice. "I'm sorry and I'm here for my punishment."

Snyder's eyes crawled over Summers perfectly shaped ass as visions of her mother danced through his head. He nervously licked his lips as she stared at the peek of her pink pussy lips just visible beneath her taunt cheeks. His dick immediately hardened in his pants and his palms began to itch. "I've had just about enough of your attitude, Summers," he said as he stood over her. "I think it's about time we did something about that." He slid his greedy hands over her silky ass-cheeks, resting one hand on her lower back as he raised his other hand high in the air. He brought his hand down as hard as he could, the smack of his hand making contact with her fleshy ass echoing through the office and causing the vulnerable teenage girl to yelp. He spanked her again, enjoying the sounds the rebellious young girl made as he finally taught her a lesson.

As Snyder spanked her Buffy could feel the stinging warmth of his slaps spreading across her ass. His hand never landed on the same place twice, covering her rear-end in hand prints as she felt the growing warmth reaching down to her pussy. "I can't believe I'm getting wet," she thought as she yelped at each slap. "But I guess that's the point." With every spank her naked body jerked and her dangling tits jiggled beneath her as she gritted her teeth in pain.

Maria stared impassively at Buffy's corporeal punishment while Miko's breathing began to speed up. The sight of the nude girl bent over the principal's desk was hot enough on it's own but with Buffy getting spanked Miko would feel her nipples tingling as she stood staring longingly.

After each slap Snyder began caressing Buffy's soft, red, warm skin, squeezing the pliant flesh of the girl's ass. His fingers slid between her cheeks, over her asshole and down to her plump, dewy pussy lips. "I can't believe you're enjoying this, Summers," he chuckled, self-assured in his masculinity as he began unfastening his pants. "I guessed you were a slut, hanging out with that Harris boy and that brooding, older one." He shoved his pants down, freeing his throbbing cock and gripping it at the base as he lined himself up with her wet pussy. "I guess I'll have to take care of that little behavior too." He held her down with his hand still on her lower back, aiming his dick with the other and thrusting himself inside of her.

"Oh God," Buffy groaned in disgust as Snyder filled her tight pussy. Her body shuddered as she heard Snyder chuckle, thinking she was groaning in pleasure rather than in loathing. There wasn't a single thing she like about the principal as a person, much less as a authority figure and as he began fucking her she liked him even less as a lover. His thrusts were quick and aimless, merely pushing and shoving himself inside of her with no consideration for her, simply wanting to use her naked body to get himself off, to prove something to himself. She groaned again in disgust as she shuddered and heard him chuckle again as well, thinking that it was because of him for the wrong reason.

"Heh," Snyder chuckled as he felt the Summers girl begin to respond to his hard, deep thrusts into her tight, young cunt. His hands crawled over her ass, squeezing and pinching her tight, golden red cheeks as she moaned in front of him. This was all she needed really, a real man to show her the proper way to go. She'd be toeing the line from now on thanks to his hand on her upstart ass and his dick in her pussy. It was such a shame they did away with spankings in school now-a-days, it led to a break down in discipline and he fought hard to install a sense of discipline in his students, just like he was doing now. "This is all you needed, Summers," he said as he reached under her and gripped her jiggling tits. "Just a bit of discipline."

"Oh jeez," Buffy groaned as Snyder pinched her nipples and she rolled her eyes in disbelief. "Does he really believe that?" she wondered as he plugged away aimlessly inside of her. Suddenly Maria was standing in front of her on the other side of the desk.

"Make him believe," Maria said as she bent down and looked steadily into Buffy's eyes.

"Yeah, Buffy," Miko agreed. "Or else we could be here all day."

The thought of spending all day being fucked by Snyder caused Buffy to shudder again which, of course, caused Snyder to chuckle again. "Would he stop doing that," she wished as as she began pushing her up-thrust ass back against the trollish principal's thrusts. "Oh, Mr. Snyder, I'm sorry for all my past actions and deeds," she tried to moan lustfully.

Snyder gave Buffy's firm tits a squeeze and then slid his hands across her silky skin to grip her slender waist, holding her ass to his groin and grinding against her. "I always knew you'd be a problem," he said as he continued to grind against her. "I guess you just needed a real man to straighten you out."

Miko and Maria held the faces in the hands and groaned feeling somehow embarrassed for Snyder.

"And I guess I am that man," Snyder continued as he slowly began fucking his student again while puffing out his chest and holding his head high. "The key to education is discipline, Summers," he said absent-mindedly, stroking Buffy's ass with one hand and patting her on her head with the other. "I'll get you turned around yet."

Buffy rolled her eyes in disbelief again as she thrust her ass back against Snyder. At the slow, leisurely pace he was fucking her while giving his speech he'd never cum and she'd have to spend all day with him fucking her. Steeling herself she began thrusting herself back harder against him, trying to get him to cum so she could return to the threat of the Hentai demons. "I'd rather be raped by demons than fuck Snyder. I wonder what that says about him?" she wondered as she began moaning and panting in fake lust. "Oh Principal Snyder, thank you for helping me to see the light. You are such a wonderful principal," she groaned.

"My pleasure, Summers," Snyder said as he began thrusting into Buffy faster, the flesh of her ass rippling slightly with each slap of his groin against her. He slid his hands back under her to grip and toy with her tits, confidant that he had solved his problems with the Summers girl. After all, all any girl really needed was a deep dicking.

"There is no way he had even a single date in high school," Buffy said to herself.

Miko held her face in her hands, embarrassed for her friend having to have sex with this little... troll of a man. "The spell, Buffy," she whispered to her friend. "Don't forget the spell or you'll have to do this all over again."

Buffy's eyes shot wide open in fear at the thought of having to fuck Snyder again. "Oh, um... ah, and this new Foreign Exchange Substitute Teacher will help you get me on the right path."

Snyder eyed the strange woman suspiciously for a moment before returning his eyes to Buffy's firm ass. "Sure, sure. Whatever," he said dismissively as his hands went from Buffy's tits back to her taunt rear-end, his thumbs meeting between her cheeks and caressing her tiny, puckered, rosebud of an anus.

"He wouldn't!" Buffy thought in shock. She heard Snyder spit and felt his warm saliva land on her ass. "Oh God no!" He softly began to probe her asshole with his thumbs. "Epp!" Accidentally using her Slayer strength she used her ass to shove the horny principal back, his cock popping out of her pussy as he thudded against the wall.

"Oh no! The spell," Miko groaned to herself, not noticing her mother trying not to laugh.

"Oh no! The spell," Buffy groaned to herself as she swiftly stood up. Thinking quickly she spun around to face Snyder, her breasts swaying on her chest. "Oh thank you, Principal Snyder, for being so understanding," she said as she stepped up close to him. "Whatever can I do to thank you?" she finished before suddenly dropping to her knees. She took a deep breath and swallowed his cock, tasting her juices on the hard tool as it glided over her warm tongue and the head hit the back of her mouth. She clamped her lips around the base, his pubic hair tickling her nose as she massaged the underside of his shaft with her tongue and began moaning deep, sending vibrations along his sensitive skin. She began bobbing her head back and forth, sucking as hard as she could and causing her cheeks to hollow as she continued using her tongue to massage him. She held the base of him in one of her soft hands as she used the other to massage his cum bloated balls as she looked up at him with wide, hopefully lustful, eyes and gurgled and tried to smile up at him from around his shaft.

Snyder stared down at Buffy with shock at her shoving him away one moment and then swallowing his cock the next but he quickly fell back into his sexual trance under the obviously wanton look in her eyes. "Oh, Summers," he said as he affectionately patted the top of her head. "Whatever will I do with such a good student." It wasn't a question, he had a mental list of ideas that he had started the first day he'd met the upstart teen girl.

Buffy removed Snyder's cock from her mouth and tried not to gag at the thought of being naked, submissively on her knees, with his cock in her mouth. She continued trying to stare lustfully up at him as she tried not to gag while she jerked him off. "You can do anything you want to me, Principal Snyder," she said, trying not to grind her teeth. "As my thinks to you for saving my scholastic career you can do anything you want to my willing body. But as a favor to your new, best student, could you fuck my face first?" "Any thing's better than him fucking me and of all the times I didn't want a demon to crash through a wall to try and kill or rape me this isn't one of them," she thought.

Snyder ran his hands through Buffy's hair and held the sides of her head as he began rubbing his cock around on her face not noticing as he repeatedly almost poked her in her eyes and she kept trying to move her face away from him. "Oh, Summers," he chuckled manfully as he puffed out his chest in pride. "I should have known you were a cock-hound. Heh, heh, heh. Now open your mouth."

Buffy hoped Snyder didn't notice her roll her eyes at his condescending tone of voice as she opened her mouth and released his balls and shaft. She had to chase his cock around with her mouth a few times so he wouldn't accidentally poke her in the eye before he finally slid his dick into her mouth and she closed her lips around the sensitive head. He shoved his hips forward, his balls slapping against her chin while he held her head still and she sucked and licked as hard and as firmly as she could. She started moaning as lustfully as she could and quickly became bored with waiting for him to cum, her fingers strumming aimlessly against her thighs as she tried to remember if she had finished her algebra homework from last week.

"He's completely oblivious," Miko groaned to herself. "I don't think he even needed to be bespelled to have gotten him to believe about Momma. Probably would have just needed to stroke his ego instead of his penis." She noticed the boredom on Buffy's face. "Of course I'm not going to tell Buffy that."

"Here it comes, baby," Snyder said, his voice sounding like a primal growl to his ears. "Here's your thanks, Summers."

"Oh, no way," Buffy said to herself as she used her Slayer strength to push Snyder back a stumbling step, his throbbing cock popping out of her mouth. She sat up straighter and began using her hands to jack the principal off, aiming his hard dick at her chest. With a grunt he came, his prick spewing his seed onto her tan chest, his white cum standing out starkly against the golden flesh of her tits. "This is grosser than the tentacle demon," she said to herself as the last of Snyder's warm sperm rained down on her as he grunted contentedly.

Snyder stared dreamily at his cum straining Summers' chest for a moment as he leaned against the wall and caught his breath. Standing up straighter he straightened his tie and jacket, not remembering about his pants still puddled around his ankles or his soft cock dangling limply between his legs. "Well, Summers, I hope you've learned your lesson," he said in his best professional sounding voice. "Have this teacher take you back to class." He waved dismissively at the door as he sat bare-assed behind his desk.

Maria smirked at Buffy as the naked Slayer left and she and Miko followed. "Your first complete spell I take it?" she asked before taking a moment to admire the teens heart shaped ass before recasting her illusion.

Buffy grabbed the box of tissues from the secretary's desk before leaving the office and began wiping the sperm off from beneath the illusion. "Yeah. I practiced with another student but it didn't go as well," she said, staring at the wad of semen clumped tissues as she made a overly exaggerated gagging sound before tossing them into the trash. "That really was worse than the tentacle demon," she muttered to herself.

"I'm afraid for as long as your squeamishness at training with your friends remain," Maria began as they walked down the hall, "that training in this manner must continue."

"It'll be o.k., Buffy," Miko said reassuringly. "You get used to it and it's super helpful in the fight against evil." She hoped her new friend didn't see through her little white lie. She had always wanted sex to be special between two people who loved each other but even though sex was a useful tool it was her least favorite.

"Would having sex with the gang really be worse than sex with Snyder?" Buffy wondered.

* * *

Giles rushed at Maria, gripping her wrists and pinning her arms behind her back while he pressed himself against her, her barely contained breasts pressed against his chest. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, kissing her deeply and thoroughly, exploring her warm mouth as she moaned and struggled against him. He broke the kiss and shoved her against the wall before ripping her flimsy top to the sides and exposing her large, heavenly tits. She slapped weakly against him and he gripped her delicate wrists in one hand and yanked her arms up, her pale orbs pulling up high on her chest and making them wobble like jello. He began pawing at one of her tits with a free hand, pinching and twisting her nipple while sucking on the other tit, amazed at how firm her breasts felt in his hand and mouth. He released her wrists and tit, using his other hand to pull her struggling thighs apart before shoving his prick forward, pinning the beautiful woman to the wall with his cock. She screamed out in unwanted pleasure as she unconsciously wrapped her long legs around him for balance while he barreled away inside of her. Her screams turned into pants and moans as he viciously fucked her against the wall, her tight cunt squeezing his cock like a fist. He was thankful that Buffy couldn't see him practicing his sex skills on Maria, practicing dominating the beautiful woman but as he turned his head to the side he was also thankful that his young charge couldn't see him enjoying the sight of Jenny doing the same.

"Oh bloody hell," Wesley muttered as Ms. Calender squeezed his dick with her vaginal muscles. He had tried sneaking up on the computer teacher to try and quickly bend her over the table and practice domming her that way but she had been to quick for him. Just as he was about to grab her she had spun around, twisting his arm to keep him off balance as she quickly sat up on the near-by table and spread her bronze thighs. She had yanked him forward, closing her legs around him as she grabbed the base of his prick with her free hand, aiming him at her glistening pussy and using her legs to force him forward into her waiting hole. Now she was rolling her hips up and squeezing his dick with her muscles, pulling a moan of pleasure out of his mouth as he began unconsciously humping her. He was helpless to stop himself from fucking the sexy teacher, his hips acting of their own accord and forcing him to fill her again and again as she dommed him. "Oh bloody hell," he muttered again as he was once again sexually dominated.

"I don't think we're doing this right," Xander whispered to Willow as he bent down and kissed her deeply. His hard cock slid slowly in and out of her pale pink pussy as she moaned in pleasure around his tongue. Her slender hips rose up to meet him as he pushed in to her deep and slow and moaned back with her as the tongues caressed each other.

As far as Willow was concerned Xander was doing everything right. When Giles had sent Buffy, Miko and Yaku off to check on anymore missing students she had done a quick head count and realized that this was her opportunity to finally have Xander. Her inner child, who really wasn't much younger than her, had jumped up and down and clapped with glee at finally being able to realize her childhood crush on Xander. While it was true that he had returned her feelings for her, for about five minutes, she had been with Oz who had forgiven them and he had been with Cordelia, for some reason, and who had broken up with him, they had never gone all the way. Willow had quickly pulled Xander to secluded spot in the library stacks and stripped him naked to reveal his rapidly hardening dick and had then dropped to her knees. She reverently held his prick in her small hands and softly tugged him to full hardness until his dick was pointing at her open mouth. She had made love to his cock with her mouth, lovingly licking and sucking his sensitive flesh until he was panting and moaning, begging her to let him cum. She had released her hold on his dick and quickly stripped off her clothes and then laid down, opening her slender legs to him. As turned on as she was he still slid into her slowly, filling and stretching her and by the time he had finally bottomed out inside of her she was already on the verge of cumming.

"No, seriously," Xander whispered as he fucked himself deep inside of Willow's hot, tight cunt. "I don't think we're practicing right."

"Shut up, Xander," Willow hissed as she gripped the top of Xander's head and pushed him down to her chest. "Don't ruin it, just fuck me," she moaned in lust as he began nursing at her small tits, driving her wild with desire as he increased the tempo of his thrusts. She wrapped her legs around his clutching ass, encouraging him to go faster, harder, as she felt her orgasm begin to crest. "Xander, I'm... I'm..." she stammered.

"Me too, Will. Me too," Xander answered as he buried himself as deep as he could into Willow's spasming cunt, his balls resting on her ass-cheeks as he came inside of her, with her, both of them sharing their orgasms at the same time and they enjoyed the pleasure of each others' body.

"Oh wow," Willow gasped as a dopey grin spread across her face.

* * *

"Oh wow," Faith said in disgust as she pulled her feet out of the muck. "I don't know what this was when it was alive but it's stuck to the bottom of my boot now." She scrapped the bottom of her boot on the sewer wall as Angel stopped a few feet from her. "How is it that you can skulk around the sewers all day and come away smelling like a cologne commercial and I step in... really, what is this?"

Angel tried not to smile. "The same was you get to Carnegie Hall."

"Take a cab?" Faith asked as she continued trying to clean off her boot.

"Sorry. Old joke," Angel muttered, trying not to seem embarrassed.

Faith gave up on cleaning her boot and sat up straighter. "You? A joke? Really? You feeling o.k.?"

"5 by 5," Angel said with a smirk, using Faith's favorite phrase.

"Two jokes. Now I know you're feeling nervous," Faith answered as she slowly approached Angel and reached out towards him.

Angel spun around in a blur and grabbed Faith's wrists, yanking her arms up. "Nervous about what, Faith?"

"Us," Faith said breathlessly as she smirked coyly before thrusting her head forward and kissing Angel, shoving her tongue into his mouth and pushing her chest against him. She rubbed herself up against him and began to grind her groin against his.

Angel quickly pushed the dark Slayer away. "What are you doing, Faith?" he asked, keeping his face blank.

"Ain't it obvious," Faith said as she unfastened her tight pants, pushing them down just enough to show the top of her pink panties. "We've been down here two hours looking for demons with no luck, I'm bored and you can't deny that there wasn't some heat between us," she said as she slid her hands up and down her lush body.

Angel had been waiting for this. "First, I'm with Buffy. Second, there was no heat, only combat practice. Third, I've been thinking about the demons." He figured that Faith was a very direct person so the best was to deal with her eyes was to be direct as well dealing with her sexual advances.

Faith stared at Angel in disbelief. "Really? You're gonna turn this down," she asked as she ran her hands down her sides, sliding her pants down a few more inches to reveal more of her panties before sliding her hands back up and pulling her shirt up to show her flat stomach and then reaching up and squeezing her large tits.

"I'm not saying the sex was unenjoyable," Angel explained. "Or that we won't end up having sex again but if we do it will be because of our fight against the Hentai Demons. The demons are the important thing, not the sex."

Faith smirked again, trying not to show that she wasn't upset that Angel had turned her down. Really she was just trying to show up Buffy since Buffy and Angel couldn't have sex without Angel losing his soul. She took her time straightening out her clothes, never breaking lustful eye contact with Angel. "O.k., fine. What eves. What were you sayin' about demons?"

Angel actually had to struggle to not stare at Faith's exposed flesh. "We're poking around blindly, trying to find a trail to follow the demons. Maybe we shouldn't be tracking the demons, instead we should be trying to figure out where the demons can keep all the people that they've kidnapped. There can't be that many places large enough to hold that many people."

* * *

"I will not hear your excuses!" Cathix roared, his voice echoing through the cavern causing small pebbles and dust to fall from the ceiling. Through out the cavern every single human they had taken was being fucked by one of his demon horde while any demon not fucking a human was taking silver bowls filled with the humans' cum and draining them into the pool. "Three of the most feared vampires in human history were unable to kidnap a single human!" he shouted in anger.

"Yeah, but listen, mate," Spike began with his usual cocky grin. "Darla here dommed Angel and wouldn't it be a bonus to eliminate one of your enemies?"

"And he escaped!" Cathix bellowed. "Further failure! The only one to succeed with capturing anyone was the human!"

"My lord," Ethan said as humbly as he could without meaning it while bowing. "I but live to serve."

"And serve well you have," Cathix said, not noticing or caring as Spike, Darla and Dru glared at Ethan while Ethan smirked at them. "A small reward," the demon lord continued, striding to his throne, grabbing the small pink haired girl he had been enjoying and shoving her towards Ethan. "Enjoy."

Ethan caught the small, nude girl as she stumbled towards him. "I love your pink hair," he said as he stroked the girl's head. "It's very kinky. What's your name, luv?"

"Kanako," she said sweetly as she pressed her heated, naked body against the older man.

"Kanko... Kink... Cinco..." Ethan stumbled over the young Asian girl's name.

"Kanako," the small Asian girl repeated as she slid her hands over the older man's body.

"Kap... Cant..." Ethan continued until the teen girl squeezed his cock through his pants. "Mmm..." he moaned in pleasure. "Ya know what? Doesn't matter," he said as he grabbed the girl's arm and pulled her to a more secluded spot. After the disastrous sex he'd had the last few times he wanted room on his own to enjoy the girl's body. Besides, it was impossible for a regular human to measure up to most of the demons and he was starting to develop a complex about it.

Ethan began unbuttoning his shirt as Kana... Kink... The girl dropped to her knees. In a flash she pulled his pants down and shoved his cock in her mouth. He was only allowed one orgasm per victim, their's or his, so he wanted to take his time and enjoy the pink haired girl's ripe, young teenage body. His dick rapidly hardened in her talented mouth and he was amazed at her ability as she sucked his cock-head and ran her tongue along the tip, circling it. He finally got his shirt off and decided to forgo getting his pants and underwear from around his ankles as he gripped the girl's head and began fucking her mouth. Her oral skills were better than any whore he'd ever been with and he moaned in pleasure as his prick slid easily down her throat and his balls rested on her chin. "Gotta love a girl without a gag reflex," he chuckled as he held his cock in her throat until she started to choke, her throat rippling around his cock. "Ohhh... that's sooo good," he moaned as the girl began to weakly beat against his hips until he moved himself and she could breath again.

As Kanako began breathing again she began bobbing her head back and forth, sucking the man's cock with every technique she had ever been taught. She placed her hands on the man's thighs and ran them slowly up as she demon sex spell commanded her, filling her with strange, foreign lust and desperate need.

Ethan pulled his dick out of the girl's amazing mouth, rubbing it across her face, using his prick to spread her saliva over her cute, little face. He ran his cock-head across her bubble gum pink lips before pushing his dick back into her mouth and fucking her face. He fucked her mouth as deeply as he could, his balls slapping wetly against her chin, her drool sliding from her mouth, covering her chin and his balls.

Kanako slid her hands around the man to cup his ass, squeezing his cheeks and using them to move his hips forward so that she could suck his cock deeper into her mouth. Her body throbbed with the need for sex, her nipples hard and her pussy dripping wet but she couldn't touch herself yet, she had to perform as the spell she was under commanded.

Ethan pulled his dick out of the girl's throat and began rubbing the tip around inside of the girl's mouth, enjoying the feel as he rubbed along the inside of her cheeks, tongue and the roof of her mouth. He thrust his hips forward, his dick pressing along the side of her mouth and causing her cheek to bulge in and out. He pulled his dick out again and slapped it against her face again and again, giggling as he enjoyed the wet sounds it made before shoving his dick back into her mouth. "I could spend all afternoon like this," he thought to himself as he placed his hands on his hips, threw back his head with a wolfish grin on his face and basked in the feel of the naked, teenage, pink haired Asian girl's mouth.

Answering the call of the sex spell Kanako kept one hand on the older man's ass and brought her other hand under her dripping chin. Gathering her saliva she made sure her middle finger was thoroughly coated before reaching back around him and squeezing the one cheek she had kept a hold of. With his cheeks parted she thrust her spit coated finger into his anus, quickly finding his gland and triggering his orgasm.

"Oh bloody Hell!" Ethan gasped out as he suddenly came, filling the young girl's mouth with his thick, white load. His knees got weak and he stumbled back, his wet cock popping out of the girl's mouth and a stream of cum escaped from the corner of her mouth. A small, scaly demon wearing an apron and carrying a silver bowl quickly scurried over to the girl. "Nooo..." he whined. "I wasn't done yet."

Kanako spit the man's cum into the bowl and the small demon helped her up and led her merrily back to the orgy.

"Well this just isn't bloody fair," Ethan thought as he watched the young girl's ass sway back and forth as she walked away from him.

* * *

To be continued...


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