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Author's Note: The numbering system I was using for chapters was getting complicated to the point of ridiculousness so I'm doing it more simply. This chapter comes after 4c, Buffy has just been taken by Cathix and this is what happens next.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. La Blue Girl Pt. 09
by Muhabba

In the back room of The Magic Box, the Scoobies gathered before their patrol and Willow leaned over and whispered into Giles' ear. "I still can't get a hold of Buffy," she said while trying to hide the worry in her voice.

"I'm sure she's fine, Willow," Giles said, trying to sound reassuring as he patted her shoulder while trying to hide the worry in his own voice. "We all know how worried her mother was and I'm sure Buffy is just trying to reassure her." He looked out at the group and said, "Now, we've all have our assigned patrols. Our primary goal is, of course, to protect any humans in danger but it is imperative to track the Hentai demons to their lair. Good luck everybody."

* * *

After just over a block, Wesley was captured.

"Right. I think this dastardly demon horde will be in for a bit of a shock should they be willing to attack tonight," he thought as he prowled his patrol area, axe barely concealed behind his back while he crept from shadow to shadow like the jungle cat he thought he was. His training session with Yaku had definitely proved his skill, he thought, and he was anxious to try himself out. Suddenly a female voice cried out, startling him and causing him to drop his weapon.

"Don't worry, Miss," Wesley shouted out as he fumbled with his axe on the ground, "I'm on my way!" He finally managed to pick up the heavy lump of metal and sprinted down to the out of the way dark alley the voice seemed to be coming from. He had barely made it ten feet into the desolate alley before his breath was knocked out of him by a beautiful, blonde haired woman. He fell to his knees, dropping his axe again, and stared up at the extremely nude and obviously frightened woman as she continued to scream.

"Aieee! Who are you?" The strangely naked woman squealed before taking a deep breath, her pale breasts rising and falling on her exposed chest. "Did... did you see the monsters?"

Wesley's eyes we're locked on the extremely pale and naked woman's tits as her chest heaved in apparent fright. "I, ah... That is to say I..." he stammered, distracted by the rising and falling of the seemingly alone woman's pale breasts as they rose up and down with each silent breath she took. "Like whipped cream topped with white cherries," he thought before shaking the sexual cobwebs from his head. "It's, ah... it's o.k., Miss, you're safe now," he told the strange, naked woman who wasn't trembling in fear or with the chill of the night as he tried to reach for his fallen weapon.

"Oh, thank God," the naked woman gasped dramatically as she collapsed on top of Wesley, hugging him to her exposed, cool chest. "I was so scared," she said with an obvious sigh of relief as Wesley continued to fumble with his weapon.

"What a strange, intoxicating scent she's wearing," Weasley thought as he began to unconsciously nuzzle against the exposed woman's unecombard chest. "There, there," he mumbled into her cool, strangely lumenesent cleavage as she continued to squirm against him.

"It was... it was aweful," the naked woman sobbed. She held Wesley's face between her jiggling breasts, his eyes cresting just above the swell as she stared down at him. "They did... did things to me," she said breathlessly, "Touched me... in places. Private places." She held him tightly against her stunningly naked body, never breaking eye contact. "They touched... touched my breasts, between my legs, all over but now I'm safe. Safe because of you," she whispered. "I have to thank you. Thank you so much."

"It's the spell," Wesley thought, trying to defend his growing erection, "She's under the influence of the demon spell. I have no choice but to try and do everything I can to break her free of the fiendish demon spell." "I completely understand, Miss," he managed to choke out as the cool, slender, nude woman began rubbing her groin against the tent in his pants.

"Oh thank you," the blonde woman gasped as she stood up, easily pulling Wesley to his feet.

Wesley was momentarily stunned at how effortlessly the pale woman yanked him to his feet and shoved him against the alley wall. "Ohhmph. You're, ah... ah, quite strong, aren't you?" he stammered as she began unfastening his pants.

"You have no idea," the naked woman said with a wolfish grin before dropping to her knees.

"Do I, ah... do I know you?" Wesley asked as he took in the naked woman's free flowing blonde hair and steel blue eyes. "I feel like I should, ah... should know your name."

The suddenly verouses woman pulled Wesley's hard prick out of his slacks and shoved it into her mouth, easily deep throating him. She pulled her head back slowly, licking every inch of the young Watcher's cock before letting the hard dick pop out of her mouth. She effortlessly held him to the wall by his hips as she rubbed the shaft around her beautiful face. "Darla. My name is Darla," she whispered up from around the rigid prick, her face changing into it's vampire shape.

"Oh dear," Wesely gasped in fear that did nothing to shrink his erection. From his studies he knew that Darla was the sire of Angelous and one of the most fearsome vampires in history and she currently had his penis inside of her fanged mouth. "Oh, oh dear," he grunted as her pink, cool tongue worked itself against his shaft. He knew that his fear should have shrunk him but her mouth and tongue felt magical against him. Her lips, her tongue, her whole talented mouth, the pressure she used while sucking him, everything she did felt perfect and he rolled his eyes in pleasure as she sucked his cock.

Darla let Wesley's prick slide most of the way out of her mouth and began sucking lightly on his tip as she softly stroked his shaft with her fist and grinned mischieviiusly up at him with her yellow tinged eyes. Licking the tip she released him from her mouth and whispered, "Just let it happen. Move and I'll bite it off, keep still and I promise you'll enjoy it." She took his cock back into her mouth and sucked him with everything she had learned in centuries of practice.

"Ye... yes, ma... ma'am," Wesley panted, already on the verge of orgasm. He told himself it was the fear of Darla biting off his penis that kept him from trying to escape but deep down he knew it was the thrill of danger at being enthralled by a vampire of her unparalleled oral skill that was keeping him in place. Besides, her vampire strength would have kept him pressed against the wall even if he decided to move, not to mention her vicious teeth scrapping against his sensitive shaft, so he really had no choice but to keep still as she fellatied him. "Oh, oh dear," he gasped out in pleasure as he thought, "This is almost better than Buffy's ass." Darla lashed his shaft with her tongue as she sucked on his cock, his tip sliding in and out of the entrance of her throat while she stroked the base of his shaft with one hand and fondled his bloated balls with the other.

"I'm cumming!" Wesley shrieked as he erupted into Darla's magnificent mouth, surrendering to the demon spell as she easily swallowed his thick load.

* * *

"Are you sure you have to do this?" Giles asked, letting all the worry he was feeling show on his face before kissing Jenny on her forehead.

"Yes, Rupert," Jenny said, trying to reassure her boyfriend. "Sterotyoe or not, you know how secretive Gypsies are. There are things they'll tell me that they'd never say in front of anybody else and every little bit of information we can get on Cathix or his plans could help," she said while trying to smile confedently up at him.

Giles held Jenny to him. "But perhaps if you waited for Buffy..." he began.

"She's a stranger to my people, and as far as they're concerned, a traitor since she fell in live with Angel," Jenny interrupted. "I'll be fine Rupert. No heroics, I promise. Just running and hiding." She kissed him deeply and he responded just as deeply before she broke the kiss and headed wordlessly out into the night.

By foot it should have taken Jenny twenty minutes to reach her destination, by car it would have been just over five minutes, but driving on only the brightest and most heavily trafficked streets it took just over thirty minutes to reach the mid-priced apartment complex. She quickly parked and scurried inside and knocked on the appropriate door. "Pietro? Pietro, it's Janna Kalderash. Are you home?" she called out using her given name. After a few moments the door opened wide and she was greeted warmly by a obviously Gypsy man she didn't recognize.

"Ah, Janna, so good to see you," the stranger said as he held his arms open and then engulfed her in a bear hug.

Jenny struggled for a bit before the stranger released her. "Do I... do I know you? Where's Pietro?"

The stranger looked crestfallen. "You do not recognize Nikola? I am Pietro's second cousin on his mother's side. I used to bounce you on my knee when you we're but a bit of a girl," he said by way of introduction before practically dragging Jenny into the apartment. "But as you can see it's been years and years," he said as he stroked his long, gray beard with one hand and closed and locked the door with the other. "It is not safe outside. Better to be inside with family. Tea?"

Jenny looked over the stranger, trying to place him but he looked unremarkably unremarkable. In fact he looked like every Gypsy everybody imagines a Gypsy to look: Bandana over his head, another bandana looped through his pants, a poet's blouse, faded jeans, and a hoop earring through one ear. "I'm sorry, Nikola, but I don't remember you," she said suspiciously.

"Ah, it's of no concern," Nikola said cheerfully. "Have a seat and I'll get our tea," he said as he gestured to a simple, white couch and then made his way into the tiny kitchen. "Make yourself at home, what's Pietro's is yours," he said chuckling at his joke.

"I'll have to pass on the tea, Nikola," Jenny said as she sat down, "I'm afraid I'm in a bit of a hurry."

"Nonsense," Nikola said as he appeared with a steaming pot of tea and two cups. "There's always time for tea."

"Wow, that was quick," Jenny said as the older man began pouring the tea.

"The bones," Nikola said as he sat on the opposite end of the couch, "The bones say I should be expecting company."

Jenny shrugged her shoulders and then picked up her hot cup. "Well, since it's already ready. Cheers."

"Cheers, luv," Nikola said as he brought his cup to his lips.

Taking a sip of her tea, Jenny winced before hastily putting it back down. "That's, ah... I don't think I've ever, ah... ever tasted tea quite like that."

"I certainly doubt you've ever had tea like this," Nikola said as he sat his cup down and began taking off his bandanas. "So what brings you to this charming apartment, luv?"

Jenny swooned for a moment. "I, ah... there's things... things. I have... I have a list," she slurred as her vision blurred and she fummbled as she tried to get her list of supplies from her breast pocket. "And thing... things I need... need to know."

"Let me get that, luv," Nikola said as he reached over to Jenny's chest, squeezing and caressing her firm tit before taking the list from her. He read the list, holding it up with one hand while taking off his boots with the other. "Well, if I didn't know better I'd say you're making a warding spell. Or maybe a tracking spell."

"Bo... both," Jenny panted as sweat broke out across her forehead and her nipples tightened.

"Ah, so you're looking to protect yourselves from Cathix and track down where he's taking the humans," Nikola said cheerfully as he reached up and took out his hoop earring. Next he removed his now obviously fake beard and wig. "I'm afraid the only thing I have for you here has nothing to do with magic. Except for the tea of course." He helped the woozy witch to stand up and then began leading her to the next room.

"The... the tea?" Jenny asked as she was led numbly into the apartment's single bedroom.

"Yes, dear," Ethan said cheerfully. "Demon seed. Perhaps you noticed me not partaking," he said as he began hurriedly removing the last of his enchanted costume. "Oh, and the magic in my costume I suppose." He now stood completely nude behind the bewildered teacher, his cock already hard. "Now let's get you out of these clothes."

Jenny stood placidly as she was stripped of her simple blouse and slacks, only moving when the warlock moved her as he discarded her clothes until she was complety naked and completely vulnerable.

Ethan looked over Giles' girlfriend's bronzed, golden body. Her dark nipples we're rock hard and her delicate pussy glistened with arousal. He licked his lips hungrily as he leered at her and asked, "And how're you feelin', luv?"

"Soooo horny," Jenny moaned.

"Glad ta hear it," Ethan chuckled as he moved Jenny to sit in the edge of the bed and presented his cock to the bespelled teacher. "Ol' Ripper's gonna love this," he said gleefully using Giles' old nickname. He grabbed his cock and pointed it at the helpless teacher's face. "Suck it."

Jenny slowly opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and in a flash Ethan rammed his cock in, forcing her to gag slightly.

Ethan smiled wolfishly as he grabbed the sides of Jenny's head and began to fuck her warm, wet mouth. "Oh yeah, baby, take that cock. Suck it. Suck that prick,' he gasped as his balls slapped wettly against her chin with every thrust into her throat. "You like that, don't you? You like my cock in your mouth," he continued as he mercilessly slammed his prick into the school teacher's wet mouth. "You're a dirty girl, aren't ya? You love to suck dick. Suck it. Suck my dick," he ordered as his stiff prick slid over the computer teacher's limp tongue.

"I said, suck my dick," Ethan said, halting his thrusts and waiting for Jenny to comply as strands of drool slid down her chin and dripped onto her golden chest. "Well, you wanna suck it, right?"

Jenny looked languidly up at Ethan with his prick resting in her mouth and nodded slightly.

"What the bloody 'ell," Ethan mumbled as he slid his dick out of Jenny's mouth. "You're horny, right?" he asked and she slowly nodded her head. "You wanna suck my dick, right?" and she once again slowly nodded her head as she sat listlessly on the mattress. He reached down and picked up one of her hands and wrapped it around his shaft. He let go of her hand and as it slid bonelessly down onto her naked lap he held his head in his hand and groaned in frustration. "Bloody 'ell," he muttered into his hand. "Bloody demon seed worked to well. She's about as compliant as a warm noodle." He moved his hand and stared down at the beautiful, naked, and completely passive Gypsy. "I hate this bloody town," he grumbled as he began moving Jenny into a new position.

With her knees now on the floor and her chest on the bed, Jenny's thick, bronzed ass was stuck high in the air as Ethan kneeled behind her. He slid his hard meat into her warm, wet, loose count and began grumbling angrily but not entirely surprised as he slid his dick back out. "Feels about as tight as a twenty dollar whore," he mumbled as he stared down at her in defeat. "Heh, one more to try," he thought as he slid his fingers into the school teacher's dripping pussy, gathering her slick fluids and then rubbing them along the rosebud entrance to her ass and began slowly sliding in. "Oh, still tight," he groaned happily as he worked his fingers in and out of the witch's clutching ass. "Not as tight as usual, I bet," he chuckled as he brought his cock up to the entrance and moaned, "But beggers can't be choosers."

If she could, Jenny would have shivered in pleasure as Ethan pushed into her ass. She had learned of his and Rupert's relationship after a demon they had raised as in their rebellious youth had possessed her in Sunnydale. She had eventually forgiven Rupert for the demon's violation of her but she had vowed to teach Ethan a lesson in Gypsy curses if they ever met but now she just wanted him to fuck her.

Ethan groaned in pleasure as he placed the tip of his prick at the entrance to Jenny's ass and began pushing in. The combination of her flacid body and his fingering her with her own juices made the intrusion easier and he quickly found his shaft buried balls deep in their thankfully tight hole. He playfully spanked her thick ass, enjoying the way the firm flesh jiggled as he began fucking himself in and out of her. He gripped her wide hips firmly, holding her in place as he quickly worked himself in and out of her willing body, his cum filled balls slapping wetly against her pussy lips. He had started the evening so excited about fucking Ripper's young girlfriend, making her beg for his dick, worshipping him as he made her cum but as she laid silently before him his fantasy seemed weakly masturbatiry.

"Why won't you say something?" he whined as he slapped against Jenny's round ass again. "Might as well be jerking off," he grumbled as he increased his pace, his hips basically a blur as he fucked her faster and faster. "I hate this bloody town!" he yelled as he came, burying himself in her thick golden ass before feeling himself start to soften and slipping out of her. "I've got to start planning these encounters better," he gasped out.

* * *

"Bullocks, ya wanker!" Spike shouted as his fist connected with Angel's jaw. He had followed his grand-sire for nearly three blocks after Angel had left the Magic Box, waiting for the perfect opportunity to take down the older vampire. Then he had gotten bored and just jumped him in the first alley he had come across.

Spike lashed out with his boot, striking Angel in the chest and pushing him farther into the darkness of the alley, away from the street, away from help. He swung at Angel's jaw again but Angel managed to block the hit and swing out his own fist and connected with the side of Spike's head. Spike never lost his cheeky grin as he swung out again and Angel block his fist but missed his foot which connected with Angel's stomach.

"Spike," Angel grunted as he stood up straighter despite the pain in his abdomen, "Plan on domming me yourself?" He stood with his arms loose at his sides and with his balance on the balls of his feet

"You wish, mate," Spike chuckled as Drucilla appeared naked out of the shadows behind Angel. "I'm just the distraction."

Fireworks exploded behind Angel's eyes as he crumpled to the dirty ground. Above him he could barely make out the hazy forms of Spike and a naked Drucilla leering down at him with vicious smiles on their faces.

Drucilla threw the shattered 2x4 to the side as her beautiful face changed from human to the viseige of a vampire. "Oh, Spike. You brought me a puppy!" she said with child like glee through her fangs.

"Nothing's to food for you, luv," Spike said, his own face shifting to match Dru's as he nuzzled her graceful neck. "But it's up to you to break him," he continued as he licked up the side of her neck and gently caressed one of her small, firm breasts.

Drucilla practically cooed as Spike stroked her chest. "It will be ever so much fun training him," she giggled as she got down on her knees next to her sire. She ran her hands over his chest before trailing lower to his groin and massaging the growing lump in his pants. "Oh, it appears the puppy already has a bone," she said in her child like sing-song voice as her talented hands quickly brought Angel to full hardness. "First I shall teach the puppy how to share his bone," she said as she clapped her hands, her pale tits jiggling and her nipples hard.

"That's right, luv," Spike said as he stepped back and leaned against a near by wall to watch. "You show that puppy who's the boss."

Dru ripped away the front of Angel's pants, revealing his hard prick as she clapped again and licked her lips. "And such a lovely bone it is," she giggled. She wrapped her hands around the thick shaft and began lightly toying with it, causing the older vampire to moan in pleasure despite himself. "Such a lovely, lovely bone," she whispered as she straddled his hips, pointing his hard cock at her wet pussy.

"Eh, it's alright," Spike mumbled as Dru lowered herself down on Angel's cock. Spike lit a cigarette, the light from the flame highlighting his vampiric features as he chuckled and felt himself starting to get hard watching Dry dominate Angel, "Hey, that's right, luv. That's your bone. You own that bone."

Angel laid completely limp, except for his traitorus dick, on the cold ground. He knew that he had to move, to get up, to fight, to escape but his body refused to respond as Drucilla's tight, wet pussy engulfed his cock.

Dru's vampire face grinned maniaclly down at Angel. "Oh good, puppy. Such a good, good puppy," she gasped out as she began slowly riding his cock. It had been almost a hundred years since the last time she had felt Angelous's dick inside of her and her hungry cunt was dripping wet at all the memories of it. Her small tits jiggled with each downward thrust and her pussy made wet, squelching noises as she slammed herself down on her sire's hard prick. She panted and moaned in lust as she rode him, despite not needing to breath, her back arched with her head thrown back as she cooed in pleasure while mercilessly dominating the once fearsome Angelous.

"Don't cum to soon, pet," Spike chided as he pulled his cock out of his pants and began to jerk-off. "He's yours, you own him. Use him, he has to work for it."

"Oh no, Spike," Dru panted in lust, "He's our puppy. We'll use him together. One big, happy family." Her long brown hair thrashed around as she rode Angel harder and faster. "But I want to cum, Spike. I want to use him and cum now," she whined with a childish pout on her vampiric face, never losing her rythum.

Spike chuckled, waving his hard dick at Dru. "You give him what he's got coming to him and I'll give you what you have coming to you."

Dru slammed her hips down and flexed her vaginal muscles, her already tight pussy clamping down on Angel's prick. "You hear that, puppy? Daddy has a present for us." She ground her hips down and flexed her lower muscles again as she bent down and thrust her tongue into his mouth, triggering his orgasm. As she felt him filling her tight pussy with his thick seed she threw his head back and shriked in pleasure as she came as well, her voice echoing through the dark alley.

""Bout had bloody enough of waitin'," Spike growled as he quickly stripped his overcoat off and practically leaped at the post orgasmic couple. He yanked Drucilla off of Angel's softening cock and slammed her against the wall with enough force to crack the brick. "I'll show you who has a bone for you," he growled with a wicked smile on his face as he shoved down his pants and thrust his hips up, impaling her on his achingly hard cock.

"Oh, William!" Dru giggled, using Spike's human name as her face shifted to human. She missed the old days of playing Spike and Angelous against each other to see who could fuck her more viciously and tonight Spike was winning as he raggedly fucked her against the wall. She dug her fingernails into his back as she wrapped her legs around his waist tight enough to crack a human in half as he drilled himself inside of her. "Oh, oh, oh," she panted, "Daddy's bone is so much better!"

Spiked grinned evilly, "Damn right it is." Dru's words spurred him on harder, faster, thrusting deep inside of her with enough force to crack the brick wall even more, both of them lost to animalistic lust.

As the vampire couple fucked a few feet from him, Angel's mind began to clear and his eyes began to focus on them against the wall, completely lost in themselves. "Their own, worst enemies," he thought as he began to struggle to pull his pants up. He rolled over on his side and finally managed to pull his pants up over his spent and sticky cock as he looked over his shoulder at his wildly fucking progeny. "Got to get out of here before they finish. Try and get my wits back," he thought hurridly as he began to slowly crawl out of the alley.

"Oh sweet Spike!" Dru grasped out as she came, her legs tightening around his waist as she rode him through her orgasm.

Spike grinned maliciously. "Ain't done yet, pet," he growled as he pulled his cock out of Dru's tight, spasming pussy. She nearly tumbled to the ground but he deftly caught her and spun her around, her pale ass out thrust and covered in bits of dirt and broken bricks. "Who's the Big Bad!" he yelled as he thrust his hard dick back into Dru's drooling cunt.

Dru screamed in pleasure as she came again, her pussy clamping down on Spike's thrusting prick as her small breasts smashed against the wall and her hard nipples scrapped against the cool brick. "You are, Spike! You're the Biggest Bad," she panted in joy as her undead body was rocked by another orgasm.

"I'm the Biggest Bad!" Spike laughed as he drove his rigid prick deep and fast into Dru's tight pussy, "I'm a fuckin' animal!" He gripped her slender hip in one hand and yanked back on her long hair, causing her to gasp out in pain and then smaile back wickedly at him from over her shoulder.

"You're the biggest, baddest animal, Spike," Dru giggled. "Pretty puppy Angelous is just a pale echo to you."

Spike slammed his hips forward one hard thrust after another. "You've..." slam, "Got..." slam, "That..." slam, "Bloody..." slam, "Right!" he bellowed as he slammed forward one last time, shoving Dru's wickedly smiling face into the brick as he came, his thick, cold cum filling her tightly clutching cunt as she came with him. He lovingly pressed the front of his body against the back of her's, nuzzling her neck sweetly as he ground his groin against her soft ass.

"Spike?" Dru groaned out.

"Yea, luv," Spike responded with a sloppy grin.

"Puppy's run away."

"Bloody 'ell."

* * *

"What's the point of having all of those tenticals if you don't know how to use them?" Faith barked. She was once again completely naked except for her boots and was being held high in the air by a dozen demon tenticals. Her pale legs were spread wide by the tenticals holding her ankles and thighs open while one thick tentical slid in and out of her wet cunt while another burrowed in and out of her tight ass. A pair of tenticals squeesed her large, jiggling tits while their tips slid wetly across her hard nipples and a third tentical fucked her cleavage. She held a tentical in each fist, alternating sucking on one while tugging on the other before switching, barking orders at the wildly thrashing mass before switching.

"Fuck me harder," she demanded as she pulled a tentical out of her mouth before plundging the other in, lashing it with her warm, pink tongue. She had lost track of the number of orgasms she had enjoyed with the Hentai Demon as it tried to dominate her but it didn't matter, she was in charge and the demon would make her cum as much as she wanted. Her sweaty, well fucked body swayed in the air as the tenticals waved around fiercly, torn between trying to escape and trying to fuck her but for as far as she was concerned the tenticals were her's and she would use them for as long as she liked.

Suddenly Faith's entire body seized as another orgasm ripped through her, the tenticals in her ass and cunt becoming rigid, filling her with their demon seed as the ones in her hands eruted in her mouth and the tentical fucking her tits spewed it's thick cum over her beautiful, gasping face. "Fuuuuck," she stuttered as she rode out another orgasm, her juices raining down on the cold concrete as her ass and cunt gripped down on the tenticals inside of her and her fists squeezed, causing all the tenticals to bulged out, threatening to burst. A wild grin spread across her cum streaked face as she finished cumming. "O.k., big boy. You can let me down now," she chuckled to the the quivering mass.

The demon slowly and obediantly lowered her to the ground before eagerly pulling it's tenticals from her sated body and then hurriedly trying to escape down the sidewalk.

Faith chuckled again as she casually reached out and grabbed one of the demon's limp tenticals while the mass tired to escape. She had found the writhing mass of perverted tenticals in the alley raping a couple of co-eds and had become struck by a devilishly wicked idea. She had casually stripped her clothes off as she watched the demon work on the college girls and then used her knife to cut away the naked students. The demon had of coursed attacked her next but her skills as a Slayer had easily over-powered it and dragged it out of the alley and into the street, away from the now horny girls. And now she had fucked it into submission surrounded by a group of frightened pedestrians.

Taking her knife back out of her boot she began reeling in the demon, her legs spread shoulder length apart for balance as she bent back against the weight of the tentical demon, the muscles in her tight ass clenched, and her full breasts swaying rythmically back and forth. "I think we're going to need a bigger boat," she smirked to herself before frowning. "I've been hangin' around Harris to much," she groaned as she pulled the struggling, helpless demon to her. When the demon was close enough she began hacking at the mass of frightened tenticals as they thrashed around trying to escape until they all layed limply on the ground, dead.

"Have no fear, folks," the naked Slayer announced to the stunned crowd of spectators. "Once again you're all safe thanks to Faith the Vampire Slayer." She smiled to herself as she casually walked past the crowd back into the alley, completely self-assured that everybody was staring lustfully at her naked body. "Like to see B top that," she thought as a wet throb echoed through her body at the idea of watching Buffy being dommed by the mass of tenticals. "Huh, I haven't heard from Buffy all night," she realized as she reached her pile of clothes. Bending at the waist she pulled her phone out of her pants and hit the quick dial.

"Xander, here," a tinny voices said after the second ring.

"Xander, it's Faith," she said as she leaned against the dirty wall and began absentmindedly toying with one of her still hard nipples, "You hear from Buffy yet?"

"Not yet," Xander answered. "Maybe Giles or one of the others have. Why don't you call her?"

Faith continued toying with her nipple, squeezing and rolling the hard nub between her fingertips. "If she's patrolling I don't want to give away her position. You wanna check with the others? I'm not used to going this long without her glaring at me in disaproval," she said huskily, images of Buffy being gang-raped by demons swimming through her mind.

"Will do, Faith," Xander said. "Over and out."

"Harris, you dork," Faith groaned in lust as her hand began traveling down from her chest to her flat, fluttering abdomen, "It's a phone, not a radio." Her hand trailed lower to the burning juncture of her legs and she moaned in pleasure as one of her fingers began circling her hard clit, Buffy being penatrated over and over again flashed behind her heavy lidded eyes. "Winning the fights or not, I think the demon sex spell is starting to get to me," she decided. She had quickly lost track of the number of demons she had fucked and killed after leaving the Magic Box and grinned as she tried to remember every throbbing minute of it. "Probably be better off just killing the next couple, just to give myself a break," she thought as she bent over and slid her phone back into her pants. "'Course, with as horny as I am, I should probably rub one out real quick or I'm likely to ruin my favorite pair of I-might-get-lucky panties," she thought with a wicked grin.

Faith held herself braced against the brick wall with one hand while her other hand slid down between her spread legs, her pale ass out-thrust in the dark alley.

"Love when they make it easy for me," Spike chuckled as he slammed Faith's head into the wall and thrust his dick into her wet cunt. The Slayer grunted in pain, either because of her head hitting the wall or his dick shoved up her cunt he didn't care, it sounded just as sweet either way. He gripped her slender waist tightly and began thrusting deep, hard, and fast into her wet cunt, chuckling to himself in pride. "Thanks for warmin' up the engine for me, luv," he said as he jack-hammered into her, making her grunt and mewl with every thrust. He reached up and gripped her tits, squeezing and mawling them hard enough to leave bruises, her firm flesh bulging from between his fingers and her hard nipples scraping against his palms.

Faith groaned in pain, pleasure, and confusion. Distantly she knew what was happening to her but she was to overwhelmed to respond. The vampire's cock was streatching her in all the right ways and she couldn't help but moan in unwanted pleasure as it barreled into her horny body again and again. And for some reason, through it all, she couldn't get the image of a naked Buffy Summers taking demon cock after demon cock and being forced to cum again and again.

Spike felt the Slayer's already tight cunt contracting around his shaft and knew she was about to cum. "Not so fast, pet," he said, pulling his prick out of Faith's hot cunt and throwing her to the ground. "Killed me two Slayers already and never thought of fuckin' 'em first. I wanna enjoy this." Wearing only his overcoat, shirt, and boots he walked casually in front of Faith and then yanked her up by her hair causing her to gasp out in pain. "By the way, love your boots," he said before shoving his cock into her gapping mouth.

Immediatly Faith started gagging on Spike's cock as it plunged into her throat and his balls bounced off of her chin. She struggled weakly against him even as she tried bobbing her head back and forth while trying to suck on his invading shaft. She could taste her juices on him, something she had never done before but found herself oddly likeing the taste and expiernce of it.

Holding Faith's hair like a horse's reins, Spike fucked her mouth and throat, rubbing his prick against her wet tongue, along the insides of her cheeks and across the roof of her mouth. "Fuck, you Slayers are a talented bunch," he chuckled as he pulled his cock out of her mouth and rubbed it around her face before throwing her on her stomach. "Can't wait to try your friend Buffy."

The thought of watching Spike domming Buffy was nearly enough to send Faith into orgasm as the vampire gripped her hips and raised her ass up. She shivered in anticipation as she felt his soft cock-head nuzzling against her demon lubed asshole and then, with a hard, piercing shove, he thrust through the sensative ring of muscle of her ass, making her cum.

Spike fought to hold onto the thrashing Slayer as she came, his dick only a few short inches inside of her. "Yee haw, pardner!" he shouted as he continued to shove his dick into the orgasming Slayer's tight ass. With two more raqgged, deep shoves he buried his cock completely inside of the screaming Slayer, his cum bloated balls resting wetly on her gushing pussy as he playfully slapped her muscular ass. "Ride 'em, cowboy," he yelled gleefully as he began riding the Dark Slayer's tight ass.

"Ca... can't st... can't stop cu... cumming!" Faith yelled out in boiling pleasure as her sweating, panting, thrashing body was viciously ass fucked in the dark, dirty alley. Her world was torn away into two, sharp, blaring points: the orgasmic feel of the vampire's cock piercing her ass and the thought of watching the same thing happen to Buffy.

The pressure in Spike's balls was on the verge of boiling over. He thrust himself deep inside of Faith's tight ass one last time, relishing the feel of her body stretched tight around his cock before shoving her forward off of his prick. He used the toe of his boot to roll the twitching Slayer onto her back and began fisting his cock, aiming himself at her dazed, panting face. "Fuckin' take it, bitch!" he yelled as he came, his cock spewing this thick, white seed over her face and tits. "Oh yeah," he grinned as his cock began slowly deflating. "Almost as good as killing a Slayer."

* * *

"The utility player, right. I handle the utilities," Xander thought as he walked up the steps to Buffy's porch. "What does that even mean?" he mumbled to himself as he knocked on the front door and it opened a couple of inches. "This can't be good," he whispered to himself as he held up his stake and slowly entered. The staircase was immediatly in front of the door and he looked to the left inside of the living room and went numb with shock. Buffy was completely naked on her knees, her back to him as her head bobbed back and forth of the groin of a giant demon. Dawn was also completely naked, standing on a chair, passionatly kissing the monster with her hands wandering over his chest as one of the demon's immence hands cupped her plump, little ass while one of his thick fingers sawed in and out between her delicate ass-cheeks. Buffy's golden skin glowed in the candle light while Dawn's paler skin glimmered as the smallest Summers moaned in apprciation of the demon's finger and Buffy made wet, sucking sounds over his crotch.

"It's quite a sight, huh?" Joyce whispered into Xander's ear as she pressed her naked body against his back, "Seeing two sisters getting along so well. It'd make any mother feel proud." She wrapped her arms around his waist, one hand rubbing his chest as her other cupped his already bulging groin. "Mmm, I can see you appriciate it too," she whispered as she deftly unfastened his pants and pulled down his zipper.

"I, um..." Xander mumbled as Joyce pulled out his hard prick and began slowly but firmly jerking him off. The air reeked of sex and in the back of his mind he knew that the scent carried the demon's sex spell with it but the front of his mind didn't care and told the back of his mind to shut up while Joyce continued to jerk him off with one hand and her other hand slid down from his chest to fondle his balls. He'd always had a crush on Joyce for as long as he'd known Buffy but for as much as he wanted to pay more attention to the naked older woman his eyes stayed locked on Buffy sucking the demon's giant cock and Dawn slowly rocking her ass against the demon's thrusting finger.

Joyce giggled at Xander's shocked, wide-eyed, slack jawed expression. She didn't mind the teenager's lack of attention to her, it was the sex that mattered after all, and she knew about his crush on Buffy so she released his throbbing, and surprisingly impressive cock and began stripping him naked. He clumsily helped her out of his clothes, his eyes locked onto Buffy and Dawn, until he was completely naked and then she started posing him. She walked him into the center of the living room and then helped him down onto his knees so that they would both have a good view of Cathix and her daughters. She got onto her hands and knees in front of him and reached behind her to grasp his throbbing cock, aiming it at the entrance to her burning pussy.

The instant his dick touched Joyce's wet pussy, Xander snapped into action. He gripped the older woman's hips and thrust into her churning cunt with one thrust, bucking against her as he began furiously fucking her and causing her to squeal out in pleasure, his eyes never leaving the naked Buffy and Dawn.

"It's got to be some kind of spell," Buffy thought as she pulled Cathix's giant cock out of her mouth and began lovingly tugging on it, "I would never be able to fit this into my mouth otherwise." She slowly licked down one side of the monster's prick and then up the other before circling the tip with her pink tongue. She hefted the large log of dick up and began licking at his massive balls, covering the dangling orbs in her warm saliva before licking back up the shaft along the large vein running beneath. When she reached the tip she once again circled it with her tongue, giving it a long, slow kiss with her lips before pulling her head away and looking up at her naked, horny sister. "Dawn, can you come down here please?"

Dawn groaned in pleasure as Cathix's tongue throughly explored her mouth and his thick finger throughly explored her delicate, wet, needy pussy. "Mmmm, don wanna," she mumbled around the demon lord's thick tongue as his rough finger slid over her pink, little asshole while it made it's way deep into her tiny, hot pussy.

Buffy sighed in exasburation as the present, lewd situation did nothing to dampen her usual frustration at her sister's attitude. "Now, Dawn," she ordered.

"Grrr..." Dawn growled as she broke the kiss with Cathix and he pulled his long finger out of her body before she made her way off the chair and onto the floor, her small, firm breasts jiggling and her plump ass flexing as she got on her knees. "I'm tired of you telling me what to do," she whined.

"Well, that's tough," Buffy chided her horny sister. "I'm the Slayer and as far as demons go, I'm in charge and I think it's time you learn how to suck a demon's cock."

"Vampire Slayer," Dawn mumbled under her breath, "...not 'Dawn's fun Slayer'."

Buffy took a deep breath, steeling her nerves to not snap at her sister in front of their demon lord. She managed to smile through her frustration and leaned over, pressing her chest against Dawn's, their breasts smothered against one another, thier hard nipples pressed toghether. "You'll like it, I promise," she said before wrapping an arm around her sister's slim waist and kissing her, her warm tongue sliding past Dawn's bubblegum flavored lips and caressing the inside of her little sister's warm mouth.

Buffy broke the kiss and smiled to herself in pride at the look of pleasure on Dawn's face. "Well, I guess I know how to shut her up for now on," she thought. When Dawn's eyes refocused, Buffy firmly gripped the base of Cathix's mighty cock and began tugging on it. "Now pay attention and do what I do," she told her sexy little sister. She continued jerking the demon shaft as she slowly but firmly licked over the tip before once again running her tongue down one side and up the other. With her free hand she began fondling his balls as she used her tongue to draw the thorbbing meat into her warm mouth, sucking forcfully as she swallowed his length. Her pink lips were stretched thigtly around his girth as she felt his soft cock-head slide past the back of her mouth and down her throat. Demon magic or no, there was no way she'd be able to deep throat his entire length but she did manage to swallow most of it before beginning to rock her head back and forth, massaging the shaft with her pink tongue.

A dull throb echoed through Dawn's young body and her hands quickly delved between her slick thighs as she watched Buffy suck Cathix's giant cock. As Buffy pulled the demon lord's prick from her mouth, Dawn stared at her sister in a mixture of lust and wide-eyed facination. "Oh my God, Buffy. That was the hottest thing I've ever seen," she gasped in wonder.

"Thanks," Buffy blushed with pride. "What you didn't see was me using my tongue while sucking on the shaft, so don't forget to do that. Also, lick his balls every once in a while, guys like that. Got it?"

Dawn enthusiastically nodded her head and didn't even mind when Buffy patted her affectionaltly like a puppy.

"Good girl," Buffy said as she stood up to give Dawn room. "Now get to it. That dick ain't gonna suck itself." "Or it might, I don't know. Giles is the demon expert," she thought as she watched Dawn tentativly grip Cathix's shaft with both of her hands.

Dawn's small hands didn't even come close to encircling Cathix's large shaft as she started to tentativly tug on it. She gave small, fluttering kisses to his bulging cock-head to match the nervous butterflies in her stomach before poking her pink tongue out and giving the oddly textured skin small licks. She lapped over and over again until the throbbing helmet was shining with her warm saliva, deciding she liked the flavor of his skin before sliding her warm, wet tongue slowly down one side of his thick cock. When she reached the base she began giving his huge, dangling ball sack quick little cat licks until the large orbs shone as wetly as the tip of his shaft. She heard the demon lord groan in pleasure and smiled in pride before licking back up his dick, her tiny hands starting to tug on him more confidently.

"Good girl, Dawnie," Buffy groaned as she watched her sister licking her first cock while she squeezed one of her own tits, pinching the hard nipple until she cooed in pleasure. "Now suck it, Dawn. Suck that demon dick."

Dawn completely ingnored her over-bearing sister like she always did whether Buffy was right or not. Just because Buffy was the Slayer didn't make her the boss of her. But regardless she opened her mouth as wide as she could as she bent forward until Cathix cock-head was pushing past her soft lips. She steeled her resolve as she took a deep breath, her small chest pushing out, before pushing forward and taking the over sized demon prick into her mouth. She was so excited by having her first taste of dick in her mouth that she almost forgot what Buffy had said about using her tongue before she began bobbing her head back and forth, her tongue now flickering wetly against the thick shaft.

"Mmm, very acceptable," Cathix groaned in contentment at Dawn as he began rocking his hips back and forth, fucking her teenage mouth. He looked over at Buffy as she beamed up at him in pride. "You have taught your sister well, Slayer," he said as he reached down and began sliding his hands over Buffy's tan tits.

"Thank you, Master," Buffy cooed as she thrust her chest out to Cathix and stood up. He bent towards her and kissed her roughly, his thick tongue wrestling aginst hers, his hips never stopping from thrusting into Dawn's sucking mouth.

Dawn kept up her pace as she took in a bit more of Cathix shaft with each stroke as she sucked him and jerked him off with one hand, her other hand playing with her churning cunt. She couldn't even come close to deep-throating him but she could get almost a quareter of his length past her thinly stretched lips, his smooth helmet sliding slightly into her throat. As she kept bobbing her head and tugging on him with one hand her other hand worked between her coltish legs, two fingers buried in her hungry hole as her thumb circled her sizzling clit. When she had been possessed by the demon spell before she had thought she had felt horny but it was nothing compared to this. With every stroke of her mouth and tongue over the demon's throbbing shaft her tender, little pussy got warmer, wetter, hungrier. Sliding a third finger into her tightly clutching cunt she still felt empty, still needed to be filled, to be streatched. She needed to be fucked.

Dawn slid Cathix ridged rod from her mouth and began rubbing it over her face, her skin seeming to sizzle in delight where ever it touched her. She stared up at the demon lord with wide, pleading eyes. "Please fuck me now, Master," she asked meekly.

Cathix broke his kiss with Buffy and stared down at the Slayer's naked little sister. "What was that, my dear?" he asked with a teasing smirk.

Dawn slowly stood up, letting Cathix shaft slide down her face, neck, and chest. Because of their height diffrence his cock rested just below her small breasts and the tip rested just below the top of her cleavage. "Please fuck me, my lord. I want it, need it. I need your cock inside of my pussy, filling my body. I feel empty without you inside me."

Cathix affectionatly patted the top of Dawn's head like a needy pet. "I would be a poor king to deny the needs of my subjects," he said with a wicked grin. "Get on the couch."

"Oh goodie," Joyce said with glee as she thrust herself back on Xander's cock, letting him fill her completely before leaning forward and letting him slip out of her. She looked over her shoulder at him and saw that he was still rocking his hips, fucking the open air like a horny puppy as her juices dripped off of his cock. She couldn't help but giggle at the lost, and yes, puppy dog look on his face as she stood up, her inner thighs wet and sticking together slightly. She helped him stand up and ushered him over to a chair next to the couch and sat him down. "This'll give us both a good seat at Lord Cathix finally taking Dawn's precious, little cheery," she said before turning her back to Xander and straddling his lap. She gripped his cock and held it up as she lowered herself down in a reverse cowgirl, moaning in pleasure as he slowly filled her again.

Dawn sat down on the couch and spread her slender legs wide as Buffy sat down next to her. Buffy leaned into her and began to lovingly stroke one of her small breasts as she whispered into her ear, "Here, take my hand." Dawn gripped her sister's free hand and squeezed tightly as Cathix knelt between her knobby knees. "I know you're nervous but I'm going to help you through this," Buffy said as Dawn nodded quickly, her wide eyes filled with fear and wonder. Buffy slid her hand down off of Dawn's chest and petite tits, over her fluttering tummy, and to just above the hot, wet juncture of her sister's pussy. Her middle finger began making slow circles around Dawn's hard clit, causing the young teen to jerk momentarily at the contact before settling and moaning at the pleasure her sister was causing her.

Cathix took a moment to look over the scene his power had created: the young girl frightened yet eager for him to have her virginity, the Slayer lovenly masturbating her young sister, and the mother using the human boy for her own pleasure as she wantonly stared at his mighty cock about to take her daughter. "You are all mine," he sneered as he thrust himself forward, streatching Dawns wet, puffy labia and popping the sweet cherry of her virginity.

"Oh God!" Dawn shrieked in pleasure and pain as she suddenly came, her slick juices gushing around the tight seal Cathix had made in her pussy. Her chest heaved as she began to hyperventilate and tears of pain, pleasure, fear, and bliss trailed down her gasping face.

"Breathe, just breathe," Buffy whispered soothingly into her sister's ear, "You're doing great." She toyed with Dawn's nipple as she continued making circles around sister's clit, increasing the pace to try and match any pain that losing her virginity could cause her.

Cathix continued pushing forward slowly, never ceasing the steady pressure as the young girl's tight pussy slowly parted and streatched around his shaft. He held her legs up by her ankles to give himself plenty of room to press himself forward, relishing in the feel of the clutching, velvet heat of the teenager's gushing cunt. She shuddered and twitched as she was rocked again and again by orgasm after orgasm, cumming over and over as her slick juices slid from her tight pussy, rolled down her clutching ass and soaked into the couch. Her wide eyes were glazed over as pure fear and bliss coursed through her like a raging river until he was buried completely inside of her, his heavy balls resting on her compacted ass-cheeks.

Buffy was uncountiously humping the couch as she watched Cathix bury himself inside of Dawn. This was, without a doubt, the hottest thing she had ever seen and was thinking about shoving her mom off of Xander and using him to get some relief but the important thing right now was helping Dawn. She continued toying with Dawn's small tits while she strummed her sister's clit faster and wished he had a third hand to use on herself. "That's a good girl, Dawnie. You take that cock, take all of it," she whispered in encouragment, her eyes never leaving the sight of Cathix unbelievably thick cock stretching her little sister.

"You are all mine!" Cathix roared in pleasure as he pulled his cock out slightly before thrusting back inside the human's girl's tight cunt. He fucked her deep and slow at first, not wanting to ruin her yet, wanting her slender, ripe body to get used to his mighty prick inside of her. Her eyes rolled up into her head and her mouth hung open, a string of drool escaping from the corner of her mouth as she shuddered and twitched, cumming over and over agains as his cock thrust in and out of her. His bloated balls bounced wetly off of her pale ass with every thrust as he drilled into her again and again and she laid passivly in front of him, accepting the feel of his cock taking her.

Joyce looked over her shoulder at Xander as she rode him. "Sorry, sweetie, but I've got to be there for my little girl," she said as she raised herself off of his lap and let his cock slid wetly from her wet cunt. She got on her knees to the side of him so she could still see Cathix and her daughters and gripped the base of Xander's prick in one hand and his balls in her other. Opening her mouth, and with years of expkerance, she leaned over his lap and swallowed his prick whole, effortlessly deep throatung him until her lips met her fist. She jacked the base of his dick while massaging his balls and swallowed around his shaft in her throat, quickly bringing him to orgasm. He grunted as he came, his thick seed sliding down her throat until she drained him comolety before releasing him from her exoieranced mouth. She giggled to herself when she saw that he was still hard and said, "Got to live a teenage boy," before ruffling his hair affectionately and joining her daughters in the couch.

"Gotta love a older woman," Xander said as he began fisting his cock while watching Joyce slide in on the other side of Dawn.

As their mother joined them on the couch, Buffy bent her head down and caught one of Dawn's jiggling nipples in her mouth. Their mother's hand joined her's, circling Dawn's clit and she could feel her mother above her kissing Dawn. She broke away from Dawn's heaving chest and kissed up to her jaw, their mother breaking her kiss to lick down to Dawn's chest as Buffy began kissing her sister. Their mother began kissing up from Dawn's chest and Buffy began kissing down to her chest and heard her mother and sister start to kiss again as she took a pink nipple back into her mouth.

Suddenly Dawn's body went ridged as one last orgasm roared through her while Cathix buried himself as deep as he could without killing her and let her cum with her body wrapped around his cock. As her shuddering body finally relaxed he pulled his prick out of her tight, formally virgin pussy and stood up straight while jacking his shaft and pointing the throbbing tip at the Summers women. With a triumphet roar he came, spewing his white cum over their beautiful faces and heaving chests, marking them as his property for the rest of eternity. Or at least until they died when he used the Hellmouth to open the portal to the Shikima realm.

* * *

"Where is that bloody demon," Ethan grumbled as he fought to catch his breath. The demon seed spiked tea hadn't worn off after he'd finished with Jenny and with no other choice he had to carry her limp body to his redovous with Modup. The trip had been easier than he'd expected since the streets we're mostly deserted but still, he was getting on in years and he hadn't been in the greatest shape even when he'd been a young man. "How exactly does Ripper keep up with you," he offhandedly asked the naked Gypsy as she sat listlessly on the cold pavment of the alley.

"You folks need a hand?" a purple haired blur asked as she landed behind the older man.

Ethan yelled in surprise and tripped over Jenny's outstreachrd legs, falling flat on his ass. "Oh bloody 'ell," he muttered as he stared up at the Asian girl.

Miko pretended to look at her fingernails for a moment. "I was just leaping by when I noticed a rather unsavory fellow hanging out in a dark alley way with a naked computer teacher and thiught to myself, 'Hey, that looks suspicious'. Know what I mean?"

"Now listen here, luv," Ethan began as he tried to get to his feet right before the Asian girl lashed out with one of her long legs and knocked him back down.

Miko placed her cloth shoe against the older man's crotch and began rubbing it against his soft prick as she started her interrogation spell. "What's your name?"

"Ethan," he blurted out before clamping his hands over his mouth, trying to silence himself as his cock started to harden.

"What are you doing with Ms. Calendar," Miko asked, stroking the length if his now hard dick with her foot. Ethan mumbled into his hands but she couldn't make out what he was saying. "I'll just have to give him something to do with his hands," she thought as she yanked him to his feet by his shirt. Releasing him she pulled the front of her shirt open, baring her small, firm breasts with a jiggle before grabbing his wrists and yanking his hands to her chest. As he began fondling her tits she reached down and began caressing his shaft through his pants. "I'll ask again, what are you doing with Ms. Calendar?"

Ethan couldn't control his hands and wasn't sure he wanted to as he toyed with the girl's teenage tits. "I'm shamelessly using her in my diabolical plan to piss off my old friend Ripper."

"Well that was easy enough," Miko thought, "I don't even think he's trying to fight back. Better be sure 'tho." She deftly undid his pants and let them fall to the ground as she wrapped her small hand around his shaft and began slowly jacking him off. "How'd you bespell her like that?" she asked as she began fondling his balls with her free hand.

Ethan didn't even hesitate to answer. "Embarrassing enough I had to jack-off a demon for his cum before leaving Cathix cavern."

"Cathix!" Miko gasped. "You work for Cathix?"

"Funny story, that..." Ethan began to explain before the interrogation spell was broken by a foot long purple cock smashing against the sex-ninja's head, knocking her to the ground.

"Run, Modup summoner," Modup shouted before diving towards the sex-ninja.

"You!" Miko shouted right before her gapping mouth was filled with demon dick. The small demon wrapped it's arms and legs around her head and began jack-hammering it's cock past her lips, over her tongue and down her throat. She immediately began trying to shove the purple demon away from her face as he fucked her mouth but it had latched on and was pulling at her hair with it's claws. His balls slapped wetly against her chin as she continued struggling and eventually she regained her feet. She tried banging the deminuative demon against the wall but every time she tried it just drove it's cock deeper into her clutching throat. Suddenly it went ridged and came, flooding her mouth with it's demon seed and making her gag, forcing her to the ground as it suddenly released it's hold on her head and flew off.

Now free of the demon's invading prick, Miko spat it's cum on the dirty ground and looked around. The demon, Ethan, and Ms. Camander were gone and she was now alone in the dark alley. On one hand she was thankful that the demon didn't have time to attach the sex spell to it's orgasm but on the other hand it and it's partner had escaped with Ms. Calander as their prisoner.

* * *

"Here, puppy puppy, puppy," a male voice sang out from behind Yaku. She froze for a second, recognizing the voice before spinning around in a fighter's stance. "You!" she shouted at Spike.

"That's right, pet. Me," Spike said snidely. "I've got something for you," he grinned before stepping to the side to reveal a medium sized crate. "Had it picked up in L.A. and delivered here just for you."

"Good," Yaku sneered in disgust, "I've got something for you for tricking me into fucking you!"

"Heh," Spike chuckled as he easily ripped open the top of the crate and held his arms open to it as he continued grinning, "Good times, good times."

Nothing happened and Spike peered into the crate. "Well?" he said to the crate. When nothing continued to happen he kicked the bottom of the crate and snarled, "We're waitin'!"

Suddenly a blur of reddish brown fur, teeth and claws exploded from the crate, splinters flying everywhere.

"A werewolf!" Yaku yelled in surprise.

"His name's Oz. You two play nice," Spike chuckled.

The werewolf leapt at Yaku and she jumped out of the way. "But it's not a full moon yet," she thought as she landed gracefully just as a strange sent filled her nose. "Sex!" she blurted out. "You infected this poor creature with the demon sex-spell!"

"Yep," Spike sneered, "Wanted to see what'd happen, me being the curious sorta bloke."

A small, lustful growl escaped past Yaku's lips as the werewolf spun around and leaped at her again. She once again easily jumped out of the way but stumbled as she landed, her nipples hard and her pussy growing wet. "Oh no," she realized, "The demon sex-spell is mixing with the werewolf's natural pheromones and it's starting to affect my wolf." Her train of thought was broken as Oz barreled into her and knocked her to the ground. He had a clear shot at her vulnerable neck and on any other night he would have ripped her throat out but not tonight. Tonight he wanted her as something more than just meat.

As Yaku felt her wolf rise inside of her, her strength increased and she shoved Oz away, his sharp claws shredding the front of her Gi to reveal her large, wobbling tits. She doubled over in pain as brown hair sprouted over her body and her already impressive breasts doubled in size. Her green hair turned white as longer white hair appeared on her shoulders, forearms, and hips and her ears elongated, her mouth filled with razor sharp teeth, and her fingernails turned to claws. Oz growled and she growled back meanisingly. She may have been a bitch but that didn't make her his bitch, a wolf had to prove itself to take a mate and just by size and strength she was out of his league. Suddenly stars exploded behind her eyes and she crumpled to the ground.

Spike threw his shattered 2x4 to the side as he backed away from the wolves. "Dru was right, those things are dead useful. I'm gonna have to start carrying one around everywhere," he said with a smirk as he stepped over his shattered weapon.

"Puppies do love their sticks to play with," Dry said as she stepped out of the shadows still complete naked.

Spike smiled warmly as he held Dru to him and nuzzled her neck. "What are you doing here, pet?"

"I wanted to see the show," Dru said wistfully. "So many puppies out playing tonight. Grr, Grr," she mimicked to the wolves as the smaller one began to mount the larger one.

Spike lovenly caressed one of Drucilla's small breasts and turned her playful growls to playful moans. "And unlike our first puppy, these two ain't going anywhere," he said as Oz slid his dog cock into Yaku's vulnerable pussy.

* * *

"Have you tried to get a hold of Xander again?" Giles asked as he parked his car and got out.

"He's not answering," Willow said with fear as she got out of the passenger side and held her seat up. "And you couldn't get a hold of Ms. Calander either," she said as Maria stretched out her long legs and unfolded herself from the backseat, making it look effortless and graceful despite the cramped space. Willow stared at the demon queen's wobbling cleavage, forgetting what she had just been talking about.

"There was no answer with her as well," Giles responded as he led the way across Buffy's front lawn to the porch.

Maria followed regaly behind her allies. "We may have to consider them lost to us," she said pragmatically.

Giles knocked impatiently on the front door barely waiting before trying to peer into the large picture window to the side. "I'll believe that when I see..." he began before being stunned into silence.

On the couch in front of the window, Xander slid his hands up Buffy's naked body to grasp her bouncing breasts as she rode him. "Oh, Buffy," he groaned in absolute bliss as he lovingly squeezed her tits and began sucking hungrily on her hard nipples. He switched from one erect nub to the other, releasing her silky smooth tits to slide his hands down her graceful back to cup and squeeze her amazing ass.

"On, Xander," Buffy groaned, too distracted by the feel of Xander's cock filling her hot pussy again and again to notice her Watcher staring at her in slack-jawed shock from the other side of the glass. She held her chest to Xander's face as she grinded her pelvis against him, rubbing her enflamed clit against him as his thick cock stretched her wet cunt in delicious ways. "Play with my asshole, Xander. Get your finger in there please," she gasped before cooing as she felt his fingertip graze across her puckered hole.

"Yes, Nin-nin, yes," Dawn gasped out as she laid on her back in front of the couch, her head between Xander's feet and her coltish legs spread wide as the small ninja fucked her tiny pussy. As short as she was, the blue clad ninja was even shorter, the top of his head barely coming up to her breastbone and allowing her a unobstructed view of the underside of Buffy's golden ass and Xander's thick cock stretching her pussy, her sister's slick juices dripping down on to her face.

"Mmm, Miss Dawn," Nin-nin groaned in joy as he finally got to fuck the teenage girl's tight pussy. He'd had her ass and mouth but then he'd been tied up and kept locked in Miss Joyce's bathroom, unable to even see Cathix take her virginity. While locked up he'd only been allowed one blow-job all afternoon after having to listen to Miss Joyce fuck her youngest daughter but without being able to see a single thing. His cock had been rock hard for hours and ached with need by the time they had finally let him out and now he was finally fucking the youngest Summers girl with all the speed and restraint of a jackrabbit.

From her position on her hands and knees, Joyce had a unobstructed view between Dawn's slender, spread thighs as Nin-nin's small cock pierced her delicate pussy while Cathix fucked her from behind. The demon lord's massive prick was stretching her pussy almost to the breaking point and his umbeliveably long tongue was wiggling around in her tight ass. Her mouth was gapping open with her tongue lolling out, leaving her capable of only making small, animalistic sounds of need as she thrust her ass back to get as much of his cock and tongue inside of her as possible.

Joyce's eyes strayed up to leer at Buffy's tightly clenching ass as her oldest daughter rode Xander's wonderful dick before looking back down between Dawn's legs. Joyce reached up and cupped one of her dangling tits, squeezing the sensative flesh before toying with her hard nipple, her other hand beginning to burn with exhaustion as Cathix kept up his relentless assault of her needy, hungry cunt. She loved her small family now more than ever as they shared the pleasure of pure sex in the same room and could only think of one last barrier to break to bring her family closer together.

"Fuck, Nin-nin! Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Dawn gaszped out in need, raising up her slender hips to meet the ninja's jack-hammering thrusts and not realizing how much her dirty talk was turning on her mother and sister. Her small, firm tits jiggled wildly as the sex-ninja fucked into her over and over again and she wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him to her small chest, encouaging him to lick at her puffy nipples as they sizzled with need.

Buffy gripped Xander's hair and pulled his head back. "God, it turns me on to hear her talk like that," she groaned into his ear before playfully nibbling on his neck. She moaned in pleasure as he slid one of his fingers into her tight ass and she rolled her hips down slightly to fill her wet pussy with his cock before rolling her hips back up to give him easier access to her tightly clutching ass with his finger. "Add another one," she hissed in pleasure, "I want two of your fingers in there." Her animalistic his turned to a coo of joy as he eagerly complied and she rocked her hips back, fucking her ass with his finger. "Get up. I wanna feel your cock in there. Now," she ordered.

"Ditto," Xander agreed as Buffy climbed off of his lap, her hot cunt releasing it's velvet grip on his dick. He stood up and let her get into position, her knees on the cushions and her hands on the back of the couch with her golden rear-end high in the air and as far as Xander was concerned that sight was everything he had always wanted. Well, maybe there was one more thing. He placed the spongy tip of his dick against the entrance to her lushous ass and pushed forward, her tight ring of muscle quickly swallowing inch after inch of his cock causing them both to moan in pleasure. He began rocking back and forth slowly, the Slayer's tight ass taking everything he was giving her with every small thrust until he was buried balls deep inside of her heavenly ass. "This is what I've always wanted," he told himself as he slid his hands over her taunt ass before gripping her slender waist, "I could die happily right now."

As he was finally preparing, after all of these years of wanting and waiting, wishing and masturbating, to fuck Buffy's perfect ass, something caught Xander's attention and he looked up from Buffy's tan ass. "Oh, hey, it's Giles," he said, pleasently surprised. "Hey, Giles," he waved, "Did you happen to bring Ms. Calender?"

Giles jumped to the front door and began trying to force it open as he shouted, "They're in there!"

"Who? Who's in there?" Willow asked worriedly.

"Buffy!" Giles grunted as he threw himself against the door. "Buffy, Xander, and Cathix. They're inside!"

"Move aside," Maria said as she held out her hand towards the door as Giles moved aside. With a small bit of will the door exploded in and they all rushed inside.

"You!" Cathix bellowed when he saw Maria. He threw Joyce to the side and stood up, his mammoth cock dripping with the human's juices. "You have not the power to stop me!"

With a slight shrug, Maria's dress fluttered to the floor. "We shall see," she answered plainly as two steps from her long legs brought her within striking distance of the Demon Lord. She swung out one of her legs, her large breasts swaying opposite her movements, sweeping the ground and knocking Cathix to the floor. In a blur of motion she leaped down on top of him and impaled herself on his up-thrust cock.

"I'm so sorry for this, Joyce," Giles said as he hurriedly pushed down his pants, and with a small act of will, brought his penis to full erection.

Joyce grinned wildly as Rupert's hard prick bobbed towards her. "Don't apologize, just fuck me," she said with a giggle as she reclined back and spread her legs wide.

"Oh my God, what do I do?" Willow wondered as she stared in shock at the room. Maria, and whom she assumed was Cathix, were rolling around on the floor together as each tried to pin and fuck the other, Giles was between Buffy's mom's legs fucking her and grunting with the effort as Joyce squeeled in glee, leaving her to help Dawn and Nin-nin or Buffy and Xander. She had already dommed Xander in practice so theoretically she should be able to do it again but Buffy was the Slayer and already stronger than her so Buffy could probably be able to dom her pretty easily. Dawn was just a kid and even though Willow didn't have a lot of expiernce she could probably take her pretty easily but that would leave Nin-nin and even though he was pretty goofy he was also a full fledged sex-ninja.

"I don't know what to do," Willow whispered to herself in the doorway.

"Perhaps I could be of some assistance," Ethan whispered into the red-head's ear as he wrapped his arms around her waist and dragged her outside. He wasn't the strongest of men but she was a slender girl and he managed to pull her easily off the porch and into some bushes along the side of the house before throwing her to the ground. "The first thing I think you should do is get your clothes off," he said with a wicked grin as he pushed his pants down.

In a blur, Modup landed next to the frightened teen. "Allow Modup to help you, witch," he giggled and with a flash of claws ripped the girl's clothes off, exposing her pale body to his greedy eyes.

"You!" Willow shouted as she pointed an accusing finger at Ethan her mind not yet catching up to what was happening to her. "You sold me that ghost costume. And you..." she started, now pointing her finger at the small, purple demon and finally noticing his immposiably large cock pointing back at her.

"Modup!" he yelled in malicious glee as he shoved his hard prick into the witch's open mouth, past her lips, over her wet tongue, and into her clutching throat.

Ethan kneeled down between Willow's slender legs and grabbed her ankles, using them to pull her pert ass up and on top of his thighs. Releasing her ankles he held her waist as she started to thrash around and thrust himself forward, burying his cock inside of her warm, tight pussy. He chuckled as she tried to scream around the demon's cock in her throat as he began fucking her while she tried to beat at him with one hand and Modup with the other. He squeezed and kneaded her small ass as he fucked himself deep inside of her and her flaying arms began to slow and her legs started to unconsioucly wrap around his waist as the sex-spell began to take her over.

Suddenly a high pitched voice rang out from the front of the house startling Ethan and Modup. "What is everybody... Mom?!" the voice echoed out. Ethan stared in open mouthed shock at Modup. "The sex-ninja!" the warlock said in horror.

The look on Modup's face mirrored his summoner's. "Modup and Modup Summoner must hurry!" the small demon said before thrusting himself as fast as he could in and out of the witch's eagerly sucking mouth.

Ethan looked down at the horny, naked, tennage girl and swore to himself as he realized he wouldn't get to enjoy her body in all the perverted ways that he wanted. "Seriously hate this bloody town," he grumbled as he began jack-hammering away inside of Willow's tight body.

Miko had picked up the warlock's trail after their encounter and had followed it nearly halfway through town before spotting the damaged front door from the sidewalk. She had rushed to the open entrance and had been momentarilly shocked when she saw her wildly ruttimg allies and mother and had shouted out at the sight of her mother's tightly stretched pussy sliding up and down a giant, gray demon's giant, huge cock.

Miko ran through her options in her head: her mother looked to be at least matching the large demon; Mr. Giles looked to be successfully dominating Mrs. Summers; but Nin-nin, Dawn, Xander, and Buffy seemed to have succumbed to the demon spell. "When in doubt, go with the Slayer," she decided.

Neither Buffy nor Xander cared about what was happening behind them as they continued fucking on the couch. All that Xander cared about was the feel of Buffy's tight ass finally wrapped around his dick and all that Buffy cared about was the feel of Xander's cock thrusting into her.

As his prick pummled Buffy's up-thrust rear-end, Xander reached underneath her to fondle her dangling tits, amazed at how smooth and silky they felt in his hands. "Man, I wish Willow was here," he gasped, "Can you imagine the three of us together?"

"Oh yeah," Buffy groaned in agreement as she thrust herself back to meet Xander's thrusts. Suddenly Xander's prick was gone and she gasped out in disappointment before cooing in pleasure as it was replaced with a warm, wiggling tongue.

"Hey!" Xander shouted as he was shoved to the side, his hard dick sliding out of Buffy's tight ass with a lewd pop. He looked down and saw Miko shove her tongue into Buffy's rear-end and he groaned with new pleasure as she began jerking him off with one hand and fondling his balls with the other. When Miko switched to sucking on his cock while gingerly fingering Buffy's ass as the sex-craft ninja also played with Buffy's clit, her groaned in contentment and muttered, "I guess that's o.k. then."

Maria, her beautiful body contorted with one shoulder on the floor, her lower body in the air, one leg over one of Cathix' broad shoulders, her other leg wrap around his waist, her groin pressed against the demon lord's with his giant prick sheathed inside of her burning cunt, grunted with effort as she squeezed her vaginal muscles around him. Her juices trailed down her flat stomach as Cathix plunged himself wildly into her as she peered up at him. "You will fall," she hissed through gritted teeth.

"Never!" Cathix bellowed as he used his lower muscles to raise up his cock, lifting Maria's body off the floor completely before pinning her to the wall and causing her to squeel as she lost the rythum of her hips. "You will all fall before me!"

Outside in the bushes, Ethan pulled his cock out of Willow's firey cunt and began jerkimg himself off, aiming himself at her slender, heaving chest. His prick exploded, spewing his warm seed on her small, pale tits as Modup buried himself in her mouth and grunted as he came, filling her throat with his demon cum.

Ethan made slight, embareaaing eye contact with Modup as they drained the last of their loads on and in the amature witch. "Gettin' so a bloke can't even take the time to enjoy himself anymore," he grumbled in frustration as he shook the last of his cum on the witch's chest and began pulling his pants back up.

"Hurry, Modup Summoner," Modup said worridly as he hovered in front of the human sorcerer, "Modup and Modup Summoner will be captured if Modup and Modup Summoner don't escape now."

Ethan tried to wave away Modup's prick dangling in front of his face. "Don't worry, my van is around the corner. Help me with her," he said hastily as he began trying to get the sticky young girl to her feet.

Willow looked around dreamily. "Over already? But I wasn't done yet."

"Tell me about it," Ethan muttered.

As Ethan and Modup tried to drag the naked and horny Willow down the block, Miko deep throated Xander's cock while humming around it. She wiggled her fingers around in Buffy's tight pussy and tighter ass and heard the Slayer groan in appreciation while she modulated her humming until Xander exploded inside of her mouth. She swallowed his thick load until his prick softened and slid out of her mouth as he collapsed against the wall. "One down," she whispered before removing her fingers from Buffy's ass and plunging her tongue back in. she fucked the American girl's pussy with three fingers as she reached underneath her with her free hand to grope and fondle Buffy's jiggling tits as the blonde Slayer rocked herself back and forth, still lost to Cathix spell.

Giles was finding it difficult not to concentrate on the pleasure Joyce was giving him as he fucked himself deep inside of her warm, wet pussy. She was rocking her hips up and down matching his tempo perfectly as he slid in and out of her and he was finding it hard not to remember the time had been victims of cursed band candy, spending the evening as hormonal teenagers. They had tore through Sunnydale, having sex nearly every few blocks and she had been more than a match for everything he had wanted to do and, in fact, most of the more lewd acts had been her idea. He tried to push those memories out of his head as he continued fucking her and she fucked him back because this wasn't about amazing sex, this was a fight and if he lost them Joyce was lost.

"Fuck me, Nin-nin, fuck me!" Dawn squeeled in pleasure as her young, ripe body jiggled in all the right places with every thrust of the small ninja's hard dick.

Nin-nin was panting with exhaustion, even with both of them in the throws of the sex spell, the young girl was wearing him out. "I'm trying, Miss Dawn, I'm trying," he gasped feebly.

Cathix was holding Maria against the wall with his hands cupping her finely sculpted ass, her legs over his shoulders, his cock buried deeply in her spectacular pussy, and her perfect breasts wobbling wildly with each of his thrusts. "This is enough," he growled as he moved one of his hands slightly and slowly shoved one of his thick fingers into her right ass. Her orgasm was nearly instantaneous but he didn't take the time to enjoy his victory, instead he let her thrashing body fall to the floor and turned back to the living room. With one swing of his still hard dick he knocked the small ninja across the room, out of his way and into the youngest of the two male humans. With another swing he knocked the older male into the sex-craft ninja leaving him with the Summers women.

With a small grin of victory, Cathix effortlessly picked up the three panting and horny women and casually walked out the broken front door. "I told you, you are all mine," he chuckled.

"Yes, Master," Buffy, Dawn, and Joyce said in unison.

* * *

As dawn started breaking, Giles groaned in pain and held his sticky head in his hands. "I certainly hope this is my blood," he said as he moved his hands away in disgust.

"'Fraid not," Miko moaned in pain as she tried to sit up.

Nin-nin's eyes slowly blinked open and saw the sticky mess covering Mr. Giles' head and hands. "You get used to it," he said helpfully.

Xander slowly started pushing the broken table off of him, trying to avoid getting splinters in his crotch as he handled the jagged wood carefully. "Well, that was a spectacular failure," he muttered in pain.

"Yes, well, no argument there," Giles agreed as he slowly and painfully started pulling his pants back up.

Miko began trying to dust the debris off of her as she stood up, amazed that her outfit had survived a fight for once. "Now what?" she asked as she walked over and began helping her naked mother. "Can someone help me with my mom?"

All thinking that Maria had succumbed to the sex-spell, Giles, Xander, and Nin-nin all shouted yes in unison and a bit to much excitement.

"It's o.k., child," Maria said as she stood up, her unecombered breasts swaying on her chest, "Cathix was to concerned with escape rather than his spell. While we have lost this particular battle, we survive to fight the war."

Giles, Xander, and Nin-nin all looked slightly crestfallen as the unaffected Demon Queen regained her feet. "We must return to our base and reassess the loss of the Slayer," she said plainly and they all nodded in agreement.

* * *

"The end fast approches, my minons!" Cathux roared as he thrust his giant prick into Cordelia's tight cunt. On her hands and knees her large tits swung back and forth with each of his powerful thrusts and her nearly constant orgasms sent electric shocks through her body as she squeeled in pleasure in front of him. "The time is nigh when I shall use the collected love juices of the two Slayers to open the portals of both the Hellmouth and the Shikima realm and rule them both!" he bellowed as he reached beneath the female's body and played with her sizable breasts, pinching her hard nipples and causing her to cum for him again.

As Cordelia's tight, gushing cunt clamped down around his cock, Cathic peered around at his human captives being fucked by his demon horde. He shivered in anticipation at the culmination of his plans as he continued fucking this human female's delightful pussy and plunged his elongated tongue into her tight ass. "Ill ee icororiois!" he mumbled around his tongue, his voice echoing throughout the cavern.

As Cathix laughed mercilessly, the naked Ethan Rayne found the young girl he had been searching for and dragged her away from the demon horde. "Come here," he panted as he pulled her by her dainty wrist into a small, more secluded area. "What's your name, luv," he asked expectantly.

"Dawn Summers, sir," she said innocently.

"Oh thank God," Ethan said with a sigh of relief. "I've been looking for you for twenty minutes. On your knees, suck my cock," he ordered.

Dawn nodded her head obediantly as she said, "Yes, sir," and got on her knees. The old man's cock was already hard so she wrapped her small hand around the base and her other hand around his balls before using her pink tongue to draw his soft cock-head into her warm mouth. She began bobbing her head back and forth as she moaned in pleasure at the taste, rubbing her tongue along the shaft and sucking hard enough to make her cheeks hollow. She jerked the base as her link lips slid across the sensatuce skin, her small fist meeting her mouth again and again as she pumped and sucked, never stopping from massaging his dangling balls.

"Oh sweet Jesus," Ethan gasped in shock and pleasure, "What is it with you Summers women? Cathix boasted that he took your virginity an hour ago and you're already an expert cock sucker. The Summers women just must be naturals at this," he panted as memories of Joyce flashed through his mind and he remembered how fast she had made him cum. "Ain't gonna make that mistake again," he muttered to himself as he pulled Dawn off of his throbbing member.

Ethan pulled Dawn to her feet and shoved her over onto one of the phallically shaped rocks. "Up you go," he said as he lifted her small body up and sat her on the ledge, "...and spread those knees of yours."

Dawn immediately complied and spread her slender legs as she began playing with her small tits while the old guy moved between her slender thighs. "Ohhh fuck me, Mister. Make me cum, please," she said in childish need.

Ethan stumbled as his dick lurched, nearly cumming right then at Dawn's words. "Gimme... gimme a sec here, luv," he gasped out as he tried to fight off the urge to cum. She was a complete taboo, lolita fantasy, wet dream come to life. A beautiful teenage angel begging for a older man to fuck her. "No, no, no..." he chanted as he tried to think of anything else to keep from cumming to soon. "Rugby, football, cricket, Maggie Thatcher," he mumbled as he felt his pulse begin to slow and looked up at the naked, horny girl with a wicked grin on her face. "Almost had me there," he panted.

Tracing down the insides of Dawn's quivering thighs with his fingertips, Ethan felt her shudder in anticipation of him fucking her. He placed the spongy tip of his cock-head at the entrance to her drooling cunt, teasing her as she mewled in need. "Gonna take my time with you, sweetie," he hissed as he slid the length if his shaft up, splitting her dewy labia, "Gonna fuck you deep and slow. Gonna make you moan and squeel for me. Gonna make you beg to let me make you cum," he whispered meniously into her ear as he kept slowly sliding himself up and down her slit, "...then I'm gonna do the same to your sister."

"Buf... Buf... Buffy..." Dawn stammered as she tried despreitly to hump her horny hole against the old man's hard dick.

"That's right, luv, your sister Buffy," Ethan said with a evil chuckle.

"N... no..." Dawn panted as she toyed with her puffy little nipples. "I... I mean... Buffy. She's right... right over... over there," she manger to finish, nodding her head to the side so she didn't have to stop playing with her tits.

"Wha?" Ethan asked as he looked over his shoulder and saw Buffy. She was standing with her back to him, turned slightly so that he could see her ass and the side of one tit. She had one of her hands between her legs fingering her dripping count and her other hand around her graceful back fingering her tight ass, surrounded by a dozen demons watching her sex show. She was panting and moaning in lust, her voice building to a crescendo until she came, every muscle in her sexy body siezing and her spectacular ass clenching tight. "Fuck me," Ethan muttered as his dick lurched again and he uncinsiously thrust his cock forward, spasming as he rubbed against Dawn's clit while he orgasmed, his cum raining down impotently on Dawn's fluttering stomach and lower chest.

Ethan took a step back and stared in disbelief at what he had done. "Bloody 'ell!" he cried out in frustration before a small demon carrying a silver bowl and mop appeared. "No, no, no," he pleaded with the demon, "I'm not done. She ain't even cum yet."

The small demon looked over at the small, panting, spread female. It shrugged it's shoulders, tossed the mop at Ethan, held the bowl just under the moaning girl's ass with one hand and flicked her clit with the other.

"Oh God yes!" Dawn shrieked as she came her juices gushing out of her spasming pussy and spilling into the demon's bowl. After her young body had relaxed and she regained her strength, the small demon helped her down and led her back to the orgy.

Ethan stood helplessly with the mop in his hand. "But that's not fair."

"We're demons," the small demon called back.

As Ethan stared at the mop in bewilderment, Cathix bellowed in joy. He lifted Cordelia up in the air and stood up, placing her helpless, lust wracked body over the tip of her prick and letting gravity pull her down on him. With his cock holding her up he gripped her waist and yanked her up and down his length, filling her stretched count in ways no human ever could. "I shall own this world and it's women!" He yelled out as the females love juices streamed down off of his balls. "Their sisters, wives, mothers, and daughters will be at my beck and call. I will use them as my own, fucking them on the Shikima King's throne! My throne!"

While Cathix used Cordelia as a human fleshlight, Spike was talking into Buffy's ear. "You got all that, Slayer?" he asked as he finished his instructions and patted her on the shoulder. After her masturbatory sex show he had faught his way past a dozen demons to get to her. There was no way he was going to miss this shot.

"Yes, Spike, I got it," Buffy said as she nodded her head obediantly, her firm breasts jiggling.

Spike absentmindedly licked his lips as he watched Buffy's tits move. "Right then," he said as he took a step back, "Let's get started then." In a flash his fist connected with her chin causing her to stumble back. He followed with a kick to the stomach, knocking the wind from her.

"No, Spike," Buffy wheezed, "Please no."

"Fuck you, Slayer," Spike snarled, his face transforming into it's vampire form. He struck her again and she stumbled back with her arm out, pleading for him to stop. He kicked out with his leg and sweeped her legs out from under her knocking her on her tight, tan ass.

"Please, Spike. No more," Buffy pleaded as she stared up at him with wide, tear filled eyes.

"Oh, there'll be more, Slayer," Spike sneered as he gripped the base of his cock with one hand and pulled Buffy's hair with the other. "About eight inches more," he laughed as he shoved his hips forward, burying his cock in the Slayer's warm, wet mouth. His cum bloated balls slapped against her chin as her lips stretched tightly around him and he held the sides of her head as he began fucking her mouth. His cock slid past her lips, over her soft tongue, and into her tightly clutching throat as he buried himself balls deep with every thrust, cutting off her air as she slapped against him weakly.

Spike pulled his cock out of Buffy's mouth and rubbed it across her beautiful face before plunging it back in, her drool escaping from the corners of her mouth and dripping onto her jiggling tits. He pulled his prick out again and held her jaws open as he lifted his shaft up and then dropped his balls into her gapping orafice. Her tongue swirled around his churning orbs until his sack was gleaming with her saliva and then plunged his cock back into her mouth where, as far as he was concerned, it belonged. He held himself in her throat, letting the schoolgirl chock on his dick until her face started to turn purple.

Releasing Buffy's head, Spike shoved her to the ground her legs spread wide and revealing her pink, wet, gleaming cunt.

"No, Spike, no," Buffy pleaded with tears streaming down her face, "I can't resist you. Please don't hurt me."

The tears trailing down the Slayer's face made Spike's dick throb in need. "I'll do more than hurt you, Slayer," he growled as he fell on top of her vulnerable body, "I'll make you scream my name!" With a hard shove his prick pireced her pink pussy, the feel of her was amazing and his eyes shot open in surprise at the pleasure he was feeling. Not since becoming a vampire had he felt anything as wonderful as Buffy's body beneath him, around him, squeezing him. He shifted his weight slightly and she moaned in appreciation as she opened her body to him.

Spike rolled his hips slowly, grinding his pelvis against Buffy's, sliding himself across her clit and causing her to coo sweetly in his ear. He slowly but firmly began sliding his length in and out of her as she wrapped her legs around his hips, angling herself up to allow him to slip deeper inside of her. The flowing, wet warmth of her pussy gripped his cock and he groaned out, joining her moans of pleasure as she worked herself up against him. He stared down at her wide eyes staring back up at him, her mouth open and panting in pleasure, her soft hair matted to her face and forming a halo around her head. Suddenly he bent down and kissed her deeply, his tongue meeting her's and caressing each other as the both moaned in pleasure.

Kissing down from her lips to her jaw, Spike gave no thought to biting her as his lips slid over her vulnerable throat and his face shifted back to human. Because of their differences in height his mouth couldn't reach her chest so he shifted his hips up, burying himself deep inside of her as he gripped her hips and flexed his lower back. He lifted Buffy up and sat back on his legs, resting her tight ass on top of his thighs, his cock never leaving the loving sheath of her body. She wrapped her legs around his waist, lifting herself up and down on his prick as he filled his hands with the silky flesh of her ass to steady her as she rode him.

Spike nuzzled against Buffy's chest before sucking one of her hard nipples into his mouth, nursing on it as she moaned louder and slowly rode him. "Bae mi namb," he mumbled around her breast.

"Oh, oh, oh," Buffy began chanting as she felt herself rising to orgasm.

"Say my name," Spike asked again, more plainly, as he switched from one softly swaying breast to the other. "Say my name, Buffy."

"Oh Spike, oh Spike, oh Spike," Buffy chanted as she felt her orgasm begin to crest.

"No," Spike gasped as he released her breast and stared up at her in need. "My real name," he pleaded.

"Oh God! Oh William!" Buffy moaned in pleasure as her orgasm washed over her like a warm, gentle wave.

"Oh Buffy," Spike grunted as he came. Hearing his human name pass over her sweet lips was all it had taken but then he remembered Cathix and the fact that the demon lord could kill him easily. He lifted the orgasming Slayer off his lap just in time for his thick seed to shoot up, staining the wet juncture of her thighs. As his cock softened he lowered her back down and she began cuddling against him in contentment as a small demon in a apron and carrying a silver bowl waddled over to collect her juices.

As Buffy lovingly nuzzles against his neck, Spike wondered in bewilderment, "What the bloody 'ell was that?"

Cordelia shrieked in pleasure as she came again, impaled on Cathix cock while Spike was wondering about his first piece of true happiness since becoming a vampire. As her sweat soaked body was plunged up and down the Demon Lord's monstorous prick Cathix cackled with glee. "My throne will be covered in the blood and seed of my enemies as I rule the world!" He yelled as he threw the female to the floor. His cock shuddered and erupted, belching load after massive load of white, sticky cum all over the female's naked body, triggering another orgasm to rip through her.

Cathix eyes flashed with demon fire and his laughter echoed through the cavern. "With both Slayers under my thrall I've already won!"

* * *

In the store room of The Magic Box, Angel grunted in pleasure despite himself and banged the back of his head against the wall in frustration. He had changed clothes and afterwards Miko had insisted in using her abilities to heal him since time appeared to be running out on them and they didn't have time for him to heal himself. "So everything you can do has to revolve around sex," he said sardonicly.

Miko pulled Angel's prick out of her mouth and looked up at him. "Pretty much," she said with a shrug, "just tell me when you're about to cum, kay?" she asked nonchalantly as she went back to her blow-job using her skill to heal the vampire.

Angel rolled his eyes in disbelief before catching sight of Giles and Xander and looked away quickly.

"This would be easier if you would just get over your squeamishmwnt about sex," Maria said as she pulled Giles prick out of her mouth, glared up at him sternly, and then shoved Xander's prick into her magical mouth.

"It's not 'squimishness'," Giles grunted as Maria fisted his prick. "It's just that public displays of out right sex goes against the social norms we've grown accustomed to."

"Y... yeah," Xander grunted in agreement as Maria pulled his dick out of her mouth and began licking his balls, "Wh... what he... what Giles said."

Maria released Xander's balls and glared up at the Americans before she sat up straighter and began rubbing their cocks against her enormous breasts. "And if your Slayers, or your friends, or your loved ones, were about to die you would let them do so to spare their modesty?"

"Well, no. Of course not," Giles said as the demon queen licked the tip of his prick.

"That is exactly what this is going to come down to," Maria said sternly as she twisted her wirsts at the tip of the men's pricks to slide her palms across their sensarice cock-heads. "I have enjoyed sexual encounters with my husband hundreds of times as an intimate act," she said before licking Giles prick from the base to the tip, " well as a spontaneous, enjoyable act," she continued before licking Xander's prick from the tip to the base, "...and have lost count of the sexual encounters where I have used sex as a weapon. One act, many uses. You must learn the difference." All through her speech she never lost the rythum of her hands, lips, and tongue on the panting men's cocks. "Now, warn me before you release."

Angel grunted as he felt himself about to orgasm. "I'm, I'm... I'm going... going to..." he panted.

"And all done," Miko said with pride, releasing Angel's prick from her mouth and standing up.

Angel stared blankly at the petit ninja. "You mean... but I didn't..." he stammered.

"Well, no, silly," Miko giggled. "The spell was in the sex. If you cum then the spell's released and you don't heal. It's about the sex not the orgasm, so no cumming before you feel one hundred percent better." With an affectionate pat to the top of the vampire's head she went to check on what weapons they had left.

Angle stared after the Asian girl. "Some if these rules make no sense.

"How dies this make sense?" Xander whined as he tried to get his erection to fit in his pants.

"These are the rules we have to live by for now, Xander" Giles said as he tried to get his pants around his erection as well. "At least until we vanquish our enemy."

"Agreed," Maria said as she took a step back from Giles and Xander and released her wrap. "Let us see if your sexual squimishness' extends to your allies. Which one of you would like to attempt to heal me?"

Xander's hand immediately shot up, releasing his pants to fall to the floor.

To be continued...


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