Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Leap Of Faith (fF,M/F,M/f,FFf,spank,viol,inc,mc)
by Dark Genesis ([email protected])

A typical Saturday; Buffy upstairs sleeping, Dawn watching cartoons, Willow
and Tara in the kitchen. Tara was making breakfast and Willow was working
with her computer. Xander knocked on the door and walked in. "Hey guys!
X-man in the house!" Dawn hushed Xander that second and closed the TV.

"Buffy's still sleepin', rough night."

Xander glanced up the stairs. "All buffed-out huh? I came here to apologize
for not being able to patrol last night, Anya kinda kept me in." Dawn raised
her eyebrows for a sec, and rushed into the kitchen.

"Eggs up?"

Tara nodded and lifted the eggs on a plate and set it on the table.
"Hungry-Willow?" Willow let out a small smile. "Disappointed-Willow, Spike
was supposed to baby-sit Dawn last night, but since Xander couldn't make
patrol-time, Spike had to go with Buffy, AGAIN!"

Tara and Dawn sat down.

"If I wouldn't know any better, I'd think there was something going on with
those two..." Pondered Dawn.

"No! Buffy would never..." Debated Tara.

"We know, Tara... but it makes you wonder... Spike and Buffy ARE spending a
lot of time together, and that usually leads to other things." Said Xander
and sat down. Willow sighed and laid her head against Tara's shoulder.

Meanwhile, upstairs...

"Well... I suppose I should've left a few hours earlier..."

"No kidding..."

Spike got up from Buffy's bed and put his pants on. Buffy was glaring at the
roof of her room almost petrified of fear that Dawn would rush in and catch
them red-handed. She didn't want to disappoint her little sister, she needed
to think that Buffy was strong and able to resist unwanted temptations.

"What's wrong love?"

Buffy got up and started to dress herself. "This is the last time we do
this... here."

Spike grinned. "Huh? You scared that the little-bit's gonna catch us... maybe
she should... might learn something..."

That second, Buffy punched Spike on his nose so bad he flew against the wall
and made a whole lot of noise. "Spike! You talk that way about Dawn again,
and I'll rip your heart out!"

Spike got up and felt his nose. "Hey, watch it!"

They heard someone run upstairs. Buffy pushed Spike into her closet and
closed it.

"Buffy! What... happened?" He asked with a long stare.

"I'm fine, Xander... just fell out of... bed." Suddenly the Slayer noticed
she didn't have her bra on. She looked around but didn't see them anywhere.

"SORRY! Sorry, I didn't know... please don't kill me!" Xander explained and
started to back out of the room. Buffy closed the door and ripped the closet

"Looking for these, pet?" Asked Spike and held up Buffy's red bra.

She punched him on the chin and threw him right under the window. "HEY!
Watch it, will ya!" Smoke started to rise from Spike's skin. He quickly
crawled back to the shadow cursing the sunlight.

"Next time, the window will be completely open, now GET OUT!" She shouted
and threw Spike's clothes back to him. The vampire put his clothes on and
took the blanket with him as he headed downstairs.

"What happened up there?" Asked Willow.

"Nothing I shouldn't be embarrassed about! She's OK... in many ways..." Said
Xander and wiped his forehead. Tara, Willow, Dawn and Xander saw Spike rush
downstairs and cover himself with the blanket. As he opened the door and
dashed outside, Buffy walked downstairs fully dressed.

"Hey Buffy, look everyone, it's Buffy, with all of her clothes on! Not that
I'm looking!"

"Xander, it's okay. If someone walks in when I don't have my bra on, I'm
glad it's you, not... Spike."

Tara glanced outside and saw Spike run down the street smoking.

"Which leads us to an another question; what was Spike doing upstairs?" Asked

Buffy looked at her sister and came up with a reason; "The sun was already
up when we came back, and he was too tired to go back to his crypt!" All of
them looked at Buffy with a question-mark on their faces.

"... Pity is an unholy sin. I think you're getting soft." Said Xander.

The Slayer let out a small smile and sat down. "So, you and Anya have a good
time last night?" Asked Buffy.

"Well, depends on what's 'good time'. I thought we'd have some fun, but
instead we went to the magic shop to count the register!"

Tara giggled at Xander's misfortune.

Suddenly the time stopped and everyone in the house went unconscious. A blue
specter entered the kitchen and merged into all the people in the kitchen.
The time went normal again and the scoobies woke up.

"... Whoa... I must be tired, I just fell asleep on the table!" Moaned

"Ewww! I fell asleep on my eggs!" Groaned Dawn with eggs on her head.

"Me too! Good thing I didn't make them sunny-side-up!" Said Tara wiping the
eggs off her hair. Buffy wondered in her mind what just happened, but let it

"Hey, isn't it kinda strange that..." Started Willow, but suddenly stopped
talking. All was quiet for while.

"I'm going to the shower..." Said Dawn and walked slowly out of the kitchen
and upstairs.

"Me too, I'm all greasy!" Moaned Tara and followed Dawn upstairs.

Buffy glared at Willow. She noticed it and asked "What is it, Buffy?"

Buffy shook her head and looked at Willow. "N... nothing... it's nothing..."

Upstairs in the shower, Dawn was getting undressed as Tara walked in. "Can I
come in?" Asked Tara, who actually was a long way in. Dawn just nodded as
she removed her panties, Tara started to undress as well. Dawn closed the
faucet in the bathtub and laid down into the warm water.

"Can I come too? I could really use a bath." Asked Tara casually.

Dawn looked at Tara for a sec, and nodded again. Tara smiled and removed all
of her clothes. She set herself on the other side of the tub and let out a

"... Tara... isn't this kinda strange?" Asked Dawn.

"What do you mean, Dawnie?" Asked Tara with an innocent look in her eyes.
Dawn shook her head and smiled.

"Nothing...". Dawn started to wash her hair and she reached out to the shelf
to get the shampoo. She exposed her nipple just above the water and Tara
looked at it closely. She started to move her hand across her thigh and
against her crotch. Dawn spread the shampoo on her hair and started to wash
it. She looked at Tara who was smiling at her. "... You wanna do... my
hair?" Asked Dawn.

"I could... if you let me."

Dawn turned around in the tub and backed up against Tara's body. Tara's
breasts pushed against the fragile back of Buffy's sister and Tara's wet
pubic hair brushed against her butt. Dawn sighed of nervousness and gently
bit her lower lip. Tara moved her hands on Dawn's brown hair slowly,
spreading the shampoo all over.

"You want me to wash you too?" Asked Tara with a mistress-like voice.

Dawn sighed a small "Yes...".

Tara smiled and took the soap from the shelf. Dawn was getting excited, and
was anxious for Tara to start washing her. Her pulse was racing like a
race-horse, and she let out a small moan as Tara touched her back with her
hand and the soap.

"Something wrong, Dawnie? I can stop if you want." Said Tara.

"...No, please... don't stop." She groaned.

The wicca smiled and continued to rub Dawn's back with the soap. Then she
started to work on her frontal body. She reached out her hands around Dawn,
pressing her hardened nipples against the girl's back. As Tara spread the
soap on her neck, Dawn was almost crying of the extreme pleasure that a mere
wash could inflict. Tara moved down to Dawn's small breasts and rubbed them

Dawn's tears dripped down to the water as Tara's other hand pinched her
right nipple. "Get up... we'll wash you all over." Said Tara and helped Dawn
get up.

The girl could barely stand, but Tara's smile comforted her enough to stay
still. Tara was on her knees in the tub, her face on the same level as Dawn's
privates. She moved closer and spread the soap on Dawn's pale butt. The girl
was about to cum. If Tara would even lightly brush her cunt, she'd drip into
the tub. But Tara didn't want her to come yet. She kept washing her butt and
thighs with the soap, washing it with water every now and then. She moved her
face to the girl's ass and inhaled the smell of Dawn's behind. She gently
pressed her lips against the girl's butt and licked it, all the way from down
to up. Tara miscalculated, Dawn came at that second. Her juices ran down her
thighs as she squirmed and she let out a loud squeal. Tara pulled Dawn down
to her, face to face. Tara saw the innocent girl's moment of pleasure and
kissed her on the lips. Dawn sucked Tara's tongue like a lollipop and Tara
ran her hands down to Dawn's crotch.

"Oooohhhh... Tara... Touch me... please..."

The girl was begging with tears in her eyes for the witch to make her cum.
Tara put her fingers inside Dawn and the girl sighed violently. Tara started
to move them inside the girl and that made Dawn cry even more. With her
other hand, Tara squeezed Dawn's butt, and her lips on the girls nipples
made the Key squirm like a small animal. She came again and pulled herself
against Tara with all of her strength. Tara guided Dawn's hands down to her
cunt and Dawn knew exactly what to do. In seconds, Tara was moaning with
Dawn as the girls were pleasing each other in the bathtub.

"Oh, Dawnie... You know that I love you, don't you?" Asked Tara between

Dawn smiled as she heard those words from Tara's mouth. And with that, she
came again. She shivered hysterically in Tara's lap with a wild orgasm. Tara
picked up her pace and made Dawn do the same. The girl pushed her stomach
against Tara's breasts and grabbed her butt with her free hand. The embrace
made Tara cum instantly, and she sighed into Dawn's ear; "Oh, Dawnie...".
Now the girl felt truly loved.

Suddenly Tara realized what they had done. "Oh... Oh, Dawn... I'm sorry."
Dawn looked at the witch with a puzzled look on her face. Tara pushed Dawn
away from her and got up from the tub.

"Tara, what's wrong? I thought that..."

"Dawn, what we just did was wrong, do you understand?" Asked Tara as she
dried herself and put her clothes on.

Dawn looked at Tara and got up from the tub, with that, Tara blocked her
sight of the girl. "What? Now you can't even look at me anymore?" Asked the

"... I'm sorry..." Said Tara with tears in her eyes as she rushed out of the
bathroom and down the stairs.

Dawn sank her body into the water filled with shampoo and her and Tara's cum.

Tara rushed out of the house before anyone could say anything. "What just
happened?" Asked Willow.

"Maybe Dawn knows..." Thought Buffy.

* * *

In the afternoon, Dawn was sitting on her bed as Buffy walked in. "Hey."
Dawn looked at her sister and replied. Buffy sat next to her on the bed.

"What happened with Tara?"

"She just left... nothing else." Answered Dawn and hid her face from her
sister. Buffy looked at Dawn and put her hand on her shoulder.

"Dawn... you know that I love you, don't you?" Asked Buffy.

The girl quickly turned to her sister with an expecting glare. Buffy smiled
and got up and left the room. Dawn was disappointed. She wanted Buffy to do
something to prove her love to her.

* * *

Night fell over Sunnydale, and the vampires crawled out of their crypts.

Spike glanced outside, but somehow didn't like the idea of going patrolling
today. He laid on the bed and sighed. Suddenly the crypt door opened and a
girl walked in.

"You think you can punch me in the face and come back for some fun? Well
you're right..." Spike jumped up and expected to see Buffy, but no...

"Bloody hell..." He exclaimed as Dawn walked to her wearing black leather.

"Spike... I know what you're doing with Buffy." Dawn said, closing in on

"Listen, bit. It was an accident, it just happened and it just kept happening
over and over again, it's not only my fault!"

The girl pushed Spike down on the bed and kissed him. At first Spike didn't
resist, but came to his senses and pushed the girl away. "Hey! What's wrong
with you?"

Dawn looked at Spike. "Do you love me, Spike?"

Spike was petrified by the question. "What kind of a sodding question is

"Do-you-love-me, Spike?" Whispered Dawn and grabbed the vamp by his neck.

"In what way?"

"In that way..."

The girl pushed Spike down on the bed and ripped his shirt off. She set
herself over him where he couldn't do anything. "What're you doing?" Dawn
smiled and took off her jacket exposing her black bra. She pushed her
breasts against Spike's mouth and pulled his head against them. Spike
enjoyed the moment, but went back to common sense. "Little-bit, if you
don't let me up now, I'm gonna hurt you!"

"Love me, Spike..." She whispered and removed her pants.

Spike tried to get up but she couldn't harm the girl. Dawn started to rub
her panties against Spike's crotch. "Bloody hell..." Cursed Spike as he took
a strong hold of the girl's waist.

"That's it, Spike!" She exclaimed.

Spike removed his pants and Dawn took off her panties.

"Ohhh... Spike!"

Spike inserted his manhood into the girl. Spike grinned as he slid into the
tight little girl, all the way in. Dawn started to move up and down, picking
up her pace. Spike groaned at the pain and pleasure of the girl riding her.
Dawn was going as fast as she could, and pulled Spike against him.

"Love me, Spike! Love me!"

Dawn let her juices flow all over Spike as she came of the pleasure of a
long thing inside her. This was as much as Spike could take as well. He let
out a yell that reached even the outskirts of the graveyard. Dawn laid her
sweaty body against Spike's. Spike put his arms around the girl. Spike caught
his breath and set Dawn next to him on the bed.

Dawn looked at Spike with a satisfied look on her face. "Do you love me,

Spike was still petrified about the little girl's actions so he really didn't
concentrate on her speech. "Yeah, yeah..."

Dawn smiled and laid herself against Spike.

"Hey, little-bit... don't be telling about this to Buffy, got it?"

"No problem..."

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Xander and Buffy were patrolling.

"Is Dawn OK?" Asked Xander.

"Yeah, I think so... why?" Replied Buffy.

Xander shook his head. "Just asking..."

"... Listen, about this morning..." Started Buffy.

"No need, I'll never walk into your room without a blindfold again!" Said

"Was I that awful?"

Xander stopped and looked at the Slayer. "Huh?"

Buffy walked up to Xander and put her arms around him. "My breasts... were
they so awful?"

Xander glanced at her breasts and went back to stunned. "No! They're not bad!
Actually they are very good, and right now I said something that I shouldn't
have said, so..." Explained Xander and tried to free himself from Buffy's

"You don't wanna be close to me, Xander?"

Xander relaxed and Buffy kissed him. "Xander... Do you love me?"

"Buffy... I love you..."

At that moment they saw a bunch of vampires closing in on them. "Buff,
vampires!" Shouted Xander and Buffy came back to earth.

"Xander, run!"

The horde of vampires was too big, they split up and ran like hell.

Xander stopped running when he reached a small motel. He glanced behind him
and didn't see the vamps.

"Whew... Typical."

Suddenly he was knocked unconscious...

He woke up in a familiar bed, with a familiar face above him.

"You remember this?" Said Faith and rubbed herself against Xander.

"Faith! You're back! How are things?" He blurted nervously.

Faith smiled and pressed herself against the guy even harder. "I've been
good... You feel a little tense..."

"Well that's probably because there's a psycho-killer above me, but... oh
that." Realized Xander. Faith opened Xander's zipper and put her hand in.
"Faith... You shouldn't do that, I'm engaged to a demon, and she'll kick
your ass!"

"Bring it on..." Whispered Faith and pulled the guy's pants down.

At this point Xander realized that he wasn't even tied up, but he still
wasn't match for the strength of the Slayer.

"You really don't wanna go, do you?" Said Faith and took Xander's cock in her

"Yes! Yes I do, Faith stop!" Shouted Xander.

Faith sucked Xander's rock-hard cock and dribbled all over it. Xander grabbed
Faith's hair and tried to pull her away, but wound up moving her head up and

"Now you're getting it!" Murmured Faith and licked Xander's cock once more
before setting herself above it. She guided the thing inside her cunt and sit
on it roughly. Xander let out a groan and Faith smiled. "You like that, don't

She started to move herself violently over the guy, with Xander's cock inside
her, squirming of pleasure. Xander started to move his hips slowly.

"That's it! Come on, Xander! Show me who you are!"

At that moment Xander overcame the Slayer's strength and pushed her up and
pinned her on her stomach on the bed. Faith tried to get up, but to her
surprise she could hardly move. Xander pulled her ass into the air and set
his cock against it.

"You a bad girl, Faith?" Asked Xander, almost shouting.

"Oh yeah! Bad of the bad, Xander!" Groaned Faith.

Xander smiled wickedly and with a fast plunge, pushed his cock past Faith's
buttcheeks through her asshole into her rectum. Faith screamed of pain like a
cat. "I want you to scream, Faith! I want you to cry! Feel the pain!" Shouted
Xander as he squeezed the Slayer's waist almost crushing bones. Faith
couldn't even talk, she just tried to hold back the moans and the tears.
Xander pulled her up from her hair and grabbed her left breast. That restored
Faith's ability to speak and she let out a loud sigh.

Xander started to move his cock inside Faith's ass, violently pulling it out
and pushing it in, all the way. Xander pulled Faith from her hair and kissed
her on the lips while ripping her left breast like a killer. Faith couldn't
stand it anymore and at the same second she let out an orgasm, a flow of
tears and a loud scream. Xander threw her body against the bed and continued
to fuck the girl's ass with pure rage. He slapped her asscheeks and Faith
shouted of pain.

"Faith's been a bad little girl, hasn't she!" Shouted Xander with hatred in
his eyes.

"No please! I haven't been bad, please!" Faith was begging Xander not to hit
her, but Xander slapped her ass even harder. Faith cried of pure pain, but
got so hot about Xander beating her up that she squirted her cum on Xander's

Xander laughed as he violated the girl's ass by pumping and slapping. He felt
like cumming, but managed to hold it in, just to make Faith suffer more. He
pulled her to him again and whispered in her ear; "Do you like cum, Faith? Do
you like the taste?"

"No Xander, please don't!" Begged Faith.

Xander grinned and picked up his pace as he felt that he was cumming. He and
Faith let out a huge shout as Xander blew his load of hot sperm into Faith's
rectum. Faith thought that it was over and smiled. But Xander wasn't
finished, he turned Faith on her back and stuck his cock inside the Slayer's
mouth. Faith tried to murmur something, but the voice got lost into Xander's
moans of pleasure. Faith was obviously repulsed by the taste of her rectum
and Xander's cum, but she didn't have any choice. She was so weak of the
orgasms she had had, that she could barely breathe.

"That's my girl, Faith. You suck it all the way!"

Faith drank all the cum that was on the cock and sucked with all she could,
so that Xander would stop. After a while Xander blew an another load into
Faith's mouth and pulled it out.

Faith coughed the sperm out of her mouth and spit some of it on the floor.

"Do you love me, Faith?"

Faith looked at Xander who was on his knees above her. "What are you talking
about?" Wondered Faith.

Xander pulled her up to him by her hair again, making Faith squirt a few
tears. "Love, Faith... do you love me?"

Faith looked at Xander slightly frightened and got off the bed. "I think you
should go now..."

Xander glanced at Faith and put his clothes on. "I knew you couldn't love
anyone..." Said Xander as he walked out of the motel. Faith looked at
herself from the mirror.

"... Oh yes I could..."

* * *

The next morning, the Summers residence was completely empty, no-one inside.
Dawn woke up in Spike's crypt. She looked around and got dressed.

"Spike? You in here?"

"Yeah, I'm in here... You need to remember something though..."

"What's that?"

"Don't ever wake up a vampire when he's trying the get some bloody sleep!"

* * *

Tara and Willow were on their way to Buffy's house. They had a bag of
sandwiches with them, hoping to take Buffy and Dawn for a picnic. Tara was
feeling bad about earlier, and this was a way to apologize.

"Hello? Anyone home?" Hollered Willow.

They listened in for a sec, but no-one answered.

"Shucks... I guess they're all out." Said Willow.

"At this hour? I don't think so..."

They went into the living room and sat on the couch.

"What happened yesterday?" Asked Willow. Tara just frowned and
shook her head. "Well Willow, I would like to tell you, but it's personal.
It's really not the business of the girl I love..." Said Willow

"That's right, Willow... I love you."

Willow smiled and hugged Tara. "I love you too."

Tara saw Dawn walk into the living room. "Dawnie, hey!" She broke the hug
and Willow was surprised.

"Hey Tara... hi Willow..." Said Dawn.

"Is there something I should know about?" Asked Willow.

Dawn and Tara shook their heads. "So... Long night?" Asked Tara.

"Yeah, kinda... Spent the night at... a friend's place."

Tara nodded and Willow glanced both of them. "Oh, we were gonna go for a
picnic, where's Buffy?"

Dawn looked at the door. "She's not home?"

Tara and Willow looked at each other. Suddenly the phone rang.

Dawn answered; "Hello... Oh, Anya..."

"What's going on? Are you guys up to something?" Asked Willow.

"No! Don't worry, I love you." Replied Tara.

Willow was puzzled. Even though she felt the same way, Tara WAS acting
strange. Dawn put the phone down.

"That was Anya, she said that Xander came back home last night smelling like
she had screwed a French working girl... whatever that means..."

"Dawnie! Where did you learn words like that?" Asked Willow.

"She's not a kid, Willow..." Said Tara and smiled at Dawn.

Dawn smiled back at her with an ‘apology accepted’ on her face and Willow was
confused. "Well... maybe we should look for Buffy."

"No need."

Faith grabbed Dawn by the neck. "Faith! Let Dawn go!" Shouted Willow.

"If you even wave your finger, I'll break the girl's neck, got it?"

Willow and Tara tried to calm down.

"I'm gonna borrow her for a while, she wants to see her sister doesn't she?"

"What did you do to Buffy?" Asked Tara.

"She's resting now, but don't worry. She'll get busy soon." Faith started to
back out of the room and outside.

"... What a perfect Sunday..." Said Willow.

Faith lead Dawn into a crypt in the graveyard, where Buffy was chained to
the wall.

"Buffy!" Exclaimed Dawn.

Buffy didn't react at all. Faith laughed and threw Dawn onto the red carpet
on the floor. She took a knife from her belt.

"Well, well, little Dawnie, huh?"

Dawn was scared out of her mind. She just looked at Buffy, who's head was
slowly moving.

"She won't hear you, kid. She's a little... confused."

"What did you do?" Pressed Dawn.

"I didn't do anything, I found her like that, in a crypt near here."

Dawn realized that she was talking about Spike's crypt. But what happened to
her? Faith released Buffy's chains and dropped her to the floor. Dawn rushed
to her, and tried to wake her up.

"Buffy! Buffy, wake up!"

Faith closed in on the sisters, throwing her jacket on the floor. "Last
night, I saw you and the vamp... In the crypt..." Dawn looked at Faith.
"Must've been a shock to see your own sister and your own vamp-lover in bed,

"No... Buffy didn't see it! You're lying!" Shouted Dawn.

Faith pushed Dawn against Buffy and laid next to her. "You love your sister,
don't you?"

Dawn was in tears and was still trying to wake her up. Faith kissed Buffy
briefly and then pushed Dawn's lips against Buffy's. At that moment Dawn felt
calm. Buffy opened her eyes and saw her sister kissing her, with Faith beside
her. She enjoyed the kiss and pushed her tongue into Dawn's mouth. The girl
noticed that Buffy was awake, and replied to her actions by sticking her
tongue into Buffy's mouth. The sisters embraced warmly and Faith stood up.

"You say I can't love... I'll prove you wrong... I can love!" She spoke as
she removed her clothes.

As Buffy and Dawn finished the kiss, they looked at each other with lust in
their eyes. "... I slept with Spike." Confessed Dawn.

"It's OK, so did I..."

Faith pulled Dawn up and ripped her shirt off.

"Faith, no!" Shouted Buffy.

Dawn smiled. "Do you love me?"

Buffy glared at Dawn as Faith took Dawn's pants off.

"Yes..." Dawn smiled at Buffy, as she stood there naked with Faith behind
her. "Come on, B. Don't be a spoilsport."

Faith ran her hands from Dawn's stomach to her brown pubic hair. Buffy looked
at Faith who was playing with her sister like a toy. Faith embraced the girl,
pressing their bodies together and kissing her neck.

Buffy hesitated at first, but seeing her sister enjoying Faith's games, she
took her clothes off too. She pressed herself against the girl, and reached
out her hands to caress Faith's hair. Faith kissed Buffy over Dawn's shoulder
as Dawn put her hands on Buffy's ass. The Slayers embraced each other with
Dawn in the middle, caressing each other all over. Faith stuck her fingers
inside Dawn, and she let out a silent moan. Both Faith and Buffy were
breathing heavily into Dawn's ear, Faith fingering her, it made the girl
almost lose her balance, but Buffy kept her standing.

Dawn started to finger Buffy's wet cunt and it made her want to taste her
little sister. Buffy went down and pulled Dawn with her. She set the girl on
her back on the carpet and buried her tongue into the girl's wet cunt. Faith
set herself under Dawn, into a position where her clit was rubbing against
the girl's butt. As Dawn squirmed of the delight her sister was giving her,
Faith enjoyed her shivering almost more. Buffy started to finger herself
while Faith reached out with her right hand, and grabbed Dawn's small breast
with the other. Buffy grabbed Faith's hand and moved both Slayer's hands
against Dawn's chest.

"That's it B... Squeeze it tight..." Faith was on the verge of a powerful
orgasm, and so was Dawn. The girl squealed violently and pushed herself
against Faith, as they both came and their juices mixed on the carpet, with
Buffy spreading them on Dawn's cunt and licking them off.

"Buffy... It's my turn now..." Said Dawn and the Slayer kissed her making
her taste her own and Faith's juices.

Buffy laid down on her back as Dawn and Faith crawled to her. Dawn smelled
Buffy's wet cunt, and slowly started to lick it. Faith kissed Buffy deeply
with her tongue and moved down to her breasts, sucking them gently. As Dawn
licked her sisters crotch, she started to rub Faith's clit and finger her
own cunt. Faith stuck her fingers into her cunt and stuck the fingers into
Buffy's mouth, who sucked them clean passionately.

"More, Faith... I want more." She begged and the Slayer smiled at her.

She set herself on Buffy's face, herself facing Dawn, who was hysterically
sucking on Buffy's cunt. Dawn reached out and squeezed Buffy's breast as she
started to suck on Faith's juicy cunt. Buffy could smell Xander's sperm in
Faith's butt and licked the remains of it off. The sight of Dawn fingering
herself with her ass in the air, and the feeling that Buffy was licking her
ass was too much, and she came into Buffy's mouth, who drank it all. The
taste was so exciting that Buffy couldn't hold back her own orgasm and she
grabbed Dawn's head and pulled it against her cunt.

"Oh, Dawn... I love you..." As she said that, she let her juices flow on her
little sister's face, making her cause a slurping noise.

And again, time stopped. The specter that had entered the bodies of Tara,
Willow, Dawn, Buffy and Xander escaped. Dawn got her senses back and backed
away from Buffy's crotch. She looked around and saw Faith laying her head on
Buffy's chest, but both Slayers were unconscious. Dawn quickly dressed
herself, Buffy and finally Faith. She left Faith inside the crypt and dragged
Buffy back to the house.

As Buffy woke up in her bed, Dawn was beside her.

"Morning sleepy-head." Said Dawn.

Buffy got up, looked around, and then looked at Dawn.

"Something wrong, Buffy?" Asked the girl.

Buffy laughed and shook her head. "No... Just a crazy dream..."

"Yeah, well... dreams are dreams..." Said Dawn. Buffy nodded and was quiet
for a while.



"... You know that I love you, right?" Asked the Slayer.

"Yes... I love you too..."



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