Warning: This story contains sexual material. It is to be read by adults
only. If this is not to your taste then read no further. This is my second
Buffy/Trent story for MC T.V. It is my version of last season's final episode
titled 'BECOMING'


By Yenoc (mc,ff,mf)

Trent had returned to Sunnydale once again. He had not missed the Hellmouth.
He had returned to see his girl Buffy Summers. He had encountred the vampire
slayer on his first visit to the town. Buffy had been having a rough time
lately. Being the Slayer was ruining her life and endangering her friends and
mother. They were constantly in peril because she was the Chosen One.

Her vampire boyfriend, Angel had turned into a monster who wanted to see
Buffy dead. Angel had lost his soul after he and Buffy had slept together. He
had once more become the evil Angelus and had shacked up with Spike and his
insane girlfriend Druscilla.

Trent went to the Bronze and found the kids there as usual. They were sitting
at a table talking and having a good time. Giles was back at the Library with
his nose buried in a book. Willow was there with Oz, Xander was with Cordelia
and they were arguing as always, and Buffy was without a date.

Trent put out a mind field so no one would sense his presense in the club as
he watched the group of teenagers. He had already fucked and enslaved Buffy,
so he was after a new conquest this time. He intended to take control of
Cordelia Chase and add her to his harem of females.

Cordelia was a tall pretty girl with long raven hair. She was the typical
cheerleader prom queen. She was superficial, snobbish, stuck up, and obsessed
with her looks. She would distance herself from Buffy in a second if it
threatened her social standing. But she constantly hung out with the group.

Cordelia was Miss Popular at school but the gang kept her around anyway. She
wore a slinky red dress that hugged her curves. Cordy was full figured and
vivacious, she had well developed and abundant breasts.

Trent released another mind field and the mystical energy enveloped the club.
Everyone cleared the dance floor and was ordered not to notice any activity
there. Buffy went into slave mode when she sensed Trent's presense. She got
up and went to greet her Master accordingly. She french kissed Trent and
pressed her nubile body to his.

The Slayer did not speak, she knew what was expected of her. Buffy strode out
on to the dance floor and began swaying to the rock music emitting from the
speakers. Her arms rose above her head and waved from side to side. Her body
moved to the rythm of the music as her athletic talents took over. She was
graceful as her hips rocked back and forth very suggestively. No one but
Trent saw her dance.

He decided it was time for Buffy to have a dance partner so he turned his
attention toward Cordelia. Trent reached into the girl's feeble brain and
rewrote her psyche to suit his needs. The girl's eyes glazed over as her mind
went blank. He easily altered her ditzy personality and mind. She stared
straight ahead in a trance as she was turned into Trent's slave and disciple.
She would be the same person around others but she belonged to Trent.

Cordelia would strive to obey his every command and please him. Cordy awoke
and shook her head to clear out the cobwebs. She looked over and saw Buffy on
the dance floor. Her head swooned as she watched the Slayer glide over the

Cordelia felt hot and flushed, her pussy was wet and tingling. The more she
watched Buffy the more aroused she got. Trent gave Cordy a desire for Buffy
and she was attracted to the Slayer. The fact that she found another girl
sexually appealing didn't phase Cordelia in the least. Cordy rose from the
table and went to join Buffy.

The Slayer had been awaiting the girl's arrival. The two girls came together
and embraced. Cordy lowered her head and kissed Buffy with affection. Their
mouths opened and their tongues intertwined as they explored each other's

The girls were soon dancing in time to the music. They molded their bodies
together and moved as one. Two sets of breasts touched and rubbed against one
another. Buffy pushed her pelvis against Cordelia and their hips gyrated in
circles as they moved in unison. Cordelia put her hands on Buffy's hips and
guided the Slayer's to flow with her own.

They shifted positions and Buffy turned around, leaning back into Cordelia
who put her arms around Buffy and cradled the Slayer. Their bodies stirred to
and fro as the teenagers' undulations swept them along the floor.


Trent had all the people depart the Bronze so he could be alone with the
girls. Cordelia unzipped Buffy's dress and it dropped to the floor. Buffy was
naked under the dress and Cordy drooled as she leered at the Slayer. Then
Cordelia slipped off her own dress and stood before them clad in a strapless
black bra and panties. She lost the underwear and posed in the nude for
Buffy. Trent sat back and watched the girls with interest.

Buffy started rubbing Cordelia's heaving cleavage, massaging the twin orbs
sensuously. She flicked Cordy's hard nipples and sent shivers down the girl's
spine. The girls stretched out on the floor. Cordelia ran her hands over
Buffy's chest. "You have beautiful tits Cordy," Buffy told her companion.

"I like yours too," Cordelia smiled. Buffy reached over and started sucking
Cordy's tits. Her tongue lapped the erect nipples and she noisily slurped on
the girl's breasts. Cordelia groaned as Buffy suckled her bountiful bosom.
Buffy crawled between Cordelia's legs and gaped at her hidden treasure. She
licked her lips as she moved closer to Cordy's glistening vagina. Buffy ran
her fingers through the girl's black pubic mound and slid her fingers into
the moist slit.

"That tickles!" Cordelia giggeld, causing her tits to jiggle as she laughed.
Buffy rubbed up and down the teen's hot box. It felt odd to have another
female fingering her pussy. Cordelia wiggled and glanced down her agitated
body to watch Buffy's progress. "You like it, don't you?" Buffy asked,
sliding her finger back and forth, tweaking the protruding clit and sticking
her digits into Cordy's cunt.

"MMMM! Yes, I like it!" Cordelia moaned in pleasure. Buffy delved into her
pussy and her nose filled with the teen's musky aroma. She chewed and sucked
on Cordelia's cunt. Buffy ran her tongue up and down the groove, then she
stuck it into the hole, lapping up the juices hungrily.

Buffy clamped down on her clit and strummed the button with her tongue. This
sent waves of pleasure through Cordy's body. "OOOO! I can't stand it! I'm
going to cum! Oh Buffy, eat me!! AAaAAggghhhh!!" Cordelia screeched,
thrashing madly. Buffy knew that Cordelia was on the verge of orgasm, so she
swung over Cordy and spraddled her cunt over the brunette's face. "Eat me!
Suck me!" the Slayer commanded as she pressed her blonde pussy into
Cordelia's face.

Cordelia's eyes rolled back as she was wracked by a climax. She opened her
mouth and shoved her tongue into Buffy's pussy, gulping the love juice as it
ran down her throat. "Yes!! Eat my pussy!!" Cordy shouted, grinding her cunt
into Buffy's face as she convulsed and came. Cordelia rampantly sucked
Buffy's cunt and slid her fingers in and out of the Slayer's twat. "Do it
Cordy!! Eat me out!" Buffy gasped as she writhed her pussy on Cordelia's face
in turn. Cordelia was burning up with desire. Her tongue snaked between the
folds of Buffy's dripping slit.

The blonde girl mewled in lust and pounded her hips downward. Buffy and
Cordelia rolled on the floor in a tangle of arms and legs, breasts and
pussys. The sounds of slurping and sucking came from the girls as they drank
each other's honey. All thoughts were forgotten except for the urgency for

Suddenly, both young girls spasmed and stiffened. Shivers ran through their
frames and then they collpsed. Buffy rolled off Cordy and stretched, her tits


Cordelia was still twitching on the floor as she climaxed wildly. Trent had
seen enough. His cock was hard in his trousers and he wanted to fuck Cordelia
badly. His clothes were shed as he neared the thrashing girl and prepared to
mount her.

He settled between her legs and pointed his prick at her virgin cunt. At the
touch of his cock, Cordelia jumped. She saw Trent and instantly knew the man.
He had a huge cock! And it was about to penetrate her cunt.

Trent opened her cunt and inserted his dick into Cordy's channel. With a
strong lunge, he slammed forward into her, ripping into her pit and tearing
past her hymen. Cordelia screamed in pain as her cherry was broken. She was
no longer a virgin! Trent thrust in and out of her tender cunt with steady
strokes. Cordelia stared at Trent, shock mixing with the lust on her face.

"Master!?" she chirped as Trent's programming took hold in her mind. Her hips
started to churn, pulling him deeper into her pussy. Cordelia wrapped her
legs around him and pumped her hips up and down to counter his plunging cock.
She trembled under his attack, her big boobs bouncing as shudders ran through
her body.

Cordelia could hardly believe she was being fucked, it was wonderful. She
groaned as jolts of electricity flooded her nervous system. "Fuck me Master!
Oohh Yess! Fuck me! I'm ugnggh Cumming!!" she cried as her hips rose and fell
while she climaxed.

Trent could hold back no longer and started spewing ropes of semen deep into
Cordelia's womb. "I can feel it!! Shoot your cum into my cunt!! I love it!
Cum inside me, please!!!" she shrieked as she came repeatedly. "It's
fantastic!! Fill me with you seed Master!! AAaaaoo... oooRROOOOO!!" Cordelia
surged up one last time and slumped to the floor spent.

Trent pulled out of Cordelia's sloppy cunt and Buffy ran to him to clean off
his cock with her hungry mouth. He got dressed and watched as Buffy climbed
between Cordelia's splayed legs and greedily sucked his cum from her cunt
with glee.

Trent made both girls forget their lesbian episode but they would continue
to be hot for one another. They would act normally until he returned and then
they would be his devoted slaves. Trent knew that he'd be returning to
Sunnydale again very soon.




Spike sat in his wheelchair and sighed heavily. Everything was falling apart
and he didn't like it one bit. The vampire was nervous and impatient. He had
not been this on edge in decades. Luckily, Dru and Angelus were out hunting
so they weren't there to see his agitated state. Angelus was planning destroy
the Slayer once and for all, he also was planning to end the world as well.
And that didn't sit too well with the punker vampire. He liked having the
world around. He would not mind seeing Buffy dead but that could be
accomplished without setting off the Apocolypse.

Dru loved Angelus' idea of course and she strongly supported his endevors.
Dru was slowly drifting back to the arms of Angelus and Spike didn't care for
that one bit. He had to get Angelus out of the picture. Dru was completely
insane and she saw the whole thing as fun and games. Where Dru was crazy,
Angelus was absolutely psychotic. Spike knew of his sire's dark side but he
had not realized how truly evil Angelus was.

Spike was jelous of his competition and he was ready to do anything to stop
the madness. Dru was his lady after all. Spike wanted to kill Angelus so much
that he had made a deal with the Slayer to help her cease the impending
Doomsday. In exchange for his aid, Spike would give Angelus to Buffy while he
and Dru skipped town and left the Hell Mouth behind.


Spike heard a noise from somewhere in the vampire lair and he sensed a
strong presence in the structure. He went on alert and tried to focus on the
location of the intruder. "Hello Spike!" a voice boomed behind the vampire.
He spun around the wheelchair to face his visitor. Spike turned to see a
tall, forboding man in front of him. The man was built like a tank and looked
to be very strong.

He had short brown hair with a mustache and goatee. He had cold grey eyes
and a look of authority about him. His hard, etched face told Spike the guy
wasn't someone to mess with.

"Who the bloody hell are you?" Spike demanded. "The name's Trent. I'm here in
regard to our mutual rival Angelus. I mean to protect Buffy and stop his
end-the-world scheme. I mean really, have you ever seen such a pathetic cry
for attention? It's time Angelus went back to Hell and I'm going to make sure
he gets there. " Trent stated.

"Well goody for you. The Slayer and I both want to see Angelus dead. I want
to piss on his blasted grave! So you may as well take a number and get in
line. Now, mind telling me how you got in here?" Spike asked irritated.
"Isn't there any fucking security in this place??!!" he yelled out.

"Save your voice Limy. You and I are the only ghouls in the vicinity. The
three idiots Angelus left to guard you are now blowing in the wind," Trent

"I take it that is your way of telling me that you disposed of my
babysitters," Spike shot back. "You know the saying - 'Ashes to ashes, dust
to dust' - etc." Trent replied. "Look, let's dispense with the bullshit and
tell me what you want," the vampire said in a cracked voice.

Trent walked around the abode and ran his finers along the stone walls. He
wiped the soot from his hand and said, "What's wrong Spike, scared? You
should be," he advised. "I'm not in the mood for games mate!" Spike snapped.
"I've got a lot of things weighing on my mind and this is not the time for

"I'm here to warn you Bleach Job. You had better keep the deal you made with
Buffy. She's mine and I won't allow anything to happen to her. I'll be around
tonight and if you doublecross the girl, I will kill you and your psycho
girlfriend. So stick to the plan and make your exit. Because tonight is
Angel's last night on earth," Trent concluded.

"Why would I want to harm dear Buffy? She's such a lovely girl and all,"
Spike said in sarcasm. Trent moved faster than Spike could see and was
suddenly leaning over the vampire. "Don't play with me boy. I'm older than
you and I am not the fool you think I am," he hissed, "It would me nothing
to me to end your miserable existance." "Oooh! I'm shaking in my boots!"
Spike said and then realized his mistake. That pissed Trent off. He grabbed
the vampire by his shirt with one hand and lifted the bloodsucker into the
air with ease. "Shake this!!" he snorted in anger.

The next thing Spike knew, he was sailing through the air as the room passed
him by in a blur. He flew across the room with frightening speed and slammed
into a wall very hard. His flight came to an abrupt halt as he crashed to the
floor in a heap.

An eyeblink later, Trent loomed above him ready to strike. The vampire could
sense the anger that raged within Trent and he shivered. For the first time
in ages Spike knew fear once more. 'This bloke is a major player and he could
snap me like twig' Spike thought to himself. "Yes I could," Trent responded
to the thought. Spike's body ached all over thanks to Trent's impromptu
flying lesson. Spike looked up at Trent and knew the man could read his mind,
he cringed.

Trent's eyes were glowing red and the air around him crackled with an
electrical charge. "Well, I guess that confirms you're not huma," Spike said
with false bravado. Trent gazed at the vampire with an angry face. Then he
threw back his head and let out a loud laugh. The sounds of his laughter
echoed throughout the lair.

"I like you Spike! You're a hoot. I needed a good chuckle," Trent told him.
"Happy to oblige," Spike said with relief. "Under different circumstances you
and I could be friends," Trent informed the demon. "The possibilities are
astounding," Spike shot back. Trent laughed again and smacked Spike on the
back, sending him sliding across the floor.

"Funny guy. Get up, I know you can walk," he announced." "Shit!! Can't a
fellow keep one blasted secret in this backwater burg!!??" Spike complained
as he got up and dusted the dirt from his attire.

The two immortal beings conversed for over and hour. At the end of their
talk, Trent vanished as quickly as he appeared. Spike sat back down in the
wheelchair and waited for his compatriots to return. He smiled in glee. He
had not been this happy in a long time. He and Dru would take a vaction,
Buffy would save the world again, and Trent would handle Angelus. Life was


The night came and the battle raged inside the vampire layer. Buffy and
Xander arrived and Buffy was locked in mortal combat with her former lover
to the death. Things were beginning to unravel for Angelus and he was not
pleased. Trent waited in the shadows to make his entrance at the proper time.
It was a fierce battle and Buffy was losing. Angelus had the upper hand and
he was about to slay the Slayer.

Buffy Summers cowered on the floor of the vampire refuge. This is it, she
thought, she was going to die. Her friends had been attacked by the vampire
horde and were hurt. Willow was in the hospital clinging to life and Giles
had been captured and tortured.

The Slayer was fighting for her life and the continued existance of the
world. She was up against the creature called Angelus and only one of them
would walk away alive. Once he had been a man with a sould and her lover. Now
he was a demon from Hell who lived to slaughter all who stood in his way. His
sould had been lost the night they had made love. Now they only wished to see
each other dead.

Angelus towered over the scared girl. His twisted vampire face sneered at her
with contempt. He relished seeing her like this. His victory was at hand. All
that remained was for him to deliver the death blow. "Well Buffy it's been
real. But it's time for you to die," Angelus spat with venom in his voice.

He raised the sword over his head and prepared to strike. Buffy braced
herself and awaited the lethal impact. "So that's everything, huh? No
weapons, no friends, no hope. Take all that away and what's left?" Angelus
expressed smugly.

"ME!!" thundered a voice from the rear of the pair. "I GUESS THAT'S MY CUE!"
Trent yelled to them. Both Angelus and Buffy turned to toward the ominous
voice. They saw the stranger standing behind them poised to enter the fray.
He was dressed in black and his voice was deep and very threatening.

"And just who the fuck are you supposed to be?" Angelus snarled as he lowered
the sword. "I'm here to rescue her," Trent said pointing to Buffy. "And I'm
going to kill you as a fringe benefit." Angelus sighed in disgust, "Of
courese you're here to save her and do me in. Miss Summers always seems to
have a knight in shining armor waiting in the background. Every time we get
together there is always an uninvited nuisance around to spoil the fun. Well,
the bitch finally dies tonight and then I'll kill you," the vampire told

"You're welcome to try but I'll warn you now that you won't kill me that
easily. This little tantrum of yours has to stop. And frankly, I'm tired of
your hijinks. You're a second rate character at best and you can't even act,"
Trent insulted his foe. "You're crazy. I am going to enjoy carving you up,"
Angelus told him. "Give me your best shot Deadboy," Trent replied.

Buffy had been witnessing the exchange between the men but she was in shock
and didn't really know what was transpiring before her. She was exhausted and
weak and had not really been paying attention to the heated exchange. But her
head cleared and she could think straight once again. Her eyes focused on the
two men and her eyes went wide with surprise. She knew this guy. "TRENT!!"
she squeaked, "IT'S YOU!!"

"Yes Buffy, it's me. I'm back. Stay out of the way while I deal with Fangboy
here," Trent spoke to the Slayer. "What is this shit?" Angelus snapped.
"Buffy belongs to me shithead and I don't like anyone messing with my
property. She is mine and there is no way in hell you are going to kill her,"
Trent declared.

"Puh-lease!" Angelus barked, "I've had enough of your deluded stories. It's
time for you and the bitch to die. I can't wait to rid the world of you
humans." "I never said I was human," Trent stated. That got through and it
finally dawned upon Angelus. "So you're a demon or some kind of supernatural
being. Oh well. I'll kill you anyway!" the vampire vowed and rushed at Trent
with the sword ready to cut.

But when Angelus got to the spot Trent was long gone. He had moved faster
than the demon could detect. He was faster and stronger than the vampire but
Angelus was still a serious threat. Angelus was suprised at his super speed
was taken aback but her recovered. Trent appeared right behind the vampire
and tapped him on the shoulder. Angelus turned and growled like an animal.

Trent made a fist and punched the monster square in the face. Angelus reeled
from the blow and blood ran from his crushed nose. He flew backward about
30ft. and that's when he knew it would not be an easy victory. He recovered
quickly and roared in rage.

Angelus rushed at Trent with his own blinding speed and knocked the enemy
off his feet. He then proceeded to reign blow after blow down on Trent as he
tried to beat the man to death with his fit. Trent took the beating in
stride. He had suffered worse punishments than this but it still hurt a lot.

The two adversaries fought a viscious battle. Buffy watched the fight in
horrorifed silence. She didn't know what to do. In the end, Trent gained the
upper hand and knew Angelus was doomed to be vanquished by his hand. Angelus
had been badly beaten was almost unconscious. Trent was merely cut and
bruised, and he was really pissed off.

Trent grabbed Angelus by the throat and hoisted him into the air with little
effort on his part. He looked at the vampire with unbridled rage in his
voice, "You have caused enough death and destruction demon. Buffy and the
others may not be able to kill you but I have no qualms about doing so. It's
time to send you back to Hell. Give the Master my regards."

With that, Trent threw Angelus across the room and pummled the fallen vampire
without any mercy until the monster was a bloody pulp of his former self.
Trent picked up the sword and launched himself at Angelus.

The defeated vampire looked up and saw his executioner. Angelus screamed in
fear as the sharp blade came down swiftly and lopped off his head in one
powerful stroke. The severed head rolled across the floor as his body fell
for the last time. Then both his head and body turned into dust and blew
away. Thus came an end to the evil Angelus and the man once called Angel. His
reign of terror was ended.


Trent ran to Buffy and helped her up, she was still in shock at the death of
her former lover. Angel was gone! Dead! Just like that! "It's over isn't
it??!!" she asked Trent in disbelief. "Yes. It is done. I am sorry for your
loss but there was no other choice," he told her.

"Angel..." Buffy paused. "Good-bye!" Tears ran down the Slayer's face. Trent
put his arm around Buffy and tried to comfort the girl. He then looked at the
stone demon statue. The swirling vortex Angelus had called forth vanished.
Trent's eyes glowed blood red and two engery beams shot forth and blasted the
statue into oblivion. The sculpture exploded into thousands of tinyfragments
and was no longer a threat.


They left the vampire den and went to Buffy's house. Buffy and her mother had
argued before the showdown and Mrs. Summers had told her daughter not to

Fortunately, Mrs. Summers was not home when they arrived at the house. Buffy
took a shower and got dressed, she was crushed. Her life was ruined and she
was devastated. Her entire world had fallen apart because she was the Slayer,
the Chosen One.

Her mother and friends would always be in danger as long as she was around.
They deserved a chance to have normal lives. They would die if she remained
in Sunnydale. Trouble followed Buffy everywhere, she could not escape her
cursed fate. She was a threat to all the people she cared about. She had to
get out of their lives forever.

Buffy cried as she went to Trent for comfort. She didn't know what to do.
Wiping away the tears, she looked up at him and said, "I can't stay here any
more." "I know," was his only response. "What am I going to do?" she asked.
"You must leave Sunnydale. I will take you with me this time and you can
start a new life," Trent told Buffy.

Buffy looked into his eyes and smiled. "I'd like that. Now may be mom and the
guys will be safe. I want to see them one last time," she whispered. "Okay,"
Trent replied. Buffy left a good-bye note for her mother and apologized for
everything. Then she went to the high school.

She saw Willow,Cordelia,Xander, and Giles waiting in front of the school for
her. She watched them for a few minutes and said her silent farewells to her
friends. She turned and walked away, knowing it would be better for them in
the end.


Buffy walked a few blocks and came to a black 4-door sedan parked along the
street. The windows of the car were all tinted so no one could see the
interior of the vehicle. The car door opened and Trent got out on the
driver's side. He was dressed head to foot in black and he wore a pair of
dark sunglasses to hide his eyes.

He approached Buffy and asked, "Ready?" Buffy sighed in sorrow and said,
"Let's do it," she put on her own shades and got into the front seat of the
car next to Trent. He started the engine and looked at Buffy. He smiled at
the girl and she smiled back. Perhaps there was hope for a brighter future
she thought to herself.

Buffy took Trent's hand in hers and squeezed it for security. She was scared
and nervous, who knew what laid ahead for her. The car pulled away from the
curb and Buffy Summers left Sunnydale. She did not know what was to come but
she knew that she would get though it as long as she was with Trent.



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