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Rating: NC-17

Summary: What if?

Pairing: Well, that would be telling wouldn't it?

Spoilers/Timeline: Season six. Dawn sacrifices herself to save the world on
Glory's gantry and Buffy kills herself as she's unable to deal with the guilt
(lots of people forget that Dawn was willing to do that!). Please note Dawn
is above the age of consent, whatever that is where you are.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: More Than Flesh And Blood
by GoolCaptain

Faith stuck the sword into the demon's chest with all her might. It looked
surprised for a moment, a startled expression in all eight of it's eyes until
they disintegrated as she tore the blade upwards, slicing it's head in half
from the bottom up. It fell to the floor, cut down the middle like a banana

D'hoffryn picked himself up and brushed himself down, struggling to maintain
some dignity. Faith leveled the sword at his throat. He looked at her with

"You owe me," she said evenly. "You know what I want. Bring her back, bring
Buffy back!"

He shook his head as if genuinely sad. "No, impossible. I can twist reality,
bend dimensions, reverse time but over those born of flesh and blood I have
no domain. They live and die due to their own choices and powers beyond my
control." He was gone before she could even think to reply.

"Son of a bitch!!" she exclaimed.

* * *

She flinched instinctively as the police cruiser rounded the corner. The cops
passed her by with a long searching glance in her direction but it had more
to do with her leather trousers than any professional interest.

"Relax," she chided herself. "They're not after you any more." She sometimes
wondered if there was anything the Council couldn't do. She had a few parking
tickets they could probably take care off, it was a real bitch trying to park
the geekmobile. She'd loved Joyce dearly but she'd had lousy taste in cars.
She guessed it had been practical for her job at the gallery. She also had a
library book that had been sitting in the bottom of her old wardrobe in
Boston since the fifth grade but that was probably beyond even the Council's
influence. Getting a convicted murderer released scot-free was one thing,
messing with the library service something else entirely.

* * *

1630 Revello was in darkness. Willow and Tara were out at Spellcasters'
Anonymous, sponsoring Amy through her twelve step programme. At least in
prison there was always someone to come home to, you were never alone.

Nor was she here. Miss Kitty sidled up to her and rubbed herself
appreciatively against her legs. Faith gathered her up in her arms and
stroked her. At least someone was always glad to see her. The cat that walked
alone, indeed.

Or not. "Getting kinda fat girl" Faith observed rubbing the purring cat's
swollen tummy. She wondered what they would call the kittens.

She hesitated before entering the house. It never really felt like home, she
was always the cuckoo in the nest. And the real owners were all gone, all
safely in the ground. She felt like a pretender, a thief in the night,
guiltily inheriting all that was theirs, both materially and in other ways.

She spotted it as soon as she entered, the demon crouching in the shadows of
the corner, low, curled on all fours, waiting to strike. She cast Miss Kitty
aside and kicked the coffee table at it, knocking it sprawling further back
into the dark recess. In a moment she was upon it, her knife poised to


"Dear God" she thought. The knife slipped from her hand and clattered to the
floor. Faith's arms embraced her, forcing their way through her trembling and
frantic struggling, enveloping the naked female form before her.

"Don't hurt me!" she pleaded.

D'hoffryn's phrase cycled through Faith's mind again and again "Over those
born of flesh and blood I have no domain."

But then not everyone was.

Miss Kitty walked up and rubbed herself affectionately against Dawn's bare

* * *


She was there in a moment, as quick as slayerspeed could carry her. Dawn was
sitting upright in bed, lashed with sweat, shaking and wan. Miss Kitty had
retreated to the corner, her back arched, wary.

"It was here again!"

Faith mopped Dawn's sweatsoaked brow with her hand. She pulled back the
covers and slipped in beside her, sitting her on her lap and wrapping her
hands around her waist.

"It wasn't Buffy, Dawnie, she's gone. It was just a dream."

She felt Dawn gradually relax and lean backwards into her embrace. She swept
her hair away from her shoulders to expose her neck in a parody of all those
sexy vamp surrender scenes the Anne Rice brigade loved. Faith nuzzled her
neck, licking up the droplets of sweat, nibbling her earlobe, the
intoxicating perfume of her hair and perspiration combing in one glorious
scent. Her nipples hardened and her cunny moistened slightly but she
restrained herself. She would wait. She'd learned that in prison when the
guards had put the new and vulnerable girls in with her so she could keep
them safe. She would wait until they made the first move, then they were
hers. Dawn was hers, she just had to wait.

She had long since lost her heart to the youngest Summer's girl, part sister,
part child, part lover to Faith who desperately needed to be needed herself.
She'd always wanted a sibling, for a moment jealousy of Buffy reared its head
again but she banished it quickly. It was so easy to be at peace here, she
never felt more content than in Dawn's arms.

Dawn turned herself around and kissed Faith fully on the lips.

It seemed that Faith wouldn't have to wait after all.

Faith casually flicked the buttons from the front of Dawn's pyjamas
revealing Dawn's nubile chest. She eased the top off letting it slide from
her shoulders. Faith just sat there for a moment, staring in wonder at Dawn's
beauty. The Summers girls. They had something, all three of them. And it
wasn't just that all three were almost unfeasibly buxom. Faith felt
tremmendously fortunate to have Dawn, have her all to herself.

Dawn took the initiative to work the straps of Faith's sleeping top off. Her
hands found Faith's stunningly large breasts and cupped them firmly. She
copied Faith's actions in playing with her nipples, a low moan from both
girls merging into a shared lustful cry. Faith wasted no time in stripping
off Dawn's bottoms then whipped her night shorts off, glorying in being naked
together with her new lover. Each groped the other's breasts with one hand
and began stroking one another's pubic hair with the other.

Faith reluctantly broke her lips away from Dawn's. The teenagers slight look
of disappointment rapidly evaporated as Faith kissed her down her cheek, down
her neck, across her collarbone, finally finding where Dawn urged them to be,
licking, sucking, gently biting on her nipples, switching back and forth, one
to the other in turn. She slipped her fingers inside Dawn, careful not to
pierce the younger girl's hymen with her nails. Dawn closed her eyes and
sighed, arching her back and spreading her legs ever wider.

Faith stroked Dawn's clitty with a skill born of long practive, rubbing it
back and forth, circling it, Dawn's cunny juices streaming over her fingers.
She finally brought Dawn to orgasm by softly flicking the swollen little
fleshly button with her index finger.

"OOOOOUUUUuuuhhhh!" Dawn came in her arms, her face nuzzled to the dark
haired Slayer's beautiful shoulder. Faith grinned wickedly and then carefully
pinched Dawn's clitoris between finger and thumb, applying just the right
amount of pressure. Dawn's second orgasm was so powerful it blotted out all
memory of the first.

Faith felt Dawn's hot breath on her skin as her breathing gradually returned
to normal.

"God Faith, I never thought I could come to hard!"

Faith raised an inquisitive eyebrow "Oh? Someone else get there before me did

Dawn shook her head. "No. Only by myself I mean"

Faith looked at her suspiciously "Dawnie, you don't see me just"

"A substitute for Buffy?" Dawn finished Faith's sentence for her. "Yes, I
guess I do a little. But it's not just that. I love you Faith, you have to
believe that."

Faith smiled and stroked Dawn's amazing brunette hair, loving the feeling of
it streaming through her fingers. "I love you too Dawnie."

Dawn kissed her again, dispelling any lingering doubts she might have had. It
was a full 30 seconds before they broke the kiss off.

"I owe you some orgasms. Will you let me give you head?" Dawn suggested

Faith giggled. "Saucy! Do you know how?"

Dawn pushed Faith back onto the bed and took hold of her calves, pulling
her legs apart and spreading her unresisting thighs as far as they would go,
exposing Faith's cunny to her lustful eyes.

"Why don't you teach me?" Dawn asked starting to kiss her way up Faith's
legs towards the neatly trimmed triangle of light brown pubic hair, moist and
glistening with arousal.

Faith stroked Dawn's head with one hand whilst licking Dawn's cunny juices
from the other. "On one condition?"

Dawn was suprised "What's that?"

"You let me lick you out next"

Dawn smiled impishly "Let me think about it for a second" she teased. "Ok,
yes, yes, yes, yes, YES, YES, YES, YESSSS!"

* * *

They lay together in each other's arms, enjoying the softness and warmth of
one another pressing, skin to skin, hair to hair. Dawn felt Faith's
heightened alertness a moment after her Slayer senses became aware of another
prescene in the room.

Tara and Willow just stood there looking at them for a few seconds, no one
knowing exactly what to say. Then they wordlessly came forwards and crept
onto the bed.

"Ah guys...?" Faith began, a little unsure of what was happening. Her doubts
disappeared as Willow unbuttoned Tara's blouse and undid her bra, revealing
possibly the most spectacular pair of huge breasts Faith had ever seen. They
were absolutely perfect, well shaped and jutting with prominent, exquisite
pink nipples. As pink as Tara's blushing face. They were quite literally
breathtaking as both she and Dawn found themselves giving an audible gasp at
the very sight of them.

"You were saying?" Willow asked as she and Tara shed their clothing. Dawn
didn't reply, just pounced on Tara's sumptuous titties, suckling like a
starving babe in arms as Tara embraced her, hugging her with boundless
passion and affection. Faith shrugged and kissed Willow deeply, hugging
one arm around the redhead's waist, groping Tara's other bosom with her
free hand.

* * *

"Faith" Willow slipped naked out of bed and beckoned to her to follow from
the doorway. Faith reluctantly swapped places with Tara and followed Willow
out in to the hall, equally nude. She didn't even think to dress after what
had happened for the past few hours. From now on the Summers house would be
all naked all the time unless they were expecting company.

What was this? Surely these two were the last to object to her and Dawn's
relationship? Or perhaps that was it, were they jealous?

Willow opened her hand to reveal a softly glowing crystal. "This is a remnant
stone" she explained. "It picks up residual traces of ghostly activity."

Faith looked at Dawn, falling asleep, her head cradled in Tara's lap. "She's
not dreaming is she?"

Willow shook her head.

* * *

She opened her eyes. The world slowly took focus.


She tried to speak. It didn't come. She felt weird, as if she was trapped in
Faith's body again.


She sprang to her feet and assumed a fighting stance. Instinctively Faith did
the same.

"Buffy, is that you?"

"Willow?" she could talk. Faith backed away as Buffy took in her
surroundings. They were all there. Willow, Tara, surrounded by heaps of spell
books and magic paraphenalia. Xander, Faith with Dawn semi-hiding behind her,
Anya, a girl she didn't know, Warren...


"You put my soul in the Buffybot!"

They nodded, looking guilty. Xander picked up a mirror and Buffy examined her
reflection in it for a very long time. "We had to Buff, your real body was
gone and your soul wasn't at peace."

"OK, that's our deal done" announced Warren. "Let's go!" He took Katrina by
the hand and started to drag her outside.

"Warren!" she exclaimed breaking his grip "Don't you want to see if it

"No, I don't want to be here if it didn't! I'll be in the car!"

Katrina picked up her coat and prepared to follow him outside.

"How do you put up with that jerk?" Anya asked her.

She shrugged "I love him". She walked outside as he blew the horn

Faith led Dawn forward by the hand. She felt that she was losing something
precious but gaining at the same time. The right path was never the easiest,
something she'd also learned in prison. Dawn seemed more afraid than any of

"Buffy, is that really you?"

Buffy was still consumed by her reflection. "Couldn't you have made me

Everyone laughed, everyone but Dawn. Buffy looked at her and extended her

"It's me sweetie. It really is!"

"'re a machine" Dawn objected. She wanted to go forward but looked
unwilling to let herself go, to accept that her sister was really back.

"Yes" Buffy examined her perfect plastic hands. "I'm a machine. But it's me
in here, the real me. There's more to humanity than flesh and blood."

Dawn took her hand. The sisters embraced.

* * *

Buffy looked at the stars. The noise of the party was so loud it made them
seem to tremble in the night sky. She was glad to get outside and find some

Giles joined her. "Don't you like the cake?"

She shook her head and proffered him her piece which he accepted. "My taste
buds aren't quite right yet. Willow says she can fix them. At the minute the
only taste I crave is Spike's sperm."

She smiled as Giles choked on her cake, deciding not to finish the rest.
"I've been fighting unimagineable evil for six years and that's still the
most appalling thing I've ever heard!"

"At least I don't mensturate any more."

He nodded, determined not to be abashed. "Do you still have to go to the

"Oh yeah, but for some reason I don't seem to take so long in there anymore"
Willow and Tara had some ideas about how to make her human but if they didn't
work, well that was ok, every day was gift even if she had to live it as a
much prettier, more considerate version of the Terminator.

"What was it like?"

"The bathroom?"

"The afterlife."

She was quiet for a moment. "Imagine the best feeling you ever had in your
entire life, imagine being embraced by everyone you ever loved at the same
time and knowing perfect peace and contentment for eternity."

She looked at him with emphasis. "Whatever you can imagine it doesn't even
come close!"

He paused but the question was inevitable. "Then how could you bear to come
back to us?"

"Because I knew Dawn needed me. Don't ask me how, I just knew..."


"And mom said it wasn't my time. That we'd be together eventually but not
yet." Robots didn't cry. Warren had made her so she wouldn't, crying was
blackmail, good girlfriends didn't cry. But whatever it was, clear hydraulic
fluid, fake saliva, lubricating agent, it welled up through her eyes and
down her cheeks in a steady stream of tears, staining Giles' cardigan as he
clutched her to him.


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