Buffy The Vampire Slayer: My Name Is Legion Part 4 (no sex)
by Pred

"It'll be dawn soon," Xander studied the sky from behind the steering wheel
of his car as he navigated through the streets of Sunnydale's seamier
neighborhoods. "Do you think they're still out here?"

Buffy glanced at the clock on her dashboard. *5:30...* They'd been cruising
the streets for over three hours with no sign of any trouble. *Maybe Cordy
was enough. Maybe he called it a night...* She peered out the window,
searching for anything that might give her a clue where to find the demon
named Legion. "Maybe we should go over and check on Willow," she offered.
"If they went after you and Cordy, they might have hit her, too."

Xander shook his head. "Listen, she's got your pager on speed dial, and she
told you Oz was coming over, right...?" Xander was obviously agitated, the
three hours of fruitless searching taking an even greater toll on him than
Buffy had realized. "And Giles was heading over there, too, after he hits
the library. Between a werewolf and a Watcher, I'd say Willow's pretty safe,
wouldn't you...?"

"Still, I think we should..."

"We've gotta find them, Buf!" Xander cut her off sharply. "They aren't over
at Willow's. That's too obvious. I know how these demon sickos think.
They'd figure Willow's is where we'd go first, and then they'd use our
stupidity as an opportunity to hunt down some more innocent victims."

"But you could be wrong," Buffy interjected, more than a little pissed off at
the superior tone Xander had taken. "I think we should go to Willow's and at

"We're not going to Willow's, Buf," Xander snapped. "We're going to find
out what's going on once and for all." He turned the car sharply and

"What are you doing?" Buffy demanded.

"What we should have done three hours ago," Xander replied. "These fucking
bastards want to play games, we take it to their home court."

"What are you talking about?"

"You and I both know who's behind this," Xander spit. "And we both know
where we can find them, especially with dawn creeping around the corner."

*Spike's...* Buffy's stomach clenched with the sudden realization. *He's
going to Spike's... * "Xander, no!" she tried to grab the wheel, but the
boy fought her off. "You can't be serious. We can't just..."

"We can't?" Xander hissed. "Or you can't?" He glared at her. "Well, I can,
okay. I'm gonna shove my fist down that bastard's throat and tear out his
heart, or whatever demons have down there. Then I'm gonna rip off his head
and piss down his throat. And as for that fucking Angel, I'm..."

"Xander, get a hold of yourself," Buffy slapped him. "Get a grip!" she
reiterated, pointing her finger straight into his face. "I know what they
did to Cordy, but..."

"But nothing," Xander snapped back. "Maybe you're too scared to start
kicking ass, but I'm not. I'm not going to let them get away with this..."

"I'm not either," Buffy cut him off. "But this isn't the way, going off
half-cocked and charging into Spike's lair. Can't you see? We'd be playing
right into their hands. Besides, we don't even know if Spike, Drusilla or
Angel have anything to do with this. This could just be random demon
sickness. You know what the hell-mouth attracts around here. We have to be

"Sure?!" Xander burst out into mocking laughter. "Oh, I'm sure all right.
Some demon appears and just coincidentally chooses me and Cordy... out of
everyone in Sunnydale. I was there, Buffy. I saw what he did, how he acted.
It was intentional. It was on purpose. He knew who we are. He chose us!"

"You're letting your emotions get control of you, Xander," Buffy tried to
shake him. "Can't you see that. If Angel or Spike is up to this, you're
playing exactly into their hands. This is what the want to do, make us stop

"You never liked her," Xander accused his friend. "You've always hated her."
His eyes flashed with rage and pain. "What's the matter, anyway? Are you
jealous? Or maybe you just expected me to keep following you around like a
pathetic little lapdog. Is that it? What? Can't you stand the thought
that geeky little Xander could find someone more attractive than the great
Buffy... the Vampire Slayer!" he spit out the last words in utter derision.

"I'm going to forget that..."

"Maybe you think she deserved it," Xander pressed. "Maybe you think she
deserved everything she got for deigning to encroach on the great Buffy's
territory. Is that how it is, Buf? Couldn't stand to have Cordy steal even
a little bit of your thunder? Oh no," he mocked in a girlish voice, "Xander
doesn't worship the ground I walk on anymore. Xander has a spine. That's
not right. Oh, whatever am I going to do...? Maybe I'll just sit home and
pretend to do my homework while some demon gangrapes his girlfriend... the
conniving little bitch..."

"Stop it," she slapped her friend hard. "Stop it!"

"Do you know what that was like?" Xander's face burned with pain, but he
still kept on talking. "I watched them, Buffy. I watched them rape and
torture the girl I love, and I couldn't do anything to stop them. I just
stood there like I always do. Helpless little limp-dick Xander. Watches
his girlfriend get raped and then cries about it afterwards. How do you
think that felt, Buf? Can you even imagine? Do you even care?"

"Stop this car right now, Xander," Buffy reached for the handle on her door.
"I said stop!"

"Fine!" he slammed on the brakes and the car swerved, almost running into a
brick wall. They were in the alley behind Spike's lair. "You can get out
and go home. I'm sick following you anyhow. This is between me and the
fucking bastards inside..."

The two friends locked eyes, and for a moment Buffy saw beyond Xander's rage
into the seemingly bottomless abyss of pain which now consumed him. *Oh,
Xander, I'm so sorry...* She felt a tear well up in her eye and didn't even
try to brush it back.

Xander saw the glint of moisture collect along the girl's eyelid, and the
mindless fury possessing him suddenly melted. His own vision blurred with
tears, and he shuddered. "Th... th... they..." he stammered. "Sh... she...
I watched her... she... when they..." he tried to shake the tears away but,
they welled up. "She... You weren't there." The images wouldn't wash away
from his brain. "They made her beg," he suddenly blurted. "They made her
beg them to rape her. And she did!" he spit. "I watched them rape her,
and she begged for it. She begged them to rape her. She ..." he inhaled
sharply. "She came, Buffy." He stressed the words so she would know exactly
what he was talking about. "She lay there in front of me and begged them
to rape her. I thought she loved me. She never let me... We never...
Fuck!" he cursed. "She wouldn't even let me get to second base, and she
begged them to rape her. She begged them!"

The boy glared at her, defying Buffy to say anything... anything that could
soothe the sheer agony which had engulfed his life. My God... She looked
in her friend's eyes, speechless. "I... Xander... I..."

"I want to die," Xander proclaimed bitterly. "I don't think I can live with

"Xander, no," Buffy shook her head. "That's exactly what they want. Don't
you see? That's why they did it, why they made you watch. That wasn't her.
That wasn't Cordy. You heard, Giles. Legion can possess any creature he
touches. They just need to be weak. That's what happened to Cordy. It
wasn't her. It was him. He possessed her during the rape and made her say
those things. Don't you see? It wasn't her!" Buffy took Xander's face
between his hands and stroked his cheeks. "It wasn't Cordy. Cordy loves
you. You know that. You have to know that, or else they win! They win!"
she repeated.

He stared at her, the words, like her eyes, boring into his brain.

"We will find them and make them pay!" she promised Xander. Out of the
corner of her eye, she saw the first glint of dawn bleed over the horizon.
*If they've been out, they'll be coming back here in a hurry.* She felt
herself smiling. Maybe Xander's brash idea wasn't such a bad one after all.
They could be arriving at any minute, desperate to get back inside. They
would be weakened, terrified, careless. This might be the chance she was
looking for. If she couldn't stake them, the sunlight would do the chore.

Buffy heard the sound of a car pull into the alley behind them. She and
Xander whirled around to see a dark sedan with Angel and Drusilla hustling
out of the front seat. She and Angel exchanged hateful glares, and both
vampires stopped dead in their tracks. Buffy slid out of the car, and Xander
followed suit. With a stake in one hand, she vaulted up onto the trunk of
the car and poised herself for maximum slayage, daring the vampires to take
her on.

Angel sneered at her, a knife glittering in his hands. In one quick motion
he hurled it in Xander's direction. Buffy sprang off the car and twirled
around in mid-air, twisting her body so that it shielded Xander, her back
exposed to the blade of the knife. She landed on the ground with Xander
beneath her, expecting the sharp penetration of the knife at any second.
Instead, she heard a loud pop and then a woosh. Then she heard car doors
slam and the black sedan screech off into the coming down.

"They got the fucking tires!" Xander hissed as he pushed Buffy off him. He
kicked the side of his car savagely. "The fucking tires!" He spun around
at Buffy. "And what the fuck did you think you were you doing?" He brushed
himself off in a huff

"Trying to save your life, asshole!" Buffy cursed.

"Uh... Duh!" Xander waved his arms frantically and pointed to his tires.
"Didn't you ever watch the A-Team when you were a kid? The bad guys always
go for the fucking tires, Buf... Always!"

Buffy got up and headed to the alley entrance, throwing open the door and
storming into the fetid darkness. Xander watched her disappear, shook his
head, and sprinted in after her.

"Don't get in my way, Xander," Buffy hissed.

"You just worry about yourself, little Miss Slayer," he hissed as he cut
ahead of her dashed down the steps into Spike's lair. "Hey dickless, gimp
bastard!" Xander bellowed at the top of his lungs. "You got company. So
why don't you be a good little host, wheel yourself on out here, and let me
shove my foot up your sorry demon ass!"

"Get out of my way, Xander," Buffy pushed past him. "He's a vampire, and
he's mine."

"What? Like Angel and Drusilla? Come on, Spike. Show your worthless gimp
ass, and let's get this over with."

"I had no idea I was so popular," Spike's voice, like his wheelchair emerged
from the shadows.

"Where are they?" Buffy waved the stake at him.

"They?" Spike feigned bewilderment.

"You know who I'm talking about, loser, so quit playing around and cough it

"Or what?" he defiantly sneered.

"We don't have time for this." Xander snatched the stake from Buffy's hand
and jabbed it against Spike's carotid artery. "Now talk, gimpire, and I'll
make this as painless as possible."

"Tell your sissy boyfriend here to remove the stake from my neck immediately,
Slayer, or I will plunge my neck down on the point, and you and he will never
find Angelus, Drusilla and the demon."

"Xander...!" Buffy's voice was stern.

"Can't you tell he's bluffing," Xander spat in the vampire's face. "He's not
going sacrifice himself for those two." He pressed the stake's sharpened
point to where it almost drew blood.

"Look at me!" Spike snapped back, patting his useless legs. "Do you know
what it's like to see my Drusilla hang all over that self-important bastard?
Do you, mate? Do you know what it's like to see the woman you love throw
herself at another man, panting, slavering like some slut because you are too
impotent to do anything about it? Do you?" He sneered as Xander tensed to
bury the stake in his throat. "Of course you do..." His eyes locked with
Xander, and for a split-second a bolt of empathy shot between them... demon
and man, each one bearing the brunt of a lover's scorn. "Now, boy, you look
into your own pitiful heart, and you tell me I'm not ready to die."

Xander tried to drive the stake into Spike's neck, but the vampire's words
had sapped his resolve. "Fuck you!" he spat and tossed the stake back to

"That was a very wise decision." Spike wiped the spit from his eye with
a mocking smile. He turned to Buffy. "You know, Slayer, I am feeling
particularly altruistic this morning, and I am going to help you catch
Angelus and his little demon friend. How does that strike you?"

"I'm listening," Buffy spoke evenly, not sure what to expect.

"I only have one favor to ask..." he paused. "Two actually."

"And what would that be?"

"You make Angelus suffer, and you let Drusilla live. As for the demon, I
don't care what you do to him. Kill him if you can. There are plenty more
where he came from."

"And were just supposed to believe you'll just turn them over to us...?"
Xander mused. "No strings attached...?"

"Oh, there are strings," Spike laughed. "There are always strings."

"Where are they?" Buffy demanded.

"Your promise, first, Slayer," Spike's voice was pure ice. "You and your
friend here. You kill Angel, and you let Drusilla live. Those are my

"Ah, in case you forgot, dipshit," Xander fired back, "we're... like...
vampire slayers here. In other words, we kill vampires. It's in the
Buffster's blood. You know we can't make that kind of promise."

"Then you will never find your friends' attacker," Spike leered. "He will
vanish back into the pits of hell from whence he came, and remain unpunished
for all eternity. It is no skin off my teeth." He threw up his hands in
resignation. "Well, get on with it, Slayer. Go on! Kill me! That is what
you Slayers do, isn't it...?"

"Come on, Buf." Xander waved his hands impatiently. "Ice the gimp and lets
get out of here. We don't need him. We get Willow and Giles together, and
those two Brainiacs will be able to figure out where they're hiding."

Spike howled with laughter.

"And what's so funny?" Xander challenged.

"You don't know do you," Spike chortled. "Well of course you don't. How
could you know...?"

"How could we know what?" Xander asked.

"Well, you see, Legion enjoyed his little... ah... excursion with your
succulent friend so much that he... now how shall I say this properly... paid
a second social call to another of your little troupe."


The same thought simultaneously crossed Buffy's and Xander's minds. Spike
nodded his head as he read the shock on their faces.

"The werewolf was so easy to possess," Spike filled in the details. "Such
a troubled young lad. Very susceptible, actually," he chuckled. "They were
all quite excited, really, especially Angelus," he sneered at Buffy. "You
were too easy for him, Slayer. Angelus has always found it more satisfying
to corrupt the shy, skittish, pale, virgin types..." The hatred in Spike's
voice was clearly evident, a glimmer of memory for what Drusilla had once
been glistening like a tear in the corners of his infernal glare of his eyes.
"He was anxious to taste her tender flesh. So was Drusilla...."


Buffy's firm blow rattled the vampire's jaw. He tasted his own blood and
licked it absentmindedly.

"Come on, Slayer," he defied her. "Kill me. You know you want to. Your
friends are dead. You might as well take it out on me. Let Angelus and the
demon go..."

Xander was shaking in rage, a feeling so sick in his stomach that he felt his
insides might burst with the nausea. "Kill him, Buf..."

The teenager's hands gripped the stake so hard she thought they might crush
it splinters. *Oh, Willow...* Tears blurred her eyes, but Spike's infernal
gaze managed to cut through. She had never in her life wanted to kill
someone more than she wanted to kill Spike at that moment. *Not even the
master...* But as she lowered the stake, another image flashed across her
mind. *Angel!* She stopped the stake in mid arc and pulled her arm back.
*Spike doesn't matter now. There will be time for him and Drusilla later.
It's Angel and the demon who have to pay here. Angel...*

"I won't kill her," Buffy heard herself whisper. "I promise. Now tell me
where she is."

"Since you're in the promising mood, I just require one more oath from you,

"What?" Buffy hissed.

"That you will put down that spike right now and save it for Angelus."

She hesitated.

"I will tell you where they have gone, Slayer. But once I have done that,
you will leave here without harming a hair on my head. Do I have your word?"

"Yes," Buffy nodded.

"And you?" he turned to Xander.

Buffy gazed into Xander's eyes and nodded.

"Yes," Xander turned away from them both and headed to the stairs.

"The convocation center..." Spike motioned his head towards the center of
town. "There are tunnels beneath the auditorium. The rodeo is passing
through town, so its been open all week. They are housing all the animals
there, down below in the tunnels. They keep it pitch-black so the horses
will think it's nighttime and sleep. Legion likes all the animals. He and
Angel were thinking of causing a stampede at tonight's performance just to
liven things up. Since you ran them out of here, I imagine they'll just hole
up there till evening. No one goes down in the tunnels below. They could
live there for days."

Buffy nodded and headed towards the stairs.

"You have promised me, Slayer," Spike called after her. "Remember that. I
give you Angel's life for Drusilla's. You will keep your oath. She will not
perish, and she will return to me. I have your promise..."


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