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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: One Crazy Night
by DCForever

Xander's restless movements in the white, tiled tub in the Summers' bathroom
stirred him awake. Wrestling with the covers, he gave up, stood up, and
stepped out of the tub. Looking at his Indi-Glo wristwatch he could see that
it was a little past 2 a.m. and decided while he was up maybe he should grab
a glass of milk. Reaching for his non-existent robe, he remembered that he
wasn't in his luxury apartment, sleeping in his comfortable bed. Why that
was he wasn't sure, but he had a feeling, it had to do something with feeling
safe around all the Slayers in Training (SITs). More than anything, he
wanted to be around for the moment that Buffy finally broke down and admitted
defeat as she has so many other times and he has been right there for her
each and every time. Whether she was dealing with 'The Master', Angel,
Riley, Parker, Spike, or even Willow...he was there. Heck, he even risked
his life while Evil Willow was on the loose...and the weird thing was...he
survived and due to his strength, weakness, courage or whatever you want to
call it...he saved the world from being destroyed. So even though he was
nothing compared to the talent, strength, power, and knowledge in the current
residence...he was there and no more worse off than the rest.

Xander pulled open the bathroom door to step into the hall and hear a faint
sound; much like that of someone crying at the end of the hall. Stepping
into the hall, he saw someone crouched down against the wall.

"Dawn, is that you?" Dawn Summers lifted her head in the darkness and
answered back.

"Yeah, Xander." Upon confirmation, mainly checking to make sure it wasn't a
trap by The First Evil, he walked closer to the teenager.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I guess so." He knew from the time they've spent together that
whenever she had short answers something was wrong.

"Are you sure...because it sure doesn't sound like you are okay. Want a
tissue?" He walked back to the bathroom and grabbed a few tissues from the
bathroom sink and returned, kneeling by the girl's side.

"Thanks. Xander why is life not fair? How come I have to take a back seat
to all the SITs? It just isn't fair." Her head dropped back into her hands
as tears continued falling.

"There, there, Dawn. Your sister has a lot on her shoulders right now and
things are rough. At the moment, the potentials and their slayer training is
her main priority. I've seen how you've been pushed to the back. And I know
it hurts you; it's obvious to my Xander-face." He sat down beside the girl,
wrapping his left arm around the girl's shoulders. "Dawn, with everything
that has been going on even I can be accused of ignoring you sometimes." He
tightens his embrace for a brief moment signaling his sincere apology. "I
really hate to say this, but I'm glad Andrew has been around. Most of the
time he's an annoying pain in the...then...other times, he's somewhat okay to
have around. I've noticed him noticing you and for that I'm grateful he's
still hanging around."

"Yeah, Andrew is a doll face. How on earth he could have been evil at one
time is a spell bounding to me, but I guess if you think about it; Willow
almost destroyed the world and us with it, Spike has single handedly taken
out two previous Slayers and has come very close on a few occasions of
taking Buffy down, and then there is Anya." said Dawn. Xander caught a
lump of air in his throat. The girl's eyes widened as she realized her
faux pas.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Xand. I shouldn't have brought her up. I know she is a sore
spot for you." Dawn was quiet for a moment, and then she continued. "Heck,
even Buffy has seen the dark side once or twice. After all that...they're
still around so why not throw in an Andrew?" Xander really didn't like where
the girl was going with this.

"Okay, I can see Andrew is already starting to rub off on you...and I'm not
sure that such a good thing." They both chuckled softly.

"He's rubbed off on a lot of us. Do I have to count the number of times
you've agreed with him on a topic of conversation or better yet, when he's
gone off on one of his comic book, James Bond or sci-fi rants? You knew as
much about the stuff as he has. Face it...we all like having him around.
He's our 'witless foil'." She smirked into the darkness.

"Remember...he has been the cause of a heck of a lot of blood shed...whether
he was the one to blame it on or not. He followed evil, he killed for evil,
and therefore in my Sunnydale Book of Horrors he is evil. I know his
misguided band of misfits, The Trio, weren't the most evil of villains...
okay, I'm not even sure you could consider them remotely villains in a
demonic or all out evil way, but they did bad, bad things and they hurt...
well, like I said they did bad, bad things." He wasn't about to admit that
having Dawn so close in his embrace was starting to get to him.

"Bad things? Xander, even I can talk more grown-up than that. I'm not a kid
anymore. I've seen my fair share of what the Hellmouth can do. More than,
even. Don't baby me with safe, simple gibberish. Speak to me like I am just
another adult enjoying your company."

"I speak simple. I like simple. Simple is a good thing. What can I say...
I'm a simple kind of guy. Now where was I heading before I was so rudely
interrupted? Oh yeah. When the chips are down and we are all fighting for
our lives...don't plan on your buddy being there. He isn't a lifer, Dawn.
He was evil and could return to his evil ways before everything is said and
done. But on the other hand, if you overlook his evil tendencies...I sort
of...okay, I guess he is okay to have hanging around." Other than the
evilness, he really had no problems with the guy.

"You know, Xander, if I didn't know better...I think you would have fit right
in the Trio. Aside from the whole 'being evil' thing, they were pretty
regular. That is one great thing to know about're good and always
right there for me. Thanks, Xander. You're the best." She leaned into his
body and gently pressed her lips to his cheek.

"Oh stop it,'re going to make me blush. Oh that
laughter I hear? Is my girl back to her lively ol' self? Come here, Little

"Hehe...ahhh, that's so cute. Even a little of Spike is rubbing off on you.
Last, I recalled...only he called me 'Little Bit'. And guess what...did you
know that I hate it when I'm called that? I'm not just a cute little girl
anymore. I'm a maturing young woman. I've grown up." Placing her hands
below her breasts, she lifts them up. "I have cleavage now." From their
position, Xander could feel the sudden swell of her breasts against his body.

"Yes you do."

Dawn instinctively turned to stare at her older friend. Dawn cocked her head
to one side, and smiled. "What was that?"

He knew he shouldn't have said anything. "Oh nothing. You were saying?"

She knew what he had said, but for now, she was going to let it slide.

"I'm just saying that I'm not a little girl anymore. I've studied and I've
worked and even battled beside The Slayer. Just because I don't have Slayer
strength shouldn't give Buffy or the others, present company included, the
right to push me out of the pack. I'm good. She's said it so herself. I
have potential." He sure couldn't complain with her side of the argument.

"You're right. We should all treat you more as a part of the you
said...more as a maturing woman."

"Do you really mean that, Xander? Do you you see that I'm not just
'Buffy's sister'?"

"Oh boy, do I ever," thought Xander as he leaned his head back against the

"Yes, Dawn. I can...will...and in the here and now, do see you as a very
beautiful young woman. More than you will ever know." Again, he knew he his
mouth had moved when he hadn't meant for it to.

"Is that so?" She was definitely intrigued and Xander couldn't dispute the
fact that on occasions he did see her for more than Buffy's sister or a

"That is so."

"Tell me, Xander...honestly...what do you see when you look at me?"

"Oh, why does that question always have to come up with women?" Xander knew
he had better answer with caution, yet not too much caution, which could seem
like he was lying.

"I just told you; a beautiful young woman." He so hoped that was enough, as
an answer and she would drop the subject.

"Is that all? Please, be to woman...male to female."

"Oh Dawn, if you are wanting me to say what I think you want me to say...
then I can't. You're like a sister to me, plus if I even thought of you
as anything other than a sister, Buffy would somehow find out and spend
the rest of her days in this world coming up with different ways to take
my life instead of worrying about The First." He didn't think he was over
exaggerating too much.

"Well what if Buffy wasn't in the equation? What then? If you're too
chicken or too embarrassed to answer then..." Them were fighting words and
much like Marty McFly, the needed words for his true masculinity to reveal

"Hey, I'm not a chicken. I've been through too much in my lifetime to even
have that word anywhere in the vicinity of my name. You want truth, Dawn,
then I'll give you the truth. Besides Buffy, you are the sexiest female in
this house. There. Are you happy now?" He couldn't believe what he had
just said.

"When you say female?" Oh, she was pushing him over the edge.

"You're pushing my buttons, Dawn. You're sexier beyond comparison and
getting sexier by the day. I would have to be an idiot not to have realized
how much you've grown over the last year or so. And yes, the growing
appearance of cleavage was a good sign, but so was the curve of your hips
and the lengthening of your legs and your perfectly perfect straight hair."

'He really has been paying attention.' thought Dawn.

"What about my butt? Anything there?" She couldn't help herself.

"Your butt is very nice looking as well...or at least what I last remember
seeing of it. Okay, I best be going now before something is said or done to
mislead our friendship." He starts to stand up, but Dawn reaches for his
shirt and pulls him back down beside her.

"But I don't want you to leave. Stay with the night. Come
on...anything has to be better than sleeping in our nasty, yucky tub." Dawn
was waiting on pins and needles for a response. She was hoping for a
positive response at that.

"What, you want me to stay with you in the hall?" Thinking for a moment,
"That...I guess I can do. You're right, anything is better than the tub."

"Great!" She pulled into a strength embraced hug. "Xander...ummm...would
you do me a favor?"

"Yeah sure, Dawn, what is it?"

"Will you kiss me?" The moment of truth had least that is what
she had thought.

"Yeah, sure, kiddo." He turned toward her and gave her a peck on her cheek.
Dawn was obviously disappointed.

"No, I mean really kiss on the a man to a woman." Her
teeth nibbled on her bottom lip in anticipation.

"I knew this is where this was leading...Dawn, we can't..." She cut him off.

"Just one little kiss; this one time. No one is around. No one will ever
find out. Just two adults sharing a brief moment in time...a common bond
sort of speak."

Xander knew this was wrong, but he was after all a guy. Who could pass up
this opportunity? 'Nobody has to know...' he thought.

"Okay Dawn, just this once." Looking around, he noticed nothing had changed.
The hall and stairwell were both still dark and the fact he still could only
barely see the young woman, helped him come to his answer. He knew he should
feel guilty for some reason or another, but at the moment, he wasn't really
thinking with the right head. He leaned in and placed his lips against
Dawn's lips. After a few seconds, their lips parted as they began gliding
their tongues over the other. The sexual tension in the hall was increasing
at a considerable rate as both partners' bodies were rapidly becoming

Xander pulled back and released a breath of air that had gotten trapped in
his forbidden adventure of Dawn's mouth. Dawn wished the hall hadn't been
so dark so that Xander could see what effect he had on her. She had a sexy,
intoxicating smile beaming from ear-to-ear.

"A second, please." She rushed the two of their faces together for a few
more seconds of kissable bliss, but pulled back again.

"How about a third?" whispered Xander has he fought again for entrance to her
mouth. They both separated long enough to catch a breath of air and mutually
say, "...and a forth?"

Xander gently moved the girl around and laid her back against the carpet as
he hovered above her. In a much more comfortable state, he pulled back,
separating their tongues and lips. Reaching over to the other wall, he felt
around until he found the switch to turn on a small nightlight. "I thought
there was one around here. "Now, where were we? Oh yes, right about here."

He leaned back down toward the girl and started placing small, quick pecks
all along her bottom lip. He began to lightly lick and nibble around her
upper lip and finally melted back into a classic French kiss with the girl.
Their hands started trembling as they touched the curves of the other and
began exploring each other's bodies.

Dawn attempts to talk ceased the kissing.

"Here, Xander...I don't mind." She guided his sweaty palms to her breasts.
"I've wanted you to touch them for the longest time." He started to pull his
hands away and say something, but she wouldn't let him. "Shhh, no one will
ever know. It's between you and me."

As Xander softly kneaded her mounds of flesh, Dawn dipped her hand between
their bodies and rubbed up against his crotch. He released her breast and
quickly grabbed her hand, pulling it away. "Please?" Dawn whispered in his
ear as she ran her touch lightly over the outer portion.

He released his grasp and together they frantically fumbled with the button
and zipper on his jeans.

Once unzipped, he guided her hand inside his underwear. She helped push his
jeans down lower so she could get a better hold as she slowly began an upward
and downward motion with one hand while the other worked her own pajama
bottoms and panties down her legs. Dawn raised her hips allowing her naked
flesh to meet that of her partner's.

Dawn was exploring a male's body and experiencing feelings that she didn't
know existed...basically having the time of her life, but her partner was
starting to have second thoughts. He unexpectedly pulled up and away from
the girl. "We need to stop, Dawn. This isn't right." Immediately, she sat

"Please, can't stop now. Just this once time...let me feel it
in me? Will you give me that; Just this once? That's all I'm asking. We
both know the world could end tomorrow, and I don't want to die without
knowing what it feels like...I want you...I've always wanted you; to be the
first. Please, Xander...won't you please do this for me? Don't make me beg
because you know I will." Her head leaned into his chest.

"Dawn, please don't do that. You know it as well as I do...we just can't...I
can't. You're Buffy's s..." Dawn had already heard too much and was putting
an end to his little speech before it truly began.

"Leave her out of this. Do you see her here? Does she have a say in what
you or I do? Even if she was said it yourself...she has other
priorities. Do you really think this would even register on her scale of
importance? Give me this. Please, Xander, just this once make me truly
feel like someone cares for me and that I'm worth something." He couldn't
help feel sorry for the girl as for the first time he was able to see tear
drops falling along the smooth contours of her face. At that moment...he
made his decision.

"It will hurt. Could hurt a hell of a lot. You'll need something to mute
yourself so no one hears"

"So you'll do it?" She jumped up from her seated position and leapt into
his arms. Quickly, his white t-shirt was a distant memory; they now rested
against each other's equally naked chests.

Xander took his time lifting her light frame as he settled her in above his
thighs. Together they worked his member inside her body. All the stress and
tension at the moment was on the strength of his arms as he hovered above her
making sure not to cause her any unnecessary pain. She was fighting him
every step of the way. She wanted to be in control, but from experience...he
knew that would be a big mistake...more so for her than him. He knew what to
expect from the moment he entered her, but she had no idea.

"Don't rush it, Dawn. I don't want you getting hurt. Lets just take it slow
and work our way into it." Dawn didn't want to hear excuses, she wanted
things to go her way and that was how it was going to be as she thrust her
body up with her arms and came crashing down on his large proportioned tool.
She started to scream and sunk her teeth into Xander's shoulder causing them
each to experience a rush of pure pain. She tried to speak through clinched
and gritted teeth.

"Oh god, Xander, it really hurts." He tried to raise her back up,
but her frozen hold on him gave him absolutely no leverage. He just tried
being as still as he could praying that she was okay.

"Do you want to quit? Just say the word and I'll ease you off."

"No, Xander. It hurts, but...I need this." Her fingers clawed into his back
even harder as she tried to move.

"You don't need this, Dawn. I don't nee..." The poor guy had to shut up
before he screamed out in pain. He knew by now her fingernails probably had
traces of his flesh buried under the nail and that she was sucking on his

"Yes...yes, I do. Take it Xander, take me!" He knew she wanted it and
attempted to start a pelvic movement, but stopped as he felt the immense pain
coming from her teeth biting even harder into his shoulder. Never, had sex
been so painful...not even when he did it with Faith. Dawn on the other hand
never expected it to feel like this her first time. She was in tears as her
folds slowly began to give way to the intruding member.

"Don't move. It hurts too much." Both partners were in trouble and unsure
how to get out of their predicament. As Xander began to say something to
the girl his grip on her butt slipped and slammed down onto his staff. He
grabbed the first thing he could and quickly forced it into the teenager's
mouth praying that no one else in the house would be able to hear her screams
of pain.

Upon contact, they both knew that their first hurdle was done. Neither knew
quite what to say.

"I'm sorry. My hands slipped. I didn't want it to happen that way." She
cut him off with a sweet kiss.

She smiled as she hugged him tight against her body.

"I know I probably shouldn't say this, but you're still hurting me. Since
you've gone this far, maybe it's better if we get to moving some."

He only got a chuckling remark. "You mean...?"

"Yes, Dawn, that's what I mean. I promise you your body will loosen up once
we get started, but you're doing neither one of us any good just staying
still. I'm not shrinking and as long as you're this tight, I don't see that
status changing anytime soon. I'm sorry." Her finger rested against his

"I trust you, Xander. Do what you have to do." She leaned in for another
quick peck on his lips and then started to rock her hips against him, wincing
slightly at the little pain that was still happening.

* * *

"Hey guys. Guys. Dawn? Xander? Wake up you two?" A hand was going from
one naked body to the other trying to shake them awake. "Guys, yoo-hoo,
hello. I don't think Buffy and the others would think to highly of you two
if they caught you passed out in the hall like this." Xander finally
realized the invasion of privacy and opened his eyes. Dawn followed suit...
staring up into the eyes of their capturer.

"Oh god no. Please Kennedy, you have to promise us you won't tell a soul."
Dawn was frantic and scared to death that the SiT might rat her out to her
sister or the others. Kennedy stood up, smirking at the two entwined bodies.

"What's to tell?" Kennedy said with a wink at Dawn, breaking out in a soft

Dawn really had no idea what to say to the girl. She turned her head towards
Xander, "Have you seen my panties?"

Kennedy's hands moved to her hips as she stood in an intimidating, power
stance. "Panties? Why do you even bother with those things? They just get
in the way." Kennedy's statement made Dawn blush as her own lips rose into
a sexy smile.

The longhaired brunette quickly dropped her pajama bottoms to the floor,
displaying her own naked flesh. Xander and Dawn were taken back at the
sudden move. Kennedy's fingers did a quick dance over her mound and
pushed through the folds leading to her inner core as both observers
looked on with interest. A few strokes later, she pulled her fingers
free, coated in her own juices. " that you've tasted a man...
how about a woman?"

Without thinking his actions through first, Xander pushed himself onto his
knees and buried his head between the SiT's naked thighs, licking away at
the leftovers. Kennedy allowed the guy few licks before grabbing a hand
full of hair and pulling his head away.

"And what do you think you are doing?" she questioned in an angered tone.

"Samplings maybe good for a rookie, but I prefer complete meals." She nodded
her head in agreement to his statement, but his head remained a good distance
from where he wanted it.

"Come on can't tell me that didn't feel good. After all a
tongue is a tongue." He reached up separating her hand from his hair and
again leaned forward, but this time without protest. He began lapping
between the apex of her strong slayer-like legs. His lips smothered her
sensitive nubbin, licking upon its surface, jabbing with intense strikes.
The slayerette couldn't stop herself from moaning at the oral attention
Xander was giving her. Meanwhile, Kennedy was hearing moans herself, as
she slowly worked her finger in and out of Dawn's mouth, coating the
teenage girl's tongue with her juices.

"Surprisingly,'re quite good with that thing. Boy are you
everrr. Ohhh oh..oh.oh.ohhh yeah, ah ah ah, so good. Damn it. It feels
so, so goodddd.,
oh.oh.oh, oh, yes, yes, ohh merciful god, yessssss." Kennedy couldn't
restrain herself from all the attention she was receiving.

Xander firmly held onto Kennedy's ass cheeks as he welcomed the raging
vaginal fluids. Dawn stood back and watched in amazement as Kennedy's body
tensed up, her fingers and hands leaving Dawn's mouth, to push against the
back of Xander's head, as her eyes closed, head tilted toward the ceiling.
It was a beautiful thing to witness. Dawn's eyes lowered, checking out the
SiT's body, her magnificent curves shaking and jittering as her body language
gave off signs of built up release.

A moment later, Xander fell back from between Kennedy's quivering legs and
landed in Dawn's awaiting lap.

Kennedy placed a hand against the nearest wall for support, "Whoa...maybe I
need to rethink this whole homo...thing." She couldn't quite catch her
breathe from the immensely exhilarating roller coaster of a ride. "You
know...maybe a little experimenting with both sexes could help a poor girl
out. Wow, that was intense." She couldn't believe that she had seeded a
guy's mouth.

"I know I'm somewhat decent at that, but you don't have to go overboard."
Xander couldn't help but smile from ear-to-ear, knowing he had just tasted a
forbidden fruit.

"Oh no, I'm not. I think it has a lot to do with you being a guy and all and
I'm like so a lesbian. I don't was like...ummm...a shameful act or
something. It was uncalled for...not expected...something out of the
ordinary...a nice change of pace, you could say...and I loved ever second of
it." Kennedy looked down, noticing where Dawn's fingers were.

"Dawn, your turn...if I was to your liking." Dawn looked up as she had been
caught transferring Kennedy's juices from Xander's lips to her own by way of
her slippery fingers. Xander was shocked that he really hadn't noticed.

"Trust me Dawn, whatever you're sucking on...couldn't compare to what you
could have."

A sudden thought popped into Xander's head as he saw Willow's bedroom door
ajar from between Kennedy's outstretched legs.

"Yeah Dawn...why don't you give it a try. She's quite tasty?" He stood up,
naked, showing off his package to two beautiful naked young women. "Kennedy,
I was just wondering if that no panty rule applied to just you...or to most
lesbians?" Kennedy quizzically looked at Xander and then over her shoulder,
following Xander's stare.

She caught on quick and for brief moment felt jealous, but after what she had
just allowed happen to her she had no room to say much of anything. "Well, I
sure haven't ever seen a pair on any of my girlfriends."

Xander smiled at the brunette as his arm embraced her shoulder, giving her a
knowing look. "Thanks." Looking over to his friend and lover from the
previous night, "Dawn, enjoy. Don't do anything I wouldn't." He started to
pull away, but retreated. "And Kennedy, go easy on the girl."
Both girls' eyes grew in size as they stared at the young man in shock. He
was giving them his permission to enjoy each other, but it wasn't like they
needed his permission in the first was just the strangeness of the

"Don't worry, Xander...I'll treat her as if she was my very own." Kennedy
looked down at Dawn and winked as they exchanged looks of lustful interest.
"And you do the same." Looking back over her shoulder toward Willow's room.
Dawn didn't get the exchange of pleasantries from the other two and didn't
care to as she openly stared at both of the standing naked bodies before her
youthful eyes.

* * *

"Oh, we can't, we'll wake the others. Oh, oh, yeah...
oh baby, you know how I like it. Oh, oh, ohhhh that's nice. Sweetheart,
you're too kind to me...way too giving of yourself; did I mention kind as
well?" Willow rolled her head back and forth across the pillow while
enjoying the pleasure of having her womanhood eaten out as she awoken.

A head rose up from the girl's depth, staring across her body, through the
valley of her twin mounds and into a pleasure filled, red hair entangled
face. The pleasure quickly faded as Xander opened his mouth.

"It isn't Kennedy, Willow, but I'm glad you're enjoying yourself." Willow
shot her head up off the pillow and stared back at her long time friend,
Xander Harris, as he equally stared back while continuing his cunnilingus
on the girl. He pulled away for a brief moment, "By the way, Kennedy is
rather busy herself at the moment. Don't're both in good hands."
He smiled as he lowered his mouth back down to her pink folds.

* * *

"Dawn, last night, while you and Xander were doing your thing...ummm, did
he like know...go on you?" Kennedy was
finding it hard to opening talk with the doe-eyed straight girl.

"What do you mean by 'go down'?" Dawn's head cocked to the side as she
awaited the other girl's response.

'Why does she have to look and act so adorable and innocent. She is so the
devil,' thought Kennedy as she fought to give the girl an answer to her

"Like you know...go down?" Dawn really hadn't a clue to what the SiT was
referring to. Kennedy decided to just take the bull by the horn and hope
for the best. "Okay, did he or didn't he do to you what he just did to me
a while know, with his tongue?" Kennedy had no idea why she was
making this so hard on herself.

"No, he didn't suck on my pussy. So, that is what is meant when someone says
'going down'? Who knew?" Kennedy couldn't believe how clueless this girl
was given the environment she grew up in. Sex was such a major part of the
slayer's origin and abilities. How could the girl not know about sex and
every aspect of it when her sister was the embodiment of sex? Did she never
read anything about a slayer?

"So your answer was no, right?" Kennedy had briefly lost track of the
conversation. Dawn nodded her head.

"Oh you have no idea what you're missing girl. Here, let me show you."
Kennedy started to kneel down on the floor in front of the Slayer's little
sister, but pulled back, deciding instead to reach down and help the other
girl up to her feet.

"First off, maybe we should get you out of this hall before someone besides
me sees you like this."

"The living room maybe?" suggested Dawn in enthusiastic tone of voice.

"Oh no, too crowded. After the two newbies that came in yesterday, to
add to the already too many bodies living here already, even the kitchen
counters have been taken up with residents. Literally, this is worse than
an overbooked motel. Come know I like women, but girl...there are
just too many even for my liking."

"So what, all these hot, beautiful looking females bodies haven't gotten to
you? I mean have you really looked at them all? You've had to notice all
the twin towers and the sweat that has put them on display. I notice things
too...and most of them don't wear undergarments. Just've been
working out day and night with all those sweaty, hot girls knowing that
you're only one layer of clothing away from their naked flesh. I mean for
you...that in itself has to be a rush. I bet your libido is constantly on
fire with all the pheromones in the air." Dawn noticed the hardness
returning to the SIT's breasts. She knew she had to press on.

"Come on girl, say you wouldn't give anything to just walk up to one of the
other trainees and just rip their shirt off and start pawing at her breasts?
Take that Chloe chick. I bet you would love to munch on her sweat covered
pussy? I see you. It's there and you do want it. Maybe you haven't really
thought about it before now, but I bet your head is filling up with all kinds
of nasty fantasies. Now, lets find a place for you to try out each and every
one of them." Dawn couldn't believe what she said to the girl; neither could
Kennedy as she fought to contain the newly arrived sense of lusting for the
youngest Summers' girl.

"What about the basement?" Kennedy quickly suggested.

"Yeah, I guess that could work. What time is it anyway?" They both looked
down at their watch less arms. "No matter. I'm sure Spike has probably
already vacated the premise for an early patrol or smoke or something. Lets

Nodding her head in agreement "Sounds good to me."

"I wonder how's Xander doing?" Thought Kennedy as she looked back towards
Willow's room.

"So lets go already." Dawn grabbed the girl by the wrist and pulled her
toward the stairs.

* * *

"Willow, I wouldn't make too much noise if I was you. Remember, we're not
alone." Reminded Xander as he lay on the bed with the Wiccan.

"I can let it go for now, but we will talk later." Xander had seen that
stern look on his friend's face before.

"Oh I was counting on it. So...seen any of the other slayerettes bottoms
lately?" He lifted and lowered his eyebrows at the notion.

"Others? Kennedy? You saw Kennedy didn't you?"

"Shhh, if you're too loud you're going to wake them. Dawn and I both did.
I left Dawn in her hands while I came to join you. It's been a long time
since we were this close to each other." He wasn't sure what to expect
from Willow anymore. She wasn't the same innocent, nose in the book girl
he had grown up with; she had since seen the world and almost destroyed it.

"Kennedy and Dawn? Now?"

"I think she might be working on Dawn as a present to you." Willow had a
saddened look on her face, as she was about to say something.

"Shhh. They're fine, Will. You shouldn't be worrying about them two
when you've got me to help scratch the itch between your thighs." Her
eyes suddenly turned pitch black with rage and a spiraling light began
illuminating from her body as she began floating in the air. Remaining
within reach, Xander was still able to lower his head into the girl's
lap; continuing where he had left off.

As Willow became a willing participant and neared climax, the bright light
within her grew in brightness and size. Willow now had her legs wrapped
around the young man's head readying herself for the inevitable. Then it
happened; Willow's body dropped along with Xander's head and the light
within the Wiccan shot out of her in a sphere of glowing rings and washes
of colorful light...instantly encompassing all the occupants of the house.
Within minutes, moans could be heard from all over the house.

Xander and Willow both leaned on their sides as they relaxed in each other's
arms and listened to the onslaught of moans coming from the SiTs residing on
the floor in her room. Still in their sleep, all five girls began tossing
and turning; some unconsciously dipping hands and fingers beneath their
sleeping attire, pleasuring themselves. Xander crawled on top of the girl
for mutually returned kiss before falling beside her body.

"Wow. Just think...we did that."

"I know...scary isn't it?"

"You know what's even better?"

"No. What?"

"It doesn't even seem like they know what they are doing. It's like we're
getting a private showing for free."

"Yeah. It is pretty cool. What do you know...who needs the Spice channel
for enjoyment when you got a witch like me." Xander pressed his body into
her back and embraced the girl in a hug.

"Yeah, I'd say it sure does pay to have a witch as a best friend." They both
relaxed on the bed as they watched the sleeping slayers in training slowly
getting themselves off, disrobing in the process.

"Will, do you think they have any idea what they are doing? Do you have any
idea what you just did to all of them...any idea at all?"

"I'd say no for both. Who would have thought that a nerd turned witch,
turned lesbian would one day be watching girls many years younger than her
stripping down to their birthday suits and be enjoying every second of it?"

"Me, Will...oh, definitely me." Smirked Xander as he responded to his

" your dreams have finally come true then?" They were both beaming.

"Not quite all of them, but so far they're working out pretty nicely for me.
So, you think maybe we should?" Xander gestured his head toward the sleeping

"Oh no, we couldn't. Well, actually we probably could, but..."

"Oh, no buts about it...we can...I mean we could...oh why the hell not...we

"Okay, you've talked me into it. Maybe just a little fun." Xander let his
hand roam across his friend's breasts as she responded.

"That's my girl." Whispered Xander has he nuzzled the girl's ear.

Moment later, Willow and Xander both hopped off the bed and made their way
toward their first victim. Leaning down they each helped a potential slayer
finish removing an article of clothing, as their eyes remained closed. They
each began what was sure to be at least an hour's worth of fun and enjoyment
by covering naked breasts and nipples with their mouths. The five sleeping
SiTs had no idea what their minds and bodies were in for.

* * *

Time had flown by, but not a single sleeping body had awakened since the
glowing light pulsed throughout the house. The two responsible for the odd
occurrence sat on the floor, leaning back against the side of the bed,
dueling over each other's lips. After a short time, Xander pulled away.

"I think I might need to check on Dawn and Kennedy."

"Oh that is so sweet of you, but you know before you go, you might want to
look in on the SiTs in Buffy's room." She gave him a sly wink before
encasing his manly rod with her mouth, but only for a brief moment. "Been
a while...just wanted to see what it felt like again." He knew he wanted
to stay and let her finish him off and maybe go even the extra step, but he
loved her enough to know to get out while he still could. A friendly and
intense one-sided servicing was one thing, but when you allow yourself to
be serviced back is another. That is a relationship...or at least that is
what he felt was a boundary leading toward a relationship. This early in
the game, he didn't want Willow and Kennedy's relationship or even his and
Willow's long term relation to be disrupted in any way. At least while he
had somewhat of a clear head for the moment, that is what he was thinking.

* * *

Xander took Willow's earlier comment in mind as he stood up and walked
across the hall, sliding Buffy's bedroom door inward just enough to see if
everyone was still asleep. Pushing the door open further, he looked on the
bed to see a sleeping Buffy with her covers pulled to the end of the bed and
her overnight shirt pushed up above her waist. The young man watched with
excitement as for the first time he was staring at a half naked Buffy Summers
and leaned against the door jam, enjoying watching one of the SiTs sliding
her tongue over The Slayer's delicate vaginal folds.

Xander at first couldn't place the SiT hovering above the sleeping body, but
what was new these days. New recruits or scared stiff potential slayers were
being welcomed into the Summers' residence everyday. He walked closer,
getting a better look at the girl and what she was doing. He was finally
able to place the recruit.

The girl's name was Cho-Ahn and she was the shyest one of the bunch. Xander
remembered the day Giles brought her back to the house. He had fought and
fought to communicate reasonably with the girl, but even his best effort
wasn't good enough seeing that she spoke a language no one in the house knew.
Seems Xander might have found a language that the girl did understand...the
language of lapping a good cunt.

He walked back into the hallway and across to Willow's room, soon returning
to Buffy's room with Willow at his side. Allowing her in the room first, he
wrapped his hands around the witch's waist, massaging her pubic mound as he
allowed her to see first hand the sexual act that was taking place before
their very eyes.

Cho-Ahn nor Buffy were the wisest to Xander and Willow's presence in the
room, but Willow was quite sure that the art of erotic love making Cho-Ahn
was performing on her best friend wasn't that to which Buffy would

Willow smiled as she realized Cho-Ahn's delicate moves combined with the
finesse of her feather like tonguing wasn't meant for love making, but for
unadulterated, pure pleasure...a pleasure so pure in its form and so precise
that it was to bring about peace and tranquility to the recipient. Willow
separated herself from Xander's clutches and silently walked over to Buffy's
bed. As Cho-Ahn's head arose, Willow treated her with a shocking kiss on the

She whispered, "I know you don't understand me, but thank you. Buffy could
really use that peace that you're giving her right now. She leaned down
and lightly blew a breath of air across Buffy's light blonde haired fuzz
and along her slit. Leaning further between the two, she repeated act on
Cho-Ahn's full, dark as night mound of pubic hair.

Starting at the young foreign SiT's navel, she worked her tongue up the young
girl's naked flesh, feeling the increase of nervous bumps popping up all over
the potential's body. Reaching the apex of her chin, Willow closed her lips
and sucked on the underside of the chin causing the girl to tremble. Licking
her way further up, Cho-Ahn lowered her head causing the inevitable to happen
as Willow shared a kiss with a girl other than Kennedy or her departed and
sweet love, Tara. Cho-Ahn's lips moved about Willow's, sucking on the
tenderness as she circled the outline of her lips.

A stunned, shocked, and surprised Xander just stood by the doorway's opening
with his hands in the pockets of his recently retrieved jeans, enjoying the
sensational performance going on before his very eyes. He was surprised at
himself for normally he would have given anything to have a chance to
masturbate at such a scene, but he didn't want to ruin the perfect moment.
He quickly scanned the room and saw much of the same movements from those
SiTs as he had seen with the one's in Willow's room. Surprisingly though, he
noticed that one of the SiTs raised her head from the floor and quickly laid
it back down. Walking a few steps closer to get a closer look, he saw the
young girl had her hand in another SiTs pajama bottoms and was feeling up the
sleeping girl. Looking at it from a voyeur's point of view, he now realized
how he and Willow must have looked as they had their own little fun a little
earlier. He walked over next to the two bodies and kneeled down, placing his
hand between the sleeping SiTs legs, pressing his hand against the fabric
causing the other SiT's hand to push harder against her friend's pussy.

He whispered, "Chloe, isn't it?" She just nodded in shame.

"Don't worry, I won't tell and she will never know." Looking around at the
other few sleeping bodies. "None of them would ever know. Trust me on
this." Chloe lifted her head and smiled at Xander as she too started looking
around the room and back at the scene on the bed that had riled up her own

"They're hot looking aren't they?" They both smiled for a moment. Xander
leaned over, pulling Chloe's finger out from beneath the SiT's pajamas and
lifted her finger to his mouth. Chloe was turned on by the young man's

"She's good. I think you'll like her. Tell you what...pull me to the side
sometime later and fill me in on how things go." He leaned down and gave
Chloe a kiss on the forehead. "I like full and thoroughly thought out
details." Before walking away, he grabbed the SiT's pajamas and pulled them
free from her body giving Chloe full access to the girl's body. "They're all
yours," was his last remark as he waved his hand indicating all the sleeping

Slowly and quietly, he walked out of the room, leaving Willow and Cho-Ahn
both to tend to The Slayer and her needs and Chloe to everyone's needs.

* * *

Walking down the hall, Xander Harris checked in on some of the other
potentials in Dawn's bedroom, before making his way down stairs. Upon
stepping onto the hardwood flooring, he looked to his left and saw the
dining room floor loaded down with excess sleeping bags and suitcases,
in front of the him was the spell barricaded front door, and looking to
his right into the living room, he saw a sea of sleeping bodies.

His eyes fell upon his once true love, Anya, as he closely surveyed the
room. Beginning to walk across the room, he was shocked to only find
sleeping and peaceful young bodies laying about wherever they could find
a comfortable surrounding. It was good that they slept while they could,
considering they had no idea what was to come of their lives in the next
few months, days, or even hours.

The young man thought it was odd that only the people sleeping upstairs were
effected by the bright, glowing pulse that had earlier shot throughout the least that is what he thought had happened. He wondered if he
shouldn't go back upstairs and retrieve Willow so that they could recreate
the moment of the pulse while having sex downstairs. It would be fascinating
to watch all the SiTs, Anya, and Andrew getting it on, but he knew better
than to do such a thing. Better yet, he knew how his Anya was...and with the
force of the spell or whatever the pulse was...all the others involved would
be in deep trouble for he knew Anya could never get enough when it came to

Smiling and softly chuckling at his horrible, sexual thoughts, he further
advanced across the living room towards the kitchen, while lightly tiptoeing
around and over some of the girls. Turning back at the recognition of a
faint noise, he saw Andrew's head lying against one of the potential's outer
thigh while another's arm rested across his waist. Everyone in the house
truly had accepted each other and through everything...had become a family
of sorts. Xander shook his head in disbelief before pushing through the
kitchen's swinging doors.

Xander walked across the linoleum floor and grabbed a coffee cup from the
drain board and proceeded to pour himself some of the freshly, hot brewed
coffee. As curious as he should have been, he didn't even think who might
have gotten up to make the coffee. He just turned and leaned his back
against the counter while observing two potentials sleeping atop two of the
other marble counter tops. While trying to determine his breakfast of the
day, he thought of other possibly potential ideas, involving the two scantily
clad dressed girls on the counter tops, but knew that he couldn't start
anything with any of the other potentials. He had his own potential to care
for him. At least in his book, Dawn was a worthy potential.

Walking back out into the living room, with coffee in hand, he wondered where
Kennedy and Dawn had scurried off. Being that he hadn't seen them in any of
the rooms upstairs and they weren't in the dining room or living room, he
figured they must have retreated to the basement. Opening the kitchen door
that led to the basement, he realized that he had guessed right as the sounds
of Dawn's moaning increased in volume with each step he took. The basement
was cold and dark with only a slight amount of sunlight penetrating the
confined space through a small window.

Dawn lifted her head as she heard creaking sounds coming from the direction
of the stairs. She smiled as Xander appeared out of the darkness and slowly
made his way toward her and Kennedy as the other girl lapped away at her wet
core. Xander, as he had done earlier upstairs in Buffy's room, just stood
back, drinking his steaming cup of coffee, while Kennedy lit the youngest
Summers' body on fire with her ministrations.

The young man came to the conscious reasoning that there was nothing more
perfect looking or erotic than a lesbian doing her thing with another woman.
Standing back and observing, Xander couldn't help but notice how sexy and
hard Kennedy's bare ass looked from his vantage point. A bare ass that he
decided needed some manly attention.

Setting his coffee down on a nearby table, Xander unbuttoned his jeans,
letting them drop to the floor as he made his way over toward the girls.
With his bare cheeks and hardened member exposed to the cold air of the
dark basement, he lowered himself behind the young, dark haired lesbian

He slid his chilled finger over her glistening, wet folds, bringing a chill
over her body. Carefully, his member ascended forward sinking into her
core's depths, taking the girl completely by surprise. Using his grasp on
the girl's hips and ass, he slowly pushed forward and back and forward again,
never hearing an expected protest from the brunette.

Kennedy had never felt anything other than a dildo in her before, but was too
overwhelmed by the fresh pussy pushed into her face to give much care to what
Xander was doing. Though she wasn't thrilled at the young man's actions, she
did feel and appreciate the delicate approach he was taking with her as she
catered to her other needs.

Dawn watched through half opened, desperate eyes as Kennedy went down on her
and Xander carefully stuffed Kennedy's center core. The excitement and
pleasure was too great for the young girl/young woman as she found herself
experiencing her first multiple orgasmic experience. Xander felt Kennedy's
own release as she too felt flushed from the morning's excitement.

Xander pulled his member free knowing that he couldn't release inside the
girl, but was quickly rewarded as Kennedy spun around on her heels, engulfing
his entire shaft. A few sucks and aiding hand strokes later, the young man
shot his load.

Kennedy pulled back and looked up into Xander's eyes as she licked her tongue
over her lips, savoring his manly taste. After watching Kennedy take on
Xander and his manhood, Dawn was once again full of energy. She pushed
herself off of Spike's bed and stood beside the other two. After a mutual
eyebrow raising look, Dawn and Kennedy worked together in turning Xander
around, proceeding to push his muscular, naked body down onto the available
bed. Together, they slowly and methodically finished him off, each taking
turns and doing with him as they pleased.

* * *

A few hours passed as things settled down in the Summers' residence and
returned to as close to normal as things could get in Sunnydale. Xander,
Dawn, Kennedy, and Willow all walked around and went about their business
knowing that they had been part of something that they would never forget.
After lunch, Chloe approached Xander on the back porch.

"Hey, Xander."

Turning at the welcome, "Hi ya, Chloe. I see you've got quite a smile going
for ya. Now what on earth could have caused such a thing?"

"Yeah, well, I have a lot to smile about. You told me to tell you all about
it later and it is later. So, do you want to know what happened after you

"Girl, do I ever, but it looks like it might have to wait." He looked in the
backyard at the other potentials gathering around the rejuvenated peaceful
acting Slayer. "You might want to join your friends. Looks like Buffy might
be gathering everyone for another 'we are so dead yet we must have hope'
speeches." Chloe smiled and laughed as she made her way toward the group of
fellow SiTs.

Xander couldn't help but smile when Buffy and the SITs all bent over
beginning their daily exercises. Their outfits outlined their butts and
other features quite nicely. He took in the moment and then turned, walking
back into the house. When he approached the living room, Willow was sitting
on the couch talking to Andrew. Whatever they had been talking about had
caused the Wiccan to blush; an extreme color of red filled her cheeks as she
spotted Xander stepping out of the kitchen.

"So what are you guys up to?" asked Xander as he made his way over to sit by
his friend.

"Oh nothing much. Andrew was just enlightening me on a very weird dream he
had last night. It was so real you probably wouldn't believe it."

"Yeah, Xander, it was the craziest one I think I've ever had. Well, there
was that time that I dreamed that Jonathan and I...on second thought, I'm
sure you wouldn't care for that one all that much."

"So what was it about?" Willow sat still as she stared daggers into Xander,
but the boy was clueless.

"You know...the dream was like the ultimate erotic fantasy. You were in it
and Dawn and Willow. Oh yeah, Willow's hot kissing partner, Kennedy was it
in, but she wasn't with Willow. Buffy...yeah, she was in it too. You were
all naked and having sex with each other. Okay, not with everybody, but like
everyone was having sex though. You know what's really, really weird...I got
it on with two of the slayerettes." Xander was playing off that hilarious

"No way! Two? You go boy!"

"Yeah, it was cool; so James Bond like. It was like that time I became
Double O Andrew..oh wait..hehehe...forgot...that was another dream too.
Anyway, I dreamt I had a blast with that Molly chick and that long haired
Amanda girl." Xander remembered the two SITs he had earlier seen sleeping
beside the nerd. And if his name to face association was working properly,
the two SITs had in fact been Molly and Amanda.

"You're right, dude, that was a crazy dream." Xander turned to wink at his
friend, Willow. She smirked and returned the act.

"See Xander, I told you Andrew had a crazy story."

"Oh, I wasn't finished. See the best part...well, who else...Spike.
Can you believe it...he was fucking the bark off one of the trees in the
backyard? Crazy...oh so crazy."

Willow and Xander turned and stared at each other for a brief moment before
quickly getting to their feet and racing for the back door. Andrew stayed
seated in his chair; pouting as they left him all alone.



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