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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Psychic Piercing
(MF,mf,MMF,MFFF,oral,anal,BDSM,splosh exhib,voy)
by Taisto Vähäjärki

As Faith slowly sucked the dick of the small, fez-headed man sitting on a
chair in front of her she wondered how on earth had things gotten this bad.
The fez-guy was a short, black or Arabic man who's large red fez hid the
fact that his skull didn't cover the top of his bulging brain. The guy
didn't move, and his eyes were closed. He was in a psychic trance, surfing
the astral landscape of Sunnydale to inflict some new torments on Buffy or
her friends.

It had all started a week back, when the Mayor decided that the other
Slayer was a too great liability. He had hired this small weird man, who was
reputedly of the last representatives of an ancient race of psychics. Whose
psychic powers were apparently so great that their brains just had to bulge
out of their heads, throbbing and glistening.

In hindsight Faith decided that she should have realized that it meant
trouble when the fez-guy, in his interview with the Mayor in his office,
with Faith also present, said that he had to be stimulated himself in the
manner he wished to inflict on his victims. The Mayor had said that he
understood that Faith was free to help her.

She had agreed, not really understanding what he was after. At first it
hadn't been so bad. She'd just had to give him head for as long as he was in
a trance, and afterwards he had fucked her.

Five days ago as the fez-guy came out of his trance and came on Faith's face
she noticed that her nipples and navel were suddenly pierced with smooth
silver rings. She had demanded to know what the fuck was going on, but the
fez-man had declined to answer. She had gone to the Mayor. He had explained
that the same was happening to the Slayer and those of her friends
susceptible to the psychic. Because of their connection to the spirit of the
First Slayer, both Buffy and Faith were susceptible to his influence, and he
had also managed to afflict Anya because of her demon heritage. For the
psychic's ability to work, he simply had to afflict someone at both ends, or
so the Mayor had explained.

After third's days session she'd had a stud in her tongue and rings in her
clit and two on both sides of her pussy lips. Although she resented the
fez-man control over her body she had to admit she rather liked the

Fourth day the other shoe dropped. After he had fucked her doggystyle for
what seemed like forever in a spare room in the City Hall, she had found a
thin silver chain going around her neck, with a ring in the front. Two
chains left from the ring. Each went through one of her nipple rings, down
through her navel rings, through all of her pussy rings, effectively sewing
her pussy shut, into the crack of her ass, and around her wrists, securing
them together behind her back.

She had cursed the fez-man and yelled for him to free her but he had simply
wiped his cum on her hair and left. She had stumbled to her feet and managed
to get a shower before going to see the Mayor again. He had explained
everything again, and said reasonably that this was only temporary. He had
put a bathrobe around her shoulders and said that she probably shouldn't
leave the building and that one of his toadies, Brian, would look after her.
She had left fuming.

And so she was sucking the fez-man yet again, on her knees, without being
able to use her hands. They were in a rarely used room of the City Hall. The
fez-man was sitting on an old mahogany chair, and the carpet was thick enough
to keep Faith's knees from bruising.

Slowly the fez-guy came out of his trance. Faith knew what was to come
without being told and turned around resignedly. She went on all fours, or
at least as close as she could and raised her ass in the air. She had already
been lubed up by Brian. She hadn't wanted to repeat the first time when the
man had taken her up her ass, without bothering to lubricating her with
anything. God, that had hurt.

The fez-man pushed the chain going under her ass aside and plunged in, as
he had done for the last two days. It didn't take long for him to come, and
after he had spurted his load into Faith's ass, we left without saying a
word. As usual.

And herein lay Faith's current biggest problem: She wasn't really getting
any. The fez-guy didn't care shit about her fun, and had never made her cum.
Brian was too scared to help her; he couldn't even get it up with her. Maybe
that had something to do with the time she had cracked five of his ribs after
he had pinched her ass. She couldn't finger herself, couldn't get a dildo up
her pussy as it was closed.

It would have done perfectly well to have someone lick her pussy, chains and
all, she could come from that. But how was she supposed to go and pick up
guys from bars in this fetish gear? She couldn't even dress!

Suddenly Faith got it. She immediately rushed to her computer, calling for
Brian as she did so.

"Get me the addresses of every SM club in Sunnydale and find all fetish
parties you can," she ordered as soon as he entered. Brian nervously sat down
to do as he was told, unable to stop himself from stealing a few guilty and
scared glances at the naked and bound beauty beside her. Faith waited for him
to do the search with impatient agitation. Soon columns of addresses, names
and dates started to appear on the screen.

"There's one tonight," he said. "Hellfire Ball, it's called, at the old
church clubhouse."

"Okay, here's what we do. You get me some PVC clothes and a ticket to that
party," Faith said, already excited at the prospect.

"What, now?" Brian asked.

"Yes, now," Faith said, too thrilled to be angry.

* * *

At last she was ready to go. Brian had found tight, black, high-heeled PVC
boots that came to her mid-thigh and a black PVC garter belt that snug on
her waist and ostensibly held her boots up. Brian fitted a leather collar
that had a small plate on which was engraved the words "Fuck Me" to her neck
and pulled her hair into a ponytail. Faith looked at herself in a mirror.

She looked gorgeous and fuckable as hell. The heels brought out her shapely
legs and forced her to stand straight so that her pierced breasts stood
proudly to attention. Her hair didn't occlude her face, and every curve,
surface and contour was classical and perfect. Except...

"I need a top," Faith said. "My look's unbalanced."

Brian produced a black PVC bra and fitted it on Faith. It didn't cover
her breasts, fitting under them and rising them so they stood even more

"I thought I'd get the kind where just your nipples are visible, but I
couldn't have gotten them on you," Brian mumbled. Faith looked at him,

"Do I look good or what?" she asked as she admired herself.

"Yeah," Brian replied half-heartedly, looking away. He had wanted to fuck
her since she had gotten here, but the Mayor had told him to keep his hands
to himself. He had learned that lesson himself as well.

"What are you going to wear?" Faith asked innocently.

"What? Me?" Brian said, startled.

"Yeah. I can't go there alone, can I?"

"No." Brian was weighing the Mayor's orders in his mind. He wasn't exactly
a stranger to the scene himself. Did he want to do that on work hours?


"I suppose I have to come along," he said, sullenly. "We'll have to stop by
my house, see if I have anything."

"Okay, let's get going," Faith said.

* * *

Faith walked around Brian's house, looking around. He told her he was
married, but that his wife was on a business trip in Canada. His home was
rather boring, lots of beige and pastel shades. She walked back to his

Brian was looking at himself in the mirror. He was wearing dress shoes, a
PVC pinstripe jacket and PVC pants with the pattern of the British flag. He
had no shirt under the jacket, and Faith could see that he didn't have a too
bad looking a body. He was in his thirties, probably thirty-five. He wore a
badly-fitting suit to work, and had bad glasses. Now he wore contacts and
Faith could see that although he had an unremarkable, but inoffensive face
and apparently worked out regularly, with only the smallest traces of a
developing paunch.

"How the fuck did you get those clothes so fast?" Faith asked incredulously.

Brian gave her a long look.

"Fuck, you're into this, aren't you?"


"You do know that you're as tacky as Hell?"

"Fuck, just doing my job," Brian replied, slightly hurt.

* * *

"Just put the token into my boot, I don't think we'll be leaving together,"
Faith said as she looked appraisingly around her. They had just left their
coats at the entrance and had walked down into the club proper. It was set
in an old faux-gothic church. There wasn't any lack of these in Sunnydale,
and apparently one could be spared for more constructive use. Blue and red
lights roamed over the hall filled with the beautiful people. Good-looking
young guys everywhere, most of them wearing next to nothing.

"What? You got me here just to walk you through the door?" Brian said.

"No. I got you here to see you in rubber," Faith replied. "Now if you'll
excuse me," she continued as she headed for the bar, which was by the side
of where the pews would have been. There was a large stage on the place of
the altar. Brian cursed, looked around and decided to see if he knew any
of the people here.

Faith could see people noticing her as she walked by, her piercings and
chains fitting right in. She was still a bit wobbly with the heels; it had
been a long time she had walked in them before. Just as she was gaining
some confidence in her walk and tried a few dance steps to the beat of the
throbbing, cruel industrial/techno throbbing through the house, she stumbled
and would have fallen if not for someone catching her.

The someone helped her to her feet and turned out to be a young guy who
looked like he belonged to a fetish boy band. He had tight briefs of
translucent white latex and Faith decided that she would not have to look

"Thanks," Faith said.

"Oh, no problem. I'm Chad," he shouted over the music, leaning close to her.

"Faith," she replied smiling.

"Want something to drink?"

"Yeah," she replied, thinking that this was easy. Soon they were chatting
by the bar, Chad helping her to drink her bloody mary.

"So, wanna do some toilet duty?" Chad asked her mischievously.

"Yeah," Faith shouted back, not really knowing what he was talking about.
Brian had explained to her about safe words and that everybody would assume
that she was a submissive and some other stuff too, but it had all sounded
so trivial and adult in a really bad way.

"Allright!" Chad replied, surprised. Although the rings and chains suggested
otherwise he had taken Faith for a new girl. She certainly acted like one,
and he had just been intending to tease her, but apparently he had guessed

* * *

Her constant horniness was definitely affecting her work, thought Buffy as
she stalked through yet another cemetery on her nightly patrol. Giles would
have to think up something soon. It didn't help that her companion in
suffering, Anya, seemed to adjust to her new condition way too readily.

The stud that had appeared in her tongue had been the first sign of trouble.
The next day she had had two small rings on the left side of her nose (hiding
them from her mother had been an adventure unto itself). The day after that
she had found rings in her navel and both nipples. Yesterday morning she had
woken up with two rings on her pussy lips, both on the left side.

Today was the worst. The rings on her pussy lips now went through both lips,
effectively sealing her pussy. She could feel there was something large in
her pussy, probably a huge dildo, and it seemed to vibrate slightly. She had
woken drenched in her juices and had been on a state of heightened arousal
the whole day. She nipple rings seemed to make her tits sensitive and prone
to arousal as well.

Since her pussy as inaccessible, she couldn't really bring any relief by
masturbating. She had tried with her clit, but the situation had just turned

Crossing a street to reach the next cemetery Buffy stopped to look at her
reflection in a window. She had chosen rather plain clothes, but could still
see her nipples straining against her shirt. Were her tits getting larger?
Nah, they just felt uncomfortable inside her shirt. She could see that her
posture had changed with the huge object inside her.

She almost started to finger her clit through her pants, but started to walk
briskly towards the wall of the next cemetery instead. Sunnydale Memorial
Cemetery for the Dearly Departed? She could swear there were at least three
of these.

Muffled human sounds drifted through the air from a wild, unkempt grove near
the far edge of the graveyard. Buffy crept closer as stealthily as she could
manage. Three new bodies had been buried here today and some of them might
already have burst out. It seemed that someone was trying to scream but
couldn't, and only muffled, frantic whines emanated.

Buffy vaulted herself dextrously up a tree branch to spy from the cover of
the tree's foliage and to spring on the vampire from above. Soundlessly she
brushed some leaves out of her face and looked down into the shrubbery. A
hunk Buffy could recognize from the school's football team, Dave or Joe or
something, was fucking one of the nerdy but cute girls he couldn't be caught
dead with if he was to maintain his social reputation, Debbie or Cindy or
something, doggystyle, one of his hands reached to cover her mouth and the
other going down her waist to finger her clit. Debbie was on all fours, face
almost pressed to the earth, on a bright red blanket, squirming with almost
frantic, badly controlled ecstasy.

Buffy gasped and then went still, but thankfully neither of her schoolmates
had heard. She told herself to leave but something kept her glued to where
she was. As Debbie raised her face to lick Joe's fingers Buffy could see
sperm stains on the lenses of her glasses, and started unconsciously to
finger herself.

Debbie seemed to come first, and collapsed on the blanket, withdrawing Joe
from her pussy. Joe did a couple of quick wanks and shot his load on Debbie's
back, shoulder-length hair and collapsed beside her. Buffy had to stop
fingering herself to avoid noise as she listened to the two exchanging fluffy
pleasantries. Eventually they gathered their things and left.

Buffy lowered herself down from her branch and sat on her knees on the grass,
dizzy from want. She was still for a moment, until she saw a used tissue on
the ground. She picked it up and saw that it had been used to wipe Joe's
sperm. Just as she was bringing it to her mouth to taste it she felt
something crash behind her and hit her back.

Before she could react Buffy was on her back, her stake out, a young punk
vampire straddling her. She tried to stake it, but he brushed her hand aside,
falling off her in the process. Buffy tried to scramble to her feet but the
dildo in her pussy started to throb and her breasts seemed to burst out of
her shirt and she fell over, panting and trying to collect herself.

The punk bounced on her, hit her on her back, first trying desperately to
keep out of the way of her stake and then suddenly realizing something. He
slowly stood up, dusting himself as he watched the distracted slayer.

"You're in heat. I can smell it," he said, voice almost naive with surprise.
"Suck my cock," the vampire said as he opened the fly of his leather pants.

Rising to see the vampire, Buffy stared stupidly at his flaccid, long dick.
She knew that she had to kill him. But maybe not yet. The thought of sucking
him made the dildo fasten. Perhaps it would make her cum.

"Lay down," Buffy said prettily, giving the vampire her best good girl eyes.

The vampire quickly pulled his pants to his knees and laid back on the grass
as Buffy came on all fours over her. She stopped to watch his eager face. He
had been a few years older, in her school. Kind of good looking, with his
scalp half shaved and the rest sprouting green hair and his eyebrows and ears
pierced. He had an old leather jacket and a dirty, old t-shirt.

"God, your tongue's pierced!" the vampire observed.

"The better to suck you off," Buffy replied and took a hold of his rapidly
stiffening cock. She started to slowly lick his shaft, then his precum and
the head of his cock before slowly taking his dick to her mouth. She hadn't
planned to deep throat him, but the dildo in her pussy was going wild,
matching the bobbing of her head on the cock.

The vampire watched in amazement the first class service he was getting, at
first letting her suck him as she pleased and then guiding her head down with
his hand when she didn't take his dick deep enough. He didn't last long. As
he came, he forced Buffy's head down one final time, just as another vampire
stumbled on the clearing. The nose made Buffy raise her head off his prick
and his last shot's of cum landed on her cheek. She still hadn't come.

"You're fucking the slayer," the second vampire said stupidly. He was a fat
rockabilly guy, with grease in his hair and sideburns.

"Wanna join?" Buffy asked bubble gum seductively. Blowing guys off didn't
help her cum. She had to get someone to fuck her ass.

"Hey! You still got clothes. Let's see them off," the punk said, with a
little swagger for the benefit of the newcomer.

Buffy thought about her piercings, but then felt that she would kill them
after this anyhow, so it didn't matter if they knew. She started a slow
dance, going around the two vampires, offhandedly caressing them as her
shirt came off, revealing her nipples almost poking through her bra. After
her pants she dropped to one knee before slowly unveiling her pierced, full
breasts. The silver of the ring glistened in the moonlight. Even more slowly
she laid back to remove her panties, saving the view of her trimmed, pierced
pussy until the last moment.

"God!" the rockabilly guy stammered.

The punk had more to prove and stepped over the slayer waiting on the grass.
He dropped to his knees between her legs and leaned towards her face.

"I can't fuck you if your pussy is all locked up," he said, when their faces
were mere inches apart.

"Then you'll just have to fuck my ass," Buffy replied smartly. The punk
stared at her dumbly for a moment as the rockabilly guy bursted out laughing.

"All right! You take her ass, I'll want my rod in her mouth," he shouted with
glee as he undid his jeans.

The punk moved over from Buffy and she went on all fours, raising her ass
high in the air expectantly.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Give the bitch what she wants," the
rockabilly laughed. The punk moved behind her and caressed her pussy,
feeling her rings and yanking on them.

"Bloody hell! She has a dildo there!" he said.

"So? Can't a girl have any fun around here? Get to it!" Buffy replied
irritably. The punk spit at his hand and lubricated her asshole clumsily
before bringing his erect dick to bear. He took a hold of her hips and
forced his way in. Buffy moaned and whimpered with pleasure as the dildo
sped up with the thrusts of the punk.

"Touch my clit," she ordered and the punk did as he was told.

Suddenly a fat, half-erect dick appeared in front of her face.

"Okay, it's my turn," the rockabilly said as Buffy turned to look at his
face and as he took a hold of her jaw to guide his dick in. Buffy tried to
say something, but his dick muffled all protest and soon he was fucking her
face, enjoying the sensation of her tongue stud on the underside of his

The punk was increasing his pace as he was getting closer to cumming, and
Buffy's blowing got sloppier as she was lost in a sea of ecstasy. As the
punk stopped after a final thrust, and as she could feel his sperm filling
her ass, she fingered herself to climax.

The rockabilly had stopped thrusting and withdrew his dick at the same time
as the punk. Buffy could feel his cum start dribbling down her leg.

"I'm gonna fuck your tits," the rockabilly said and Buffy obediently rolled
over to her back. The rockabilly straddled her chest. Buffy tried to move her
breasts together with her hands but he swatted them away as he lowered his
dick between her boobs. He took a firm hold of each, pushed them close around
his dick and started thrusting slowly. At first Buffy licked the end of his
shaft as it appeared before her face, but then he started yanking on her
nipple rings and the pain brought her to instant orgasms. As she started
bucking he pressed her tits forcefully on his dick and came with a final
shove towards her face, spurting his come on her face to her mouth and her

After satisfying himself that this had been the last of his cum he stood up.

"Clean my dick," he said as he turned back to Buffy, just in time to see
her stake enter his chest. The punk tried to run, but fell over and almost
staked himself.

"God! At least they don't see it coming this way," Buffy wondered aloud as
she could already feel the first tinges of arousal encroach on her sated body
as she collected her clothes round her.

* * *

Faith swore that the guy she was sucking off must have been at least the
twentieth, although probably he was just the seventh or so. She was sitting
on a stool on a corner of the men's room, the chain binding her hands
attached to a hook under the stool so that she couldn't really move.

The toilet was large, and at the other end there was another girl in the same
position as Faith was. She was a petite but big-titted girl with sandy blonde
dreadlocks, a fine nose, innocent eyes and a ring piercing her lower lip. She
was naked except for tight pink PVC panties, a black leather choker and long
drips of dried sperm on her face, chest and even her legs. A rope went from
the back of her choker to bind her hands behind her back and to a ring in the
wall. From the look of her she had been there way longer than Faith.

The meaning of "toilet duty" had slowly become clear to her as the next guy
to use the john came over to her and presented his still-dripping cock to her

"Clean it," he said.

"What? No fucking way," Faith replied, more incredulous than anything else.

"You're a spunky one aren't you?" the man asked jocularly. "Who put you

"I think his name was Chad... look, just put that dick of yours somewhere
else, I don't want it on my face."

"OK, wait here. I'll be back," the man said with a twinkle in his eye and
left. Faith was left to look around the room, momentarily ignored. The
dreadlocked girl was begging to clean the dicks of two men who jokingly kept
theirs just out of reach. It looked like a rehearsed game. Faith could hear
the girl laughing as one of the men jacked himself to orgasm and the girl
almost toppled over trying to catch the flying gobblets of spunk in her
mouth. The men, both young guys with black plastic masks covering their
entire heads and little else, steadied her and groped her breasts, admirable
especially considering her otherwise slight build, and her erect nipples

The guy who had tried to feed Faith his cock, a stocky, hairy guy in his
thirties came back with Chad.

"I hear you have been naughty," Chad said by the way of greeting.

"What if I have?" Faith replied, teasing.

"Can't have that," Chad said. "Close your eyes and open your mouth."

Faith complied, thinking that Chad was going to make her suck him. Instead
she felt something metallic being fitted over her teeth and as she opened
her eyes in shock Chad was fitting the buckles of her ring gag behind her

"Mmmmpph," Faith tried to protest, but to little avail as Chad's stocky
friend took his cock out and luxuriously pushed it into Faith's throat, the
ring gag making it impossible for her to protest, or even bite.

The guy fucking her face now took his time. She had gotten used to the taste
of piss rather quickly. Most of the guys just wanted to be blowed. Some came
to tease her, trying to make her beg (some succeeding), others just wanting
to be cleaned. She had sperm all over, but not nearly enough as the
dreadlocked girl, who had been referred to as Mist by one of her patrons.
The guy was holding the back of her head with both hands, sliding himself
in and out of her throat with long, exact strokes. Soon Faith could feel a
slight tremble in his grip and he seemed to be about to cum, but he kept his
pace to the end, only breaking it when he pulled out and started to splash
cum all over her face and ponytailed hair. She tried to catch the sperm with
his mouth but it was hard with the gag in place.

"God, Faith, you really are a cocksucker aren't you?" the man said, his
voice familiar. In shock Faith looked up to see Xander looking at her with a
cruel smile. He had black leather pants, boots and a skin-tight wifebeater
made of latex.

"Gghhmmmph," Faith tried to whimper, momentarily in panic.

"I must say I didn't think I'd run into you here. Been long in the scene?"

Faith shook her head. Xander didn't like he was going to do anything to her.
She tried to wriggle herself free, with little success.

"What? This your first time?"

Faith nodded, trying to play time. If Chad or Brian someone would just come
in. She hated being dependant.

"And already on toilet duty. Wow, I'm impressed," Xander said, in almost
genuine admiration. "Like the outfit, by the way. Especially the piercings."


"Look, I think we might go to my place after this, OK?" Xander said, leaning
closer in a parody of earnest seduction. Faith tried to shake her head.

"Yes? Great! I'll be back, just have to talk with Chad about when you'll be
getting off. See you soon!" Xander winked to her as he went.

During the time he was away a couple of guys led a tall, dark woman with an
impressive black iroquois on all fours on a leash to the center of the room
and took turns whipping her back, legs, breasts and pussy as she sucked each
of the guys in turn. Sometimes she looked like she was about to cum. One of
the guys was Brian, but when he looked at her he didn't seem to notice
anything wrong. As the guys went one of them placed a small, red vibrator
between the plastic-clothed crotch and the stool of the girl called Mist.
When Xander walked back in with Chad she was moaning quietly, lost in her
own worlds of denied release.

"Yeah, I think she's been doing overtime already," Chad was saying.

"Great!" Xander replied as they both stopped in the middle of the green-tiled
men's room. "I think I'll do one more round and be ready to leave. I'll take
her along."

"What? Leaving so soon?" Chad asked, in mock surprise.

"Well, yeah. Anya says she wants to go, and who am I to argue," Xander
replied sheepishly.

"Ah, the joys or commitment."

"Hey Chad, isn't that other girl been here even longer than Faith?" Xander
asked suddenly, pointing to Mist.

"Yeah, actually she has. Oh well, should probably release her as well."

"Who she is?"

"My cousin Mist. A really good submissive, really the life of the party."
Chad stopped, momentarily lost in thought. "Hey, Xander. Why don't you and
Anya take her home as well?"

"With pleasure," Xander said, looking at her perfectly firm tits. He had
always been something of a workingman at heart, and despite everything there
still was something about large, firm tits that made him instantly want to
touch them. But why? "We'll be gorged with goodness if we have them both, I
mean look at her! A girl like that shouldn't have any shortage of takers."

"Yeah, I know. But Anya asked me, and how can I refuse?" Chad replied.

"Hey, I'm not complaining!"

* * *

Faith and Mist were on their knees on Xander and Anya's huge bed, trying to
lick the dry cum from each other. Both were still bound, but Mist was having
easier time of it since her mouth wasn't gagged. Anya was sitting nearby,
being treated to a shoulder massage by Xander, both watching the show. Anya
had a stud in her tongue, rings on her nipples and her navel. A large ballgag
forced her mouth cruelly open, its straps going around her head with no
apparent release mechanism. It had a hole in the center, allowing her to
ingest liquids and breathe.

The gag had appeared yesterday morning. The first thing to appear had
been three rings on both of her pussy lips. Next a curved metal plate had
appeared, with three slots on both sides, allowing the rings to come through
them and be locked into place with the lock mechanism on the face of the
plate. Unfortunately, they had not been provided with a key and hadn't worked
up the nerve to go a locksmith. The plate covered her clit, making pissing an
unfortunately messy affair, and constantly rubbed her pussy, making her horny
while also making it extremely hard for her to come. At least it left her ass
uncovered, and since her mouth was also closed, Xander had been fucking her
up her ass almost exclusively, the only exception being her breasts, fucked
now and then for a bit of variety. Anya had to admit that in a way she
enjoyed the constant heat the restraints kept her in, but she was worried
about their permanence. The nipple rings were a positive bonus, and she
longed to be rid of the ball gag to test her tongue stud on Xander's dick.

For Faith it was a long night, but she got what she had been looking for at
the fetish ball, namely a thorough screwing. Anya and Xander had forced them
to wait on their late-night dinner. The serving had been done by Mist, after
her hands had been freed and Xander had lovingly bound her breasts with
cruelly tight leather straps and fitted her nipple rings with weights. Both
had been fitted with butt plugs. Since Faith was unable to help, she was
serving as the table fittings. She salad was heaped on her chest, the meat
on a platter between her legs. The potatoes had been heaped on her tummy,
hot as hell. She was on her back, her legs bent under her at the knee, back
slightly arched because of this and her hands, still bound behind her back.

Mist had to lick her clean between courses, and the dessert had been
ice-cream, heaped generously on her breasts and pussy.

After that they had settled down to relax after dinner. Xander relaxed in
his easy chair, pulling Faith's head up and down on his dick, as she knelt
in front of him. Mist had been hung from the ceiling from her hands and
fitted with a gag. Her toes barely touched the floor as Anya gave her a
thorough working with her short whip, making sure to give special attention
to her already tortured tits. Afterwards she whispered sweet nothings to her
ear, promising her untold pleasures and suffering as she slowly worked her
fingers down Mist's pink plastic panties, making her cum again and again,
gently working her cunt.

Mist's muffled cries seemed to excite Xander and soon Faith found herself
sucking on Anya's strap-on while being fucked up her ass by Xander. Mist had
been left down and was lying below Faith, licking her clit, playfully tugging
at her piercings with her tongue, her cum-stained dreadlocks tickling her
PVC-clad thighs.

Faith had to wonder at Xander's stamina. He came in her ass, and after that
as Anya was trying to work a small bottle up Faith's ass Xander finally
released Mist's breasts, laid her on the floor and slowly fucked himself to
climax between them, taking special care to spray his cum all over her hair,
all the while lazily whipping her pussy with Anya's short implement.

Morning found Faith on the bedroom floor, exhausted but also satisfied. She
had cum again and again, most deliciously from Mist's ministrations, She lied
on her face, her sore breasts squashed between her and the floor, but she was
too tired to care, and her hands and the bottle in her ass made any other
position even harder.

Mist was fast asleep on a slight mattress at the foot of the bed, a butt plug
in her ass and a gag in her mouth, curled in happy sleep.

Xander was on the bed, lovingly fucking Anya's ass, caressing her breasts,
neck and working his fingers below the pussy plate, carefully making her
come. Her eyes were closed and only muffled moans of contentment could be

* * *

It was three o'clock at night and the gang was scattered around the Magic
Box. Willow and Giles were leafing through old books, as they had done for
the better part of the day. Faith had been placed on a stool in a corner.
Anya sat on a chair by the table and Xander beside her. Although she was
still blindfolded and gagged, her hands were free and she wasn't as helpless
as Faith was. Buffy and Xander talked in low tones about what they could do
if no solution was to be found in the near future.

Blowing up the brains of the creature that had done this had not brought
Buffy, Faith or Anya back to normal. Willow and Giles had backtracked the
things psychic signature and overloaded its brain with psychic backwash,
causing its brains to explode, surreally splattering simultaneously
everywhere in wherever it had been and the Magic Shop. Which had been fine
in that the creature was dead, but didn't really solve their problem.

"Yes!" Giles exclaimed as he sprang to his feet, making Willow spill her
coffee on her lap in surprise. "I have it, the cure!" he continued, showing
the book he had been reading to Willow, who was trying to clean up the mess
on her dress with Kleenex.

"Wait a second..." Willow said, reading through the passages indicated by
Giles as the rest of the gang quickly converged on them. "Yes, this should
work. We'll just need enough of the brain matter of the creature, and we can
access its power to manipulate the rings."

"Let's get to work, shall we?" Giles asked, suddenly as energetic as if it
was suddenly morning again.

"Oh, Giles..." Xander said hesitantly.

"Yes, Xander?"

"I've spoken with Anya, or at least she's written to me, and she just wants
to have the keys to the locks."

"What for?" Giles asked before thinking.

"She likes the rings and this stuff she has on now costs a fortune if
bought," Xander explained levelly.

"Oh," Giles said, and turned to Buffy. "What about you, Buffy?"

"What? Of course I want them gone!" Buffy exclaimed. She could not deny
the exquisite edge the studs and rings brought to her sex life, but they
interfered with her work and she was not that kind of a girl, was she?

Last Giles turned to Faith and looked at her wonderingly.

"Hmmm. I think we'll have to research some more before we can free you,
Faith," Giles said, his mouth curving to a smile. Faith emitted a moan and
tried to move.

"Me and Anya can look after her," Xander said, a little too quickly.

"Don't get greedy, Xander. Didn't your mother teach you to share? I'm a
Watcher after all. I'll know what to do with her," Giles replied turning to

"I think I can share all right," Xander replied, his grin slowly matching
Giles's as Willow and Buffy were rummaging through the shelves for the bottle
in which they put the brain-goo.

* * *

"Where is that girl?" the Mayor cursed. "First I lost the psychic, and now

Suddenly an urgent knock sounded on the door to his office.

"Come in."

The door opened and Brain came in.

"I have something you should see," he said, taking a stack of photos out of
his case. One of our guys took these from outside the residence of the
Watcher, Giles.

The Mayor took the photos and sat back to leaf through them as Brian waited

All the photos were shots through the window of Giles's bedroom. The first
showed Faith on her back on the edge of the bed, Anya ramming a huge strap-on
into her ass and Giles fucking her face. The second had Faith on all fours
sucking on Xander while Giles turned a knobbly, green dildo in her ass. The
third had Xander fucking her tits, her back arched because her hands were
bound behind it, while Anya sucked Giles in the background. The fourth had
Faith hung on the ceiling by her hands, still bound behind her back, the
chains biting painfully to her cunt and breasts while Giles worked the handle
of a whip to her ass and Anya placed weights on Faith's cunt and nipple
rings, the green dildo sticking out of her ring gag, shoved deep into her

As he went through the pictures, the Mayor's face slowly turned to a fondly
cruel grin.

"What have you gotten yourself into?" he wondered aloud. "Let them have their
fun with her for a while, but get some video out of it, and then get her out.
I think I shall have some time with her as well before removing those rings."


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