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Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Willow/Dawn, Buffy/Dawn/Joyce, Buffy/Dawn, Willow/Buffy/Dawn,
Willow/Tara, Faith/Cordelia, Willow/Buffy/Cordelia/Dawn/Faith/Tara, Amy/Rack

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Summary: Under the influence of black magic, Willow quickly gets fed up
with Dawn's whining and decides to teach the little brat a lesson. From
that moment on, the redhead turns gradually more depraved, using her
magical powers to make her darkest sexual desires come true.

Notes: This story begins during episode 6x10 "Wrecked". The dialogue in the
prologue is from that episode.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Re-educating Dawn Part 1
by Oric13


"So, what do you wanna do, cutie?" Willow asked the nervous teenager, while
giving her a reassuring smile.

"It's late. I just wanna go home," Dawn sullenly replied.

The red-haired witch frowned. There used to be a time when Dawn focussed her
incessant whining solely on her mother and sister, while playing the cool
chick with her friends and the Scooby gang. This sometimes annoyed Willow,
but nowhere near as much as the teenager's recent behaviour where everyone
seems to be a fair target for her whining and nagging.

She was really starting to regret inviting the little brat out. "Uch! No way!
I said we were gonna have fun, and we're gonna have fun."

The young Summers girl looked around nervously. "I'm serious, I think we
should just get out of here."

"I think we should just get out of here," Willow mockingly mimicked the young
brunette. 'Damn, that brat can be such a little killjoy!'

"Come on, Dawnie, it's grownup time, do you wanna play with the grownups or
not?" she questioned the teen.

"Why are you acting this way?" Dawn asked, a bit teary-eyed now.

The hacker made a disgusted noise. "Oh, don't get all weird on me, we're
fine. Everything's fine."

Dawn was becoming increasingly nervous and lowered her pace. "Willow, I'm
serious. I'm going home."

The redhead rolled her eyes and let out a tired sigh. "Uch, then go! God, I
thought we were gonna hang."

"Well, you're not coming with me?" the young girl questioned puzzled, looking

"Well, I don't know," Willow answered with a smirk. "Maybe I could just, uh,
pop you back!"

"With magic?" Dawn asked. Knowing the answer already she shakes her head in

'That's right! With magic, you little twit!' Willow thought to herself while
shooting the annoying teen a glare. 'You didn't seem to have any problems
with my magic when I used it to save your little butt.' Her eyes dropped to
the teenager's behind and she giggled to herself. 'Very *cute* butt, I have
to give her that.'

Thinking about Dawnie's tight round ass made her feel horny again. Her
increased magic use seemed to be directly linked to the enormous increase
in her libido she was experiencing lately. For the umpteenth time this week
she mourned her break-up with Tara. If they had still been together then she
would have welcomed Dawn's request to go home. Sitting on Tara's face and
playing with her big tits while the blonde's nimble tongue brought her to
Nirvana, would have been the perfect ending for this otherwise perfect
evening. She really missed the blonde witch and her talented tongue. Having
Tara eat her pussy and fucking the big-breasted blonde's ass were two of her
favourite pastimes.

She felt her pussy growing moist by the memory of Tara totally naked, draped
over the kitchen counter in the Summers' residence while she's driving her
favourite dildo into the blonde witch's tight asshole. Thinking back, she
could picture the look of rapture on Tara's face mirrored in the kitchen
window, the loud slaps of bare flesh connecting with bare flesh mingled with
the sounds of pain and pleasure coming from her beloved's lips, occasionally
drowned out by her own little pants of pleasure; and she was once again
reminded of the exhilarating wickedness she felt about performing this
shocking sex-act in such a public place combined with the twisted thrill of
possibly getting caught by either Buffy or Dawn. After thoroughly fucking
both her lover's holes, Tara had lain down on the kitchen table and, after
quickly removing the strap-on, she'd parked her butt on the blonde's face
and made the shy witch service both her pussy AND asshole.

'What a day that was!'

It had taken a lot of effort to induce Tara into going along with her twisted
sex-play, but it was definitely worth it. That her panties were soaking wet
by now was prove of that.

Willow's x-rated thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Dawn. "What's that?"

The redhead looked up disturbed at the interruption. "What? I didn't-"

Dawn was now feeling thoroughly creeped out. "I'm getting out of here."

Willow let out another tired sigh. 'Buffy will kill me if I let the little
brat walk home alone.' And quickly called out after the brunette, "Aw,
Dawnie, don't. It was probably a cat or something like that."

The words had barely left Willow's mouth when a demon suddenly appeared
in front of Dawn, making the teenager shriek in shock and quickly step

Willow, though initially alarmed, felt relieve when she recognized the
creature as the phantom from her magic-induced hallucinations. "Oh, it's
okay, he's not real," she reassured the frightened girl.

Dawn didn't look very reassured. "Seems real! Very! Real!"

The demon ignored the teenager for the moment and focussed his attentions on
the redhead. "You summoned me, witch?"

Chapter 1 - Learning Dawnie a Little Lesson

Willow frowned as her hallucination suddenly addressed her. "No, I didn't,"
she replied indignantly.

The redhead's response seemed to amuse the demon. "Did. You raised hell with
your magicks."

With a growl the creature raked his claw across Dawn's cheek, making the
teenager shriek in pain and shock.

Willow quickly moved to shield the teen from the demon's grasp.

The creature smirked at her and held up his blood covered claw. "Fresh," he

While she was momentarily shocked by her hallucination suddenly appearing in
front of her in corporeal form and attacking Dawn, Willow soon felt her shock
turn to anger and with her anger she felt the power of her magick rising
inside her, calling to her with its sweet siren song.

Her now black eyes focussed on the monster. She could see the creature
blanch, which brought a satisfied little smirk to her face. "Don't get fresh
with me," she told the slowly retreating demon.

"ERADICATE!!!" A bolt of lightning shot from her outstretched hand and
reduced the demon to a pile of ashes.

With a triumphant smile she looked over the creature's remains before turning
to check on Dawn. She noticed the teenager looking at her with a combination
of shock and horror.

"Dawnie, are you alright?"

"NO! I'M NOT!!!" the teenager shrieked. "This is all your fault! You and your
stupid magic! I'm gonna tell Buffy on you!"

These words made the compassion Willow was feeling quickly evaporate. "Oh,
don't be such a fucking baby! The demon barely touched you - you only have
a little scratch."

"FUCK YOU!!!" Dawn cried out. "I'm gonna tell Buffy on you and I hope she
kicks you out of our house, you fucking bitch!"

Willow grinded her teeth. "Dawn! Just calm the fuck down. I'll get you home,
and fix that scratch for you."

"Right! Probably with magic," the brunette bit out. "Well, screw you! I'll
get home on my own. I don't need the help of some magic-addicted junkie bitch
for that!" With these words the teenager turned around and walked away in a

Clenching her hands into fists, Willow didn't move and desperately tried to
push down the anger she was feeling.

Despite her heated words, Dawn was secretly hoping that Willow would run
after her and apologize. After her encounter with that demon, she wasn't
feeling up to walking home all alone. Glancing back across her shoulder,
she noticed that the redhead made no move to stop her. For a moment she
considered swallowing her pride and asking Willow to take her home, but she
quickly dismissed that thought. Instead she decided to hurl one last insult
at the witch before trying to make it home on her own. "I'm glad Tara
finally decided to dump you! I always knew that she's too good for you!"

Ignoring the twinge her conscience was giving her, the teenager openly
smirked at the look of hurt that appeared on Willow's face - it reminded her
of the look Buffy would get whenever she accused the blonde of not caring
enough for her because she wasn't the Slayer's real sister.

A second later, Dawn's smirk disappeared like snow in the sun when Willow
glared at her with deep, black eyes.

"That's it!" the witch growled.

Letting out a little shriek, Dawn turned and ran away. She didn't get further
than a couple of yards before she suddenly felt herself being pulled back
towards the redhead.

Moments later she stood as frozen in front of the witch.

"Apologize!" Willow barked.

Swallowing her fear, Dawn stubbornly shook her head. She knew that she was
wrong saying those things to Willow, but she felt too damn angry to admit
it. Besides, apologizing just isn't her style.

"I said apologize!" Willow bit out again.

Taking a deep breath, Dawn spit into the witch's face. Instantly regretting
her actions, she stared at the bit of spittle dripping down the redhead's
anger-flushed face.

Bringing her hand to her face, Willow wiped off Dawn's saliva and glared at
it. When her eyes turned back to Dawn they were pitch black again.

"Thank you," Willow said with a twisted smile on her face.

Before she could respond, Dawn suddenly felt her clothes being ripped off
her by invisible hands. Horrified, she stared down at her exposed body: she
was completely naked except for her shoes and a very small pair of panties.

"My! Aren't you a naughty girl, Dawnie," Willow exclaimed with delight.
"Lousy timing for not wearing a bra... or good timing... depends on your
point of view I guess." The witch giggled when she saw the teen's cheeks
turn red. "And is that one of Buffy's thongs you're wearing?"

"Fuck you, you twisted bitch!" a red-faced Dawn called out. "Buffy's REALLY
gonna kick your ass for THIS!"

"Hmmm, I don't think so," Willow said with a secretive little smile on her
lips. "In any case, YOUR ass will be the first to receive some well-deserved

The teen's eyes grew big and she quickly brought her hands around to her
scantly-clad bottom. "You can't be serious! Buffy's gonna--"

"Oh, put a sock in it, you little whiner!" Willow cut in. "Buffy this -
Buffy that - don't you EVER have something to say that doesn't somehow
involve Buffy?!"

"I SO talk about other stuff," Dawn said insulted. "Just ask Buf--"

The teen abruptly fell silent and glared sullenly at the smirking witch.

Now that she finally had some peace and quiet, Willow concentrated and
mumbled a couple of words in Latin. As she finished her incantation, a
straight-backed wooden chair with no armrests appeared.

With a satisfied smile, the hacker sat down and beckoned Dawn closer. "Now
lay yourself across my lap, brat. It's time for a good, old-fashioned,
bare-bottomed spanking."

"NO FREAKING WAY!!!" Dawn defiantly called out.

Willow narrowed her eyes and shot the insolent teen a menacing glare. "If I
have to make you, and you know I can, then I'm gonna use a strap on your
naughty little ass - your choice, Dawnie."

The young brunette gnawed on her bottom lip while quickly assessing her
options - which seemed to be few. Even without her magic, Willow could
probably easily overpower her. And there's no one around to help her
against the mentally derailed witch. Calling for help isn't really an
option either, because in Sunnydale that usually tends to attract unwanted
attention from vampires, or other inhabitants of the town's supernatural

Resigned, she stepped forward and draped herself across the redhead's lap.

"That's a good girl," Willow purred while staring down at Dawn's invitingly
uplifted bare butt-cheeks, separated by the thin material of the black
thong she's wearing.

After a full minute of gazing down at the teenager's perfect ass, Willow
raised her right hand - ready to give lil' Dawnie a taste of what happens
when you piss off an angry Wicca - when she happened to glance at the young
teen's face, and noticed the gash on her cheek that the demon's claw had
left behind. It was still bleeding a little.

She hesitated for a moment before lowering her hand again. "Sit up for a
moment, Dawn," she said while patting the teen's tush, "and I'll do something
about that cut on your cheek."

Dawn gazed back across her shoulder, obviously surprised at this unexpected
bit of compassion from her out-of-control -former- friend.

Somewhat hesitant, she sat up and straddled Willow's lap while facing her.
A blush crept across her cheeks as she became aware how sexual this new
position was.

Sure, lying draped across the lesbian witch's lap - almost completely naked
- could be considered pretty sexual as well... but now she's suddenly facing
Willow - her bare boobs practically pressing against the redhead's chest and
her bare butt supported by the hacker's warm hand.

Her blush grew brighter when she noticed Willow staring down at her exposed
breasts - the cool air in the alley made her pink nipples stand up at
attention, which didn't go unnoticed by Willow, judging from the look of
lust in the redhead's eyes.

'Wow... Willow really wants me - in, like, a SEXUAL way,' Dawn thought
amazed. She had gotten used to being seen by all the Scoobies as "Buffy's
little sister" - a non-sexual entity that needed to be protected against
the big, bad world - and no amount of tight, sexy clothing to show off her
budding teenaged body ever seemed to change that.

But now Willow's looking at her in a way that left little doubt to what the
redhead's thinking.

Willow wanted her - BADLY.

She felt both scared and exited by this latest revelation.

After taking her sweet time to inspect Dawnie's ample-sized titties (making
sure this lovely image would be forever burned into her memory) Willow lifted
her right hand to the teenager's damaged cheek and began casting the "healing
touch" spell.

Willow frowned when she noticed how much effort it took to heal such a
shallow wound. Even though white magic was never her forte, she should be
able to pull off a simple spell like this with ease. It suddenly occurred
to her that Tara would've had little difficulty healing Dawnie's cut. This
thought made her frown deepen. For some reason, the blonde witch has always
been much better at these kinda spells, even though Willow's without a
doubt the most powerful witch.

Putting all distractions out of her mind, Willow concentrated fully on
healing the cut... She sighed in relief when the wound at long last closed,
making lil' Dawnie's cheek look as good as new.

'Finally! It's about freakin' time!'

She softly stroked her fingers across Dawn's unblemished cheek and shot the
teenager a wicked smile. 'And now comes the really good part...'

"Time for your punishment, Dawnie," she cheerfully announced.

Dawn's face fell. The tentative hope that had risen inside her while Willow
healed the cut on her face was instantly squashed by the witch's words.

"Listen, Willow," she said imploringly, "can't we just forget about

Her words were halted by the hacker's index finger pressing softly against
her lips.

"Hush, Dawnie," Willow cut in. "It's a little too late for excuses now...
Besides, you've been getting away with murder for more then a year now, so
it's high time you receive a bit of discipline."

A guilty expression crossed Dawn's face as she thought back about the lousy
way she treated her mom and Buffy after she found out that some monks made
up her entire past and she wasn't actually related to her sister and mother.

Suddenly unable to meet Willow's eyes, she stared down. And when the hacker
then ordered her to "assume the position" she laid herself across the
redhead's lap without any protest.

Moments later, she felt Willow's hand stroking her backside.

"That's a good girl," the witch purred. "Now tell me, Dawnie... when your
mom spanked you... did she bare your little butt first, or spank you on top
of your panties?"

Dawn felt her face burn at this unexpected and very embarrassing question.
"H-how did you know...?"

"That your mommy spanked you?" Willow finished with a smirk. "Buffy once
confided in me during a sleepover that whenever she gets really outta line
- like going out while being grounded - Joyce would treat her to a bare
bottom spanking. And I figured that the same would probably apply to you."

Dawn suddenly found herself thinking back to the last bare bottomed spanking
she received, which happened long before both mom and Buffy died. Before the
whole "key" thing, when she still thought of herself as a normal teenaged
girl - or at least as normal as anyone who lives in Sunnydale and has a
sister who's a Slayer, could be.

She'd been caught reading her sister's diary. Buffy had been thoroughly
pissed off, and it was only a matter of seconds before the blonde's angry
shouts brought their mother running into the room.

~ ~ ~

"What's going on here?!"

"I caught the little twerp reading my diary AGAIN," Buffy called out
exasperated while waving her diary in the air as evidence of my heinous

"Don't call your sister names, Buffy," Mom absently said before turning her
attention to me. "Is this true, Dawnie?"

Lowering my eyes, I nodded shamefully.

"Right! That's it." I could hear from mom's tone of voice that she's really
ticked off at me. "I've told you numerous times NOT to touch your sister's
stuff, which is a pretty reasonable request - you wouldn't like it if Buffy
went through YOUR things, now would you?"

I wasn't sure if that's rhetorically or not, so I shook my head no just to
be sure.

"But that hasn't stopped you from repeatedly sneaking into Buffy's room,
reading her diary and invading her privacy," mom went on. "Since you're
unwilling to listen to reason, I guess stronger measures are called for..."

At this point, I could pretty much guess what her next words were gonna be
so I braced myself.

"I'm afraid you're in for a very thorough, bare-bottomed spanking, Dawnie."


Mom gave my annoyingly triumphant sister a disapproving look, "Pipe down,
Buffy." then turned her attention back to me. "Dawn, please remove all your
clothes in preparation for your punishment."

Despite having expected this, I shivered slightly and felt a familiar tingle
rise up in my lower tummy. Almost unconsciously, my hands drifted to my
backside to cover mom's soon-to-be target.

Glancing up, I noticed both mom and Buffy staring at me. Mom had a slight
smile on her lips and Buffy a full-fledged smirk. Big sis was really enjoying

Pulling myself together, I turned my eyes to mom. "Should I go to my room
or yours," I softly questioned.

Mom cocked an eyebrow. "Neither, I want you to strip here. Since you won't
respect Buffy's privacy, there's no reason she should respect yours."

My eyes grew big. "But Mo-o-om!!"

"No buts, Dawnie. I think having Buffy watch your spanking will be a good
lesson for you."

Buffy's smirk grew even bigger, and after checking to see if mom's watching
her, she quickly stuck out her tongue at me.

After shooting a nasty glare at Buffy, I turned to mom and gave her my most
sorrowful puppy-dog-eyed look - something which hardly ever failed to break
her resolve and get me some leniency.

Not this time, though... Mom just narrowed her eyes and issued me a stern

"Off with those clothes, Dawnie."

*sigh* "Yes, mommy."

Pouting at my misfortune (why the hell did Buffy come home early instead of
spending the entire day at Willow's, like she's supposed to), I kicked off
my shoes and undid the buttons on my jeans. Glancing up, I noticed both mom
and Buffy watching me intently. Taking a deep breath, I pushed down my jeans
and pulled them off, leaving me standing there in the middle of the room
wearing only my socks, a cute pink sweater that left most of my belly bare,
and my favourite pair of panties, which were actually kinda small for me
(but because I liked them so much, I kept on wearing them).

When Buffy caught sight of my panties she started to giggle. Scowling at
the bottle-blonde menace, I hurriedly put my hands in front of my panties.
They're white with a cute little fluffy kitten on the front. But because
the panties were too small, some of the cloth was pulled into my butt crack
and pussy slit - so part of the pussy was actually IN my pussy. Guess Buffy
found that very amusing... great sense of humour, my sister.

I stood there with my hands covering my panties for almost an entire minute
before mom told me to "drop 'em and take 'em off".

Biting my bottom lip, I looked at Buffy (who looked like she's having the
time of her life) and then tried another pleading look at mom. "Oh, mom,
can't I just for once--"

"No." Mom wasted little time dashing my hopes at being allowed to keep the
tiny bit of protection and modesty that my panties provided. "I'm sorry,
sweetie. But all spankings are received in the nude - that's part of the

Gulping nervously, I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my panties and
slowly drew them down, exposing my hairless slit to my mother and sister's
eyes. I could just *feel* their eyes on me... Having to let them see my
bald little pussy, felt apart from humiliating also a bit exciting.

Feeling a sudden burst of courage, I stepped out of my panties and let them
fall to the floor. Straightening up, I quickly pulled off my sweater, baring
my braless breasts.

I noticed my loving family was watching my disrobing with great interest,
their stares surreptitiously moving across my naked body.

Oh, well... I didn't really mind their looks. Despite some awkwardness I
felt at standing completely naked in front of my mother and big sister, it
also gave me this... fluttery feeling in my lower tummy that felt really

Besides, I LOVE being the centre of attention. So I decided to really give
them something to look at...

Smiling sweetly, I planted my feet a good distance apart, arched my back,
and casually rested my hands on my hips. I saw their eyes grow big as they
took in my naked pose. They looked so stunned that I almost started laughing.

I suddenly noticed that I wasn't actually *completely* naked... I was still
wearing my little white socks.

"Is this okay, mommy, or should I take off my socks as well?"

"No, this is fine, sweetie," mom absently said.

"Aren't you going to spank me, mommy?" I innocently asked when nothing
happened for several long minutes.

Mom blinked a couple of times and then seemed to collect herself.

"Uh... yes..." Pulling out Buffy's desk chair, she sat down. "Come here,
Dawnie," she told me while patting her lap, "and assume the position."

Walking over to her, I took another deep breath and lay down across her lap,
shifting back and forth until I was comfortable (or at least as comfortable
as I can be when I'm about to get a spanking). Glancing back across my
shoulder, I saw Buffy staring at my bare behind. Since my butt was pointing
practically straight at her, she had a first-class view of my upcoming
spanking. Seeing my look, she shot me a smug little grin.

Yeah, it's obvious that she's thoroughly enjoying this.

Buffy can be sooo infuriating... Well, just wait until it's HER turn again
for a naked over-the-knee session with mom, then it'll be MY turn to gloat.


Mom's hand landing on my bare bottom made me forget all about Buffy, and the
ensuing spanking ensured that I wouldn't be thinking about anything much for
the next 5-10 minutes.

By the time mom was finished with me, my buttocks were practically glowing.
Wow... when mom told me she's gonna give me a "very thorough, bare-bottomed
spanking", she wasn't kidding around!

Even though my spanking was over, I stayed across mom's lap while her hand
tenderly stroked my painful backside and she comforted me. Mom's gentle
ministrations quickly put an end to my sniffling and made me feel a whole
lot better. I suppose I could've gotten up, but I was enjoying her tender
touch too much to be in any great hurry to leave her lap, so I remained in
position until mom eventually ended our "session" by sitting me up on her

"Feeling better now, sweetie?" she questioned with a smile.

"Yes, mommy," I answered demurely.

"Good, because you punishment isn't over yet."

"What?!" I heard myself squeak.

Mom looked down at me with a sympathetic, yet unyielding expression on her
face. "Sorry, honey, but it's Buffy who's privacy has been invaded, and I
think she's entitled to some retribution."

"You don't mean..."

Turning my head, I could see Buffy's eyes lit up at mom's words. She right
away sat up on the bed and planted her feet on the floor. A big grin appeared
on her face as she pointed at me and then patted her lap.

"Another spanking," mom finished, "only this time from Buffy."

"But mo-o-om!! That isn't fair!"

"I believe it is."

"But my butt is already hurting like hell!" I protested.

"No cussing, Dawnie," mom scolded me, "and another spanking won't kill you."

"A spanking from Buffy will! Like, Slayer-strength, remember?"

"Buffy knows not to really hurt you, Dawn. You sister loves you, despite all
your many arguments."

I opened my mouth to say something, but not really knowing what to say I
closed it again, and then turned to look at Buffy. She was smiling at me, but
it wasn't that annoying smug little smile from before... This smile was more
kind, and... loving.

Suddenly, I felt ashamed at having snooped around in Buffy's stuff and
reading her diary.

I stared down at the floor for a long moment. When I looked up again, I'd
made up my mind: I was going to take my just punishment without any further
arguments. Getting to my feet, I walked over to Buffy and - without any
hesitation - lay down across her lap, making sure that my bottom was
positioned at just the right angle to present the perfect target for Buffy's

Breathlessly, I waited for the first spank to come crashing down on my sore
butt. Nothing happened, though, and I looked back across my shoulder to see
what's keeping her.

I was surprised to see Buffy staring down at my red backside, looking kinda
hesitant. Weird, I woulda thought that she'd jump at the chance to wallop my

Just when you think you know someone...

Well, it is kinda cute that she's uncertain about spanking me. I'd like to
think that I would act the same if our roles were reversed... But let's be
honest here: if it really would've been the other way around then my hand
would be getting sore right now from spanking Buffy's behind.

Maybe she needs a little incentive, to let her know that I don't mind
another spanking.

"I've been a bad girl, Buffy," I meekly told her. "I shouldn't have read your
diary and I deserve to be punished, I know that now... Please give me a good,
hard spanking to teach me to be good girl from now on."

Buffy looked surprised at first, but then grinned and gave me a little wink.
"Okay, Dawnie... here goes."


Willow's hand landing on Dawn's backside interrupted her daydreaming.

"Still waiting here, Dawnie... Did Joyce spank your bare butt, or did she
let you keep your panties on?"

Suspecting that the witch already knew the answer, Dawn didn't bother to
lie. "Mom always made me get naked for a spanking."

A satisfied grin crossed Willow's lips. "Then I guess we should honour that

Grabbing the waistline of Dawnie's thong, she yanked the flimsy fabric down
the teenager's long legs and then completely off, before throwing it to the
other side of the alley.

"Hey!! That was totally uncalled for!" Dawn protested. "It's not like that
thong provided any protection for my butt."

"Sorry, sweetie," Willow smirked while gazing down at the totally nude
teenager draped across her lap, "but rules are rules."

Dawn muttered something under her breath that sounded a lot like "bitch".

"What's that, Dawnie?"

"Oh, nothing."

Willow decided to ignore Dawn's whispering and instead focussed her attention
on the brunette's unblemished, and very inviting-looking, butt. Licking her
lips, she slowly lowered her hand to a round, alabaster cheek and stroked the
firm, yet supple flesh.

"Ready for your spanking, Dawnie?" she inquired after taking a minute to
fully explore her target.

"I guess so," the surly teenager mumbled.

SMACKK!!!! "Ouch!!"

"I didn't quite catch that, Dawnie."

"Um... I said: yes, ma'am."

"That's better," Willow grinned. "Now let's give your cute little bottom a
good warming up."

SMACK!! ... SMACK!!! ... SMACK!! SMACK!! ... SMACK!!! ... SMACK!!! ...


SMACK!! SMACK!! ... SMACK!!! SMACK!!! ... SMACK!! SMACK!! ... SMACKK!!!!
... SMACK!!! SMACK!!! ... SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! ... SMACKK!!!!


Lucky for Dawn, Willow's earlier anger towards her had mostly dissipated by
now, and been replaced with feelings of lust once the teenager was stripped
naked. So instead of getting the severe punishment that Willow initially
came up with, she got a relatively mild spanking instead.


Of course this didn't mean that Willow was doing a second-rate job in
spanking her - the redheaded witch was definitely a zealous spanker.

SMACK!!! SMACK! SMACK!!! ... SMACK!! SMACK!! ... SMACK!!! ... SMACK!!! ...
SMACK! ... SMACK!! ... SMACK!!! SMACK!!! ... SMACK! SMACKK!!!!



"This is something that your sister should have done ages ago, you little


'Actually, she pretty much did...'

~ ~ ~


"Oww!! Oh!! Owwww!!!!"

I felt my buttocks clench while I waited for the next spank to fall, but my
punishment finally seemed to be over.

Despite having asked for - and wanting - this spanking, a sigh of relief
escaped my lips.

I know Buffy took it easy on me, but "easy" for her is still pretty hard
for us ordinary mortals... and, combined with the spanking that mom already
gave me, my butt felt like it was on fire.

Another sigh escaped me when I felt Buffy's hand gently touching my backside.

"You've taken your punishment well, Dawnie," she told me while stroking my
painful buttocks. "I'm proud of you."

"So am I, honey," mom said.

I felt a surge of pride at their words. "T-Thanks," I shyly responded, still
sniffling a little as I climbed off Buffy's lap. "I'm s-sorry for b-being
such a brat."

"Hey! Remember, once you've been punished, all's forgiven, Dawn," mom
reminded me with a gentle smile.

"Thanks, mommy," I said relieved.

Turning to Buffy, I gave her a tentative smile. "Are YOU still angry with me,

"Of course not, Dawnie."

Smiling brightly, my big sister pulled me in for a hug which I cheerfully

"See, everything's okay now, sweetie," mom told me as she got up and
walked over to us. "Your punishment is over, and I'm sure you've learned
an important lesson about respecting other people's privacy."

"Oh, you can count on that, mom."

The moment Buffy and I ended our embrace, we both turned to mom and held out
our arms. She laughed and drew us both in for a group hug.

Mmmm, I love these moments so much that it's almost worth not being able to
sit for a while.

"So... how about we all go downstairs and I'll make us my patented
triple-chocolate mommy-milkshake," mom suggested.

Buffy and I both loved that idea. Mom simply makes the best milkshakes.

Releasing the hug (much too soon to my taste), mom stepped back and started
picking up my discarded clothes from the floor.

Looking at me with a gleam in her eyes, she asked, "I take it you're not in
the mood to be wearing pants right now, Dawnie?"

I instinctively rubbed my sore bottom. "Um... pants - or even panties - would
be a big NO-NO at this point."

Mom and Buffy both grinned.

"Buffy, why don't you check your closet for a nightie or a long shirt that
Dawnie can wear downstairs. I'll go put these in the dirty clothes hamper."

"Sure, mom," Buffy readily responded. She winked at me and then stepped to
her closet to find me something to wear.

I, meanwhile, decided to use Buffy's full length bedroom mirror to inspect
the damage done to my hindquarters. Bending over with my ass pointing at the
mirror, I twisted my head sideways trying to get a good look.

I gasped out loud when I noticed that my entire butt was a bright red - it
practically seemed to glow!

Mom choose that exact moment to walk back into the room and started giggling
when she saw what I was doing. Buffy turned around to see what's going on and
started laughing as well.

I ignored their snickering and wiggled my backside back and forth while
craning my neck to try and see every angle of my poor punished posterior.

"Wow... you really let me have it, Sis," I grunted while stroking my tender
tush. "My butt looks like I won't be able to sit down for an entire week."

"Well, I can't take *all* the credit," Buffy smiled. "Mom did a bang-up job
at laying the groundwork."

They both giggled again, and after a moment I joined in.

Okay, so maybe it is kinda funny (though it's probably a lot funnier from
*their* end of things, cause *my* end was still feeling kinda sore).

"Here, sweetie, I brought you some lotion," mom said while handing me a small
bottle. "Rubbing some of this on your bottom should help sooth the pain."

"Thanks, mommy," I chirped.

Looking at the lotion bottle, and then at mom, a better idea suddenly
occurred to me. "Could you put it on for me please?"

Mom cocked an eyebrow at my request, and then gave me this kinda inquisitive
look. I gazed back at her with an expression of wide-eyed innocence on my
face (it had taken a LOT of hours practicing before the mirror till I got
that look down right!).

After about five seconds of staring at each other, mom started to smile and
finally shrugged. "Sure, honey. If you like me to do it for you then I will."

She took the lotion back from me, sat down on Buffy's bed, and invitingly
patted her lap. "Okay... Assume the position *again* Dawnie," she grinned.

I grinned back and quickly lay myself across her lap - this time feeling a
lot less apprehensive then before. Buffy, meanwhile, finally seemed to have
picked out something for me to wear; she sat down beside us, watching with
an amused look on her face as mom squirted a generous amount of lotion on
each of my buttocks.

The soothing sensation of mom's soft hand rubbing the cool lotion all over
my bruised behind, made me moan with delight.

"Ohhhhh! That feels soooo good."

"Sound like she likes it, mom," Buffy giggled.

"Well, so do you, sweetie," Mom snickered. "I recall you being pretty vocal
yourself whenever I rubbed lotion on *your* freshly-spanked butt."

Buffy feebly protested that she was nowhere near as loud as me. I basically
stopped listening at that point, focussing solely on the warm, comforting
feeling of safety and belonging I felt while lying naked across my mommy's
lap as she gently tended to my sore buttocks.

"Dawnie! Wake up, sweetie."

Opening my eyes, I blinked a couple of times as my eyes got used to the
bright light in Buffy's room. Whoa! I must have drifted off... Feeling a
bit dizzy and disoriented from sleep, I raised my head and sat up. Mom and
Buffy were both smiling at me.

"You've been across my lap for almost half an hour, honey," mom told me. "I
need to get started on dinner soon, so if you still want that chocolate shake
then we need to make them now."

"'kay, mommy," I yawned.

Somewhat reluctantly, I climbed off mom's lap and Buffy handed me a t-shirt.
Looking it over, it seemed a little small to me - definitely not one of those
huge shirts that Buffy sometimes sleeps in. When I put it on, I noticed that
it barely covered my bottom and my pussy. And I felt pretty sure that when I
walk around in this - or sit down - I'll be flashing my bald slit to whoever
is around.

Mom was thinking the exact same thing, judging from her frown. "Is that the
best you could do, Buffy?" she sceptically asked, giving my sis a suspicious
look. "This doesn't cover a whole lot, and it's also see-through!" Mom
pointed at my tits. "Look, you can clearly see Dawnie's nipples."

"Really?" Buffy squinted her eyes a bit and got closer until her face was
only inches away from my chest. "Oh, right. Now I see! Gosh, I hadn't noticed
that before," she told mom, looking like the very model of innocence. "Well,
I suppose I could look for something else, though most of my shirts are in
the laundry, but is it really such a big deal that Dawnie's "outfit" is a bit
revealing?" Buffy questioned while giving my shirt a little tug. "I mean,
it's not like we're expecting company, and *we* have already seen Dawnie

"I suppose..." mom hesitantly said. "Are you okay with this, Dawn, or do you
prefer to put something else on?"

"It's fine by me," I said, looking down at the t-shirt and shrugging. "I
don't really mind."

I was actually kinda enjoying myself. It felt naughty and exciting - walking
around in a small t-shirt with my privates on display. It reminded me of the
few times that I dared myself to walk naked through the house. Of course,
I'd been alone then, so this was a lot more daring... and exciting!

But I wasn't about to tell my mom and my sister this - instead I pretended
like it was too much of a bother to change.

So wearing only the too small t-shirt that Buffy picked out for me, I
followed mom out of Buffy's bedroom, downstairs, and to the kitchen - with
my smirking big sister walking close behind me. I felt pretty certain that
Buffy picked out this too small see-through shirt on purpose, and my
suspicions were confirmed while heading down the stairs. I suddenly felt a
slight draft on my back, and when I turned my head I saw that Buffy's index
finger was holding up the back of my t-shirt, exposing my bare butt!

I shot her a glare and quickly pulled my shirt down to cover myself. Buffy
just giggled and shot me a wink. Then, after having checked if mom's watching
her, whispered "Nice ass, little sis," into my ear, making me blush. Despite
being embarrassed (and being bare-assed), I was secretly thrilled by my
beautiful sister's compliment - no matter how improper it seemed.

Most of the evening was filled with these kinda part-playful, part-sexual
little moments between Buffy and me. She was constantly coming up with new
ways to make me expose myself. Like she suddenly felt the need to start
fixing things around the house; these being the kinda chores that she'd
spent the entire year ignoring, and which all needed someone - namely me! -
to assist her by holding something up (for which I had to stretch, lifting
the hem of my shirt all the way up my belly). Buffy even managed to find a
few chores for which I had to bend over, or crawl around on the floor
(Oops! I accidentally tipped over the box with screws... you won't mind
getting down and collecting them for me, would you, Dawnie?).

But I enjoyed showing off my body, and especially all the attention I was
getting from my big sister, so I simply played along: obediently performing
all the tasks that she gave me while pretending to be totally oblivious of
how exposing (and sometimes downright pornographic) the poses were that
Buffy put me in.

To my surprise it appeared that even Buffy's imagination is limited when
it comes to finding chores which she can use to put me into pussy and ass
flashing poses. Unable to think of anything else, we eventually ended up
watching TV together.

For once, I wasn't really interested in TV. Flashing my bare butt and pussy
at my sister got me pretty hot, and I was eager to continue our little game.

Luckily, TV showed me the way... an airing of WrestleMania helped me recall
that we play-wrestled a lot when we were younger. And this seemed like the
perfect time to revive that tradition.

I quickly came up with a plan to get things started, and a quick sideway
glance confirmed that Buffy was totally unsuspecting. Shouting
"WRESTLEMANIA!!!" I dived on top of her and started tickling her all over.

Buffy let out a surprised squeal and fell on the floor with me on top of
her. Next thing I know, we're both rolling around on the thick plush carpet
in front of the couch and Buffy starts tickling me back. I tried putting up
a brave fight, using my extensive knowledge of my big sister's most ticklish
spots, but didn't really stand a chance against Buffy's superior strength
and speed. In less than a minute, she had me pinned beneath her and skilfully
tickled my naked body. This had me trashing wildly on the carpet, laughing
hysterically while trying to swat her hands away (with little success 'cause
she moves lighting fast). At that point, cheating seemed like the thing to
do, so I drew my legs up and tried to push her away with my feet. Bad move.
After my first attempt, Buffy simply tickled my feet and swatted my bare ass
whenever I raised my legs.

Then, suddenly, I found myself upside down, legs flailing in the air, making
a spectacle of myself while Buffy beat a steady tattoo on my butt.

SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!!! "Ouch!" SMACK!! SMACK!!! SMACK!!!! "Owww!!"

Okay, so this was getting to be a bit more then I'd bargained for.

Time for plan B: calling my mommy for help. Surprisingly, mom hadn't said a
single word so far about our impromptu re-enactment of WrestleMania - just
like she hadn't commented on the whole "Home-Improvement for Exhibitionists"
thing we did earlier. Instead, she'd calmly picked up the fallen remote and
started flipping through channels.

"Mo-o-om!!!" I whined loudly to get her attention. "Buffy's spanking my ass
again! Tell her to stop it."

"Uh-uh, I'm not getting involved," she replied, and then briefly turned her
attention away from the artsy program she's watching to shoot me a stern
look. "Besides, *you* started this, Dawnie."

My eyes turned big and darted back and forth between mom and Buffy, who got
this big grin on her face after hearing mom's words, which basically meant
that I was at her mercy.

"Uh... Buffy?" I squeaked. And that's about as far as I got before my
sister, using a quick and sneaky move, pulled my t-shirt up over my head,
simultaneously blocking my view and causing my arms to become entangled.
Not only was I now completely helpless, but as an added bonus my titties
were now on full display together with my pussy and ass. I felt my nipples
stiffening as the air-conditioned air blew over them. Unable to see
anything, I breathlessly waited for Buffy's next move.

I didn't have to wait long: First, I heard my sister's distinctive giggle,
and right after that I felt her fingers tickle my titties. I loudly expelled
the breath I was holding but remained still otherwise as her exploring digits
played across my stiff nipples. Wow! I know Buffy can be pretty daring, but
this? I can't believe she's actually playing with my tits right in front of
mom! This is all soooo kinky. I certainly didn't see this coming when I got
up this morning.

And speaking of "coming"... Buffy's fingers were having a strong - and very
embarrassing - effect on me. My little pink nipples became rock-hard and my
bald pussy went from being a little moist to soaking wet. And I was pretty
sure that with the revealing position I'm in, my aroused state was clearly
visible to my mother and sister.

My face turned beet red beneath my shirt as I pictured Buffy and mom staring
straight at my open & aroused cunt... I squirmed in embarrassment, but at the
same time, this mental image turned me on even more.

Buffy giggled again and gave my hard nipples a couple of quick pinches before
turning her attention back to my nether regions. She spanked my ass a bit
more, occasionally pausing to rub my red globes. During these rubbings, her
fingers sometimes drifted to my pussy where they - oh so innocently - brushed
across my swollen labia-lips and painfully hard clit, making me shudder with

Dizzy with lust, I'd stopped struggling by now, making no further effort to
cover my exposed boobs or hide my aroused pussy from my family members.
Instead, I obediently kept my legs spread wide-apart and allowed Buffy to
touch me everywhere and place me into any position she wanted. I could hear
from my sister's heavy breathing that she's as aroused as I am.

Even though I couldn't see, I knew mom must still be in the room watching
us, but this didn't seem to stop Buffy, or even caused her to hold back. If
anything, it seemed that mom's presence edged her on, made her more daring.
Like, she put me through a series of provocative poses, all designed to show
off my naked charms to the fullest, and none of this brought a single word
of disapproval from mom. Not even when she'd openly copped a feel.

Buffy's exploring fingers brought me to the brink of orgasm and held me
there for what seemed like forever. When my big sister finally decided to
make me cum, she made a real show out of it. First, she lifted me to my feet
and turned me around so I was facing away from where mom was sitting. With
my shirt still holding my arms and covering my head, she made me bend down
and spread my legs at the same time until my forearms were resting flat on
the floor, which put me in this kinda half-standing/half-kneeling position
with my legs spread as far apart as they could go and my bare ass pointing
straight at the ceiling.

Even after all the depraved things we'd already done together in mom's
presence, I was still kinda shocked when Buffy put her hands on my ass and
pulled my buttocks apart, fully exposing both my asshole and pussy to their
eyes. I could just picture Buffy shooting mom a cheeky grin while holding
my ass open. The thought of both of them staring right into my two most
intimate places sends a surge of lust to my exposed pussy that practically
turned my legs to jelly. Using her catlike reflexes, Buffy put an arm around
my waist, keeping me upright. She giggled again and swatted my ass a couple
of times, not using much force but hard enough to sting, and followed up
with a gentle petting of my red butt-cheeks. Then it happened... her hand
slowly slid lower until her fingers were suddenly stroking my soaked pussy.

I came the moment she touched me there, which I'm sure didn't go unnoticed
with all the loud moaning and shaking I did... Buffy didn't even pause, she
just kept on stroking my dripping slot, and within moments I reached another
orgasm. Her fingers sliding inside my slit and finger-fucking me made me cum
again less then a minute later. Then her other hand started playing with my
clit and I came so many times I lost count...

The way Buffy made me feel was way beyond anything I'd ever experienced
before - this was so much better then my own clumsy masturbation efforts
that it couldn't even compare.

When I came to my senses, the first thing I noticed was that my arms were no
longer entangled in my t-shirt, mainly 'cause the shirt was entirely gone.
Buffy must have pulled it off me, or maybe I took it off myself. Anyhow, I
was once again naked, and the t-shirt was nowhere in sight. The second thing
I noticed was that I was sitting comfortably on Buffy's lap with her arms
around me.

Mom was sitting beside us and smiled when she saw that I was once again aware
of my surroundings.

"How are you feeling, sweetie?"

"Pretty great, mom," I giggled, feeling giddy from the buzz leftover from my
multiple orgasms.

"Yeah, that doesn't surprise me," Buffy noted while petting my hair. "It WAS
great. You should've seen yourself, Dawnie: humping your naked ass in the air
while screaming, "Fuck me, Buffy! Fuck me!" before coming so hard that you
squirted your juices all over my hand."

"I didn't do that!" I replied red-faced.

"Did too," Buffy snickered.

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!!"


"Buffy, stop teasing Dawn," Mom interrupted our bickering.

"Sorry, mom," Buffy said.

"I didn't mean to make you self-conscious, squirt," she told me, looking
contrite, "I actually loved how you got all passionate and vocal..."

Buffy planted a tiny kiss on my nose and gazed into my eyes. "Just tell me
how I can make it up to you, squirt."

"You could start by not calling me squirt," I replied, shooting back a dirty

"Oops, sorry," she said, smiling sheepishly. "Anything else I can do to make
you feel better, Dawnie?"

"Well... I can think of a couple of things..." I said in a meaningful voice
while smiling slyly.

"Got it!" Buffy grinned while cupping my breasts in her hands and lightly
squeezing them. "Let me show you exactly how sorry I am..."

Mom rolled her eyes and got up. "I think I can see where this is going...
I'll just mosey on to the kitchen and get me a bucket of cold water."

Buffy and I both giggled as mom left.

The remainder of the evening was spend lounging on Buffy's lap watching
TV... Being safely snuggled in my sibling's strong arms gave me this soothing
feeling of wellbeing and closeness to my big sister.

Afterwards I couldn't really recall what we watched, since I spend the entire
time in a continual state of bliss. Kept that way by Buffy's talented fingers
stroking my nude form while we watched TV. It felt so deliciously wicked,
sitting totally naked on my sister's lap with my legs spread wide, granting
her full access to my pussy and tits. That we were doing this in the living
room, with our mother watching us a lot of the time, made it even better.

Apart from being incredibly aroused, I also felt wonderfully safe and
sheltered and I fell asleep on Buffy's lap. The next morning when I woke
up, I was in my bed, and if I hadn't been naked then I probably would've
considered last night nothing more than a dream - a strange, intense
erotic dream - since Mom and Buffy both acted like nothing was out of the
ordinary. In fact, apart from the several spanking-related "jokes" Buffy
cracked at my expense, nobody said *anything* about that day. And in the
days that followed, Buffy didn't even try to see me naked or feel me up.

This all made me wonder if I hadn't imagined the whole thing... I didn't
really feel like asking Buffy if she'd played with my pussy lately. That
seemed a tad awkward - especially if I DID imagine it. So, instead, I
followed my family's example and pretended nothing happened (that always
works well in Sunnydale) ... and who knows, maybe nothing did. As months
went by I hardly thought about it anymore, except when I was lying in my
bed, playing with myself, then sometimes I'd close my eyes and pretend that
it's Buffy who's touching me.

Basically, the only major thing that changed after "double-spanking Dawn day"
was mom's new policy that Buffy's allowed to spank me whenever she feels I
deserved it. And my sister, of course, took full advantage of this new rule:
I spend a lot of time lying naked across Buffy's lap, getting my ass tanned
by her. I wouldn't have minded so much, if only she would've fingered me to
an orgasm afterwards, but unfortunately she never did.

Dawn was so caught up in thinking about the spankings she received from Buffy
that she only gradually became aware that her current spanking had stopped.
The next thing she noticed is that her little trip down memory lane combined
with the real life, buck-naked spanking Willow had just given her, had made
her incredibly horny. Still feeling somewhat dazed, she absently wondered if
Willow had spotted the telltale signs of moisture that were coating her
nether lips. 'As a practising lesbian, Willow must have some skill when it
comes to detecting these kinda things.'

A moment later, Dawn felt the witch's right hand make renewed contact with
her punished posterior and tentatively stroke her burning buttocks. A soft
moan escaped her lips and she squirmed with arousal.

'Mmmm! I think this means her gaydar finally picked up on something.'

Dawn breathlessly waited for Willow's hand to reach the hot and needy spot
between her legs, but every time the hacker's fingers neared that special
place they quickly moved away again.

Tired of waiting, the teenager slowly moved her legs apart until she was
certain that Willow's getting a good eyeful of her wet and aroused slit.
Then, with a catlike smile, Dawn arched her back a bit - a move that
seductively raised her firm round ass.

'Okay... If this doesn't get my point across, nothing will - except perhaps
for an engraved invitation to play with my pussy.'

Dawn was saved a trip to the printers because Willow got the teen's unspoken
invitation loud and clear. For a long moment, the redheaded witch stared
spellbound at the juicy young cunt being so blatantly offered to her. Then,
shaking off her trance-like state, she smoothly slid her hand down the
brunette's round bottom to claim the ultimate price: Dawnie's sweet little

She cupped the young girl's mons and gently stroked the swollen labia-lips.
Thrilled by the wetness she encountered, Willow slid a finger in-between the
moist lips and sawed it back and forth, eliciting a moan of pleasure from
Dawn. She stared transfixed at her fingers fondling the brunette's hot box -
hardly able to believe that she's actually touching the holiest of holy - the
very thing that's always been taboo among the Scoobies - Buffy's beautiful,
little-Lolita-sister's cunt.

Licking her lips, she slowly pushed her finger inside the teen's hot hole.
A groan of lust escaped her when she felt the velvety walls of Dawnie's cunt
envelop her finger. When she pulled the single digit back out again, Willow
noticed that it was actually difficult to retract her finger from the
vacuum-like hold of Dawn's virgin hole. The teenager's incredible tightness
turned her on even more. After licking Dawnie's pussy-juices from her finger,
taking the time to savour the brunette's unique flavour, she thrust her
spit-soaked finger back inside and quickly got a steady finger-fucking rhythm
going in the teen's tight twat. Panting with lust, Willow excitedly watched
her finger slide in-and-out Dawnie's little pink hole.

'Damn! What I wouldn't give to be allowed to fuck Dawnie with Mr. Cocky
Fantastico... I'll bet that a long session with my favourite strap-on dildo
would be just what this sweet little slut needs. Just look at her... she's
dripping juices like a leaky faucet!'

With some effort, Willow inserted a second finger inside the teenager's tight
tunnel and started finger-fucking her faster while using her free hand to
fondle Dawnie's dangling tits.

"Ugh! Ugh! YES!! Fuck me, Willow!" Dawn panted breathlessly, "Give it to
me!! ... Ugh! Ugh! Oh, YEAH!!! Play with my titties and finger-fuck my virgin
cunt - HARD!! ... HARDER!!! God, YES!!! I'm cummingggggg!!!!"

While Dawnie blissfully rode out her orgasm, Willow moved her hand from the
brunette's boobs to her clit and rolled the stiff little button between her
thumb and forefinger, giving it a few light pinches.

Dawn let out a shrill shriek and came again, bucking and thrashing wildly
on the redhead's lap.

Smiling down at the loudly panting teen, Willow finger-fucked her a while
longer before pulling out and letting her hands roam freely across the
beautiful brunette's naked body. Even though -admittedly- she'd enjoyed
everything she had done tonight with Dawn: stripping her, spanking her AND
finger-fucking her, Willow knew that she'd overstepped her boundaries in a
major way. Yes, Dawnie had acted like a spoiled bitch and said some really
hurtful things - but that didn't give her the right to punish the teen,
especially not the way she'd done. She also knew that if Buffy ever found
out about this, their friendship would most likely be finished forever, and
she'd probably get a thorough ass-kicking as a goodbye present from the
fiercely protective Slayer.

Come to think of it: it would take quite a bit of effort to hide this from
Buffy, and probably also quite a bit of magic. If she couldn't convince
Dawn to keep quiet about this then she'd have to attempt another memory-erase
spell to wipe tonight's events from Dawn's mind. This worried her, since she
hadn't had a lot of luck with memory-erase spells lately. In fact, she'd only
ever done two so far, and both of them bombed - big time!

Looking down at the sweaty, naked, beautiful teenager on her lap, Willow
sighed morosely. If she does -somehow- manage to get away with this, then she
swears to herself that she'll never take advantage of Dawnie ever again - no
matter how seductive it may be to repeat this.

So, realizing that this was probably her last chance to get a feel of
Dawnie's naked charms, Willow wanted to take full advantage of this
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Reaching down, she fondled the teen's
titties again, tweaking the hard, pink nipples. After playing with Dawn's
boobs, Willow moved one hand to the brunette's butt and the other to her
pussy, and then gently started spanking Dawn's red behind while diddling
her dripping slot. It took only a few minutes of this to make her come
again for a third time.

Exhausted by her multiple orgasms, Dawn hung limply across Willow's lap.
After copping a couple of final feels, Willow let the teen rest for a while.

Once Dawn had recuperated, Willow helped the brunette sit upright on her lap
and gave her a quick once-over followed by a guilty little smile.

"So... um... how are ya feeling, Dawnie?"

Dawn looked surprised at first by Willow's timid question before it dawned
on her that the redhead was probably feeling guilty by now, as well as being
afraid of Buffy's wrath. A tiny smirk crossed her lips.

"Well, I'm not exactly sure how *I* feel, but my ass is feeling pretty sore."

Pouting adorably, the brunette reached back and rubbed her buttocks.

Willow sighed. "I'm sorry, Dawnie... I shouldn't have lost my temper, and
I... shouldn't have done... those things with you. It was wrong of me and
I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me."

"Hmm, I don't know..."

"Please, Dawnie?" Willow pleaded, "I'll promise I'll make it up to you

"You will?" Dawn questioned in an innocent tone of voice.

"Yes! Anyway I can," Willow eagerly replied.

"Good!" Dawn brightly smiled. "Cause I just thought of a way you can earn my

"Really?" Willow asked somewhat suspicious, sounding a lot less enthusiastic
then before. "How's that?"

Still smiling brightly, Dawn stood up and motioned for Willow to do the same.
She pointed at the empty chair. "Can you conjure up a very soft pillow on the

"Uh... yes?"

"Okay, then do it."

Willow shot the teen a questioning look, then shrugged. Using a simple
summoning spell she made the requested item appear on the wooden seat of
the chair.


Dawn carefully sat down and shifted around a couple of times before nodding.

"Okay, now what?" Willow asked.

"Now you drop your pants and bend over my knee," Dawn said in a commanding


"You heard me," Dawn sternly replied. "If you want me to forgive you, then
you'll do exactly what I say... and if you refuse... I'm gonna tell Buffy
what you did."

Willow grew pale and gulped. "If I do what you say," she weakly asked, "then
you're not going to tell Buffy about any of this?"

Dawn nodded and smiled. "It'll just be our little secret."

A moment of silence passed before Willow slowly nodded her head and reached
down to unbutton her pants. After giving the gleeful watching teen an
unfathomable look, she pushed the pants down to her ankles, revealing the
red-lace panties she's wearing.

"Panties as well," Dawn ordered.

Already half-expecting this order to come, Willow quickly obeyed. Hooking
her thumbs in the waistline of her panties, she drew them down her legs until
they'd joined her trousers. When she straightened, she saw Dawn staring at
her pubic hair.

"Guess this means you're a real redhead," Dawn smirked.

Willow rolled her eyes - eyes which instantly grew wide when she unexpectedly
felt a hand between her legs, stroking her bush.

"Mmmm, soft," Dawn declared while petting the redhead's pubes. "And wet," she
added after pushing a finger inside the hacker's pussy.

Willow looked down disbelievingly at the - not so innocent - teenager
casually fingering her vagina while looking like she's performing some kind
of science experiment at school.

Dawn added another finger and rhythmically moved them in-and-out while using
her thumb to softly graze the witch's hard clit.

"Yeah... VERY wet..." Dawn stated while nonchalantly finger-fucking Willow's
sopping cunt. "You're a horny little witch, aren't ya, Willow?"

Swallowing her pride, Willow nodded in agreement. "Y-yes, I am."

"And I'll bet that you'd like me to play with your dripping dyke-pussy until
you've cummed REALLY hard," Dawn questioned while shoving a third finger
inside the redhead's tight tunnel.

The witch gasped loudly. "Oh!!! Yes!"

"Mmmm... thought so..." Dawn nodded thoughtfully. "What a depraved little
slut you are, Willow... First stripping me naked, spanking me and playing
with my naked jailbait body, and now soliciting *me* - an innocent minor -
to finger-fuck your nasty cunt. Tsk! It's obvious that you totally deserve
the severe bare-butt spanking you're gonna get from me."

Willow groaned. Dawnie's combination of acting innocent and talking dirty
was without a doubt the biggest turn-on ever! She felt like she couldn't take
much more of this without exploding from pent-up arousal, and was therefore
hugely disappointed when Dawnie abruptly withdrew her hand before she could

"Noooo!!" Willow called out, practically whimpering with need. "PLEASE don't
stop now, Dawnie!"

"Hmm," Dawn innocently batted her eyelashes at the frustrated witch. "I guess
you *really* need to cum?"


"Tough," the teen smirked. "Get over my knee; it's time for your spanking."


"No buts," Dawn sternly cut her off, "except your naked butt across my lap
- NOW!!"

Giving Dawn a despondent look, Willow slowly laid herself across the
teenager's lap.

"That's a good girl," Dawn cooed while stroking the redhead's - soon to be
equally red - behind.

Willow made a wry grimace as she recognized Dawn's words to be the exact
same ones she used earlier when *she* was about to do the spanking. Her wry
expression turned to a slightly more painful one when the first spank landed
on her right butt-cheek.

SMACKK!!!! "OH!!"

SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACKK!!!! "Ouch!!"


'Damn! Lil Dawnie packs quite a wallop.'


Delighted by being the one doing the spanking for a change, Dawn really let
Willow have it. She enthusiastically smacked the hacker's behind until both
buttocks turned a bright-red and her hand began to hurt. After delivering
some of the hardest spanks she was capable of, Dawn reluctantly ended the

While listening to the quiet sobs coming from Willow, she petted the witch's
ass and studied the thorough job she'd done. The teenager felt an immense
satisfaction while inspecting her work.

'Wow, that was fun!'

It thrilled her to know that she could actually make Willow cry.

'You don't look so tough now, Ms. Wonder Wicca...'

Still staring in fascination at Willow's red butt, Dawn suddenly noticed that
the hacker had spread her legs as far as they could go with her pants still
looped around her ankles, clearly hoping that Dawn would give her aroused
pussy some much-needed attention. Dawn moved her hand halfway there before
suddenly changing her mind.

'Wait-a-freakin'-minute... Why should I reward her with an orgasm after she's
been such a bitch to me? First she makes me wait for hours in that magic
rat-hole after promising to take me to a movie. Then I get assaulted by some
damn demon that says Willow summoned him. And after that she rips my clothes
off and spanks my ass just because I yelled at her... Okay, so maybe I was a
bit harsh, but damnit! She had it coming for all that she'd put me through!'

Dawn glared down at the partially-naked witch. 'You know what: I don't care
how badly she needs to cum - let her suffer.'

Ignoring Willow's transparent hint to play with her pussy and needy
whimpering, Dawn helped the redhead to her feet.

Looking frustrated and disappointed, Willow rubbed her painful behind while
looking dejectedly at the naked brunette.

Dawn noticed that Willow wasn't in any big hurry to pull her pants (or even
her panties) up, and cover herself. She also noticed that Willow was staring
at her topless tits again and shot the redhead a tiny smile.

"You really like my titties, don't ya, Will?" she cooed seductively while
stroking her fingers across her still hard nipples.

Willow looked up surprised and actually blushed a bit.

"I noticed that you couldn't keep your hands off of them when I was lying
across your lap." Dawn casually noted while playfully cupping both her
breasts and pinching her nipples. "Oh! Mmmm!! They're very sensitive," she
added with a throaty whisper, like she was passing on a huge secret.

Momentarily unable - and unwilling - to tear her eyes away from the
teenager's tits, the hacker swallowed nervously.

"Of course, you also seemed quite fond of playing with my pussy," the
brunette thoughtfully said.

Flashing the Wicca a catlike smile, Dawn drew up her legs and planted her
feet on each side of the chair's wooden seat. With her legs spread wide like
this, Willow could look straight into the teenager's twat - something that
was made even easier when, out of the blue, Dawn reached down and pulled her
labia-lips apart, revealing the pink insides of her virgin pussy.

"So it was kinda hard to tell which you preferred," Dawn finished while
looking back and forth between her round pink-tipped boobs and her
widely-opened cunt.

Staring spellbound at young teen's lewd display, Willow hands unconsciously
drifted to her highly-aroused pussy where her fingers quickly found her
dripping hole and her rock-hard clit. Dawn noticed the witch's reaction and

"Do you think I've got a pretty pussy, Willow?" she asked with a little
girl's voice.

The redhead nodded breathlessly.

"Would you like to lick it?" Dawn went on in her normal voice while staring
into Willow's captivated green eyes, "I'll bet you would... I'll bet you'd
love to stick your tongue deep inside my virgin cunt, and lap up all my
juices like a thirsty bitch."

Without breaking eye-contact, Dawn stuck a finger inside her pink pussy-hole
and started to finger herself.

"I'm still a virgin, you know," Dawn declared in a slightly breathless voice,
"Never been fucked before."

With a loud groan, Willow stuffed three fingers in her twat and started
frantically finger-fucking herself.

"Sure, I've had fingers in my cunt, which you, of course, are well aware of,"
the brunette continued conversationally, "but I've never had a proper fucking
with a nice big cock, or," Dawn flashed the transfixed hacker a roguish
smile, "with a nice big strap-on dildo."

"Ohhhh, Fuck!" Willow grunted; her fingers a blur as they speedily slid in
and out of her slit.

"As a matter of fact... I'm kinda curious to find out what it's like... to
be good and properly fucked, I mean," Dawn crudely clarified. "Hmmm... Maybe
you would like to be the first to fuck my tight little cunt, Willow?"

Frantically frigging herself, the witch still managed to nod eagerly. "Oh,
God, YES!!"

"Well, forget it! Buffy would kill you if you did." With that, Dawn quickly
closed her legs and leaped to her feet while shooting the befuddled redhead
a cheeky grin.

Hearing "Buffy" and "kill you" said in the same sentence was a big
mood-killer at this point, so once again Willow's orgasm eluded her. Almost
crying from frustration, the Wicca withdrew her hands from her slit while
glaring at the annoyingly perky brunette.

'That little clit-tease!'

Realizing that her much-needed orgasm would probably have to wait until she's
back at the Summers' house and lying in her bed, Willow let out a resigned
sigh and pulled her panties and pants back up.

"So... are we okay now?" she questioned while buttoning her pants.

"Yes, well... almost."

"Almost?" Willow repeated, issuing the brunette a suspicious look.

"There IS still the small matter of my missing clothes," Dawn dryly reminded
the witch while indicating her naked body. "So if you could work your magic
to make them reappear, then I can get dressed, and we can finally head home."

Willow nodded thoughtfully. Gazing at the brunette's nude body, a tiny smile
formed on her lips while a wicked little plan took shape in her mind. Still
feeling kinda anxious about her best friend finding out, she asked, "And

"Never has to know what happened this evening," Dawn answered.

Willow nodded relieved. Thanks to the aura reading trick that Tara taught
her, she felt pretty certain that Dawnie wasn't lying.

"Okay... then let's do something about your unclothed status..."

After taking a moment to focus, she pointed her index finger at Dawn and
spoke a few Latin words.

The air around the teenager shimmered. When Dawn looked down she saw that
she was once again wearing the exact same outfit as before, without so much
as a single hole in it.

"Hey, great job!" the brunette happily exclaimed. "It's like they were
never torn apart in the first place."

Willow smiled and offered Dawn her hand. "Ready to go home, Dawnie?"


Holding the hacker's hand, Dawn followed her out of the alley... and stood
stock-still while looking around the crowded street that was closely
connected to the alleyway where she'd just spend the better part of an hour
in the nude.

"Holy Shit! It seems that we're *very* lucky that nobody caught us."

"Nah, not really... I put a privacy spell around us," Willow explained,
"People could've walked right past us - which they probably did - and
neither them nor we would've noticed a thing."

"Huh, cool!" the teen remarked, still gazing at the many people walking by.
"I'll bet that spell stopped a LOT of people from seeing me in my birthday

"Uh-huh," Willow muttered, unable to say much more since she practically
had to bite her lip to keep from laughing.

What Dawn didn't know, and had Willow cracking up, is that the brunette was
actually still walking around in her birthday suit. The "clothes" that Dawn's
wearing were nothing more then a crafty illusion made solid by Willow's
magic. Actually restoring the teen's former outfit would've taken a lot more
power and effort... Sure, it *could* be done, but Willow considered this to
be a much easier AND funnier solution. It was also payback for Dawn's refusal
to let her cum. So, ironically, it's still only a spell that stopped people
from seeing Dawnie naked.

Directing another glance at the cheerful teenager skipping innocently beside
her on the crowded sidewalk, Willow once again had to keep from laughing. One
of the consequences of using this kind of simple illusion spell was that any
magic-user who was more than a novice could see right through it. So to her
eyes, Dawnie was taking a naked stroll through town, the teen's
grapefruit-sized titties bouncing merrily up and down.

Another fun side-effect was that she could turn the spell on and off like
flipping a light switch, an option which she gleefully used.

She got a real kick out of shutting the spell down for half a second,
exposing Dawn's naked nubile form to dozens of people, before turning it back
on again. After which she surreptitiously and gleefully watched the looks of
shock and lust on the faces of all those confused people who were now
questioning their eyesight and/or sanity.

Dawn didn't seem to notice any of this, though the teen did mention how
free and unrestricted her clothes suddenly seemed. But instead of feeling
suspicious this only seemed to add to the brunette's unexpectedly cheerful

Willow hadn't seen Dawn this happy in ages, something she attributed to the
girl's recent orgasm and the thrill of "handing out" her first spanking. In
fact, Dawn felt so elated that not only was she literally bouncing with joy,
but she also leapfrogged over every fire-hydrant they encountered. Willow
was feeling pretty cheerful herself watching the teen's nude antics, which
were also making her incredibly horny.

She noticed that she wasn't the only one who found the brunette's playful
behaviour amusing. A photographer who was taking pictures of the shopping
crowd seemed to consider Dawnie a worthy subject to star in several photos.
He'd already taken some snapshots of Dawn's special "happy walk" and was
now apparently waiting for her to come upon the next fire-hydrant, so he
could take a picture of her leapfrogging across it.

A wicked smile appeared on the Wicca's face. Like the photographer, she
impatiently waited for Dawnie to reach the next fire-hydrant. Then, the
moment Dawn put her hands on the hydrant and jumped up, she quickly
switched off the illusion spell and didn't turn it back on until she'd
seen the flash of the guy's camera.

She almost lost it when she saw the photographer hastily lower his camera
and looking dumbfounded at the now fully-clothed Dawn... and then giving
his camera that exact same look. He then aimed his camera at Dawn again
and took another picture, but this time the brunette kept her clothes on.
Appearing absolutely baffled, he stared at Dawn one last time before
turning around and quickly walking away - probably with the intent to
develop his photos as soon as humanly possible.

'Heh! Poor guy doesn't have a clue what's going on. I wonder what he's gonna
think when he sees the naked Dawn pic, which proves that he didn't just
imagine it... Maybe he thinks that he's got some kinda magic camera.' That
thought made Willow giggle. 'Oh well, whatever he thinks: that lucky bastard
now has in his possession a full-frontal shot of Dawnie leapfrogging naked
over a fire-hydrant in the middle of a crowded street... If only I could get
a copy of that...'

Still giggling to herself, Willow absently wondered what that guy's gonna
do with Dawn's nudie pic after he'd developed it. Keep it to himself for
jerk off sessions, or perhaps sell it to some porno magazine? The second
possibility turned her on the most. The idea of precious lil' Dawnie
appearing naked in some under-the-counter porn-rag turned her pussy soaking

"What's so funny?"

With her thought-process abruptly interrupted, Willow blinked in confusion
before detecting Dawn's inquisitive look. "Uh... what's that, Dawnie?"

"I was wondering what's so funny," Dawn slowly repeated. "You've been
giggling to yourself for several minutes, and frankly: it's kinda freaking
me out."

"Oh...Sorry, sweetie," Willow uneasily replied. "I just had this... funny
image stuck in my mind."

"What kinda funny image," Dawn immediately followed up, adding to Willow's

'Great! What do I tell her now? Think, Willow, think!'

"I... I was... picturing the look on Buffy's face... if she would've walked
in on us with you sitting stark naked on that chair, spanking my bare

For a long moment, Dawn stared straight ahead and then started to giggle as
well. "Yeah, that would've been pretty funny."

Willow shot another look at the naked brunette and smirked. 'But not half
as funny as this.'

Both girls were in high spirits when they arrived 10 minutes later at their
house. That quickly changed when they were greeted at the door by a highly
agitated Slayer.

"Finally!" Buffy called out as soon as they entered. "I just spend the last
two hours searching through half of Sunnydale looking for you two! Where in
the Hell have you been?!"

"Um... in the half of Sunnydale you didn't look?" Dawn answered with a
tentative smile.

Buffy responded with a glare that made Dawn quickly lower her eyes and stare
at her feet as if suddenly fascinated with her shoes.

Seeing Buffy's glare switch to her, Willow quickly put on a straight face.
'I have to hand it to Dawnie: that was a pretty ballsy thing to say.'

"After the movie ended we went out for ice-cream," she hurriedly explained,
"and... well... Dawnie and I ended up having so much fun together that we
kinda lost track of time."

Buffy's look softened somewhat.

"I'm sorry for not checking in with you, Buffy," the hacker meekly
apologized. "I should have called you first and asked if it's okay for Dawn
to stay out this late."

Before Buffy could reply, Dawn called out, "Hey, I'm not a baby! And it's
not even that late! Hardly 1 o'clock yet... and since there's no school
tomorrow, I don't see why I would need Buffy's permission to go out and
have a little fun."

"Oh, you don't?" Buffy responded icily. "Well, maybe it's because I'M
responsible for you! And this town is crawling with vampires, demons, and
other supernatural baddies who all love to get their hands on a tasty young
teen like you, especially when she is the Slayer's little sister - not to
mention all the *human* lowlifes out there who are preying on beautiful
young girls like you."

Closely observing the two stunning sisters "interacting", Willow noticed that
Buffy's little rant seemed to have drained away most of Dawnie's defiance.
The young brunette had lowered her eyes again and clasped her hands in front
of her, looking like a preteen being berated by her mom. This analogy seemed
to fit the situation perfectly, since Buffy looked exactly like a mom
scolding her naughty daughter: the Slayer stood with her hands resting on her
sides, stern-faced, lips pursed, glaring at Dawn.

"At the very least you should *always* tell me where you are, Dawn," Buffy

"I know," Dawn whispered after a moment of silence. "I'm sorry, Buffy."

The teen's apology seemed to somewhat appease Buffy. The blonde's stern
expression melted away and was replaced by an almost tender smile. The Slayer
took her sister's hand and wordlessly led her into the living room.

Willow quickly followed and watched intrigued as Buffy took a seat on the
couch and pulled her little sister down on her lap. Dawn didn't seem to mind,
judging from the way she nestled herself into her sister's arms.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you, Dawnie," Buffy began while stroking her sister's
hair. "But you really had me worried."

"I know, I'm sorry, Buffy," Dawn said again. "I just... forgot."

Buffy pursed her lips and slowly nodded. "Hmm, so you did... I wouldn't mind
so much if this was the first time that happened, but in the last month alone
you've been out and about after dark *at least* six times without telling me
first where you're going or when you're gonna be back."

Knowing that her sister was right, Dawn stared down into her lap and didn't
respond to Buffy's accusation.

"It's partly my own fault for letting you run wild," Buffy went on. "But
things are gonna change from now on... I think it's high time I reinstate
mom's "special" policy."

Dawn looked up surprised and a light blush coloured her cheeks. "You don't

Buffy smirked and patted the brunette's behind. "That's *exactly* what I
mean, young lady," she said in a mock-stern voice. In her normal voice, she
continued, "I love you very much, Dawnie... you know that, right?"

Dawn smiled and nodded. "I love you too, Buffy."

"Thanks, little sis," Buffy beamed back. "That I love you, also means that
I want what's best for you... And I truly believe that what's best for you
at this time is a stable, disciplined home life. This means I'm gonna be
setting some ground rules, like a curfew - even on the weekends - and doing
your homework the moment you get home from school. And ALWAYS letting me
know where you are, and when you're gonna be home. These, and any other
rules, will be strictly upheld... which means that anytime you break them,
you'll be receiving a firm reminder about who's in charge."

Just so there was no mistaking her words, Buffy patted her sister's ass

Meanwhile, Willow practically creamed her panties while watching this
arousing little scene. Seeing Buffy seat her naked little sister on her lap
for a stern talking-to, and also pat the teen's tight ass several times,
had unleashed a dark lust inside her... It rekindled the crush that she had
on Buffy from the moment the blonde first saved her life. And it also made
her lust for little Dawnie even more then before. She ached to touch them
both... as well as to kiss, lick, and fuck them... Willow also wanted these
two gorgeous sisters to do all those things with each other while she

All these depraved thoughts whirled through her lust-filled mind while Buffy
wrapped up her lecture.

"Now, I'm gonna let tonight's transgression slide, but the next time
something like this happens *you're* gonna be spending some time bare-assed
across my knee... Am I making myself clear, Dawnie?"

Both Buffy and Willow half-expected Dawn to loudly object to these new
rules and the reintroduction of corporal punishment, so they were pleasantly
surprised when instead, Dawn responded with a meek, "Yes, Buffy."

Buffy showed her approval by giving her little sister a bright smile and a
kiss on the nose. "Good girl."

They hugged; and Willow, watching intently as Buffy hugged and kissed her
naked little sister, was unable to stop a loud, lustful moan from escaping
her lips, causing both sisters to turn their heads and issue her a curious

For a long moment, Willow could only stare back, before covering up her moan
by saying, "Aww. You two look SO adorable together... I love you guys."

They smiled and extended their arms to include Willow in their hug - an
invitation which the Wicca eagerly accepted.

"Aww. We love you too, Willow," both sisters said while hugging the redhead.

Now that peace was restored in the Summers' home, all the inhabitants went
to bed and quickly drifted into a deep sleep.

Well, all except one...

* * *

Tossing and turning in her bed, Willow couldn't stop thinking about the two
beautiful Summers sisters. No matter how much she tried to think of anything
else, their faces just popped back into her mind - and not just their faces!
Visions of them naked, standing before her - as if awaiting her inspection -
soon followed. She'd already seen Buffy naked in the past: in the showers and
locker-room after gym and sometimes also during sleepovers, and now that
she'd seen Dawn naked as well, her mind was able to put together a very
detailed picture of her best friend and her little sister's nude bodies.

After a long hour of trying to shift her thoughts to other topics, Willow
decided to give in and stop fighting the fantasies that were plaguing her.
Maybe then she'd finally get some sleep.

'After all, there's no harm in fantasizing,' the redhead told herself as her
right hand drifted to the small patch of auburn hair between her legs. The
moment her fingers touched her swollen clit, a bolt of lust shot through her


Pure desire drowned Willow's senses, and the mental images of a naked Buffy
and Dawn abruptly changed into a crystal-clear, full-fledged hardcore lesbian
BDSM movie. A couple of seconds later, Willow had stuffed three fingers into
her snatch and was using them to frantically finger-fuck herself while
watching her darkest fantasies and desires play themselves out with DVD
quality in her minds eye. Starting out in a BDSM cellar where all the girls
she'd ever crushed on were kneeling naked before her: Buffy, Dawn, Tara,
Faith and Cordelia were all there. The five beauties looked submissively up
at her, waiting for her to command them, willing to obey her every whim and

What happened next seemed like a fever dream afterwards... yet she could
recall every depraved detail of it:

After showing her the scene in the basement with five of the most beautiful
young women she knew subjugating themselves before her, her dream seemed to
skip back to an event that preceded this tantalizing prospect: Dawn's

It started with Buffy and Dawn doing a 69 while the rest of them sat naked
in a circle around the two performing Summers girls, watching their
incestuous coupling from close by. After a while, when both sisters had
reached an orgasm, Willow slowly rose.

Tara stood up as well and quickly retrieved Mr. Cocky Fantastico - the
lesbian witches' favourite strap-on - which she swiftly and expertly fastens
onto Willow's waist, like she's done so many times before when they were
still together. After sharing a long, passionate kiss, Tara stepped back and
watched as Faith and Cordelia crawled over to their redheaded mistress and
started using their mouths and tongues on the large, fake cock - coating it
with their saliva.

Willow considered five full minutes of her two brunette bitches servicing her
silicone cock to be enough. She snapped her fingers, causing Cordelia and
Faith to instantly remove their mouths from the phoney prick and sit back on
their haunches, gazing adoringly up at her. Smiling down, she tenderly
stroked her pets' long, brown locks before letting her hands slowly slide
down until she was cupping a hefty, well-formed breast in each palm. After
kneading the firm flesh with her fingers, she teasingly tweaked and stroked
both nipples into a painfully erect state, and followed up by giving each
rock-hard nubbin a playful pinch. She then dismissed her two slaves.

Taking two small steps forward was enough to place herself directly behind
Dawn, who was positioned on top of the sisterly sixty-nine. Kneeling down,
she placed the tip of the dildo at the entrance of Dawnie's virgin opening.
Buffy lowered her head and used her fingers to pull apart her little sister's
labia lips, revealing the glistening pink inside of Dawnie's pussy.

"She's ready for you, Mistress," the Slayer proudly announced.

Willow smiled and nodded. "Good job, Buffy. You've earned yourself a reward."

The blonde's eyes instantly lit up and she licked her lips. "Can I..." Buffy
hesitantly began, "May I have your permission to play with Cordelia and Faith
tonight, Mistress?"

Willow's smile turned into a full-fledged smirk. "You've got it. You can have
them tonight, and for an entire day tomorrow."

Buffy's eyes gleamed with excitement. "Can I do whatever I want with them,

Willow nodded. "As long as they're not permanently harmed in any way, you
can do, or have them do, whatever you want."

"Thank you, Mistress!" the Slayer called out excitedly, her mind already
coming up with several inspired scenarios for her two sexy adversaries to
star in.

Willow's attention, meanwhile, had been diverted to lil' Dawnie's tight
virgin twat, held open invitingly by her big sister. Pressing the dildo's
head between the teenager's nether lips, she rubbed it up and down: all the
way from the girl's stiff clit to her little pink asshole, and repeated
this several times until Dawnie was squirming with arousal and rubbing her
little pussy against the big dildo.

Willow smacked the teenager's ass to make her behave.

SMACK!!! "Ouch!"

"Ready for your first fucking, cutie?" Willow inquired with a smile.

Dawn lifted her head away from Buffy's crotch, and glanced back across her
shoulder, her sister's juices glistening on her chin. "Oh, Yes!" she called
out excitedly, "I'm ready alright! Please fuck me, Mistress! Give it to me

SMACK!!! "Oh!! Mmmm!"

"You've got it, baby!"

Grabbing a hold of Dawnie's waist with one hand, and using the other to
stick the tip of the dildo into the slim brunette's slit, Willow slowly
pushed forwards - watching the thick dildo disappear inside the teenager's
twat. She halted when her fake cock encountered Dawnie's maidenhead, and
slowly withdrew until only the phallus' tip was still inside the young
girl's cunt. Willow pushed back in a little faster then before, and drew
back out again when the dildo reached Dawn's hymen. She started sliding
the strap-on in-and-out Dawnie's tight cunt at a quickly growing pace.

Dawn grunted loudly each time the dildo's tip bumped into her hymen, but the
soreness and discomfort in her little pussy was soon forgotten when she felt
her sister's soft tongue resume its work on her clit. She shuddered with
delight at the strange mixture of sensations she felt: the pounding her pussy
was getting from Willow contrasted sharply with the gentle touch of Buffy's
tongue against her rock-hard clittie - the total combination felt wonderful.

While listening the numerous grunts and groans coming from little Dawnie, a
satisfied smile curled Willow's lips. 'The little cock-tease is ready for it
alright - no doubt about it!'

Licking her lips she glanced up at Tara who was circling around the lesbian
three-way, holding a camcorder so the unique event of Dawn's deflowering
could be repeatedly watched by all members of the Scooby gang.

"You're getting all this, sweetie?" she questioned.

"Oh, yeah!" the blonde practically growled.

Taking a few steps back, Tara filmed a lengthy shot that not only showed the
threesome with Buffy, Dawn and Willow, but also captured Cordelia and Faith's
coupling in the background. The two beautiful brunettes were going at it like
bunnies while watching Dawnie's first fuck with excited eyes. Cordelia was
positioned on her hands and knees, getting the ride of her life from Faith.
Kneeling behind the former May Queen, the dark Slayer was frantically fucking
Cordy's cunt with a strap-on that was almost twice as big as the one Willow
was using on Dawnie. At the same time, Faith's hands were busy manhandling
the cheerleader's huge, swaying breasts: kneading, slapping and stroking the
soft, yet firm flesh, as well as pinching and pulling the brunette's big,
stiff nipples.

Willow smirked at the sight of her lover running around without a stitch of
clothing on - too busy filming to notice or be ashamed by her nudity. 'Looks
like Tara is taking her camera-woman duties very seriously.'

"Good! Get ready then, 'cause I'm about to pop Dawnie's cherry."

Tara knelt down at her lover's side, and aimed the camera straight at the
teen's crotch - getting a good close-up of the large dildo sliding in-and-out
of Dawn's snatch. The blonde then slowly moved around to the front so she
could get a perfect shot of Dawnie's face at the exact moment that Willow
claimed her virginity. But it was going to take a *lot* of willpower to keep
the camera steady. The sight of sweet little Dawnie lapping at her big
sister's shaved cunt like a hungry kitten, is almost enough to make her come
without even touching herself. She felt her juices dripping down her thighs.

Taking a deep breath, the blonde witch managed to collect herself enough to
keep the camera focussed on the teenager's face, and to call out "Ready!"

This was the moment Willow had been waiting for a long time. Not wasting a
single second, she thrust her hips forward, once again driving the dildo deep
inside Dawn's tight pussy, but this time using a lot more speed and strength
than before. She could feel the head of the dildo making its way through
Dawnie's hymen, accompanied by a loud gasp from the girl. Looking down,
Willow saw that the entire 10 inches of the strap-on was buried inside the
teenager's twat.

'Wow! I didn't think she'd be able to take Cocky's entire length in one
shot... Tara wasn't able to take this much when I first fucked her with Mr.
Cocky Fantastico.'

Hearing a groan coming from Dawn, she comfortingly patted the brunette's
behind. "You've done very well, Dawnie... and you're a woman now, sweetie."

Dawn glanced back across her shoulder, looking at her Mistress with a mixture
of joy and gratitude. "Thank you, Mistress Willow," she happily said. "I'm
glad that you're the first person to finally fuck me."

"So am I, baby," Willow cooed while stroking Dawnie's backside. "So am I."

Kneeling besides her redheaded lover again, Tara took a close-up of Dawnie's
stuffed snatch. The sight of the young teen's slit filled to the brim with
Mr. Cocky Fantastico strapped to her lover's waist made for an unforgettable
display by itself, but Buffy's face hovering close beneath her little
sister's penetrated pussy, licking at her clit, is what made the lewd
spectacle extra special. When Willow gave her the job of recording this
monumental event, the redhead promised her that she would be next in line to
screw Dawn, and would even get to be the first person to fuck the teen's
tight ass. Well, she hoped that Willow would hurry it up a bit, 'cause she
could hardly wait for it to be her turn.

Rubbing her thighs together to release some of the sexual tension, Tara
breathed a sigh of relief when her lover continued Dawnie's fucking.

Seeing that the camera was in place, Willow slowly retracted the thick,
silicone cock from Dawnie's tight cunt until only the tip of the 10-inch
pole remained inside. She halted this pose for a long moment to give the
camera plenty of time to get a good shot of the dildo coated with a
mixture of Dawnie's pussy-juice and specks of virginal blood. Then, with
a quick thrust, she drove the entire length back inside, causing Dawnie
to groan in discomfort. After slowly pulling out again, Willow grabbed a
hold of the brunette's waist and swiftly reinserted the strap-on inside
the teen's silk heath. She soon developed a steady fuck-rhythm that,
combined with Buffy's tonguing of her sister's clit, had Dawnie moaning
and shaking with pleasure.

'My sweet girl is coming along nicely,' Willow observed while passionately
pounding the beautiful brunette's pussy from behind, 'won't take long for
her to come now.'

Dawn's level of arousal had reached such a height that she'd started
fucking the dildo back, pushing her tight little ass towards the witch
while chanting, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Willow was more than happy to comply. Letting a hand slip from the teen's
waist, she slowly trailed her fingers across the brunette's lower belly, up
her ribcage, and unto one of Dawnie's dangling, grapefruit-sized breasts.
The witch tweaked a hard pink nipple and gave it a quick pull before letting
her entire hand encompass the supple tit-flesh and kneading it with her
fingers - Willow then repeated her actions with the brunette's left boob
before returning her hand to the right one again. The added stimulation of
her sensitive breasts made the volume of the young girl's groans grow
gradually louder.

Willow removed her left hand from the teen's tiny waist as well and used it
to spank Dawnie's delectable round ass while fucking her even harder.

The young brunette seemed to like that - a LOT. Letting out little grunts of
pleasure, Dawn invitingly wiggled her ass at the redhead.


They were both getting close to cumming. With effort, Willow managed to fuck
the teenager even faster than before, really rutting into her while the other
girls started calling out encouragements.

"Give it to her, Red!" Faith called out, getting things started.

"That's right, you go girl!" Cordelia followed. "Slap that ass raw and screw
the little slut silly!"

"Yeah, Willow!" Tara said next. "Give our Dawnie a fucking she'll never

Glancing down, Willow noticed Buffy's gleaming green eyes looking up at her.
The Slayer shot her a grin and winked.

"Well, you heard the ladies, Mistress," Buffy excitedly said, "Give my Dawnie
a fucking that will have her walking bowlegged for a week! You only have to
look at her dripping snatch to see how badly she needs this."

Staring straight at the teenager's glistening cunt hungrily swallowing Mr.
Cocky Fantastico, Willow tapped into some hidden energy reserves, took a deep
breath, and then started *really* giving it to Dawn. She fucked the young
brunette to three toe-curling orgasms before she came herself. When she
finally did climax, she presented Dawn with an unexpected surprise.

Willow and Tara had used magic to give their favourite sex-toy a couple of
extra enhancements. One of these enhancements being the capacity to increase
and decrease into whatever size the wearer demands. It also possessed the
ability to vibrate on command (without needing batteries). However, Willow
had been so preoccupied and elated about finally being able to fuck Dawn that
she hadn't even thought about using Mr. Cocky's special abilities. But the
third ability the dildo possessed, didn't need a command to start working:
they'd modified Mr. Cocky Fantastico that when the strap-on wielder comes, a
jet of her juices - its volume increased several times by magic - spurts from
the dildo's head.

So when Willow came, the dildo ejaculated a stream of the redhead's juices
into the surprised girl's cunt, causing Dawnie to squeal loudly and look back
wide-eyed at her Mistress.

"Just a little magical surprise, Dawnie," Willow explained with a grin as
soon as she'd recovered from her orgasm.

"What was?" Buffy curiously inquired.

"This!" Willow said. Pulling the fake phallus from Dawnie's twat, she
reinserted it into the Slayer's mouth.

Knowing what was expected of her, Buffy obediently sucked the dildo clean,
drinking down a cocktail of her sister's juices and some of her virgin blood,
as well as Cordy and Faith's saliva and Willow's own secretions.

The fourth and most popular enchantment the witches gave their magic dildo,
caused its wearer to experience some of what the dildo itself was "feeling",
almost as if the witch doing the fucking possessed a real cock. This made the
blowjob Buffy was giving her, feel very real.

Panting with lust, Willow pumped Mr. Cocky into her best friend's mouth
until Buffy's oral talents brought her to another climax and she filled the
blonde's mouth with a fresh load of her juices.

~ ~ ~

Once again Willow's dream went into rewind mode - showing her some of the
events that led up to the scene from before. With bated breath, she watched
herself dealing out punishments to three of the five young women who had
wronged her in some way.

First it was Faith's turn: the white-trash bitch who thought she could just
swoop in and steal her best friends from her. Like sleeping with Xander,
who *she* had a crush on for the better part of her life, and then simply
discarding him. But worst of all was having to listen to the constant sexual
passes that tramp made at Buffy. Buffy is *her* best friend, so IF the
beautiful blonde should happen to fall in love with a girl, then it should
be with HER and NOT super-slut Faith!

Faith needed to be taught her place, and she was just the grrrl to do it. She
predicted that putting Faith through the special ponygirl training program
she came up with, would teach the dark Slayer a valuable lesson in proper
behaviour for a girl of her stature.

As usual, she was right. Two weeks had passed since Faith's training began,
and even SHE was amazed at the enormous change in the brunette's attitude.
The usually so rebellious Slayer now obediently performed any task and
trick - no matter how humiliating and degrading - that Willow told her to
do, and no longer seemed to mind having to be totally naked and crawl around
on her hands and knees most of the time. Faith didn't even resist her daily
whipping anymore. Where she'd previously had to be forcibly put into
restraints, the brunette now voluntarily assumed any pose that her Mistress
commanded, and - almost eagerly - offered up her naked charms to the lash of
the cat-o-nine tails. With feline grace, she'd bend across the foot-end of
her Mistress bed and wiggle her ass to invite the sting of the whip. After
that, she'd stand in front of her Mistress with her hands clasped behind her
head, thrusting out her chest so that her firm round tits were presented for
punishment. Finally, Faith would lie back on the bed and, using her Slayer
agility, fold her ankles behind her neck, readily offering her shaved and
wide-open cunt as a perfect target for the harsh strokes of the vicious
leather stripes.

SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACCKK!!!!! "Ohhhhhh!!!"

Wiping some drops of sweat from her forehead, Willow lowered the whip and
stared down into the freshly whipped, wet, wide-open cunt of her slave. She'd
done quite a number on Faith's tender slit: the Slayer's prominent pussy-lips
and clit stood out red & swollen, and her entire groin area was criss-crossed
with red markings from the cat-o-nine tails. Faith's tits and ass had endured
the same treatment and were coloured a bright red as well as covered with
welts - it would take at least a day before Faith's slayer-healing will have
healed the results of this day's punishment session, and by then it would be
time for her next whipping.

Despite the agony she must be in, the dark Slayer obediently stayed in
position, keeping her cunt readily available for more punishment if her
Mistress so desired it.

Willow felt very pleased with the brunette's show of self-control and
submission. Perhaps this would be the day that Faith completes her training.
At the very least, she deserved a little reward.

Glancing down, Willow instructed Buffy (who was kneeling before her, licking
her pussy) to retrieve her favourite strap-on and put it on her. The blonde
quickly obeyed, and a minute later Willow was sporting a 3-inch wide, 11-inch
long woody.

Raising the cat-o-nine tails, she pointed it regally at Faith's twat.
"Prepare her cunt for Mr. Cocky Fantastico, Buffy," Willow instructed while
fisting the strap-on, "but don't allow her to cum or you'll both be severely

"Yes, Mistress!" Buffy called out, already kneeling on the bed, and hungrily
buried her face into her sister-slayer's snatch.

"Oh, B!" Faith groaned as Buffy's raspy little tongue slowly lapped its way
across her inflamed labia before disappearing inside her pink hole.

The small blonde Slayer expertly fucked her tongue in-and-out Faith's cunt
and used the tip to draw circles around the brunette's stiff clit,
occasionally grazing the hard little nub. It didn't take long before Buffy's
skilled oral talents had Faith bucking on the bed, begging for release.

"Okay, it's time for your fucking, horsey," Willow announced, causing Buffy
to quickly scoot aside and kneel on the floor beside the bed, eager to watch
the coupling between her Mistress and fellow Slayer-slave.

"Oh, yessss," Faith happily moaned while hungrily eyeing the large cock
bobbing up and down between her Mistress' legs. "A good, hard fucking is
just what I need right now, Mistress!"

"Well, then you're in luck, horsey," Willow giggled, "Because that's just
what you're going to get."

Kneeling on the bed in front of her slave, Willow laid the length of the
dildo between the Slayer's spread-open cunt-lips, like a knackwurst on an
open bun, and moved it back and forth until the entire silicone dick was
glistening with Faith's juices.

"Please stop teasing me and stick it inside, Mistress!" Faith whined while
trying to impale herself onto that tantalizing big cock. "I *really* need to
get fucked!"

"Don't worry," Willow growled, and with one hard thrust she drove the entire
11" dildo deep inside Faith's cunt. "I'm gonna fuck the stuffing out of you,
you trailer-trash tramp."

"OH!!!! YESSSSS!!! Fuck me, Mistress! FUCK ME HARD!!!" Faith squealed
excitedly while her Mistress energetically fucked her twat with the huge
silicone hard-on.

"Oh, yeah! You like it rough," Willow hissed into the Slayer's ear while
busily pounding Mr. Cocky Fantastico in the brunette's soppy cunt. "Don't
ya, girl?"

"YES!!! Oh, yessss, Mistress!! I love it! I love it rough!" Faith shouted
out ecstatic on the brink of orgasm.

"Prove - to - me - how - much - you - LOVE - it - horsey!" Willow grunted
in-between fucks. "Spray my cock with your nasty juices! Cum for me HARD!!"


Obeying her Mistress, Faith climaxed hard, screaming in bliss, which was
instantly followed by another even more intense orgasm, and then another

Instead of stopping, or even slowing down, Faith's multiple orgasms only
seemed to encourage Willow to fuck the Slayer harder. A minute later, still
busy riding out her previous three orgasms, the brunette came again.


Smiling down at the wildly bucking brunette, Willow started using her right
hand to torture Faith's freshly whipped tits, roughly kneading and slapping
the striped pink flesh and pinching her red swollen nipples.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, OH! OH! OH!! OHHH Shittttttttt!!!! I can't take much more of
this!!" Faith cried out as she came again.

With a sadistic smile on her lips, Willow slid her hand down the brunette's
belly towards the Slayer's sensitive clit. Taking the hard knob between her
thumb and forefinger, she cruelly pinched and pulled on it a couple of times
while looking intently at Faith's face.

"AHHHHHIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" Faith yelled as another earth-shattering orgasm
racked her body.

Releasing Faith's red & swollen clittie, Willow hammered Mr. Cocky a couple
more times into her bitch's trembling body before mercifully slowing down
the speed of her thrusts, and finally stopping altogether.

It took several minutes before the brunette had recovered enough to open her
eyes. Looking up dazedly, the first thing that Faith saw was her Mistress
smiling sweetly down at her. If the dark Slayer had been more awake at this
point, she probably would've thought something like, "Uh-oh, this can't be

And she would've been absolutely right.

"Time for a switch, bitch," Willow calmly said while yanking the large
phallus from the Slayer's soaked snatch and reinserting it into her ass.

"Owwww!!!" the dazed brunette yelped in surprise and discomfort as her tight
little asshole was suddenly invaded by 11-inches of silicone cock.

Willow turned her head to address her other Slayer-slave. "Buffy, you go sit
on horsey's face and have her service you while I pound my little slut-pig's

"Gladly, Mistress!" Buffy perkily replied. Yanking her hand away from her
soaked snatch, she quickly climbed on the bed. Facing her Mistress, she
straddled Faith's face and slowly lowered her dripping cunt onto her
sister-slayer's waiting mouth. Buffy sighed in relief when she felt Faith's
talented tongue working its magic on her pussy.

The moment she saw Faith going to work on Buffy's slit, Willow began sliding
the thick strap-on in-and-out Faith's tight ass.

Gazing into each other's eyes, Buffy and Willow both reached down at the
same time to play with the dark Slayer's tits. As their hands met on Faith's
boobs, they smiled at one another and leaned down to mash their lips together
for a long, passionate kiss.

* * *

"After I've freshened up a bit, I'm going riding," Willow told Buffy while
the blonde assisted her in pulling her thigh-length, high-heeled leather
boots off, "So while I'm showering I want you to lay out my riding outfit
and dress Faith in her riding gear," she instructed while standing up and
heading for the cellar's new bathroom (courtesy of Xander Harris' handyman

"Yes, Mistress."

"Oh, and tell Dawnie to come join me in the shower... I'll need someone to
wash my back," Willow added with an impish smile before disappearing into
the bathroom.

After calling her sister down to the basement, Buffy had her strip completely
naked before sending her into the bathroom with Willow's riding outfit. The
blonde then quickly retrieved the modified riding gear and began to saddle
the dark Slayer up.

Ordering Faith to sit on the edge of the bed and lift her feet, Buffy began
by helping the brunette put on a pair of knee-high, high-heeled, leather
boots. Knowing that her Mistress usually took her sweet time in the shower -
especially when Dawn joined her - she fondled Faith's bald pussy for a while
before deciding it was time to put the rest of the riding gear on the naked
Slayer. Taking Faith's nipples between her thumb and forefinger she pulled
and pinched them until they were rock-hard. It was all in the line of duty
this time, because the second part of Faith's riding gear were a couple of
nipple clamps. Little brass bells were attached to the end of each clamp,
which would make a cheerful ting-a-ling sound whenever she moves. After
putting the clamps on her sister-slayer's teats, Buffy jingled the little
bells with her fingers while humming the words to Jinglebell.

"Very funny, B," Faith grumbled. Despite the pain she still felt from her
recent whipping, and being thoroughly fucked by her Mistress, Buffy's
fondling was still making her very much aroused. But this just frustrated
her since she knew that the blonde wouldn't let her cum without their
Mistress' permission.

Buffy smirked but stopped toying with the nipple clamps. She needed to finish
her chores before Willow got out of the shower or she would be in for some
stiff punishment - her Mistress didn't take kindly to slackers. Besides, she
could always play with Faith after she's finished.

Having made up her mind, she picked up the next "bit" of riding gear. Placing
the bit in Faith's mouth, she pulled the reigns up over her head and let them
rest on the brunette's bare back while fastening the bridle around Faith's

Now it was time for the final, as well as the biggest, piece of Faith's
riding gear: the saddle - a beautiful handcrafted piece of BDSM gear that was
especially designed for riding humans. It could be tied with straps to the
waist and upper legs of the "horsey", but the ingenious parts were the two
"add-ons" on the top and bottom of the saddle. Both add-ons were essentially
nothing more than strangely shaped dildos. The one on the top looked the most
normal: it stood up relatively straight, pointing only slightly forward, and
was thicker than most ordinary dildos, especially at the base. It was clearly
designed to go into the rider's pussy or ass and keep her/him in the saddle.
The bottom protrusion looked the most strange, it was even bigger than the
one on top and also grew wider at the base, but instead of standing straight
this one was bow-shaped. Designed to go into the mount's pussy or asshole, it
provided the rider with a much steadier and completely horizontal saddle AND
the added benefit of being able to fuck their horsey's pussy or ass while

Buffy had Faith bend over the bed and strapped on the saddle. After coating
both dildos with a generous amount of KY Jelly, she ordered Faith to spread
her butt-cheeks.

Reaching back, Faith used the fingers from each hand to separate her firm
buttocks, exposing her tiny, pink asshole to her blonde counterpart's eyes.
Not wasting any time, Buffy promptly pressed the crooked dildo into the
brunette's back passage (which is the hole that Willow always wants to fuck
while riding Faith) and pushed it in as far as it could go while Faith
moaned in discomfort. Despite having been ridden by her Mistress many times
before, her slayer-healing always caused her loosened anus to become
virgin-tight again the next day.

After having double-checked all the straps and bindings of the riding gear
to see if they were properly fastened, Buffy stood back and took a moment to
fully appreciate the both hilarious and erotic sight of Faith "dressed" in
her horsey outfit.

Buffy chuckled. "You look soooo adorable in your riding gear, horsey," she
said in a teasing tone of voice.

"Fuck you, B," Faith tersely replied, her voice sounding muffled through the
bit between her teeth.

"Maybe later," a voice from the doorway said before Buffy had a chance to
reply. "But first we go for a ride, horsey," Willow told her slave with a
wicked smile.

Eager to go riding, the hacker had hurried and was already dressed in her
riding outfit, which consisted of a pair of leather cowboy boots, assless
leather chaps, a fringed leather vest that hung open, revealing her small
pointy tits, and on her head a white Stetson. The Wicca was joined in the
doorway by a still completely naked Dawn. Loosely laying her arm across the
younger girl's shoulder, Willow fondled the teen's right breast while
pulling her in for a long kiss.

After releasing the liplock that left them both a little breathless, Willow
turned her attention to Buffy, who was watching her little sister's make out
session with a proud smile. "Since you've both done such an excellent job
with your appointed duties - Buffy with preparing Faith, and Dawn," she gave
the teen a sly wink, "in the shower - I'm rewarding you two with a little
R&R, which I suggest you spend doing a bit of sisterly bonding... You have
my permission to use all the toys in the basement, including Mr. Cocky
Fantastico," the witch added with a mischievous smile.

The two sisters hugged Willow and kissed her on the cheek. "Thank you,
Mistress," they said in unison.

"You're welcome, sweeties."

Walking over to Faith, Willow petted the brunette's hair a few times before
grabbing a hold of the reigns.

"C'mon, horsey," she smiled while tugging on the reigns. Faith obediently got
up and allowed her Mistress to lead her out of the basement.

"Have fun, pets," Willow called out while carefully leading her mount up the

"Bye, Mistress!"

Glancing back across her shoulder, a goofy smile appeared on Willow's face
when she saw Dawn hurriedly strapping on Mr. Cocky Fantastico while Buffy
eagerly positioned herself on all fours on the bed and teasingly wiggled her
bare ass at her little sister while calling out, "Yoo-hoo! Come and get it,

Fondling with the straps, Dawn looked up frustrated and retorted, "Just for
that I'm gonna start by fucking you up the ass, big sis."

They were just so gosh darn cute together.

Leading her mount from the basement, Willow directed her into the kitchen
and put some fresh water in Faith's bowl before pouring herself a glass of
orange juice. While sipping her juice she watched the brunette drink
thirstily from her water, lapping most of it up in record time.

"Want some more, horsey?" she questioned while retrieving the empty bowl from
the floor. When the Slayer eagerly nodded (unless Willow specifically told
her to, Faith wasn't allowed to speak while wearing her riding gear) Willow
refilled the bowl and put it back down on the floor.

Once her slave had quenched her thirst, Willow took a hold of the reigns
again: leading her horsey to the front door and out of the house. Standing
on the front porch, she had Faith squat before her. After making sure that
the saddle's dildo was pointed straight at her pussy-hole, she slowly sat
down... and sighed in relief when she felt her bare buttocks make contact
with the saddle. Putting her feet into the stirrups, she tugged lightly on
the reigns - smiling excitedly when the slayer obediently stood up and she
was lifted into the air.

"Giddy up, horsey!"

Using her magic to cloak their appearance and stop ordinary passers-by from
detecting anything unusual, she rode out onto street on Faith's back and
directed her mount towards the park.

During the first couple of public rides her Mistress had taken her on,
Faith had considered the experience of having to walk stark naked through
town while carrying the witch on her back and being thoroughly fucked up
the ass the whole time, to be utmost humiliating experience in her life.
But lately she'd gotten used to it, and now even considered it a thrill to
walk completely naked outside in broad daylight with her Mistress on her
back and a huge cock up her ass. That the pounding her ass was getting -
combined with the exhibitionistic thrill of these public outings - made her
cum almost ten times in a single hour, helped a lot.

'Faith has really changed a lot since the day we first met,' Willow happily
pondered while leisurely riding her sexy mount into the public park, '...all
the way from being a foulmouthed, rebellious Slayer to being a polite,
eager-to-please, ponygirl.'

"Hi-ho, Silver... Away!" she cried out while whipping her riding crop
repeatedly against Faith's bare flank, making the brunette quickly pick up

Willow's face was flushed with excitement and her red hair waved in the wind
as she rode Faith through the trees, across the serene meadows, and past the
many colourful flowerbeds of Sunnydale's public park. Her rhythmic bouncing
on the saddle's dildo already made her cum three times and she was having the
time of her life.

While working on her fourth orgasm, she waved merrily at the other park
visitors she encountered: a cute young couple and a jogger; neither of them
saw anything unusual about a young woman riding her horse through the park
on this beautiful day... and also a coven of witches (of which Sunnydale
had quite a few), who were having a picnic in the park at that time, and were
unexpectedly treated to the startling and erotic sight of a Slayer galloping
naked through the park with a half-naked witch on her back.

~ ~ ~

Willow's vision grew dark as her dream suddenly seemed to skip ahead... when
her vision cleared up she was greeted by the astonishing sight of Cordelia
Chase, hands cuffed behind her back, straddling a monster dildo made of solid
steel - most of which was driven deep into the cheerleader's snatch by her
own weight.

Willow watched in disbelief as her former high school nemesis was being
forced to fuck this enormous prong by none other than Buffy Summers. Standing
behind the brunette, the blonde Slayer was totally naked except for the 12"
strap-on dildo tied to her waist, which was currently buried up to the hilt
inside Cordy's -formerly- virgin asshole. Each time Buffy drove the thick
strap-on into the former May Queen's tight ass, Cordelia let out a shrill
shriek, and her straining cunt was lifted a few inches up the massive pole...
And whenever Buffy pulled out, gravity did the rest. With nothing to hold her
up, Cordelia's weight would drive her down onto the huge, stainless steel
cock until her cunt was fully filled and the tip was lodged painfully into
her cervix.

While the stuck-up cheerleader was being thoroughly fucked in both her holes,
the brunette's naked, luscious body was being whipped by... herself.

Meanwhile, the other girls were busy as well: Tara and Faith each held one
of the cheerleader's shapely legs, spreading them wide apart. Keeping the
brunette from supporting her weight, but also providing Willow with another
target for the cat-o-nine tails she was wielding.

She was wearing a black leather catsuit (with openings for her pussy and
tits) and matching high-heeled, black leather boots, and was energetically
whipping the cat-o-nine tails against the brunette's big boobs. Occasionally,
instead of striking Cordy's tits, she would aim the stinging leather stripes
directly onto the cheerleader's freshly shaved slit, eliciting an
ear-splitting shriek of pain from her former antagonist.

The sexual torture of her childhood enemy, and lil' Dawnie's tongue
working on her pussy while she whipped the bitch, brought her to several
earth-shaking orgasms.

As her vision darkened again, Willow subconsciously knew that her counterpart
in her dream was planning to put Cordy through the same kind of rigorous
training that had worked so well on Faith.

~ ~ ~

She loved Tara with all her heart, and so it saddened her that she had to
punish her lover. Still, she had to maintain discipline in her harem - make
sure the girls knew who's boss - which meant that the blonde witch had to
be properly punished for walking out on her. This is why she'd ordered
Cordelia and Faith to take Tara down into the newly decorated BDSM cellar,
strip the shy witch naked, and put her in the stockade - an order which the
two brunettes were more than happy to obey.

Surveying her bound lover, she suspected that her two bitches had some fun
with the witch after putting her in bondage. Tara's swollen and aroused
pussy-lips and the faint red markings visible on the blonde's big breasts
and upraised ass seemed to verify her suspicions. She decided to let their
transgression slide this once. After all, she hadn't specifically ordered
the two NOT to "horse around" with her lover. And besides, she had to admit
that Tara provided a very attractive picture: bending over, her hands and
feet trapped inside the holes of her wooden prison, her round ass raised
high in the air and her thighs spread far enough to clearly see her pussy
peeking out between them... the blonde's pose practically screamed "Fuck

So she could hardly blame her two slaves for giving in and doing what she
herself would have probably done as well in their place. And since she'd
already planned to let her slaves have their wicked way with Tara, it didn't
matter anyway.

But first it's time to give her lover a thorough switching.

Looking around, she checked to see if her entire harem was in place like
she'd ordered, and was pleased to see all her girls kneeling naked around
her. Staring intently at the bound blonde and their Mistress, they seemed
eager to watch Tara's punishment. Their eagerness to watch the blonde witch
getting whipped had probably something to do with Tara being Willow's
favourite - more a lover than a slave - which meant that Tara was allowed
to wear clothes at home, and often assisted Willow with punishing the other
girls while hardly ever receiving any punishment. These "perks" caused a
lot of jealousy among the other girls.

'Well, I guess now the roles are reversed for once: Tara's the one being
punished and *they* get to assist.'

Putting on her resolve face, she lifted the switch and whipped it down
onto her lover's bare buttocks, raising a red stripe across those perfect
alabaster cheeks.

SWOOSH! CRACK!!! "Owwww!! T-Thank you, Mistress."

SWOOSH! CRACK!!! "Ouch!!! Thank you, Mistress."

SWOOSH! CRACK!!! "Ohhh!!! Thank you, Mistress."

* * *

Breathing a bit heavier than usual, Willow wiped the sweat from her brow and
studied Tara's red & welted bottom. Her lover had taken her whipping well and
seemed properly chastised, so she decided that the 1st portion of Tara's
punishment was over.

Throwing the switch aside, she quickly rubbed her aching pussy and swollen
clit a couple of times - Damn, she felt horny! She giggled when it suddenly
occurred to her that slaying always got her two Slayers hungry and horny,
and whipping her slaves did the same to her.

She licked her lips while staring hungrily at the lustful sight that her
lover presented - all sweaty, naked and bend over, inadvertently giving her
a great beaver shot between her widely-spread thighs. Grabbing Mr. Cocky
Fantastico from a nearby table, she quickly strapped it to her waist.

Less then a second later, she drove the dildo deep into Tara's tight twat and
started fucking her.

Willow energetically fucked the blonde's hot box for almost fifteen minutes
before pulling out and shoving the strap-on deep inside her lover's rectum,
and then continued fucking her even harder than before.

The magic of the dildo caused the incredible feeling of Tara's anal muscles
squeezing Mr. Cocky to be directly transferred to Willow's clit, making the
redhead cry out in pleasure.

"Oh, Goddess! YES!!! I love fucking your tight ass, Tara!"

Grabbing a hold of the blonde's bouncing breasts, she kneaded the pliant
flesh between her fingers while fucking her partner even harder.

Tara grunted unintelligently while her lover and mistress buggered her
mercilessly from behind - grunting being about the only thing she *could*
do since Willow had cast a spell on her to keep her from speaking after she'd
begged her lover one too many times to release her. She'd already climaxed
two times in the last hour: the first time from the mild sexual torture
Cordelia and Faith put her through, and the second time when Willow fucked
her pussy, and now it's the anal pounding she's receiving that was quickly
bringing her to her third orgasm. She felt like such a slut.

When Tara's third orgasm hit her, her ass squeezed the dildo hard, which in
turn triggered Willow's climax. The hacker squealed with delight as a jet of
her juices was ejected into the blonde's bowels.

Breathing heavily, Willow pulled the silicone prick out of her lover's ass
and walked around to Tara's front.

"Lick it clean," she commanded, offering the soiled staff to the shy witch's

After giving her lover a beseeching look, which had no apparent effect on
Willow, Tara reluctantly wrapped her lips around the magic dildo, then slowly
sucked and licked its entire length clean.

"Good job, slave," Willow grinned. She tenderly petted Tara's blonde tresses
while admiring the now squeaky clean Mr. Cocky Fantastico. "You just spared
yourself a tittie-whipping."

Winking at the wide-eyed blonde, Willow walked over to the throne-like chair
she'd installed in the dungeon and sat down. She regally inspected her four
very horny slaves and issued them a benevolent smile.

"Okay, girls," she spoke, "it's your turn now to have some fun with Tara."

Her four slaves eagerly jumped to their feet and seemed about ready to rush
the helpless blonde when Willow held out a halting hand and stopped them in
their tracks.

"No more then two at the same time," the witch quickly decreed. "You'll each
get half an hour during which you can fuck or discipline Tara anyway you
like, as long as you don't permanently harm her... Buffy and Dawn, you may
go first, after your half hour playtime has passed Faith and Cordelia will
have their turn."

Buffy and Dawn smiled and high-fived each other while Cordelia and Faith
traded a sullen look and sat back down again.

The two Summers girls held a short whispered discussion before walking over
to Tara and freeing the blonde from the stockade. They dragged the weakly
struggling witch to the middle of the basement where a pair of fur-lined
cuffs dangled down from the ceiling. After locking Tara's wrists in the
cuffs, they used a pulley to lift the blonde up until she was hanging from
her wrists with her feet dangling a couple of inches above the floor.

The sisters giggled as Tara desperately tried to touch the floor with her
toes so she could take some of her weight off her arms. After watching the
blonde swing awkwardly back-and-forth for a minute, they walked over to the
east wall on which all the punishment instruments were displayed and picked
out their favourite tool to use on Tara. Dawn selected a cat-o-nine tails
while Buffy picked out a leather strap.

Proudly brandishing their instruments of pain, they headed back to the blonde
and took their positions: Buffy standing behind Tara and Dawn standing in
front. On cue, both sisters swung their punishment tools against their
respective targets. Dawn's cat-o-nine tails struck Tara's big tits while
Buffy's leather strap landed with a loud SMACK!!! on the blonde's already
well-punished buttocks.

'Looks like you're getting your tittie-whipping after all, lover,' Willow
thought to herself while watching Tara's punishment with growing excitement.

Tara howled in pain while the two sisters systematically worked over nearly
every inch of her exposed flesh with the strap and cat-o-nine tails. Buffy
aimed her strokes mostly on the blonde's butt while occasionally whipping
Tara's thighs or back. Dawn on the other hand varied her strokes much more.
With youthful enthusiasm the teen whipped Tara's tits, thighs, belly, and

Suddenly they switched and Buffy was swinging the heavy strap directly into
Tara's tender tits & pussy while Dawn worked over every inch of her back,
butt and legs with the cat-o-nine tails.

When the two Summers girls finally ended the whipping, Tara was barely
conscious, and obediently let herself be dragged back to the stockade and
locked into her previous position. She dazedly watched through half-lidded
eyes as Dawn crawled underneath her and closed a couple of nipple-clamps on
her teats. The pain was intense but paled by comparison to what she'd
already been through.

Humming her favourite Britney Spears' song (Oops! I did it again), Dawn
coated her right hand with a generous amount of lube, and then put away the
bottle. Grabbing the chain connected to Tara's nipple-clamps with her left
hand, she pulled on it while forcing her right hand into the blonde witch's

Meanwhile, Buffy had strapped on a 12" dildo and poured some lube on it.
Stepping behind Tara, she grabbed the witch's waist and slowly worked the
foot long phallus into the blonde's behind. When she got most of it inside,
she pulled back out and then in again... and it wasn't long before she's
pounding into Tara's ass with a steady rhythm.

Tara grunted loudly as Buffy's foot long dildo and Dawnie's fist pounded
both her holes. Her sexual torture was increased by the jolts of pain she
felt shooting through her tits every time Dawn decided to yank on the
nipple chain. What made things even worse was the humiliating realization
that despite the pain she's in, she's also about to have another orgasm...
Despite desperately trying to stop it (or maybe because of that), she came
harder than ever before. While screaming in release, Tara literally saw
fireworks... then everything grew dark as she lost consciousness.

When she came too, Willow was busy tending to her poor abused body. The
redhead gently rubbed a soothing lotion all over her bruised butt, tortured
tits and her painful pussy while chanting a healing spell. Despite the
hacker's tender touch, even the slightest contact with her abused charms
made her whimper.

Even though Tara knew that Willow's the one who put her in this position, all
she wanted right now was to snuggle into her lover's embrace and go to sleep
with the comforting knowledge that she's finally safe. But for some reason,
she was still locked in the stockade since Willow had neglected to free her.

"Okay, she's ready for you now." Tara heard her lover say. She turned her
head to see who Willow was talking to and blanched when she saw Cordy and
Faith standing beside her with big smiles on their faces, both holding a
sturdy leather strap. Feeling a wave of fear wash over her, she turned
pleading eyes on Willow and made urgent humming noises, desperately trying
to make her understand that she'd learned her lesson and didn't need
anymore punishment. She'd do whatever Willow wants from now on.

When her lover avoided her eyes and walked back to her throne, Tara's fear
changed to dejection and finally acceptance. If what Willow wants right now,
is for her to be punished some more, then so be it.

However, her acceptance didn't make the pain any less as Cordelia and Faith
rained a series of blows upon her sore and sensitive butt. She screamed in
pain as the two brunettes used their heavy leather straps to make mincemeat
out of her poor ass. And she screamed some more when the whipping ended and
Cordelia buggered her from behind with an enormous studded dildo.

When the former cheerleader was finally finished with her, they flipped her
over, keeping her in the stockade but placing her in an even more awkward
and uncomfortable position than before. Her left wrist was now locked in
the hole that used to hold her right wrist and her left ankle was locked in
the hole that used to hold her right ankle, which meant that she was now
facing the ceiling with her legs spread wide and her arms stretched behind
her, holding herself up.

The two sadistic brunettes lined up in front of her and took turns whipping
her wide-open cunt as well as her breasts and belly. It took only a few
minutes of this before she was delirious with pain, but the whipping
continued for at least ten minutes. Then they took a break during which
Faith fucked her pussy with the same studded dildo that Cordelia had used
on her ass. The dark Slayer didn't stop fucking her until she'd managed to
make her cum again, adding to her humiliation.

After that, the brunettes' time was almost over, but they managed to make
good use out of the few minutes they still had left. While Faith continued
whipping Tara's tits and cunt, Cordelia straddled the blonde's face and
waited for the exact moment the witch opened her mouth to unleash a stream
of urine. After making the shy witch drink all her piss, Cordelia managed
to add to the blonde's already immense humiliation by forcing Tara to lick
her cunt clean before swapping places with Faith.

Willow watched with a combination of awe, anger, and disbelief as Cordelia
calmly took over whipping duties after having just taken a leak into her
lover's mouth. Meanwhile, Faith was already straddling Tara's face with the
obvious intent of repeating Cordy's actions. She was suddenly having serious
second doubts about her decision to allow her slaves to have their way with
her lover. Even in just half an hour they could obviously do plenty of
damage. But it was too late to change her mind now... Tara's punishment is
already nearly over.

She absently played with her slit while listening to Faith tell Tara, "Okay,
blondie... are you going to open yer mouth voluntarily, or do I need to pinch
your nose shut until you open yer trap to get some air?"

And stuck a couple of fingers inside her wet hole when her lover obediently
opened her mouth and allowed the dark Slayer to use her mouth as a toilet.
While Faith shot a stream of hot piss in Tara's mouth, Willow urgently
fingered her pussy while rubbing her erect clit... When Tara licked Faith's
pussy clean, and Cordelia swung her strap for the last time straight into
her lover's exposed cunt, she came.

After sending her slaves away, Willow freed Tara from the stockade, cancelled
the no-speech spell she'd put on the blonde, and reapplied a fresh coating of
healing ointment on Tara's tits, pussy, and backside.

The redhead flinched slightly as she examined her lover's delicious round
ass. Tara's formerly unblemished alabaster cheeks were now a blue-red mass
of welts and bruises. It hurt just to LOOK at it.

"I'm sorry, Willow! I'M SO SORRY!!!" the blonde babbled while Willow tenderly
massaged the slick salve into her aching ass, soothing the terrible pain. "I
won't EVER leave you again, I swear!"

"Shhhh, I know, sweetie," Willow whispered, a satisfied smile on her face
while she stroked her soulmate's hair, "I know."

~ ~ ~

Willow awoke covered in sweat and feeling totally drained. A quick glance
at the window confirmed that it's still dark outside, which in turn confirmed
that her alarm clock wasn't malfunctioning when indicating that only two
hours had passed since her fevered fantasies began. It seemed more like two
WEEKS to her.

"Whoa!" the witch said out loud, still shaken by the intensity and content of
her sex dreams. This was without a doubt the strangest and most erotic dream
she ever had... and also the most discomforting, taking most of the dream's
contents into account combined with the bizarre phenomenon of experiencing
some parts of it from some of the other girls' point of view.

It had also been shockingly realistic. As if she'd seen a pornographic
glimpse of a possible future.

Willow shuddered.

'Oh, well... I just need to put it out of my mind, it's not like I'm actually
planning to make that crazy dream come true. The... incident today with
Dawnie was a one time thing, which will never happen again...I'm already
totally resolved not to touch her again in a sexual way, no matter how strong
the temptation... and there'll no more spankings, either... I just hope she
doesn't tempt me by acting like a total bitch again.'

Suddenly, a crystal clear image of a totally naked Dawn, crawling on her
hands and knees, popped up in her mind. The teenager was wearing a collar
with a leash attached to it that Willow herself was holding; the brunette
also had a large buttplug stuck up her ass with a fluffy fake tail attached
to it that shook merrily back and forth. The witch burst out in a fit of
laughter at this mental imagery.

After she'd finished laughing, Willow was surprised to discover that she's
once again aroused. But then again, why should she be surprised? After all,
the mental image of lil' Dawnie naked on a leash, would be enough to give a
hard-on to a stiff.

'Spike comes to mind,' Willow considered, snickering to herself.

Despite some initial misgivings, she began replaying the mental imagery of
a naked Dawn on a leash over and over again in her head while diddling her
slit. She really needed to cum and this was simply the quickest way to
achieve that goal, Willow reasoned.

'I mean what the hell... It's just a little fantasy, and I'm not harming
anyone, so what could it hurt?'

* * *

On the other side of town, at a magically-hidden location, the warlock Rack
was sitting in a throne-like chair, staring seemingly into nothingness.

Slowly, a smile appeared on his scarred features. "Ah, yes! I see the witch
is coming along nicely. Already the seed of corruption I planted inside her
is spreading. It won't be long before she's unable to resist her desires
and uses her magic to make them come true... then there'll be no turning

"So I did good, master?"

Rack directed his gaze at the young woman kneeling naked before him.

"Yes, you did very well, Amy," he answered benignly. "You're assistance in
convincing Ms. Rosenberg to make use of my services was invaluable. Once
our young witch is completely enthralled by the black magicks she's tasted
today, I'll receive my reward and you'll receive yours."

Rack's words caused an eager smile to appear on the blonde witch's lips.
Gazing devotedly at her master, Amy's eyes suddenly detected a large bulge
in Rack's black leather pants. She licked her lips while a hungry gleam
appeared in her eyes.

"Master... could I... for now..." Amy stared beseechingly back and forth
between her master's face and his bulging crotch.

Rack smiled. Unzipping his fly, he let his 9" erection pop out. "Go ahead,
pet - you've earned it."

Like a hungry animal, Amy Madison dived forwards and buried her head into
her master's lap, eagerly swallowing his erection. A look of utter bliss
appeared on her face as some of the rich, dark magic that inhabited Rack's
body flowed through the warlock's hard cock inside her. As Amy felt the
intoxicating power of the black magic run through her, she started sucking
even more enthusiastically, gradually swallowing the dark mage's entire 9"

With Rack's cock stuck in her throat, and his magic flowing through her
veins, Amy's eyes turned pitch-black. 'Oh, Goddess! This feels incredible!
I need to have more!!!'

Amy knew of a more direct way to absorb Rack's magic. Yanking her mouth
away from his cock, she stood up and quickly straddled her master's lap.
With a sigh of contentment, she sank down on the warlock's stiff pole and
started riding him in a frenzy.

Rack dispassionately studied the frantic witch from beneath his half-lidded
eyes. 'These dark-magic junkies are simply too easy to control. They'll do
literally *anything* for a small taste of my power... I do hope that Ms.
Rosenberg will provide more of a challenge than this witch was.'

To be continued...


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