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RATING/PAIRING: NC 17, Xander/Willow, Angelus/Drusilla, Xander/Kendra,
Willow/Drusilla/Kendra (MF,FFF,nc,oral,fist)

SETTING: Season 2 episode `Bothered, Bewitched and Bewildered' but with a

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NOTE: While acts of rape occur in this story, the author does not agree with
such actions, in fact he thinks they are sick and disgusting and that real
life perpetrators should have their bollocks removed with red hot prongs.
However, since this is just a work of fantasy, he is allowing it just this
once. Just remember, this is just fantasy. Thank you and have a good time
reading ;)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sired, Seduced And Stupefied Part 6
by ValleyBoy69 ([email protected])

Three weeks and no sign of Xander. Giles had been waiting for something big
to happen but to no avail. Buffy, Joyce and Jenny were being kept under lock
and key in the Summers' home. Any time that he given them even an tiny bit
of freedom they would try to escape to be with Xander. It was almost
impossible to control them. Initially there he had to jump into the fray to
prevent catfights between them as they argued over which of them Xander
loved the most but after two weeks they just settled for talking about his
qualities. It was getting too much for the Watcher.

On top of all of that, he was trying to keep Oz under control. His usual calm
nature was disappearing with each passing day as they still hadn't heard or
seen anything of Willow. It was increasingly obvious that she was dead but
whether or not Xander had brought her back as a vampire wasn't known. Just
like the boy himself was missing from action, so was she if indeed she had
been turned.

Oz paced the room over and over as Giles pored through several books in order
to find an antidote to the infatuation spell that Xander had made Jenny cast.
She refused to put an end to it in the hopes that she could have Xander for
herself when he "came for her." It was useless and they all knew it but Giles
needed to make it seem like he was still in control while everything around
him spiralled into chaos. On the bright side, Angelus' campaign of
psychological torture against Buffy that he had been running since he lost
his soul was being kept to a minimum. Giles never saw him when he went out
on patrol at night but occasionally he felt those familiar eyes on the back
of his neck. Angelus was enjoying every minute of the pain that Xander was
causing them all so it was as though he didn't need to do anything himself.

Giles closed another book and threw it across the room in a fit of anger. Oz
turned to him, a concerned expression on his face that was slowly becoming a
permanent feature, but said nothing. The Watcher sighed and got to his feet.
"I'm making a pot of tea," he said quietly. "Do you want any?" Oz shook his
head and continued pacing. Giles walked into the kitchen and looked out of
the window. Removing his glasses, he wiped a tear of frustration from his
eye and began filling up the kettle. Something was going to happen soon. He
knew it.

* * *

"Yeah, that's it," Angelus groaned as Drusilla's head slid back and forth
along his erect cock. She lapped greedily at it, wrapping her tongue around
the head, covering it in her saliva. Removing the long shaft slowly from her
mouth, she began to plant kisses over every inch of it until she finally
reached his balls. She licked then, taking one into her mouth at a time,
driving Angelus crazy with delight. Grabbing the thick rod between her
fingers, she jerked him off then gulped it down into her mouth again.

Dru put her head at an angle so that her throat was a straight shot for the
cock that was pumping into her. They both wanted to be in control of the
situation. Drusilla was getting wetter by the minute as Angelus started to
shoving his cock deeper and deeper down her throat and she kept taking it.
He began pounded her mouth wildly, like a madman so that his balls were
hitting her chin each time his dick popped down her throat. She didn't need
to breathe and so was able to take it every time without choking. The
gorgeous vampiress could feel every throb of his thick member as she sucked
hungrily on it. Suddenly his cock began to throb even harder and pulsated
wildly in Dru's mouth, and she felt the cold cum as it splashed inside her
mouth. She kept on sucking him, trying to take in every blast that filled
her waiting mouth until finally he let her have one last jet of his sticky

Finally Drusilla pulled Angelus' cock out of her mouth and opened it up,
showing him her tongue, still covered in the warm semen. She toyed with it
in her mouth for a while then spat it back onto the tip of his dick. "You're
fantastic, Dru," he groaned as she covered his tool with her mouth once more
and finally swallowed the cum, taking it deep into her stomach.

"I know," she finally replied. "I just thought it was very naughty to play
with your food."

"Not when it's like that, baby," Angelus smiled as he put his cock away and
helped Dru back to her feet. The last few weeks had given him the chance to
get to know her in ways that he never thought possible while Spike was
around. He considered thanking Xander for staking him but thought better of
it. The boy was getting cockier every time he saw him. The more kills he had
the better he thought he was. For a newly turned vampire, he seemed to think
he was in charge and as far as Angelus was concerned there was no way he'd
give him an even bigger ego boost.

* * *

Elsewhere, Xander had just finished draining a girl and let her body drop to
the floor. He was standing on the upper level of the Bronze looking down at
the dance floor below. He smiled. No sign of Buffy in weeks and the vampires
of the town were having a field day. He was a little disappointed he wasn't
get enough credit for putting her out of commission but at least life was
good. He considered paying the Slayer another visit some time soon. He could
probably sneak into her house without Giles catching him and have his wicked
way with her again but thought better of it. As much as he loved taking
risks, he wanted to play it safe for a while.

"Well? What was she like?" a voice behind him asked.

"Not bad, Will," he replied, feelings Willow's cold arms wrapping around his
torso. He smiled. "I feel a little funky though. I think maybe she'd popped
a few pills before she got here."

"Mmmm... Second hand high. I love it."

"And how exactly would you know that," Xander smirked, turning around to
face Willow and look down into her beautiful eyes. She had recently taken
to wearing a lot of leather and the corset she currently had on made her
breasts almost fall out of the top. "I thought you were far too innocent
to be doing... drugs," he added with a touch of irony and mock horror. He
reached forward and kissed her, biting into her lip with his fangs and
tasting the blood that flowed out of the fresh wound.

She pulled back and growled with excitement, pushing him against the barrier
that ran around the balcony. Her hands fumbled to unzip his pants and pull
out his already erect cock. She looked down at the stiff rod in her hand and
smiled. "Hard for me already, I see."

"You know what your blood does to me, Will," Xander smiled as he helped pull
her tight leather pants down. She wasn't wearing panties underneath and just
lifted her leg to lower herself down onto his manhood. She gasped as he
penetrated her completely then wrapped her arms around his neck and started
to rhythmically move up and down on his cock. He gripped the bars behind him
and let Willow do all the work. She knew exactly what to do as she let her
body slide up and down his shaft, manipulating it so it hit the right spot.
"Oh yeah," Xander smiled, enjoying the sensation of her pussy muscles
tightening around his member. "Fuck me good, Will."

"You make me so hot," Willow whispered seductively into his ear as she fucked
him to the beat of the music that the band on the stage below played. "I just
wanna screw you `til you explode." Xander reached for her back and began to
clumsily untie her corset. It fell down between their bodies to reveal
Willow's firm, round breasts. Xander pushed his face into them and began to
lick the sensitive pink nipples, making Willow grind his cock with her pussy
even more. "Oh yeah," she hissed. "Suck my titties. Mmmm... That feels so
good!" Xander shifted his attention between both of her breasts, giving each
nipple just the right amount of tongue work to drive Willow crazy. "Oh yeah!
Bite them! Yessss..." Xander dug his fangs into her left breast then let a
trickle of blood drip down over the precious mounds before licking it up.

Willow's juices were flowing freely from her cunt and coating Xander's cock
in a glimmering sheen. Her face morphed into its vampire form. She sunk her
teeth into his neck and began to drink his blood while continuing to bounce
up and down his thick shaft. She knew she was about to cum and threw her
head back, screaming obscenities that would never have made it through her
lips when she was human. Thankfully the band was playing too loud for anyone
downstairs to hear them but Willow rode out her orgasm on Xander's cock
until he finally let himself go and blasted his load deep into her body.

The red haired vampire dismounted her lover and picked her clothes up. She
scooped up a trail of blood from her nipple and fed it to her mouth with a
smile. "We really ought to do this more often," she grinned as she dressed
herself again. Xander agreed wholeheartedly.

* * *

The dark skinned girl stood in the doorway to Buffy's house with a small
travelling bag in her hand. "You called for me?" she asked the exhausted
looking Giles who stood on the threshold with a surprised expression on his

"I wasn't, uh, aware of that," he replied. "In fact, I fear you're the last
person who should be here."

"What?" Kendra said, looking at the Watcher curiously. "Mr Zabuto sent me
here on the orders of the Council. I thought that the request for assistance
came from you."

"I'm afraid not but please... Come in." Giles stepped aside for the Slayer
to walk in. He looked nervously out into the street that was still basking
in the late afternoon sunlight before closing the door behind him. By the
time he got into the living room Kendra had already put her bag down and was
looking getting odd glances from Oz. "Um... Kendra, this is Daniel
Osbourne... Oz. Oz, this is Kendra. She's..."

"Can I take a guess and say... a Slayer?" Oz interjected, noticing the
Jamaican girl lift a crossbow out of her bag. "And how'd you fit that in

"You'd be surprised," Kendra replied. "The tricky part is getting it through

"I'd imagine." Oz quickly turned to Giles. "You sent for her? Why didn't you
tell me?"

"I-I'm afraid I'm not entirely sure. What do you know?" the Watcher asked

"The Council got word that the Slayer was out of commission for reasons they
wouldn't tell my Watcher. He sent me here to deal with the problems. We can
hardly let the Hellmouth go unguarded can we?"

Giles took his glasses off his face and proceeded to clean them with a
handkerchief he removed from his jacket pocket. "That's true but I'm afraid
you may not be able to handle the situation. This one requires a particular
kind of attention."

"It's a vampire. I fight it, beat it and stake it. Sounds simple enough."

"It's Xander."

"What?" Kendra said, a little stunned and not comprehending Giles' words
exactly. "You mean the boy... Buffy's friend." Giles nodded. "How did it

"It's a long story," the Watcher sighed as he put his glasses back on.
"There was a love spell that backfired. It made Xander easy prey for a
female vampire that felt it appropriate to turn him so that she could
have him forever." He shook his head sadly. "But once he woke again he
felt a need to exploit the effects of the spells and began to use it
to... to exploit any women he could."

"My god," Kendra replied. "And Buffy?"

"One of his first victims. Any female who set her eyes on him was immediately

The Slayer nodded. "And that is why I cannot fight him?"

"No," Giles answered. "He had the spell changed. He wants a challenge. He
wants to seduce and from what I've read of the new spell, the moment someone
is filled by his... his demonic seed, they will obsess about him...
dangerously so."

"So it cannot effect me? Good," Kendra noted, the fear subsiding from her
voice only to be replaced by a cold determination. "Then I kill him."

"It's not that simple. He knows things... He's manipulative."

"He is a vampire. I know he is your friend but do I have your permission to
dispose of him?"

"I..." Giles began.

"Yes," Oz said harshly. "For what he did to Willow... hell yes!"

"Excellent." Kendra grabbed her crossbow and a handful of stakes and headed
through the door. Giles tried to call her back, telling her to rest first
but to no avail. She was out on the hunt and nothing was going to stop her.
She was the Slayer and she would get revenge for what happened to Buffy.

* * *

Xander stalked silently along the high wall that circled the Crawford Street
cemetery near the mansion. A young couple walked along the pavement below
hand in hand. It amused the vampire to see these humans so happy. It made
him just want to rip their throats out and drink the warm blood that must
have been flowing through them right now. He stopped himself though. There
was going to be something a lot tastier around soon, all he had to do was

As he crouched on the wall, hidden by the shade of a large tree in the corner
of the graveyard, he thought about everything that had happened in the last
month. It would have shocked those who knew him how much he'd changed but in
his mind it was the perfect transition from high school loser with fantasies
of grandeur to sly, sexy vampire with the strength and ability to make those
fantasies real. He hadn't even considered going home and doubted that his
parents even noticed that he was gone and if they had they probably didn't
care. Most people in his situation would have killed them as soon as they
rose from the dead but not Xander. He only killed the beautiful ones... the
fresh ones...

His gaze wandered to a young girl walking alone by the wall. She can't have
been older than fifteen with long dark brown hair flowing down her back. She
clutched several school books close to her chest as she quickened her pace
upon reaching the boundary of the cemetery. Xander ran along ahead of her
then jumped down, making her shriek and drop what she was carrying. "I'm
sorry," he smiled seductively. "I wasn't looking where I was going. Here, let
me help." He kneeled down to pick up a book at which point his eyes connected
with the girl's. "Now what's a girl like you doing here at this time of
night?" he asked.

"I-I..." she stammered. "I had detention."

"A bad girl, huh?" the vampire grinned. "And here was me thinking you were
so innocent."

"Uh..." she didn't know what to say. Xander threw the book in his hand onto
the road and pushed the girl into the wall, exposing his yellow eyes and
sharp fangs to her. She tried to scream but he covered her mouth and prepared
to bite...

...when something hard and cold hit the back of his head, sending him reeling
backwards. "Get away from here, girl!" a familiar but foreign voice shouted.
"Go!" His would-be victim ran off into the distance, not bothering to collect
her belongings. Xander saw who he was now facing and contorted his face into
an expression of mock hurt.

"Hey, you hurt me," he said.

"I will be doing more than that, vampire," Kendra growled, a long staff with
pointed ends gripped firmly in her hands.

"Hope you're not planning to stick me with that, `cause I can only imagine
the damage it'd do to my shirt," Xander quipped as he got into a fighting
stance. "If I'd known you'd be here I wouldn't have reversed that spell.
Fucking two Slayers in less than a month... I'd be the talk of the vampire
community." Kendra lurched at him. He ducked another blow from the staff
and sidestepped a swing intended to trip him up. "Still, it could happen,

"You are an animal!" the Slayer called out.

"Maybe, but you'd be surprised how much the girls like a bit of the wild in
a guy. I should've realised that when I was still alive."

"You know, I think you were funnier then."

"And you didn't have a sense of humour. Guess we must've swapped over." With
that he leaped into the air and landed on the other side of the wall in the
cemetery itself. Seconds later Kendra followed him having vaulted in with
her weapon. "Still, it's good to see you're still as determined as ever."

Kendra flew at him, one of the pointed ends of her staff aimed at his heart.
It was a test of his reactions. She knew she couldn't stake him that easily.
He stepped out of the way and grabbed the pole halfway through and used the
Slayer's momentum to spin her around towards a tree. She jumped up and
somersaulted over the staff before it collided but the weapon shattered in
half upon impact. Kendra landed on her feet and smiled. "Not bad for a new

"And you're not bad for a new Slayer. I'd say we were on equal footing here."

"I doubt that," Kendra responded as she did a cartwheel towards Xander, her
feet hitting him in the face as she came back down. She followed it up by a
quick uppercut which knocked him off his balance.

He stepped back and wiped the blood that was coming from his nose. "This is
fun," he smiled. "But let's get to the point." In seconds he was holding her
by the throat up against the tree. "You're not gonna stake me."

She punched him in the stomach and he staggered back several feet giving her
the chance to be on top of him, pinning him to the ground. "Don't be sure of
yourself, creature of evil," she hissed.

"You could just call me Xander. It's a lot less formal," he joked, reaching
up to stop her from grabbing a stake from her pocket. He was lying on the
damp grass with Kendra straddling him, desperately struggling to get her
hands on a weapon. Xander kicked forward, sending her flying through the air.
She landed with a thud, knocking the wind out of her. Their positions were
now switched as Xander towered over her, holding her hands together with one
of his while the other hovered just millimetres above her chest. "Now," he
began. "What do we have here?"

Kendra struggled underneath him as he began to massage her breasts under
the green top she was wearing. "Mmmm... You're pretty big, huh?" he smiled
evilly, reaching up under it to touch her unsupported tits. He rolled her
nipples with his fingers. "I wouldn't mind getting my mouth around them..."

"No... No..." Kendra cried. "You bastard! Please... No..."

He reached down and hitched her skirt up her hips, then with expert precision
and vampire strength twisted, and snapped her panties off her body. He threw
then aside and looked down at the fear-stricken Slayer who had no idea how to
react. She had been brought up with the only man in her life being her
Watcher and could never imagine things to be this horrific. Xander looked
down at her soft nearly naked pussy and thighs spread wide open. He touched
the soft, light brown skin, tracing up her thighs before stopping at her
pussy. "Come on, Slayer," he tormented her. "I thought you'd put up more of
a fight than this."

She gave one more show of force but he held her down completely. Even her
Slayer strength was failing her now as she froze with fear. Xander pulled
her top up over her breasts and her nipples hardened almost instantly in the
cool night air. He lowered his mouth to one and began to suck on it while he
massaged the large mound with his strong hands. Kendra wanted to fight back
but it was impossible. She knew what was going to happen and she couldn't
stop it. All of her training meant nothing. A tear rolled down her cheek.

His cold hand ran down her side and along the inside of her thigh until it
reached it's destination. Very slowly he parted her pussy lips with his
fingers and began to work on her clit with his thumb. "I'm going to make you
enjoy this, Slayer," he smiled down at her, "By the end of tonight I'm gonna
have you screaming for my cock in your pussy. You're gonna want me to fuck
you until you scream..."

"N-never..." Kendra said, trying to sound tougher than she felt. She wriggled
under him as her body responded to his work on her clit, coaxing her pussy to
grow wet and warm for him. He began to slide his hand along her slit and
slowly pushed a finger between her pink folds and inside her tight hole. He
could feel her muscles clamping around his fingers in subconscious protest.
He licked her breasts lightly while his fingers continued to work at her
pussy. When he felt she was wet enough he reached down to release his hard
cock from his pants then moved his hips forward and stroked the length of his
manhood up and down her slit to lubricate himself in preparation.

He stopped for a moment and looked down on her. She had her eyes screwed up
tight trying not to look at him. "I'm giving you one last to fight me off. I
gotta say, I'm deeply disappointed. I expected a lot more from you."

"Please no..." she whimpered quietly.

"That's it? God!" Xander shook his head as he finally eased his cock into her
pussy. Kendra's body tensed up in an attempt to keep him out but he forced
himself all the way in up to the hilt. He covered her mouth to stop her from
calling out in pain as her bust her cherry. He smiled lecherously down at her
and groaned loudly as he increased his speed and slammed into her innocent
body harder and faster with each thrust. He could feel her inner muscles
tremble and tighten around his cock so he pushed himself into her, forcing
her body to move under his.

His shaft plunged repeatedly into her soaking pussy, and he knew that he was
close to release and as soon as his seed was in her she'd be another of his
sluts. He thrust into her over and over again, increasing his pace as he
reached his climax. He gave her no time to fight back anymore. She howled
and her body leapt up against his as she felt his cum shoot into her pussy,
filling her up so much that it leaked out of her hole and onto the ground
under her. He stopped his movements and looked at her with a smile on his
face. "Well, that was a disappointment," he scoffed. "My first rape and you
didn't even kick and scream."

Finally after a few moments, Xander pulled out of Kendra and left her panting
on the floor. She felt dizzy, as though she wasn't completely in control of
her own body. She cursed herself for being so weak. She hated herself and
Xander in equal measures. She wanted him dead if only to take away the shame
she felt at what he did to her. The dizziness was getting stronger. The more
she looked at the vampire towering over her with his flaccid cock still
hanging out from his pants the less disgust she felt. She was falling for
him. She'd do anything for him. Before the feelings drowned her completely,
she remembered Mr Giles' warnings about the spell Xander had cast. He'd
planned on it happening like this! No. No! "Yessss..." she smiled as she
reached up for Xander's cock. "Let me make you hard again."

"Go for it," Xander said, revelling the feeling of the Slayer's small hands
gripping his cock. She leaned towards it and licked the excess cum from the
end of it. It jumped a little at the touch of her tongue and all she had to
do was jerk it a few more times until he was back to his peak again. For the
hundredth time at least he praised the god of vampires if there even was one
for giving him that ability.

Kendra moved her face closer towards the stiff pole, a little nervously at
first then with increasing confidence until it was right by her mouth. She
stretched her lips and let it slip in between them. Soon she was moving her
head along it, sliding her lips around his thickness. She started exploring
his shaft with her tongue and sucking him tentatively and cautiously as this
was her first time trying this. Xander groaned loudly and gripped her head
tightly between his hands, tangling her hair in his fingers.

Soon he was plunging his meat staff into her mouth, fucking it like he was
just doing to her cunt. She began to gag a little but managed to keep up with
him, sucking more readily. She closed her eyes and released a soft moan that
vibrated around his cock. She quickened her pace, tightening her lips around
his shaft. "You've got the hang of this, Slayer slut," he moaned as his
thrusts continued in time with her head movements. He was about to reach his
climax for the second time and could feel that this time was going to be
explosive. "Get ready bitch," he hissed.

His cock suddenly burst inside her mouth, his cum hitting the back of her
throat like an ice cold torrent, filling her until the sticky goo leaked down
her lips and over her chin, leaving a sticky layer dripping down between her
breasts. She gagged more but managed swallowed as much as she could as he
continued to shoot into her mouth. Eventually, after what seemed like a
blissful eternity, he finished and withdrew his cock from between her lips,
smearing some cum on her cheek, almost branding her with his vampire seed.

"She didn't give it to you so easily as the rest," a sing-song voice nearby
chimed. "But give it she did... and very well indeed."

"Ah Dru," Xander smiled. "Did to enjoy the show?"

"Oh, it was very much enjoyable at the start. She whimpered like a kitten in
a shoebox. I liked that very much but then she liked it too much. I was most

"I liked that part," Xander replied, looking down at Kendra who was now
wiping the cum from her face and licking it from her fingers. She glanced up
at him submissively. "Slayers are build for sucking and fucking not killing.
I'll have to remember that when the next one comes." He grasped Kendra's
head tight between his hands and prepared to snap her neck.

"No!" Dru called out. "I want her. I want to play with the little Slayer."

Xander raised an eyebrow but finally relented. How could he deny Drusilla
that fun. "Go ahead... And how about letting Willow join in the fun too?
She's become quite the fan of girl on girl action. I'd never have guessed
when she was alive!"

"I will. The pretty tree girl will dance for joy when I show her what I've
brought her."

"You do that," Xander said, a little distracted. "I've got something to

"Oh what fun!" Drusilla smiled as she helped Kendra to her feet. "We're going
to have a wonderful time together, aren't we?" The Slayer looked pleadingly
in the direction of Xander. Dru grabbed her hand and pulled her away. "He
wants us to have fun. And you wouldn't want to hurt his feelings would you?"
Kendra shook her head submissively and followed the vampiress out of the
cemetery. Deep inside, in the part of her mind that knew what was going on,
she continued to curse herself for her stupidity.

* * *

Kendra hit the ground hard after being thrown down by Drusilla. She wanted
Xander but he had left in the hands of this crazy yet oddly attractive
vampire. Having been brought up in a remote location where the only man she
met was her Watcher meant Kendra had been used to turning to other Slayers
in Training for comfort but it never went as far as she was sure she was
going to be made to go very soon.

"Please..." she pleaded. "Just take me back to Xander... I want to pleasure

"Oooh, what do we have here?" a voice coming from the shadows cooed
excitedly. Drusilla turned around to see Willow walk in, fresh from a kill
and still with a little blood in the corner of her mouth. "Mmm... salty
goodness," she grinned upon seeing Kendra helpless on the floor. "A gift
from Xander?" Dru nodded excitedly. "That boy loves me so much."

"Now now, kitten," Drusilla interjected. "He said she's for both of us to

Willow shrugged. "I can handle that." She crouched down next to Kendra who
was still practically naked with a ripped shirt exposing her ample, chocolate
coloured breasts and nothing else. The redhead trailed her hand down the
Slayer's slight but firm body until she reached the small tuft of black hair
at her crotch. "Have you ever eaten pussy?" She smiled at the look of horror
on Kendra's face. "I guess I've changed a lot since you saw me last," she
said playfully. "It's funny what losing your soul and gaining all that
confidence does to you." She laid herself down next to the Slayer, wrapping
her arm around the terrified girl's body, gently stroking her soft skin. "You
know, I liked you then just as much as I do now... But now I can do something
about it."

Kendra shuddered involuntarily as Willow's cold hand reached down to her
pussy. It send a tingling feeling through her body with, for a moment,
counteracted the disgust she felt at being touched in that way by a vampire.
In her mind Xander was different. She couldn't figure out why exactly but he
was. In the back of her mind, her subconscious was constantly trying to
remind her it was all a spell but to no avail. She had to let these two
undead women touch her because it was what Xander wanted and as ridiculous
as that seemed, it made sense to her.

Willow reached behind her back to unclasp her corset. Dru was already behind
her, helping to release the strings while planting cold kisses along her
fellow vampire's shoulder. Willow moaned quietly and snaked her arm back to
stroke Drusilla's long silky hair. "Oh, kitten knows what she's doing," Dru
purred, pulling Willow around and crushing her lips against the girl's. She
responded in kind and pushed her tongue into the older vampire's mouth,
exploring it deeply as her clothes fell to the floor. She began to do the
same to Dru, pulling the straps of her dress over her shoulders until the
whole thing slid down her slim body to the floor. Drusilla stood before
Willow and Kendra in her completely naked glory. Her dark hair contrasted
perfectly with her pale white skin. Her breasts weren't large but just the
right size for cupping in her hands as Willow had been discovering a lot in
recent weeks. The redhead licked her lips. "Not now pet," Dru said. "We have
the little Slayer girl to play with first."

"Spoilsport," Willow responded with a coy smile spread across her face. She
looked over at Kendra who watched in amazement at how the two vampires were
around each other. They were so free, so sensuous. It was as though this
kind of open relationship was common among their kind. She had studied
vampires killing and hunting habits with her Watcher but never understood
how soulless creatures could form relationships. She was almost mesmerized
by the two of them and couldn't help but stare at Drusilla's body in awe.
"Now Slayer..." Willow said, getting down on her knees in front of Kendra.
"We're going to have that fun we were talking so much about."

Willow gently eased Kendra's knees apart as far as they could spread,
lowering her head down in between her them. She began to run her tongue up
Kendra's slit, savouring the taste of the Slayer. Kendra shivered with
pleasure, the last thing she expected. Somehow this vampire was taking her
fear away and all she wanted was to enjoy this. She could feel herself
getting wet as Willow gently nibbled on her outer lips then started to flick
her tongue at her hard clit. Kendra's juices began to flow readily as she
felt herself being taken over by these amazing sensations. Soon her wetness
covered Willow's face as she sunk her tongue deep into the Slayer's hole,
letting it swirl around inside. Kendra's moans became louder and louder,
driving Willow into a wild pussy eating frenzy. She grabbed Kendra's hips
and pulled her hard towards her waiting mouth.

Kendra arched her back and threw back her head, letting out a loud whimper
that soon turned into groans of pleasure as her first orgasm began to wash
through her. Willow pressed her mouth harder into her pussy and started to
suck her throbbing as Kendra felt an explosion run from her sensitive bud
to the rest of her body. She couldn't believe what was happening to her.
Another woman... a vampire... was giving her the most amazing orgasm of her
life. All those years focusing on nothing more than training and duty... she
was missing out on this. At that moment she forgot all about her sacred
birthright. All she wanted was more feelings like this.

Before she could think of anything else, she felt another presence near her.
She opened her eyes to see Drusilla standing over her. "You're going to make
me happy, little puppy," she said, lowering her naked body towards Kendra's
face. The young Slayer wasn't sure what she was supposed to do but figured
she could work from what Willow was doing to her pussy right now. She slowly,
nervously extended her tongue into Dru's pussy and for a few moments let it
sit there, barely moving it at all unsure of how exactly to go about this.
One thing she noticed was how wet the vampiress already was and how sweet she
tasted. In all of her years of being brought up to hate and despise vampires
this just seemed so wrong but she just couldn't help herself.

Kendra began to swirl her tongue in small circles around Dru's clit, lapping
up the juices that dripped into her mouth. Dru moaned softly showing the
Slayer that she was definitely doing the right thing. Drusilla spread her
legs a little further apart and released several more encouraging groans
from her lips. She followed this up by moving even further onto Kendra's
face, grinding her pussy against the young Jamaican girl's face. The lapping
became even more frenzied as Dru approached her climax incredibly quickly.
The thought of overpowering a Slayer was driving her wild with delight.
"Yes, little Slayer, lick my hole. Mmmm... Yes..." It seemed strange. During
their previous meeting, Kendra had noticed how mad Drusilla was yet in the
throws of passion it appeared as though she was brought back to her senses.
Her moans became louder and high pitched as Kendra found herself getting
braver and started to drive her tongue into the vampire's dripping wet hole.
She clamped her lips against the little pink bud that had been rubbing
against her nose and began to suck on it. Drusilla threw her head back and
began to convulse manically as she came.

"That's right, little slut," Willow hissed from between Kendra's legs. "Keep
licking and I'll do something for you!" The redhead had stopped working on
the Slayer's cunt once she was quite happily lapping at Drusilla of her own
volition but she was already dying to taste her sweet, dark pussy again. She
leaned closer to the lips that glistened with a sheen of juices and ran her
tongue all the way from her ass up to Kendra's clit. The Slayer's whole body
shuddered with excitement. "Yesss..." Willow smiled. "You're our slut now
aren't you? You know you are!"

"Yuh-yes," Kendra said as she finally got to breath. Drusilla stepped away
from her and looked down. The young girl's face was covered in vampire
juices and she was quick to try and lick them up.

"No," Willow responded harshly. "Bad slut. That's for me to taste." She began
to kiss her way up Kendra's body, along her strong, firm stomach and towards
her breasts. While she sucked on the small, round nipples, her hand trailed
back down to the warm spot in between her legs and started to rhythmically
pump her index finger in and out of the wet pussy. Kendra responded with
several quiet moans. Willow built up the speed of her sucking while inserting
a second finger followed by a third. Kendra was bucking against her now,
wanting more and more. "Oh, I see," Willow grinned as she slid her hand
further in and then out again, revelling in the feeling of the soft, warm
wetness of Kendra's pussy.

Kendra's groans became louder as Willow kissed along her shoulder until she
was finally face to face with the young Slayer. She crushed her lips against
her victim's, savouring the taste of Drusilla's juices and Kendra's saliva
combined. This was turning her on even more. Her hand worked harder and
harder on Kendra's cunt, bringing her closer to the edge. Willow knew it
would take just a little more to send her over the edge once and for all.
She started to rub Kendra's clit with her thumb, slowly at first but quickly
increasing in speed. "Oooooh! Oooooh!" the Slayer sighed. Her eyes suddenly
shot open as Willow's hand slid all the way into her pussy. "Oh... Oh fuck!
Oh fuck yes!"

"The little Slayer slut likes my hand, huh?" Willow teased, turning her fist
around slowly, enjoying the sight of Kendra squirming with pleasure. The
redheaded vamp could feel the Slayer's vaginal muscles contracted around her
hand as she came closer to the edge. "You like this, bitch? You want to cum
don't you? I knew it wouldn't take long to break you."

"Fuck... Oh fuuuuuuccckk..." Kendra gasped. She felt the incredible force of
her orgasm surge through her body. Willow kissed her again, forcing her
tongue into the Slayer's mouth, biting her lip to draw a little blood. It
felt amazing. She pulled her hand slowly out of Kendra's limp body and licked
the juices from her fingers one by one. The Slayer laid back on the floor,
utterly exhausted.

"You realise of course," Willow smiled sweetly. "That we're going to have to
kill you now."

"No hard feelings, pet," Drusilla cooed. "Just business."

Kendra would have shrugged if she had the energy. If she was going to die,
at least she'd die satisfied.

to be continued...


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