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PAIRING: Buffy/Warren, Andrew, Jonathan

WARNING: Non-consensual sex

TIMELINE: Dead Things, Season 6

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Slayer Enslaved
by Jimmy Orthanc

"You know what I want?" Warren asked Buffy, who stood before him stark naked
in the middle of the secret lair of he and his nerd friends Jonathan and
Andrew. Warren was also in the nude, as were the other two males, who stood
nervous in the corner with their hands over their privates.

"What would you like me to do Master?" she asked, her free will suppressed by
the hypnotic effect of the charged magic orbs he'd used on her to make her
his slave.

"Suck my cock."

Without hesitation, she quickly knelt down. She pushed her hair behind her
ears, before leaning in and sticking her tongue out to catch the head of
Warren's cock and bring it into her mouth. She slid her lips over the
flaccid cock and drew him into her mouth. Warren held onto the back of her
head and sent a series of deep sliding strokes into her mouth as his cock
grew hard, thickened wide and grew to its full length of 12 inches. Buffy's
lips were stretched tight around the girth of it as she pushed her mouth
back and forth. He was fucking her mouth like it was a cunt. She sucked him
with all she had to give, taking the full length down her throat, swallowing
rapidly whilst swishing her tongue along the underside of the shaft. His
balls slapped against her chin as his cock disappeared into her mouth again
and again.

Buffy grabbed and squeezed his hairy balls, milking them so that his juices
would explode in her mouth. She could feel him twitching against her. Warren
groaned and his cock erupted into her hungry mouth. He spurted his hot cum
into her mouth and she eagerly swallowed his sperm into her belly. Buffy took
all his seed, but there was so much of it streaming out of him that her mouth
filled to overflowing and the semen flowed down her neck and drenched her
breasts and nipple tips. She continued to suck and lick him clean when he was
finished. He pulled out of her mouth and she kissed the tip of his penis in

"See guys?!" Warren exclaimed to his friends, "I told you this would be
great! Who's next?" Both Jonathan and Andrew cowered in the corner, "Fine!
Idiots, if you want to pass up the chance to fuck the slayer, who am I to
stop you? More for me. Buffy, bend over that table and hold open your ass
cheeks open for me."

"Yes, Master." Buffy did as she was told, giving them all a good view of her
whole glistening pussy. Warren's erection was back in a flash at the sight of
the tight little star of her asshole. He pressed against her and nuzzled the
head of his hard cock into her anus. Suddenly Buffy gave her head a shake,
the effects of the hypnosis finally wearing off. "What? What's happening?"
She was slowly coming to her senses and that meant trouble for the trio.

"Oh shit!" Panicked, Warren didn't know how to subdue her other than just go
for it. He rammed his stiff rod into her asshole with a sudden shove forward,
tearing her anus to shreds as he plowed all the way into her in one thrust.

"NGGGAAAHHH!!!!!" Buffy screamed at the top of her lungs, her body going
stiff from the sheer brutal pain of it. She had his cock full up into her
rectum, her tight back passage stretched taut, gloving his huge prick, ready
to rip if he moved. Her slayer instincts flew right out the window, she could
concentrate on nothing but the cock in her ass and the blood trickling down
the back of her legs. Warren pulled back, Buffy feeling a phenomenal pain,
the she screamed again as Warren rammed his organ back into her tight
asshole. His cock penetrated deep into her ass and she shrilled in pain.
Tears rolled down Buffy's cheeks as she got her ass fucked for the very first
time. "AAhhhh! Please STOP! UGGHHHNNN!!"

Warren pushed hard, plunging his cock deep into her, demolishing her asshole.
He gripped her hips and leaned over her as he humped back and forth, forcing
her to move her hips with his powerful thrusts. Buffy tried to fight back,
getting her hands under herself and pushing her chest up off the table, but
Warren's started clawing at her bouncing and jostling naked tits as he banged
hard into her rump. His massive cock was buried deep in her guts. He was
sliding in and out, getting stomach deep, making her asshole feel like it was
being set on fire by the impalement of his thick rod.

"OHH!! GOD NOooooo!! ARRRGHHH!!!" Buffy cried as he slammed her harder and
faster still. He was picking up speed as he rutted into her ass, his balls
slapping the backs of her thighs and splashing her blood up to her pussy.

"Will someone shut this bitch up?!"

Andrew was so turned on by what he was watching that he sprung into action
and leapt up on to the table. Before Buffy knew it Andrew shoved his small,
but hardened penis down her throat. It certainly wasn't comparable to
Warren's monster cock, but it choked her nonetheless as she was forced to
suck on it. Andrew clawed his hand in her hair and fucked her mouth. She
was whimpering and crying, her face was pressed hard against his stomach.
"Come on Jonathan, don't be a pussy, she's still got one hole left."
Jonathan came over and unexpectedly shot his load on to the side of Buffy's

"Oops," he said, embarrassed.

"Well isn't that just perfect, Wankathon. Do something to her already until
you get it back up!" Frantically, Jonathan searched for something to use
when he saw something he knew would make Warren proud. He held it up for his
friend's approval and Warren's eyes got huge with surprise, "I'll never put
you down again, you're crazy man!"

Jonathan got under the table and stared a while at Buffy's pubic mound, it's
soft, furry curls and the slim slit. A little nervous, Jonathan opened her
folds up with his fingers, positioning the huge object at her pussy's
opening. Buffy felt this new stretching down below and wailed against
Andrew's thrusting penis. Jonathan's infamous magic bone that had been used
to summon demons and create glamors was about to be enveloped by the Slayer's
tightest sheath. With all disregard for her, Jonathan took a deep breath the
gave it one good hard shove.

"MMMMMPPHH!!!!" Buffy cried against Andrew's body as the obscenely huge
dirty old bone was thrust up her vagina all the way until it battle rammed
her cervix and womb. Buffy knew that there was serious damage down below,
the bone was close to 18 inches long and at least four wide, she was stuffed
completely and her inner walls throbbed with pain. Her passage at neverbeen
stretched out so much, and the feeling was terrible. Once the bone
disappeared between her pink nether lips, Jonathan wasn't too sure what to
do. Then he remembered from sex education class that in order to get a woman
to orgasm, he had to rub her clitoris.

The little button wasn't hard to find, especially with her stretched wide
like that. It was twitching and dripping with Buffy's sweat as her body was
forced to exert itself from the assault. Jonathan reached out and gave it a
flick, watching as her pussy tightened up around the bone and she cried

"Cool!" Jonathan exclaimed. He went to town on Buffy's clit, rubbing it in
fast circles and watching in fascination as white cream began the rush out of
her from around the bone. Meanwhile Warren drilled his cock back and forth in
Buffy's violated asshole. He was in control and Buffy knew it, sobbing and
crying. He pounded the slayer with a flurry of quick, hard strokes, driving
his pole between the globes of her ass and up in her as far as she could. All
her sensations and feelings her focused on the cock raping her tight rectum
and the giant bone penetrating her cunt, the cock in her throat was a
kindness by way of comparison. But the worst by far was the stoking of her
pleasure button and her body's eager response to it despite her other pains.

Buffy was jerking like a crazed rag doll and crying out, spiraling towards a
forced orgasm. Warren felt her anal muscles clenching up on him with each
thrust. Buffy started to moan wantonly and suck harder on Andrew in response.
The boy ejaculated suddenly and she swallowed greedily.

"Quick, get the orbs recharged!" Warren ordered. Andrew reluctantly pulled
out of Buffy's mouth. She was too exhausted to speak and beg, so she just
stayed bent over the desk and cried and moaned as she felt her womb clenching
up in preparation for her unwanted cum. Jonathan worked her clit faster and
harder, giving it little twists to stimulate her more.

She went insane with pleasure when suddenly her entire body spasmed in a
glorious orgasm. Her vagina contracted hard around both the magic bone and
Warren's cock.

Warren arched and Buffy felt the scalding splash of his jism blast up her
ass and she bit back on her cry, hissing with pleasure, but only for a
moment before she just had to scream it out. "Oooohhhh! ooooooo!!! AAaaah!!
MMMmmm!!! Oh! Oh! OH!!!" she cried in beautiful ecstasy, too lost in sexual
bliss to remember she was being raped.

That feeling went away all to fast when Buffy felt Warren hauling his thick
cock out of her ass after he spilled his seed deep in her bowels. He grabbed
her by the hair and pulled her up. There was a flash as the hypno balls put
her under their thrall once more, rendering her into being a submissive
slave. He let her go and she collapsed to the floor, the bone still lodged
up her cunt.

The three nerds stood together, towering over the exhausted, violated slayer.

"What do you say, bitch?" Warren asked.

"Thank you, Master," she replied.

The End


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