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The series Slayers in Cleveland begins after season 7. It's supposed to be my
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Buffy - The Vampire Slayer: Slayers in Cleveland Part 1 - Christmas
by Sara Violet

It was Christmas morning of the same year The First's army had been defeated.
That had been months ago, and now the scooby gang was enjoying a Christmas
get-together with each other. Every member of the gang showed up as well as
the new additions: Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Xander, Willow, Kennedy, and Faith.
Because everything was destroyed from the massive sinkhole in Sunnydale, the
group now lived in Cleveland where there was another Hellmouth, fighting
vampires and demons on a daily basis. Buffy and Dawn had their own house
together, as well as Willow and Kennedy. Giles, Xander, and Faith lived by

They sat together in the livingroom, just about ready to open presents.
Buffy, Dawn, Willow, and Kennedy were on the couch. It was a three seat
couch, but Kennedy was pressed snuggly against Willow contently, and the
two Summers sisters sat rather close together. Faith was on the arm chair
across from the couch, living it up and relaxing, knowing she had gotten
the best seat in the house. Faith had called dibs on it. The two guys were
standing around, voted to do the legwork for the presents.

"Okay!" Xander clapped his hands together. "I know I'm tired of waiting!
Lets see who's first." Xander was excited and felt like the chaperon of
Christmas. He reached under the tree and pulled out a present. "Oh, here's
one from Willow to Kennedy." He walked over and handed it to Kennedy.

Willow looked at and smiled at Kennedy, as her girlfriend opened it up.

"I'm sweating in anticipation," Kennedy said with a grin. She unwrapped the
gift, uncovering a blank box, and opened it. She gasped. Inside was a large
strap-on dildo, at least twelve inches long and two and a quarter inches
thick, with a phallus head, and a note attached that read "Up my ass tonight,
baby! By the way, everyone else sees a cylindrical exquisitely crafted
Shinsun Artifact of Valor."

Willow was grinning mischievously by now. Kennedy looked at her and returned
the same grin. "Thank you so much." The girls embraced each other in a deep,
loving kiss. The gift meant a lot to Kennedy. It was the best present she
could have hoped for.

"What did the Will-ster give you?" Xander asked.

Kennedy stopped kissing Willow, and showed the gift to everyone. Because of
an enchantment Willow placed on it, everyone else saw a Shinsun Artifact of
Valor, an ornamental object of mystery and puzzle.

"Oh!" Giles said excited when he saw it. "Fifth Dynasty Shinsun! Kennedy,
that is an amazing artifact. Truly exceptional. Only a few exist! Willow,
what an extraordinary find!"

"Why don't you open the one I have for you?" Willow suggested, hinting that
he might have had something just as extraordinary in store for him. Giles
searched through the presents quickly, opened his, and gasped in complete

"Willow!" Giles exclaimed. "You've really outdone yourself!" Giles had the
same thing Kennedy did, only it was really an artifact instead of an illusion
of one. "Kennedy, why don't we figure the puzzle out together? I already have
some ideas to unlock the secrets within."

"Sorry, Giles, I'm going to enjoy my gift alone with Willow," Kennedy said
with a grin.

"Yes, right." Giles didn't have a problem with it. "Thank you, Willow,
truly." He laid his artifact on the coffee table and started looking it

"Well wasn't that amazing. Good job, Willow," Xander said. He picked up a
group of presents that had been tied together with ribbon. They were a bunch
of small boxes wrapped up with things inside.

"That's from me to all of you," Faith said, recognizing Xander was holding
the presents that was from her.

Xander passed them around. There was a tag on each one saying which box was
specifically for who. Everyone got one. Faith watched, smiling as her friends
opened them up. Inside each box was a container full of cookies. Everyone
received different kinds. Willow and Kennedy had chocolate chip; Dawn had
butterscotch; Xander had walnut; Giles had oatmeal; and Buffy had chocolate
cookies with chocolate chip.

"Ooo! Cookies!" Dawn cheerfully exclaimed.

"Don't people always say, have a little Faith at Christmas?" Xander said.
"Well, our Faith certainly pulled through. All of these wonderful treats."

"Thanks Xander," Faith said. "That's sweet."

Everyone started eating one of their cookies to show their appreciation for
it. Kennedy mmm'd at the taste, liking it a lot. Willow seemed to enjoy it
as well. Xander and Dawn enjoyed theirs as well, but secretly wondered about
a peculiar, yet not unpleasant slight extra taste inside. Giles was busy
studying his artifact as he ate his cookie, and didn't seem to notice
anything peculiar about the taste, even though it was there.

Already having studied everyone else's expression, Faith turned to look at
Buffy, and smiled at her. Noticing Faith was looking, Buffy turned her facial
expression of disgust into one of fake satisfaction, struggling not to spit
the cookie out. Her cookie tasted horrible. Buffy couldn't miss noticing
Faith's large smile. Not wanting to disappoint, she swallowed her double
chocolate cookie while forcing an uneasy smile on her face.

"Mmm, it's good," Buffy said, obviously not believing it from what Faith
could tell. Buffy put her cookies down on the table, planning to chuck them
in the trash at the earliest convenient moment.

"They better be," Faith replied. "I rubbed my ass off on all the cookies all

Dawn and Xander stopped chewing immediately. Dawn, for the obvious reason.
Xander stopped because of surprise more than disgust -- eating something that
was on Faith's ass wouldn't be a bad thing in his mind. Giles just pulled out
another cookie and stuffed it into his mouth, too busy with his artifact to
have listened to what Faith said. Willow grinned and popped another into her
mouth, figuring that whether Faith was serious or not, it was good. Kennedy
looked at Willow for reassurance that it was okay to keep eating something
that had been on Faith's ass, and noticing Willow's look, Kennedy knew it was
okay, and kept scarfing them down.

"You rubbed them on your ass?!" Buffy burst out loudly.

Dawn looked at Faith as if hoping it was a joke, unable to handle it
otherwise. Everyone looked at Faith, waiting for an answer. Giles looked at
Buffy, who startled him with her outburst.

"Whoa, relax B, I was speaking slang," Faith said. "Like, five by five for
example. You know how I am -- just trying out a new phrase. It meant 'I
worked really hard.' Sheesh."

Dawn nodded her head. Everything was okay. It's alright to eat more, Dawn
rationalized in her mind.

Xander shrugged and kept eating. The cookies were even better to him now that
he imagined it might have been on Faith's ass.

Giles resumed working on the puzzle on his artifact, putting his cookies
aside for now, but planning to eat them later.

Buffy winced at Faith, as if not believing her. Then she widened her eyes
and smirked. She said, "Alright. Well, thanks Faith... You've always had a
strange way of saying things."

"Have another cookie, B! Cheer up!" Faith encouraged her.

The idea of Buffy eating something that was rubbed on Faith's ass was
enough to give Xander a hard-on. "Yeah, Buffy, eat up, have some more. It's
Christmas." He trained his one eye on Buffy, putting her under pressure to
eat at least one more.

"Have another, they're good," Willow said, not realizing what she was
pressuring her friend to eat.

Buffy reached into her container of cookies, picking one out carefully, as
if she was putting her hand into a pirana pit. She took out the smallest
cookie in there and took a bite. This one tasted horrible too, but Buffy
managed to gulp it down and eat the rest of it.

Xander resumed handing out the presents to everyone. It was a nice Christmas
morning that everyone enjoyed. Faith's best present was the look on Buffy's
face when she was eating the cookie -- the look of utter disgust. And knowing
Buffy ate it to please her was something straight from the heart.

* * *

The night before Christmas morning, before they were together and all of the
presents were open, Faith was preparing her cookies inside her house alone.
All of the supplies for baking was strewn about her kitchen.

"This batch is for you, Buffy," Faith said out loud to herself. "Bitch." She
was crouching over the bowl of ingredients with her pants and thong off, her
ass hovering over the bowl. She grunted and relaxed her anus. Her anus opened
wide, and slowly, the tip of a large, firm, dark brown turd started to come
out. The turd slid out slowly, until over eight inches of the two-inch thick
turd was sticking out, and it dropped down into the bowl on top of the flour.
Without wiping her butt, Faith stood up and put the bowl on the counter. She
then mashed and mixed it all thoroughly together with a large spoon, mixing
her poop in with the cookie dough.

That was the main ingredient in Buffy's cookies, and why they tasted so
horrible. For everyone else's cookies, Faith had stuffed their cookie dough
into her butt from something like a large hypo, then she pooped the dough
out back into the bowl, before she baked it into cookies. Afterward she gave
herself an enema to get all of the cookie residue out of her rectum.

* * *

The night of Christmas, at 11:30 AM, almost everyone was in bed in one of
the rooms sleeping. Kennedy was wearing the strap-on dildo, pounding it into
Willow's ass with slayer strength and absolutely no mercy.

"Baby going to cry?" Kennedy asked Willow with a mocking tone. "Wah!" She
loved to be a ruthless bitch during sex, when Willow wasn't being one
herself. They enjoyed almost any kind of sex with each other, being
submissive or dominant, kinky or romantic, it didn't matter. They both
loved it all.

"No..." Willow said quietly, as if her will was broken. She started to cry
anyway, weeping into the pillow her face was buried into. She was on all
fours on top of Dawn's bed (Dawn was in Buffy's room while they had guests),
and Kennedy was behind her pounding the shaft into her girlfriend's ass.
Wanting to draw out the tears, Kennedy picked up her speed, shoving the
dildo in faster and harder into Willow's ass. The bed bounced and rocked
each time Kennedy thrust forward. She wasn't going easy at all. She was
absolutely pounding the shaft into Willow's ass with literally every ounce
of her strength. Sweat dripped down every part of her body. Not much could
fatigue a slayer, but Kennedy was heavily working every one of her muscles
to pack the dildo in. She was holding Willow's waist, pulling her towards
her crotch every time she thrust. A lot of sex sweat seeped into Dawn's
mattress and sheets.

"It belongs up your ass, sweet baby!" Kennedy yelled. "Up the butt!"

Kennedy moved her hands to Willow's ass and grabbed her firm butt cheeks.
She clenched and squeezed the globes of flesh in each of her hands. To
Willow's dismay, Kennedy then pried her ass cheeks apart, never stopping
for a moment to pound the dildo into her butt. Kennedy looked at Willow's
pink anus stretched properly around the shaft. She watched how the entire
length of the dildo would disappear into Willow's butt, and imagined how
it must have been traveling along her rectum. It went so far, Kennedy
realized it must have temporarily rearranged her colon to be straightly
aligned with her descending colon, for her ass to be able to accept the
solid twelve inches length of the dildo.

"I love being a slayer," Kennedy said, commenting her own strength. Willow's
tears were only exciting her more. She pumped and pumped like a piston.
Kennedy climbed on top of Willow, pressing her body on top of Willow's back
and pinning her down. Willow, no longer on all fours, laid there on the bed
with Kennedy on top of her.

Every thrust sent jolts of extreme pleasure into the cunts of both girls.
They had been at it for nearly an hour, and their first orgasm was coming
soon. Willow's crying turned into loud moans of pleasure. Kennedy grunted
and moaned in ecstasy. With another hard thrust into her girlfriend's ass,
it threw Willow over the edge. Kennedy was at the brink too, but had been
holding off to make sure Willow would climax first. No longer needing to
wait, Kennedy pumped harder than ever before, thrusting the thick shaft
into Willow's ass as if it were a sword. Kennedy went over the edge just a
few seconds after Willow. They squirmed in climax as their vaginas spasmed.
Willow's anus kept tightening on the dildo as it spasmed too in climax,
with Kennedy still thrusting in and out. Willow's orgasm ended first, with
Kennedy still pumping the shaft in, until finally Kennedy's stopped too.

The two girls sighed contently. Kennedy rolled over to the side without
taking the dildo out, leaving it deep inside Willow's bowels. She reached
over to a small table on her side of the bed, took a belt, and tied it
around both her and Willow's waist. It was to keep them bound together all
night long, to ensure the dildo would stay firmly up in her butt.

"Mmmmmm," Willow moaned. "That was SO good, Kennedy." She smiled and closed
her eyes. "I'll take my turn of domination on our wedding night."

"You better!" Kennedy grinned. She reached down and pulled the blanket over
them. Moments later, they both fell asleep exactly as they were, Kennedy
with her arm draped over Willow's side, with the dildo buried up her ass.

In the next room down on the other side of the wall, Buffy's Room, Dawn
smiled as she was laying there in the bed. The loud rocking of the bed, and
the moans and groans had finally ceased. Now she could get some sleep. But
she didn't mind that Willow and Kennedy did that, let alone on her bed. She
was happy they had a good time. Content herself at the happiness of others,
Dawn drifted to sleep.

Buffy was supposed to be sleeping in the same bed as Dawn, but didn't plan
on going to bed yet. There was something she wanted to do first. She had a
pretty good idea what Faith had put in her cookies, and knew she must have
been the only one with poop in her cookies. No one else seemed nearly as
disgusted as she was when she ate hers. Whatever Faith's reasons were for
doing it, Buffy thought it must have been because Faith intended to
embarrass and degrade her. Buffy had a plan to get back at her.

She went into the bathroom with a box, tape and wrapping paper. She set the
stuff down on the floor and walked over to the toilet. She lifted the seat
cover up, pulled down her pants and panties, and started peeing into the
toilet. The flow of urine stopped. Relaxing and starting to poop, her anus
distended around a thick, firm long turd that protruded outwards towards
the toilet bowl below. The large Christmas dinner they had at 5:00 PM really
ensured Buffy's turd would be large now. It was a massive nine inches long
and two and a half inches thick. She felt it stretch her anus to the max as
it came out. The turd fell out, plopping into the water below. Buffy ripped
off a thick wad of toilet paper and wiped it over her anus, being sure to
wipe more than once with that tissue, getting it as soiled in her poop as
possible. She put the wad of toilet paper into the box and put its lid on it.
She finished wiping with more toilet paper, tossed it into the toilet, and
flushed. Then she wrapped up the box with wrapping paper and it was ready
for Faith.

Buffy went downstairs. She knew where to find Faith and opened the door to
outside and went out. Faith was outside, sitting on one of the steps leading
to the door, looking out into the night.

"You're not smoking?" Buffy asked. Faith just sitting out there was almost a
strange thing.

"Naw, B, I gave that up," Faith replied. "I realized smoking's for losers. I
never really cared for it anyway."

"At least you've got some brains..."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Faith asked, offended.

"Nothing. Never mind. Look, I have a late present for you. I think you'll
like it."

"Aw, a present for me? How sweet." Faith smiled and took it. She didn't
expect to get anything from Buffy. It wasn't unlike Buffy to not think of

She unwrapped it, opened the box and saw the soiled toilet paper inside. She
was shocked at first that Buffy had the balls to do something like this. She
looked at Buffy and sneered.

At the exact moment Faith looked at her, Buffy said, "I wiped it on my ass."
To be really wicked, she had basically copied the same remark Faith gave her

Faith just stared at Buffy, trying to figure her out.

"What's wrong? Aren't you going to eat it?" Buffy asked slyly.

"Well congratulations, B. You're all dressed up in big girl's clothing now,"
Faith retorted. She wasn't sure what else to say. Without fully realizing it,
she closed the box and held it to her side casually instead of throwing it to
the ground in anger. She was too surprised to be angry.

"What the hell is your problem, Faith? You fed me shit for Christmas!"

Faith grinned at the thought. "To be honest, I was incredibly horny last
night when I was making them. So?"

"So?!" Buffy screamed in disbelief. "Have you gone totally insane?"

"You just gave me a present of your used toilet paper, Buffy. You kind of
joined the club. I may have started it, but you followed suit. Hell, long
before tonight, long before me, you've always been a nasty bitch. You just
have a tendency to express your bitchness in other ways."

"Don't you dare bring up the past as your defense. You're a pig, Faith, just
admit it."

"It takes one to know one..."

"A childhood comeback? As if that really helps you look better."

"Look, I don't know why you have such major problem with it. It's not a
big deal. Xander and the couple high on love potion number nine loved the
cookies -- just ask them. And Giles didn't make such a big deal out of it."

Buffy wasn't sure on that one. She didn't know for a fact what was wrong with
their cookies, or to what extent. "You probably just put that in my cookies.
You've always wanted to stab me in the back. Well good for you -- you finally
did it, in the sickest way possible."

Faith was starting to get upset. It was just a joke, really. She was horny
and got off on it. She didn't mean any harm, only intending for it to be fun
and games. But Buffy was starting to piss her off, because she was feeling
less and less good the more Buffy scolded her.

"What the hell? I only did it to your cookies, Buffy. You always have such an
attitude with me all of the time. It seemed like the perfect way to make you
pay for being a constant bitch to me."

Buffy's eyes narrowed and her anger flared higher to the point where it
looked like she could start getting violent at any moment. "I'm a constant
bitch to you? You're the one who's always a bitch to me! Need I even mention
that a few years ago you tried killing me and my friends, that you -- oh my

Buffy stopped short when Faith did something that totally shocked her. Faith
had opened the box, pulled out the completely soiled toilet paper and put it
in her mouth. Faith immediately closed her mouth on it and swallowed, sending
it down to her stomach. It seemed like somehow Faith had completely ignored
the taste for the brief moment it was on her tongue. Of course, she dropped
the box at that point.

"Oh my God!" Buffy exclaimed again. All of her anger had been immediately
replaced with shock -- which was exactly what Faith hoped for since she
didn't want this to get out of hand. Buffy turned away to get a hold of

"Is it really so bad, Buffy? I'm sorry. Now we're equal."

Buffy thought things over for a moment before turning to face Faith and
speaking again. "Well... it was you."

"What?" Faith didn't understand it so she took it offensively.

"You're beautiful and I love you," Buffy said. For those reasons Buffy was
able to ease her anger about this -- it really wasn't that bad to her, only
because it was Faith who did it.

Faith's heart skipped a beat. This was something she always wanted to know,
always wondered, but never believed she ever would hear coming from Buffy's
lips. She shook slightly on the inside, afraid for the first time in her
life, now that she had something she feared losing -- this brief moment.
"You love me?"

"I've always loved you Faith. You've driven me crazy over the years, flirting
with guys instead of me, and so many other things you always do to piss me

Faith stated weakly, "You never showed..."

"I was always afraid to show any signs of love towards you... you're an
intimidating woman, Faith -- such a badass all of the time. It just seemed

Faith took Buffy's response and gave her own excuse, "I felt the same
way with you... You're always with your close group of friends all
high-and-mighty. And I guess I just didn't notice your attraction for
me... I had no idea, really. I must be so stupid!" Faith started feeling
mad at herself for being so blind and missing her chance to be with
Buffy all of these years.

Buffy didn't want her to beat herself up. "Don't worry too much, Faith. Both
of us are at fault... If we had just talked with each other openly enough, it
would have happened sooner."

"You really love me?" Faith asked.

Buffy knew there was only one way to make it one-hundred percent clear.
She moved closer to Faith and placed her arms around her, pressing her body
close to Faith's, and planted her lips on Faith's lips. She kissed her
passionately, which was eagerly returned by Faith, and their bodies pressed
tightly against each other's with their large soft breasts squishing together
through their shirts. Buffy rubbed her hands across Faith's back as their
mouths were open, sucking on each other's mouths and kissing a lot, sliding
and pressing their tongues together in a really sloppy wet kiss.

Buffy forcefully guided Faith down to the soft grassy ground, and moved her
hands over Faith's breaths, squeezing them roughly through her shirt.

"Oh yes! Squeeze my big titties, B! I love you so much!" Faith was in pure
delight. Actually, she was in heaven. Things couldn't have possibly gone
better for her -- she almost couldn't believe this was really happening.

Buffy kneaded Faith's tits and rubbed her thumbs over her nipples, still
not with the shirt off. They continued kissing passionately and their eyes
closed. They continued like this for at least a minute, laying on the ground
kissing each other with Buffy kneading Faith's breasts, Faith melting in
heavenly sensation, when suddenly a twig snapped nearby. Faith's eyes opened
instantly and looked in the direction of the sound, where there were hedges
across the lawn, and a male vampire was standing there, creeping low and
stopped in his tracks -- realizing his sneaky maneuvering had failed.

"Oh shit," the vampire said. He was more disappointed that the show was over
than anything else.

Hearing the vampire caught Buffy's attention, and she got off of Faith rather
quickly, feeling awkward and embarrassed. Faith stood up with Buffy.

"You're going to get it!" Faith warned the vampire angrily. She was pissed
that this vampire ruined her and Buffy's perfect moment together.

The vampire came charging towards the girls, and Faith kicked it in the head
at the right moment, kicking his head in combined with the vampire's forward
charging momentum. The vampire fell to the ground in a daze, and Faith was
immediately on top of him beating the crap out of his undead form. Buffy
hurried over to the wooden railings on the porch and kicked off one of the
small posts, and tossed it to Faith. Faith stabbed it into the vampire's
heart and stood up as the vampire crumbled into dust.

"Remember that one conversation I had with you about how slaying makes me
horny?" Faith asked.

"Oh yeah," Buffy replied and grinned at Faith. She wanted to go upstairs
and have sex with Faith very badly, but she was still feeling certain
emotions of embarrassment from having been seen intimate with Faith. She
had never been with another woman before, and what happened certainly
didn't help her "coming out" attempt. It made her reluctant to go with
Faith at the particular moment. "But I'm sorry... It's late and I'm really
tired. I really should just go to bed."

Faith was disappointed, but sincerely cared about Buffy, especially now that
they both admitted their love for each other. If Buffy wanted to go to sleep,
Faith was going to let her. She was cool enough to be able to deal with it,
and she knew the moment had been ruined. "Okay, Buffy. No problem."

Buffy and Faith headed into the house to get ready for bed and go to sleep.

* * *

Inside the very fabric of magic itself, something was happening. Sparks
ignited inside of a few of the currents. A current was faulty, and something
was beating against it as if to manipulate it into becoming even more
corrupted. With a massive chain reaction, the current of magic suddenly
imploded and took down several other strands along with it. Unknowingly to
almost everyone, Willow's spell to make all potentials slayers had not
overwritten the former enchantment (because it had a powerful counterspell
defense on it), but rather copied it, and the better version nullified the
old one. The old enchantment was badly damaged from the affect. That
enchantment was also closely linked to the enchantment that kept The First
bound to non-corporeal form. The First used its magic to ever so gently beat
on the damaged Slayer Enchantment, and it imploded, taking out a few others
and its own curse enchantment along with it. The First was released.
Everything it had done the past two years lead it to this point.
Everything had gone exactly to plan. The First had gotten exactly what it
wanted all along. As for Willow's revised enchantment that makes all
potentials slayers -- it was left untouched.

Choosing the Hellmouth of Cleveland as its spawning point, The First rose up
from a pentagram in the ground, increasing in size exponentially until It was
a huge hulking demonic-looking entity.

The First grinned evilly and declared with glee in a powerful evil voice,
"I'm free at last!"


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