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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Smallville: Buffy Summers and Clark Kent
by The Fan ([email protected]) (mF,MF-dom,bond)

Smallville, Kansas

Clark Kent stood on the loft he called his Fortress of Solitude. He always
felt safe there. Not that Clark had anything to fear. He could do things no
man could ever do like lifting tractors or outrunning speeding bullets. On
top of that he was invulnerable to anything except green meteorites and had
both x-ray and pyro vision.

He should be happy. But he wasn't. He was easily over six feet tall, well
built with black hair and blue eyes. A beautiful teenager. He should have
it all but he was a guy of character. He was alone. The only girl Clark had
ever liked was Lana Lang, the girl next door. Too bad she liked Whitney, a
jock who is now in the Navy. Clark knew to stay away. He simply couldn't.

"Damn," he said. He brought his fist down on a three foot-high rock, and
shattered it. He was so strong. Yet he could not have what he wanted. He
looked at the stars. Somewhere out there was home. Another world. He was
powerful because he was from there. His people had to be a very human-like
people, only with powers. Clark pictured a society where every man, woman
and child had super powers. It was a pleasant thought.

If that society was so perfect, why did they send one of their own away?
Clark sometimes thought he'd been abandoned. Maybe his biological parents
were troublemakers of the Super kind. Clark sighed. He leapt off the loft
and began to run down the field outside. He never timed himself but knew he
was faster than a bullet, literally. That had to be something. Especially
when he was the only one who could do it. Sometimes Clark wished he had a
normal life. Then he could be human and ask Lana out instead of always
hiding how he felt. Outside, lightning struck. A storm was coming.

* * *

Sunnydale, Ca.

Buffy the vampire slayer stood on the well kept lawn of Sunnydale high.
Years ago that had been her school. So much had happened since then. Her
lover Angel was gone to LA. Willow was a dyke. Xander's ex was a demoness.
Giles was in Britain. Riley the soldier boy had left. Tara, Willow's lover
was dead. And Buffy had a sister named Dawn Summers. Buffy's mother was
dead, Spike was a vampire with a soul and a chip. He was also her sometime
ally slash boyfriend slash whatever.

Right now the slayer was waiting.

She was on the hunt for vampires.

Three of them in fact. The Williams brothers. All three had been kids at
Dawn's school. Now they were undead. Six kids had been killed by the Trio.
In three days. Buffy had to stop them.

She waited until they came. The first was Troy, a tall and large boy with
bleached hair. The second was Trey, a slim guy, the third was Travis, a
really heavyset guy that was taller than all three. The vamps had a girl
with them. A girl named Gina. She was the drama club member so many kids
hated. All kids at Sunnydale high, in fact. Including recently undead ones.
Like the Brothers. They were smiling and kicking back like kids. None wore
their vamp faces. They looked like average bullies. Until they sensed her.
Vampires could sense Slayers and vice versa. They instantly morphed. Buffy
whipped out a stake.

"Hey boys, come and get it!" she said.

They stared at her. "Troy, get the beaach!" said Travis.

"With pleasure, bro," said Troy. He charged like a lineman. Or a bull. Buffy
sighed. Young vampires had no respect for her anymore. They were immortal
until staked, burnt or beheaded and that made them careless. Very. Your
average vamp thinks he or she is incapable of being hurt. How wrong. Buffy
waited until Troy was close then kicked his legs out from under him. He went
down. She drove the stake into his dead heart and he turned into dust. The
other vampires froze.

"Yo, she killed him!" they said in disbelief.

"Yeah," Buffy said. "I am a slayer. It's what I do, you see."

"Man, fuck this!" said Trey. He looked at Buffy and did something she never
would have expected. He whipped out an AK 47 and fired. Only Buffy's
superhuman reflexes prevented her from being shredded. She threw out her
stake only to have it slapped aside by Travis.

"Die, bitch, die!"

Buffy got up and ran. She moved with super speed compared to a normal human
and threw out another stake. This one thudded in Trey's heart and he died.

Troy held onto Gina. "If you attack me I'll kill her!" he said.

Just then a crackling sphere of blu light and energy appeared. It grew behind
Troy and Gina until it swallowed them both. The vampire and the girl both
screamed. Buffy hesitated only one moment. It wasn't a choice. She had to
protect the innocent, no matter where.

She leapt into the Vortex...

* * *

Buffy screamed for what seemed like forever. The Vortex was so powerful and
every part of her body refused to obey her. She could not move yet she was

She finally fell onto something hard.

She woke up in what looked like a cornfield. It was raining, too. "Where am
I?" Buffy the vampire slayer wondered. She looked up, to see a tall man in
his forties looking at her. He was good-looking in a Giles-like way.

"Hello, there," the man said. "Name's Jonathan kent, who are you and what are
you doing here?"

"I'm Buffy," she said. "Where am I?" The man looked at her with concern.

"Well, miss, you are in smallville, kansas.


Jonathan wrapped a blanket around Buffy's wet form. He drove the truck
steadily. He kept talking the whole way and reassuring her. She's just a
kid, he thought. Not much older than his own son Clark Kent, maybe college

They went to the Kent farm. There they were greeted by a good-looking woman
with darkish brown hair. "Hey there, Martha," said Jon. "Miss Buffy, this is
my wife Martha." Buffy shook the woman's hand. They took her to the kitchen
to warm her up and take care of her wounds. Buffy had no idea what happened
to her but the Kents were nice.

She gave Jonathan a hug and kissed Martha on the cheek. For some reason she
could just trust these people. She was thinking about that when she fell

When she woke up there was a stranger looking at her. He was tall, handsome
and dark haired. "Angel?" she said. "You've found me!" The young man looked
at her.

"I'm sorry, miss, I'm not Angel, I am Clark Kent." She realized she was in
bed. "I've come to give you breakfast."

"Oh, nice of you, Clark Kent," Buffy said. She ate her food rapidly.

This night Buffy dined with the Kents. They promised to help her find out
who she was as soon as possible.

Someplace else...

* * *

Sunnydale, Ca.

Willow stood in the house in revello street. Summers house. The home of Buffy
the vampire slayer.

She was talking to Giles. The gang was there. Xander, Anyanka, Spike, Dawn.

"So, Buffy did not return from patrol last night," Giles said.

"Uh-huh, Willow said. "She never made it."

The gang was worried. They all knew Buffy could hold her own against demons
and vampires but even she wasn't invincible so they feared the worst.

"Hey, I'm sure Buff is okay," Xander offered. He smiled and squeezed Dawn's
hand. "Big sis is okay," he said. Dawn shrugged. The former Key was now a
normal teenager.

"Or she could have been eaten and chewed," said Anya.

Giles gave the wish-demon/woman a dirty look. "Anya, hush."

"Okay," Anya said. "You can all stay there and think everything is okay or
listen to my theory."

"This oughta be good," Xander said.

"Buffy has been abducted into another dimension by super powerful forces,"
said Anya.

"Next," Xander snapped.

"It makes sense," said Giles. "I'll get on it right away." The
librarian/watcher disappeared into his study with several thick books and a
cell phone. He came back thirty minutes later.

"Well?" everyone said.

"I think I've found it!" he chimed. "Buffy has been abducted into Terra
Beta," said Giles.

"In english?" said Xander and Anya.

"I am english!" Giles roared. Then he calmed down and spoke. "There is a
theory that there is not one but two earths existing at the same time. Terra
Alpha and Terra Beta. Terra Beta should be identical to Terra Alpha only with
severe differences.

"Like what?"

"According to Magnus, the man who visited Terra Beta 1000 years ago, Terra
Beta is a world without vampires or demons or monsters because the Infinity
Guardians forbade the existence of them over there.

"In other words, only humans?"

"Yes. A world without great Evil forces."

"Wow," Dawn said. "It must be paradise."

"Not quite," Giles said.

* * *


Buffy liked the Kents. The found nothing on her but she still liked them.

So she waited until night time to go to Clark's room.

The boy was lying on bed...awake. He was nude and his right hand was stroking
the length of his cock. Buffy gasped. She had neevr before seen one so big on
a white boy. In L.A. she fucked Gunn, Angel's black associate and even he
wasn't that big. Clark was gorgeous.

She waited until he'd fallen asleep to take him. She took his cock into her
mouth. She sucked the tip and licked the shaft. It filled her mouth. In his
sleep Clark Kent groaned. An expression of pleasure filled his sleepy face.

Then suddenly, woke up ...

Clark looked at Buffy. "What!" he shrieked. He pulled out of her mouth and
walked back, pulling covers to shield himself. "What are you doing in my

"It's a surprise," Buffy said.

"No surprise," Clark said. "Please leave."

Buffy was starting to get angry. Here she was, a gorgeous girl, and slayer
too, throwing herself at this boy and he was refusing her. "Uh-unh, what are"

Clark looked at her. "No, Buffy Summers, I'm not gay!"

"Prove it!" she said.

She searched his room. Clark had a collection of pornos. Thirty five books
and over ten movies. One of them was a movie called Women raping Men. She
put it on and watched.

On the screen a tall, scantily clad woman strode into a room, followed by a
pretty boy. She slapped him hard and tied him up. She bent him over and
spread his asscheeks apart. She drove in a finger then a dildo. The man
screamed as she mercilessly fucked his ass.

Clark and Buffy watched the whole thing. Clark blushed. "Is this your
fantasy, Clark?" she asked. "To be fucked by a woman? Really fucked?"

"Yes," Clark yelled. He was quietly sobbing.

"Why don't you get a girl to do you?"

"Because everyone at the school would think I'm a queer and I'm not a queer,"
he said. "I like tough women."

"I see," Buffy said.

She sat down and spoke to the young man. He was beautiful, she thought.
Physically perfect in every way. And so innocent. That made him so...

She sat him down and talked him down until he was relaxed. Then she went to
work on him. She sat him down and sucked his cock until he came in her mouth.
Then she made him suck her clit. She came violently. Then she tied Clark up.
He was on all fours, waiting for her nervously.

She took a tube of KY jelly and oiled up his asshole. She inserted a finger,
then two. She finger fucked him for a minute then she tried something larger.
She fastened the strap on dildo aroung her waist. Then she positioned herself
behind him and applied all her slayer strength in a thrust.

Clark squealed in pain as the dildo went inside his ass. Buffy held him
there, driving the dildo in and out in rhytmic motions. She slid it deep to
his bowels and then withdrew, only to thrust again. She fucked Clark up his
ass for a few minutes until he came in a flood of semen all over the bed.

Then she untied him and made him suck the rubber cock straight out of his
ass. He gagged on it. Then she looked at him and made him stand up.

"Clark, I want you to be in control now," she said.

"Yes, mistress," he said.

"No," she said. She knelt before him. "Clark kent, I am your bitch, do
whatever you want with me."

Clark smiled. "It was payback time."

He grabbed buffy by the neck and she was surprised at how strong he was.
He made her suck his dick. He fucked her face. She lay on the bed, legs
spread and up, exposing her pussy. Clark drove his strong cock in without
gentleness. He fucked her, driving his manhood in and out. Buffy screamed.
She held onto the bedsheets. He kept fucking her.


"Scream BITCH, scream!!!!!!!!!!"

Buffy felt as if she was being torn apart. Clark was so big and so long. She
had never felt like this before. Not with anyone. "Please, take it out!" she

"No, bitch!" he said.

He turned her over so that she was on her hands and knees. She knew what he
was going to do. She resisted with all her slayer strength but Clark was too
strong. He was stronger than anything she had ever seen. He tied her up at
super speed. This scared the shit out of her. She was positioned in front of
the mirror. From there she could see Clark's every move. He was adjusting
himself. She almost fainted when she saw his bulging cock positioned at the
entrance of her most private and forbidden place.

"Please, clark, no!"

"Yeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he said.

He drove his dick up her ass, taking her anal virginity.

Clark smiled as he fucked her. He drove his prick deep into her. Then he
withdrew. He fucked her, going in and out. Buffy felt her ass muscles clench
and her bosy respond to his fucking. "No," she said. "I cannot be enjoying
this. I cannot. No one fucks me up the ass."

"Well, tough luck gal cause I do," he said. He fucked her senseless.

Buffy's screams filled the night. Her ass was a mass of pain and pleasure,
contracting to hold onto Clark's cock and milking him dry of his cum. She
felt herself fart. Clark noticed too. He laughed and slapped her ass.


He kept fucking her until the viselike pressure on his super dick brought
him off and he came in a flood. He filled the vampire slayer's ass with hot
cum. Buffy felt her body tighten then a powerful orgasm came over her.

Clark released her of her bonds.

He went back to sleep, ignoring her. Buffy went to sleep as well. In the
middle of the night she threw out the dildo. She would no longer need it.
She sucked the unconscious boy's cock until he woke up, cumming in her
mouth. She sat on him, straddling him. "Clark," she said.


"I want you to be my master."

"Buffy, I've already taken your asshole and your pussy, what do you want?"

Buffy smiled. Her ass was sore but it was a beautiful pain. She liked it up
the ass even though it hurts. Angel had never taken her there although she
did fuck him up his ass as well as Spike, Tara, Drusilla, Faith, Dawn, Giles
and Willow. Xander never let Buffy anywhere near his ass. Neither did Anya.
But Buffy had fucked many asses. It was time someone did hers.

She looked at Clark.

"Can you do that again?"

Clark smiled. He went to get the bindings as well as the KY Jelly. It was
going to be a long night.



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