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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Tales from Gehanna What If 1 Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

Buffy stared at her best friend's gaping butt hole for as long as it was on display, only dully aware of the polite applause and murmurings of approval around her. Even when Willow, under Faith's orders, pulled her pants back up and went to get her top some food Buffy stared at the place her best friend had been, unable to believe what she had just seen, and more importantly she couldn't believe what it had made her feel. It... it actually made her horny! Seeing her best friend with a gaped open ass hole made Buffy horny, and she blushed with shame when she realised she was suddenly fantasising about ass fucking her dear sweet Willow.

When the full realisation of that hit her Buffy slowly got up and left as inconspicuously as she could, praying that neither Faith or Willow spotted her. She had no idea whether she succeeded, or where she was going, but it didn't matter. She just had to get away from the people she cared about, because no matter how hard Buffy tried she couldn't stop thinking about butt fucking Dawn and Willow, especially Dawn as she could vividly remember sodomising her little sister where as she had only a lingering glance at her best friend's gaped butt.

She tried to think about butt fucking Faith instead, or a female celebrity or one of the various women scattered throughout the prison, but her thoughts always came back to her own sister, Buffy eventually looking for a bathroom where she could try and quell this unholy desire. It seemed to take forever, but she finally found one and dashed into the nearest stall where she pulled down her pants and panties and started rubbing herself. Unfortunately while she found it very easy to make herself cum imagining just how enthusiastically Dawn had eaten her pussy or the pure perfection which had been fucking Dawnie's butt her lust only got stronger.

Trying to quit cold turkey Buffy spent the rest of the morning scouting the prison and looking for any means of escape. Unsurprisingly she didn't find any, and only worked up an appetite. For both food and sex, Buffy so hungry and horny by the time the tannoy announced it was lunch time that she didn't even hesitate returning to the place she had seen her best friend get humiliated. Luckily there was no sign of her or Faith, Buffy wolfing down a rather bland sandwich, dry muffin and something she supposed was technically classified as orange juice before heading back to her cell.

It wasn't easy as Buffy hadn't been exactly paying attention when she ran from it, and the corridors all looked the same, but she had at least a vague idea where she was going. It helped that she had left her door wide open, and a tied up Dawnie with her naked and opened butt on display. Buffy had been horrified when she realised that, but she hadn't rushed back because she knew the second she saw that perfect ass the temptation to fuck it again would be too great. And she was right, the second she found the right place Buffy literally licked her lips at the sight of her baby sister's butt still naked and begging to be fucked.

As she got closer Buffy realised that the once bruised and gaped butt looked good as new, the skin back to its normal colour and the butt hole barely visible from between Dawn's cheeks, and when she got closer it was clear that the back hole was closed, and very tight looking. And very, very fuck-able, Buffy again licking her lips as she stepped into the prison cell and admired how well Dawn had healed. Considering she had used all of her Slayer strength last night, and stayed on top of Dawn with a dildo buried in her sister's butt, this had to be the result of magic, but Buffy didn't really care right now. She was just glad that ass looked so tight, because she definitely wanted another piece of it.

"Who's there?" Dawn whimpered.

"Oh Dawnie." Buffy whimpered as she finally came to her senses, rushed over to Dawn and started undoing her restraints, "I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry. It's this place. It's screwing with my head, making me feel things. Do things. I swear, I never wanted to hurt you, and I'm so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?"

When she finally asked the question Dawn sat up and looked at her with a weird expression. Then before Buffy could react Dawn shot forwards and smashed her lips against hers. Clearly Buffy's Slayer senses had been dulled by this evil place, because she hadn't seen the kiss coming and she couldn't stop it. Worst of all she didn't stop it after it was happening, Buffy barely even hesitating before she shoved her tongue into her little sister's mouth and bullied her tongue into submission. She even pinned Dawn down against the bed and grinded down on her like some kind of animal, Buffy only breaking the kiss a few minutes later so she could catch her breath, and even then she almost immediately started kissing Dawn's neck.

"Fuck me." Dawn moaned, then just to clarify what she wanted she added, "Fuck my butt. Please Buffy, I want you to butt fuck me again."

Instead of saying a firm no like she should have done Buffy grinned against her sister's neck, "I shouldn't."

"Please, I want you too." Dawn pushed, before getting an idea, "I'll eat your pussy first."

Buffy bit her lip, thought about it briefly, then said, "Okay."

Immediately Dawn grabbed her big sister's prison bottoms and pulled them down, Buffy helping her as well as making sure to get rid of her underwear and kicking off the incredibly ugly and uncomfortable prison shoes. Buffy then quickly crawled up Dawn's body and unceremoniously pressed her already dripping wet cunt down on her kid sister's face. She then let out a sharp cry followed by a long moan as Dawn immediately and very eagerly started licking her pussy. Buffy unable to resist grinding down on her baby sister's pretty little face, knowing it must make it hard for Dawn to breathe but she couldn't stop herself because it felt so good.

In her defence Buffy had been walking around all day seeing other women fuck each other, mostly in the ass, but there were more than a few going down on each other, and then she had returned to her cell to find the best butt she had ever seen naked and begging to be fucked. Really Buffy deserved a medal for not ass fucking her little sister right there and then, even if she did deserve to rot in this jail for what she had done to Dawnie last night. But she couldn't really dwell on that right now. Not when Dawnie's little tongue was making her feel oh so good, pushing Buffy ever closer to orgasm, just like last night.

Just like last night when she had cum in her kid sister's mouth and all over her pretty little face. Just like she was going to do again in a matter of minutes, Buffy knowing she should be horrified at the thought, but she wasn't. It felt too good. Too natural. Too perfect. And she knew this evil place had a lot to do with it, but right now she didn't care. And she wasn't sure she could care again. All that mattered was Dawnie was getting her off, Buffy helping out further by removing her last articles of clothing, the ugly orange prison shirt and her bra, and then started playing with her painfully hard nipples while continuing to roughly ride Dawn's face.

After several minutes of that Buffy ordered, "Fuck me! Mmmmmm, fuck me Dawnie, fuck me with your little tongue. Stick your tongue inside my pussy and fuck me you little brat! Make me cum! Oh fuck, make me cum, ah fuck, just aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooodddddddddddd!"

Without much prompting Dawn did as she was told, slamming her tongue as deep as it would go into Buffy's pussy and then beginning to fuck her with it. After everything she had seen today, much to her shame including her best friend's gaping ass hole, Buffy just couldn't hold back, and she didn't even try. Instead she roughly fucked her little sister's face until she came all over it, practically drowning Dawnie in her cream. To her credit, and somewhat surprisingly, Dawn not only eagerly swallowed as much as she could but then shoved her tongue back inside Buffy to fuck her to another orgasm, the process repeating for a few glorious moment as Buffy became obsessed with satisfying her own selfish lust.

Then worried that she was depriving her sister too much air Buffy rolled off of Dawn's face and then lay back against the headboard for a few long seconds gasping for breath and her body still tingling. Then she looked down at her little sister's cum coated face, the face now covered with HER cum, and her lust returned tenfold. Only this time she wouldn't be satisfied with a little tongue action. No, she needed the ultimate sign of dominance to show her bratty little sister who's boss. So she quickly retrieved the strap-on from where she had left it last night, dusted it off, strapped it on and covered it with lube. She then turned back to Dawnie, who was now sitting up in watching her with glee.

"Oh yes, fuck my butt." Dawn squeaked eagerly, "Mmmmmm, pound my butt and make me your bitch."

Buffy practically quivered with that last part, but ignoring it for now simply ordered, "Roll over onto your side. I want to nail that tight little ass of yours from the spooning position."

Dawn quickly did as she was told, Buffy kneeling behind her just as quickly and then slipping a finger into her baby sister's butt hole. Then the two Summers sisters let out a long moan, first from the anal penetration and then from Buffy gently pumping Dawn's butt. Wanting to thoroughly loosen up that little fuck hole Buffy continued fingering her little sister's ass hole for a few long minutes, pushing it up and down and side to side as well as in and out. She even added a second finger, but shortly after that she couldn't resist replacing those fingers with her big cock, Buffy spreading one of Dawn's butt cheeks with one hand while using the other to slip the head of the dick into her kid sister's back hole.

Even though there was some pain in the cry that Dawn let out when her ass was penetrated there was also a lot of pleasure in that cry, and it was quickly followed by a moan of pure pleasure. That continued to be the case as slowly but surely Buffy slid her dick into her baby sister's bottom, Buffy making sure to keep at least one of Dawn's cheeks spread so she could get the best possible look of that big dildo sliding into her sibling's shit hole like a hot knife through butter. Fuck, it was so hot, Buffy practically drooling as slowly but surely she anally penetrated her own sister with her big strap-on dick, putting the little bitch in her place.

Considering Buffy tried to go slowly, and mostly failed, there had to be something in the magic of this evil prison which was making the anal penetration easier on Dawnie. Buffy wondered whether she even needed to bother with lubricant in the future, the image of herself just slamming her dick directly up Dawn's tailpipe almost overwhelmingly hot. But no, Buffy couldn't take that risk with Dawn. No matter what happened she was her little sister, she loved her with all her heart. It was just right now she physically needed to butt fuck her, that need only overwhelming the tiny voice in Buffy's head telling her that this was wrong and she should stop.

That voice was drowned out completely when her thighs came to rest against Dawn's butt cheeks, announcing that she had buried every inch of her cock in her little sister's rectum. Her cock. Oh yes, every inch of her cock was buried deep within Dawn's back passage, Buffy now touching places inside of her kid sister which were never meant to be touched, that fact making Buffy growl with possessive delight and start nuzzling Dawn's neck. She even bit down on it, marking Dawn is what she'd always meant to be, hers. Oh yes, it was so clear to Buffy now. Dawn was always meant to be hers. Her baby sister was always meant to be her bitch, and Buffy was going to make that crystal clear to Dawnie by completely owning her ass.

With that wicked thought Buffy started pumping her dick in and out of Dawn's little shit pipe, officially starting to sodomise her sister for the second of many times. Shameless anal whore that she was Dawn moaned with pure pleasure at this anal abuse. She even moaned Buffy's name and a few things like 'yes', 'oh my God' and 'don't stop' over and over again, in various different combinations. Which made Buffy grin wickedly, and begin sliding her hands all over Dawn's body, mostly squeezing her boobs and slapping that cute little ass that she was fucking. Although after a few long minutes of gentle butt pumping she reached down and rubbed Dawn's pussy, which was soaking wet, which made Buffy grin and reward Dawnie by concentrating on her clit for a few seconds.

Ironically this meant that Dawn became a little more coherent, "Oh God, oh Buffy, fuck me! Fuck me please. Mmmmmm, hammer my little butt hole. Oooooooh, make it yours."

This sent Buffy off, and she grabbed hold of Dawn's hair, pulled it back and growled into her sister's ear, "It is mine! Your ass is mine! You are mine. You're my bitch! Understand Dawnie?"

"Ye, yes." Dawn whimpered.

"I'm not sure you do." Buffy said, "This is Prison Butt Fuck. The women here fuck each other in the ass to prove who's a dominant top, and who's a submissive bottom. And when you take an anal cherry, that girl becomes your bitch. And that's what you are now Dawnie, my bitch. I own your fucking ass hole and will fuck it whenever I want. Understand?"

"Yes, yes, yes my ass is yours!" Dawn whimpered, "I'm yours! I'm your bitch! I'm your bitch, I'm your bitch, I'm your fucking bitch! Please make your bitch cum. Ooooooohhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddd Buffy, fuck my ass and make me cum like the bitch I am!"

Those words made Buffy growl lustfully and increase the pace of the sodomy, slowly at first, but soon she was hammering Dawn's ass. Her current position limited how much power she could provide her thrusts, but she kind of thought that would be for the best considering she had an almost overwhelming urge to literally ruin her little sister's rectum. Then again she tried her best to do that last time and Dawn's ass was practically virgin tight again. How was that possible? Did this prison rob her of some of her strength? Or did it heal ruined rectums? Either way Buffy was grateful, because it meant even if she got carried away in the future, and probably even during this latest butt fuck, Dawn's ass hole would remain a nice tight fuck hole for her.

She soon put that to the test as Dawn started cumming from getting her ass fucked like the bitch she was. Buffy's bitch. Oh yes, Buffy's bitch was cumming for her. Her baby sister. Her baby sister was her bitch, and she was making her cum from fucking her wonderfully tight little ass. Those thoughts made Buffy let out an animalistic like growl, role Dawn onto her stomach and herself on top of her sibling, then she started pounding Dawnie's butt hole with every ounce of her strength. Which of course made Dawn cum over and over again, and squeal so loudly in pleasure that the whole prison probably heard it, in that moment Buffy loving the idea because she wanted everyone to know Dawn was hers. That her little sister was her property. Her bitch. Hers and no one else's.

Those last wonderful thoughts combined with the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising her kid sister to send Buffy over the edge of a powerful orgasm. More powerful than any other she'd ever received, except when she had taken Dawn's anal cherry. Cumming in Dawn's mouth was a close second, but nothing could compare to slamming her little sister's shit hole with her big strap-on dick. Buffy hope that was the evil magic of the prison talking, but in that moment it didn't really matter to her. All that mattered was giving Dawn a brutal butt wrecking and making them both cum as much as possible, something she succeeded at easily.

For the next few minutes, or however long it was, the sound of Buffy's thighs, and really her whole body, crashing down on Dawn echoed throughout the room almost as loudly as Dawn's squeals, the brunette's butt cheeks jiggled and became discoloured under the force of the anal pounding and Buffy growled in Dawn's ear 'you're my bitch, you're my bitch, you're my bitch, over and over again. Most importantly of all both Summers sisters received multiple orgasms, and while Dawn's were more powerful Buffy's were more satisfying. Sadly they didn't have unlimited stamina, and ultimately Buffy was forced to stop, although when she did she took another few minutes to bite down on Dawn's neck to make sure her territory was thoroughly marked. Then she heard a voice which made her blood run cold.

"Hey B." Faith grinned wickedly.


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