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The story itself is mine.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Thanks For Lending Me Your Body, B
Part 3 - Doing Some Shopping (exhib,grope)
by Oric13 ([email protected])

When mom woke up, we both took a nice long shower together. After that, mom
really needed to do some work at the gallery which I didn't really mind too
much since I was in the mood to go out anyway (after staying home for a
couple of days, I was getting restless).

So, I happily spend the remainder of the afternoon shopping. Picking up some
wicked new clothes (and shoes). I also bought a couple of naughty outfits at
Victoria's Secret to surprise mom with. Finally I bought a lot of cool things
at the leather shop, which by the way cost me a lot of dough. Luckily, I had
plenty of money... since I emptied out all of Buffy's accounts soon after I
became the new occupant of her body. I also withdrew all the money from B's
college fund, which took some arguing with the bank manager to accomplish. I
managed to convince him though. I mean: it's not like I plan to go to college

Speaking of B, I wonder how she's doing. Giles told me that those watcher
pricks kidnapped her (or rather me, heheheh) from the police. It still
surprises me, what a bunch of fuckin' morons those Sunnydale cops are! Being
outsmarted by a bunch of tweed-wearing British faggots. Tsk!!

Anyway, she is probably still in the watchers hands, perhaps even in England
by now. Well B, I hope that a couple of those Brits like girls, and gangbang
your self-righteous little butt into the ground! Heh! The idea of B getting
it in all three holes (even if it is in my body) really turned me on. Which
reminds me: I'll think I swing by the sex shop and pick up a few toys Joyce
and me could use. The idea of fucking my new mommy with a strap-on dildo made
me really hot.

* * *

After going home and dropping off the purchases I made at the shopping mall,
I went to the rougher part of town to visit the sex shop (it seemed the good
citizens of Sunnydale didn't want a sex shop too close to their nice clean

I entered the store and looked around... not bad! They seemed to have a big
assortment of items available, and the place wasn't as dark and seedy as most
porn stores I've been in.

As I started to check out their collection, the owner stepped up to me and
gave me a curious look.

I could see him thinking: What's a girl like that doing in a place like this?

I shot him a grin and calmly looked him over; he was a bit overweight but not
bad looking, and a reasonably sharp dresser. Most importantly: he smelled
clean, which I can tell you is very important to a slayer; with our enhanced
senses we -too- easily pick up on bad odours.

He in turn looked me over and seemed to like what he saw: I was wearing a
pair of leather trousers -- which appeared to be painted on me -- a skimpy
halter-top and a wicked pair of black shoes with 3-inch long stiletto heels,
I just bought today. No underwear of course.

Swallowing nervously, he finally looked up to my face.

"Can I help you, Miss?" he inquired.

"Nah, just browsing a little."

Hesitating for a moment, he continued, "I do not want to offend you, Miss...
but the law says you have to be at least twenty-one to visit this shop, and
frankly." he made a hand gesture. "You hardly look eighteen, let alone

I rolled my eyes. Great! The first porn store owner who actually sticks to
the law. Damn! I never had this problem in my old body.

"So I'm afraid, I'm going to have to ask you for your ID." He finished.

"Oh come on, mister." I gave him my most charming smile. "I left my ID at
home and I don't want to go all the way back for it." Running my hands over
my body in a sensual manner, I continued, "Tell me, doesn't this look like
the body of an adult?"

He gulped and I now noticed an obvious bulge in his trousers.

"Well..." I could see his mind battling between lust and common sense. "I
don't know. I really should see an ID." And common sense seemed to win.

Shit! Looks like this guy needs a little more convincing.

Looking around for a moment, I noticed there were a few male customers
watching our conversation with interest, and giving my body some lustful

I hesitated for a moment. Making up my mind, I looked the owner in his eyes
and gave him a wicked grin. Reaching down, I grabbed the hem of my tank top
and slowly lifted it up, showing him (and three customers) my firm, round

Now, even though I'm not shy about my body, I don't think I would have
exposed my tits if I'd been in my old body. I probably would have used a
little physical persuasion to change his mind. But something about
exposing B's -- previously untouchable -- body, really turned me on!
Perhaps it was knowing how mortified B would be if she knew that a couple
of old pervs were ogling her bare titties, what made me such a little

Looking down, I noticed my little pink nipples had grown fully erect. Looking
back up, I noticed everyone staring entranced at my breasts.

"Well? What do you think?" I prodded the owner. "My tits certainly look adult
enough, don't they?"

"I-uhm-I guess that, I, uhhh... they, uhm," he stuttered. "They look... quite
adult." He finally managed to finish.

"And they FEEL quite adult too," I grinned and gave him a sly wink. "Go
ahead, feel for yourself."

Unable to believe his luck, he hesitated for a moment, then when he saw I
wasn't kidding he swiftly stepped forward and grabbed my teen titties.
Eagerly he pawed and fondled them for several minutes. After this, he played
with my erect nubbins for a while then after weighing my tits in his hands
for a couple of moments, he stepped back with a sigh.

Dropping my top, I cocked a questioning eyebrow at him.

"They... uhm, you definitely seem adult enough for this store," he smiled.

"Good... told you so." I smirked.

He winked, and said, "If there is anything I can help you with, just let me
know." Turning around, he walked back to the counter.

Giving the -- still spellbound -- customers who were eying me a sexy grin,
I sauntered to the back of the store and started checking out the collection
of strap-on dildos.

* * *

With a big shit-eating grin on my face, I left the store. Heh! The look on
their faces when I tried that dildo on for size was absolutely priceless!

Except for the 9-inch strap-on dildo, I had also bought a few other items:
a couple of nipple clamps, a pair of handcuffs, a small assortment of
butt-plugs and a decent sized vibrator shaped like a purple cock (you never
know when a girl needs to take care of business herself).

I noticed that it was already dark by now, and remembering that mom said
that she'll probably be busy at the gallery until after midnight, I decided
to make a little visit to Sunnyhell's only "nightclub".

So with my new toys tucked away in a discreet little bag made of black glossy
paper, I happily set course towards the Bronze.

Ahh! It's good to be Buffy.


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