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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Sexual Adventures Of Faith Lehane Part 12 (Ff, bond, piercing)
by LL

Slayers aren't known for being early risers. I know English whines like a girl about early birds catching worms, but I'm a Slayer not an angler. Anyway, Slayers are teenagers and when did any self-respecting teen get up before midday. Well, apart from today.

I jolted awake. For a second I thought my Slayer senses had kicked in and I sat up, my eyes darting furiously as I looked for a weapon. The only thing to hand was the strap-on I'd been using last night. As I gripped it the thought came to me that if it was a demon they'd be safe unless I was planning to fuck them to death. But the house remained as silent as the Keystone Cops and about as threatening. I relaxed, if there had been a threat B would have been up and about kung fu kicking the shit out of the big bad. Instead she was lying in bed beside me, snuggled up to Butt-fuck, who was snoring gently with Dawnie's arm wrapped over her.

I smiled at the scene as a shaft of morning sun shot through the curtains. Perhaps I'm getting soft, but I felt a warm glow at looking at my family sweetly asleep. I didn't know what had awoken me, but I might as well follow English's advice and get up early. I swung my legs out of bed and reached for a T-shirt. There was a yawn and a movement from B; she opened her eyes to look at me, "Did I wake you?" she yawned again.

I grunted. I didn't think she had; it was just one of those quirks of the body, like when a muscle suddenly seizes up or you get an itch on the end of your nose. B gave me her naughty little girl look and continued, "Oh aren't I bad, waking you up," her hand slipped under the cover and slapped her thigh, "You won't punish me too hard will you?" her self-pitying whine was as fake as Pamela Anderson's tits.

I inwardly sighed. English is always saying what a good girl B is (usually with a pointed raising of his eyebrows after I've told him that I'm not going to do another two hundred sit-ups whilst holding a fucking cannonball to my stomach). But she does love her punishment - any excuse her pants are down round her ankles and she's over me or Dawnie's knee wailing until her butt is red. I think sometimes she drops things on purpose just so that she can get a hard caning. Normally I'm happy to oblige, but I think she's come to expect a hard thrashing as a right. I shrugged, "Don't think so B, just felt like getting up?"

A look of disappointment crossed her face, then a light bulb blew in her brain and she said, "I did it. I woke you and you didn't notice," she followed this lie with a rebellious smirk.

I saw how this was going. She thought I couldn't avoid punishing her, not if she both admitted it and made it seem like she'd got one over on her. Unluckily for her I'm smart enough for both of us. I shrugged again, "I was reading this mag recently," I lied with as much skill as she did, "It was about training dogs, but I reckon it will work with bitches as well. It says that once trained misbehaviour is about showing off. Let it lie and pooch will be good as gold in no time, so if you're showing off... well it's best to let you do so."

B's face looked like twenty vamps had sprung from a grave in front of her and then burst into a rendition of 'Sweet Child O' Mine', a mixture of horror and incredulity. I smiled, "I'm still thinking about it B."

She could see she was beat, or rather that if she wanted to be beat she'd have to dance to my tune, "Perhaps, I didn't wake you," she said miserably.

"Sure you didn't B, go back to sleep," I said. With ill grace she flounced onto the bed, pulling the covers up. I went downstairs.

A coffee and a cigarette and I was set for the day. I picked up the copy of 1984 Will had lent me. She said it was science fiction, well I'd got to page three and there wasn't an alien in sight. I put it down and switched on the cartoons, Will is determined to educate me, but I reckon in my line of work seeing how Jerry bashes Tom is much more useful - if only vamps wandered around with mousetraps and dynamite...

I had just stubbed out a second cig watching entranced as Roadrunner beeped his way down the highway, when Butt-fuck came in. She had a look that she was annoyed, but trying to hide it. I knew why and she quickly confirmed it, "You're up early?" she said, she sounded pissed off, but trying unsuccessfully to hide it.

I shrugged, "Early bird ya-da-yah."

"I always wake you," she continued, again there was a whine of petulance. I briefly considered putting her over my knee, but it was morning and I'd learnt if I gave Butt-fuck to early a thrashing she was about as much use as a spaghetti stake for the rest of the day.

Instead I raised an eyebrow and let a small note of sternness enter my voice, just enough to act as warning about what happens to naughty Milfs, "Not always."

For a second a pout developed, until Butt-fuck remembered that while I prefer not to punish until evenings it's a tactic, not a philosophy and I've been known to save up for later. Still, I thought she did have a point, and my pussy was starting to itch. I gave her a bright smile, just to show that I was going to be forgiving about her little mistakes, "Well you can wake me now."

I shifted the chair away from the table and lifted my T-shirt. Butt-fuck dropped to her knees, giggling. For a second I teased her, keeping my legs shut. She pushed at them, trying to force them open. I forced them back, it wasn't much of a competition - a forty-year old Mom verse a teenager Slayer with thighs of steel. She tried again, her tongue flicked out over her lips in anticipation. The sight of the sliver of wet, red flesh made my cunt itch more as it thought about where that tongue should be going. I opened my legs. Butt-fuck gave a sigh of relief, as I grinned, "Are you going to sit there all morning?"

Shaking her head, Butt-fuck replied, "No - I'm going to wake you."

Her head rammed down, the blonde curls shooting across her forehead. Her mouth was already open by the time she hit my pussy, her lips merging with mine and her tongue kissing into my hole. I was wet in no time. Butt-fuck's tongue shot up my chute like a bullet and hammered into my clit like it was a... bullet. I screamed and gasped, Butt-fucks tonguing technique has being coming on so much recently I keep wondering if I should give her a certificate for twat munching. I gave another scream and clutched the table so hard I could feel the Formica covering cracking. She dug her face so far up my pussy it was a wonder she didn't disappear.

I screamed again as Buffy came in. She gave a sour look, still sulking after I wouldn't spank her earlier, as she looked at her Mom lapping me out. Not that she hadn't being doing some lapping of her own, as the juice glistening just above her mouth showed. I guessed that meant Dawnie was awake... but further thoughts were ruined by Butt-fuck slamming me into an orgasm. My vision exploded into a cataclysm of stars as if two Galaxies had decided to have a train wreck and this time the Formica did crack, "Aaaaarggghhh, yeessssssss," I screeched.

Even as I was screaming my pussy was shooting out it's cum, covering Butt-fuck like she'd been hit by a waterfall. She pulled back, licking at the juice and watching as what she could lap drenched her body. I felt a small compliment was in order, "Well that was just about satisfactory."

Butt-fuck smiled as if she'd just come first in 'Pets win Prizes' and gave B a triumphant look. I didn't mind, as Will says, a little competition is a good thing. B gave another frown as she started to prepare breakfast. I gave Butt-fuck a pet on the head, just as Dawnie came in. She dropped on the seat next to me, still wearing nothing but the suspenders she'd gone to bed in last night, "Can I have a cig?"

She didn't wait for an answer, but drew my pack towards her and pulled one out. I frowned - at Butt-fuck, not Dawnie, as I could see the Milf was itching to get all Momsy and tell Dawnie that smoking was bad for her. At my look she stopped frowning and returned to an expression of pained disbelief. Another frown from me and she adopted a more neutral expression. I sighed, it can be hard being an older sis sometimes, everyone else thinks they know what's best for Dawnie. I picked up my lighter and flicked it, shooting the flame up, "Wanna light?"

Dawnie nodded, leaning forward to tip the end of the cig into the lighter. She sucked down and exhaled, sending blue plumes of smoke round the room, "So what we got planned today?"

I shrugged, "I told Will I'd meet her and Harm at the Mall; you fancy taking the bitches shopping?"

I could see Butt-fuck and B turning to look at Dawnie, willing her to say yes - the two of them love a bit of credit card therapy; especially if it involves naughty nightwear or wicked toys. I was proud of the way Dawn reacted, she first gave a cool look, then took a long, hard drag on the cig, before leaning back against the chair. I could almost feel the tension as our bitches willed her to say 'yes'. She took another drag on her cig and shrugged as if it what she was saying was nothing, "Why not?"

"We'll go after breakfast," I said and looked ravenously at the plate of pancakes Butt-fuck placed in front of me.

* * *

"Should I wear panties?" Butt-fuck called from upstairs.

I groaned inwardly, no matter how many times I disciplined her the lessons never seemed to get through, it was as if she was deliberately wanting to get a spanking. I called back, "Since when are you allowed underwear?"

"Okay," Butt-fuck replied.

Typically it hadn't taken me and Dawnie anytime at all to put on T-shirt, jeans and pumps with socks, panties and socks. But it took the bitches twice as long to dress without any underwear. Still as Butt-fuck and B came downstairs I had to admit it was worth it. Both had bright red lipstick plastered on their lips, which made it seem like they were glowing. They were both wearing their hookerware, the clothes they use when me and Dawnie send them to stand on street-corners when we need some quick bucks; tiny T-shirts which barely cover their titties - even less with Butt-fuck's large pair, teensy-tiny skirts so short than even a blind giant could see there were no panties and razor sharp high heels, which make it impossible to run, but arrange their shapely legs very nicely.

It didn't take us long to drive to the Mall, as Dawnie says I go like a maniac, hooting cars out of the way and running red lights like I was colour-blind. About five minutes after we arrived, as me and Dawnie were sipping our cokes, Will and Harm appeared. It was hard to tell who was the dom and who was the sub. Will looked as shambolic as a scarecrow with a hole in her cardigan and her hair in so many directions she looked like an electrocuted hedgehog. Harm, on the other hand, was wearing a very expensive and exclusive dress and daintily holding a designer handbag as if she feared holding it tighter would cause it to explode.

"Faith, Dawnie," Will waved and sat opposite us, as I slid her coke over to her. Looks could be deceiving though; Harm was definitely Will's bitch. If the redhead had told her to strip naked and anally masturbate in the middle of the floor, Harm would have being doing it. The blonde gave a small nod to her fellow bitches, and the three of them jealousy regarded each other's outfits. Will grinned, she liked a bit of competition, kept the bitches keen she said and she's not often wrong about these things, "So have you told Joyce and Buffy where we're going?"

Dawnie frowned and looked at me, "She hasn't even told me... where are we going? I thought it was just to the shops?"

I grinned, "Well it's a special shop, you'll love it."

Dawnie nodded, knowing she could trust me, "Do I get to hear first or it a surprise?"

I stood up and clicked my fingers. Butt-fuck and B were by mine and Dawnie's side in seconds, Harm took a few seconds longer and from the look Will gave her I imagined that she'd be struggling to sit down later. I slid my arms through my little sis' and best friend's arms, before turning to Dawnie, "It's a surprise."

"I love surprises," Dawnie gave me a beaming smile, melting my heart with sisterly love.

Arm in arm the three of us left the Mall, the bitches trotting respectfully a few steps behind. A few minutes later we were in one of the less nice parts of town. During the night it was crawling with hard-fighting, hard-biting vamps and even during the day it had it share of half-hidden demons and thugs who were human in name only. Luckily or unluckily, they recognised two Slayers and none were stupid enough to make a move, even if they did wonder why B was half-naked. Down the street I came to our destination, from the outside it looked deserted, but pushing back the peeling door I entered a superstore of sex, glistening and gleaming under its artificial light.

All over rubber suits jostled for space with lingerie so fine it looked like spider's webs. Dildos of all shapes and sizes were racked up - ribbed, spiked and ejaculating beside plain old flesh coloured vanilla. Whips, paddles and canes, together with other bondage gear so depraved and painful that even I would never want to use it. Wooden stocks, pony-gear, ropes, weights, anal beads, even a full scale crucifix (kept well out of range of any vamp customers), the shop had it all.

A young blonde walked towards us. I recognised her as a vengeance demon I'd defeated a few months back. She saw it was me at the same time, she paused as if considering running, but only for a second. Instead she slipped on the saleswoman's smile and walked towards me; I had to admit that took balls. She stopped in front of me, the fake smile still on her face, but with dollar signs in her eyes, "Anya Jenkins, welcome to my little shop."

"Faith," I waved to Dawnie and Will, "My sis, Dawnie and my best friend, Will."

I didn't introduce the bitches, but I don't think Anya expected me to. She walked round to inspect them, at first merely with her eyes, before reaching up and groping Butt-fuck's pussy. Butt-fuck squealed and looked at me imploringly, I shrugged indicating she shouldn't complain. Butt-fuck nodded compliantly, standing still as Anya pushed a finger up her pussy. The ex-demon wiggled it for a few seconds before withdrawing it and licking Butt-fuck's juice away, "You've got them well trained."

I may have blushed with pleasure, Dawnie and Will certainly did. Anya's shop had only just opened, but everything I heard about it was that Anya was a stern mistress and she knew a well-trained bottom when she saw one, "Yep, they're submissive cuntlickers all right."

There was a look of disappointment on Anya's face, "You don't want them further trained? - I've got some spaces."

I was tempted, but with effort I shook my head, "Perhaps later."

"Suit yourself," at the loosing of a sale Anya's mask slipped momentarily, but she was too professional to drop it for long, "So how can I help?"

"We were thinking of some pussy and tit piercings for the bitches," I replied.

"We were?" asked Dawnie in confusion, before smiling and nodding vigorously saying with feeling, "We were."

Will patted Dawnie's arm, calming her down as Anya nodded, "A good choice," she looked at the bitches, "Strip cunts."

The three of them were naked in less time than it took them to get dressed. Anya walked up, kicking their clothes dismissively away, before cupping each of their titties and testing each twat with her fingers. She turned back to me, "So how large do you want the piercings, I can do studs, small rings or larger rings. For their twats I can do a little lock, if you don't want anyone up there but you."

The idea of Butt-fuck and B being unable to spread their legs for anyone but me and Dawnie was appealing, even if we only used that hole when dping them. But it would stop them hooking, so I shook my head, "Let's see the large rings."

Anya went over to the counter and returned with a box and a very sharp, thin bladed knife. She looked at me and then at Butt-fuck, "Does she struggle?"

"Don't worry," I replied, "I'll hold her."

I moved behind Butt-fuck and gripped her arms. She wriggled, as Anya approached, pushing herself into me and wiggling her body away. I gripped her hair and pulled her head back so that my mouth was level with her ear, "For fuck's stake stay still or you'll be sleeping on your own in the kitchen."

Butt-fuck gave a low groan of terror, but stopped wriggling. Anya gripped her tittie and pushed the knife through the flesh of the nipple. Butt-fuck screamed and screamed again as Anya repeated on her second tit. Butt-fuck was still screaming as Anya bent over and pierced her pussy lips. I let go and returned to her front. Butt-fuck snivelled, but I don't know why, there were a couple of tiny specks of blood, I'd had more blood from a period, never mind a whacking from a couple of vamps.

"Could you...?" Anya gestured at Harmony. I stood behind her and gripped her tight, she snivelled and screamed as much as Butt-fuck as she was pierced. I stepped behind B, all she let out was a blissful sigh - that girl likes pain way too much to be normal.

Anya wiped the bloodied knife on a piece of cloth before placing it back on the counter. Returning she opened the box, "Take your pick," she nodded at the rings nestling inside, each one complete with price tags.

I picked a gold set, they were expensive and a made a mental note to tell Butt-fuck to encourage anal when she was whoring, it paid twice as much. Anya nodded, "Good choice," she murmured and clipped them in place, making Butt-fuck squeal like a girl again.

As Anya discussed which rings Dawnie and Will wanted I looked Butt-fuck up and down. She always looked slutty, but the gold rings made her even more so. She gave me a weak smile and tried to preen herself for me, I snorted with derision, Butt-fuck can get to full of herself sometime. I looked at Harm and B, large rings banged against their tits and clits, making them even more trampish than Butt-fuck, yep it was well worth the price.

At first I thought Anya was just letting us admire our purchases, until she came back with a bigger box. Never underestimate a shop-owner and dollars, I told myself, as Anya opened the box and pulled out a double-headed lead. She gave me her fake smile again, "With rings I find this a very popular accessory," as I nodded, trying to think of a way to get the credit card out and pay, Anya snapped the metal prongs through the lead and passed the leather strap to me, "and presto."

I gave the lead a quick, experimental tug, Butt-fuck's tits were pulled out. Another quick tug and she trotted over. I frowned and then smiled, I could see this being fun. Wrapping the strap round my hand I began to walk to and fro, pulling Butt-fuck along with me. Every now and then I quickened my pace and there would be a quick shriek from Butt-fuck as her nipples were pulled before she got back into the faster stride. I heard giggling as Dawnie and Will led their bitches round the shop, dodging and twisting under each other leads until they had entangled Harm and B. I returned to Anya, "We'll take them."

Mentally adding up the extra profit, Anya unclipped the lead from Joyce. She put it back on the counter and leaned into the box again, "These are very popular," she said, as she came up with a pair of nipple weights."

"I don't know," I murmured. But Anya had successfully clocked that I'm a sucker for sales patter. She clipped them onto But-fuck's tits. The weights hit the ground with a clank, pulling Butt-fuck over. Even bent double it still looked as if her titties were being pulled out by the roots. Butt-fuck grimaced in pain as Anya gestured me to come round the back.

"A great position, for taking your bitch from behind," Anya slapped Butt-fucks ass so hard it sounded like a gunshot. I nodded, but Anya wasn't finished. From her pocket she pulled out a butt-plug, she gave it a brief lick and then slammed it up Butt-fuck's ass. The Milf gave another screech, as Anya turned to me, "Put the weights on, put in the plug and leave her to morning, and she'll be so open you'll have less effort than opening a carton of milk."

I nodded it was tempting. Normally I like Butt-fuck tight, using more than my fair share of Slayer healing cream to keep her so. But sometimes, if I know I'm about to face a big bad, I could imagine leaving Butt-fuck in place and then have a nice relaxing fuck when I'd beaten the shit out of it. Anya could see I was wavering, and threw in an offer it was too good to miss, "Tell you what, buy the weights and I'll throw in the butt-plug for free."

I nodded. Behind me I heard Dawnie, "Faith..." she said.

I turned. She was still holding B's lead, but was looking at Butt-fuck bent double, with her tits turning purple. Beside her Will was also looking longingly. I nodded and turned to Anya, "Three sets," I said.

She nodded. I undid Butt-fuck and let her and the other bitches get dressed as Anya gift-wrapped our purchases and swiped Butt-fuck's credit card. I quickly forged her signature and slid the card back into my pocket.

Anya smiled, "Is there anything else I can help you with? I do a great line in enslavement ceremonies."

"Having the bitches as slaves?" Dawnie almost hopped from foot to foot with excitement, turning to me, "Can we? Can we Faith?"

I didn't have time to answer, before Anya had reached behind the counter and whipped out a brochure. As Will and Dawnie crowded behind me I looked down, even the cheapest ceremony was close to a thousand dollars, way beyond my price range. Unfortunately I could see Dawnie's eyes being drawn to the most expensive ceremony, "Your slave will be dressed in a white, alluring bridal gown before being gang-raped by lesbian vampires. Chained and abused they'll be delivered for you for branding. After the ceremony she'll drink your piss in toast, before further degradation from your guests. All caught on camera so you can watch it again and again."

I could see Dawnie imagining so much she was grinning like an infant told there was a bathroom full of ice-cream. My stomach fell as I turned to her, "We can't afford it Dawnie."

God, I now know how a grown-up feels when they tell their kids they can't afford that cute little puppy. A sad expression crossed Dawnie's face and it was a toss-up who burst into tears first, her or me. She nodded and put on a brave face, "It's okay Faith, I understand."

That made it feel worse.

There was a cough from Anya, "Perhaps we can come to some arrangement?"

I grasped at it like a serial killer grips at a neck, "How?"

Anya strode over to a curtain and pulled it back, revealing a number of large holes drilled into the wall. I bent down and looked through, I could see a darkened room beyond.

"Glory holes," explained Anya, "My last girls left a few nights back. They couldn't swallow thirty loads of cum a night."

"Lightweights," I agreed, casting my eyes over at the bitches.

"I charge ten dollars a blow, I'll split fifty-fifty."

I did some quick calculations, gave up and looked at Will, who said, "Three bitches, thirty blow jobs that's four hundred and fifty dollars a night."

"Sounds good," I agreed, "and I'm sure they can do overtime."

"Oh of course," agreed Anya, "I reckon they could easily do fifty."

I looked at Will, who replied "Seven hundred and fifty dollars."

I snapped my fingers, "Butt-fuck, B, Harm, we've got a job for you..."
_ _ _

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