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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Sexual Adventures of Faith Lehane 16 (FFf, inc, double-anal, spank)
by LL

"Happy Christmas," beamed Will as I opened my front door.

"Aren't you Jewish?" asked Dawnie, "Shouldn't it be Happy Hanukkah?"

"I'm a Wiccan so it should be Happy Winter Solstice," corrected Little Miss Comparative Religion, "Anyway Hanukkah was three days ago."

I'm a good Catholic girl and, fascinating as the religious rites of Witches and Jews are, tradition says that Will either comes in or I call the Inquisition round and have her burnt at the stake. As I already had Butt-fuck here, founding member of MOO or Mothers Opposed to the Occult, there was at least a one voter for torching heretics. Luckily for Will (if not for MOO) I kinda felt burning my best friend to death was not in the Christmas spirit.

Will stepped into the house, in Sunnydale its bad manners to wait for an invite. I bent forward, "I see you've brought a guest? coochie-coo"

"Is that Amy?" asked Dawnie crowding over my shoulder as I tickled Amy under her chin.

"Squeak" Amy replied; I think happily. She certainly sat on her hindquarters, shat into the bottom of the cage and scrubbed her nose with her little pink paws, all of which I took as meaning she was pleased to see us.

"Yes," replied Will, "Mom didn't want to look after her; you'd think a scientist shouldn't have a phobia about cute little rodents."

Willow lifted the cage onto the shelf, sending Amy running around in excitement at the change of scenery. I leant over the cage and, putting my finger through the bars, stroked Amy's nose. It twitched and she preened herself with pleasure. Certainly as a rat Amy was easy to please; especially if she got some cheese later. However, it was probably best to keep her upstairs, away from Butt-fuck, who's MOO related lynchings were responsible for Amy's switch to rodent like behaviour.

I was just about to suggest to Dawnie that she take Amy upstairs instead of pulling faces at her, when the doorbell rang again. Standing outside, shivering in the cold, was our second guest (or third if you count Amy), Anya Jenkins.

"Happy Christmas," said Dawn and Will in unison as Anya stepped into the hallway.

"Huh, I suppose" responded the ex-vengeance demon. She pushed us aside with ill-grace, her arms full with wrapped presents, which she dropped under the tree. It was Dawnie's idea to invite Anya, who didn't have anyone to celebrate with. On finding out the whole point of Christmas was present giving Anya had been all for it, at least until she had found out she was also expected to give as well. For the last week, every time I'd gone to pick up Butt-fuck and B from their glory hole shifts, Anya had launched into a moan. How inefficient it was, she would say, to buy presents for someone who was also buying a present for you and it would be easier if everyone just spent the money on themselves. And it would save on wrapping paper.

However, as soon as she saw Amy Anya cheered up. Christmas is a time to glory in others misfortunes and being turned into a rat really had spoilt Amy's year. Stepping over, Anya joined Dawnie in stroking the rat, drawling like Amy was a baby "Coochy-coochy coo."

Rolling over on her back, Amy squeaked and Anya tickled her furry tummy. Looking up Dawnie asked, "So how is Amy? Is she enjoying being a rat?"

"She can't really talk," replied Will, slowly so that Dawnie would understand that talking rodents only existed in Narnia and Babe.

"Oh," said Dawnie, who brightened as Amy stood on her hind legs and pawed at the cage bars, "She looks happy..."

"She does this little trick," replied Will, "What I do is slide some cheese up my pussy and let Amy go and she shoots up it like an, er, rat up a drainpipe. My God Amy's whiskers... It also works with Harm's ass though I need to open her first - Harm not Amy. "

I looked at Anya, who for fun used to turn philanders inside out; she was looking a little queasy - probably imagining that Amy had been magiced into a bunny. I couldn't have my guests throwing up on the carpet, well not until we demolished the bottle of Scotch I'd liberated from English's drinks cabinet. I turned to Dawnie, "Could you take up Amy to your room? Y'know she has a phobia about Butt-fuck."

"Will do Faith. Then can we open the presents?" asked my darling adopted sister.

"We'll see," I teased.

Taking my answer as a 'yes' Dawnie scampered upstairs with Amy bouncing around in the cage so fast that the rat looked like she'd have preferred to take her chances in the Titanic. Whilst I waited for Dawnie I decided to check on the 'meat'. Luckily they were both perfectly content, preparing the Christmas Dinner. Butt-fuck was stuffing the Turkey - I hoped she'd washed her hands since that fist had been stuffing a different type of turkey earlier - and B (aka the earlier turkey) was chopping some vegetables. I grinned as I looked at the bitches, me and Dawnie had dressed them up in their festive finery this morning - novelty reindeer antlers together with Santa red suspenders (with winking lights). I'd also splashed out and bought them a pair of novelty butt-plugs - though as they kept playing jingle bells whenever they moved I'd put them away before the tinny sound made me commit murder.

"Pressie time," Dawnie zoomed into the kitchen like she had flames shooting out her ass. Grinning widely she grabbed my hand and pulled me away just before I could dip a finger into a dip, "C'mon Faith. Don't be a grinch."

Seeing Dawnie's pixie face lit up in excitement I couldn't hold up any longer. I smiled back, "'kay Dawnie, grab the bitches and we'll open the presents."

Dawnie clapped her hands in glee and grabbing B and Butt-fuck by the leads attached to their nipple rings led them into the main room. Will and Anya were already waiting, sipping some the pilfered Scotch. They looked in anticipation as Dawnie brought in the B and Butt-fuck; knowing that after our dinner had gone down so would the two bitches.

"Me first," shouted Anya, beating Dawnie by a millisecond. Any chance the youngest Summers had of disputing the right of opening her pressies first was quickly lost. Whilst she looked to me to umpire Anya dived forward and clutched her presents to her chest like she was Gollum with the one ring; an illusion not dispelled by the ex-vengeance demon clutching them to her chest and whispering, "Mine, mine, my Christmas presents."

"You can open them," I grinned.

There was a flurry of paper and sticky tape as Anya shredded the Christmas paper to what was beneath. She pulled out an electronic strap-on and held it aloft, "Tops - what's it do?"

"I bought that," smiled Will, we both knew there would be no 'thank you' from Anya. I suppose if you spent the last thousand years awaiting sacrifices from your followers so you'll wreak bloody vengeance on their enemies you feel normal social pleasantries don't really apply to you. Anya pressed a button and the dildo wiggled around like a worm on a hook. Anya looked at Will, "Does it play tunes?"

"Er, no," replied my friend, who naively had thought a dancing dildo was enough of a present.

Snorting Anya tossed it aside and, picking up mine and Dawnie's gift, quickly tore away the paper to see what was inside. It had been hard to get something for Anya, I mean what do you get the girl who has everything or rather makes so much money from her magic sex shop that she can afford everything she wants. In the end we'd decided for the personal touch; a home-made glossy calendar, though borrowing Will's IT skills we'd mocked it so that it looked almost professional.

It seemed to have been a good choice. Anya opened it, I could see her eyes widening and her mouth opening in a smile. She looked up at the two nude models I'd chosen, "I like the February shot."

B and Butt-fuck preened and posed, tossing their hair back, pointing out their tits and pouting their lips, the pride radiating from them like heat from a wood-stove. After a few seconds, Butt-fuck realised that she had no idea what photo had been chosen for which month, "Which one's February?" she asked.

Anya didn't reply. Instead she turned the calendar round so we could see it all. I had to admit it was one of mine and Dawnie's faves as well; B was on her hands and knees leaning forward, licking her lips, below her Butt-fuck lay, her open ass-hole just ready for B's tongue. B and Butt-fuck nodded and smiled at each other as they saw the photos; they'd enjoyed posing for the sessions as much as Dawnie and I had enjoyed snapping them.

"Me, me, me," Dawnie's excited yelps brought me back from my reminisce. She tore open Anya's present, it was a box. Dawn opened it in excitement, inside was another box. Dawn opened this one and then the box inside that. By the time she got to the seventh box, the envelope inside was a lot smaller than anticipated. Still Dawnie excitedly ripped it open. Out fluttered a voucher; Dawnie picked it up and read it, "Ten percent off your next purchase at the Magic Box. Only redeemable on purchases over one hundred dollars."

"I got you all the same," said Anya, obviously bored now that she had opened her own presents and wishing the whole thing would be over so we could eat.

"Thanks," said Dawnie like she meant it. She looked at B and licked her lips - my little sis has her eyes on an expensive enslavement ceremony.

"Thanks" echoed me and Will with much less enthusiasm.

Anya shrugged and looked at first her watch, then Dawn, "Hurry up. It'll soon be Boxing Day and we haven't eaten."

We all ignored the exaggeration, Anya was feasting on Christmas candy and didn't look like she was impersonating an Ethiopian. Dawnie reached over and picked up the pressie Will had got her, she gave it a shake and held it to her ear, frowning as she tried to guess what it was. I smiled at her, it was just such an adorable thing to do. She shook it again, but no further clues, so she quickly tore it open, "Wow Will - thanks...."

Dawn held up the rubber nurse's suit, though any nurse who wore something that tight and sticky would be a magnet for germs. Glancing at B, Dawnie grinned, "It'll fit her just fine."

Willow pointed at the top half, "It's held up by Velcro, so when Buffy's nursing you you can have her titties hanging out or you can keep them in."

"Mmmnnn," I could see Dawnie imaging B in the kit, I was doing the same, "Thanks Will - we'll be trying this later, won't we Buffy?"

B nodded enthusiastically, like Butt-fuck she likes little more than pleasing her mistress. Dawnie was already, however, turning to her final present - mine. Again she shook it, smiling at me as she asked, "What have you got me?"

I shrugged and lied with fluency of a conman, "Nothing much..."

Dawnie prodded the wrapping and frowned, before unwrapping it. She held up the two piece bikini and smiled, though from her look I could tell she was disappointed it wasn't more, "Thanks Faith..."

I picked up the voucher, which had fallen to the ground as she'd torn of the wrapping, "And this..."

She looked at it and her smile widened, "And scuba lessons..." then her smile fell, "but Faith have you seen where you booked them... it's in Barbados - that's miles away..."

I love Dawnie, but she can be as dumb as soup sometime. I nodded, "Well..."

I could almost hear the cogs whirring and the spiders squeaking as they plunged through the webs, "Oh my God... you've booked us a vacation?"

"I thought we could do with some sun," I would have said if Dawnie hadn't flung her arms round me and started squeezing me so tight that all I could do was squawk and flap my wrists like a gay chicken.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," squealed Dawnie, "Best Christmas present ever... can we take the bitches?"

"Of course, we'd never leave them at home" I said, whilst making a mental note to book a couple more airline seats. Quickly, before Dawnie could notice my slight slip in the arrangements I turned to Will, "Your turn."

Will picked up the box from Anya and put it down again, "Thanks Anya..."

"Aren't you going to open it?" asked the ex-vengeance demon sourly.

"Why? You've told me what's in it..."

"I could be lying," said Anya with the logic of a Dalek and with a mean stare to match. With a sigh, Will opened the present. Five minutes, eight boxes and the destruction of half the Amazon later we discovered that Anya wasn't lying.

"Thanks Anya," Will smiled through teeth so gritted that they almost splintered against each other. She quickly unwrapped the pressie Dawn had got her. It was a leash and collar. Will turned it over and looked at the medallion hanging from it, "Harmony Kendall," she read and grinned, "Oh Harm will love this... it's perfect beach wear."

Will turned to my present and opened it, "The complete Charisma Collection," she read my handwriting on the DVDs I'd burnt.

I grinned, "I thought you might enjoy seeing your favourite cheerleader, revenge for all the times she bullied you at school. It's got everything she's done from 'Teens on the loose' to her latest, "I married a werewolf."

A light bulb flashed over Dawnie's head, "So that's why we were buying a wedding dress," she grinned, "I thought you were about to do the decent thing and propose to Mom"

"Enslave - yes, marry - no; I'm not the type," I grinned back. Then I shook my head as I remembered the scene, "It was a bit of a waste of money - I mean Cordy only wore it for about two minutes before her new hubby transformed and took her in front of the entire congregation... Mind you as they were all werewolves they all joined in."

"Apart from the Minister - he was a vampire," Anya glared accusingly at me.

I shrugged, "What can I say? I panicked."

"She staked him," explained Anya with in an expression that suggested she was shocked that I'd done such a thing. I guess she's still pissed we had to cut that scene from the final product - Demons won't buy porn where a Slayer rushes onto to set and stabs to death (again) one of the performers just before he does the money shot.

Still there were more important things to think about than my accidental staking of one of Anya's tame vamps - like my presents. I quickly opened Anya's and gave her the obligatory thanks, though by now she was so bored that she was not the centre of attention she'd picked up yesterday's papers and was reading the funnies. It was Will's present next, I tore off the wrapping paper and grinned, "Thanks Will."

It was a Princess Leia bikini, if Return of the Jedi had been a porn film, complete with slave collar and leash. I licked my lips as I went through my being Jabba fantasies - Butt-fuck would look gorgeous with her titties fallen out and lashed to the bed.

"My present, my present," Dawnie was almost jumping up and down with excitement as she thrust what she'd bought me into my hands - the way she was jumping about you would think she was the receiver not the giver, a lesson for Anya there.

"Thanks Dawnie," I smiled in gratitude even before I started to open it. Dawnie seemed to think I was being slow, cos she sat down next to me and started pulling at the wrapping paper herself. I gave her hand a slight slap, "Stop..."

Dawnie grinned at me, "Sorry Faith."

She got up and sat down again, ants in the pants as English says. I pulled apart the wrapping paper and gave a gasp of appreciation, "Dawnie...."

"I hope you like it," she said with just a hint of nervousness.

I stood up and swished the crop through the air, it whistled seductively at me. I couldn't wait to try it out, "B, Butt-fuck," I turned to the two bitches, "Bend over."

Tittering and giggling with excitement the Mrs Summers and her darling daughter assumed the position. Both were so supple that B easily touched her toes and Butt-fuck was close. Two asses waved in the air. I stood behind them, positioning myself that I could thrash one and quickly switch to the other, like beating a drum if you play for Def Leppard. I raised the crop and brought it down on Butt-fuck's butt, "One..."

It hit with a satisfying crack. Butt-fuck gave a squeal of pain, mixed with pleasure. I quickly swung the crop on the opposite side, "One..."

This time it was B's turn to let out a sharp cry as the crop snapped against her naked skin. The mark it left was as red as her suspenders. I lifted it again and cracked across the mark, B's squeaked in surprise, she had been expecting me to go for Butt-fuck. But one thing I'd learnt about keeping bitches is never to get into a routine, they get used to it and bored. And a bored bitch is no fun at all. "Two... three...four..."

I thrashed down twice more on B's behind, creating a little boxed shaped pattern. I paused for a second, looking at B's butt as she quivered in anticipation of the next blow. Beside her Butt-fuck was also quivering, though in her case it was impatience and jealousy that B was the one who was the centre of attention. I grinned and quickly switched to her, "Two..."

"Ouch..." squeaked Butt-fuck excitedly as the crop cracked across her crack. Her butt raised slightly in invitation and I could see it quake as she waited for the next thrashing blow. Which meant it was time for B...

"Five... six," I brought down the crop, diagonally cutting the earlier box. B gave a shriek of surprise as the leather slapped into her naked flesh.

Butt-fuck was quivering again, like a hunting dog that's just seen a dying duck fall in the distance. I grinned, "Three..."

The sound of Butt-fuck was disappointment. She'd tensed herself up for a hammering blow, but instead all I'd done was gently touch her naked skin with the crop, more like a caress than a whip. I smiled, don't get into a routine and keep them keen. I raised my arm and brought down the crop again, "Four..."

"Aaaaarrrghhhh," screamed Butt-fuck as if she'd been hit by lightning. I'd put, if not all my Slayer strength, at least a fair portion into that belt and Butt-fuck felt it. She almost toppled forward with the force, luckily she was experienced enough to cope, but even so when I brought down, "Five" she flinched.

"Seven, eight," I gave B a couple of quick cracks, just as she was beginning to think I'd finished with her. Neither were that hard, just enough to sting and leave a mark, but B still squealed like a goat being sacrificed.

"Six," I rapped once more on Butt-fuck butt, slicing another red weal across her skin. I stood back and flexed the crop, as I'd just seen it was very springy, "Thanks Dawnie - I love it; I'm going to be using it all the time."

Dawnie blushed with pride, "Good, you like it."

"I love it," I turned back to the bitches and, for luck, I gave them another crack across each of their trembling asses, "Time for dinner..."

* * *

I'd have been content after dinner to spend the rest of the day chilling in front of the TV. Butt-fuck and B had laid on a spread, Turkey, Beef, Chicken, Nut Cutlets (for Will), roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, raw potatoes (don't ask - let's just say Anya still enjoys some demon delicacies) and more vegetables than I knew existed. Oh and pudding.

So when I say I was stuffed it was cos I couldn't eat another thing and not cos, unlike B and Butt-fuck, I'd spent the entire meal sitting in the middle of the table with a dildo up my pussy for my guests viewing pleasure. I'd collapsed into the sofa in front of the TV, thanking whatever deities there were for the invention of remote control. Will and Anya were equally lethargic. Even Dawnie, normally a fireball of energy, had yawned and curled up beside me resting her head on my shoulder. A few clanks and bangs from the kitchen as B and Butt-fuck washed the dishes were the only interruption to the pleasant Southern drone of Jimmy Stewart.

It all changed when Butt-fuck and B finished their chores. At first they sat as good as gold watching Jimmy review his life. But after a while they started to get a little frisky. It came in stages; at first it was a licking of lips seductively, followed by the dropping of candy on the floor which meant they had to stand up and slowly bend over to pick it up. Next came to the rubbing of their cute shaven slits, at first their touches were concealed and seemed accidental, but soon they were becoming increasingly vigorous fingers down slits, with unmistakable moans of lust.

I knew the signs of horny Summer's women, I'd seen the signs before. Normally I either put them over my knee and spank their asses until they squealed or I gave in and fucked them from here to Sunday. I smiled, as it was Christmas it seemed uncharitable to give them a thrashing without orgasms, but I was still feeling a bit full.

Will looked at me and nodded at B sliding two fingers into her snatch, "Are we going to do anything?"

"P'haps later," I replied, "Ignore them, it's about time they learnt some discipline."

"But we're horny now," moaned Butt-fuck, she pulled her finger out of her slit and licked away the cum.

I gave her a hard stare, "And we're watching 'It's a Wonderful Life.'"

At first my stern words worked - well for about two minutes. Then the two minxes were at it again, touching and fingering both their own and each slits. Their moans became increasingly loud and distracting, especially as Clarence was trying to tell Jimmy what a top husband, father and small town hero he'd been. I turned to the two Summer's - Butt-fuck was fingering her daughter hard whilst B was slurping at Mommy's large tits, "Butt-fuck, B... I won't tell you again."

This time they listened for as long as five minutes. Then I could feel surreptitious hands on my jean buttons. I looked down to see B staring innocently up at me, trying to pretend she hadn't just undone my pants. I scowled and crossed my legs, as B continued to try and push her head between my legs. I gave her a quick slap and she whined, before slinking away. It didn't last, within seconds Butt-fuck had taken her place and B was trying to remove Dawnie's jeans.

"Buffy," snapped Dawnie, "Behave..."

"Sorry Dawn, but we're horny," said Buffy in a voice so thick with self-pity that I expected Clarence to swoop through the window and start lecturing her on what a wonderful life it was.

I gave Butt-fuck a quick smack on her hand as it slinked upwards, before speaking crossly "Sit still, the both of you or you'll be sleeping in the yard tonight..."

It worked, at least long enough for the movie to end, which was about three minutes after I'd told them off. I gave a theatrical sigh as Butt-fuck's face connected with my panties and she tried to push her tongue under the material. I gave her a light shove back and stood up, looking at my sis and friends, "Do you fancy going two's up on the bitches?"

Dawnie shrugged, "If we don't we're not going to get any peace..."

Will looked at the TV supplement, "There's nothing good on until six... might as well."

Anya clapped her hands, "Dibs I get a go on Buffy..."

"Will, you want B as well? It been at least a week since you had her," I turned to look at the two sluts. They were sitting on their knees looking up, panting with excitement, their titties wobbling from side as they trembled in anticipation, "Okay, let's go upstairs, but I'm still feeling energy zapped after dinner, so you'll have to open your own asses."

B and Butt-fuck were off their knees and up the stairs like I'd told them Santa Claus was stuck under the bed. The four of us made our way upstairs in a more leisurely fashion. By the time we arrived, B and Butt-fuck had laid out the strap-ons on the bed and were lying back, with their legs bent back, as they toyed their assholes open with ultra-large dildos. Amy, however, seeing her archenemy - the founder of MOO - was running round her cage on the edge of apoplexy. I took of my sweater and tossed it over the cage, that quietened her.

"Cunt or ass," I asked Dawnie, pointing at Butt-fuck.

A slow smile spread across her cute pixie face, "Faith, since Mom's put all her effort into opening her butt for us wouldn't it be better if we shared it..."

I'm not normally one to say 'no' to double anal, but normally I haven't eaten half a turkey and two helpings of pud. Butt-fuck gave an excited giggle as she thought about being double-stuffed by me and her daughter, it faded as she saw my face. She pulled the toy from her butt and got onto her hands and knees, waggling the open hole at me. She turned her head and gave a the little girl look she's learnt from B, "Please Faith, share my butt. It's Christmas."

"Please, Faith, please," Dawnie gripped my arm and looked at me pleadingly.

I sighed and pulled down my pants, "Okay, two cocks in the ass it is. I'll go in first, you join me when I've opened that hole."

I pulled on my toy and got on the strap-on. Will was already lying on her back with B bouncing her slit down on the redhead's large dildo. Even as I watched Anya joined them guiding her toy down B's open ass. There was a squeal of joy from the blonde as Anya started to hammer her. I grinned and gripped Butt-fuck's sides, "In I come, slut."

Butt-fuck had done a good job in opening her hole and the dildo slid in like a stake through a vamp. The Milf gave a gasp of enjoyment as my cock ran over her erogenous zone. I leant forward and transferred my hands to her titties, squeezing them as I began to slam forward, "Open wide Butt-fuck!"

Dawnie squealed in appreciation as her Mom and sister were slammed hard, "Give it to them," she laughed and clapped her hands, whilst bouncing on the bed.

I rammed harder and harder, varying the angle of my thrust so that with each slamming downward motion I stretched another bit of the ass. It was hard work, with all the Slayer Healing Cream Butt-fuck's being using to repair her butt, she's build up an immunity. Still, my earlier lack of energy had gone and I'd got my second wind, hammering her hole with my huge toy. It splattered down her chute and she screamed as her anal G-spot sparked out messages of pure joy, "Yessss, yessss, fuck my slutty ass."

I leant back and wiped a trickle of sweat from my forehead, "That should be big enough now, Dawnie."

Dawnie's ten-inch strap-on looked gigantic against her sparse teen frame, but from experience she knew how to use it. She moved over Butt-fuck so that she was almost sitting on her back opposite me. Gradually she lowered her cock into the battered back-hole. I'd opened Butt-fuck, but Dawnie still had to work it. Her face creased with concentration as she pushed her dildo down into her Mom's waiting ass, "Fuck - you're tight. Take it all."

I gripped at Butt-fuck's ass and pulled at the cheeks as Dawnie continued to push. Beside us the bed bounced as Will and Anya continued to sandwich B who was screaming like a dying banshee. So was Butt-fuck, "Oh God, oh God, yesssss, yesssss, yesssss, I'm a whore, fuck my whore ass."

A drip of sweat dripped from Dawnie to land on Butt-fuck's back as the cock went in. I grinned, "That's it in - let's try and work up a rhythm."

We began to jointly fuck Butt-fuck's ass. As we'd done a lot of times together me and Dawnie started to giggle as our titties bounced against each other. Below us Butt-fuck was screaming so much she was at risk of going hoarse, "Yesssss, yessssss, yesssssss."

Harder and faster we ploughed her ass. Opening her ass like it was the Mall Sale on Boxing Day. The bed screeched in protest, as B and Butt-fuck were double-fucked. They were both juicing up like oranges, their cum spitting out of their cunts and soaking not just themselves, but the me and my friends. And we were cumming as well, multiple times, screaming in pleasure as the electrical jolts ran through us. The four of us were squirting cum over the bitches until they shone like cars which had just been waxed and polished, "Aaaaaarrrrghhhh, yessssss, fuuuucckkkk meeeee, haarrrrrrrrddd!!!"

I rammed the dildo in, my naked body hammering into Dawnie so hard that droplets of sweat splashed off us and onto the other. It was rolling down me in waves. Beside us B gave a final scream. Butt-fuck had already wrecked her vocal chords and was only able to let out a sympathetic croak. We slammed in again. The two cocks pushed her anal erogenous zone into her wall and she shook like she was attached to the mains.

"God," I gasped and pulled out. Dawnie followed me. Anya and Will were lying either side of B, her ass was gaping so wide you could have put a baseball down it. I reached over and pulled my sweater off Amy's cage to wipe some off the sweat off my forehead. If B's ass was open it was nothing compared to Butt-fuck's - that could have fitted a football.

Amy squeaked excitedly and ran round her cage. I looked at her, then Butt-fuck and B's open ass and then up into Dawnie's eyes. She grinned back, great minds thinking alike and all that, "I'll just go get some cheese..."
_ _ _

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