Please note, the characters are owned by others. The "key" is an entity that
is thousands of years old, even though its representation in this story
appears in the form of a young girl. So, despite her outward appearance, the
key is thousands of years above the age of consent. The story below is a
false memory planted in the mind of Willow Rosenberg by the monks who protect
the key to give their creation a back story among the people who are now
protecting her. In short, even in fiction, this is fiction.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Those Twisted Monks (ff,1st,anal,morph,herm,magic)
by Sunnydale Jim ([email protected])

Willow was looking forward to baby sitting her best friend's kid sister.
Even a 17 year old can get nostalgic for the innocence of her recent youth.
Especially when that 17 year old has been dealing with vampires, monsters
and other supernatural threats. Of the many weird and amazing things that
Willow had experienced since the Summers family had moved to Sunnydale the
year before, the best was the discovery that she had some kind of special
powers. She was just discovering the world of magic and the increasingly
unbelievable things that she could do.

This afternoon, before Dawn came over to spend the night at her house, she
thought she'd try a love spell to get her secret crush, Xander Harris, to see
her as more than a friend. She was sitting naked on her bedroom floor, making
incantations, preparing to burn a picture of Xander when the phone rang. It
was Dawn. She decided that at this critical juncture in the spell she had to
let the answering machine pick up and ignored the call. But, then something
happened that she could not foresee. She did not know as much about magic or
interpreting old languages as she thought she did. She was distracted just
enough so that at a certain, very important point in the ritual, she was NOT
looking at Xander's picture or burning it. She was hearing Dawn's voice. That
was enough to twist the spell and throw it into a completely unexpected
direction. A mystical bond was formed between the two girls, but Willow did
not know it yet.

* * *

Buffy and Dawn's mother was out of town on business. She didn't know that
Willow's mother was also out of town. Buffy was taking advantage of the
situation to try and spend the night with Angel, after patrolling she was
hoping that this would be THE night for them. So Dawn was having a sleep
over at their friend Willow's house. The prospect of Buffy's romance leading
to her possibly losing her virginity was the spur that pushed Willow into
trying the spell. She didn't know yet that it had gone awry.

Neither her or Dawn realized anything was different. Neither one thought it
odd, the feelings that came over them as soon as Willow answered the door.

* * *

Dawn didn't know why, she didn't even realize she was doing it. But as soon
as the door opened and she saw Willow, she dropped her knapsack inside the
doorway and put her arms around Willow's neck, grinning. Willow quickly shut
the door and pressed her mouth to Dawn's. The kiss deepened and went on and
on. Dawn jumped off the floor and circled Willow's waist with her legs and
sucked on Willow's tongue like it was a popsicle. It never occurred to either
girl that the lust they were feeling was unusual. Willow slipped her hands
under Dawn's T-shirt and massaged her bare back as Dawn wiggled and hugged
her. She staggered over to a couch and the two girls plopped onto it. "WOW!
Dawnie, where'd you learn to kiss like that?"

"I guess it's on the job training. You're the first person I've ever kissed
like that!"

"Oh, wow! You're the first person I've ever kissed like that.... LET'S DO
IT AGAIN!" And Willow put one hand behind Dawn's head and pulled her into
another deep, juicy kiss while using her other hand to squeeze the teen's
firm, narrow ass. "Ooh, Dawnie! I never realized how cute and sexy you are."

"Will, I've always thought you were gorgeous! And the coolest girl I know!"

"Me? Cool?"

"Yes! Cool.... and HOT! Teach me about sex, Will. Show me things. Please."
Willow couldn't believe how cute the kid looked when she pouted for sex. But,
she also had to be honest. "Gee, Dawn, I... I know exactly how you feel, I
feel that way, too. But... I'm a virgin, too, you know. I'm not sure I know
what to do."

"Well, we've got all night to figure something out.. Let's start this way!"
And Dawn pushed Willow's shirt up and took her soft white breast into her
mouth and sucked on the nipple. "Oooh, yeh! Oh, Dawn, yeah. Let's take off
our clothes!" And the two girls jumped up and started stripping as if their
clothes were infested with bugs.

Dawn was shorter and thinner with long, coltish legs and breasts that were
just budding. Willow was more mature, but just. Her skin was pale and her
breasts were small, but more developed than little Dawnie's. Willow stood
back and each girl admired the other with a lust they didn't try to conceal.
"Oh, shit, Will! I love your red.... um, hair down there."

"It's pussy hair, Dawn. Don't be shy with me. And I love the way your pussy
looks. Sit down, I want to play with it."

Dawn plopped back on the couch and watched fascinated as Willow sank to
her knees and put her palms on the young girl's thighs, pushing them apart.
Willow rubbed Dawn's thighs and then put her lips against Dawn's pussy,
rubbing it with her lips, her nose, her cheeks, reveling in being so close,
so intimate with another person for the first time. Dawn took her own pebble
like nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and rubbed and tweaked as she
stared lovingly at Willow's adorable face massaging her nearly bald pubis.

Willow saw what Dawn was doing to her tiny tits and it turned her on even
more. She used her fingers to spread Dawn's pussy and stuck her tongue in.
Dawn moaned and Willow thrilled to the sound and thrilled again at the taste!
Dawn was yummy! Willow lapped and lapped and then remembered what she liked
when she played with herself. She located Dawn's clit and started playing
with it as she licked. Dawn acted as if she had been struck by lightning! She
started bucking up and down and fucking Willow's face with her hips while
clutching the couch and pounding at the cushions with her fists and her bony
little ass. Willow tried switching tactics, finger fucking her new girlfriend
while bobbing her clit between her teeth and pushing it all around with her
tongue. Dawn grabbed her head and started wailing, "Oh, Willow, yes, yes
YESSSSS!!" She screamed and moaned and came like a race horse all over her
babysitter's face.

"Hold me! Uh, uh, oh Will, please, please hold me!" Willow jumped up on the
couch and the two lay together in each other's arms. Dawn was so worked up
she didn't even care that she was licking her own cum off of Willow's face
and Willow was so horny she was straddling one of Dawn's skinny thighs and
humping her like a dog.

As Dawn started to catch her breath, she panted, "Geez, Will. I taste really

"Oh god, yes, Dawnie, you sure do!"

"I wonder what you taste like?"

"Well, ...." and Will pushed herself to the end of the couch and spread her
legs, "Come see".

Dawn dove right in. She licked Willow's pussy like it was a giant ice cream
sundae. Willow relaxed and put her head back and sighed. "Dawn, do you ever

"Duh! Yes! I'm not a kid! Well, not that much of a kid. Yeah, why? What's

"Nothing's wrong, I just want you to slow down and treat my pussy as if you
were masturbating your pussy. Do the things you like, but, use your tongue,
too. Take your time, we've got all night, sweetie. Oh, and remember, there
is no 'doing it wrong'. You're my lover now and whatever we do with each
other is good. So, back to work sexy."

"Yes, ma'am!" Dawn grinned, her eyes twinkled with pleasure at hearing the
older girl call her her "lover" and she started making love to Willow more
slowly, savoring the taste and feel of the fiery red crotch under her hands
and mouth.

Willow watched the eager young face, its nose buried in her bushy red hair,
and thought of the possibilities. This was her first time having sex with
another person and she wanted more! "Dawnie, sweetie, please use two of your
fingers inside me."

"Oooh, yes, Willow, tell me what you want. I'll do anything if it will make
you feel the way you did to me."

"Be careful Dawnie, you don't know what you may be getting yourself into."

"I'm getting myself into this delicious bod of yours, hot stuff! You taste
great, by the way"

Willow reached down and put both her hands on the sides of Dawn's head and
guided her tongue strokes as they looked each other in the eye, "Yes, lick
me Dawnie, you are SO fucking beautiful! I can't believe how lucky I feel to
have you with me like this."

"Say nasty things to me, Willow. Tell me something dirty!"

"It's NOT dirty Dawn. But you are making me hot. Fuck me, Dawn! Is that what
you want? You want your lover to beg you to make me cum with your hot little
face in my pussy? You want my cum in your cute little face? Suck my cum,
Dawnie! Lick me! Put your tongue all up inside my wet fucking cunt...oh, oh
shit! I'm making myself horny looking at your face in my pussy you are SO
edge and humping Dawn's face, her heels digging into the upholstery as she
gushed all over Dawn's face.

Dawn exulted in the feeling that she had made her lover cum so hard. She was
so proud and even hornier than before as she used her fingers to gather the
cum off her face and lick it up. She LOVED the taste of Willow's jizz! She
stretched out on top of her lover and the two kissed and rubbed their pussies

"Dawnie, do you ever, mmm, look at stuff on the internet?"

"You mean like porn? I wish! I'm always afraid Mom or Buffy will catch me
because we all share the same computer. Do you? Is it hot?"

"Well, yeah, I look at some things that make me horny. I've got my own
computer and I know how to hide my tracks and it gives me some ideas..."

"OOOHH! Yeah! Like what? Will I like it?"

"I dunno, let's see" Willow had Dawn kneel on the couch with her arms on the
back. Then she started caressing her from behind, rubbing her small tits,
humping her ass and licking her along her long white neck. "Keep your hands
on the couch, Dawn. I want to play with your hot little body. Do you want to
let me play, Dawnie?"

"Mmmmm, yes! Do it! Play with me. It feels sooo good."

"Dawnie, if anything makes you uncomfortable or unhappy you HAVE to tell me.

"Yes, Willow."

"Before this night is over, we're both going to feel things, wonderful
things, like we've never felt before." Willow slid down Dawn's body. "Oh,
yes Willow. I love what's happening... I... I...I love you!"

"Oooh, yes Dawnie! I love you!" Willow slid to the floor and looked at Dawn,
her long straight brown hair hung straight down her narrow back and ended
just above her cute little butt. Willow put her cheek against the sole of
one of Dawn's feet and felt the softness. She turned her head and made Dawn
giggle when she ran her tongue up the bottom of her foot. She bent lower and
took a big toe into her mouth and then licked all Dawnie's toes. "Do you like
that, Dawnie?"

"It's nice. But..."

"But not as nice as having your hot little pussy licked, is it?"

"No, not AS nice, but still..."

"But still, you're a little piggy, Dawn. A little pussy piggy" Willow
punctuated the sentence with another long lick of Dawn's foot and made her
laugh again.

"Oh god Dawn. Your laugh is musical... almost I almost like hearing you laugh
as much as I liked it when you screamed my name while you were cumming."

"You make me feel good. Better than anything ever has before. It's not just
new what you do to's... it's better than anything else. Ever!"

"I know EXACTLY how you feel, baby. Oh Jeez, you're so fucking HOT!" And with
that, Willow stuck her nose in Dawn's ass crack so that she could slide her
tongue in Dawn's slit from behind.

"AAAaaahhh! YEAH! Like that, baby. Oh sweet sweet Willow it feeeels goooood,
oh oh yes." Dawn wiggled her ass back against Willow's insistent, persistent
tongue as Willow pressed her nose into Dawnie's anus and inhaled. This was so
decadent, SO much MUCH closer than she had ever gotten to any other body in
her life. "Oh my god!", thought Willow, "I've got my nose in little Dawnie's
asshole! And I LOVE smelling her shit hole! I don't know how this happened,
but I'm not gonna care. I love it" Willow slid up and used one hand in front
of Dawn to manipulate her clit and the other hand behind her to finger fuck
her cunt. "Listen, Dawnie, I'm getting my finger wet because I want to stick
it in your ass. If you don't like it just tell me okay?"

"MMMm do it, Will! I want to try ANYTHING you want to do to me. Go head,
baby! Play with me! Put it in my ass!"

Willow took her hands away from Dawn's pussy and used one to spread her
little white cheeks and stuck her wet forefinger into Dawnie's wrinkled pink
sphincter. Slowly she pushed and twisted. Back and forth as her other hand
returned to Dawn's pussy. She slid up and whispered into Dawnie's ear, "Is it
okay? Do you like it?"

"Oh, yes, Willow," Dawn swayed her ass slowly, as if in time with some sweet
slow song in her head. "Do it some more Willow, it's good. It's so good."

Rather than stick her slightly shitty forefinger back into Dawn's pussy, she
decided, "What the hell" and stuck it into her mouth, "Look, Dawnie."

Dawn turned her head to see Willow sucking her dirty finger. "Oh FUCK Willow
you are sooo fucking sexy! I want more!"

Willow got her two fingers good and wet and slowly slid them back into Dawn's
backside reaming out her butt hole. She continued to use her other hand to
finger fuck Dawn and raised herself up to kiss her lover. Dawn started to
grab for Willow, but Willow said, "NO! Hands on the couch. I'll let you know
when it's time for you to do something for me. I'm playing with you. And I'm
going to wring a bucket of cum out of your little pussy you little fucking

"Oh, yes, make me cum. Make me cum."

"Now listen to me Dawnie, I want you to do what I tell you, okay?"

"Anything, Will."

"Good. I'm going to lay on the floor on my back. I want you to squat over my
face and pull your cute little butt cheeks apart and sit on my mouth so that
I can get my tongue way up inside your dirty little shit hole."

"OOOooh! Oh, oh yeah Willow!"

"AND, I want you to masturbate over my face so that when you come it rains
down on my nose and forehead."


Willow disengaged and lay on the floor, her bright red hair billowing out on
the rug behind her. Dawn planted her two feet alongside Willow's head and
squatted. She pulled the little twin loaves of buns apart and sat right on
Willow's mouth. Willow's tongue pushed and pushed and she worked all of it
into Dawn's anal canal. Dawnie let go of her ass and started rubbing her clit

"Oooh, poor Willow, you can't talk dirty to me with your sexy tongue inside
my dirty little asshole Can you? That feels good,baby, sooooo good! You've
got me so wet and horny I'm going to soak your pretty face. You are so
pretty! Your crooked little smile just melts my heart. I can't believe you
want me..But I love it! I love it that you want me! Oh, Oh that's so good.
I... I ... I've never felt anything LIKE that! Ohh. yeah, yeah, mmmm,. (many
little squeaking sounds later_ AAAGGhh!! I'm I'm cummming... Willow... Willow
yes WilloooooooHHH AAAAAoooo!" Dawn fell off Willow's face shaking like a
leaf. Willow rolled onto her and held her close, cooing at her and telling
her how much she loved her.

"Oh wow, Willow, that... that... that was better than... the ... the other
one. Oh Jesus! HEY! Do you know how much cum you've got on your gorgeous

"Help me lick it up sweetie." And Dawn licked at Willow's face as Willow
scraped cum with her fingers and licked it up. Dawn grabbed Willow's head
and held it so that she could take Willow's tongue in her mouth and suck it
like a popsicle again. "MMmm, my ass is good!"

"Baby, YOUR ass is GREAT! I love your ass... and your pussy... and your cute
little titties... and your beautiful little face... and-" she was cut off by
Dawn's redoubled tongue sucking. When Dawn felt that she had sucked all the
rectal goodness from her lover's tongue she said, "Wow, Will. What can I do
for you? If you want your asshole licked I'll do it. I'll kiss your feet,
I'll do anything, baby, I NEED to make you cum the way you did for me. That
was SO good. Please, tell me how to make you feel like that."

Willow was touched by how desperate to please her Dawn looked. She begged
with her eyes and her words and her body language for Will to use her any way
she wanted. And Will HAD given this some thought.

"Dawnie, I think you need to be careful when you say, 'anything'"

"I don't care, Will. Please, let me prove it. Let me show you how much I want
to be a good lover."

"Alright, Dawn, everything we're doing now is private, right?"

"Oh HELL YEAH! This is just for us. OUR secret."

"Right. And I want what I tell you now to be our secret, too."

"I promise, Will."

"You know, I've been doing things with magic. I have a spell I want to try.
But I've never done it before. I should do it to me first... but, if you're
game, there are reasons why I'd like to try it on you."

"What kind of spell, Will?"

"I can give you a cock and balls like a boy."

Dawn's jaw dropped. She was absolutely stunned. So Willow went on, "I don't
want to do it to me and take your virginity because you're too young to take
a cock that way... and, well, I'm a virgin, too Dawnie. But, I'm old enough
that... that I'd like to give my virginity to someone I love. Someone I love
more than I ever thought possible. I want to give my virginity to you my
sweet little lover. But, if you're afraid of the magic, I'll understand."

"I trust you Will. You won't hurt me. I KNOW you won't. Give me a second...
it's SO BIG that I have a lover all of a sudden... and then it's BIGGER! that
I could grow a dick!!! And BIG BIGGEDY BIGGEST!!! That my sweet wonderful
beautiful beautiful lover wants me to... take ... her. For your first time.
Oh, Willow I love you so much!"

"I love you too, Dawnie. More than I've ever felt about anybody. Look, I'm
going to go get us some cold water to drink, I'm a little thirsty. You think
about it."

Dawn sat with her back against the bottom of the couch and stared at the sway
of Willow's pale and shapely ass swinging into the kitchen. A lot of thoughts
raced through her head. But two rose to the top. She could do something
wonderful for Willow that no one had ever done. And she could do something
that her super sister the slayer BUFFY had never done. Those two thoughts
made her mind up for her. So after Willow sat next to her and they each
drained their tall glasses of water in one long gulp, she said, "Oh, yeah.
I'll do it. I said I'd do anything to please you and, well, how many girls
get a chance to experience this?"

"So far? I dunno, I mean, I'm sure the spell has been done before. But not
around here I don't think."

"I'm ready when you're ready."

"I love you, Dawnie." and Willow took Dawn into her arms and kissed her
slowly and deeply. They slowly tumbled down onto the floor and kissed some
more. "Let's go into my bedroom, sweetie."

The two ran jiggling up the stairs, stealing glances at each other's naked
bodies. Inside her room, Willow told Dawn to sit cross legged in the center
of the room while she gathered some things. "The spell says we can't watch
it happen, so put this over your lap" and Willow laid a towel across Dawn's
thighs. The spell involved putting things in a large bowl between them,
burning something and Willow intoning something in a strange other worldly
language. Dawn didn't feel very different. She didn't think it worked until
Willow pulled the towel away and revealed a soft, uncircumcised eight inch
penis. "Eeeeew! Is it supposed to look like that?" squealed Dawn.

"Is this the first one you've ever seen?"

"I've seen a couple of pictures of hard ones, is this right?"

"Well, the ones you saw were probably circumcised. It's a very old spell, so
you have a natural penis. A pretty big natural penis. It'll look more like
what you've seen before after I get it hard." And Willow lay in between
Dawn's legs and took the magic snake fully into her mouth. Dawn squealed
again, this time with pleasure, as her lover worked her lips down to her
sparse pubic hair and then slowly pulled back while looking her in the eyes.
Dawn couldn't get over the sight of her sister's best friend laying prone,
naked, in front of her, "god," she thought, "Willow's ass is dynamite!" The
cock started to rise. Willow worked her head back and forth, no hands,
staring her lover in the eyes the whole time and the cock rose higher. When
it was standing straight up from Dawnie's crotch it was nearly a foot long
and quite thick. Willow skinned back the foreskin and showed Dawn her
dickhead. "See, baby. that's what a dick should look like!"

"How do you know so much Willow? I thought you were a virgin, too."

"Yes. But, I'm a virgin with internet access. That's kinda how I learned to
do this -" And Willow sat between Dawn's spread legs, grasped the pole in
both hands and started blowing her in earnest. Up and down, licking all
around the bulbous head, flicking her tongue at Dawn's brand new pee hole
and then taking it deep into her mouth. It was her first blowjob, so she
couldn't deep throat the whole thing. But Dawn's eyes were rolling back in
her head from all the things her girlfriend could do.

"Stand up, Dawnie!" Willow rose to her knees and grabbed Dawn's ass as she
slobbered over her cock, twisting her head and licking away. Dawn had to grab
Willow's head and started fucking her mouth. "Oh shit!" she thought, "This is
what boys feel like! NO! This is what MEN feel like!" And she rocked her tiny
ass as she plowed her babysitter's cute freckled face. Willow cupped Dawnie's
balls in one hand and stroked her with the other, all the while staring
lovingly up at Dawn.

She kept stroking and rubbed the cock along her soft cheek, "Cum in my
mouth, Dawnie! Cum on my face and in my mouth and we'll lick up all your cum
together. Cum for me baby" and then she took the head back in her mouth. She
moved the hand that cupped Dawn's balls until she could push a finger deep
into her still slippery asshole. "Oooh! Oh, yeah. Uggh!NGG-ah! NNNGG-Uggggh!"
The sound of Dawn's voice changed when she came this time, just as the
feeling changed, it was HUGE! Her skinny legs wobbled and she leaned with
both hands on Willow's shoulders to keep herself up as she blasted a load
into Willow's mouth. Willow pulled back and squirted cum all over her face
and kept stroking and twisting her fist over the end of the spouting cock.

Dawn staggered over against the bed, but Willow wouldn't let go. She followed
on her knees and kept licking at the sensitive head. This orgasm was a
completely different experience from the others. Dawn was learning more about
sex on her first try than any one before ever had. She gasped and panted and
Willow grabbed her under the legs and pushed her up onto the bed. She then
settled next to her and stared down into her lover's face. Dawn was
exhausted, but the sight of her lover's face covered in strands of gooey cum
started to re-energize her. She opened her mouth and waited for Willow to
lower her face to hers. They swapped a wad of cum back and forth and then
Dawn started licking it off of Willow's face and then kissing her some more.

"Mmmm, this taste's the same as my, um, girl cum."

"I guess it is the same. Whatever. It's fucking delicious".

"How long does this cock last?"

"Until your 21st birthday."


"Just kidding. Shh. Calm down. It should last a few hours. If it's still
there when we wake up tomorrow, there are some things I can do. But, it
should last just long enough for me to get it hard again so that you can
pop my cherry and fuck my brains out, stud."

"Jeez, Will, first you made me come over and over again and now you just made
me cum some more. It's GOT to be your turn now."

"You're right, sweetie. It's ME time. So, I'm just going to lay here in my
bed and YOU are going to start with the foreplay."

"The... fore.. play?"

"Yes, sweetie, that's the part that I hear boys always need coaching on.
Before you stick that big monster in me and fuck me hard, you have to get me
all wet. Wetter. You get to play with me. Do you want to play with my body,
Dawnie?" Now it was Willow's turn to do the sexy little girl pout.

Dawn grinned and jumped next to her girlfriend and nuzzled her neck while
grabbing at her high hard tits, "You mean like this?" and she started sucking
and pawing at Willow's soft pale breasts. Willow purred.

"Oh! I know what I want," squeaked Dawnie. She scooted to the bottom of the
bed, tucked her straight brown hair behind her ears and took Willow's right
foot and licked at the sole, tickling her. Willow grinned, but wouldn't
laugh. "Oh, a hard case... huh."

"I think you're the only hard case in this room, baby."

"Half hard to be exact." and Dawn sucked on Willow's big toe, "Look at what
you've taught me so far," and she mimicked Willow's blow job, sucking and
licking her pale white feet. "MMmm, they smell good, too. I love playing with
your feet. Does it feel good."

"It does feel good, but I bet having your pretty face in between my legs
could feel better."

"Mmmm, I can take a hint." and Dawn slid up Willow's legs rubbing and licking
at her calves and soft thighs as she went. She hovered over the red bush and
smiled. She used her fingers to spread the pink lips and watched Willow's
face as she pushed her tongue into the slick wet pussy.

"mmmmm, yes. Please, more. more.", she couldn't get over the sight of Dawn's
face above her red hair, the bridge of Dawn's nose was freckled and Willow
thought she was looking at the prettiest, sexiest thing she had ever seen in
her life.

Dawn felt her hard dick grinding into the mattress as she pleasured her
lover. "Hmm," she thought, "I can understand why boys don't wait for
foreplay. This thing practically has a mind of its own. I really, really
want to fuck now." But, she knew how great Willow had been to her and ate
her pussy with a real desire to make her cum. She finger fucked Willow and
then switched hands so that she could take her gooey fingers and shove them
into her lover's ass. She remembered the way Willow twisted and plunged
into her asshole and gave Willow the same treatment as she nibbled her clit
and lapped at her pink hole.

"I'm getting close... Use more fingers in my pussy!" Dawn put two, then three
fingers in and flicked her tongue against Willow's clit as fast as she could
until Willow's purrs and moans turned into grunts and screams, she worked
harder as Willow's legs shot up in the air and Willow grabbed herself behind
the knees and bounced up into Dawn's face and fingers, crying and screaming.
Dawn was impressed with herself, Willow was screaming and the only sounds
that resembled actual words were "FUCK". Finally, Willow snapped her legs
around Dawn's head and pressed her skull into her crotch as she squirted a
big load straight into Dawnie's mouth.

Willow and Dawn were both gasping for air. Willow from excitement and Dawn
from a near drowning.

"Are you alright, baby?"

"Oh, (gulp) god! I've, been water- whoreded!"

They both laughed and Willow staggered out of bed and came back with two tall
glasses of water and a pitcher with more. Dawn's hard on started to wilt and
she played with it. "Don't play too hard, I need that."

"I'm just playing a little. I'll save you all you can take." And Willow
curled up next to Dawn and hugged her.

"Do you still have enough energy left?"

"Do you? Old timer?"

"Oh, you little slut. I am going to wear you out girl." And they both giggled
and hugged.

"You know, when I was licking you, this thing got big again and it was all I
could do not to jump up and stick you with it right then and there."

"Why didn't you?"

"I wanted to make you cum in my mouth the way you did for me. Jeez, it was
great to see you go so fucking nuts. And, no wonder you keep getting water.
The way you cum you might dehydrate and wrinkle up like a big red headed

"You should talk, especially with that big fire hose you've got now."

"Hmmm, where's the fire, lady?"

"Between my legs you big stud!" And Willow and Dawn started kissing as
passionately as they had when they started. Willow gave Dawn's cock a few
strokes and it was fully erect.

"Okay, listen Dawn, this is going to hurt me at first. It can't be helped.
That's the cherry busting part."

"Your hymen."

"Right. So we'll take it slow, then when I tell you push hard.. Then stop if
I tell you and just stay where you are, I'll let you know when to start again
and how fast. It shouldn't be too long before you can fuck me hard and cum
inside me and be the lover who takes my virginity."

"Oh god, Willow. I love you, you are so good, so sexy. so fucking hot!"

"I love you Dawn. Now get on top of me and start to slide that big cock of
yours into me."

Dawn hovered over Willow who took the cock in her hand and guided it into
place. "Slowly, push" Dawn slid her hips gently forward until they met

"That's it. Right there. Now slide back until only the head's in my pussy and
then ram it! Ram it hard!"


"No. I want to get it over with fast. So do it! GO!"

Dawn pulled back and launched her bony little hips as Willow pushed up.
"OOWW! Oh, oh shit! Stay right there..ooh..ooh!" Willow moaned and Dawn
looked worried, "Shh, Dawnie, no, it's alright, it's alright" grimaced
Willow. "Just let me get used to that monster I gave you."

Dawn kissed at Willow's eyelids and nose and cheeks and Willow rubbed her
back and her ass. "Now, slide out and back in. Slow - ly."

Dawn slowly pumped in and out. Willow's reactions and the sounds coming out
of her changed. Dawn became encouraged and pumped a little harder.

"Yeah, I'm ready now, baby. I'm so wet. This is good. This is GOOD! Yeah!
Fuck me, Dawn! Fuck me, baby!"

That's all she needed to hear. Her cock was like a horse whose jockey had
dropped the reins and the whip. It just wanted to FLY! Willow had never felt
anything like this. She LOVED FUCKING! And so did Dawn, her narrow little ass
bounced and she pushed and plunged and loved the feeling of having a cock!
Willow's first time was turning out to be fan-fucking-tastic!! She moaned
encouragement and bucked her hips, bouncing off the bed to meet her
girlfriend's thrusts. They got into a rhythm, with Willow grunting in time
to the slaps of their pelvises. "Ngg (squish), Ngg (squish), Ngg (squish),
FUCKK, Oh FUCk me Dawnie."

Dawn's youth and the fury of her fucking meant that Willow's first fuck would
not be a long one, but it would be long enough. She came several times and as
Dawn started grunting and moaning, Willow got even more excited and had her
biggest, longest orgasm of the night just as Dawn screamed and screamed that
she was cumming. They were both screaming as Dawn shot load after load into
her lover and Willow put her feet against Dawn's ass and pushed her deeper,
"Fuck me! Fuck me!" She clawed at Dawn's back and held her so tight she
thought she'd break. It took a while before they stopped pushing at each
other, even as Dawn's cock started to wilt they were kissing deeply and
holding each other like life itself depended on it.

As their breathing got back to normal, Dawn's cock was long enough to stay
inside Willow even after it got soft. Dawn reluctantly pulled out and slid
down her lover's body. Willow was exhausted, she could barely raise her head
to see Dawn's naughty smile as she bent her head to suck her cum out of
Dawn's pussy."Mmmm, I told you I taste good."

"Give me some," whined Willow. Dawn lapped and lapped until her mouth was
nearly full and then scooted up to hold her face over Willow's off kilter
smile. She just looked at her until Willow opened her mouth wide like a baby
bird in the nest and then Dawn opened her mouth and the cum poured down. When
Willow's mouth was full, Dawn pressed her beestung lips against Willow's and
their tongues wrestled in the viscous remnants of their lovemaking. When they
finally swallowed, Dawn lay her head on Willow's breast. After a few minutes,
Dawn felt the need to jump up and leave the room. Willow was starting to feel
dozy, she heard a stream of water and Dawn's voice from the bathroom, "Cool!"
But then, Dawn screamed!

Willow shot out of bed to see Dawn standing in a puddle of piss, her cock
gone. "It picked a really lousy time to change back, Will" The mess and the
shocked look on Dawnie's face made Willow laugh so hard she had to put the
toilet seat down and sit before she added to the puddle.



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