Disclaimer: Not real. Just a story. Donít read if you don't want to.

Michelle Trachtenberg as Dawn Summers - Buffy's Sister
Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft - The Tomb Raider

Non-Star Cast:
Kurt Jacobs and Jason Reynolds: Technicians
Danielle Johnson: Junior Programmer

Codes: violence

Summary: In a secret location, a break-through technology is being developed
and tested. Three of the lead but nerdy technicians see this as an
opportunity to get laid and have some fun with no consequences. But
unfortunately for them, they let their ego's get the best of them and learn
nothing in life is consequence free.

Note: This story is set-up only. No sex! This is the set-up for a new story
idea I had. I wrote the story pretty hastily, so I can't promise it is
without errors. I intend to add future chapters to it and have an idea of
where the story will go. Any feedback on the overall idea is appreciated.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Tomb Raider: Virtual Reality - Play Testing Part 1
by Dbud (feedback requested, email [email protected] or through the message

Kurt switched on his high beams as he maneuvered his car down the dirt road.
It was nearly midnight as he headed back to the facility. It wasn't unusual
for him to go into work this late. The project he was involved in was
practically a 24-hour a day job.

He pulled into the parking lot of the massive building where he worked. It
was located 40 miles from the nearest town. Other than a few coyotes, there
wasn't a living thing within 10 miles.

He walked into the lobby and nodded to the six large burly guards watching
him as he scanned his ID and the large metal security door buzzed and opened
for him. Security was extremely tight here given the sensitive work they
were doing. Down the hall towards the main computer room, Kurt walked
briskly. He was very excited about the new program he was here to test.

Stopping in the control room, he examined the screens to make sure
everything in the system was functioning normally. It was. The room was
large with several rows of terminals for accessing the system. Each station
had a computer screen and keyboard. Most of the screens had machine code
flashing by far faster than any normal person could read it, but Kurt was
not normal when it came to programming. He monitored some of the machine
code and it all looked fine.

Kurt was not just 'not normal' when it came to computers, he was in fact one
of the best programmers in the country, maybe in the world. Graduated high
school at 12 years old, PHD from MIT by 16, he went to work for the
government writing the programming for spy satellites.

But when the opportunity to work on the VR1000 came up, he jumped at it once
he realized what they were doing here. Now after 5 years of work, the
machine was working and soon it would be unveiled to the world. His stock
options were going to make him rich beyond anyone's dreams.

Kurt activated the main view screen in the center of the wall and watched
the activity. He switched to various points of reference and made sure
everything looked okay. Once he was satisfied, he activated one of the
interface units and sat back in a control chair while the system got it
ready for him, which would take a few minutes.

Kurt was excited about the new program he was going the test. He had been
waiting for this one, it was a favorite of his but due to the complexity, it
had to wait while others were loaded and tested. But ever since it had been
mentioned, he had been planning this night.

He changed the perspective on the main screen and a house came into view. It
was night and the street it was on seemed normal. He moved the mouse and the
screen seemed to push through the walls of the dwelling. He was looking
inside the home now, which was well lit and decorated to be comfortable.

Maneuvering the mouse, he moved through the home going room to room. He
finally moved upstairs and pushed through a door into a bedroom. Lying on
the bed was a girl, a teenager. She was wearing nothing but a pair of
panties and a tight blue T-shirt. She was on her belly with her legs bent at
the knee and her bare feet sticking up in the air and moving side to side in
rhythm. She had an Ipod next to her and earplugs in and was listening to
music while she casually flipped the pages of a textbook on the bed in front
of her.

Kurt stood and tightened in the scene to get closer to his subject. She was
very pretty and was wearing little if any makeup. She had full thick lips
and big round eyes. Her hair was light brown with blonde streaks and was
pulled back in a ponytail. Even young as she was, her tits were full and
heavy. He could see them hanging down under her as she held her self up with
her elbows on the bed. Her skin was pale but smooth and flawless.

He moved the screen down her body to the small of her back and then on past
to her full round buttocks. The yellow panties she had on were stretched
tight over her cheeks and she had a deep wedgy where the fabric pulled into
her ass crack. He examined her ass from about two feet away. He whistled to
him self and felt his cock stiffen in his pants. He pulled back the screen
and sat back down to watch her study.

The girl turned her head towards the point he was watching her from. For a
second, it looked like she was looking back at him, but that was impossible.
He now got a good look at her face and he recognized the girl even though he
had already known who she was of course. She was a 15-year-old version of
the actress Michelle Trachtenberg. But this wasn't Michelle. This was Dawn
Summers, sister of Buffy Summers, and one of the characters from the TV show
Buffy the Vampire Slayer that had gone off the air a year or two ago.

Kurt couldn't help but grab him self between his legs and rubbed his ever
hardening cock at the thought of meeting Dawn for the first time. He checked
the system to see how long it was going to be to get the interface ready for
him to jack in to the system.

"Another few minutes," he muttered, disappointed. Without really thinking
about it he began to think back to the day a few years back when he and the
other technicians had realized the true significance of what this system
could do.

Flashback...A Few Years Earlier...

Kurt and his team of techs were sitting in the control room. They were
monitoring the latest version of the software and it was performing better
than any of them had expected it too. This was the VR1000, a virtual reality
simulator. By using a neural interface a person could literally plug their
mind into the device and have the stimuli created by the machine fed
directly into their mind. This allowed you to experience whatever happened
in the machine as if it was real in every way.

When they first started, they wanted to be able to create interactive games
that a person could actually experience in the first person. This would be
the next generation gaming system; actually it would be 1000 generations
past the current systems, hence the name.

The team had started with a basic but popular game, Tomb Raider. They wanted
to use the VR 1000 to make it possible for a player to play the game from
the inside as the main character, or alongside her. The first versions were
cartoonish and animated looking. Not bad by the standards of the day but not
what they wanted.

As a test, Kurt had loaded DVD's of the two Lara Croft: Tomb Raider movies
into the machine's core. It had scanned them and began processing the new
information. To the programmers surprise this didn't happen quickly, but the
VR1000 seemed locked and at one point they discussed re-booing the entire
system. But then they decided to let it run overnight and see if it would
work the bugs out on its own. This was the most advanced machine in the
world after all, hopefully it could handle a bad Angelina Jolie movie
without crashing.

The next day, when they returned to work, the programmers were amazed. The
system had not been locked but instead had re-written all its code to
accommodate the new inputs. Instead of a cartoonish, animated world they
were looking at a completely real virtual universe. Immediately, Jason
volunteered to go inside. He laid back in the interface chair and let the
neural helmet slip over his head.

Opening his eyes, he was standing on a cliff looking over a magnificent
waterfall in the Amazon. The sun was setting, birds were flying over head,
he saw a group of animals run from the tree line about 100 years away. It
was incredible. He could hear and even smell the Amazon as if he was really

"Oh my god!"

Jason couldn't believe it.

"Are you guys getting this?"

Jason heard a voice in his ear; it was his boss, the lead programmer, Kurt.
"We're here Jason. We see it all."

"Yeah. But it's not the same. I actually feel like I am in the Amazon guys.
This is incredible." All the tech were high-fiving each other. They had
done it!

"Who the hell are you?!"

Jason wheeled as he heard someone yell at him from behind. It wasn't Kurt or
any of the other programmers, it was someone in the program. He was stunned.

Standing about ten feet away from him was a woman. She wore a skintight
silver body suit that was sleeveless and came down to about mid-thigh. She
had a large black utility belt around her waist and heavy combat boots on
her feet. Her dark hair was pulled back and braided into a ponytail and hung
down past her waist.

The woman was Angelina Jolie, Jason recognized her. She had striking
features and really was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen.
She also had a huge rack that was augmented by her skintight outfit and
Jason couldn't help but stare at her tits. Whether she saw him ogling her or
was simply pissed at not getting an answer to her question, Angelina drew a
large handgun from the holster on her hip and pointed at his head.

"I'm not going to ask you again. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!? Did the Illuminati
send you to spy on me?"

"W-what? N-no!" Jason was unsure what to do but was disconcerted by the
gun pointing at him. "Uh guys, what do I do here?"

Angelina immediately looked around, "Who are you talking too? Do you have
friends around here?" She stepped up and grabbed him by the shirt and stuck
the gun under his chin. "HOW MANY!?! WHERE ARE THEY!?!" She screamed in
his face.

From in his ear, Jason heard Kurt speak, "Um, we're not sure what's going
on Jason. Uh, talk to her, try to calm her down."

"Gee thanks for nothing," Jason replied sarcastically as Angelina eyes him
suspiciously. Even with the gun pressed against his neck, he couldn't help
but think how hot she was.

"Uh, no, no one else is here. Just me. I was, uh sent to help you." He
tried to smile but it was a nervous smile and didn't convince her. Angelina
pulled the hammer back on the cannon she was holding. CLICK!

"My name is Jason, Jason Reynolds, Miss Jolie."

"What? Who is that? My name is Lara, Lara Croft." She laughed, "You want
me to believe you're here to help me but you don't even know my name?
Please, I'm not that stupid. TURN AROUND!" She spun him around facing away
from her. He felt the gun in his back.

"Hands behind your back!" She ordered again and snapped a pair of
handcuffs on his wrists, securing them behind his back. "Come on!" She
grabbed his arm and dragged him through the underbrush. About a minute
later, they stepped into a clearing. Parked in the middle of it was a large
and rough looking off road vehicle. It had huge thick tires, a dozen
canisters carrying gasoline, radio antennas and various weapons mounted on
it as well.

Lara shoved him up against the front of it, "OOOOFFFF!"

Jason was getting really worried now. He couldn't get anyone from the
control room to speak to him.

"Okay. Now you better talk. Tell me who you are?" She spoke slowly and
calmly now, which scared him more than her screaming at him.

"I told you. My name is Jason. I'm not your enemy. Please you have to
believe me."

Lara simply pulled her fist back and slammed a right cross across his chin,
decking him. Jason's legs buckled and he slumped to the ground as blood
sprayed from his mouth and across the windshield of the truck.


"P-please, I'm n-not. You hav-ve to bel...WWHHHHHOOOOOFFFFF!!!" Lara
lifted him up by the lapels of his shirt and drove her knee into his gut.
She then threw him back over the hood of the truck.

"This is your last warning."

Jason was fighting to breathe and he couldn't speak. He turned wondering if
he could run. But with his hands bound and barely able to get air in, he
didn't think he would get far.

Suddenly, a blinding pain shot through Jason. He had been hit in the nuts
once by a baseball and it had been the worst pain of his life. But this was
100 time beyond that horrible experience. Lara had stepped up and kicked one
of her heavy combat boots between his legs. He could swear he heard an
audible 'CRUNCH' sound when her boot slammed into his testicles.

Jason's knees slammed together and his vision went red and blurry.
"AARRRRGGGHHHH! OH GOOODDDDD! NOOOOO!" He screamed out as he felt more
pain than he had ever felt in his 29-year-old life. He could swear his balls
had exploded. He collapsed to the ground, rolling back and forth and crying.


Lara grabbed his ankles and pulled his legs open. She was incredibly strong
and he even though he fought to use his only available limbs to protect his
genitals, she managed to get them open.



Lara raised her right boot and held it for only a moment as it hung
disastrously over his crotch.

"NO, DON'T..."

Another blinding pain shot through Jason, far worse than the first as her
boot stomped down on his already sore balls and caught them between the hard
rubber sole of her boot and the rock hard ground.

"YEEEAAARRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!" He screamed again as he was sure she had made
him into a eunuch this time. Curling into a fetal ball he cried and wailed
in agony. Lara knelt down next to Jason and grabbed his hair and pulled his
head back.

"I am running out of patience with you." Jason wanted to beg more but he
couldn't make a sound other than to whimper. Lara dropped his head and it
bounced off the ground with a 'THUNK' sound.

"I don't have time for this." Lara stood and drew her gun. "I have work
to do." She pointed the gun at him. Grabbing the top, Lara chambered a
round with a menacing 'KA-CHATCH!' sound.

"Oh god no! Please don't kill me!" Jason was blubbering and whining for
her not to shoot him.

"No, I'm not going to kill you. But I do want to send a message to your
bosses not to send any more goons after me."

Jason watched as she moved the gun from pointed at his head down his body
and she stopped it so it was pointed at his groin. Lara pulled the trigger
and the 'KA-BLAM' of the gun drowned out Jason screaming "NOOOOOOO!" as he
realized she was going to blow his cock off.

Jason tensed and clinched his eyes shut, not wanting to see what was coming.
To his shock he felt no pain, at least no more pain than he was already
feeling. 'I must be in shock', he thought to himself. After several seconds,
he summoned the courage to open his eyes.

Lara Croft was still standing over him. The gun in her hand was in mid-
recoil, snapping back. In mid-air about two feet over him was a foot wide
ball of fire and flames were shooting from the barrel and ejection port of
the massive handgun in her hand.

Most troubling, was the large bullet that seemed to be hovering in mid-air
less than 6 inches from his wide-open crotch. Jason looked around.
Everything was frozen as if time itself had stopped for everything and
everyone but him.

He scrambled out from under the bullet and leaned against the truck, panting
and sweating. Suddenly, his vision began to dim and everything started to
shimmer before it faded. Jason opened his eyes and found himself back in the
interface room. Kurt and Danielle, a junior programmer, were looking down at

Jason was soaked with sweat and he had pissed him self but he realized he
was sitting in a large chair back in the VR1000 facility and Kurt was
unhooking him from the machine.

"Oh my god! I forgot I was in the machine. It was so real. I really thought
she was going to kill me! That bitch was mean!"

"Are you okay?" Danielle asked as Jason tried to stand up.

"Yeah, I think...BLLEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!" Suddenly Jason vomited a stream of
puke right on Danielle and the pretty blonde programmer shrieked as she was
covered in green and purple liquid. Jason dropped to his knees clutching his
balls. He was in tremendous pain. His jaw and stomach were sore but the
worst were his balls which felt like they were on fire from being kicked and
stomped on.

Jason passed out as medics rushed in to treat him and Danielle ran screaming
from the room wiping puke off her face.

End Flashback

Kurt laughed to himself as he remembered that day. Everyone thought it was
very funny now, except Jason of course. He had limped around the facility
for a week after what Lara had done to his testicles. But Jason had gotten
back at her well enough a few weeks later, so even he got over it. In fact
it was his actions that made Kurt realize what the true potential of the
VR1000 was and led to him sitting here looking at Dawn Summers.

After that day, they had begun to realize what the capabilities of this
machine really were. Imagine being able to explore ancient ruins with Lara
Croft or fight demons and vampires with Buffy Summers or fighting werewolves
with Selene the vampire from Underworld. It was mind blowing what they could

They had loaded a number of movies and TV shows into the VR 1000. It took
the history and information and created virtual worlds based on these. But
it did more than that, as long as they left the simulations running, the
system created new plots lines and even characters. The 'people' in these
worlds lived lives that the VR 1000 created for them and never had any idea
they were not real.

Kurt had always been a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer the TV show. Once
they had tested a few other simulations, Kurt had made this his pet project,
working on it on his own time when he had too.

A red light flashed off to Kurt's right indicating the system was ready for
him to use. He clapped his hands together and went to the interface room.
Sitting down in the large chair, he felt it lower and extend so he was lying
back as the helmet slipped over his face and he felt the real world slip
away, replaced by the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the waiting Dawn

End Part 1


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