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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Tru Calling: Mirror Part 1
by Tricksterson

She stalked down and alley, hunting she knew not what as yet. She was of the
night, yet the things of the night were her natural prey. She knew she was on
a mission but couldn't quite recall what it was.

She saw a light that was both warm and cold at the same time. An electric
tingle washed through her body. She turned a corner and saw...

Herself. Who said, "Help me...and her."

Tru Davies woke up to the sound of her alarm clock wondering, 'What the hell
just happened?'

She had gotten used to strange occurrences in the last few months. She saw
and hear dead people. She traveled back in time on a regular basis. But this
was something new. The words in her dream were the ones most of the dead used
to ask her for help but there was no corpse. Yet.

There was another carryover from the dream, a feeling of incredible strength
and power. A power that, she realized as she undressed for the shower had
strong overtones of sexuality. She felt incredibly horny, something that
wasn't helped by the fact that she hadn't had a man in months.

As she stepped into the shower and let the warm-hot needles of water spray
over her she felt a heat building in her loins and spreading through her
body. She gave into it, her fingers playing over her lush young body, tracing
circles around her dark, stiffening nipples. A small moan escaped her lips as
thumb and forefinger of each hand pinched and rubbed. She braced herself
against the tile wall. One slid down her belly as the other stayed stroking
her breasts. The downward hand stopped at the edge of her dark-furred
triangle then the heel of her palm rubbed up and down the opening to her
vagina, teasing herself before slipping tow fingers into her slit. Another,
louder, moan escaped her. Her other hand left her breasts to rub her popped
out clit while her fingers went in and out rapidly. Her knees buckled and she
collapsed moaning as the orgasm hit, eyes rolling up in her head, body
curling up around the white-hot heat in her cunt.


As she unwound from her climax, water stinging her prone body, she wondered
where that name had come from. Because she knew that it *was* a name. The
name of someone, or *something*, she was a little vague on that, that hunted
the darkness and the things that lived there. What those things were she
didn't know but she was pretty sure they weren't nice.

When, as she customarily did, she met her brother Harrison for lunch before
going on to the morgue where she worked and passed on the information she was
met by his usual skepticism.

"You got this from a dream?" She had neglected to tell him that some of it
had come to her while masturbating in the shower. Harrison was enough of a
pervert on his own, she didn't need to give him any help.

"Listen, all I'm asking is that you keep your eyes and ears open and maybe
ask some of your low-life friends to do the same."

"And I ask them to look for some chick named Faith? Is that all you have?"

"Well, I think she's about my age and well..."


"This is just a hunch but I think she might fit my general description. Oh,
and I think she might be involved in some kind of vigilante action."

"So I tell my pals to keep an eye out for Batgirl? Riiight."

"Just do it, will you?"

"Fine but if you want them to look with any enthusiasm you'll have to give me
some money to spread around."

She had known of course that it would come down to money. She loved her
brother and knew that he loved her but somehow he never wound up doing her
any favors for free. She peeled five twenties out of her wallet and handed
them to him.

"Here, don't spend it all on one bookie."

"Of course not, what do you take me for. I'll spend it on at least two or
three. After all, that where most of my low-life friends spend their time."
And with that they parted, Tru of course picking up the check.

When she got to work, her story got a more sympathetic hearing from Davis,
her boss, and like Harrison, one of the few to know about her gift.

"Hmmm, if it was anyone else I'd call it a standard power dream. You're sure
that Faith is a name, not a message?"

"Yes, but I don't know why." As with Harrison, Tru hadn't told Davis about
the circumstances of her receiving the name. Davis was almost painfully shy
about sex and she suspected that he had a crush on her. Her own feelings were
those for an older brother.

Most of the day went routinely. They were just finishing the examination of
an auto accident victim when a police officer came into the office. By itself
this wasn't unusual as they sometimes dealt with murder victims. Davis went
to talk with him as Tru finished up and put away the body. When she came back
Davis motioned her to the office, looking upset.

"What's Harrison done now?" she said coming in.

"It's not your brother, Miss Davies, it your sister Meredith. She didn't come
into work today and her office couldn't reach her. We'd like you to come down
to the precinct to answer some questions."

Tru staggered. She and Meredith weren't close but she still cared about her.
"Have you contacted Harrison?"

"Yes, he's agreed to come down. Can we count on your cooperation?

"Of course."

* * *

Meredith huddled cold and naked in the dark with no memory of how she'd
gotten here, wherever here was. She remembered leaving the Narcotics
Anonymous meeting and being nervous because it was in a shabbier
neighborhood than she usually frequented. She remembered a shining light,
a face of pure beauty and feeling higher than cocaine or sex had ever made
her. Then nothing.

Slowly a soft light drove the darkness away. It was coming down what Meredith
now saw was a flight of concrete stairs. She looked around and saw herself in
what she guessed was a basement.

Soon the light source became visible and she saw that it flowed not from a
flashlight, lamp or candle but from the naked body of a person.

At least she supposed it was a person even though he clearly wasn't human.
Long graceful ears coming to delicate points, catlike blue eyes, pale
lavender skin and, when he smiled, canines just a little too long and sharp
to be human proved that. But also beautiful, with slender strong limbs, long
flowing silver hair and features like a young David Bowie. Even frightened
as she was, Meredith couldn't keep her nipples from hardening or her groin
from getting moist.

Part of her mind was screaming to get out, to push past him and run up and
out. But most of her was hypnotized. He looked into her eyes and communicated
without words. And what he communicated was that she was about to receive the
greatest fuck of her life. She knew that he was of an ancient and dying race
and that she had been picked to carry his seed, a Mother of his race.

As he approached, she got to her knees and crawled towards him, mouth
drooling with lust. The calm, cold corporate lawyer image she usually
projected, even to her family, was gone, replaced by a lust driven beast,
purely submissive to her strange master and reveling in this act of

Her mouth closed on the creature's already hard member while a shrinking
part of her asked what the Hell she was thinking. But most of her wasn't
thinking anymore. With each up and down motion it felt as if small currents
of electricity moved from him into her. And maybe that was exactly what was
happening. After all, what did she know of him? Only that she wanted him,
needed him, would die without him in her.

He slowly pushed her off of him and pushed her down onto the floor. Even as
she gave in a last shred of irreverence popped out of her mind and into her
mouth as she cried "Fuck me. Elrond!" as he entered her.

The first orgasm hit with his first thrust and another with every stroke
afterward. Fire, ice and lightning spasmed through her and what little
remained of her independent thought was shattered into atoms. An observer
would have thought she was in the grip of an epileptic seizure. Finally he
stiffened as he came in her, a lava flow of pleasure entering her body.

"Master...yours forever," she whispered. Her captor smiled and stroked her
cheek. Her hands grasped his and her tongue licked his palm.

As he left, taking the light with him she wept softly, whether for what had
just happened or because it was over she couldn't tell.

* * *

It was getting dark when Tru and Harrison finally left the precinct house.
Neither of them was a suspect but both had been grilled thoroughly about
everything they knew about Meredith's life. She had been last seen in the
seedy neighborhood where her NA group met. By all appearances her bed
hadn't been slept in.

"Did you get the feeling they were holding something back?" Harrison asked.

"Maybe. But then I don't have quite your level of paranoia when it comes to
the police."

Just then Harrison's cell phone rang.

"Hello? Davis? What? Are you kidding, she's right here! Just keep cool, we'll
be there in a moment."

When he hung up Tru asked, "What's wrong? Why'd he call you?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Let's just get back to the morgue

When Harrison and a mystified Tru got to the morgue, she was almost knocked
over by Davis. He almost crushed her in a hug.

"Davis!? What's the matter."

Davis got control of himself and showed her into the examination room. There
was a body on the slab. When she got close enough to see the face she saw why
Davis had acted so strange.

It was her.

Davis said shakily, "When they brought her in I thought..."

"So what killed her?

"A large stab wound in the abdomen. Too big for a knife. I would have to say
a sword of some kind."

"A sword? Isn't that a little...?"

"Odd? Yes, but not as much as you might think. Ren Faires, The Society for
Creative Anachronism, lots of people do medieval combat as a hobby. Even more
just collect."

"So are we looking for someone who took their hobby too far?"

"Maybe. But we? Other than her resemblance to you why not just leave it to
the police?"

"Because I feel like I know her," Tru said, approaching the body. "In fact I
think I know who this is."

"Who?" asked Harrison.


And as she said the name the corpse's eyes opened and the backward slide
through time started.

To Be Continued...

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