Fair warning: There's only a small amount of sex in this part, it serves
mostly as a bridge to Part 3.

Codes: MF, inter, mc?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Tru Calling: Mirror Part 2

Tru awoke with a start as the memories of a day that hadn't happened flowed
into her head. She grabbed her cell phone off the night stand and called her
sister's home, cellphone and finally office which told her that Meredith
wasn't there. She then called the police telling them that she hadn't heard
from her sister in days and that she had turned up missing at work. They
told her they would send someone over to check her apartment. She didn't
have much hope but at least she'd gotten the ball rolling a little faster
than previously.

Next she called Harrison. "Meredith has been kidnapped."

"Huh, how do you, of *those* days, right?"

"Yeah, one of *those* days." She proceeded to tell him about Faith.

"So, you think there's a connection?"

"Don't see one but it's too much of a coincidence."

* * *

Faith got off the bus at Grand Central Station shaking her head. Even after
the Watchers Council had been blown to bits the financial empire they had
built over the centuries was still intact and the new Slayers Council, thanks
to Giles, had inherited it. But she still had to take public transportation.
Brits, they seemed to think that enjoying life counted as a sin. At least she
had a decent hotel lined up.

She reflected on the dream she had while traveling on Greyhound's finest. Of
something beautiful and dangerous. Of a woman with her face. Or almost. She
could tell even in the dream that there was a...not quite softness, but a
capacity for caring that she had never been able to afford. Faith chuckled
dryly to herself. Xander would have called her "the good Kirk". So what did
that make her?

One thing it made her was extremely horny. Something about the dream had
aroused her as much as a good fight usually did. For some reason she kept
flashing on David Bowie as the Goblin King in an old 80s movie Xander had
shown her.

At the hotel, mercifully, her contact was Robin Wood. Faith wasn't what
anyone would call a romantic but the closest thing she had, or probably
ever would, to an actual relationship was with Wood. Although, by the
time she reached her room, she was ready to do the bellhop. In fact, her
intense stare had him pressed as far way from her as the elevator would
allow becaused she projected the air of a cougar eyeing a deer.

When she got inside her room, Robin, a tall handsome black man with generally
somber features was sitting in a chair near the window.

"Take your clothes off," she said in a tense voice. Her own top was halfway
off before the door had finished closing.

"Not even flowers and a movie first?" Robin asked sardonically.

"I mean it!" she growled, stripping off her sports bra. Seeing the look in
her eye and knowing that despite his own impressive physique and fighting
skills that she could overpower him if she wanted to Wood complied, taking
off his own shirt and moving towards the bed.

"What's wrong?" he asked. Faith was sexually agressive by nature but this was
something more.

"Explain...later." By this time she was completely naked. She half pushed,
half threw Robin onto the bed and pulled his pants down. Her lips and teeth
engulfed first his balls, then his cock. Feeling her teeth pressing down just
short of breaking the skin filled him with an odd mix of fear and arousal.
Robin Wood was neither a weak nor cowardly man. He had fought and killed his
share of demons and vampires both before and after his association with the

But this was different. Wood had gotten as close as any man was ever likely
to get to Faith. There had always been a side of Faith that was a little
closer to the demonic than most Slayers. And now it was barely controlled.

Looking into her eyes as she mounted him he realized that the usual fierce
joy she showed during sex had been replaced by desperation.

"Oh...oh...yeah...yeah." Again, although he certainly enjoyed being inside
her he was worried at the uncharacteristic whine in her voice. His hands slid
up her body to fondle her heavy, dark-nippled breasts but she barely seemed
to notice. Finally she climaxed with a half gasp half scream and collapsed on
top of him.

"Thank you," she murmured.

"It's not like I had much say in the matter."

More like her usual self now, Faith smirked. "Oh, I'm sure you hated every

Robin affected the nonchalont tone that he knew irritated her no end. "Welll,
there were one or two moments that weren't *too* bad. Would have been nicer
if I'd gotten to finish though."

Faith looked down and realized that he was still in her and still hard.
"Oops." She also realized that in the rush neither of them was using
protection. A pregnancy being the last thing either of them wanted she
proceeded to pull him out. Soon both mouth and hands were eagerly at work.
Her mouth licked up and down while her hands rubbed at his balls. Soon he
was ready to come as her head bobbed up and down on his cock. She made up
for her earlier rude behavior by letting him cum in her mouth and swallowing
every drop.

She was trying to learn to snuggle but it wasn't easy for her so she was
rather releaved when Robin wanted to get dressed and straight to the

"Sorry but the routine pickup of a Slayer has gone south. She disappeared two
nights ago."

"Any idea how and why?"

"No. The coven hasn't gotten any magical clues but that doesn't always mean
anything. Someone might be headed up to provide magical backup but for now
we're on our own. In fact, on your own because I'm headed out to Mexico."

"Enh, used to it. Where'd she dissapear?"

"Rough neighborhood but not a Noman's land type."

"So, I go over and see who saw what."

"Be careful."

"Oh, I'm just going to exercise the art of gentle persuasion."

* * *

Harrison had just turned the corner and was headed towards The Rusty File,
one of the dives in the neighborhood Meridith had been kidnapped in and the
hangout of a couple of people he knew when he saw his sister coming out. At
least he thought she was his sister for a few seconds until he realized that
he'd never seen Tru in the clothes she was wearing. He realized that this
must be the chick Tru had told him to keep an eye out for.

'Hmmm, if she's hanging out around here, there *must* be a connection between
her and Meridith,' he thought and decided to follow.

After a minute or so he started noticing differences between her and his
sister. The most obvious was the way she moved. It was like the difference
between a domestic dog and a wolf. She seemed constantly on the alert for
ememy or prey.

It didn't occur to him until too late that anyone that animally aware would
have noticed someone following them. Not until he had followed her around a
corner into an alley and noticed she was nowhere in sight. Too late he looked
up to see her leaping on him from a fire escape.

He knew he wasn't in the best of shape but he should have been able to throw
off a woman her size easily. No good. He might as well have had Kurt Loder on
his back.

"Umm before you kill me..."

"Not going to kill you. Just ask a few questions. *Then* I'll decide whether
or not to kill you." He had never heard a voice so perfectly neutral. He felt
like he literally meant nothing to her. If he satisfied her wishes she'd let
him go. If not she'd snap his spine like a twig, it was all one and the same
to her.

He decided to play the only card he had. Surprise information.

"Faith, there's someone you should meet."

"How do you know my name?" He felt the knee in his back apply a little extra

"My sister. She's who you should meet." He felt the knee come off and he was
pulled to his feet. As he turned to face his captor he saw her sheathing a
Crocodile Dundee sized knife down the back of her hoodie.

"What's your sister, some kind of psychic?"

"Sortakindanotquite I guess. Look just come with me. It'll be easier to show
than explain."

"Okay. But if this is a trap you're gonna regret it."

"Believe me, after the ninja mojo you just pulled, pissed off at me is the
last thing I want you to be. Can I call her?" He reached for his cell phone
only to have his wrist grabbed by an ironlike grip at odds with the slender,
feminine fingers doing the gripping.

"Slowly, with two fingers."

"You're a real exercise in paranoia, you know that?"

"Says the guy who was following me."

"Oh, right."

He did as she said and then called his sister. "Tru? I've got a lead, where
are you?"

"What is it?" she asked.

"It's better shown then explained. Have some Faith in me, will you?
Owowowowow!" he yelled as he was given the mother of all ear twists by his

"What, you thought I wouldn't catch that?"

Meanwhile, on the phone Tru was yelling, "Harrison! What's wrong? Harrison!"

Faith took the cell from Harrison. "Hello? Your brother's fine, just paying
the price for being a wiseass."

"Is this Faith?"

"Yeah, what's it to you?"

"We should talk. Could you meet me at work?"

"Okay, where is it?

"Harrison can bring you. Ummm, do morgues bother you?"

Tru couldn't see the smirk on the Slayer's face. "Not likely."

* * *

Faith circled her lookalike with a mixture of curiosity and wariness, the
same mixture Davis was watching her with. Harrison watched warily also,
flexing his sore muscles.

"Your eyes are are little bigger. And your boobs are a little smaller."


"Not that much smaller," the Slayer conceded.

Davis interrupted. "Tru, maybe you want to tell Faith, why you and Harrison
were looking for her?"

Faith gave him an appraising look. "That would be nice."

Tru hesitated. Usually she didn't have this honest a relationship with the
people she tried to save. How do you outright tell someone they're going to
die? "Well, I don't know what your plans for the evening were but if you
carry them out you're going to die."

Faith cocked an eybrow. "And you know this how?"

"Because I saw your body on that that table a few hours hours from now."

"A vision?"

Tru took a deep breath. How much of what she was about to tell her would
Faith believe. She had gotten a feeling that Faith might have seen a lot of
strange things but this strange?

"No. I actually physically saw it five hours from now then traveled back in
time to the beginning of today to try to stop it."

Faith started back a little but didn't freak out like most people would have.
"Now that's one I've never heard about before."

"I take it you've seen a lot of strange things, Faith?" Davis asked.

"Vampires, demons, sorcery, the usual," she said nonchalantly, just to see
their reaction.

"Now wait a minute," said Harrison. "You don't really expect us to believe

"Wierd things like psychic time travel? " interrupted Tru. "Let's face it,
Harrison, once you know about one strange thing it makes it easier to keep
an open mind on others."

"Yeah but..."

"Not that I have anything to prove to you guys but, here." With that Faith
bared her neck to show a pair of large puncture marks.

"So you have a nasty hickey, what does that prove?"

"Fine, whatever. You gave me the warning, I'll look out, see ya." She turned
and marched towards the door.

"Wait," said Tru. "I don't know what you're up to but my sister is missing
and you might be involved whether you know it or not."

Faith stopped. "Okay, so you have a stake in this too. How old's your sister?
We might be looking for the same missing girl."


"No, too old. Listen I'll keep an eye out for her, you got a picture?"

"Umm, not with me. Why don't you let me and Harrison accompany you. We might
be some help."

Faith considered it. "I don't normally do the Scooby Gang thing but this
once. *If* you can keep up."

* * *

"Okay, so *you* can keep up." Faith. Tru and Harrison were exploring a side
of town even Harrison wasn't comfortable with. A;most noone seemed to be on
the streets in this part of New York and those few figures Tru had seen, well
something was definitly wrong with them.

"Track and field in college."

"I take it that your brother did *not* do track and field." An out of breath
Harrison was just then turning the corner about half a block away.

"Harrison never went to college and the only track he ever did was the

" fair," puffed Harrison, just starting to catch up to them. "Don't
insult a man when..he doesn't have...the fight back."

"All's fair in love and sibling rivalry," taunted Tru. "So what's the plan?"
she asked Faith. But before Faith could reply Tru took a sudden swerve down
a side alley.

"Where you going?" yelled Faith. Then she heard it. Not quite music and not
quite a voice. This was more just raw wanting condensed into sound. As a
Slayer she knew better than to rush blindly but couldn't entirely resist the
pull. Still she had the prescence of mind to pull out her knife as she went
down the alley, which proved to be the first in a maze of alleys.

"Where's she going? Where are you going?" asked Harrison, deaf to the call
that drew his sister and her lookalike. If Faith or the rapidly receding Tru
heard him they didn't respond.

When Faith found tru she was kneeling at the crossroads of two alleys,
stripping off her clothes. She had removed her denim jacket and was pulling
off her sweater top.

Standing in front of her, was a slender figure, nearly seven feet tall but
thin. It turned to her and she saw a pale lavender face of ethereal beauty
with long delicately pointed ears and equally delicate fangs. She felt a
sudden wave of desire sweep over her.

It, 'No, *he*' she thought because he was naked and emphatically a male,
turned his head.

"Hmmm, dangerous" he whispered in a musical voice. "Stronger." He gestured
at his side as if drawing a sword and suddenly a rapier was in his hands.

Tru was ignoring Faith's plight, continuing to undress. Faith struggled not
to join her, barely managing through strength of will to keep hold of her

"Aw man! You mean I gotta believe in *Elves* now? No way!" said Harrison as
he finally caught up to them. His voice, harsh and crowlike compared to the
creatures broke, momentarliy, his spell. Faith, coming out of it, lunged at
the being but only managed to scratch it, provoking a hiss of pain that went
right through both her and Tru. Harrison started manuevering for position
but Faith blocked him from getting at the elflike creature which retreated
with uncanny speed. Before any of the humans could make a move he gestured,
glowed and then vanished.

* * *

After looking around and getting a still bewildered Tru dressed, the trio
decided to go back to the morgue to regroup. Tru and Faith consulted with
Davis while Harrison sat in a corner, trying to wrap his head around the
fact that he'd just had an encounter with a real life nonhuman and that
he'd seen his sister naked.

"So this creature, just vanished?" Davis asked.

"As far as we could tell," said Faith

"How do we find something that can just dissapear?" asked Tru. "Not to
mention that mind control thing."

"Well, there's supposed to be magical backup on the way."

"Magic?" muttered Harrison. "Magic? Elves? Maybe I shouldn't have made fun
of the D&D geeks at school after all"

Tru shot him a "Shut up, Harrison" look while Faith continued.

"Anyway, *if* the backup shows, finding spells are among their repetoire."

"After all, I found you here, didn't I?" came from the doorway, causing them
to turn around in unison.

"You're here? Must be pretty serious."

"Medium level, but I happened to be not too far away."

"And this would be?" asked Davis.

"Oh, sorry. Willow, this is Davis. My lookalike is called tru and the basket
case in the corner is Harrison. Folks, this is Willow.


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