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Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Tru Calling: Mirrors Part 3
by Tricksterson

Faith and Tru looked sceptically at the large and elaborate triple circle
that took up most of the floor of Tru's apartment, Tru because even after
what she'd been through she found it hard to *really* believe in magic and
Faith because she claimed to doubt Willow's motives.

"Are you *sure* this isn't just a way for you to get us into naked?" she
asked. The three women were wearing thin silk robes red for Faith, as
befitting her warrior status, Tru grey because she was what Willow called
a psychopomp and Willow white. None of them had anything on underneath.

Willow raised an eyebrow at her. "Please, I'm not that desperate."

It had been three days since their encounter with the creature and there was
both good news and bad. Since no bodies had been found there was still hope
that Meredith and the other abductees weren't dead. But neither the police
nor Harrison and Davis had turned up anything. Nor could Faith or any other
Slayers they might call in search on their own for fear of being enthralled.

But the time had not been spent futilely. In the two years since the new
Watchers Council had come into existance Giles had been dragged, almost
literally kicking and screaming, into having the enormous occult library
of the Council digitized. Much had been destroyed with the original Council
but it still constituted the largest collection of magic lore in the world,
with the possible exception of the Vatican's. This let Willow carry a
substantial libary around on disk. Using this resource Willow had been able
to narrow the identity of their opponent to two. It was either an Incubus
demon or, going from physical appearance, a Fae using an inherent charm
ability called glamour. She had also been able to come up with a counter
ritual of sorts. One which made both Slayer and Tru uneasy.

"The ritual is meant to pool and build up the female energy within you so as
to be able to overcome the male energy of your enemy. It'll also link the
three of us so I can use Tru's natural link with her sister to track her to
where she's being held," Willow explained.

"This time it was Tru who raised a sceptical eyebrow. "The fact that it
involves the three of us having sex..."

"Is just a side benefit," finished Faith with a smirk.

Willow finally blushed at this. "Well, I didn't say I wouldn't enjoy it. In
fact it's *important* that we all enjoy it. Without emotional intensity, no
power will build."

"Well you know me Will, I'll try anything once."

Tru thought she heard Willow mutter "or anyone," but if Faith heard it she
ignored it. There was obviously a history between the two she was better off
not knowing about.

Willow, sensing her discomfort smiled softly at her. "You've never?"

"Not with a woman. Never even thought about it."

"What never?"

Well there had been that one time with Lindsay. She had found out about her
professor/boyfriend cheating on her and Lindsay had been in the throes of her
umpteenth dissapointing relationship. Both had drunken a bit too much. They
hadn't *done* anything, not even kissed, just shared a look. Then Lindsay had
reached out and stroked her hair, she'd shaken her head and pulled back and
neither of them had mentioned it afterward. But for some reason she'd never

"No, never."

"You know," Faith said, "if you lie to a witch you wake up the next day with
purple spots all over your skin."

Tru just barely stopped herself from going "Really?"

"Well, if we're going to, let's," said Faith.

The three of them stepped into the circle, forming an equilateral triangle.
First Willow, then the other two disrobed and examined each other. In
particular Tru and Faith studied each others bodies. Even more than before,
Tru noticed subtle differences. They were made from the same template but
life experiences had molded them differently. It wasn't that she didn't take
care of herself but it was the difference between someone who worked out in
order to stay in shape and someone who did it because her life depended on

Now her eyes moved to Willow. Taller, slender but with a softness to her
muscles the others lacked. Her breasts were small but firm, her legs thin but
well formed, the red thatch thick and bushy. Tru's own pussy was trimmed into
a narrow belt and Faith's shaved clean.

"Now what?" Tru asked.

"Let me show you." was the witch-woman's reply. She moved towards the center
of the circle as did the other two, following her lead. They were soon within
easy touching disrance. Willow then reached out to Tru, putting her hand
behind her neck and pulling her in for a kiss. It was an odd experience. Both
lips and technique were softer than a man, making an invitation rather than
pushing in. First just lips then she felt her mouth being teased open and her
tongue responding instinctively to the warm and delicious intruder. As Willow
pulled away Tru felt her head lean forward, trying to maitain contact. She
hadn't quite recovered from this experience when she felt a pair of arms
moving around her waist as Faith manuevered her around for a second kiss.
Now Faith *did* kiss like a guy, all hunger and agressive need. When this
ended she really felt the need to standback a little while Faith and Willow
completed the amorous triangle. Watching their embrace Tru felt a tingle
and stirring in her loins she knew wasn't just Willow's magic at work. This
feeling grew as she watched Willow's mouth move down to Faith's full breasts.
Tru moved back in and she and the Slayer kissed once more over Willow's head.

After they broke off Faith smiled and said, "Guess the shy girl isn't so shy
after all." Her hands moved down Tru's back and groped at her ass. Tru's
mouth went to her pseudotwin's breasts, suckiling on the dark, hard nipples
as Willow slid down to her knees, tongue teasing at the Slayer's labia.

An electric tingling in the air made Tru look up. Around the trio and within
the bounds of the triple circle the atmosphere had taken on a rosy glow shot
with silver sparks. She could feel a synergy of energy flow out of, back and
between the three of them. The long term result, according to Willow would
be a strengthening of psychic defenses and sharing of power. The short term
result was that she felt horny beyond belief. She got down on the floor
pulling Faith down with her. Willow, experienced dyke that she was, never
lost contact but kept her head buried between the Slayer's thighs.

"Mount me," moaned Faith.

Tru had been eaten before but never by a woman. It was...different. Faith's
tongue probed places instinctively that a man might not have even known
existed. She pushed her crotch down harder. Her pseudoitwin caught her clit
between her teeth and sucked on it bringing a white light of orgasm flaring
into her head. At the same time she felt Faith spasming beneath her as Willow
brought her to her own climax.

As she refocused she could see that the glow had become a nearly solid
silver-pink haze through wich she could barely see the rest of the room. She
could also see Willow leaning back, fingers furiously working at her own
pussy. A mixture of compassion and and lust moved her to ask, "Want help?"

"'d never ask." moaned the red headed witch. Faith also
moved to help. She and Tru each took a small pink nippled breast to suck on
then Faith licked her way down Willows ribs and stomach while Tru's hands
and lips worked on her chest.

"Mmmmmyessss!" Willow's own hands fondled and stroked at Tru's breasts as
Faith's tongue and fingers probed her vagina.

"AAAHHHH!" As Willow screamed and came the pink-white fog around them blazed
bright the sank down, covering the three women.

* * *

That night the three of them returned to the area where Faith, Tru and
Harrison had encountered the creature. Harrison and Davis had asked if they
wanted backup but Faith had told them that they'd never beable to keep up
this time. However they were to stay availale for pick up duty. All three
women had been energized and strengthened. The first time Tru had had to
work to keep up this time both she and Willow did so effortlessly. She *saw*
differently too. The few people they'd passed the first time had merely
seemed odd Now she noticed details that had somehow escaped her before.

"They're not human, are they?" she asked Willow, motioning her head towards
something whose hat and coat failed to conceal from her new perceptions a
flaky grey complexion, yellow eyes and ears both too big and too pointed.


"What *are* they?"

"Well, we call them demons but..."


"Whoa, whoa, not quite the way they teach in church. Now shhh, we're getting
close." As hoped the ceremony had created a psychic link between the three
of them and allowed Willow to use Tru as a tracking device. Eventually they
came to what looked like...

"Of course, an abandoned tenament," said Faith dryly.

"Them and deserted warehouses. What *would* bad guys do without them," added

Despite their apparent indifference both witch and Slayer approached
with a practiced caution that Tru strived to emulate. Willow stopped and

"Magical guards everywhere but weaker some places than others." She led
them around to a window on the right side of the building. Tru gave her a
questioning look. The witch shrugged.

"It's difficult to shield something this big. There are weak spots. She
stood in front of the window and made several odd and possibly obscene
hand gestures. A square of golden light appeared in front of the window.

"Okay, let's go" Faith told Tru. "Just make sure not to touch the sides."
Willow couldn't hold the hole open and climb in so she stayed outside. But
first she gave each of them a small heavy pouch.

"Here. Iron filings. If it *is* a Fae this should act like acid. And
spreading it in a circle will keep it out."

* * *

Once inside Tru looked around. It was strange. It looked like a normal, if
semi condemnable building but with a visual overlay. She suspected that if
not for the ritual protection she'd be seeing some kind of fairytale palace
interior. She could still see *something* but it came off looking like a
cheap and obvious special effect, like something from Dr. Who.

"So now where?" she whispered.

Well, from the cheesy scenery our boy has laid down for us, he's made it
into some kind of castle. Castles have dungeons and dungeons are usually
downstairs. So let's see if we can find the basement in this roleplayer's
wet dream."

Interestingly when they found the door they wanted it was hidden. Or would
have been if the spell on them hadn't made the unicorn ridden tapestry in
front of it semi-transparent. They might still have passed it by if not for
the throbbing call of sex and need coming from it. It wasn't nearly as strong
as it might have been without the spell protecting them but Tru still found
it distracting. If Faith did she didn't show it but then she'd been stronger
to start with. The Slayer was the first through the door and down the stairs
drawing both her Arkansas Toothpick of a knife and it's twin from inside her
leather jacket.

As they descended Tru and Faith recognized both the sounds and smells of sex
coming from below. Despite this warning the sight that greeted themwhen the
reached groundlevel made even the Slayer pause briefly in a combination of
horror and fascination while Tru was outright stunned despite being

Meredith was on all fours being rammed from behind by the creatiure. She
looked like she hadn't washed in days and may not have eaten either. And yet
her face was a mask of ecstasy, confirmed by the animal grunts and moans of
pleasure issuing from her slackjawed, drooling mouth.

Tru was briefly swept up in what her sister was feeling. Her knees buckled
and she started to pull off her shirt...then, bolstered by the sex magic
invoked earlier her sense of self rose up and she shook it off.

Faith meanwhile had no such hesitations. She rushed toward the copulating
couple, her knife swooping down to cut off the problem at the root as it were
but the creature pulled out and dodged, recieving only a nick on the tip of
it's member. He gave a catlike hiss of pain and anger and, as before, pulled
a rapier out of the air.

Tru scrambled around the battling duo and grabbed her sister who was trying
to crawl in the direction of the creature, oblivious of the combat going on.
Meredith didn't fight her, in fact she barely acknowledged her, she just kept
pushing against the restraining arms around her.

Meanwhile Faith and the creature danced a deadly ballet with each other,
each moving with a speed, grace and precision that mode Jet Li look like
Jerry Lewis. Faith *should* have been winning. Fast and strong though the
creature was Faith was more skilled and her two weapons compensated for
the greater reach of the creature's sword. But everytime she found an
opening in his defenses, say when she slashed at an arm she found a piece
of armor magically appearing between blade and skin only to dissapear a
second later. Unfortunately when the creature's rapier flicked past her
guard no helmet appeared to keep a cut from being inflicted on her cheek.

Tru had managed to drag her sister to the stairs and Faith was managing a
fighting retreat towards them when everything became light.

* * *

When she came back to herself she wasn't in the basement anymore. Or rather
she knew she was still there, she had to be didn't she? But she, Faith, the
creature and Meredith seemed to be standing on a field of light underneath
a twilit sky. Rather she and Faith were standing. The creature was on his
knees, arms wrapped around a head that was firmly planted on the ground...
light...whatever. Meredith meanwhile was stretched out unconcious with a
look on her face that made her seem almost childlike. Then she looked around
and saw a circle of what looked like the creature's family. Well, not family
exactly. They did seem to be the same species but bore the same resemblance
to him that a squad of Marines would to a street punk. She hoped fervantly
that they were the good guys because otherwise they were screwed.

Faith put her knife in her belt and reached in her jacket for the puch she'd
gotten from Willow. Tru, remembering did the same.

((Wait)) It wasn't speech exactly but something between words and pictures in
their heads. Then a stream of communication poured into them. Images of an
unimaginably ancient race, a fading race and of one who sought to defy the
fate his fellows had accepted, breaking rules long held by mingling the blood
of the ((indecipherable)) with younger, more vital species. Others before
Meredith had been impregnated and hidden in their world. The other's plan had
been discovered and the culprit tracked. His victims had been discovered and
would dwell now in the world of the ((indecipherable)). To return them after
dwelling in the world of the ((undecipherable)) would be to destroy them.
Meredith would also have been taken but the beings acknowledged and honored
the kinbond between her and Tru and so she would remain.

Once again all became light and then Tru, her sister and the Slayer were

"Now what?" Tru murmured to herself.

* * *

She repeated the question to Willow and Faith shortly after, when she and the
Slayer had gotten her sister out of the building. Her sister hadn't fought
them, hadn't in fact done much of anything since her (Tru hated the word,
especially in relation to her sister but no other fit) master had been taken.
She wasn't in a coma. Her eyes followed Tru's finger when she moved it in
front of her face. When Tru gave her a sip of water and a bite of granola bar
from her runner's pouch she'd swallowed and chewed but otherwise nothing.
Harrison and Davis had been called and were on their way but Tru didn't know
what to do next.

Fortunately both witch and Slayer were accustomed to dealing with the
aftermath of such wierdness.

"The best thing to do is drop her off at the nearest hospital," said Willow.

"I can't just *leave* her."

"Unless you want to face a whole bunch of questions from the police that you
can't answer, you'll have to," said Faith.

"But won't the police..."

"What, question someone who can't talk? Don't worry, the police know she
dissapeared recently, every emergency room will have her picture and
description. I'll hide and watch to make sure she's okay until she's found.
They'll probably call you a couple of hours later."

"But...can they help her?"

Here Willow got a look of inexpressable sadness on her face. "Probably not.
Someone I loved went through something like this. I helped her and if I can,
I'll help you too. I promise."

As Harrison's car came down the alley Tru clung to her sister and to the hope
offered by the witch.

* * *

A week later, Faith long gone off on another mission with a terse, "Goodbye
and good luck", she heard again from Willow.

"I've come up with a ritual but you won't like what has to be done.

"At this point I don't care. There's been no improvement. Fortunately she has
good insurance otherwise we never would have been able to take her home."

"Oh, she's home. That's good."

"Yes, Davis fixed up what he ccalled compassionate leave for me."

It'll make the logistics of what we have to do a lot easier. But you're still
not going to like it. Neither is Harrison."

* * *

"Sex magic? With you and Meredith? But that's..."

"The best way of healing your sister," stated Willow bluntly She had arrived
the next day.

"Besides, you might not have know...all the way." Tru blushed
not just at the subject but at the fact that it had her talking about sex
like an Eighth Grader.

"Yes,"interjected Willow. "The idea is to use the family link between the
three of you. Sex enters into it because that's how she was damaged. Simple
body to body contact, plus your love for her might be enough."

They started the ritual at Meredith's apartment. Tru had moved her after the
crimescene tape came off because there was more room and she'd hoped that
familiar surroundings might help her sister wake up. So far they hadn't but
at least she'd regained the weight she'd lost as a captive. The police had
been reluctant to let a potential witness go but since all attemptds at
communication, much less interrogation had failed, they'd had to.

Cleaned and wearing only a thin nightgown Meredith looked as beautiful as
she'd ever had.

Willow could see how nervous both Tru and Harrison were. Both had stripped to
their underwear, Tru to matching grey bra and panties, Harrison todarker grey
boxer-briefs. Willow was wearing the same robe as she had in the previous
ritual. After she'd closed the circles she looked at them standing one on
each side of the bed and decided to take charge.

In her best schoolmarm voice she said," Okay, you two, get in bed with
Meredith. Don't make me use my wand on you."

"You don't have a wand," said Harrison in *his* best class smartass voice.

Willow made a gesture and one appeared in her hand that reminded Harrison
uncomfortably of the many yardsticks nuns had threatened him with in his

"I do now." She switched to a more coaxing tone of voice. "Just climb in and
hold her, that's all." While they did so she murmured the words of a calming

Wrapping their arms around their sister was an odd experience fro Tru and
harrison. Theirs had never been a "touchy-feely" family to put it mildly and
Meredith had been the least so. Still the warmth of human contact had an even
greater calming effect than Willow's magic.

To encourage them and to enhance her spell's effect Willow bent down and
started stroking their backs and gently kissing the faces of all three of
them. Tru and Harrison began returning the kisses and it quickly turned
into a threeway tonguefext. Since this wasn't for her pleasure, she withdrew.
Besides, she didn't really want to admit to herself that kissing Harrison
had been as pleasant as kissing Tru. She was officially a lesbian but had a
bi side she didn't like to admit to.

Inspired, Tru and Harrison continued their kiss above Meredith and, having
shed at least some inhibitions first Tru than Harrison started kissing their
sister, Harrison planting his ;lips on hiers while Tru kissed and licked at
her neck and both their hands ran through her long blond hair.

Their attentions began to get results. The each felt an arm curl softly
around their neck and Harrison felt his sister's mouth open and her toungue
flick against his. They both look up and into Meredith's eyes but saw no
recognition, just an expression of animal lust. Still it was more than the
doctors and therapists had been able to accomplish. Tru felt her sister's
fingers pluck at her bra and realized how confining her scanty undergarments
felt. She sat up and removed her bra, aware of both her sibs eyes on her.
Harrison blushed, then hooked his thumbs in his shorts and pulled them down.

"Sis, I'm sorry, I..."

It's okay, I understand." Her own panties were feeling awfully itchy just
then but she wasn't *quite* ready to take them off just yet. She heard the
sound of robes hitting the floor and looked up to see Willow on her knees,
naked and masturbating. Tru didn't think that was part of the ritual but it
was easier to look at than her brother's package. A moan from her sister
brought her attention back to the matter at hand. Harrison had moved his
mouth from Meredith's and was sucking at one pale nipple through the fabric
of her nightgown. Tru helped him remove it and joined him briefly at her
tits, then moved down between her sister's legs. She had never eaten a woman
before but she knew what *she* liked and took it from there.

She started with a long slow lick that gradually went deeper and deeper
until her sister's body was shaking then took one of Meredith's lower lips
between her teeth and pulled. Following that she plunged her tongue in and
out cocklike. She noticed white sparks leaping back and forth between her
body to Meredith's and then to Harrison's. The magic was working.

Meanwhile Harrison, inhibitions overcome, placed his penis at his sister's
lips. At it's touch some switch flipped on in his sister's head. Her mouth
dove onto his cock and her hands clamped on to his hips even as his hands
dug into her hair.

Tru looked up to see her brother's balls swaying back and forth as he fucked
Meredith's mouth. While part of her was apalled at this another, a part she
knew was onbly partly due to magic and that was steadily growing stronger
wished that she was the one he was banging. She reached out between his legs
to massage his testicles and at her touch it was as if a circuit had been
completed. the sparks that had been jumping back and forth between the
siblings at random assumed an orderly flow from Tru to Harrison, to Meredith.

With this a certain feral and desperate awareness entered Meredith's eyes
as if she was just out of reach of completeness and knew what was needed to
finish it but feared that it wouldn't happen.

"F-F-fuck me...Har...ri...son," came out in a raspy whisper. He withdrew
from her mouth and gently moved Tru from between her pale smooth thighs.

"Come here." It was Willow, coaxing her off the bed and into her arms. Tru
happily went. What would have seemed perverse a few days ago now seemed
comforting as the redhead's hands stroked her breasts and her tongue licked
Meredith's juices off her face. Her own hand slid between Willow's thighs
and into her red-furred slit.

Before he entered his sister, Harrison slipped on one of several condoms that
had been strategically placed near and on the bed "just in case." Dazed with
both magic and lust he might be but he still didn't want to produce any three
eared babies.

"Yesssss!" Meredith moaned as he entered her "Fuckmefuckmefuckme!" He slid in
easily as she clutched at him with both arms and legs. As his cock pounded
into her his tongue entered her mouth and a pink-white glow surrounded them.
Willow and Tru stopped in their own making out to watch the cocoon of light
that pulsed with every thrust until it burst into blinding light as both
siblings came. The wave of light washed over the two observers bringing them
into orgasm as well.

* * *

Tru woke a few minutes later, wrapped in Willow's arms and wonderin if it had
worked. Her question was answered shortly.

"What the Hell?" Harrison, "What are you...? What am I...?"

Tru and Willow thrusting their grinning faces and bare shoulders into view
over the edge of the bed didn't really help but at least it sent Meredith's
shock level to a point where she shut up and let someone get a word in.

"Meredith, what's the last thing you remember?" said Tru gently.

Meredith's face assumed an expression that would have been amusing under
different circumstances as she tried to plow through a haze of sex and
memories of things she'd been taught just didn't exist.

"It's okay, we'll explain."

"Well we'll try to," added Harrison without much hope in his voice.

"Maybe we should put some clothes on first, said Willow.


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