Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Underworld: Wolf King And Vampire Queen
by The Fan ([email protected])

Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer, woke up slowly and painfully. The Slayer
took a look around. She wasn't sure where she was. She seemed to be in a
basement somewhere, all tied up. What she didn't know was that she was in
the lair of the Wolf King and his consort, the Vampire Queen.

The Slayer had gone on patrol, as usual. There were rumors about a
wolf-man and a female Vampire working together, operating out of Sunnydale.
Naturally, she went to investigate these rumors. Rumors which proved to be
quite true. The Slayer didn't know what she was up against, though. Michael
Corvin, the young man who was half-Werewolf and half-Vampire had recently
been crowned the Wolf King. All the lycanthropes of planet Earth had sworn
allegiance to him.

Selene, the female Vampire who had fallen in love with Michael Corvin years
ago had also ascended. The being who sired the Progenitors of both the
Lycanthrope and Vampire races had granted Selene the ability to walk through
sunlight unscathed through the gift of his blood. Now, the Wolf King and the
Vampire Queen, as the Vampires now referred to Selene, were looking for a
new home. Unfortunately, they had crossed paths with the Slayer.

Neither of them knew what to make of Buffy Summers. An ordinary girl who was
stronger than any Vampire or Werewolf. A deadly opponent for any supernatural
being if there ever was one. The Wolf King and the Vampire Queen had defeated
Buffy Summers and brought her into their lair. Michael Corvin was curious
about what a Slayer was, and Selene instructed him really quick. A Slayer was
a human being with the power and drive to hunt all things supernatural.
Selene had heard tales of them before. Slayers, both male and female, were
feared by the undead throughout the world.

Michael Corvin thought Buffy Summers was just a girl, even though it took
all of Selene's strength and power to bring her down. Well, the Wolf King was
sadly mistaken. Luckily, Selene was willing to protect the man she loved from
anything, even drop-dead-gorgeous blonde femme fatales.

Buffy was bound and gagged. Michael decided to have a look around town, and
took his leave, kissing Selene, then taking off. Selene smiled at her lover
as he left, then glared balefully at Buffy. Oh, she was going to make the
bitch pay for trying to kill her man, but first, she was going to have a
little fun.

Selene grabbed Buffy, and mercilessly threw her on a table. Buffy gasped in
pain. Selene undressed her, and then strengthened her bonds. The Slayer
struggled. She could not move. She was not going anywhere. That's when Selene
produced a sex toy out of thin air. A strap on dildo. Buffy's eyes widened
when she realized what Selene meant to do with. The Vampire woman smiled
nastily. Buffy would have howled if she could. Gagged as she was, she
couldn't do anything.

Selene undressed the struggling Slayer, until she was naked. Selene removed
her gag. Then, the Vampire woman spread the Slayer's butt cheeks, and shoved
the dildo inside of her. Sans lube. Buffy howled. The painful scream which
erupted from Buffy's mouth was music to Selene's ears. Selene thrust the
dildo deep into Buffy's ass. The Slayer howled in pain. The female Vampire
mercilessly fucked her until she passed out.

Selene the Vampire looked at Buffy Summers, the Slayer. The Vampire woman had
heard many tales about this Slayer. It turns out that the Slayer wasn't so
tough after all. A delightfully wicked idea sprang in the Vampire's mind. She
would turn Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer, into the thing that she hated
the most. Buffy Summers would become one of the undead. What greater
punishment for a merciless hunter than to become one of the hunted?

The End


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