Disclaimer: The characters used in this story are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy (the lucky bastards). I'm just borrowing them for a little harmless fantasy fun.

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: F/+/f; oral; anal; inc; imaginary ncon; some toys

Pairings: Just about every girl from the Buffyverse.

Summary: Cordelia rehearses the next film from Charisma Productions.

Notes: This is obviously AU. It's a follow-up (sort of) to "The Opening of Buffy Summers". Cordelia didn't die, Lilah didn't die, Fred wasn't absorbed by an ancient god, among other changes you'll see. Oh, and much as I love Buffy and Satsu, the official season 8 didn't happen nor did Buffy and Dawn go to Europe.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Undress Rehearsal
by Liz Beth Smith

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful, young Slayer named Buffy. She lived in Sunnydale, California. One day, she died saving her sister and the rest of the world. Then she came back, again.

Things were different, tenser. Dawn, the Slayer's beautiful young sister, left home. Buffy was beside herself with worry. She accidentally stumbled on her younger sister's lesbian porn stash - which Dawn purposely left for her sister to find.

Buffy found that she liked it. And she knew 1 of the performers - Cordelia Chase, using the name Charisma. Cordelia was an old nemesis and later ally of the Slayer before she left for Los Angeles and became a seer. And a porn star. Who specialized solely in lesbian porn.

Buffy, her addiction to lesbian porn acted as a distraction from her worry over her sister, started patronizing a pornography shop outside of Sunnydale. There she found more Charisma DVDs. When she found 1 with Cordy making love to Dawn, Buffy immediately made plans to go to LA - after fingering herself to a massive solo orgasm.

In LA, she confronted the former May Queen and her sister. They were lovers and Dawn, like Cordy, was a willing participant in the lesbian pornography scene. Soon the 2 brunettes seduced the Slayer and the rest is history...


Cordelia Chase slowly opened her eyes and glanced down. One of her lovers was laying against her, the girl's long, dark hair spread over Cordy's ample breast.

The girl's soft breathing ghosted over Cordy's nipple, causing a pleasant thrill in her. She considered waking the girl for some early morning fun but remembered they all had a big day ahead of them. A couple of big days actually.

Looking past her young love, Cordy saw her other lover with her head resting on Dawn's gently sloping hip. Life partners would probably be more accurate as the 3 only really felt complete when they were together.

The fact that Cordy's 2 lovers were also sisters didn't bother any of them. Or their friends who knew, fortunately.

And Buffy and Dawn Summers, the sisters in question, were thrilled by their still-new relationship.

As the buxom brunette maneuvered herself gently from beneath her younger paramour and slid out from the satin sheets, she laughed to herself. They often fell asleep in different combinations. Often Cordy would be in the middle in what she called a Summers' sandwich. Just as often, Buffy would be in the middle. And sometimes, after a particularly rousing session of lovemaking, they'd be sprawled across the bed.

But, almost without fail, every morning, Dawn would be sandwiched between the 2 older women. Buffy would be spooned up to her sister and Dawn's head would be pillowed on Cordy's chest.

Smiling happily, Cordy padded out of the bedroom into the short hall that led to the main room. She was still naked and loved the feeling of freedom as she sauntered through her home. Their home as she thought of it since she considered it as much her lovers' home as her home.

Standing in front of the sliding glass doors that led to the patio with it's pool and sauna and the beach beyond, she enjoyed the Pacific breeze that blew into the house.

Her thoughts turned to the odd events began only a couple of years before. Cordelia, tired of the problems she continually had with men (or demons posing as men), decided to try out women. The orgasms she had with women were incredible. The former queen of Sunnydale High realized she was a lesbian. And was quite happy now that she faced the issue.

She was also a seer. But being mortal, the prophetic glimpses she had were incredibly painful and potentially dangerous. One night, a flash came on her while she was climaxing from a young girl she had picked up in a lesbian bar but this time there was no pain.

She quickly called Angel, her boss, and outlined the vision. Then she went back to the sexy stranger in her bed. She was off duty, after all.

A young woman from the Valley named Holly approached her at the bar few days later. Later, in Cordy's bed, the young lady asked if she'd be interested in a photo shoot. Cordy agreed. In only a few months she was a non-Pet photo spread in Penthouse. The money, and the sense of freedom, were exhilarating to the young brunette.

Holly met Cordy again and asked if she was interested in another shoot. She explained she'd have to show more than just T and A though. From out of nowhere, Cordy decided she and Fred Burkle could do a spread. There was a hidden side to Fred's normal out-going persona - exhibitionist.

They appeared in another Penthouse shoot then in a more explicit Hustler layout. Unlike most of the models in those mags. Cordy was able to climax - even with the necessary delays during the shoot. And she always made sure Fred and Holly both enjoyed themselves too.

At one point, Holly pointed out that her mother, another well-known photographer, had branched into making movies. They had a lot of fun and made a lot of money doing so.

At that point, Cordy decided she could do movies as well.

The added benefit of all these sexual outlets was that she now had more control over the visions. Often an orgasm would spur her to 'see' a new threat that she would warn Angel about. She decided she had to have at least 1 orgasm each day.

'It was a rough job but someone had to do it,' she thought with a wry grin.

Her first feature, an all-girl film directed by her friend Holly's mother, actually costarred an old, secret lover of hers - Joyce Summers, the mother of Buffy and Dawn. The scenes were, for the most part, as artificial as most porn movies. But the scenes between Cordy and Joyce were very real and very hot. (This was also Dawn's favorite movie. And Buffy's, until she saw Dawn and Cordy together.)

That scene was 'leaked' to the web through the mother's website. It was an internet sensation. The movie, contracted for release through Vivid Video, was 1 of Vivid's best sellers for the year. They wanted more. Cordy agreed to more work, again under the stage name of Charisma. And a permanent contract stipulation was no men. She would do solo work or work only with women.

Three more movies in the space of 2 months were released and her reputation as 1 of the hottest lesbians in porn was cemented. She continued to do photo shoots with Holly and her mother as well as some short solo and lesbian vids for them as well.

Another year of making movies and winning the AVN award for best girl/girl scene and best all-girl movie (Charisma's 1st directorial job) put her on the top of the porn heap. She could recruit almost any girl in the business for her movies and did.

At 1 point, Dawn, who was fed up with her life in Sunnydale, came to LA. She stayed at the Hyperion and spent most of her time with Cordelia. Cordy was initially pleased with the attention, and found the fact that Dawn kept trying to get her in bed a compliment. But the girl was only a teenager. By this point, Cordy started becoming annoyed the teen was always there. She had to forcibly eject the girl from shoots whenever Dawn came snooping around - even if it was up in the Valley.

Finally, 1 magical night at Cordy's apartment, Cordelia succumbed to Dawn's advances. They made love until the morning sun started creeping in the window. Then they fell asleep in each other's arms. When they awoke, they made love all over again.

Cordy realized with the right makeup and some special paperwork, Dawn could be in her movies too. (Actually Dawn teased her into agreeing. Tonguing the older woman to near orgasm then stopping and begging. Then more tongue and more begging.) Eventually Cordy agreed to 1 movie.

One of Angel Investigations more nefarious contacts could do magic with paperwork - literally. He altered all state records (even those created by the monks responsible for Dawn) and the hospital records. Dawn Summers was suddenly no longer 16, she was almost 19 and old enough for movies.

The first movie, the 1 Buffy saw and a sequel of sorts to the one with Joyce, was such a big success, that Cordelia was able to begin setting up Charisma Productions. She even managed to convince Angel to let her use the Hyperion occasionally - especially for her big hit "Lesbian Eurotrip" - a take off on the straight movie starring that young actress who looked a lot like her own sweet Dawnie.

There were 3 Charisma Productions movies on the market by the time Buffy came charging into their lives. And soon became a part of the business herself. She had been so easy to seduce as she was already super-charged when she saw her sister and her sister's lover. From that to being in a Charisma movie was a short trip. Especially since she got to make love to the 2 brunettes over and over again.

As she had done with Dawn, giving her the screen name Starr, Cordy decided Buffy needed a screen name. She considered leaving it Buffy, a common enough name in Socal and the porn industry, but the blonde slayer wanted some slight anonymity. As an alternative to Starr, she dubbed Buffy with the name Sunny

A somewhat reformed Lilah Morgan, who had become Cordy's de facto attorney during her Vivid days through Wolfram and Hart and remained so through the start of Charisma as a newly independent lawyer, came from the Hyperion with news 1-day. Seems that Lilah's oldest client, Angel, was in love with a friend of theirs from back home. And the love was reciprocated.

'Angel and Xander are so sweet together. A side effect of 1 of Willow's spells? Wonder who's the 'top'?' Cordy considered.

'Wonder if I should branch out into gay porn? With hot studs like those 2...'

Willow came to LA shortly after that and stayed at the Hyperion. Buffy, Dawn and Cordy came into LA to see their old friend. Willow and Buffy went off to Willow's room where Buffy told Willow about her life change. After a long talk, both ended having sex that was heard all over the hotel. Kennedy, while no longer Willow's sole lover, had come down with Willow and helped distract Dawn from the sounds next door by sitting on the pretty teen's eager mouth.

The makeup sex also inspired Cordy to bring Lilah, Harmony Kendall and Kate Lockley, all of whom coincidentally happened to be in the hotel lobby at the time, into her circle of lovers. It was a scene worthy of a traditional porn movie. With Angel and Xander in the honeymoon suite, they had the office all to themselves.

The next morning, the 3 lovers returned to Cordy's apartment. After a long, sexy shower and naps by all 3, Buffy came to Cordy with a confession. She was in love with the former high school cheerleader. Later Dawn told Buffy the same thing.

The beauty was stunned by this. She was even more stunned to realize that, much as she loved her friends and various lovers, her heart had been stolen by the Summers sisters. 'If the old Queen C was told she'd be head over heels for Buffy and Dawn, she'd flip! Cordelia Chase, the lesbian porn queen in love...'

Cordy smiled happily, declaring loudly to the empty beach, "But I am and I wouldn't have it any other way! I love Buffy! I love Dawn! I LOVE BUFFY AND DAWN SUMMERS!"


The lesbian porn superstar/producer surveyed her place. The western Malibu location was nearly perfect. They were on the beach and fairly isolated from neighbors, thanks to wildfires that had reached the coast several years before. And, Willow had cast a protection spell on the house to keep it safe from fires and any earthquakes.

It was perfect for her next project just as it was. After she'd moved up to Malibu, she'd used the house for 2 movies but often used props to change the appearance of the rooms they shot the movies in. The only room off-limits to film work was the master bedroom the 3 lovers shared.

This new movie called for a house just like hers. She had written this new project, would star in and direct it was well as be the executive producer. It was an exhausting job but she absolutely loved it.

Charisma Productions tried to emulate the style of Viv Thomas with realistic sex scenes. Cordelia hated the forced, contorted look to much of the porn produced in the States. Especially in the girl-girl videos or scenes.

Rather than have a tongue stretched as far out from the mouth as possible or bodies contorted into near-torturous positions for a shot, she had her performers engage in a more natural looking sex with only the occasional concessions for a camera such as tucking loose hair behind the ear to help see the actual sex acts.

And the rewards were enormous. Not only did she get to have real sex with some of the most beautiful women she knew, but she got paid handsomely for the work - they all did. Cordelia was also more than happy to share the wealth with her lovers and co-stars - even better rates than the major porn producers in the Valley paid.

On extremely tough days, Cordy also had her soul mates to help her relax. And the Summers sisters were most inventive in their relaxation techniques.

Cordy's favorite was simple. One sister licking her pussy and the other licking her ass. If they were in the right positions, she'd return the favor too.

Once Dawn, in a sisterly snit of jealousy, asked Cordy, "Who's better at licking your pussy? Or your ass? Me ... or Buffy?"

Cordy couldn't help but laugh at the younger girl's irrational envy of Cordy and Buffy's history - even though Dawn was the first sister to share Cordy's bed. Cordy simply said, "I don't know."

"C'mon ..." Dawn whined.

"Well, one of you is the best analinguist I know and the other is the best cunnilinguist. And that's all I'll say except that I would never ... could never choose between you two. I need you both to make me whole."

At the memory, Cordy felt a thrill of anticipation as she knew those tongues would be pleasing her later. And others as well.

The automatic coffee maker had done it's job and she filled a mug before heading outside. The aroma of the coffee would eventually rouse Buffy who would, in turn, wake her sister.

Cordy picked up a copy of the script for the new movie and walked onto the deck. The morning was beautiful and she thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of the air caressing her bare flesh.

One benefit of having such a nice, secluded home was the ability to move about the house, patio and, on rare occasions, the beach in the nude. Neither Cordelia or her 2 lovers had any trace of tan lines as a result.

Setting the coffee and the script down, the tall brunette gazed out at the Pacific as it glittered in the morning light.

With a contented sigh, she cast 1 more look on the shadow outline of her house on the beach before lying on her favorite recliner. Taking a cautious sip of the hot coffee, she picked up the script to go over it once more.

"Lez Family Affair


"Charisma - Aunt Billie Davis

Scarlett - Miz Gillian French, maid and de facto head of the house

Frederica - Lee, Billie's personal assistant

Sunny - Cissy Davis

Starr - Buffy Davis

Kennedy - Jodi Davis

Morgana - Lilly, Billie's attorney

Maddie - Amy, the nosy neighbor

Anyaka - the good cop

Faith - the bad cop

Kate Lockley - social worker"

'Hmm ... still don't like that title,' Cordy thought. 'And I still need to come up with some stage name for Kennedy. Thank god, Anya has no shame - Anyanka is a great name anyway. And Faith and Kate don't really care who knows what they get up to.

'Maddie isn't too bad for Amy Madison's name and Lilah really likes Morgana. Must be the evil queen thing. Fred as Frederica ... fits well with her quietly kinky side. And a lot better than her last name. Oh, and Scarlett ... What a perfect name for lovely, little Willow.'

As the stunning porn star/mogul began to reread her script, she pictured the entire production in her mind ...


Leaving her younger sister in their shared bed, Buffy, still unclothed, padded out onto the deck to find Cordy with her hands full. Her left hand, laying across her body, was still holding the well-thumbed script while her right hand was busy between her legs. Cordy's eyes were closed tightly as she pleasured herself to images from the script.

Quietly, so she could enjoy the sight of her lover masturbating, Buffy walked around to the foot of the chaise lounge. Her eyes were riveted on Cordy's hand. Three fingers were slowly pumping in and out of the brunette's wet pussy while her thumb was strumming her clit.

Buffy saw Dawn, just as naked as herself, in the doorway and motioned her to come over quietly. Dawn walked over and her eyes opened wide at the sight before the 2 sisters.

"Wow," whispered Dawn as her hand reached over and touched Buffy's tummy. It slid down through the slayer's dark bush and began to play with Buffy's already-wet pussy. Buffy's hand rested for a moment on her sister's tight, round ass before a finger slipped between the cheeks to toy with her rosebud.

As the 2 sisters stroked each other, Cordy increased her own speed and gave out a loud moan as she came. The sight of their lover cumming set off the sisters and Buffy cried out as she drenched Dawn's hand, shoving her finger into the younger girl's rectum which, in turn, caused Dawn to climax.

"Wow," Cordy said. "I'll never get tired of watching you two."

Regaining control of her breathing, Buffy said, "You must really like the movie. Every time you read it, you end up playing with yourself."

Cordy just smiled as she led the 2 Summers women into the house for a communal shower. There was just enough time for an exciting shower with her 2 women before the rest of the cast arrived for the dress rehearsal.


"Welcome ladies. This is the official dress rehearsal for our latest ... epic." Everyone chuckled at Cordy's pun. "Now, since this does involve the actual sex, we can have a lot more fun than during the read-thrus."

"I don't know, Cordy. I had a lot of fun then," Willow stated as she eyed the rest of the cast lustfully. Most echoed Willow's comment. And all returned her lascivious look.

Cordy smiled widely, her read-thrus were much more than just simple recitations of dialogue. "At any rate, we now have the costumes and the props.

"And remember, when we get to the scene that's at Maddie's home, we'll have some men here to move my furniture during the actual shoot. For now, just do the scene here."

"Now?" Kate asked eagerly.

"No dear. We're going to go in order of the movie. You'll have to wait till scene 5." There were a couple of disappointed sighs - Kate was quite proficient with her mouth and her costars were looking forward to that. Cordy added, "To make up for you having to wait, you can all watch the scenes you're not in."

Everyone cheered. "Now I know you girls. Don't get to ... overwrought. I don't want you too tired to participate when it's your turn."

"Harmony never has that problem," Dawn muttered.

"I know, love. But Harm can't work with us on daytime shoots. You know that," Cordy reminded her lover. "But, I think I can convince her to join our private wrap party after the wrap party with the crew."

All the women cheered.

"Not much left to say. Remember your cues. Remember where the camera is gonna be located. And above all, have fun."

As a final thought, Cordy reminded everyone, "Oh yeah. And remember, just 'cause the script says 'Buffy', doesn't mean it's Buffy"

"Yeah," Dawn declared. "I get to be Buffy now!"

Another round of laughter followed as Buffy hugged and kissed the 'new' Buffy.


Scene 1 (Aunt Billie, Miz French and Lee)

Entering a simple home office there is an oak desk and a comfortable leather chair to the left. On the opposite wall is a large, cushiony sofa. The far end looks outside. It's a bright, airy room - as are all in the beachfront house.

"Miss Billie, Lee is here," Ms French states as she stands in the door of Billie Davis' office. The shapely redhead is wearing a stereotypical French maid's outfit with a very short skirt. In fact, it barely covered her lovely ass. She walks further into the office, behind her mistress.

"Oh, thank you Gillian." Billie, brushing her long, brown hair back as she came around the desk, revealing her own short skirt, and greeted her personal assistant. "Lee, what news do you have for me?"

Like the other 2 women, Lee is wearing a skirt that leaves little to the imagination. Her dark hair, longer with more curl than her boss, shown as she steps into the office. Adjusting her glasses, she glances at the folder she brought with her, saying, "Well, everything's been taken care of. The girls will be here this afternoon. Lilly was most helpful in expediting things."

Billie, again behind her desk, nods, "Very good. I'm ..." she glances down then resumes, "I'm glad it went smoothly. Any word on how they're coping?"

Lee looks at the folder in her lap and nods. "Yes, they seem to be handling things pretty well. But ..."


"Well, I hesitate to say anything about ..."

"My older sister was a ... free spirit. More concerned with her own pleasure than being home for her children. Fortunately, they were well cared for by Nancy's staff. There was 1, a Miss Beasley, who really seemed to take the children in hand ..."

"Uh, yes ma'am. Your sister apparently liked to take off for weeks at a time ..."

"To bed as many women around the world as she could. Fortunately for my nieces, that won't be a problem here."

Lee clears her throat, asking, "If I may, how did such a notorious lesbian get pregnant?"

Billie smiles, "Not 1 to break an unbroken streak of strict lesbianism, Nancy had herself inseminated twice. The second time, naturally, was when the twins arrived."

"Why have children in the first place?"

"To appease our parents. Seems Father wasn't happy both his daughters were gay. And Nancy, being so outrageous, was a particular concern. To guarantee she wouldn't be disowned, she had children."

"Then back to ..." Lee doesn't finish her statement as her eyebrow arches wickedly.

"Yesss ... " Billie agrees. "Now, if you'd like to help me, Gillian here has been most naughty."

"Oh yes, I have," the redhead agrees eagerly.

"I'd be happy to help"

Lee sits on the sofa, her short skirt riding up enough to show the thin lace covering her mound.

"You know what you have to do," Billie says. Miz French nods and lies across Lee's lap, pulling her short skirt up to reveal the matching black g-string.

"So soft ... So warm ..." Lee gently caresses the bare cheeks, her hands grasping the round ass gently. With no warning, this gentle caress stops, the hand lifts then slaps down.

The sharp crack of Lee's hand on Miz French's ass echoes in the room. The redhead's cry accentuates the effect.

Billie smiles indulgently to her aide. Lee returns the smile and repeats the slap. Then again. And again. And again.

After five slaps, Lee pauses and resumes caressing the now-red, now-hot flesh. Her glasses gleam in the light as she tosses her head, clearing her hair from her face. Then she sees her employer and friend.

Billie has taken a chair nearby. She watches avidly as the punishment went on. Unconsciously, her hand moves under her short skirt to caress herself through her panties.

In moments, Lee resumes her spanking. Five spanks then gentle caresses followed by five more spanks. Miz French alternately squeals and moans as her ass was Lee's plaything.

Finally, Billie crawls over to the 2 on the couch. Watching the spanking up close, she can feel the breeze from Lee's hand. After observing closely, she states, "Enough."

Lee stops slapping the ass before her. Her hands resume their gentle caressing while Billie leans forward and begins to lick and softly kiss the reddened skin. Her tongue teases the tight rosebud of her maid while her aide's fingers slip inside the woman.

"Oooh ... Oh God! Cordy!" Willow as Miz French slips up but that has happened often enough in Charisma Productions so that they always re-recorded the soundtrack - often with someone providing the desired stimulation to the person providing the voice.

Still, Billie pulls back. "Now Gillian, we've talked about this before ..."

All 3 women laugh.


Scene 2 (Miz French, Cissy, Buffy and Jody; Aunt Billie and Lee)

A large bedroom with 2 queen-size beds. Across the room are matching bureaus and desks. Large, walk-in closets flank the door.

Miz French leads the 3 new arrivals into this room. The older girl, Cissy, is a perky blonde with shoulder length hair. The younger girls are both brunettes. Buffy has long hair that cascades down her back. Jodie's hair is shorter, hanging just below her shoulders. Obviously the younger siblings are not identical twins.

"This will be the twins' room. Buffy, Jodie, you can decide who gets which bed. They are identical."

"Where do I sleep?" Cissy, the oldest asks.

"Your room is right across the hall. You have everything your sisters have." The redhead opens 1 of the closets, "As you can see, all your clothes are unpacked and put away. Your other things are still in boxes in the garage. I can help you with those once you're all settled in."

"Can I sleep here with my sisters?" Cissy asks.

"If you wish."

Miz French turns to the door but Buffy takes her hand. "Don't go yet. Please."

Jodie comes up to her, takes her other hand and nods, "Yes. Stay for a bit. We'd like to ... get to know you better."

Cissy smiles sweetly, "Yes we would."

Cissy leans in and kisses Miz French softly. The redhead moans quietly as her lips are parted by Cissy's tongue. Buffy turns the woman's face to her and kisses her as well, her tongue gently slipping into Miz French's mouth. Next it's Jodie's turn to kiss the thoroughly aroused woman.

Buffy's hand slides under Miz French's short skirt. "She's going commando. And she's so wet ..."

Miz French groans loudly as the longhaired brunette fondles her labia. When the other brunette slips a finger between her ass cheeks, she squeaks.

Cissy licks her ear then whispers, "You remind us of our dear, sweet Miss Beasley. She taught us so much that she learned at ... band camp." The blonde began to suckle the redhead's throat, her tongue tracing the throbbing pulse. "She was a redhead like you." Another lick along her slender neck. "Do you have glasses? She wore them and was very sexy." The tongue returns to her ear.

Buffy kneels in front of the sexy servant and lifts the short skirt. "Hmmm ... I like red."

Her tongue slips into Miz French's slit. As she explores the wet nooks and crannies, she tosses her long hair over her shoulder to allow full view of her oral ministrations. She also lifts the redhead's leg onto her shoulder for better access.

This gives Jodie the opportunity she was waiting for. She drops to her knees and begins to lavish the shapely ass in front of her with wet kisses and licks. These all spiral in towards the tight brown hole that seems to be winking at the girl.

Not to be out done, Cissy slides the shoulders of the uniform down and bares Miz French's tits. Caressing their roundness, she says, "I love your breasts. So soft and warm." The nipples harden and she adds, "And your nips are so ..."

Cissy begins to suck on the woman's hard nipple, her tongue caressing it then her teeth biting gently then her tongue again.

Miz French doesn't last long. She begins to moan loudly before she screams, "I'mmmmm commmmiiiiiiinnnnngggg!!!!"

The sisters hold her up as her body goes limp. Then they guide her to the bed and strip off the rest of her uniform. Their clothes follow. Buffy and Jodie share a deep kiss then each kiss their older sister, Cissy.

The 3 share equally deep, loving kisses with Miz French. Jodie's is the longest, leaving both out of breath.

"Lay down Cissy. I want you," Buffy declares.

"Me too," Jodie agrees.

Cissy lay on her side, her head pillowed on Miz French's flat tummy. She crooks 1 leg up and in seconds Jodie is licking her pussy, her tongue plunging in deep to get all the juices she could.

At the same time, Buffy begins to tongue her sister's ass. She has to lick and probe a bit before the tight muscle loosens enough for her to push inside.

"Oh GOD!!! Stick your tongues in me! Deeper! Oh God, Dawn, tongue-fuck my ass!"

('Damn. Again,' Cordy notes silently.)

"Can't have that," Miz French says before sealing her mouth over Cissy's, her tongue engaging the blonde's in a loving duel. Cissy holds the woman's head gently in her hand while the fingers of her other hand trail down to the woman's ass, squeezing and caressing it.

Cissy begins to moan into Miz French's mouth as she cums from her sisters' talented tongues. Breaking the kiss, she screams, "OH GOOODDD!!!"

Miz French gets up and takes the twins' hands in hers. "Come. Let's share your sister."

Cissy, still breathing heavily, moves up to sit against the headboard. Miz French directs Buffy to lay between her older sister's legs with the admonishment, "Don't start yet..."

The redhead lay across the bed, her face hovering over Buffy's ass. "Now, Jodie, get behind me and we can all play."

Miz French begins to lick Buffy's ass, signaling Buffy to begin pleasuring her older sister. Miz French reaches back and gently guides Jodie's head to her wetness.

In seconds, they are in sync. Jodie pushes into Miz French's drenched pussy and Miz French shoves her tongue into Buffy's asshole. Buffy thrusts her tongue between Cissy's nether lips. When Jodie licks Miz French, Miz French licks Buffy's crack while Buffy licks her sister's slit. They quickly reach a marvelously erotic tempo - almost as if they have been choreographed.

Unseen by the sisters, their aunt and her employee are in the hallway, watching the mini-orgy through the slightly open door. At 1 point, Miz French raises her face from between young Buffy's ass cheeks and smiles as she regards Billie and Lee.

"They seem to be adapting well ..."

"Yes. And aren't they so sweet?" Billie states. Her breathing is ragged - a combination of excitement over the erotic pageant before her and the work her assistant is performing.

Lee, standing behind her, has her hand under Billie's skirt, moving rapidly as her fingers plunge into the woman's wet pussy. "Yes. And I bet they taste even sweeter ..."


Scene 3 (Aunt Billie, Cissy, Buffy and Jodie)

Aunt Billie was laying on her chaise lounge on the deck, enjoying the afternoon sun. She was wearing a very tiny red string bikini - barely more than 2 triangles covering the tips of her ample breasts and another, smaller triangle pulled up into her crotch.

Cissy, followed by her sisters, comes out. "Wow, what a view!" she exclaims.

Buffy, looking at her aunt, not the ocean, says, "It's incredible."

Jodie nudges her and smiles.

"Hello girls. How are you settling in?"

With a wicked little smile, Cissy replies, "Very well. Miz French really made us feel at home."

"Would you ladies like to join me?" Billie asks.

"We don't have our suits unpacked yet," Buffy states.

"Well, if you want to, you can get a full-body tan like me. See?" Billie pulls off her top, showing off her exquisite tits to the eager eyes of her nieces.

The 3 sisters quickly strip off their shirts, shoes, shorts and panties. Towels are spread around near the pool and they all lay on their backs, enjoying the sun on their bodies.

('Hmm ... Gonna have to do something about the full-body tans here,' Cordy thought. 'They're supposed to be from back east. Maybe have Willow cast an image spell to make them a little paler.')

"You should use some lotion so you don't burn. This sunscreen is really good," Billie says as she joins them on the towels. "Let me help you," she adds, squirting some of the lotion on Buffy's body.

Cissy takes the bottle and begins to apply sunscreen to Jodie's chest and stomach, paying particular attention to the younger girl's pert nipples.

Buffy sighs in pleasure as her aunt caresses her body. Her hand, as if on it's own, moves to Billie's thong, pulling the string that holds the piece together. It flaps open, exposing the neatly trimmed bush of her aunt to the younger girl's happy gaze. Buffy tugs on the other string and the thong falls away completely. The younger girl can see the succulent pussy lips, glistening with her aunt's juices.

Her hand reaches for her aunt's treasure trove while the woman leans over her. The longhaired brunette can't resist and swiftly captures her aunt's already hard nipple in her mouth. Buffy begins to lick the nubbin while her fingers slide over the wet heat between Billie's legs.

As she switches nipples, she sees her sisters already in a sixty-nine, licking each other eagerly. Her Aunt Billie notices them. "God, aren't they lovely?"

"Yes," Buffy replies. Then she finds better things to do with her lips and tongue.

Billie thrills to her niece's talents while she watches the rest of her new family. The 2 siblings really enjoy each other. Jodie, on top of her older sister, will occasionally stretch her neck to lick a little lower on her sister. Billie sees Cissy reciprocate by tonguing Jodie's ass thoroughly before returning to the younger girl's sopping pussy.

"Aunt Billie?"

Her reverie broken, the older woman looks down at her lovely niece. "Yes dear?"

"I want ... I want you. I wanna lick you and stick my tongue into you and ..."

"Oh yes dear," Billie agrees eagerly.

As she prepares to lie back, Buffy stops her. "No. Sit on my face. Please?"

The older woman straddles the girl's head, careful not to kneel on Buffy's long, dark hair, and lowers herself onto her niece's mouth. She moans loudly as the girl begins to lick her extended labia.

Before her aunt can completely cover her mouth, Buffy licks lower on the woman, her tongue slicking over the woman's tight rosebud. From her angle, she can see the little pucker wink at her as she pulls her tongue back. Taking that as an invitation, she probes again with her tongue.

Billie is thrilled. The girl is a natural at rimming her ass. Billie throws her head back, her long, brown hair flowing behind her, as she grasps her breasts. She holds them and pinches the still-wet nipples while her ass is being pleasured. She looks down and sees her niece's pretty face. The girl gazes up at the beautiful woman above her, her green eyes full of equal amounts of love and lust while she continues to tongue-fuck her aunt's ass.

She lowers herself the rest of the way, guided by Buffy's hands on her hips. Soon, she has her pussy sitting right on that talented young mouth.

Buffy begins to fuck her aunt's pussy with her tongue as she seals her lips around her aunt's netherlips. She manages to breath through the musky, curly pubic patch her nose is buried in. Almost all sound is cut off by the soft skin of Billie's inner thighs over her ears but she knows when her sisters climaxed.

At the muffled cries next to her, she opens her eyes to see the blonde and brunette sister quaking as they achieve orgasm. They are each screaming their releases into the other's pussies. Then the 2 siblings fall to the side, breathing heavily.

As Billie watches, Cissy sits up and then crawls to Jodie, kissing her deeply. Then she begins to lick her essence off her sister's pretty face. She stands and takes Jodie's hand to help her up.

Hand in hand, the sisters come over to their aunt. They kneel on each side of the twosome. Jodie kisses her aunt, her tongue gently caressing the other woman's. Then Cissy takes her turn, her tongue sliding into Billie's mouth to play.

Billie takes the opportunity to taste Jodie on Cissy, her tongue tracing the soft, soft skin of her older niece's face. Her hand gently brushes through the girl's golden locks. Her other hand feels Jodie's tongue lick her fingers and her nipple. She twines that hand in Jodie's brown locks as she holds the girl to her breast.

Cissy kisses down her aunt's ample chest to the rock hard nipple. She begins to suckle alongside her kid sister while their other sister is exploring the woman they are all enjoying.

Wanting to taste her aunt, Cissy kisses her way down the woman's body. As she tries to get her mouth to the woman's cunt, Billie stops her.

"There's a better way sweetie."

Billie stands briefly then lies back on the towel. She guides Jodie to her breast to resume her suckling. Smiling at Cissy and Buffy, she says, "Why don't you share?"

Soon the older blonde and her beautiful younger sister are taking turns licking their aunt. Cissy licks the labia then thrusts her tongue between them. Turning, she kisses Buffy, sharing the taste. Buffy moves in and repeats her sister's actions.

After sharing licks and kisses several times, Cissy pushes her aunt's ass up. Billie helps by bracing her feet on the deck. Cissy sees the small anus her sister had already enjoyed and moves down to have her turn, leaving the woman's pussy to her younger sister's pleasure.

Jodie's guided up to sit on her aunt's face while her sisters are busy between the beautiful woman's legs.

At the same time they are tonguing their aunt, Buffy and Cissy begin to finger fuck each other. They create rhythm to match what they are doing to their aunt. As Buffy thrusts into her aunt's pussy, her fingers slide out of her sister. Alternately, when Cissy shoves her tongue into her aunt's ass, she shoves her fingers into her sister.

Billie manages to find her own rhythm while tonguing her niece. As the waves of pleasure flow out from her ass and cunt, she pushes into the girl.

Before long, Jodie is cumming on her aunt's face while Billie's sphincter tightens around Cissy's tongue as the older woman climaxes in Buffy's mouth.

With that, the new family relationship is cemented as they all climax together loudly.

Billie lays back, cradling the younger sisters to her. Their heads resting on the woman's ample bosom while Cissy lay between her aunt's legs, her face resting in the woman's still-wet pubic fur. Soon, all 4 are dozing in the sun.


Scene 4 (Miz French and Lee)

Miz French smiles and shakes her head. "Those girls are really something."

"Oh? Do tell."

"They are so ... assertive."


"They ... seduced me."

Lee moves over closer to her friend, "That doesn't take much effort." She sits down on the couch near 1 set of patio doors so they could enjoy the display of familial love outside. "Strip!"

Miz French eagerly complies and is soon naked again, wearing only her black mesh stockings and the black, lace garter belt. The russet tuft of fur between her legs already glistening.

"Kneel and lick my shoes!"

Miz French quickly complies. Not out of fear for failing to please but out of an eagerness to please. Her tongue laves the shiny, black leather shoes, occasionally drifting across the other woman's instep between the strap and the toe.

Lee sits back and adjusts her glasses with a pleased sigh. She loves her job.

"Alright. Now you know what to do ..."

Miz French begins to lick a trail up the brunette's leg to the bottom of her short skirt. Then she repeats that on the other leg. Lifting the skirt, she gazes at the naked, shaved pussy before her.

"Did I say stop?"

"No ma'am," the redhead replies before licking the wet inner thighs of the woman commanding her. The aroma of Lee's pussy is heady and it is torture to wait for the woman to allow her access.

Lee pushes her back so Miz French was sitting on her heels. The brunette stands and turns to kneel on the couch, her head still canted to look outside. "Kiss my ass!"

Wet, open-mouthed kisses rain on the woman's supple ass cheeks randomly. Soon these became an alternation of nibbles, gentle bites and licks by Miz French.

"Now lick my ass. Fuck my ass with your tongue!"

With a wide smile, Miz French obeys the forceful Lee. Her tongue traces the woman's rosebud, exploring the wrinkles before pushing at the tight sphincter. With some effort, she manages to get her tongue into that tight ass and to wriggle it around. Miz French loves French-kissing a lovely woman's ass.

Soon, Lee's sphincter begins to spasm around Miz French's tongue. "I ... I'm ..." The brunette pants heavily, her hands grasping her tits through her blouse. "I ... I ... Cumming ..."


Scene 5 (Aunt Billie, Lilly, Officer Anyanka, Officer Faith, Kate, Cissy, Buffy and Jodie)

Aunt Billie nods as the 2 police officers and the social worker enter. Billie is flanked by her attorney, Lilly. Lilly is wearing a light gray jacket with white slacks. Billie wears a sheer white blouse with a plunging neckline and a hint of her areola showing through the fabric.

The police uniforms are standard blouses over short skirts and high heels. The social worker wears a light beige suit, the skirt ending above her knees. The first cop, Officer Anyanka, has brown hair with blonde highlights and a wide smile. The second cop, Officer Faith, looks more serious with dark hair down to her shoulders. The social worker, Kate, has soft, blonde hair that hung down to her shoulder blades.

"Ms Davis, I'm sorry to bother you but ..." Kate pauses when her eyes see the brunette's blouse. She blinks then raises her eyes to meet those of the brunette behind the desk. "Uh, sorry. Ah ... anyway, we have a report that ... some ... unusual things are going on here."


Officer Anyaka steps forward, "Ma'am, 1 of your neighbors said she saw ... Well, she saw you having sex with 3 teenagers. Three girls."

"Yeah. We gotta look out for the kids." Officer Faith looks like she wants to hit something.

"I see," Billie replies.

"Is this true?" Kate asks. "Sorry to be blunt but ..."

Lilly interrupts, "Before my client has to answer any accusations, I have some papers you might want to see."

As Kate takes the proffered papers, Officer Faith, in a suspicious tone, asks, "Why is your lawyer here, Ms. Davis?"

Billie takes Lilly's hand as she smiles, saying, "Lilly often comes by to assist me with my professional and ... personal needs."

"All 3 girls were born on the same day? I didn't know they were triplets?" Kate asks.

"If you look closely, Cissy is a year older but the twins, who are not identical by the way, are of legal age," Lilly states.

"Can we ask them some questions?" Officer Anyanka asks.

Billie stands and walks around the desk, her shapely legs visible below her short skirt. Her perfume wafted past the 3 professionals before her. "Please come with me," she invites.

Billie leads her guests to the bedrooms and opens the door to the girls' room. As the five women look in, they see the 3 sisters all asleep on 1 large bed, the twins heads pillowed on Cissy's bare chest.

"They're ... they're all naked?" Kate observes.

"They're working on full-body tans," Billie offered by way of explanation. She steps further into the room, "Girls? We have guests."

The 3 teens all look up at the same time. They all slowly stand up, obviously not ashamed of their nudity.

Cissy says, "Hello." Her sisters echo her.

"These ladies are Officer Anyanka, Officer Faith and ..."

Obviously turned on, Kate steps in, "I'm Kate."

"I'm Cissy. I'm very happy to meet you," Cissy states before passionately kissing the blonde woman in front of her.

Office Faith stares dumbfounded. Officer Anyanka smiles broadly as Buffy walks up to her and kisses her just as passionately as her older sister is kissing the social worker.

"This ... this is not ... proper procedure," Officer Faith protests before Jodie shuts her up by shoving her tongue in the policewoman's mouth.

Billie smiles happily. "I think this will work out well after all," she states, gazing at her attorney.

Lilly nods then kisses her client.

Billie is happy to find that Lilly didn't have a blouse on under her jacket. "So much easier ..." she mutters before suckling on a pert breast. As she moves over to Lilly's other breast, she glances at her new family.

Cissy is on her knees, her head under Kate's skirt. From the look on Kate's face, she is loving what the teen is doing to her.

Buffy has Officer Anyanka on her back on the bed, the policewoman's pants on the floor as the younger teen has her tongue buried in the cop's very wet pussy.

For her part, Jodie has Officer Faith bent over a chair, her face pressed between the brunette cop's cheeks as her tongue thoroughly rims her ass.

"Looks like a good idea," Billie says. She yanks off Lilly's pants to find her lawyer had gone commando. "Were you expecting on this?"

Lilly smiles evilly, "Never hurts to be prepared."

Rather than respond, Billie pulls her cheeks apart and begins to lick the woman's tight, brown ass. Her tongue circles the rosebud then she plants wet, licking kisses on the shapely cheeks. And then back to her prize as her tongue probes Lilly's ass.

Kate is the first to climax and only Cissy keeps her from collapsing. The young woman holds Kate and kisses her deeply, letting the social worker taste herself on another woman. She takes Kate's hand and leads her to the bed next to her sister who was still eating out the blonde cop.

Cissy begins to remove Kate's clothes, kissing every bit of flesh as it's exposed. When she returns to the scene of her earlier fun, Cissy kisses the wet patch of fur before burrowing in again.

Kate pulls the teen's legs around to enjoy her first taste of the girl. Her tongue snakes out and caresses the girl's nether lips. Sucking and nibbling on the swollen labia allowed her to sample Cissy's essence before even getting into the well of her womanhood.

Officer Anyanka screams out as she climaxes on Buffy's face. Her cum squirts out and Buffy tries to catch every drop in her mouth. Some still splashes on her chin, cheeks and down on her tits.

Climbing up on the cop, she kissed Officer Anyanka deeply. The peacekeeper then licks the girl clean. While she's doing that, Buffy announces, "I love squirters! Mrs. Beasley was a squirter ..."

"Now, Officer, it's your turn," Buffy states as she crawls up to sit on Officer Anyanka's face. The cop's tongue goes to work pleasuring the girl atop her.

Officer Faith climaxes as well. Her anus squeezes shut on Jodie's tongue as she cums. She quickly recovers, grabs the naked teen, cuffs her and forces her into the same position. "Time for a body cavity search," Officer Faith declares.

The cop begins with the girl's pretty pink pussy. Parting the lips, she gazes into it. Then her finger probes the tight heat.

"Hmm ... nothing. May have to probe deeper," Officer Faith announces.

Her tongue begins to push into the girl, tasting the copious young juices. It doesn't take long before Jodie is shuddering and panting from the cop's talented licking. Officer Faith pulls away at this point. The girl whimpers in frustration.

"Okay, nothing there. Maybe in this hole," Officer Faith says. Then she begins to suck and lick the girl's sweet ass, her tongue quickly pushing past Jodie's sphincter.

Lilly climaxes from Billie's asslicking. Now she is sucking on her client's clit while shoving 3 fingers into her pussy, slowly bringing the beautiful brunette to her own climax.

The girls in their 69 cum almost simultaneously. Cissy screams out her orgasm into Kate's ready pussy, pushing the social worker over the edge. Kate climaxes onto Cissy's open mouth.

Buffy screams seconds after as Officer Anyanka licks her to her own orgasm. She collapses backwards and her head ends up near her older sister. They share a deep kiss, sharing the flavor of Kate.

With a shout and a moan, Jodie cums from the cop's tongue in her ass. She nearly passes out from the pleasure.

Billie places her hands on Lilly's shoulders, leaning on her lawyer as the woman brings her to a quivering climax. Slowly she kneels and kisses Lilly. "Thank you."

"My pleasure."

"Your usual fee?" Billie jokes.

"No. This time I want 1 of them ... Maybe ... all of them?" Lilly responds, eyeing the sisters slowly, sweetly kissing each other on the bed as well as the happily sobbing girl who was still getting her ass plundered by Officer Faith's tongue.

"I think we can work something out."

Soon, Lilly was happily licking Cissy's pussy. Buffy was licking Lilly from the top of her ass to the top of her pussy, lingering over her anus and her clit. Officer Faith was sucking on Buffy's pussy while Billie got busy on the cop's sex. Jodie had her face buried in her aunt's cunt and was herself being eaten by Kate. Kate was being pleasured by Officer Anyanka who in turn was being licked by Cissy.

Several climaxes later, Officer Faith announces, "I see nothing wrong here. Nothing at all."

Jodie smiled, "And she searched me pretty thoroughly."

Kate, adjusting her suit, nodded. "A bit unorthodox but no one's being hurt and everyone seems happy."

"Very happy," Cissy agrees, her head resting on Billie's bare shoulder.

Officer Anyanka announces, "I think we'll just go have a talk with your neighbor. See what's up her ass ..."

"Sounds like fun," Buffy says with an evil smile.

"Gotta admire the stamina of you cops," Lilly adds.

"Just doing our job, ma'am," Officer Faith replies.


Scene 6 (Amy, Officer Anyaka, Officer Faith and Kate)

The living room is the same as Aunt Billie's house. The furniture is in slightly different locations.

There is a knock on a door. Amy, a young brunette, comes to the door, glances through the peephole then opens the door to let in the 2 cops and Kate from Family Services.

"Well? Did you see what I was talking about?" she asks shrilly.

Faith spins the woman around and pushes her into the wall. "Assume the position, bitch!"

"Wha ... ?"

Anya leans into Amy, "We saw a loving family. And a neighbor too nosy about them."

As Faith cuffs the startled woman, Anya pats her down, her hands lingering on Amy's round ass and her tits.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!? Let me go!"

Kate leans in now and says, "Uh-uh. You seem so interested in what goes on next door. And we have to give you a full report."

Anya pulls the woman's slacks off and tears her panties off. Faith then leads her over to the sofa, pushing Amy facedown into the cushions.

Faith begins to finger Amy's raised pussy, her fingers wet as she pulls them out. Then she smears some around the girl's ass, her finger poking inside.

Meanwhile, Anya hands her nightstick to Kate who begins to lick it, getting the end wet. Anya also takes out a small mag-lite and begins to lick the slender grip.

Still playing bad cop, Faith grabs the nightstick, saying, "That's enough. She's wet enough."

Faith presses the end of the stick against the wet slit. She slowly spins it around and pushes it in. Amy screams into the cushions but soon begins to moan as Kate leans over and begins to tongue her ass.

Anya continues to suck on the flashlight and slips her free hand into her pants, stroking herself as she watches Kate lick Amy's asshole.

After a few minutes of being fucked by the nightstick and tongued by the social worker, Amy is moaning lustily into her couch.

Kate stands and kisses Anya, her tongue now probing the cop's mouth. Then she says, "She's ready."

Anya smiles and pushed the small end of the flashlight into Amy's ass. She looks at Kate and says, "Since she wasted so much of your time ... "

"What a fine idea," Kate agrees as she climbs over the woman on the couch. She sits before Amy's head and pulls up her skirt, showing her missing panties.

Grabbing Amy's hair, Faith growls, "Lick her, bitch! Eat her pussy, you nosy, prissy little cunt!"

Amy doesn't take too much prodding before she's licking Kate's blonde bush and her red, wet slit.

While she's licking the woman, her ass and pussy are being ravaged by the policewomen and she's loving every minute of it.

Turning the nightstick so the short handle is pointing towards the ceiling, Faith straddles it and sinks down onto the club. "Ooo ... "

Grabbing Anya, Faith tears her uniform blouse open and begins to suck on her hard nipples as she rocks herself on the nightstick. As she moves, she can feel the back of Anya's hand brush her clit as it pushes the flashlight in and out of the woman's ass.

The 3 women are all moaning loudly and soon Amy's voice can be heard as she yells, "Fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my ass! Make me cum!!!"

Then she resumes licking and nibbling on Kate's pussy, her tongue sliding all over the hot flesh. Pushing her tongue into the civil servant, Amy feels her tighten and then hears her scream as Kate climaxes on the younger woman's face.

As Amy swallows Kate's cum, her body convulses as she explodes from the double penetration.

Faith bites Anya's nipple hard as she orgasms on her nightstick's grip and falls forward onto her partner.

Anya, always turned on and ready for sex, groans loudly as she brings herself off.

The 2 cops step back. Kate crawls around the woman who had just licked her pussy and the 3 look at the housewife with the nightstick and the small flashlight sticking out of her nether holes.

Faith takes the stick and Anya the flashlight and they pull the toys free at the same time, causing Amy to groan loudly.

Removing the cuffs, Faith says, "Consider this a warning. Rather than harassing your neighbors, maybe you should just join in."

Anya smiles, pats Amy's bare ass and adds, "It's a lot more fun."

Kate simply nods.

Amy, slumped on the floor in front of her couch, watches mutely, but with a smile on her face, as the 3 women adjust their clothes and leave the house.


Scene 7 (Aunt Billie, Miz French, Cissy, Buffy, Jodie, Amy; Lee, and Lilly)

Billie sits at her desk, Lilly standing on 1 side of her, Lee on the other side. Billie wears a short, silk robe over nothing. Lilly and Lee are both wearing more professional attire but showing a lot of leg and some lovely cleavage. Off to the side, the 3 girls are all sitting on a sofa, each wearing a red, white or blue string bikini.

In front of the desk, an obviously embarrassed Amy stands, trying desperately not to stare at the 3 women's cleavage. She turns red as she looks off to the side, knowing she's been discovered. Of course, her eyes lock on the teen girls' near nudity. After a long moment, she forces her eyes down to the lush carpet.

Billie takes pity on the young woman. "Girls, would you please wait out by the pool?"

The 3 sisters walk out of the office, stepping between Billie's desk and their embarrassed guest. Each gives her ass a little shake as they pass.

Clearing her throat nervously, Amy says, "I ... I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am. I ... I had no right to ... call the authorities."

"Yes, that could have been a problem. Fortunately, our local law enforcement people are quite reasonable," Billie says, not quite accepting the apology. "If I may, our homes aren't that close to each other. How did you even see what we were doing?"

Amy clears her throat. She is clearly more uncomfortable now than she was earlier. "I ... uh, that is ... I have a telescope that I ... that I use to look out at the stars or at ships offshore."

"Or at neighbors having fun?" Miz French says with a wicked grin.

"Gillian, please," Billie quietly chastises her woman.

Even so, Amy turns red.

Billie stands and comes around the desk. "I will be willing to overlook your voyeurism and your ... decision to call the authorities rather than coming to me."

"Thank you," Amy says in a relieved voice as she inadvertently finds her eyes on the brunette's lovely legs.

"But," Billie continues. "That is contingent on my girls forgiving you."

Billie leads the way to the deck.

"Girls? Our neighbor, Amy, is here to apologize for the incident earlier."

The 3 sisters are near the pool. Cissy is now topless, her flawless breasts proudly thrust out. Buffy is beautifully naked, her body a work of art. And Jodi has dropped the small bikini bottom - little more than a patch of fabric - and stood with her legs slightly spread. There was ample evidence of the girls' arousal from the shiny wetness between the legs of the bottomless sister to the sheen around the mound of the nude sister to the dark wetness of the bikini bottom the topless sister still wore.

Amy is now openly staring at the nubile trio as are Lee and Lilly. Even Miz French and her lover /employer are staring unabashedly at the nubile threesome.

After a long moment, Amy says, "Yes, I'm ... terribly sorry. I didn't mean to do any harm. I thought I was helping."

Cissy, who has removed her bottom, comes forward, no trace of discomfort at this near stranger gazing at her nude body. "Maybe you were just lonely ..."

Jodie, now as naked as her sisters, and Buffy move forward and the 3 girls surround Amy.

"I think we can help with that," Buffy suggests.

"Oh yes," Jodie agrees eagerly.

Cissy gently cradles Amy's face and says, "Apology accepted ..."

As Cissy kisses her neighbor, Buffy adds, "... providing you're willing ..."

Buffy then gently turns Amy's face towards her and kisses Amy as Jodie concludes, "... to provide adequate compensation."

Jodie then kisses the woman.

Cissy again kisses Amy, her tongue slipping into the woman's mouth. Amy's eyes close as she thrills to the kiss. Then Buffy kisses her deeply followed by Jodie.

As each girl kisses Amy in their own little rotation, they remove an article of clothing. Soon, Amy is as naked as the girls around her.

"Come," Cissy says as she leads their new playmate to 1 of the chaise lounges. She sits with her sisters on each side. She indicates Amy is to kneel before them. "Now, lick, please."

As Amy begins to lick Cissy, then Buffy and Jodie, Billie smiles, "Such polite girls, so willing to share ..."

Her friends agree as they watch Amy's head bob back and forth between the 3 teen pussies before her.

"Gillian..." Billie whispers to Miz French.

Totally enthralled by the sexy tableau, Miz French hesitates then says, "Uh, yeah? I mean, yes ma'am?" She glances at her mistress then quickly nods, "Oh yes ma'am!"

Kneeling before Billie, she lifts the short robe to see her boss' wet pussy. "Mmmm ..." she moans as she begins to lick.

"I love your maid, Billie," Lilly states.

"She's far more than just a maid," Billie replies, her breathing deepening. "I think you owe her an apology."

Lilly smiles as she kneels behind Miz French. "I'm so sorry, Miz French. What can I do to make amends?"

With 1 hand, Miz French pulls up her short skirt, exposing her sweet, round ass. Lilly plants several kisses on each cheek then on the tiny rosebud hidden between them. Soft kisses become wet, lingering licks as the lawyer begins to suck on the redhead's ass.

"Ooo, that looks like fun," Lee says. "May I?"

Billie nods, "Of course, my dear."

In seconds Lee is licking her employer's lovely, tight ass.

As the 2 women lick her, Billie's legs begin to quake and she throws her head back, panting heavily. She grunts, "Oh ... oh ... oh ..."

While their aunt is being pleasured, Cissy says, "Amy, you are so good. Please let me lick you."

Amy pulls her head back from Buffy's pussy and smiles eagerly, "Oh, yes. I want your tongue in me."

Buffy pulls the woman's head back to her pussy, chuckling, "You aren't done apologizing to me yet." Buffy looks at Jodie. "Hey, wanna ride me?"

"Oh yeah!" Jodie replies.

Jodie sits over her sister and lowers her body down to the waiting tongue. As she feels her sister's tongue tip, she lifts her body, then back down and up again. She does this several times until Buffy releases Amy's head, which stays happily where it is between her legs, and pulls her sister's pussy down to her mouth.

While her younger sisters are so occupied, Buffy crawls up behind Amy and parts the young woman's ass. "Such a pretty pussy and asshole," she observes before taking several long licks from the top of Amy's pussy, grazing her already extended clit, to her asshole and back again.

Cissy looks over the rise of Amy's ass to watch Buffy lapping away as Jodie's pussy while Jodie leans back, her eyes closed and her hands massaging her pert breasts. Amy is happily gazing at this as well over Buffy's little pubic patch.

Billie opens her eyes to see her new charges and her new friend enjoying each other. Reluctantly, she pushes her lovers away. "I ... I can ... barely stand." She pauses while pulling off her blouse, "Let's go by the girls," she suggests.

Dropping her short robe, Billie walks over to the chaise. As she sits, she leans over and kisses Jodie deeply. Then she lays back, saying, "Gillian, please sit on my face."

Divesting herself of her rumpled French maid outfit, the redhead quickly climbs above her lady and plants her fiery red pussy on Billie's eager mouth as Billie's tongue comes out to stroke the swollen labia. Lee watches for a minute then straddles her boss and lover to kiss and nip the redhead's round ass.

Kneeling before this tableau, Lilly takes this opportunity to begin to lick her employer and Lee whose delectable pussy is hovering just over Billie's

Lee's tongue comes out and begins to lap at Miz French's sweet asshole, the tip pressing in then swabbing around the tight ring. Soon she has to begin to rock her head back and forth, pushing her tongue deeper into the redhead's anus. This as a result of Miz French's hips beginning to move in response to the delicious thrills from her woman's tongue as Billie tongue-fucks her favorite employee's delicious pussy.

Next to the older foursome, the girls have rearranged themselves again. Amy is now laying on her back while Jodi is the recipient of Amy's diligent tonguing. Now she happily sits the face of her new friend, the other woman's tongue swirling inside her pussy.

Cissy smiles as Buffy kneels next to her. They share a deep, loving kiss.

"Can I have her ass, sis?" Buffy asks.

"Of course," Cissy agrees as she moves slightly to allow her sister to crawl under her.

Buffy pushes her face between the tight, round cheeks of her neighbor's ass as her sister probes the delights within Amy's netherlips. Soon the sisters are locked in a rhythm. As Buffy pushes her tongue into the brunette's ass, Cissy slips hers out to caress the outer labia. Then Cissy thrusts back into the woman as Buffy pulls her tongue out and rims the tight rosebud.

Cissy can feel her sister's body moving beneath her, the younger girl's hard nipples caressing her own hard nipples and the girl's sweet cunt rubbing her pussy. She reaches back between their legs to caress Buffy's heated lips.

All the while, Amy's tongue is busy thrusting and caressing the teen sitting on her face. She is desperate to make amends and wants to please this young woman before Jodi's sisters bring her to orgasm.

Her skills are more than adequate as Jodi squeals, crushing her tits in her hands and rocking rapidly as she climaxes. She slides off and lays next to Amy, panting. Amy kisses her, letting Jodi taste her essence. In the midst of that kiss, Amy begins to climax.

Feeling the quiver in her labia, Cissy ignores their tandem pleasuring and thrusts her tongue deep into Amy's pussy. Buffy, likewise, shoves her tongue deep into Amy's ass, feeling her sphincter tightening around her. When Amy's climax is at it's peak, her nectar coats Cissy's lips and tongue, the overflow dribbling down to Buffy's face and into her hair.

Less than a second later, Buffy comes from her sister's fingers, rising up against her sister which sets off Cissy who climaxes all over Buffy's ass.

Lilah also feels Lee's climax as she tongues the young brunette more rapidly. The woman squeals into Miz French's ass as she comes, falling to the side. Lilah takes the opportunity to devote herself to Billie, licking the woman energetically.

Billie screams her own orgasm into Gillian's delectable depths as she comes on her attorney's lips and tongue.

Lee's squealing followed seconds later by Billie's scream sets up a wonderful vibration in Gillian's pussy and ass. She explodes onto her loving boss' face, drenching Billie in her sweet, tangy cum.

Billie, her body still ravaged by the force of her own orgasm, feels it peak again as her friend, lover and confidante floods her mouth and face. She swallows as much of that sweet fluid as she can.

Gillian French, blindly mindful of Lee's body on 1 side, falls to the other side of her loving employer. They gaze at each other, the redhead still red-faced from the force of her climax and the brunette with her face covered in girlcum, her hair wet with Gillian's essence.

Billie leans over and kisses Gillian, her tongue sliding gently and sweetly into the other's mouth.

Lilah helps Lee stand, kissing her softly. The sisters also rise and help their new playmate to her feet.

Jodi yells, "Pool party!"

The 3 sisters pick up a giggling Amy and toss her into the pool. Hand in hand, Lee and Lilah jump in beside her as the girls converge on Miz French. Hoisting the nearly- limp redhead, they toss her into the pool.

The 3 girls then walk to their aunt. Billie holds up a restraining hand. "First things first."

She leans over and kisses Jodi, her cum-wet strands brushing the young brunette's cheeks. Then she kisses Buffy, their wet tresses mixing as their tongues probe each other. And lastly, but certainly not least, she gently holds Cissy's face as she kisses the older sister passionately.

Then she allows her new family to lift her and toss her into the pool, the sisters following close behind until all eight oversexed beauties were frolicking in the pool under the Malibu sun.


Even with their energies spent by the dress rehearsal, the cast, now including Kate, Faith and Anya, spent the next hour in the pool. Play alternated with sexual antics as the eleven pornstars enjoyed themselves and each other.

They all lay on the deck, recovering from all the wonderful sex, when Lilah stands and stretches, "I think it's time to go. Anyone need a lift?"

As the girls all prepared to leave for their various homes, Willow smirks, "I can't wait for the wrap party!"

"Can it beat this?" Amy asked.

Fred smiles evilly, "You have no idea..."

Later, after their guests had left, Cordy, Buffy and Dawn lay on towels spread on the deck, watching the sun set in the Pacific.

"That was great!" Cordelia declared. "You guys are the best!"

"Well, we have a great inspiration," Buffy declared, crawling over to kiss her lover.

"And a sexy, sexy coach," Dawn added as she joined her sister and her lover in a series of slow, loving kisses.


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