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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Watcher's Duty Part 6
by MTL ([email protected])

Dawn Summers was buzzing with excitement. When she got home she found her big sister waiting naked on her knees with her head lowered, which would never not be exciting, but then when Dawn gave her permission to speak Buffy revealed a message from their mother, namely that Dawn would receive a special treat tonight as soon as she'd done her homework. So of course Dawn had rush to do just that. Well, obviously she needed to spank Buffy's Slayer butt bright red then feed her big sister her cum, but those were just normal sisterly duties for the sister of a Slayer, especially one who wanted to be a Watcher like her mother. And it honestly did help her concentrate to have Buffy giving her a nice long rim job.

At least it normally did. Tonight though Dawn couldn't stop thinking about what her special treat might be. Another woman, perhaps? Her Mom had hinted that might be fun, especially if they went to town and picked up some slutty little bottom and then used her together. That could be fun. Because Buffy was an awesome piece of ass, but that's all she was to Dawn. A piece of ass. Well, that and her sister who she loved very much, but mostly Buffy was a fuck hole on legs Dawn loved using for her pleasure. Of course there were other interesting possibilities, like a new toy or a outfit for Buffy to wear. Then there was a possibility that tonight would be the night she would finally get to strap-on fuck her sister. And why not? Her grades had improved no end. Who cares if she didn't quite get an A?

Finally Dawn heard the tell-tale signs of the front door being unlocked, someone casually stepping inside, locking it behind them and then walking upstairs to the brunette's room, her Mom greeting her as she entered, "Hi Dawnie."

"Hi Mom." Dawn beamed, "Good day at work?"

"The usual." Joyce said dismissively, walking over to the bed and clearly admiring Dawn's handiwork.

The Summers sisters were in Dawn's favourite position for doing homework in, with both of them laying flat on their stomachs on her bed with Dawn's pants and panties lower down just enough so Buffy could bury her face in her little sister's butt. It was perfect for Dawn to get her homework done while not neglecting Buffy's training, and again, it was weird, but a nice thorough rim job from her big sister really did help Dawn concentrate on her work. Mostly because it felt really good, but not as good as what she could make Buffy do to her later. Also it was a small mercy, allowing Buffy's butt a chance to relax before likely receiving further spankings. Although at times like this Dawn worried it backfired as she worried that her Mom thought she was taking it easy on the slutty Slayer.

At times like this Dawn was compelled to protest, "It's not my fault, it's her damn Slayer healing! I swear, that butt was bright red an hour ago."

"Dawn, Buffy's butt is the perfect little shade of pink which tells me this Slayer bitch has been put in her place. Even if I couldn't see that you've got this shameless slut so lost in eating your ass she's barely acknowledged my presence. God Dawnie, I'm so proud of you." Joyce beamed at her youngest daughter, "You're turning into such a great top. Which I know shouldn't be surprising, because you were always a naturally dominant young woman, but still you have exceeded my expectations. I have no doubt you'll be an amazing Watcher someday. And not just because you're getting so good taking control of a submissive slut and beating her ass, but with your instincts and observational skills, which are apparently so sharp they realised something that neither myself or Buffy could, and I will be forever grateful for that. Which is why I want to give you a special reward."

"Cool." Dawn pushed, trying to hide the fact that she was embarrassed by the flattery by cheekily asking, "Does that mean I finally get to fuck Buffy's ass?"

"Close..." Joyce grinned, before quickly confirming, "I'm letting you fuck her pussy."

"Really?" Dawn beamed.

"Really." Joyce confirmed, "In fact, from now on I want you to think of Buffy's cunt as your fuck hole. Yours to use however, and whenever, you want. As long as I'm not using it of course. And as long as you don't take her ass without permission. Other than that, your big sister's pussy is yours to fuck, and we're going to celebrate that fact by giving this little bitch her first ever DP."

"Really!" Dawn parroted redundantly, before quickly getting up, rushing over to her mother and embracing her in a nice big hug, "Oh my God Mom, thank you, thank you, thank you! You're the best!"

"You're welcome sweetie." Joyce smiled, enjoying the hug for a few long minutes before adding, "There is just one condition..."

"Name it." Dawn said brightly without breaking the hug.

"Well..." Joyce said, gently stroking Dawn's hair, "As badly as your sister needs discipline she also needs at least the occasional reminder of how much we love her. Thanks to you I got to remind her of that last night, and tonight, before we both slide our cocks deep inside her and fuck her together, I want you to go down on her. Mmmmm, I want the first pussy you taste to belong to your big sister, as a sign of how much you love the bitch you are about to own."

Pulling her face out of her mother's chest Dawn turned her over half to look over at her big sister lustfully, "Gladly... Buffy, get on your back and spread your legs. I'm having an early dinner tonight."

Instead of rolling her eyes at the truly bad pun Buffy immediately did as she was told, giving Dawn a really good look at the unsurprisingly wet little snatch. Dawn then licked her lips and slowly advanced on her pray. She was nervous, because of course she was, anyone would be during a first time, but after all those times of having Buffy eating her out, and watching her sister go to town on her mother's cunt, Dawn felt as confident as she could be that she had this. Besides, Buffy was such a slut it would probably be easy to make her cum. Their mother certainly never seemed to have a problem, Dawn determined to make that wonderful woman even more proud of her then she already was.

Joyce watched with delight as Dawn lean down to press her lips against the inside of Buffy's right leg. She then slowly worked her way upwards, slowing her pace even more the closer she got to her big sister's pussy, Dawn paying special attention to the inside of Buffy's thigh before lingering over her ultimate target, only to switch over to the left leg and repeat the performance. That sudden bait and switch had Buffy letting out the cutest little groan of frustration, which made Joyce grin just as much as Dawn's ingenious teasing. Although not as much as the proud mother grinned at what happened next, which was even better.

"Do you want it?" Dawn asked teasingly once her mouth was hovering over her older sister's cunt again.

"Yes." Buffy squeaked.

"What do you want?" Dawn pushed firmly, "Say it!"

"I, I want you to eat me." Buffy blushed, but quickly got into it, "I want you to eat my pussy Dawnie. Mmmmm, I want my little sister to eat my pussy. Please Dawn, lick my little dyke cunt. Return the favour from all those times I ate your yummy little pussy, mmmmm, and sweet little butt hole. Please just do it. Show me just how much you love me. Please Dawnie, oooooooh Gooooddddd yessssss, mmmmm fuck!"

While both the tops would have enjoyed listening to the slutty little bottom beg for a bit longer Joyce certainly didn't complain about Dawn lowering her head and getting her first taste of pussy. Proving the apple didn't fall far from the tree Dawn moaned softly as that sweet flavour hit her taste-buds for the first time, Joyce moving slightly so she could get the best possible look at it. Also she could hear it better by getting nice and close to Dawn's face, and Buffy's pussy, because the cry of pleasure her eldest daughter let out almost drowned out the sound of delight from her youngest daughter's mouth, so the extra bit of effort was worth it.

"That's it Dawnie, nice and slow. Tease the little bitch before you make her cum. Yessssss, lick up that cunt cream just like that. No, be careful not to touch her clit too much. We don't want her overstimulated, at least not yet." Joyce gently encouraged as she reached out and began gently stroking Dawn's long brunette locks.

This prompted Dawn to look over at her for further approval and Joyce happily gave it, the two dominant members of the Summers family staring at each other lovingly while the submissive slut of the family continued moaning happily like the shameless lesbian whore she had become. Or maybe always had been. Either way it was a moment in time that no doubt all three of them wished they could stay in forever. Then Dawn softly smiled mid-lick and then turned her full attention back to Buffy's pussy. Or maybe she was just savouring the flavour, which seemed more likely given the way Dawn closed her eyes. Again Joyce didn't really mind, as she was lost in the moment.

After stroking that pretty hair for a little longer Joyce lent forward, pressed a gentle kiss to the side of Dawn's head, and then crawled up Buffy's body until they were practically face to face. Buffy smiled bashfully and Joyce reached out with one hand so she could begin gently stroking her daughter's cheek, and then while briefly glancing down to where her other daughter was happily licking pussy she thought the same thing she had been thinking when she got an up-close look at Dawn's work, namely how did she get so lucky? Because sure, this wasn't the traditional relationship mothers had with their daughters, and it had started as just a part of her duties as Buffy's Watcher, but now it was so much more, which she hopefully made clear by leaning forward and kissing the girl she loved.

Buffy had been more or less asking the same thing, because while on some level she still knew all this was wrong she knew that she could never get enough of it. That she needed Dawn, and especially her Mom, to fuck her like the lesbian slut she was. And while hard and rough was by far her preference Buffy felt she could get used to this more gentle, loving forbidden sex. It even felt like love making, in the same way it had with her mother last night, a memory Buffy would treasure forever. Of course, while it felt right last night when it just the two of them it felt even more right now that Dawn would be added to the equation, and even as their mother kissed Buffy her little sister refused to be forgotten during this latest twisted sex session.

Sure enough as soon as the kiss began Dawn increased the force of her licks and began hitting Buffy's clit with almost every stroke of her tongue. When it was clear that the kiss between mother and daughter wasn't going to be brief Dawn pushed things even further, first by beginning to linger on the Slayer's clit during each lick, and then when their mother pushed her tongue into Buffy's mouth Dawn began just concentrating on that little bundle of nerves, relentlessly lapping at it before taking it into her mouth and sucking on it. She slowed things down rapidly when their Mom broke the kiss, but then picked things up again when the kiss resumed.

For a while that wonderful process continued, and then after breaking their latest kiss the older blonde asked the younger one, "So Buffy, are you ready to cum?"

"Yes Mom." Buffy moaned, "I'm soooooo ready."

"Well then asked nicely for it." Joyce smiled.

"Please Mom, please may I cum? Please aaaaahhhhhh!" Buffy cried out as her mother cut her off by roughly pinching her nipples.

"Not me, Dawnie!" Joyce scolded crossly, "Beg your baby sister to make you cum!"

Wasting no time Buffy whimpered, "Please Dawnie, please make me cum. I want my baby sister to make me cum! Ooooooooh, you're making me feel so good, soooooooo gooooooddddddd! Mmmmmm, but I want more. I need more! Please Dawn, give it to me. Fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue, ohhhhhhhh, fuck me just like I fuck you! Oh yeah, I want my kid sister to tongue fuck my little twat just like I tongue fuck hers. Mmmmmmm, fuck! I want you to make me cum Dawnie. I wanna cum for you. I wanna cum in your hot little mouth, mmmmmm, and all over your pretty little teenaged face, aaaaahhhhhh shit, please Dawn, I need to cum! I need to cum for my little sister. Just oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss! Oh Dawn! Oh fuck! Oh my God, fuck me Dawnie, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeee!"

During Buffy's begging Dawn slid her tongue down to tease the entrance to her big sister's pussy, lingering there for a few long seconds before going back to the cunt lapping. She repeated this enough times that it took Buffy off-guard when she finally slammed her tongue as deep into her as it would go, causing Buffy to cry out and momentarily forget what she was supposed to be doing. Then Dawn paused with her tongue buried inside her, giving Buffy the chance to compose herself, and even when her little sister started to tongue fuck her Buffy felt she did a pretty good job of continuing to beg like a good little slut. Especially as her Mom started going back and forth between kissing, licking and sucking her neck and tits.

Of course Buffy became increasingly incoherent the closer she got to her inevitable orgasm, and thankfully her Mom and sister didn't stop fucking her when she did eventually cum. Especially as that was a moment she came, every sensitive area on her body on fire thanks to the fact that Dawn started playing with the butt-plug their mother had shoved up Buffy's tight little Slayer ass as soon as she got home, both to make this part of the evening, and the next part, easier on them all. Her tits, pussy and ass were continuously assaulted for the next few minutes, which felt like hours, pushing Buffy through the kind of multiple orgasms which would have rendered a non-Slayer unconscious.

Dawn had been tasting her own cum and pussy cream on her big sister's lips and tongue a lot lately so she thought she knew she was going to like tasting Buffy, but wow, she really had no idea. Especially as her cum was like liquid heaven, and suddenly it made so much more sense that her once proud sister had allowed herself to become a total dyke slut. Even as a proud top Dawn knew she couldn't get enough Buffy honey, eagerly licking up the first and desperately swallowing the second. Although all Dawn really had to do was quickly pull out her tongue into her mouth over Buffy's entrance, then that wonderful liquid pretty much shot straight into her mouth, down her throat and into her belly were it belonged.

As soon as Buffy's first climax was over Dawn immediately crave more of that yummy cum. Luckily it didn't take much to get more, just a couple more tongue thrusts, and like before grabbing hold of the handle of Buffy's butt-plug and pulling it back just enough to begin to stretch her big sister's anal ring before shoving it back in. Then Dawn received another mouthful of girl cum, the majority of it ending up in her belly while a noticeable amount ended up on her face. Which really annoyed her. She wasn't some lesbian slut like Buffy. She didn't want to be marked in cum, she just wanted to swallow it. She wanted to swallow every last drop of it, and Dawn quickly became more determined than ever to get it.

Unfortunately there seemed to be just so much more liquid, and Buffy was thrashing around so much beneath her, and no matter how much she tried Dawn just couldn't remove her tongue in time. She tried slowing down her thrusts, and giving up on playing with Buffy's ass, but that was no fun. Especially as technically she was cheating and actually getting to fuck her big sister's butt without getting the grades for it, Dawn not only being unable to keep her hands off the butt-plug but she began pulling it even further out, constantly keeping sure that Buffy's ass was stretched. She even ended up pulling it all the way out and shoving it all the way back in, which of course just made the little slut cum harder and faster.

Deciding to take pride in that Dawn gave up on swallowing everything Buffy had to give and concentrated on making her big sister cum as hard as she could. That involved giving her tongue a break and replacing it with a couple of fingers while wrapping her mouth around Buffy's clit, which really succeeded in making her sibling scream. Of course she didn't want to render her unconscious, not before having the opportunity to get some herself, so eventually Dawn stopped and crawled her way up Buffy's body, her mother smiling and moving out the way without the words so that her little girls could passionately kiss and the brunette could feed the blonde her cum for a change.

Shortly after Dawn had started making Buffy cum Joyce had moved back, partly to admire the sight of one daughter making the other cum, but mostly to retrieve a little gift for her youngest, and then call out, "Dawnie, I have a surprise for you."

Breaking the kiss Dawn looked over her shoulder, and then her face lit up, "Oh Mom! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"That's okay." Joyce beamed, stumbling back a little bit when Dawn jumped into her arms for a hug, "Just promise me something..."

"Anything." Dawn quickly agreed, especially as she had an idea what it was.

Waiting until Dawn pulled back to look her in the eye Joyce then told her, "Slam fuck our slut's holes."

"Holes? Does that mean I get her ass too." Dawn cheekily asked.

"Nice try." Joyce laughed, rolling her eyes, before clarifying, "I meant her mouth. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, before we DP this walking fuck hole I think we should spit roast her. That way you can learn the joys of having your big sister giving you a blow job. Then, when Buffy has made your big dick nice and sloppy wet for you, you can pound that little cunt of hers, and her throat. Or the other way round. Your choice."

"Ooooooh, that sounds awesome." Dawn grinned, before turning her attention to her big sister, "What do you think Buffy? Do you want me to fuck your pretty mouth like a cunt?"

"Oh yes please Dawn." Buffy pleaded eagerly, "Slam fuck my little throat! Fuck my face, pound my pussy, treat me like your personal lesbian whore! Mmmmm, please Mommy, sis, spit roast me! DP me! Just fuck me like the little dyke slut I am."

"Well, I'm convinced." Joyce grinned, holding out the harness for Dawn to step into. Then she got a better idea, "Buffy, get over here and strap Dawn's cock to her, and then start blowing her."

"Yes Mom." Buffy replied eagerly.

Buffy would have liked the make out session to last a bit longer, but she certainly wasn't going to complain. Not when she was about to be fucked, and certainly not when her watcher gave her a direct order. So she scurried down to the edge of the bed in front of where Dawn was now standing, just off of it, took the harness from their mother and then held it out so that her little sister could step into it. Then Buffy slowly pulled it up Dawn's thighs, tightened it around her sister's waist, and then took the shaft into her hand before gently stroking it like it was real. Buffy then grinned up at Dawn, who eagerly grinned back and then while the sisters continued looking at each other the older one wrapped her lips around the younger one's cock and then started immediately bobbing her mouth up and down on it.

At first Buffy only slid her mouth back and forth on the first half of the dildo, meaning that at most the tip of the cock was pressing against the entrance to her throat but going no further. Then she finally tore her eyes away from her sister's grinning face, closed her eyes and then concentrated on pushing her head down even further, inch after inch of dick gradually entering her windpipe until she was deep throating the entire length of Dawn's strap-on like the well-trained cock sucker she was. She was rewarded for her work, first by Dawn stroking her hair, then with some verbal encouragement, and then finally and best of all some pussy penetration.

"Ohhhhhh yessssss, that's it Buffy, suck my cock." Dawn eagerly encouraged, "Mmmmm, suck it sis! Suck it like the nasty little cock sucker you are! Oh yeah, take it deep! Deep down your throat, oh fuck yeah! Yeahhhhhhh, make it nice and sloppy wet so I can pound your little cunt! Oh Mom, is it spit roasting time?"

"Yes honey, it is." Joyce agreed, although she didn't look at Dawn as she was too busy staring at her target as she spat onto her hand and then rubbed it into her dick, before murmuring mostly to herself, "Look at that wet little pussy. Mmmmm, this little slut doesn't need any more lube than this. Oooooh yes, right into your little cunt Buffy! This cock slides right into your whore hole, and now I'm going to fuck it."

As she spoke the older blonde pushed her strap-on cock into the younger blonde's pussy, Buffy moaning happily around her sister's cock while her Mom's cock slowly invaded her cunt. She was a little sore and sensitive after the assault she'd just received from Dawn, but Buffy's pussy was also wet and horny, and eagerly accepted her mother's entire length in what felt like seconds, meaning that all of a sudden she was taking it in both ends. Which was wonderful, although Buffy no longer wanted to be in control of one of them. Luckily she wasn't for much longer, although it was a little surprising that Dawn ended up needing a bit of prompting.

"What are you waiting for?" Joyce gently pushed her youngest, "Fuck that slut's mouth."

"Sorry Mom, I got distracted." Dawn blushed apologetically, before turning her attention back to her big sister, "Take it sis! Take it down your throat! Fuck yeah, every inch! Mmmmm, every inch down your whore throat. Oooooooh fuck! Take it!

She probably said a lot more, Dawn normally did, but honestly Buffy was just concentrating on relaxing her throat muscles as her little sister moved round her hand to the back of her head, tightened her grip and began pumping her hips back and forth. To be fair the face fucking started out reasonably soft and gentle, but predictably it didn't take long for Dawn to get completely into it, slowly but surely building up her pace until her thighs were slamming into Buffy's face so hard it would almost certainly cause a bruise, which might have been more embarrassing if it wasn't for Slayer healing, just as the throat fucking itself might be more damaging if it wasn't for the saving grace of her being a Slayer. Which was really impressive, considering this was Dawn's first time treating Buffy's mouth like a cunt. Hell, it was almost enough to distract Buffy from what wonderful things her mother did next.

Joyce licked her lips as she pulled apart Buffy's ass cheeks, grabbed hold of the butt-plug and began sliding it in and out of her favourite fuck hole. Partly to make sure Buffy was nice and ready for the anal penetration, but mostly because she just loved playing with that hot little butt hole. Besides, this was an excellent chance for Dawnie to practice her throat fucking skills, and Dawn making her so proud as she expertly dominated her big sister and used her mouth like a cheap whore's pussy, pounding it hard and deep and making the Slayer squirm. Plus Joyce was in a good mood, and filled with love for her eldest daughter, so she allowed Buffy the privilege of having her pussy pumped for a little longer.

Of course there was only so long Joyce could resist shoving her cock up her oldest daughter's ass, and it was not long before she pulled the butt-plug out completely and replaced it with her strap-on. Normally she would do this slowly, but Joyce wanted to try and avoid getting carried away with her lust for Buffy's butt when Dawn was being such a good girl and waiting patiently for her chance to strap-on fuck her big sister's pussy. So instead Joyce roughly rammed at least half of the dildo straight into her daughter's rectum, causing Buffy to let out a loud cry of surprise, pleasure and pain. Because she was the Slayer it was mostly the first two, and that continued to be the case as pretty quickly Joyce buried the full length of her cock into Buffy's butt.

She was a little more slow and gentle with the thrusting after that first hard shove, especially while stuffing Buffy's shit pipe as they quickly went past the area the butt-plug had loosened up. However Joyce knew better than anyone just how much a Slayer could take, and just what a complete and total ass whore her eldest daughter was, so she wasn't too slow and gentle, and she certainly didn't feel guilty about it. Especially as she didn't come anywhere close to the brutal thrusting Dawn was giving Buffy's throat. Mostly because Buffy wouldn't like that too much, but despite her happiness Joyce was worried that Dawn would wear herself out before they got to DP Buffy properly.

So after she'd had plenty of time to have her fun Joyce told her youngest, "Okay Dawnie, that's enough. Spit roasting is fun, but trust me, DP'ing a hot little slut is even more fun, and it's high time we share Buffy in that way."

"Hell yeah it is!" Dawn happily agreed, pulling out of Buffy's throat and then with her saliva dripping dildo bouncing slightly she asked, "So, how are we going to do this?"

In response Joyce just smiled happily, gave Buffy an extra hard thrust which buried every inch of her dick in her daughter's bowels, and then leaned down so that her full breasts were pressed against Buffy's back. She then gave her baby girl's neck a few quick kisses and a lick before slowly pulling her backwards, sitting down with Buffy on her lap and her cock still buried in her eldest daughter's butt. She then reached round to rub Buffy's pussy, making the younger blonde moan happily while the brunette watched them with pure lust in her eyes. Then Joyce pulled apart Buffy's lips to expose her eager little hole, making Dawn look like she was about to drool.

"Look at it Dawn. Look at your big sister's pussy. See how open it is for you? How wet? How needy? It wants you Dawn. Buffy wants you. Your big sister's tight little pussy once you to ram it hard and deep, while she's impaled on a big dick." Joyce teased lustfully, then when the brunette stepped forward she quickly stopped her, "No Dawn. Not yet. Let Buffy ride me first. That way when it's time for you to join you won't be nervous, you'll just want to pound fuck the hell out of your sister's pussy."

Dawn wanted to do that right now. She didn't feel at all nervous, just overwhelmingly horny and aching to pound Buffy's pussy. She even thought Buffy wanted her to, given the look in her eye. And more importantly how her pussy looked. But there was definitely something to be said for watching her big sister beginning to bounce up and down on the cock strapped around the waist of their mother, especially given the adorable whimpers and cries of pure pleasure she let out, making Dawn want to fuck her sister even more. So she tried, she really did, but Dawn quickly became impatient, especially as even when her Mom moved her hand away from Buffy's cunt it was still right in front of her, practically begging for her attention.

"Can I fuck her now? Please?" Dawn whined, "You promised!"

"I suppose." Joyce said dryly, "Just promise me one thing honey?"

"What Mom?" Dawn grinned, again having an idea where this was going.

"That you won't take it easy on her." Joyce smiled wickedly, "Buffy's the Slayer. She needs this."

"Oh don't worry Mommy, I won't." Dawn smiled, taking her place in front of Buffy and then grabbing a handful of blonde hair roughly and growling in her big sister's face, "Cause that's not what you want, is it big sis?"

"No Dawnie." Buffy whimpered and shook her head as much as she could.

"No it isn't." Dawn taunted, "And what do you want?"

"I want you to fuck me Dawnie." Buffy whimpered, telling her sibling what she wanted to hear, which just so happened to be the truth, "I want my little sister to fuck me! Mmmmmm, I want my little sister to fuck me while our Mom fucks me up the ass! Oh God, I want my pussy and butt fucked at the same time by my Mommy and baby sister! I wanna be DP'ed! DP me Dawnie! Please, I-"

Cutting off her sister with a rough kiss Dawn began sliding her cock up and down Buffy's slit, teasing her even more and making the poor blonde whimper. She then broke the kiss and then just stared at her for a few long seconds, then when Buffy opened her mouth to hesitantly start begging again that was when Dawn thrusted forward with all her strength, burying at least half of the dildo into her big sister's cunt in one go. This of course caused Buffy to let out an extra loud cry of pure pleasure, and then again Dawn delivered a couple more hard thrusts, burying the full length of her cock into her big sister's pussy before Dawn stop for a few long seconds, savouring the moment and grinning like a mad fool as she did so, just like after the first initial thrust.

Dawn then yanked roughly on Buffy's hair and growled in her face, "Look at me! Look at me while I fuck you!"

Before this her grip was loose, allowing Buffy to lean her head back to let out some cries, whimpers and moans, particularly after Dawn embedded her full length inside her sibling. Which was enjoyable, and Dawn considered just letting Buffy stay that way. But no, after waiting for this for so long Dawn didn't want there to be any doubt who she was fucking. And she didn't want Buffy to have any doubt either. No, she wanted the Summers sisters staring at each other as the younger one took the older one the way a man takes his bride on their wedding night, minus the mother taking the bride's ass at the same time of course. And she got it.

Even though this caused Buffy to let out a pathetic cry the Slayer didn't resist, quickly staring into Dawn's eyes and keeping them open throughout the next few minutes, and for most of the DP in general. When Buffy's climaxes inevitably came Dawn couldn't blame Buffy for losing control, and there was more than a few times that Dawn just couldn't resist shoving her tongue roughly into her big sister's mouth just to make this whole experience that much more nasty. But mostly Dawn just stared lustfully, and even lovingly, at Buffy while fulfilling one of her favourite fantasies, something she got plenty of time to enjoy as she settled into a slow gentle pumping while her sister writhed in pleasure in front of her.

Buffy found it quite hard to continue looking at Dawn while she was being fucked. It just felt so good, which was always the case when her pussy was being pumped with a big dildo, but this was truly special as it was not only her little sister doing this to her butt with every thrust Dawn was impaling her on their mother's dick. As their Mom was being completely still at the moment, although Buffy expected that would soon change, for now it meant that Dawn was doing all the work, and that her baby sister was fucking her pussy and ass at the same time, which was an overwhelming feeling and thought which fried her brain with pure ecstasy.

The reality was even better, because it was her sister and their Mom fucking her pussy and ass, arguably truly sharing her for the very first time in this wonderful double penetration. Which was something Buffy was embarrassed to admit she had fantasised about before becoming the Slayer, but afterwards it was a regular occurrence, especially with these two dominant women being the ones to share her body and take her most intimate holes. Oh yes, everything else, very much including the spit roasting, had been truly amazing, but this, this was in a whole league of its own to the point where Buffy couldn't actually describe it, and for a long time she was overwhelmed with pleasure and just fighting to stare back at Dawn, or kiss her back as the case was a few times.

Suddenly her Mom gave a sharp thrust up into her butt at the same time Dawn was thrusting forwards, making Buffy let out an extra loud cry. It also awoke her from her daze, Buffy whimpering as she became increasingly aware that the wonderful pleasure was beginning to become almost unbearable. Soon all she could think about was begging to be fucked harder and allowed to cum, and of course the feeling of those dildos rubbing against each other through the thin wall of skin separating her front and back passage, which only became more noticeable whenever her Mom gave a thrust up into her ass, which was something that began happening with increasing frequency.

"Harder! Fuck me harder!" Buffy whimpered when she finally broke, then continued as she looked into Dawn's eyes and desperately try to tell her and their mother whatever they wanted to hear, and of course meaning every word of it, "Ooooooooh fuck me Dawn! Fuck me Mom! Mmmmmm fuck, please? Please fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my ass Ohhhhhhh Gooooooddddddd, please fuck me! Pound my slutty little fuck holes hard and deep and make me cum! Please Dawnie, Mommy, pound your slut! Pound the family slut in her pussy and ass and make her cum! Oooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, make her cum like the little DP whore she is! That I am! Ohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddd Dawn, slam my cunt! Slam it like you've always wanted too! Wreck the hole Mom fucks every night! Mmmmmm, an Mom, oooooooh, please destroy my slutty little butt hole and gape it wide open! Please, ohhhhhhhhhh, just fuck me! Fuck me harder! Yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddd, just like that Dawnie, just like that aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk Moooooooommmmmmmm!"

Finally Dawn increased the pace, and unlike their mother who normally worked up to it Dawn almost instantly started brutalising Buffy's cunt. It was clear that the younger girl was clearly getting carried away, but Buffy didn't mind. In fact she didn't mind very loudly, and Buffy even hope that her screams of pleasure and how obviously hard she came would only convince Dawn to fuck her harder, and maybe more importantly their mother to ram up again into her butt, because fuck, the climaxes which almost instantly started hitting her as Dawn pounded her pussy made Buffy berserk. Then just when she didn't think it could get any better she got her wish, and her Mom started slamming her ass hole, truly making this a double fucking.

Joyce had intended to wait until Dawn had run out of steam to start seriously pounding Buffy's ass, but she just couldn't resist. Not when Buffy was screaming, twitching and writhing on top of her, and Dawn was making her so proud by giving this slutty little Slayer exactly what she needed. Besides, she loved Dawn, and her current technique was more than acceptable with the supernaturally durable and slutty cunt of a Slayer, but it meant the littlest Summers wore herself out fairly quickly, and by choosing to start ramming Buffy's rectum when she did Joyce ensured that both mother and daughter were able to work together to give the family whore some truly powerful orgasms.

It also meant that Joyce had a little less strength when it was her turn to take over, but she not only knew how to use it, but had a few other tricks. One in particular that she knew made Buffy explode like a firework. Plus when Dawn was forced to stop from exhaustion, unsurprisingly collapsing down onto her sister's body, Joyce was more than ready to roll them over so they were arguably in the more classic DP position, with Dawn on the bottom, Joyce on top and Buffy sandwiched in the middle. Joyce then took a few long seconds to savour this precious moment, and the sight before her, before digging her fingernails into Buffy's waist and restarting the butt fucking, being the one to impale Buffy on Dawn's cock in the process.

Once she'd established a steady rhythm Joyce grabbed a handful of blonde hair, yanked it back and growled, "Take it! Take it you little slut! Mmmmmm fuck, that's it, take it in your tight little Slayer ass! Take Mommy in your butt while you're taking your kid sister in your cunt! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk Buffy! You're such a whore! Oooooooh yessssssss, a filthy little DP whore! Cum now whore! Cum on Mommy's cock! Cum on your sister's dick! Yeahhhhhhhhh, prove these little fuck holes belong to us by cumming for us like the little lesbian DP whore you are! Yesssssssss, I own you sweetie! You're mine! Mine and Dawn's! Forever! Oh God! Oh fuck! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddd yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuck!"

That was pretty much all it took to make Buffy cum again. Well, that and the anal pounding, but Joyce wasn't even fucking Buffy's butt that hard. At least not at first. Inevitably the pace was increased, but Joyce did her best to let Buffy do most of the work for as long as possible, grinning wickedly as her baby girl hammered herself up and down on those cocks. Then as if she couldn't be more proud of her Dawn found the strength to give the occasional thrust up into Buffy's pussy, mirroring what Joyce had done before and making the slutty little Slayer cum extra hard, and scream extra loudly. It wasn't long after that Joyce gave up on any sense of subtlety, and began literally trying to ruin Buffy's ass hole.

Given some of Dawn's reactions it looked like she had allowed herself to cum before now, something Joyce would have to talk to her little girl about, but the mother of two managed to hold off until that moment. It was torturous, and took every ounce of her experience to do so, but it was so worth it to make this DP extra wonderful and memorable, and her eventual climaxes that much more stronger. Joyce wasn't even sure how she powered through them, other than the fact that her love for her daughters and her overwhelming lust for Buffy's butt took over and she became relentless ass wrecking machine, using every ounce of her strength to the point where when she finally had to stop she yanked her dildo out of Buffy's back hole and collapse down onto her side next to Dawn without even admiring her handiwork.

For a few long seconds Dawn was to exhausted to do anything, then she grumbled, "Get off of me!"

Intentionally or not Dawn pushed Buffy between them, the Slayer ending up collapsing down onto her front so that after a few more seconds of rest Joyce could turn onto her side, lift herself up slightly and then slide a hand down Buffy's back to her well fucked butt, squeezing it gently as she murmured, "You did so well Dawn. I'm so proud of you."

Lifting herself up into the same position the opposite side of her sister so she could get a look at Buffy's gaped butt Dawn quipped, "Proud enough to let me have her ass next time we DP her?"

"Nice try." Joyce giggled as she continued fondling Buffy's ass, "You know what you have to do to get that privilege. But I definitely think we should do this again, if you're up for it."

"I'm ready right now if you are!" Dawn grinned eagerly, excitement causing adrenaline to replace her exhaustion.

"Maybe in a minute." Joyce said, knowing that she and her youngest needed some time to recover if they were going to give her oldest what she needed, "In the meantime, Buffy has a job to do, don't you Buffy?"

"Yes Mom." Buffy grinned dreamily, quickly crawling down in between the legs of her Mom and sister and taking their cocks one after another deep into her mouth for a thorough cleaning, moaning happily the entire time as she tasted her own pussy and ass.


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