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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Watcher's Duty Part 7
by MTL ([email protected])

"Congratulations Dawn, your first A."

Dawn grinned from ear to ear and practically squealed, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

* * *

That little exchange came at the end of the day, which was good because Dawn would have never been able to wait more than an hour before rushing home to collect her prize. Actually it was ideal, because that hour gave her the chance to text her big sister to have her tight little butt hole lubed and ready for her when she got home. For better or for worse Dawn returned home to find Buffy's ass wasn't prepared for her yet, but it was extremely hard to complain when after searching the house she found Buffy in her bedroom, waiting face down on Dawn's bed with that cute little backside pointing directly at the door so it was the first thing Dawn saw when she entered the room. The second thing was their grinning mother.

"Oh Dawnie, I'm so proud of you." Joyce beamed, "You see what you can achieve with a little patience and hard work?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Dawn dismissed as she practically tore off her own clothes, "I get Buffy's ass now, right? Like, right now?"

"And all night long." Joyce nodded, giggling as the naked brunette jumped into her arms for a tight hug, "You just have to do one thing first."

"What?" Dawn whined, pulling away with a frown.

"Spank Buffy's butt." Joyce grinned, "It doesn't have to be long and hard. Buffy's been good lately. But good behaviour is no excuse for not giving a Slayer what she needs."

"Yes Mom." Dawn returned the grin eagerly, "I couldn't agree more."

With that Dawn jumped onto the bed behind her big sister and gave Buffy's gorgeous backside a playful smack. She then grabbed onto that backside with both hands and began greedily groping it for several long minutes, because even though it was painful not to fuck it right away, like she had been dreaming for over an hour now, when the time come Dawn wanted to savour the moment. Plus it was always fun to treat Buffy's butt like the piece of meat it was. It was just such a great little way of showing Buffy who was boss. Of course there was only so long Dawn could wait before giving Buffy's ass the smack, and then another, and then another, and then another, little Dawnie settling into a steady rhythm as she brutalised the backside of the big bad Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

As a Slayer Buffy could probably take everything Dawn had to give her without letting out a sound, except maybe the first initial cries of surprise and humiliation. Then again even now it seemed easy to make Buffy embarrassed, and it was hard to imagine anything more embarrassing than being spanked by your little sister. And this wasn't a one-off, but a daily occurrence, the difference this time being it was being used as part of the foreplay to the little sister being finally able to take the big sister's ass, so Dawn could see why Buffy may not be able to control herself. But as the spanking got harder it became clear Buffy wasn't holding back, and Dawn loved that.

Hearing Buffy the Vampire Slayer cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as Dawn spanked her was almost as satisfying as the spanking itself, but nothing was better than beating her stuck up big sister's butt. Or at least it hadn't been. Dawn was confident that abusing the inside of that ass would be even better than abusing the outside, but in the meantime she was content to have her fun. Especially as Buffy's butt cheeks continued to gently jiggle from the force of each impact, and gradually turned a cute little pink and then eventually red. Which was enough for a good sub like Buffy, especially when Dawn had other plans for her.

Buffy had been looking forward to being butt fucked by her baby sister for months now, so she was almost disappointed with the delay. But then again this did make a wonderful little warm up, and Buffy was always a slut for a good spanking, and Dawnie was very, very good at spanking naughty Slayer butt. So Buffy welcomed the little warm up, not hiding her cries of pain and pleasure as she knew just how much her family love to hear them. And oh, did Buffy enjoy these feelings of pain and embarrassment she was feeling from her little sister going to town on her behind, both in terms of spanking and groping it.

Of course as the spanking continued Dawn slowly phased out the groping in favour of constant strikes, and even increase the pace more than Buffy thought she would given that Dawn would most likely want to save something for the butt fucking. Then again Dawn could be slow on the uptake, case in point, how long it took for her to get an A. But no, Buffy got the extinct impression that this was very much part of the plan, and she was so very grateful for it as it meant the butt beating truly began to feel like it hurt towards the end. Then of course Dawn abruptly stopped and buried her face in between Buffy's butt cheeks, causing the Slayer to cry out loudly with surprise and pleasure.

Ironically there was also a hint of disappointment as Buffy had been really beginning to enjoy the spanking, and while she definitely wanted Dawn to save the majority of her energy for the butt fucking surely she could use a little more of her energy for a longer spanking? Not that Buffy would dream of spoiling Dawnie's special night by complaining, and it was hard even think of doing so as her kid sister's tongue was sliding over her ass hole, getting Buffy's back hole nice and wet for what was to come. Fuck, this was so wonderfully thrilling. Buffy loved it when her Mom ate her ass out in preparation for anal sex, making this that much more appropriate and hot, Dawnie showing such wonderful enthusiasm to something she didn't have much experience with.

Mostly it was Buffy rimming ass holes in the Summers family, and particularly the most common combo was Dawn laying on her front and doing her homework, or reading or watching TV, while Buffy worshipped her little sister's shit hole to prove she knew her place. In fact Buffy could only think of one other time Dawn had tossed her salad, which had been just before a wonderfully hard butt fucking from their mother, the memory helping Buffy to be more ready for the first time Dawn would fuck her in the butt. It also made Buffy lovingly smile at the woman she loved, a.k.a. the same woman who gave her life and life to the little sister who eagerly lapped away at her back hole before literally trying to push that tongue inside it, and failing thanks to Slayer healing making Buffy's ass virgin tight again.

Joyce was trying to concentrate on getting the video camera surrounding the bed, and her hand held regular camera, all ready to catch every special moment between her two daughters, but she just couldn't keep her eyes off of them. And why would she? They had all been waiting for this for a very long time, and now it was finally here she was almost as excited as Dawn. So much so that she was willing to forgive the perhaps a little too short spanking, and just how long Dawn spent with her face buried in Buffy's butt. Especially without pulling those cheeks aside so Joyce could have a decent view of her youngest rimming her eldest.

It helped that just as Joyce was going to give Dawn a little push to switch to something else, even more butt stretching back to ass smacking, Dawn bought her right hand up and slipped first one and then two fingers inside of Buffy's welcoming pussy. This worked on multiple levels, like it was further preparation, a reminder of who was in control, and it obviously gave the little submissive whore even more pleasure. Best of all when the time came, only a few minutes later, Dawn didn't need to pause for her Mom to lubricate her fingers, or do it herself. No, she used Buffy's own slut juice to allow her to slip a finger into her big sister's bottom and stretch it out for her.

It was such a nice touch Joyce just couldn't help but break the silence which had fallen between them, "That's it Dawnie, mmmmm, finger that slut butt. Oh yes, finger it good and get it ready for your cock!"

Surprisingly in response Dawn just looked over her shoulder and grinned happily at her mother while continuing to finger her sister's butt enthusiastically. Which in turn had Joyce grinning wickedly, and putting the finishing touches on the preparations, as Dawn had been so excited to get her hands on her big sister's butt she had seemed to forget to tool herself up. Or maybe she had just been hoping that Joyce would do it for her, as Dawn had been doing for Joyce recently. It was actually quite a fun little ritual, one kneeling behind the other and strapping a harness around the other's waist and then covering it in lubricant.

As she was now the assistant Joyce decided to go further with it, pressing her full chest into Dawn's back, her pelvis against the brunette's butt and her lips to her youngest daughter's neck. She then proceeded to cover her little girl's pretty neck in kisses, slowly making her way up to Dawn's ear so she could whisper soft words of encouragement, and tell Dawnie just how proud she was of her. Well, in between watching the anal fingering, Joyce grinning with delight as she watched Dawn add a second finger into Buffy's butt and then proceed to repeat what she had been doing before, a.k.a. not just pumping in and out but up and down and side to side so she could really stretch out that back hole for her cock.

Of course ultimately it was time for more, so Joyce gently pushed, "Would you like me to spread her cheeks for you honey?"

"No." Dawn said softly while shaking her head, then quickly explained as she sensed her Mom might be a bit hurt by that rejection, "It's my first time with Buffy's butt. It would be so awesome if you could spread her in the future for me, but tonight... I think she should be the one to do it. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, I think my big sister should spread her cheeks and beg me to butt fuck her!"

"Oh Dawnie, you're truly wise beyond your years." Joyce giggled with delight, before reluctantly moving away so that her children could have all the space they needed.

There was a pause and then Dawn swiftly pulled her fingers out of Buffy's ass and smacked it as hard as she could, "You should be spreading and begging, you walking anal fuck hole!"

"Sorry Dawnie." Buffy whimpered, quickly reaching back to pull her cheeks apart and started begging, "Please fuck me Dawn. I wanna be fucked by you. Please? I'm a Slayer, and I need to be fucked by a Watcher! Mmmmm, and I crave it to be by my sister. Oh please Dawnie, fuck my ass! I want my baby sister to fuck my butt like the little anal slut I am! Oh Dawnie, make me your little anal slut. Mmmmm, your little anal slut who takes it up the butt for you every single day from now on! Oh God Dawn, make my tight little Slayer ass yours! Stuff it full of your big hard cock and make it yours. Please? You promised you would... oh fuck... oh yes... oh Dawn... aaaaaahhhhhh fuckkkkkkk! Yes fuck me, fuck my ass!"

Dawn was so overwhelmed by having her big sister bent over in front of her and spreading her cheeks while begging to be butt fucked that all she could do was stare at the beautiful sight for several long seconds. Then with the biggest grin ever on her face she grabbed a firm hold of her cock and then slid it up and down the Slayer's ass crack, making Buffy whimper with need. Although Dawn couldn't do that for long. No, she desperately needed to penetrate Buffy's cute little butt hole. She needed that more than she needed air right now. So after only a few long seconds of sliding her dick up and down she focused on her sister's most private hole and pushed forward.

Both sisters let out a little cry as Buffy's incredibly tight ass hole slowly began stretching for Dawn's strap-on. It wasn't like she would have known for sure, given this was the first time she'd sodomised anyone, but it really did seem like her big sister's back hole was virgin tight given just how long it took to stretch it open, and just how much force Dawn had to use to officially penetrate Buffy's butt, and then later stuff it full of cock. Which was so hot Dawn was surprised she didn't cum from doing this, and she'd certainly never been so glad of Slayer healing, especially the moment Buffy's anal ring stretched wide enough for Dawn's cock to slide through it and into her stuck up sister's ass hole, meaning that Dawn had done it! She had finally taken Buffy's butt!

No, Dawn thought with a wicked grin, this was only the beginning of this pure heaven, which was quickly proven as she began sliding inch after inch into that virgin tight bottom, Dawn practically drooling as she watched that slutty bitch hole hungrily gobble up her cock. Although she was vaguely aware of other things going on around her, like the cameras recording all of this, and her grinning Mom taking photos of the special moment. But more than anything else Dawn was aware of the whimpers, gasps and moans coming out of not just her mouth, but Buffy's. If her ass really did return to virgin tightness after fucking those sounds should be of pain. And at the very least, humiliation. But they weren't. No, Buffy sounded like she was in heaven, and Dawn couldn't help teasing her about it.

"You like that, huh?" Dawn grinned, "You like taking your little sister's big cock up your ass?"

"Yessssss, I love taking my little sister's big cock up my ass!" Buffy cried out shamelessly, "Please Dawnie, give me more! I want more of your big cock up my ass. Every inch! Mmmmm yeahhhhh, I want every single inch of my little sister's big cock up my ass! Please Dawn, stuff that ass! Stuff that ass of mine full of your big cock and fuck it like you own it!"

"Mom owns it, I'm just borrowing it." Dawn corrected with a grin.

"No Dawnie, that ass is yours now." Joyce corrected, adding with a grin, "At least after you properly fuck it."

"Mom?" Dawn practically whimpered in confusion.

"She'll still be my girlfriend, and I'll still be her primary Watcher. But you will officially be my equal, and not just my assistant." Joyce quickly clarified, still grinning while she further explained, "That means Buffy is your fuck toy too, all her holes yours to use however you want, whenever you want."

"Oh Mom!" Dawn beamed.

"You can thank me later honey."Joyce smiled, "For now just concentrate on taking that ass."

"Oh yes Dawnie, take my ass!" Buffy quickly encouraged as shamelessly as ever, "Take my slutty Slayer ass and make it yours! Mmmmmm, yours too. Oooooooh yesssssss Dawn, I want you and Mom to own my ass hole. Consider it your fuck hole to use however you want, whenever you want. Just please fuck me! Mmmmmm yesssssss, fuck my ass! Oh fuck! Fuck yes Dawnie, fuck my butt, fuck it good! Mmmmmm, make it yours! Make me yours. Become my Watcher so you can use my Slayer body however you want, ohhhhhh whenever you want, aaaaaahhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, wherever you want. Oooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssss, fuck me Dawnie, fuck me!"

It was hard not to lose control and slam every inch of her cock up Buffy's butt from that little exchange, but it had never been more important to prove to her Mom that she could top the Slayer and be the Watcher that her Mom wanted her to be. Besides, in her many, many fantasies about this Dawn had always preferred the idea of a slow anal penetration the first time she got her hands on her big sister's butt, and Buffy would not rob her of that. Plus if she could keep her cool there would be plenty of time for quick and hard penetration later, ideally when Buffy's ass hole was a gaping crater. So Dawn kept going nice and slow even though it was almost painful for her. And yet somehow, pure heaven at the same time.

Buffy felt the exact same way. She loved being teased with a slow and gentle anal penetration, but at the same time she really wanted Dawn to slam her ass hole full of cock and then begin the ass fucking she had been craving all day. Of course being a shameless anal whore Buffy was always craving an ass fucking, even when her back hole was so aching and sore it didn't feel like she could take one more thrust. But this was special. This was her first time with her little sister, something Buffy had been craving even before she accepted the fact that she was nothing but a fuck hole desperate to be used. And oh, Dawnie was using her just as well as Buffy had always hoped, skilfully putting her in her place by ignoring her words and just concentrating on stuffing her rectum full of dick.

Of course there wasn't an endless supply of it, and inevitably Dawn's thighs came to rest against Buffy's butt cheeks, causing both sisters to let out a cry and then whimper of pure joy as they both acknowledged what this meant. Namely that the younger, dominant sister had just buried every single inch of her big strap-on cock into the older, submissive sister's most private and forbidden orifice, forever solidifying that the hierarchy in this family went little sister over big sister. Oh yes, their Mom was at the tippy top, quickly followed by Dawn, and way down at the bottom there was Buffy as the family whore, just there to be used by the dominant family members. Something which Dawn further proved once the sodomy officially began.

That took a surprisingly long time, Dawnie obviously savouring the moment, not that Buffy could blame her, but there was only so long she could wait to get her ass fucked. Luckily just as Buffy was opening her mouth to beg for what she so desperately needed Dawn grabbed her waist firmly with both hands and then slowly began pulling her hips back, causing the dildo to begin slowly sliding out of Buffy's ass hole. When about half of it was out Dawn pushed forwards just as slowly, repeating the process and thus officially starting to sodomise her submissive sister with a slow and steady rhythm, which of course had Buffy moaning, groaning, gasping, whimpering and crying out in pure pleasure the entire time.

What made the moment absolutely perfect was that in her current position Buffy could just about look over her shoulder where she could see her kid sister staring transfixed at where her dick was pumping in and out of Buffy's butt hole. Sometimes their Mom even got behind her to take a few shots of that stretching shit hole, Buffy very much looking forward to seeing those family photos in what would be the best family photo album ever. She was also looking forward to watching the footage back, as Dawnie had promised her a truly epic ass fucking, and it definitely looked and felt like she was going to deliver on that, much to Buffy's delight. And their Mom's.

Joyce had never been more proud of her little Dawnie. Oh yes, Dawn was proving to be quite the talented little butt fucker, taking Buffy's slutty yet virgin tight ass slowly and confidently like a total pro, making the supernaturally strong warrior whimper like the pathetic little anal whore that she truly was. Which continued to be the case for the next hour or so as Dawn continued sodomising Buffy in a variety of positions, starting out face down, then moving on to classic doggy before flipping her big sister onto her back so she could anally take her while staring lovingly into her eyes and then passionately kissing her, the blonde not only passionately kissing the brunette back but wrapping her strong arms and legs around her.

That last part had Joyce smiling particularly widely. It was so nice that even as Dawn was topping the hell out of Buffy that the two sisters could share such a tender moment of love for each other. Technically as a Watcher Joyce should be warning Dawn about showing too much affection to Buffy, who desperately needed to be put in her place, but that would be really hypocritical given she was now officially in a relationship with her Slayer and thus automatically giving her more affection than was advised. Besides, Dawn was doing a way better job at remembering to remind Buffy of her place, as even during the tender kissing she would pinch the Slayer's nipples, spit into her mouth and bite her lip.

Dawn then broke the kiss and whispered into Buffy's ear just loud enough for the cameras to pick it up, "I hope you weren't too fond of sitting down, because now I am officially the co-owner of this ass I swear you're never sitting right again. Oooooh yeah, I'm going to make sure my big sister's bottom is forever gaping and aching in a sign that she is a totally submissive little bitch! And you know what? You're going to love it. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, my anal whore of a sister is going to love having her ass wrecked night and day by me and Mom, both of us using your butt hole like the fuck hole it is until you can't remember what it was like to sit right. Or shit right. Or even fucking walk! Ohhhhhh Yeahhhh, you're just going to be left lying on your front, or on your back like this, waiting to be used like the fuck hole you are! Oh Buffy, you make such an awesome fuck hole. My personal fuck hole! What are you?"

"Your fuck hole Dawnie." Buffy whimpered in response, "I'm nothing but your personal fuck hole."

All that talk combined with zooming in to get a look at the pure joy on Dawnie's face, the ecstasy on Buffy's face, how their bodies fit perfectly together, and maybe most of all just how good her older daughter's ass hole looked stretching for a dildo that was pumping in and out of it made Joyce desperately want to join the fun. Grabbed her strap-on for a nice little DP, or better yet fuck Buffy's ass herself while Dawn stuffed her dick into Buffy's mouth for cleaning. And then they could do the DP. Maybe after switching positions a few times first. At the very least Joyce wanted to sit on Buffy's face. But no, Dawn worked hard to earn the right to use Buffy's butt hole, and the least Joyce could do now was let her baby girl enjoy it all by herself.

Besides, it seemed a shame to stop Dawn when she was putting on such an amazing show, butt fucking Buffy for about an hour while they were face to face before effortlessly flipping them over so the mighty Slayer could anally ride her. At which point Joyce admited to herself she was proud of Buffy too, although she had no intention of voicing that out loud. At least not right now. But she might have too if Buffy continued avoiding the urge to beg for more, because although it was obvious that the blonde wanted to cum, as did the brunette, both sisters were clearly dedicated to making this ass fucking memorable for more than the fact that it was their first time having anal sex with each other, which for most sisters would be more than enough.

Buffy hadn't needed to be told Dawn wanted this to be special. Dawn had promised it would be, and as her little sister's anal loving bitch for the night it was her responsibility to do everything in her power to make sure that it was special. But more than that, Buffy wanted it to be special. She loved Dawn with all her heart, and was so grateful for the part she'd played in getting Buffy and their Mom together. Also Buffy had no doubt in her mind that Dawn would be an awesome butt pounder, and wanted to do her part to train her baby sister in the art of butt pounding so she could pound her slutty little Slayer butt over and over and over again. Which was why Buffy resisted the urge to beg for more for so long, but even she had her limits.

"Please Dawnie, let me cum." Buffy whimpered pathetically, staring pleadingly into the eyes of her sister as she continued anally riding her dick, "I need to cum! Please let me cum. Oh Dawn! Mmmmmm, fuck me! Fuck my little Slayer butt hole. Ram it hard and deep and make me cum like a little bitch with a dick in my ass. Or let me do it. Please? Oooooooh, I wanna cum like a little bitch with a dick in my ass soooooo bad, mmmmmm, please Dawnie, let me cum! Let your big sister cum. Mmmmmm yesssssssss, let your big sister cum like a little bitch with a dick in her ass! Your dick! Ohhhhhh Dawnie, let big sister cum on your dick!"

"I'll think about it." Dawn said dismissively, "For now just turn that pretty ass around. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, I wanna see it bounce on my dick. And don't you dare let it fall out! Yeahhhhhhh, your ass hole is my dick's home until I say otherwise. Understand me bitch? Don't answer that, just turn around. Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, ride me Reverse cowgirl you little ass whore! Oh fuck yeah, ride it!"

Quickly doing as she was told Buffy lifted herself up and then shuffled around so her back was to Dawn, making sure to not lift herself up too far or too quickly and then moved slowly so at least some of the dildo would remain in her butt. Which she did as much for herself as for Dawn, as the thought of Dawn's dick completely leaving her ass was unbearable, Buffy crying out with joy and relief when she was able to sink back down on it and her rectum was once again filled with strap-on cock. She then began eagerly bouncing up and down, leaning forward so that Dawn would have the best possible look at her butt taking that dildo. Buffy also gave her sister a pleading look, hoping that eventually Dawnie would take pity on her and give her the orgasms she had needed for hours now.

Eventually Buffy just couldn't help but start pleading, desperately trying to think of what would push Dawn into giving her what she wanted, "Please... Mistress Dawn, fuck me! Fuck my ass, ooooooh, fuck my slutty little Slayer ass! Ohhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddddd, oh Dawnie, butt fuck me like a whore! An anal whore! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, I'm your anal whore now Dawnie! My little sister owns my fucking butt hole! It's hers and Mom's to screw! Oooooooooh yesssssssss, my ass hole is your personal fuck hole Dawnie! Please, Mistress Dawn, wreck it good and hard and make that slutty fuck hole officially yours! Or let me make it official by ruining my slutty shit hole on your big beautiful dick and then sucking it off! Just let me cum Mistress Dawn, mmmmmm, please let me cum! Let me cum, let me cum, let me fucking cum, aaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, I can't take it any more, please just let me! Mmmmmm ooooooooh fuckkkkkkkk, Mistress Dawnie, ooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!"

After getting Buffy's attention with a couple of hard thrusts upwards Dawn ordered, "Okay slut, you have permission to cum like a bitch with a dick in your ass!"

"What do you say Buffy?" Joyce chimed in with a wicked smile, hating to interrupt the precious moment between her daughters, but believing it was worth it.

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! THANKKKKKK YOOOOUUUUU OOOOOOOH FUCK! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOODDDDDD!" Buffy screamed hysterically, trying to continue, but becoming completely incoherent.

As soon as she had permission Buffy started hammering herself up and down, rapidly increasing the pace until she was using every ounce of her Slayer speed, strength and stamina to completely and utterly ruin her rectum. With all that build up, and her desperate desire to make this special, the sodomy even felt more ass wrecking than all those times she had anally ridden her mother, and Buffy was almost worried that she would ruin her precious Watcher's favourite fuck hole. But her ass hole had always return to virgin tightness before, and Buffy was confident her Mom and sister would still want to butt fuck her even if she was a little more loose back there. Besides, it almost felt worth it given the ecstasy that she was feeling, and that was before she even came.

When she did, when Buffy came for the first time with her little sister's big hard strap-on cock up her ass, it was exactly what she wanted, special. Like the life changing climaxes she'd receive the first time her ass was taken, and when she and her Mom were celebrating getting together, marking this as one of the truly special moments of her life. Especially as the woman she loved was watching and taking pictures with such a look of glee on her face as Buffy somehow found a way to increase her speed and force so that the first anally induced orgasm she received from Dawnie was quickly followed by another, and another, and another until her mind melted away and she was consumed by nothing but pure ecstasy.

Dawn felt that way even when she wasn't cumming, which wasn't often, because despite all of her training and the psyching herself up for this she just couldn't stop herself. It was everything she'd ever wanted, and somehow it was even better than she ever dreamed. Well, there was one thing which could make it better, namely taking back control, but in the name of making this ass fucking truly epic Dawn let her supernaturally strong and fast sister burn through every ounce of her Slayer stamina first. Besides, while she had laid there for quite a while Dawn got back into the game while Buffy was cumming by hammering herself upwards into her big sister's butt, making them both cum harder.

What felt like hours later when Buffy finally collapsed down on top of her, almost knocking her out in the process as their heads almost collided, Dawn let out an animalistic like growl, quickly flipped them over so the blonde was lying on her front with the brunette on top of her, and then Dawn started using every ounce of strength she had left to pound Buffy's butt like the butt pounder she had always wanted to be. Like the butt pounder she was born to be. Oh yes, Dawn felt like she was born to do this. Born to pound butt. Buffy's butt. Yes, Dawn's purpose in life was to fuck this perfect ass, just as her big sister's purpose was to get fucked in the ass, something which was suddenly vital for little Dawnie to tell the big bad Buffy the Vampire Slayer as she continued to sodomise her.

"Take it fuck hole! Aaaaaahhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, fucking take it!" Dawn yelled into Buffy's ear, "Take it like the fuck hole you are! Take it! Yeahhhhhh, that's all you are now. That's all you've ever been. Not Buffy the Vampire Slayer, just Buffy the Fuck Hole! My fuck hole! Mom's fuck hole! We both own you now! You're our fuck hole! Our rug muncher, our muff diver, our cunt craving ho, mmmmmm oooooooh fuckkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhh, our ass whore, our butt slut, our anal slave, ohhhhhhh, and above all else you're our bitch! Ours! Our fucking property! Yeeeeeesssssss, you're our bitch, and we own you! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddd!"

In response the big bad Buffy the Vampire Slayer just kept whimpering and taking it in the ass like the bitch she was. Well, words of agreement and gentle pleads for more may have slipped out of Buffy's mouth, but Dawn wasn't interested in what this fuck hole had to say any more. Maybe never again. Because sure, part of her would always love Buffy, but after this it would be impossible for her to see her big sister as anything but a walking fuck hole which desperately needed to be fucked every single second of every single day. Maybe even just an anal fuck hole, as given how hard Buffy came while getting butt fucked it was clear that her sister preferred being an ass whore, and loving sister that she was Dawn was only too happy to give Buffy what she wanted. After all, it was fulfilling the reasons they were born.

As these thoughts in a whole lot more were running through her head Dawn was cumming over and over again, and it wasn't long after that both sisters became completely lost in the butt sex they were having with each other. Buffy even somehow found the strength to push her butt up and into Dawn pounding down and into her, making the sodomy even harder for a few wonderful minutes. But sadly Dawn ultimately ran out of steam in collapsed down onto her total butt slut of a big sister, leaving both siblings lying there in a sweaty heap for a few long seconds, until they heard the sound of enthusiastic clapping, Dawn smiling bashfully as she lifted her tired head to find her Mom beaming with pride.

"Oh Dawnie, that was wonderful." Joyce praised as she ended the clapping, "I always knew you would make a great butt fucker, and you proved me so very right by completely owning your sister's whore ass. Mmmmm, now let's see that gape. Oh yeah, I want to see the damage my youngest daughter has done to my oldest daughter's shit hole!"

"Yes Mom." Dawn beamed wickedly, somehow finding the strength to do as she was told.

Joyce watched with glee as in one swift movement her youngest daughter pulled her cock out of her oldest daughter's shit hole and then laying on her side next to Buffy so both of them could get a good look at Dawn's handiwork. After a few long seconds Buffy reached back to spread her cheeks like the well-trained fuck toy that she was, but it was totally unnecessary, as even before that it was clear that the Slayer's ass was as gaped as it had ever been. Which of course caused Joyce to smile widely with pride. God, she'd never been more proud of Dawn, which was really saying something as she'd just watched Dawn owning Buffy's butt hole like a pro. Of course this was an extension of that, but still as far as Joyce was concerned Dawn deserved praise.

"Oh Dawn." Joyce gasped, "It's so beautiful, mmmmmm, and totally wrecked."

"It was nothing." Dawn blushed.

"It was incredible." Joyce corrected, "Seriously Dawn, you just proved yourself a total top, and an amazing ass pounder to boot."

"Well if you hand me an ass built for fucking what do you expect?" Dawn teased, "And you should know, you're the one who made that perfect ass built for fucking."

"Yes well..." Joyce blushed, "Enough chitchat, Buffy suck your sister's cock clean."

"Yes Mom." Buffy whimpered tiredly.

Without any further ado Buffy slowly got up on her hands and knees and then crawled around until she was in between Dawn's legs. For her part Dawn was nice enough to roll onto her back and wait with an expected grin on her face as her big sister got into position, Buffy looking up lovingly at her dominant sibling as she slowly lowered her head and her lips around the dildo which had just been plundering the deepest part of her butt. Her sister's dildo. Her little sister's strap-on dildo. Her little sister's cock. Oh yes, this was her little sister's cock, and it was covered in her ass cream, Joyce gleefully taking a photo as Buffy first took that dick into her mouth, while hopefully the cameras surrounding them picked up the happy moan Buffy let out.

For a few long seconds Buffy savoured the taste of her own ass, and then she began greedily sucking the deepest part of it off of that cock, causing both Dawn and Joyce to chuckle at their slut's enthusiasm. They then continued chuckling softly with delight as Buffy began bobbing her head up and down on that shaft, lingering on the first half for a little while before inevitably starting to go lower without needing to be told. Of course Dawnie told her anyway, Joyce's youngest daughter making her proud again by taking command of the situation, grabbing hold of blonde hair and pushing Buffy downwards while beginning to taunt her. And doing it with such wonderfully naughty words.

"Yesssssssss, that's it cock sucker! Suck my cock! Suck your little sister's cock! Oh fuck yeah, that's so hot!" Dawn moaned happily while stroking Buffy's hair, "Oh God Buffy, I've waited so long to see you suck your own ass off of my cock, and it's better than I ever imagined. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh sis, give me a nice sloppy wet blow job. Yeah, suck it. Mmmmmm, we both know how much you love sucking strap-on, especially after it's been up your butt, so just let your natural instincts taking over. Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, you love the taste of your yummy Slayer butt! You love it! And you love it on my dick. Mmmmm, and Mom's. Oooooooh yessssssss, take more! More! More of it into that pretty mouth of yours! Yeahhhhhh, deep throat it! Take every single inch down your fucking throat sis! Oh yeah, every inch! Oh fuck yeah, just like that, ooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeessssssss!"

As usual Buffy enjoyed the encouragement, and eagerly took more of the dildo into her mouth the second she had permission to do so, stuffing it into her throat with practised ease until she had her lips around the base and the entire toy stuffed into her mouth and throat. She then began bobbing up and down that cock to make sure she got every drop of her ass cream while Dawn continued taunting her, and Joyce just kept smiling. It was exactly what Joyce had wanted for a long time now, and it felt like their dynamic was complete. Although she wondered if two watchers would be really enough to give her slutty little Slayer what she needed to do her job properly. Perhaps there was more she should do, but that could wait, because tonight was all about Dawn finally having Buffy's ass all to herself.

With that thought in mind Joyce walked around the room, collecting the tapes from each of the cameras and replacing them with new ones before heading for the door, which eventually got Dawn's attention, "Mom? Where are you going?"

Turning around Joyce smiled at her youngest, "To make a start on our latest family album, and family video of you two 'playing' together. Then I'll get started on dinner."

Dawn frowned, "But isn't that-"

"Buffy's job? Yes, but I expect her to be a bit preoccupied tonight." Joyce smiled, sparing her oldest daughter a glance before returning her attention to her youngest, "So, dinner should be in about an hour. Don't miss it. I know from experience butt fucking anal addicted fuck holes like your sister can be tiring work, and you need to keep your strength up. You've both got a long night of butt sex ahead of you. Although when you come down I will be very disappointed in you if Buffy's butt isn't gaping twice as wide as it is now."

"Oh she will be." Dawn grinned, pouncing on her sister.

"I don't doubt it." Joyce beamed, happily watching Dawn position herself on Buffy's back and then slide her strap-on into her sister's gaping ass hole, causing both girls to cry out joyfully. Unable to help herself Joyce continued to watch the sodomy for a few long seconds, before turning away from it and calling out over her shoulder, "See you at dinner."

Of course there was no reply from the very happy Summers sisters.


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