Buffy The Vampire Slayer: What Happens Behind Closed Doors Part 2
by Angel13 (Ff,ff,inc)

The next morning Buffy was getting dressed and headed downstairs to have
breakfast. She was getting suspicious of her mother. It seemed at times that
her mother was checking her out. 'No way. My mother knows perfectly well that
I would never be into her. It just doesn't seem right.'

"Mom, do you find me attractive? Or am I kidding myself when I see you
staring at me."

"Oh, no Buffy you got that all wrong. That's absurd of you to think that.
You're my daughter, my flesh and blood. Get that thought out of your mind."
'That was a close one Joyce. She's getting suspicious. It's great that she
didn't spot you watching her masturbate.'

"Okay. I'm on my way to school. I'll see you later."

"Sure. Bye honey."

* * *

At Sunnydale High Buffy entered the library and found Faith sitting down
looking bored as can be. Buffy's feelings for Faith were increasing into more
than friendship. She wanted to kiss and know what it felt like. 'Oh, Buffy
that's nonsense Faith would never like you plus you both dig guys.'

"Hey Faith. How's it hanging?"

"Nothing much B. I have a favor to ask you."

"Ask away." Faith knew this was going to be difficult to ask Buffy, but she
promised Joyce. She walked over and took Buffy's hand and entered inside the
small office.

"What are we doing in here? Is it really that important and private that you
don't want anyone coming in on us?"

"Actually it is." Faith locked the door behind her. Buffy sat on the couch
and Faith sat behind her. Faith then placed her hands on Buffy's shoulders
and began rubbing them.

"Just relax and let me take care of you." Buffy closed her eyes enjoying the
sensation of Faith's fingertips massaging her shoulders and allowing her to
remain calm. Faith then kissed the back of Buffy's neck, which sent a shiver
down her spine.

"Buffy, have you ever thought about kissing another woman?"

"Maybe." She couldn't believe that she revealed to Faith that she had the
desire to kiss another woman.

"Just maybe." Faith then went on kissing Buffy's shoulder more delicately.
Her hands then traveled around Buffy's waist gliding up her fingertips and
cupped her breasts. Buffy moaned out loud at the touch. The feeling that
was coursing through her body at the way Faith's hands felt so well on her
breasts. She definitely wanted more of this feeling.

"Yes, I have. Why?" Buffy turned her head to look at Faith.

"Because I wanted to know if you ever thought about fucking a woman before,
mainly your mother." Buffy stiffened at the thought of being with her mother.

"No. Never. It's just wrong. Though kissing you would be great though."

"Only if you'll reconsider doing you Mom."

"I don't know Faith." Faith didn't care if Buffy didn't want to have sex with
Joyce. She just wanted to kiss the girl just as much as she did. As Buffy was
still looking at her, she tilted her head and captured Buffy's lips into a
kiss. Buffy couldn't believe all the feelings that she felt through that one
kiss. Every part of her body was screaming and wanted more of this feeling of
these lips on top of hers. She turned around and was facing Faith.

"Wow. Your kiss was amazing." She then leaned in this time kissing Faith
with her breasts touching Faith's. Their hands went automatically through
each other's hair. Buffy wanted to know what Faith's breast felt like in
her hand so she placed one of them and squeezed it gently causing Faith to
moan in their kiss. Their hands began roaming around one another feeling
every inch they could possibly feel thought their clothes. Faith began
unbuttoning Buffy's shirt only to find that she didn't wear a bra on
underneath. Faith began tormenting and teasing her by squeezing her breasts
eliciting a moan on Buffy's lips. Buffy's mind began to wonder what it would
be like to have her mother touching her the very same way. Just the thought
of her mother caressing her breasts sent a tingle down her body and made her
panties get wet. Faith's lips went Buffy's nipple licking it with her tongue
lightly swirling it and nipping it gently. She then went up and kissed the
parted lips of Buffy that was moaning from her touch.

"So Buffy are you gonna do you mom?" Buffy wasn't able to concentrate at the
question that she was asked at hand.


"Your mom are you gonna do her," Faith repeated.

"Yeah, I'll do it. Just finish touching and make feel all better."

* * *

Saturday finally arrived and Buffy was thrilled because it meant that she
could sleep in and not worry about her mother coming in on her. At the
thought of her mother, Buffy remembered Faith's actions yesterday and what
sheer bliss she felt. She wanted that feeling with her mother as well. Buffy
just had the feeling that once she's in her mother's arms; she wouldn't be
able to leave. She started picturing her mother would first start off by
kissing her, and then while she was kissing her, Joyce's hands would roam
all over her daughter's body feeling the softness of the skin. That her
breasts would be touching hers, having both their nipples becoming erect at
the feeling. Buffy also pictured that while all this was happening that the
feelings between her legs were beginning to get wet and highly aroused.
There hands would find its way to caress each other's ass gently squeezing
it. Buffy's need for her mother had increased rapidly by the thoughts that
consumed her mind.

"I can't believe I'm getting all excited about being with my mother. What's
going on with me?"

Buffy decided that she needed to take a shower and see if someway she might
forget about the fleeting images that were running through her mind. As she
took off her clothes one after the other, she set the water in the shower
and stepped inside the stall. She took the vanilla scented soap and began
to make lather and started applying the soap starting along her arms, then
her breasts squeezing them gong downward her stomach. She then went on and
applied soap on her smooth legs. As she rinsed off the soap on the front of
her body, she then started on her back as well. The soap was cascading her
smooth body as the water trickled down from the shower top rinsing it off.

While all this was happening Joyce quietly entered the bathroom not wanting
to disturb her daughter's presence. She looked at how beautiful the curves
of her daughter's behind was and how much she wanted to place her hands
there and feel the softness and squeeze her firm behind. Joyce started to
touch her own body as well and envision it was Buffy taking off the article
of clothing one by one until she was naked.

Buffy turned around, but her eyes were closed so she didn't spot her
mother lusting after her. She squeezed her breasts once more and let her
hand journey it's way down to her shaved mound. Her fingertips found its
way inside her parted wet folds opening as her forefinger and thumb rubbed
against her clit.

"Oh, I wish these were her fingers instead of mine. I would make her lick me
letting her tongue swirl around my clit tasting my sweet juices against her

"Probably by the time I reached my orgasm all my juices will be dripping off
her lips going down her chin. I want my mother so badly. I can feel it inside
in every single particle of my body."

Joyce stood there getting aroused and feeling hot all over. Her nipples were
pert against her blouse, while her panties were dripping wet just picturing
the actions her daughter presented. Joyce quickly stripped off her clothes
and stepped inside the shower. She turned Buffy around and stared into those
hazel eyes that she's known for so long.

"Mom, what are you doing here?"

"I heard everything that you were saying and I just wanted to tell you that
I'd be happy to oblige to your wishes."

"Oh, Mom you really mean that?"

"Yes sweetie." She then leaned her head and captured her daughter's lips into
a sweet kiss. As the kiss intensified both women's bodies were flushed up
against one another with their breasts touching one another as the water from
the shower top flowed down on them. Joyce parted Buffy's lips open with her
own tongue to gain entryway to find her daughter's and massage it with her
own. As both tongues caressed one another, Joyce's hands were placed on her
daughter's behind with her left foot placed on the side of the bathtub, while
Buffy's right hand journeyed it's way down to the shaven pussy and started
massaging it before adding her two fingers inside her mother's clit. Their
lips continued on getting acquainted with one another savoring the feeling
that was surging throughout their entire body. Joyce lightly nipped Buffy's
lower lips going down leaving a hot trail of kisses at the side of her neck
gently biting the soft skin. Her right hand left its place and moving slowly
causing Buffy to shudder as she finally found her place at the left breast
before her and started squeezing eliciting a moan from Buffy.

"Oh! Mom. Don't stop." Joyce smiled at this and moved her lips to Buffy's
right breast and placed her lips on it. As her tongue swirled around playing
with the nipple, Buffy's left hand was caressing her mother's head urging her
to go on further. Joyce went on placing her mouth on the whole nipple and
began sucking it with such tenderness. Buffy was definitely right about her
mother making her shivers throughout her body. If she made her feel this
sensuous now, she wondered what it'd be like when her mother licked her clit
and drove her into the ultimate orgasm. Buffy's fingers went inside Joyce's
wet folds and lightly rubbed her clit between her fingers causing Joyce to
moan against her daughter's breast. Joyce went on and sucked the nipple then
went on to the left, but she had to confess something to her daughter first.

"Buffy, I want to tell you something."

"Huh?" Buffy's lips were parted open and she was out of breath because of the
sensations that her mother's hands and lips upon her body.

"I have a confession to make. A couple of days ago, I passed in front of
your room and heard you moaning. So I peeked in and noticed that you were
masturbating. As I was watching the movement of your body rocking back and
forth with your fingers inside of you, I wished I were the one that would
have brought you that orgasm upon you. I wanted you that day so badly."

"You did? Why didn't you just say something? I might have said yes."

"Oh, Buffy, how could I? You're my daughter. You're my flesh and blood. I
thought it was absolutely wrong of me to think about you in that way. Though
when I came into your room to wake you up for dinner, I saw you lying naked
on your bed and I got aroused again. I had to touch you. So I did. I gently
squeezed your breast in my hand feeling how soft, supple and just how right
you fit in the palm of my hand just like now." Both of their heads looked at
the movement of Joyce's hand on her daughter's breast.

"So I turned you on huh? So let's continue then," she said with a wicked
gleam in her hazel eyes. Joyce smiled at her. She went back to sucking in
the nipple as Buffy continued playing with her clit finding the right spot
to get the stimulation that would make her mother reach an orgasm. Joyce
began moaning against her daughter's nipple enjoying the tingling sensation
that erupted in her loins. Buffy's body however began tingling as well; she
wanted her mother to lower her body. Joyce's hips began bucking wildly at
the sensation that her daughter's fingers were causing on her clit.

"Oh, Buffy, I'm coming! I'm coming!" she yelled out loud while her body
subsided by the touches of her daughter's fingers. Joyce's hand that cupped
her daughter's ass went trailing down and lightly massaged her pussy feeling
and just wanting to fulfill her desire and go down on her and devour her like
she's never done before. Though she decided to make her daughter just wait a
little longer and have her way with her in the bedroom. That didn't mean she
wasn't about to have a little taste.

She looked into those hazel eyes that she's seen so many times in her
life and really loved what she has brought into this world. She brought a
beautiful woman that has been taunting her dreams and her every fantasy.
Joyce kissed her showing her all the affection that has been build up for
the past couple of days and now they were joined as one. She continued on
her kissing way down between her chests until she reached the shaven pussy
before her. Buffy's hand grasped her mother's hair pushing her head
indicating to her mother what she wanted. The water was still pouring as
Joyce stick her tongue out and lightly licked the outside of the pussy
before entering inside. As her tongue went further in teasing the clit
Buffy's moans became louder.

"Oh, Mom! More!" Joyce went on for a while, but stopped just before her
daughter's orgasm completely took a hold of her. She looked into her
daughter's eyes and noticed what pure pleasure she brought upon her.

"Buffy, sweetie let's dry off and head inside the bedroom." Buffy could only

To Be Continued...


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