Warning: This story contains adult sexual material, if this isn't for you
then read no further.

MC T.V.: Dana Scully meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer (f/f,mc)
by Yenoc ([email protected])

Special agent Dana Scully drove into the California town. It was 9:00 at
night. She parked her car along Main St. and got out of the vehicle to
survey the surroundings. She was here to investigate some strange occurences
that had been taking place in the town. Scully was in the town of Sunnydale
to check out another case for the X-files.

Her partner, Fox Mulder was in Arizona chasing UFO's so she was alone on
this case. The agents had been tracking a serial killer/rapist across the
country. The maniac raped and sometimes killed his victims. The guy had
left a trail of bodies behind him. And the trail had currently led to

The bodies that had been found were dried up husks that had no consistancy
to them. It was like the women had the life energy drained from them. The
survivors claimed it was the best sexual experience of their lives.

The town of Sunnydale had a strange history, Scully had learned. There were
countless incidents of supernatural events and monster sightings in the town.
The place was a magnet for weirdness. Scully had an odd feeling about this

Scully was a doctor and a scientist. She believed in the facts and that
there was a logical explanation for everything. She was always the skeptic.
Dana checked into a hotel to get some sleep. She would start the
investigation the next day.

A few streets down, teenager Buffy Summers was prowlings the alleys for
monsters to vanquish. She was the Vampire Slayer and it was her job to fight
the forces of evil that infested the town. The lastest ghoul-on-the-loose
was attacking women and taking there life force.

Three girls had died so far and Buffy had to stop the fiend. The girls had
been raped and covered in monster sperm. Her watcher, Giles, thought they
were dealing with a sexual predator demon. He believed they were dealing
with an Incubus that preyed on females.

The next night both Scully and Buffy hit the streets looking for the same
prey. It was destined that they would meet. Buffy heard noise coming from
a back alley. The alley was near the high school and it was very dark. The
alley reeked of urine and was illuminated by a single street light. The
alley was a dead end so Buffy knew whoever was in there was trapped.

Buffy slowly crept down the alley looking for the source of the noise. She
saw a figure under the light. It was a man. He was over 6ft. tall and built
like a brick wall. He seemed to have fur and clawlike hands. The thing had
hold of a young girl who lie on a pile of trash. The thing was raping the
girl brutally.

Buffy knew she'd found the Incubus. The demon had a huge cock and was
ruthlessly raping the girl. Buffy heard the girl moaning. She stepped out
of the shadows to confront the demon. "Let the girl go!" Buffy snapped. She
was pissed and ready to fight. The Incubus stopped fuckiing the girl and
glared at Buffy. "Who the fuck are you?!" he demanded. The name's Buffy,
maybe you've heard of me." she replied.

"NO! Don't stop. I need it! FUCK ME!" the girl begged the monster. Buffy was
aghast, the girl was being raped and she was enjoying it. The demon jumped
into the air and landed in front of Buffy. "I know you Slayer. You cannot
stop me. I shall defeat you then I shall fuck you to death.

"You're not my type." Buffy scowled back.

Buffy attacked the Incubus and they fought madly. She used all her strength
and training but Buffy found she couldn't beat the demon. The Incubus
pummeled her badly. She reeled back as the demon punched her in the face.
Buffy was losing and if she did she would be the thing's next victim.

That's when Scully came into the picture. She had heard the noise and came
to the alley as well. She saw a large man, apparently naked, fighting a
teenage girl. Another girl lay nearby unconscious. The blonde girl was
being beaten. Dana knew she had to interceed. She drew her gun and ran
down the alley.

She had on black pants, flat shoes, and a dark blazer. "Freeze!" Scully
commanded. But neither fighter heard her. "FBI, Freeze!!" she yelled again.

No reaction. Scully raised her gun into the air and fired twice. That got
their attention. She moved toward them.

The Incubus grabbed Buffy and flung her into Scully, knocking both girls to
the ground. They heard the thing's manical laughter. "You can't stop me!"
it declared. "But here's something for you to remember me by!" With that,
he stroked his massive cock and aimed it at the females. He growled and then
shot a thick, gooy, black substance all over Scully and Buffy.

He grabbed the girl and leapt up to the roof of a building and vanished.
The two girls were dirty and smelly. Buffy was used to it but Scully wanted
to puke. Scully looked at Buffy and wanted to know who she was.

They untangled themselves and Buffy introduced herself to Scully. She
learned that Dana was with the FBI.

Buffy made up the story that she had passed the alley and saw the rape
happening and she tried to help the girl. Scully was leery of her story.
She told Buffy she needed to take down her statement. But they should go
back to her hotel and clean up first. Buffy agreed.

They arrived at Scully's hotel and went inside. The demon semen had soaked
into their skin and the two ladies were feeling odd. They each showered and
changed clothes. Buffy always carried extra clothes with her. Scully tried
to talk to Buffy but she couldn't think straight. Buffy was also dazed and
confused, she had no idea of what was wrong.

Scully looked at Buffy and suddenly became very horny and aroused. Buffy
found herself getting aroused as she watched Scully. They were extremely
attracted to each other. Scully lost her calm, collected nature and started
rubbing her breasts. Buffy squeezed her thighs togehter as she felt her
vagina grow moist. They looked into each other's eyes and their passion
exploded. The demon semen had made them aroused and they had to have sex.
The sperm made them want each other.

Buffy embraced Scully and ogled her. Scully sighed and wanted to fuck the
girl. Buffy sat down on the couch and Scully climbed on top of her.
Scully's jacket came off and Buffy slid the straps of the slip off her
shoulders. The agent's breasts were now exposed. Scully had soft white tits
that were firm and large. Her pinkish nipples were long and hard.

Buffy grabbed hold of Dana'a tits and hoisted the orbs to her mouth. She
slowly sucked and licked her nipples, making them harder. Scully moaned as
Buffy mouthed her enflamed cleavage. She started to massage Buffy's breasts
through her shirt.

"Oh, Yes! suck my tits!" Scully encouraged the girl. Buffy rubbed her face
between Scully's tits, she held the globes and shook them in her face.
Scully's tits floppped about and gently slapped Buffy in the face.

"You like my tits don't you little girl?" Dana asked. Buffy mumbled in

Scully stood and took off the rest of her clothes. Dana had a red bush that
was very sexy. Scully bent over the front of the sofa. Her chest and arms
rested on the couch back. Buffy knelt before Scully and felt her plump ass.
They had to have each other, they had no control over their minds and bodies.

Scully kneeled on the sofa cushions and spread her legs. Buffy spread apart
her ass cheeks. Now Scully's anus and moist furrow were open to the Slayer.
Buffy moaned and buried her face in Scully's wet cunt. Dana groaned in
pleasure as she felt Buffy's tongue slip between the folds of her vagina.

Buffy licked up and down along Scully's slit. Then Buffy shoved her tongue
into Scully's asshole and Dana trembled as Buffy's tongue swirled around her
anal passage. Buffy got up and quickly discarded her own clothes, now they
were both naked in all their glory. Buffy had magnificent breasts. They were
large and had the firmness of youth. She was about the same size as Scully.
Her red nipples were fully erect and sensitive.

Buffy ran her fingers along Scully's cunt and probed into the agent's sopping
channel. Scully gasped as Buffy slid her fingers in and out of Dana's pussy.
Buffy rubbed her teen breasts over Scully's ass erotically. Dana moaned
louder and pushed her rear back at Buffy. Scully twisted her lower body in
circles as Buffy caressed her ass with her swollen tits.

"OH, AAAH! OH!" Scully moaned as Buffy again licked her cunt. Buffy was good
at eating pussy and she made Scully's head swoon. Buffy loved the taste of
Scully's pussy. Scully closed her eyes in bliss as she encouraged Buffy to
continue. "OH. Suck it." she urged.

Buffy speedily flicked her tongue into Dana's cunt. She found Scully's clit
and hungrily sucked the love button into her mouth. "You're going to make me
cum!" Scully warned as she humped against Buffy's mouth. "OOH, Lick me
Buffy. Lick my pussy, Yesss!" Scully purred. Buffy expertly manipulated her
cunt and sucked her cunt juice down her throat. Buffy's oral stimulation was
driving the federal agent mad.

Scully jerked about as Buffy made her cum. Her body was wracked by a climax
and Scully wantonly pumped her hips up and down on Buffy's face.

"UUNGH! UUUUH! YES! EAT ME! MAke me cum you cunt licker!" Scully cried out.

She had several small orgasms thanks to Buffy's mouth. Buffy rapidly thrust
her fingers into Scully's pussy. "OH GOD!"

Scully moaned as she humped back on Buffy's drilling fingers. Dana spasmed
as Buffy finger fucked her cunt. Scully came again and screeched as she
twitched on the couch. Then they changed positions.

Scully crawled onto the sofa and leaned on the arm with her elbows. She was
on her knees and her upper body was bent back and pointed up. Her ass was in
the air and her legs were apart. Buffy sat on top of Scully and straddled
her backside. She pumped her wet cunt back and forth along Scully's rear.

Buffy fingered Dana's cunt and playfully slapped her ass. Her legs hung
along Scully's sides and her right arm grabbed Scully's red hair.

Buffy pulled back Dana'a head and gyrated on top of the agent. The Slayer
rode Scully like she was a horse. Buffy was in control and Scully loved it.
She desparately humped her pelvis up and down on the sofa as Buffy rode her
and fingered her cunt. Scully came over and over as she was abused and
humiliated by the Slayer.

Scully was cumming wildly and couldn't resisr Buffy. Scully humped back
obscenely, driving her pussy onto Buffy's hand. Her tits smashed into the
couch arm as she rubbed her burning tits against the fabric. Buffy's own
bountiful endowments were bouncing up and down as she rode Dana Scully into
the ground. Scully's back was covered with Buffy's cunt nectar. She made
the agent cum like never before.

Scully and Buffy laid at opposite sides of the couch on their backs. Scully
moaned as she rubbed her churning pit. Buffy spread her legs and moved
toward Dana. The agent also parted her thighs. The girls scissored their
legs around one another's bodies. They pressed their dripping cunts

Scully's red bush blended with Buffy's blonde one as they rubbed their
pussies together. Buffy groaned and her tits shook as her lower body rippled
up and down in waves against Scully. "UUUUH, UHh, OOOO, RRRGH!" the Slayer
grumbled as she got worked into a frenzy.

Buffy lifted her tits to her mouth and began sucking her hard nipples. Her
tongue swirled around each bud. Her pelvis frantically undulated against
Scully's grinding pussy. Dana fondled her own heaving breasts and pinched
the erect nipples.

"OH,Yess!" Scully whispered as their flaming cunts slid together. Their
clits buzzed as they scraped together. Their faces were masks of lust as
they ground their hips in circular motions. They were both approaching
orgasm. Scully arched her back as she came. Buffy convulsed on the couch as
her young body climaxed.

They lifted their legs into the air and pressed their sweet asses together.
Scully and Buffy held hands as they came. "AAAROOOOO! AAHH! OOOO! UNGH!"
Buffy shouted as she climaxed over and over. Scully gritted her teeth as she
rode out multiple orgasms. Buffy threw back her head and screamed in joy.
"UUUUNG! YESSS! OH GOD YES!" Scully yelled out loud. The usually reserved
Scully let her emotions run amok as she coupled with the Slayer.

Buffy ran her hands up and down her body as she thrashed about on the couch.
Then they laid flat and dropped their legs to the side. Scully shuddered as
she pumped against Buffy. She yelped with exctasy as her eyes rolled back
and her groin twisted in pleasure.

Buffy's face clenched as as she lost control. Her nubile body jerked up and
down in throes of passion. Her generous tits flopped about wildly on her
arching chest. "HA! HA! UnnnGh! OOOOH YESSSS! CUMMING!" Buffy shrieked as
her body heaved up and down. Buffy sobbed from cumming so hard. She grabbed
her tits rubbed them without mercy. Then she vigorously diddled her clit.

Buffy climbed on top of Scully as she lie on her back. Dana put her hands on
Buffy's waist as the girl humped against her seething hole. This was the
best sex Scully had ever had. She wanted Buffy more than she had ever wanted
any person in her life.

They kissed deeply, their tongues intertwing in a dance. Buffy pumped her
pussy with Scully and drove the agent to more miind numbing orgasms. Scully
screamed as she came. Buffy groped and molded Scully's wobbling tits.

Scully arched upward and yelled out, "OH! OH! Cumming! OH Buffy!!!"

"YEAH! Cum for me Scully!" Buffy ordered.

Scully then ate Buffy's cunt and brought the Slayer to several orgasms. They
fucked all night and became very intimate with each other.

* * *

The next day, they awoke and were still attracted to one another. The
demon's semen connected them eternally. Buffy awkwardly said she had to
leave and excused herself. She kissed Scully passionately and told the
agent to stay in touch. Scully promised to return to Sunnydale whenever she

Scully composed herself and preapared to depart Sunnydale. She knew that
she would be back. There had to be a logical reason to explain everything
that had transpired but she couldn't think of any. The suspect has escaped
and there was no way to tell if they would find him again. Scully had no
idea of how she would write up her report on this case for the X-files.

The End.


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