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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/X-Files: Part 1 - Dana And Willow
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected]) (M+/F,FF,F-mast,ncon,voy,inter,vampire)

Dana Scully an agent for the FBI was driving in southern California at dusk.
She was supposed to meet Mulder at some tiny town about a possible X-File.
It was a hard town to find though. "I should have got a better map last time
I stopped for gas," she thought. She saw from the road sign that she was
about to go through a town called Sunnydale. She had heard of this small
town of Sunnydale before, Mulder had talked about investigating several
X-Files there. Mulder even said that town was known as "the mouth of hell."
As Dana drove through Sunnydale though it looked like just another small
California town. "Mulder and his crazy fantasies of vampires and aliens, how
did he ever become my partner," she wondered.

* * *

Willow was walking home from the library, since Buffy had disappeared this
was a scary thing to do when the sun had gone down. Willow had beautiful long
red hair a light skin complexion to go with a petite figure. Willow being the
computer geek that she was had lost track of time at the library and now was
walking home at night alone. Sunnydale was, in fact, the "mouth of hell" a
place where vampires had been running ramped, until Buffy arrived in town
years ago. Buffy had made the town much safer since then, with her being a
vampire slayer. However her recent disappearance had allowed things to get
out of control again, so much so that the streets were usually deserted at

Willow was in a multi-colored miniskirt and a white top that showed off a
little of her belly. The redhead was looking sexy dressed this way. Willow
would have never dressed this way years ago, but Buffy had helped her get a
little more provocative with her fashion. Willow walked down a deserted
street since it was a shortcut to her house. Besides, there were as many
people on the backstreets as there were on the main roads theses days at
night. Willow heard a sound behind her, she turned around quick, no one
there. "Who's there!?" she yelled, no answer. Willow was really wishing she
kept track of time now, she was scared, well OK she was terrified! Willow
was about to reach the end of the alley when she saw three vampires blocking
her way. She immediately turned around to find that three more vampires were
there. So Willow was facing six vampires all together with both of her exits
blocked. She knew she was dead, there was no stopping them. She had to buy
herself some time somehow, otherwise she would be a vampire or even worse

(Opening theme to X-Files plays, or Buffy's opening is you prefer.)

So Willow did a sexy flip of her hair she smiled sexy and said, "Hey, guys
lets not fight, I'm a much better lover!" Willow lifted her shirt in front
of the vampires exposing her white sportsbra with front clasp and her hard
nipples poking through the bra's fabric. Seeing she caught the eyes of the
vampires in front of her, she left her shirt up then reached back and lifted
her mini skirt in the back to reveal her sexy ass covered by a red thong.
Willow looked back at them to give them a sexy wink. Seeing this the vampires
grew huge erection's as the sexy redhead exposed her body. Soon their hands
were all over Willow, they lifted off her shirt and squeezed her tits through
her bra. Her mini skirt was pushed down and she felt hands at the front and
back of her thong slide inside and touch her. Willow took a cock in each hand
and began stroking them as fingers entered her sweet cunt and rubbed against
her ass.

Willow still glanced around hoping to figure a way out of this mess, the only
thing that was in her favor was they were in direct view of a gas station
about 150 feet away from where she was, so there was a chance that maybe
someone could help her, it wasn't much hope but it was all she had at this

Dana Scully was in a hurry to get through Sunnydale. She wanted to see what
crazy exaggerations Mulder had found in the tiny town down the road. Dana
saw that she was down to a quarter of a tank of gas. "Well, might as well
get gas here in Sunnydale, it would be better than a station on the side of
the road." Dana pulled over at the Sunnydale gas station and started pumping
gas. She heard a sound from across the way in the alley. She looked over and
to her shock, she saw six men around one young women. She was stroking a cock
in each hand while her breasts were being sucked on, and her pussy and her
ass was being molested by these men. Her mouth was also stuffed full of cock.
Dana made her way over there and looked around the corner.

She was mesmerized by this scene, normally Dana would draw her gun and help
this young girl out, but she saw very limited resistance on this girl's face.
Dana watched as the girl took turns sucking off two men's cocks while
stroking two more in her hands. One man was spreading her ass cheeks and
licking her asshole, as another man was eating her pussy.

This brought back memories of high school days for Dana. Dana wasn't the
perfect catholic school girl like Mulder thought she was. One particular
night at a party when she was a freshman in high school she met a cute guy
at a party, Dana had quite a bit to drink so she was feeling a little bit of
a buzz. She thought nothing of it when this guy who was a senior took her to
a bedroom and started undressing her. Dana had a nice body even back then,
and she could have passed for a senior easily. Her breasts were large and
had the all the guys attention. She started having sex with this guy, then
she felt another guy sucking on her breast. Then another guy pushing a cock
in her face.

Dana was fucked in her face her pussy and even her ass that night. She had
three different guys cum inside her that night. Even with the effects of the
alcohol that night the whole experience was forever in her mind. Knowing that
she had an orgy with three guys she didn't even know. That she had acted like
a total slut and enjoyed every minute of it. Now she was envious of the cute
redhead in front of her who was doing what she did years ago. Dana slid a
hand under her navy blue skirt and began touching her long neglected pussy.
Her fingers slid their way under her white silky panties to red haired

Dana slid a finger in her hot cunt seeing the erotic sight in front of her.
Dana moaned silently as her fingers slid deeper in her pussy. She felt up her
breasts with her free hand outside her blue suit jacket and white blouse. Her
fingers moved faster and faster as she got wetter and wetter by the sec. She
couldn't help herself, she slid her hand under her blouse and pulled her bra
cups down freeing her hard nipples and started roughly pinching them. It was
getting hard for Dana to stand in her three inch high heels as her orgasm was
inevitable and her knees were getting weak. Dana forced a third finger in her
wet snatch and that was all she needed. Her body was rocked with an orgasm
and her fingers became wet with her love cream. She bit her tongue so she
wouldn't scream for all of Sunnydale to hear her.

Willow was frustrated that no one was helping her as her ass her pussy and
mouth was full of cock and she was being raped by these vampires. Willow got
her mouth freed and then she screamed as loud as she could,

Dana, realizing this girl was in trouble, and that it wasn't really
consensual sex, she drew her gun and immediately stepped into the alley.
Pointing her gun she yelled "FBI, let her go now!"

The men turned around and began walking towards her, since she was
outnumbered she decided to shoot one of them, that would surely make the
others run. Dana fired her weapon this caused the guy to step back, but
then he walked towards her again. "What the hell?" She thought. Dana fired
her weapon three more times, still he walked toward her. Dana freaked, she
took off running, but running in high heels was not something that showed
much speed. Besides the fact that Dana was being chased by vampires. Dana
never made it to the end of the alley. Soon, just like Willow she was
surrounded by vampires.

They grabbed Dana and looking at their faces she realized for the first time
that they were vampires! Dana screamed in terror as she was hit with the
reality of the situation. Surprisingly they didn't go right after her neck
though. She felt a vampire behind her grabbing her ass. No sooner did she
turn around than another vampire grabbed her breasts. They all held her down
and yanked off her blue jacket, buttons flew everywhere as her blouse was
ripped off her next. Her skirt was yanked down revealing Dana's big round
sexy ass, covered by her sexy white underwear. They grabbed her panties and
ripped them off her body. The vampires only got hornier as they could smell
Dana's sweet scent due to her recent masturbation. Dana's bra was then tore
off of her in the front. Dana was now naked except for black thigh high
stockings and high heels. She struggled and kicked trying to free herself,
but it did no good. She knew she had to give in to the inevitable, she was
gonna have sex with these vampires.

A huge nine inch cock was forced in Dana's mouth as her breasts her squeezed
hard. Dana felt him forcefully face fucking her, so she regulated her
breathing, knowing the vampire couldn't care less if he choked her to death
on his cock. The other vampires put their cocks in Dana's hands. Dana stroked
both men as she started deep throating the nine inch cock being rammed into
her beautiful mouth past her red lips. Dana took a cock in each hand of the
two vampires on each side of her, while she gave oral to the other vampire in
front of her. Looking between the vampire's legs she was sucking off, she saw
the other three vampires taking turns at fucking the young redhead girl
(Willow) up the ass, this scared Dana knowing it was a sneak preview of what
was gonna happen to her.

Dana's expert tongue did its work on the shaft in her mouth, causing the guy
to quick shoot his load down her throat. Dana swallowed it all and he was
quickly replaced by another cock. This time Dana was forced down on all fours
as she sucked of this vampire. Then the other vampire who was a well hung
black man got behind Dana and slapped his 12 inches of cock against Dana's
pale round ass. Dana swore his cock lifted her knees off the ground for a
moment as he pushed it deep inside Dana's red snatch. Dana felt her pussy
walls being forced open to accommodate the large black pole entering her
pussy. The two vampires got a rhythm going and Dana was seesawing back and
forth on the two cocks, one at each end. It was a hot sight to see, Dana
Scully in thigh high stockings and high heels on her knees sucking off on
man while a black man slammed his huge cock in her tight little cunt. Dana
had little choice in the matter, but deep down she new that she was enjoying
this. She had been sexually frustrated for a while, and now these men wanted
her as their sexually fucktoy, and she was actually enjoying being used like

The black vampire pulled out and slid under her and slid his cock back inside
her so that Dana would ride him. The guy in her mouth pulled out and sprayed
his load all over Dana's big breasts. The other vampire was hard again so he
got behind Dana and pressed his cock against her ass. Dana tried to keep him
out, she tried moving but the cock in her pussy kept her from going much of
anywhere. She tried tightened up and not letting him in her, but it was no
use, she felt his cock finally push its way up Dana's puckered asshole. Dana
screamed as her ass was violated by his large cock. Dana was hoping someone
would hear her screams as the vampire's double penetrated her. She could feel
their two cocks rubbing together separated only by a thin layer of skin
between her pussy and her ass. Dana's face and breasts were covered in cum as
she was used as the vampires fuck toy. Dana felt the black vampire forcing
her ass down harder and harder onto his cock, she felt him so deep inside her
that he was hitting again st her cervix. Plus there was that added feeling of
her ass being filled by the other vampire's nine inch shaft. After a while
though the pain subsided, and Dana was thrusting her ass back and grinding
her crotch into the black vampire's cock. Dana was moaning loudly, she
couldn't deny her animal instincts any longer. They were slapping her on the
ass hard leaving red handprints, and squeezing both of Dana's huge breasts.

Dana could hold back no longer her cunt muscles tightened and she orgasmed
all over the black vampire, her sweet cum covered his balls. This was more
than he could take as he shot his load up Dana's wet pussy. A matter of
seconds later the vampire fucking the sexy agents ass let out his load too,
shooting it deep up Dana's bowels. Dana collapsed on the ground exhausted.
She looked over to see the other girl also on the ground exhausted. She
looked up expecting that the vampires were going to kill them. Instead though
they sprayed them with a strange sweet smelling fluid. "We'll see you two
again soon, really soon ha ha ha!"

Dana didn't understand why the vampires didn't just finish them off, but for
right now she didn't care. Dana started grabbing her clothes, her panties
were ripped to shreds an unwearable her skirt was still in tack so she put
it on. Her bra clasp was broken so her bra was no good. Her blazer jacket was
ripped in half, her blouse had one button left, it was just barely attached
in the middle of the blouse, so she put it on. Her breasts were barely even
covered but it was still better than going topless. Dana slowly made her way
over to the young girl and helped her up. "I'm sorry I couldn't help you
Miss, I'm Dana Scully of the FBI."

"I....I'm Willow and that..that's OK, no one is safe around this town anymore
Miss Scully."

"Please call me Dana, are your clothes still in tact?"

"Well, I think my top and skirt is OK, but I...I think I'm gonna have to go
home with...without my underwear," Willow blushed.

Dana smiled "That's OK, Willow, your not the only one, come on lets get you

Dana got Willow home and helped her inside. Dana tried to call Mulder but
apparently he was into something, cause he wasn't answering his cellphone.
Dana called the local police but got nothing but an answering machine.

"The police here are worthless, believe me I know Dana."

Dana was feeling funny she had kind of a weird buzz going on in her brain
ever since she was sprayed with that strange fluid. Plus other feelings were
running through her brain, like how sexy Willow was, so young so petite, such
pale skin. Dana couldn't help herself at stealing glances at Willow's hard
pink nipples poking though her tight top. She would try and steal a glance
under Willow's skirt hoping she could catch a glimpse of her red muff. "God
what's wrong with me, I've never been into other women, but God she is so
fucking hot!"

Unknown to Dana though, Willow was having theses feelings too. Lesbian
feelings were not something new to Willow, but they had never been this
strong before. Willow was licking her lips as she found it easy to see
down Dana's blouse view her huge knockers. In her mind she was thinking,
"God look at those perfect big boobs, I wish mine were that big! I wonder
if she's into girls, I gotta find out she is just so sexy!"

Dana was on her knees in front of Willow while Willow was sitting on the bed.
Dana was cleaning off Willow's knee scrapes with alcohol when Willow made her
move. Willow opened her legs putting her pussy in full view. Dana sat there
on her knees and admired the view for a second then looked up at the sexy
girl who had a devilish smile on her face. Dana took a deep breath, then gave
in to Willow. She looked up at her and unhooked her only button on her blouse
freeing her firm breasts with big pink areola's. Willow's eyes lit up seeing
those big bare breasts.

Willow reached down and squeezed both of Dana's breasts in her hands. Dana
seemed to melt with the young girls touch. Dana was inexperienced in
girl/girl intimacy, but was now very willing to learn. Dana opened Willow's
legs a little wider and her face slid between Willow's thighs. Her hands
caressed the teens smooth white legs as Dana stuck out her tongue and tasted
another woman for the first time. Her tongue licked up and down Willow's
already damp clit. Then she slid her tongue inside her, darting it deep into
her cunt. Willow moaned softly still squeezing Dana's tits as the FBI agent
went down on her.

Dana's mouth sucked on Willow's cunt lips pulling on them as Willow started
to pinch Dana's nipples hard causing Dana to moan into Willow's snatch.
Willow hadn't had another woman pleasure her in so long, and Dana was
hitting all that right spots! So when Dana's hot tongue brushed softly on
her sensitive clit Willow let loose her orgasm all over Dana's face. Dana
couldn't believe she tasted so sweet, she wished she had tried another woman
before, wondering if they were all this sweet. Willow pulled Dana quickly up
to her and they locked into a kiss. Mouth's opened and tongues met as the
two sexy redhead's French kissed. Dana's big breasts pushed against Willow's
smaller but perky breasts. Dana pushed Willow's top up and the two were
pressing their bare breasts together as the intense kissing continued for
several minutes.

After a while Willow broke the kiss and slid her way down to Dana's skirt.
Willow unzipped Dana's skirt and pulled it off her. She had Dana get on all
fours and slid under her. Dana squatted her pussy down on Willow's face. Her
pussy was met with Willow's tongue. Dana never felt such pleasure shoot
through her body so quickly. She thought she would orgasm right there and
then. Instead she held back as the teen girl started spreading her cunt lips
and tonguing inside her pussy. Dana rode Willow's face as every hot spot was
aroused on Dana's sacred treasure. Willow slid her hands back up to Dana's
breasts squeezing them more roughly as she pinched Dana's erect nipples.
Usually Dana would imagine Mulder's face whenever she had sex with someone
else. Mulder had been her secret fantasy since the moment they met, but now
Mulder wasn't even a thought. The only thing on her mind was the sexy teen
giving her pleasure like she had never known and the fact that she was
realizing that she must be in fact a lesbian. Dana was thinking that there
was no man who could give her this much sexual bliss. Dana was trying to
think about how much her life would change now that she knew she was a
lesbian. For now at least though, she was concentrating on the build up she
was feeling. Soon her hips were gyrating and she was heading for the biggest
orgasm she ever had. Then Willow grabbed both of Dana's nipples and pinched
hard. That sent Dana into her orgasm. It was a huge one that sent her on a
sexual high for minutes upon minutes until she collapsed on the bed.

Finally Willow snuggled up to her and hugged her tight. "That was the best
sex I ever had in my life Willow!"

Willow smiled, "Well, thank you, was that your first time Dana?"

"Yes, but hopefully not my last, I definitely like women over men, especially
you, thank you for making me realize this!" She kissed Willow softly.

Willow told Dana about the strange happenings in Sunnydale, like most
specifically Buffy's disappearance. After some more pillow talk Dana told
Willow everything, about her and Mulder and the X-Files. The strange things
they found and how she suddenly (tonight to be exact) lost her fantasies of

"That's, that's kind of strange isn't it? I mean no feelings towards other
women ever and now your a lesbian, that seems kinda strange."

Dana realized Willow was right, sure she was totally in love with Willow at
this moment, but why did men suddenly not appeal to her at all? Could it
have something to do with the thing she was sprayed with? Plus why did those
vampires let her and Willow live? What did they mean by "See you real soon?"
Dana thought about all these things before she drifted off to sleep.

* * *

Dana woke up with Willow shaking her, "Dana my friend Buffy she's here!" Dana
put on Willow's robe to find a beautiful blonde woman downstairs in a black

"So Miss Scully, I take it that spray did its job and you only like women now

A shocked Willow and Dana looked at each other.

Buffy smiled. "You see Miss Scully my boyfriend Spike was a vampire and he
turned me into one. I was gonna turn Willow into one but instead we made love
and I changed my mind. I decided that if I was gonna be a vampires I might as
well keep the people I want and use the men for food. Soon Sunnydale will be
a haven for others like me, a haven of lesbian vampires. That spray has made
you only like women Dana, you'll never be attracted to men again, as it
should be, and soon you'll both be vampires like me!"

"What if I don't wanna be a vampire?" asked Dana.

"Well, if you can resist me, then I'll let you go, Dana." With that Buffy
dropped her coat revealing black fishnet stockings a black G-string and a
black see-through bra, with six inch high heels.

Dana's jaw dropped, she knew she couldn't resist this perfect blonde
temptress in front of her. Willow was already on her knees kissing Buffy's
heels. "Well, OK you win, mistress Buffy." With that she also dropped to her
knees and began licking Buffy's other heel.

Buffy laughed as her teeth grew, "Two more in my harem, I'm gonna have so
much fun breaking you two in!"



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