BUFFY 1 (f/f,m/f,ncon)
by [email protected]

Cordelia was enjoying her date with Xander, they were walking past the park
after a night of partying at the bronze. Suddenly Angel was there ahead of

"Run Cordelia!" Xander shouted as he moved to block Angel from following her.

"Nice to see you too. Xander." Angel grinned coldly. Suddenly they heard a
scream come from behind Xander. "Sorry, I had a friend waiting for her."

"BASTARD!" Xander rushed at Angel all his anger pumping adrenaline through
his body. He punched at Angel but Angel blocked him, when he saw Angel grin,
he snapped, Xander brought his knee up into Angel's crotch and was gratified
to see Angel's look of pain and surprise. As Angel bent over it pain, he hit
him over the head. He would have been glad of a wooden stake at that moment
but he didn't carry one. Xander remembered Cordelia and started running after

Xander spotted a vampire picking up Cordelia's limp form. He tackled him
sending them all sprawling, a part of his mind registered Cordelia's groan
and he realized she was still alive. He and this vampire started struggling
rolling around on the ground, suddenly he felt a sharp pain and everything
went black.

Angel stood over Xander's inert form holding a pipe. "You okay?" He asked the
other vampire.

"Yeah, I thought you said you could handle him?"

"He's tougher then I thought, get the girl." Angel ordered. "I'll take care
of this tough guy." Angel picked up one of Xander's arms then savagely broke
it like it was a stick. "Now he won't be helping Buffy." He then put a very
special note in Xander's pocket.

Cordelia awoke in a darkened room, she could hear men talking nearby. She
couldn't recall exactly what had happened. Xander had saved her from Angel
but then someone had hit her from behind.

"Are you alright Cordelia?" Willow asked.

"No, someone hit me." Cordelia responded, she felt behind her head. "OWW, I'm
gonna have a really big bruise."

"Sorry about that," Angel walked up before them, "but that won't matter to
you soon."

"What do you want angel?" Willow asked.

"In a word you. You two are bait for you're friend Buffy." Angel responded.

"Buffy will destroy you for this." Cordelia barked out.

"She'll try, but I have a special plan for her." Angel grinned. "I have a few
friends here for her to meet." He waved his arm over the gathering he had
collected twenty strong male vampires to take care of the slayer. "No way
she'll be able to take all of us."

"Giles and Xander will help her and defeat you Angel." Willow tried to sound
more assured then she felt.

"Afraid not, I made sure those two won't be able to help her."

"My god, you've killed them!" Cordelia was shocked.

"No, just out of commission for awhile. I want them to know what happened."
Angel responded. "Now where was I, oh yes if she gets through the twenty of
us then my final revenge will be you two."

"What do you mean?" Willow asked scared now.

"Come on Willow, you were always the bright one, surely you've figured it out
by now". Angel smiled down at the two of them. "I intend to turn you into
vampires, either you destroy her or she destroy's you. Either way I think it
will pretty much destroy her don't you think?"

Cordelia was truly afraid, perhaps for the first time in her life. She had
to think, buy time until Buffy could save them. Maybe divide the vampires
somehow, Willow was in tears, she would be no help. "Where are we?" She had
noticed the surroundings were a bit odd.

"This is that strip club the town council closed down last week, said it was
too much of a haven for sin. I kind of like the irony of using this for our
rituals. Really makes it truly sinful." Angel responded. "Now are you ready
to come over to the dark side?"

Cordelia was worried, Angel had started to grab Willow. She had to save them,
there was no time left . She stood up looked around and realized the three of
them were on the old stage. There was no escape, finally an idea struck her.

"Maybe you could wait a moment on this, Angel. I've always had a fantasy and
this would be the perfect place for it."

"What kind of fantasy?" Angel asked.

"I've always wanted to strip for a room full of guys." Cordelia spoke loudly
making sure several of the nearer vampires heard her. "Really strut my stuff,
but I was always afraid of what people would think. Now that I'm going to die
anyway, I figure what the hell." Cordelia tried to give the room her sexiest
smile, trying to hold down her revulsion.

"Nice stall Cordelia, didn't know you had it in you." angel responded, "but I
don't think so."

"Come on let her do it." Came a voice from offstage followed quickly by
another voice in support then another.

"Well, I think you're boys want to see it. You want to upset them?" Cordelia
asked Angel. "You're plans might just be falling apart."

"It won't be that easy Cordelia." Angel turned to the room. "Alright you want
to see her, you will, after they are vampires tomorrow night." Angel shouted.

"No now!" came the response.

"Alright," Angel gave into the inevitable. "Alright, she'll dance for you my
friends." Angel shoved Cordelia out to the center of the stage.

Now she was stuck, Cordelia thought. "Well aaahh..." She needed time to
think. "I'll need some lights and music, if someone could get it for me?"

A couple of the vampires rushed off to make preparations. Cordelia saw Angel
send four of them outside and four others came back in. Replacements for
guards, she thought. She went to comfort Willow.

"Cordelia what are you doing?" She had remained quite until now, too scared
to even think straight.

"Trying to save our lives, maybe even give Buffy a chance." Cordelia looked
around hoping something would happen before she had to dance for these
vampires. "But Willow," Cordelia looked down, Willow had started crying
again, she grabbed Willow and shook her. "Listen to me Willow, when I get
them all watching me. I want you to try and slip out."

"Leave you alone here with them." Willow thought. "I couldn't."

"You can and you will. At least one of us should get out of here intact. I'd
prefer it was me, but right now they all seem to be watching me pretty
closely." She could feel their eyes roaming her body. "Now promise me you'll
try to get out. "

"Alright I promise." Willow said somewhat reluctantly.

Cordelia turned back to the stage hoping it would take them awhile to find
the lights and music, hopefully a couple of hours. She was not in luck after
about twenty minutes the lights on the stage came up. She could see it had a
long runway surrounded by tables and seats, some of the chairs right up
against the runway. There was also a pole right in the middle of the runway.

After another ten minutes a vampire came around from backstage looked at
Angel and then Cordelia. "I'm all set any time you're ready?"

"Alright we start in ten minutes. Start the music then." Angel leered at
Cordelia. "Get ready its almost show time and you better be good and please
the boys or they may just get nasty, maybe even hurt you're little friend
here." He nodded to Willow.

"Don't worry they'll be satisfied." Cordelia responded. As she watched Angel
leave the stage, she saw him send four more vampires out, but the odd thing
was only two came back. She wondered if Buffy had taken care of the other
two, she hoped so, but there were still fourteen vampires inside with Angel
and four outside. Still way too many.

Suddenly the music came on and Cordelia's knew it was her time. As she stood
she took stock of her situation, she was wearing a scarf, belt, blouse,
skirt, boots and bra and panties. Not a lot to keep them busy. As the music
came up she started dancing for the vampires, trying to act as sexy as
possible. She had to keep them interested. They started to yell for her to
take it off. She started playing with her scarf, after slowly removing it she
rubbed it all over her body sliding it over her tits and between her legs.
After a few minutes they seemed to be getting bored so she threw it to the

She started at her belt.

She unbuckled her belt and danced around a bit, then she started to slowly
pull it out. One little bit at a time until it was out. She danced using it
as a prop for a while then she threw it to the vampires as well. Now she had
to really get down to business, she started to work on taking off her boots
but suddenly Angel was beside her.

"No, leave those on. Now get to the good stuff.." He pushed her back down the

Cordelia knew she was running out of time. She started to work on her blouse
opening one or two buttons then dancing around a bit showing them her
cleavage. Finally, the blouse was completely undone, she slid it off her
shoulders and let it fall to the ground. She spared a look over at Willow and
saw she was gone. Cordelia hoped she had gotten away.

As she danced in her bra and skirt she seductively removed her skirt, then
after a few minutes of dancing in her underwear she reached back to unclasp
her bra. She noticed Willow was back on stage and Angel was standing over
her. He grinned at Cordelia and shook a finger at her.

Cordelia removed her bra as her ample breasts came into view the audience
applauded. She danced around showing them her charms, she was actually
starting to enjoy it a little, all the attention the guys eyes transfixed on
her. After a few minutes they were calling for her to take off her panties,
which she did. Dancing some more, opening her legs to show them her pussy
dancing on the pole rubbing her body against it, they seemed to like that.
After what seemed like forever, Cordelia heard the audience start to call for
'the other one'. She was confused for a moment then she realized they meant
Willow. She couldn't believe it. She tried to dance even sexier but the calls
for Willow kept coming.

Angel appeared beside Cordelia. He grabbed her arms and shoved her down to
where Willow was sitting. "You heard the request bitch, I think you should
give them what they want."

"I can't?" Willow tried to speak up.

"She can't angel, wasn't I enough for you and your bully boys." Cordelia

"You started this hot stuff." Angel grabbed Cordelia' s face and held it.
"Now either she starts stripping or we go onto other entertainment. Maybe
kill you or we could just screw you to death." Angel laughed. "What do you
say Cordy, you up for it? I'm sure you've gotten my boys up to it." Angel

"Alright, I'll do it." Willow stood, still shaking. She had to do this or
they both might die here and now. Cordelia had kept them busy for almost an
hour, Buffy would be here soon to save them.

As Willow took center stage, Cordelia saw that Angel sent four more vampires
outside for guards, she noticed this time only one came back in. Now there
where only sixteen total vampires counting angel, and four were outside. A
bit better then the twenty one they had started with. Assuming Buffy had
taken care of the other five and they weren't just outside on guard.

Cordelia watched as Willow tried to keep the audiences attention but she had
no real ability at dancing. She was stripping much quicker then Cordelia had.
After only a few minutes she was down to her shoes and underwear. After a few
orders from Angel, Willow was completely nude, she was trying to keep them
occupied but was failing. Cordelia saw Angel get on the stage preparing to
talk to his men, Cordelia saw their deaths if he spoke to the vampires.

Cordelia stood and started to dance over to Willow. She came up behind Willow
grabbing her from behind and cupped her small pert breasts and started
playing with the nipples.

"Cordelia what are you doing?" Willow was shocked at Cordelia.

"Saving our lives." Cordelia saw Angel leave the stage the vampires were all
getting into the show again. "Just go with it Willow, for a little while
longer." Cordelia whispered into Willow's ear. She started to nibble on
Willow's shoulder as she continued to play with Willow's tits.

Cordelia then moved a hand down Willow's stomach until it was over her pussy.
Cordelia kept one hand on Willow's tit and started rubbing the outside of her
pussy with the other. She could feel Willow getting wetter. Cordelia heard a
small sigh escape from Willow.

Once Cordelia felt Willow was wet enough, she let a finger slip into Willow's
tight pussy. She had to force it in, Willow let out a loud gasp, to which the
audience applauded. Willow started moving up and down trying to impale
herself on Cordelia's finger. Cordelia slipped a second finger into her.

"God yes." Willow screamed out the sensations being too much for her. She
couldn't believe she just had her first orgasm with Cordelia in front of a
roomful of vampires. As Cordelia's fingers withdrew from her sopping wet
pussy, Willow turned and kissed Cordelia on the mouth sticking her tongue
into her.

Cordelia was surprised as Willow's tongue entered her mouth. Then she felt
Willow start to fondle her breasts. As Willow's hands continued down
Cordelia's body they quickly found the opening between her legs. Willow stuck
one then two and finally three fingers inside of her. She found herself
enraptured as Willow played with her cunt.

"Eat her out." Angel was beside them again. He pushed down on Willow's
shoulder forcing her into a kneeling position, before Cordelia's pussy. "Eat
it," he ordered.

Willow moved her face into Cordelia's groin area, she tried to fake it but
Angel grabbed her hair and motioned her to do it for real. Willow used her
fingers to open up Cordelia, then stuck her tongue into her. Unsure what to
do she moved her tongue around, sucking on the lips of her pussy, letting her
tongue go deeper and deeper into Cordelia. She could taste her sweet juices.

"Right there, yes!" Cordelia called as an orgasm ripped through her. She had
trouble staying on her feet from the force of it.

"I think you should return the favor." Angel commanded. "lets see a 69." He
motioned Willow onto the floor and then had Cordelia climb on top of her.

Cordelia could feel Willows' hot body under her. She felt her tits press into
her stomach. She found herself between Willow's spread legs. She used her
fingers to open her up and used her tongue around the edges of her pussy. She
had a very musky aroma to her pussy and a too sweet flavor. She felt Angel's
hand on the back of her head pushing her into Willow's tight pussy. She heard
something being thrown onto the stage, a minute later Angel used her hair to
yank her head out of Willow's pussy.

Angel was holding two rather large dildos up to her face. One was only about
five inches long the other looked to be almost nine inches. "Here try one of
these," Angel grinned evilly. "Pick carefully, I'm gonna give Willow the
other one and you're both gonna take them up the ass." He laughed as Cordelia
took the smaller of the two. "You are a real slutty bitch ain't you Cordelia?
Well get that into her pussy, get it nice and juicy for its darker journey."

Cordelia had taken the smaller dildo because she felt that she could take the
larger one easier then Willow. Cordelia started working the hard plastic into
Willow's pussy. She realized how right she was. it was tough going. Suddenly,
she felt the larger dildo start to penetrate her pussy. Cordelia could feel
Willow continue to lick her clit getting her wetter and wetter as the dildo
penetrated deeper into her pussy.

Willow had worked the entire dildo into Cordelia's expanding pussy, it had
been a tight fit but it was in now. Angel was pushing her to move it in and
out of Cordelia's pussy. He was forcing her hands to move it faster and
faster in and out of Cordelia' s tight pussy. She felt Cordelia gently
working another dildo into her pussy, it was slightly painful but Cordelia
was being very gentle.

Angel watched both girls using the dildos on each other, when they slowed
down he would bend down and force one of the dildo's into one of the girls.
After a few minutes of this, he decided he'd had enough, he stripped off his
pants. His cock was bigger then either of the dildo's, at nine inches and
about an inch thick. He knelt down so that his prick was just over the face
of Willow at the entrance to Cordelia's cunt. "Suck it Willow," he commanded.
She reached up to grab it but he pushed her hands away. "Only you're mouth

As Willow's mouth touched Angel's large prick, he started to force it inside
her mouth. Leaning into Cordelia, he forced his prick down Willow's throat.
Angel smiled as he heard her trying to gasp for air around his huge prick,
but he wanted some more. He pulled the dildo out of Cordelia' s pussy and in
one quick motion removed his cock from Willow's mouth and jammed it into
Cordelia's tight pussy.

"OHHH!" Cordelia yelled in pain as Angels flesh stick pounded into her. She
could feel him ripping into her. There was none of the gentle probing Willow
had used. She gasped as Angel pounded into her, pulling out till just the tip
was inside her then ramming it all the way down. It hurt her but it was hot,
she had an orgasm as Angel pounded into her. She felt his hands on her ass
cheeks opening them up. She felt one of his fingers penetrate her anus
violently, she screamed in pain.

"WOW Cordelia you really do have a tight ass. Always thought that was just an
expression. Well time for you to loosen up." Angel laughed again.

"You wouldn't." Cordelia gasped, but in one brutal stroke Angel had forced
his prick all the way into her ass hole. All Cordelia could feel was waves of
pain, as he ripped up her ass. He was driving into her fully, then pulling
out all the way and forcing it back in. She couldn't believe how big it was.
His cock felt like a cold piece of metal being driven through her, it felt
like she would rip apart. Just when the pain had subsided, he set a rhythm he
started to speed up faster and faster pounding into her like a piston.

Angel was going to cum. He could see a coating of Cordelia' s juices on him,
the glisten of pussy juice the little brown marks of her ass and a small
coating of blood. "Open up Willow, here I come." He jammed his cock down
Willow's throat, forcing her to taste what had been on his cock. As he felt
his prick hit the back of her throat he shot his load into her. He held his
prick in her mouth forcing her to swallow his seed. As he stood, he slapped
Cordelia hard on the ass. "God you ladies are GOOD!" He looked around there
were now only nine vampires in the room and there was a pile of dust on the
floor, with a start he realized Buffy was here and his ambush had turned to
shit. He had to delay her and get out of here. One idea came to mind
immediately. "I'm sure all my boys will enjoy you two." He could see the
looks of shock on Cordelia and Willow's faces as the vampires jumped onto the
stage. With one final look back he snuck out the back way.

Cordelia felt hands pulling her away from Willow. she saw that there were a
bunch of vampires around them now, all naked. Cordelia was shoved down onto
her knees a large prick was pushed into her face. She opened her mouth to
protest and the cock was shoved into her mouth. She decided she had no choice
and started sucking him off.

Willow was laying on the ground as Cordelia was pulled off of her. Cordelia
was quickly replaced by a male vampire who shoved his cock into her virgin
pussy. Willow cried out in pain as the cock penetrated her virgin pussy
pounding her harder and harder. She tried to push him away but he was too
strong and just kept pumping away.

Cordelia tasted the vampires salty seed as he came in her mouth. As it
withdrew she was pushed down until she was down on her hands and knees.
Another cock was presented to her face, as she started sucking on it another
vampire positioned himself and entered her pussy from behind. Cordelia felt
a huge prick forcing its way into her pussy. She tried to squirm away but the
vampire held her hips like they were in an iron vise and pounded away at her.
As he pounded into her more and more of the cock in her mouth entered her.
She could feel it hit the back of her throat then it started sliding in
farther. She had trouble breathing as it penetrated her throat.

Willow felt the vampire in her pussy give one final push and fill her with
his seed. As he withdrew powerful hands lifter her up. She was being moved
and then lowered. She looked beneath her and saw a vampire laying on the
ground a huge prick sticking straight up from his groin. She couldn't believe
the size of it it must have been over a foot long and a couple of inches
around. She realized they were lowering her so that her pussy would be
impaled on this monster cock. She started to struggle fearing this thing
would rip her apart.. Her struggles were useless, the vampires actually
laughed as she was lowered towards it. They forced her legs apart with her
arms held behind her she had no protection against this violation.

Willow felt the head of the cock penetrate her. She felt it tear her pussy
muscles as it forced her lips apart. She screamed as they continued to lower
her down, she saw that blood was coming out of her pussy now. She saw one of
the vampires vamp out but he was thrown aside by the others. She continued to
be lowered onto the huge prick Suddenly it was all the way inside of her. As
she hit bottom the owner of the prick grabbed her hips and started forcing
her up and down on his prick. Willow couldn't believe the sensations she was
having. Her pussy was becoming accustomed to the large intruder. She groaned
as an orgasm ripped through her body.

Cordelia's felt the vampire in her mouth start to pull out and cum in her
mouth. He grabbed her mouth and forced it closed and watched carefully as
she swallowed his cum. The other one kept pounding into her pussy going
faster and faster finally she felt him let go with his cum inside her. She
slumped down hoping it was all over, but another vampire grabbed her and
lifted her like a rag doll. He grabbed her under the shoulders picking her
up until she was positioned over his prick. Cordelia was limp as he lowered
her onto his prick. He held her close as he bounced up and down forcing more
and more of his cock into her. Another vampire came up behind her, she could
feel his prick against her ass. She felt him open her up and ram his prick
into her tight ass. Cordelia groaned as the two of them started pistoning in
and out of her. It felt like they were almost coming together inside of her.

Willow felt the vampire in her pussy shoot his load inside of her. She felt
the warmth of the substance penetrate her and fill her. She thought he'd go
limp but it stayed almost full size. Another vampire pushed her head down
towards the vampire beneath her, as she went down he reached up and started
to suck on her sensitive nipples. She felt someone behind her. She felt a
prick at the entrance to her virgin ass hole. "Please, no more," She begged.

The one behind her forced the tip of his prick into Willow's tight ass.
Willow whimpered as she felt it penetrate her, she felt more and more of it
being forced into her. As she felt this new violation the vampire in her
pussy started to get hard again. The one in her ass started to fuck her she
felt his balls slapping her ass. The other one started forcing himself up
fucking her pussy. She could feel them practically meeting inside of her.
Willow was caught between pain and pleasure as she opened her mouth to let
out a scream another vampire shoved his cock into her open mouth. The one in
her mouth started to force it farther in. He held her head in place as he
started to fuck her mouth. She could feel the three of them pounding away at
all her holes with one sudden jerk they all filled her at the same time.

Cordelia was being pounded by the two pricks one in her ass and one in her
pussy. They were both mauling her tits squeezing and biting them.. The one
in her ass came first. As the one in her pussy came he lowered her to the
ground. She looked and saw three vampires withdrawing from willow. She
crawled over to Willow as the three vampires let her go, Willow just slumped
down. Cordelia looked up and saw only four vampires.

Suddenly she saw the one farthest away turn to dust and Buffy was standing
there. The other vampires didn't seem to notice as Buffy sneaked closer.
Another turned to dust. The others vampires turned, and in their moment of
shock Buffy staked another one leaving only one to deal with, she hit him
once a and quickly despatched him. As Cordelia saw the last of them turned
to dust a part of her mind thought safe at last.

Buffy was shocked at the condition of her friends. She ran into the back and
found some towels, she also found the dressing rooms and the showers had not
been turned off yet. She went back to the two girls and helped them clean up.
Then she half carried Willow back to the showers. As she let the cold water
run over her, Buffy could see her start to come out of her trance.

"Don't hog all the hot water." Cordelia spoke from the entrance. She was
still in a bit of pain but wanted to lighten the mood a little. Buffy seemed
in shock and she hadn't seen Willow do much more then nod since Buffy came

"Don't worry, there's only cold." Willow called back. As she stepped out of
the shower the sound of Cordelia's sounding bitchy made her know she had
survived. She started dressing as Cordelia stepped into the shower.

"I'm so sorry Willow, I should have gotten here sooner." Buffy tried to

"Its okay, you can't be everywhere at once." Willow responded. "If you had
been here earlier, they would have killed you and we would have become
vampires. In fact angel was planning to turn us both into vampires as a
surprise for you."

"Jesus, why didn't he?"

"Cordelia distracted him and his men." Willow responded. "I don't really want
to talk about it, maybe later," Willow stopped Buffy's next question. "How
are Giles and Xander?"

"Yes how is Xander?" Cordelia came out of the shower. "He was with me when I
was taken. He tried to fight Angel but I don't know what happened. Angel said
he hurt him."

"That's true Xander's in the hospital, he'll be okay a broken arm a couple of
bruised ribs nothing that won't heal in time. Giles is about the same. Now
about you two, are you going to be okay?"

Willow thought over the experiences of the night, her initiation into sex was
a bit rough but she thought she could live with it. "I'll be okay."

"No biggie." Cordelia's responded as she finished dressing. "Shall we go see
the guys?"

"Yes lets." Willow responded.

the end.


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